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Beljonde: Diversity Sucks!

Titel: Diversity Sucks

Myths and histories about diversity – a free text by Bertram Eljon Holubek, Version 2.0 2021

Diversity freaks claim that it's nice to mix people of different race and quality. The idea silently became a worldwide liberal dogma that hardly can be challenged. But just like for instance that old Christian geocentric model, it is obviously faulty. For dorks diversity seems to be solid ground, on which they can build a new world of the future. In reality diversity is like a swamp, with alien things lurking in the lair.

A mysterious Scene of Frank's Casket

Chapter Six: Out with the Odd Ones!

While so many pundits try to fill the minds of our younger ones with nonsense, the danger arises of extreme and bad deeds. Some old and odd people lie us in the face, claiming that human races don't exist! Behind this is evil magic of the sky. Greys even hardly value their astrological idiots.

1. Bizarre People easily provoke bad Behaviour

This really bizarre scene comes from one advertisement of the British car company Mini. We see a guy that is dressed up in some kind of tomato soup can. It also has the strangest hair, looking like the grass that dope heads smoke. We see this guy with it's back next to a steep cliff at the sea coast. Honi soit qui mal y pense. But really, a push would turn it into some kind of tomato soup.

I drove a Mini car once. A friend of mine had bought one. What happened then was: »Vrooom! Eeeh! Thud!« I was impressed since that small car was accelerating with the drive of a race car. I had driven it with one wheel into a field, but we easily managed to heave it back onto the road.

Compared to other cars, the Mini seems to be rather small. But that is a good thing in a time when so many cars congest and pollute our cities and towns. Decades ago nearly all the Deutsche cars were equally small. But with the growing national income, especially the Mercedes limos became bigger and bigger. At a time these became so monstrous that they were too big for to put them on the car carry-and-travel trains. Such unbelievable blunders happen even to our best designers, and they give proof of the generally much too poor quality of even our best European people. When it comes to cars, diversity may mean that it's good to have plenty of exotic cars. Indeed the cars that Asians produce for the European markets add to diversity. But instead of more exotic and bigger cars we would need greater minds of the drivers. Right now the trend is to build those extra huge SUV cars. Some are so massive that they hardly fit into a normed garage. They say that these are "city offroaders". But it may rue you if you buy one of these and then must find a parking lot in town. That will be much easier with a Mini car, that has more space inside than it seems to have. But just like in the age of the dinos, right now evolution seems to want cars to become bigger and bigger. The UTR has it that we will only need cars for another 50 years. That's God's prophecy.

So many people are so stupid! That is what we must think if we regard humankind. They are making big mistakes in politics. They pollute the atmosphere until they can hardly breathe, and hardly notice it. The principle of diversity is right now in fashion. It means to integrate more people of strange bad cultures and lower human quality into our western societies. Some diversity freaks say that this will help our leading cultures to evolve into more nice and colourful ways. But what we really need is to better up our best humans. And that is tough work with our young ones. It doesn't get easier if we mix people of low racial quality with our best types. Bad and primitive cultures easily spoil our young ones.

So many people are also quite ugly. That is what we must think if we regard Ms. Tomato Soup on the above picture. I must say that this photo scares me a bit. If our renowned experts keep on spreading obvious lies, that all people are equal and that races don't exist, they provoke bad behaviour among our youngsters. Even our best promising youngsters need a better education to get really good and wise. Since our world changes fast we also need humans of better quality swiftly. With the revelations of the UTR, it finally becomes clear that this earth does have a good god who created it and develops it. That is what most of the old people refuse to accept. But not only the future of our world depends on the progress that we make. There is also another earth nearby, the planet Lar of Ga-Leta. If we should fail here with our daring development objectives, then also this neighbouring planet would get into bad troubles. Lar is magically, fractally closely linked to us. Here and there only some best people are good enough for the next big step of an evolution, that is guided and must be controlled by God. All the exotic "coloured" people but are too far away from the power of their gods. They are not eligible for an upgrade to true wisdom.

2. God will abolish the Negroes on a natural and peaceful Way

Diversity means that people of different sorts, origins and cultures jointly build up a new society. Definitely Britain was built with the help of exotic aliens too. But the big question is whether that was well done. How would Britain be today, if not a single Paki or Negro would have entered that country? It would probably be as nice and peaceful as Sweden.

