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Beljonde: Diversity Sucks!

Titel: Diversity Sucks

Myths and histories about diversity – a free text by Bertram Eljon Holubek, Version 2.0 2021

Diversity freaks claim that it's nice to mix people of different race and quality. The idea silently became a worldwide liberal dogma that hardly can be challenged. But just like for instance that old Christian geocentric model, it is obviously faulty. For dorks diversity seems to be solid ground, on which they can build a new world of the future. In reality diversity is like a swamp, with alien things lurking in the lair.

A mysterious Scene of Frank's Casket

If you can spare the time, then take a look at this casket. It shows a weird scene from Viking mythology, with a cryptic message written in Anglo-Saxon runes, including some special unique glyphs. So who dares to try and interpret this scene? As we study the texts of the experts, we find that they judge that the animal at the centre is a sad horse! A horse called Hos is also allegedly mentioned in the text, and the person in front of it seems to be Erta. Is this our Earth Goddess?

Chapter Eleven: The better Answers of Germanic and Celtic religion

Starting with a look at the threefold nymph goddess Coventina, we should realize that we know rather little about the religion of the Celts of the era before the Romans came. But we also know much too little about the real angels, who helped us on the way to wisdom with such cults. Greek philosophers like Plutarch were very near to finding out about God, but only a "coming race" will be strong enough to take a stand in the truth. Bad and exotic freaks but are our dangerous burden.

1. The British threefold Nymph Goddess Coventina