Let me not talk much here about the Republic of South Africa. It's a land that was at the centre of so many hopes for peace, when the old terrorist Nelson Mandela came to power. Remember that his ex-wife Winnie Mandela had commanded troops of rebellious young Negroes. These would burn people they disliked on the streets using tires filled with petrol. That was called necklacing. So are these youngsters today in a better mood and education? Violence is still a big problem in the Negro townships (aka slums). These dark fellows are still very poor, about half of them earns less than two € or £ per day. Many are angry because they want more, much more money and wealth. But when Mandela came to power, the rates of murders and rapes of the Negroes started to rise dramatically. That was already the end of all hopes that the end of the apartheid could lead to a better life for all. It didn't help the Negroes that leftists abolished the word Negroes, to mask their natural badness. When the Negro Jacob Zuma came to power in 2009 a., that turned out into an economic catastrophe. Many of the former private enterprises had been sacked by the Negro state, who then proved unable to govern them. They can't even make sure that electricity still is always available, and it's hard for a factory to produce anything without electricity. The Negro Jacob stepped back in 2018 with a big smile and billions of stolen money. His successor became the Negro Cyril, a multi-millionaire. But the rand, their currency, has lost on value dramatically. The violence of Negro gangs is the big problem in the townships and also in the cities. They say that you can't escape from the power of the gangs who rule certain city quarters. Even the police cooperates with the gangs, they come into town only when one gang member tells the member of another gang to the police. In some city quarters where Negroes run free dawn is the curfew hour, since it's unwise to leave home now except with a car. The prisons are full of Negroes. But there often is no police in townships like Alexandra, and the people also have no cars. Young socialists of the radical party EFF fume with wrath. But they too are eventually the victims of street robbers who mug and assault for a few rands. Their party's leader, the Negro Julius Malema, says that he does not demand to slaughter the Whites, »at least not now«. The Negro Jacob Zuma still used to sing the bad old song "Kill the Boor!". Boor refugees, the descendants of Dutch and European settlers, are now living in settlements like Orania, strictly without Negroes. They can even leave the doors open at night, since nobody steals there. They have white garbage collectors too. But Orania is at the edge of the Karru desert, it's a desolate and hot place. Definitely the territory of South Africa too would be a better place without the Negroes. Just that is what God and the good angels have in mind. Negroes are so much under the spell of the bad sky that they're hopeless. It is not God's fault that they never escape from their misery. But our Negroes, and other Coloureds, are fractally too much connected with such types of many bad and desolate planets in outer space.

It's time to admit that the great experiment of mixing races failed. There is no "rainbow nation" on this world. But where the Negroes have become numerous, they also have become the single biggest problem. The final solution to this problem can only be to get rid of all Negroes. That sounds absurd, but God can do it on a natural and peaceful way.

When the apartheid regime was toppled and the Negroes came to power in South Africa, in all the world people expressed their hopes that the RSA would now become a model state for a new era. Often cited today is the hope that different races might associate to form a "rainbow nation". But diversity freaks seem to ignore that black is not a colour of the rainbow. God is not a Nazi, who wants all people to be blond and blue-eyed. But definitely, only some few beautiful Whites show the natural rainbow colours: blond and red or amber hair and blue or green eyes. While the Berk-OS, that cosmic development system, links important natural features and development structures to these nice colours, the colour black is only the anti-colour of all those judged not good enough.

3. Some Fascists were really the nicer Guys

Julius Caesar was renowned for his mildness. He would easily pardon political enemies, and set free captives even if they had fought with arms against him. His conscience must have haunted him. Firstly Caesar was not a high-born member of the Roman nobility, but a guy who came from the plebs, the common people. For years he fought out a civil war against the family of Pompeius, the leaders of the party of the nobility and gentry. These would act much more severe, killing and even torturing to death their opponents. Most cruel acted Pharnaces, the king of a kingdom at the Bosporus and the Black Sea in remote Minor Asia. Pharnaces had obviously been ugly, like most Anatolians naturally are. After Pharnaces had won a war against the Roman general Domitius, he had started an (anti-)racist purging against the Romans and others. The men that were found to be "excellent due to beauty and youth" were castrated by these Anatolians! Caesar found this a deed so vile that he waged another war against Pharnaces, very fast and without sufficient troops. Due to the mindless tactics of the Anatolians and Armenians of Pharnaces, Caesar easily won against them in the battle of Zela. In his ›The Alexandrinian War‹ (41, 70), a text about this battle, there are often remarks that the gods seemed to be on Caesar's side. Indeed the Earth Goddess is mild. But her tricky strategy demanded of Sofia Ewa to allow one outbreak of troubles after the other. In Caesar's book ›The African War‹, we meet as his enemy the Numidian king Juba, apparently a guy as puny as he was cruel and haughty. His capital in today's Tunisia had been Zama, a town that by the name reminds of Ga-Sama, the leading devil of the local group. Strangely enough this town had not been built at the nicer sea coast there but far away in the desert. That accords to the Berk-OS structure, that the capital of any state must be near to the centre of it's territory. Like it was to be expected, even some thousands of Moors on horses, dromedarys and elephants were no match for Caesar's legions. On one occasion fighters of king Juba had left their posts and fled into the king's camp. Juba ordered to crucify these (66). Their allies among the Romans, those from the party of Pompeius and Scipio, didn't value the Moors more highly. When the riders of Scipio conquered the town of Parada, they erected a big stake and burned all the inhabitants alive (87). Caesar, the Roman dictator, only demanded of a vanquished city to pay a sum in reparation. He commanded riders from Gaul and Germania too. Some of these had been captured in an earlier war, by the Romans of Pompeius the younger. After they were pardoned they fought for Caesar's enemies then. In one skirmish many of these were slain. King Juba's riders had fled fast to their camps, but the Nordic mercenaries had taken a stand. Caesar's Romans found this a great tragedy:

»When the field was cleared, they found the wonderful bodies of those Gaulish and Germanic... Now those wonderfully beautiful and majestic looking bodies of those men were lying there, slain and dispersed over the entire battlefield.« (40)

Definitely the Nordic guys are the better guys, just by the race. Many could see and feel this already in the Age of Antiquity. But why then were these still rather primitive, and not as wise as they were beautiful? Caesar, one of the first Romans who came to know the Germanic well, once called them 'natural born warriors and robbers'. The UTR has it that the Germanic and Nordic types are our best types, just by the race. But humankind still needs to develop much more. So far the best homo sapiens types are not good enough for true divine wisdom. They need to mentally evolve, for being able to well resist to evil. So far, Nordic types who were less than good, but haughty like Caesar, raised emotions to bring them down. That shall only change as the question of races gets fully answered.

4. Fascism can mean the Hope for better Law and Order

When Caesar entered the kingdom of Egypt, lictors accompanied him wearing the fasces. It was the tradition in ancient Rome that some bailiffs would accompany such a high-ranking politician. Caesar was a dictator, who in a time of national emergency was supposed to support the ordinary elected authorities. The fasces were rods for flogging, bundled around a hatchet. Many Egyptians were enraged when they saw the fasces. For them it looked like Caesar menaced to punish them. At that time Egypt was still an independent kingdom. Soon hostilities erupted against the Roman troops. But the interior situation in Egypt was rather chaotic. There were four under-age princes and princesses, the game figures in a feud over the throne. In Alexandria but a gang of renegades, and outlaws from abroad, ruled that kingdom. Achillas, their warlord, and others must have been of Greek descent. Due to their better genes and their unscrupulous ways they were just tougher than the dark-skinned native Egyptians. These gangsters would welcome refugees from Rome or the Mediterranean who had been outlawed by Rome due to bad deeds. With his usual fervour and luck Caesar made an end to this rule of the foreign rogues and mercenaries. Here the fasces also symbolized the rule of justice, that only some better Europeans could bring to such places. It was much the same in Gaul and Britain. From Britain the druids and nobles had ruled the entire Celtic region with violence and arbitrariness. Germanic invaders and refugees were troubling Gaul like wolves. Even the Celtic gods seemed to be more evil than elsewhere, demanding so many cruel human sacrifices! Caesar interfered with abominable deeds of genocide, eventually killing many thousands of people. But his success was also due to the support that the commons gave him, who were much suppressed by the rule of violence and arbitrariness of the priests and the nobles. All Gaul and Britain must have been glad that Caesar seemed to break the evil rule of the Celtic gods. Maybe trusting in Venus, the mother goddess of his clan, that rather ignoble man just dared this. In his young years Caesar had seen how the state of Rome had become the booty of feuding clans and parties. The noble Patricians under Sulla had won a civil war against the party of the common Plebeians. Caesar had been outlawed as a Plebeian, and that made him lose his trust into the older institutions and traditions of the republican government. He was a revolutionary, and like rebels often do he thought of himself as the wiser guy, who deserved to be in charge of most everything.

Sueton (9) wrote up a very mysterious story from the younger era of Caesar. As a young career politician Caesar already had plotted with Gn. Piso, to topple the tyrannical rule of the Patricians and become a big man in Rome. Already some Gaulish, who at that time lived in upper Italy too, north of the river Po, had been his conspirators. But we also read of a mysterious foreign people that backed him: the Ambranos. Historians know of no such people. Some speculate that these must have been descendants of the Ambrones. That was a people of the Teutonic hordes, who had tried in vain to invade Italy. It sounds likely that some of these later settled down in upper Italy. Their name links not only to the island of Amrum, but even more to the word amber. Surely the Italian fascists of that era also realized that there is a strange divine magic with those really coloured people, if we correctly interpret this word as Whites having natural colours. If we think that Ambranos means people with amber to brown hair, then this is just how the truly Celtic of the Alpine region originally looked like. Only in Britain, due to local magic, they much darkened.

Today many leftists and others strongly oppose fascism, since this seems to be the rule of roguish, tyrannical right-wingers. Historically though fascism was a counter-measure against political and economical crises. Often liberal and democratic governments would become over-aged, egoistic and incompetent. Eventually bad oligarchs would become more and more powerful, while the commons would lose their assets and civil liberties. The hope of many simple people was it then that one of them would become powerful enough to bring law and order to the state, with the help of good magic and good gods. The Latin word fas means divine good law. It's related to sorcery. The idea of fascism is that a good order would bring divine justice to a people. In theory the beautiful people, those with golden hair, would appear to be some more in the favour of destiny. The UTR has it that the colour amber is the hair colour of real angels, the gods of the 666 earths of the Humanoids. That accords to the mostly golden-haired angels on church paintings.

The rebellion of Gnaius Piso ended early, when Hispanic riders killed him. That was only one of many unsuccessful coup attempts in which Caesar played a part. He also was involved in the odd coup attempts of Catilina, and later tried to defend that rogue. If he hadn't been so daring and sly, mild and generous, rebellious and unscrupulous, the tough political establishment of Rome would have brought him down from his seat in the Senate into the dungeon. He must have at times tried to build up a militia from Germanic and Celtic gladiators, and thus take power in Rome. Sueton writes that this idea raised terror in the minds of his opponents, who forbade this with a new law. But such Ambranos just didn't bring in the magic that they were supposed to have. Instead magic was making the Etruscan, black-eyed and balding Caesar invincible. It's no question that the big and good-looking guys from formerly Celtic Upper Italy, thence called Gallia citerior, were the racially better guys, if compared to the orientally dark Etruscan types of the region of Rome. But the magic that the blond needed was not there. This magic would only eventually appear in some key situations. When Caesar marched with troops against Rome, and had lost his way in the dark, he stopped at the rivulet Rubicon. Should he march on or not? In that legendary key situation of history, a very good looking huge shawm player suddenly appeared. He gave the signal to march on to the Romans! Was this a god? Caesar rather liked to believe that only he himself was divine.

5. A look into the Sky with Terror

After Caesar had died, a comet appeared above Rome. Unwise people now thought that this was the dead dictator in new glamour. But some at least must have sensed the truth. Flaming stars are like fire bombs, who may become very devastating should they fall down on Earth. In Christian iconography a comet symbolizes the star of Bethlehem, who allegedly flared up when Jesus was born. But correctly interpreted that was a bad omen. Caesar had in some aspects been a false god, just like Jesus. The Greys used the times after the death of one of these to scare and make trouble.

Sueton wrote that Caesar became so depressed during his last war in Spain, that he thought of suicide. That must have been due to the mental and physical troubles that the N-rays inflicted on him. The pains and tribulations that such a big man must master can become so tough that he cannot bear them. The Greys tend to support the darklings, but they are cruel blood-suckers. Caesar thought of himself as a new Alexander, another false god. After he had won the civil war and stifled the last rebellion, he already heeded new plans to wage war against the Parthians. And why not march on to win Bactria and even India? His health was deteriorating rapidly. He started to have epileptic fits in full public. Definitely the sky had started to attack Caesar. On one occasion in Africa a severe hailstorm had thrashed his camp at night. His men had been mostly without tents and covers. Electrical fires made the tips of their spears glimmer! Static radiation also affects the heads, and it gets worse when you must wear a full metal helmet. Caesar never wore a helmet, and he even didn't cover his head when the rain poured. With time passing the sly warrior must have noticed that he had foes in the sky that he could not overpower. One letter of his last opponent, Pompeius the younger, conjured the power of a "star of luck". That was not what Caesar believed in. His last words that were written are a challenge against the sky above:

»Didn't you realize that, even after my destruction, the Roman people would still have ten legions, who could not only resist to you [Hispanics] but even tear down heaven?«

In principle the Nordic humans are our best types. That is what many people instinctively realize. However, history shows that the blond are often unspectacular and unwise. Also they seem to lack charisma and the support of the divine. Black magic however supports especially some Negroids, who then are able to perform exceptionally well on the fields of sports and entertainment. That magic however comes to us at very high costs. Only bad and ruined planets have races of dark skin colour, who thus suck lifeforce from us.

The Roman emperor Tiberius was a sadist. While in exile on the island of Rhodos, he used to invite all sorts of interesting men. He would walk with them onto steep cliffs, and if he found that they were talking nonsense a slave was supposed to push them into death. Once the astrologer Thrasyllus managed to save his life in the last moment. Sueton wrote that due to his prophecies the situation had become worse and worse, and his prophecies had turned out to be all wrong!! That is how the bad stars eventually work bad destiny. They don't really appreciate their idiots.

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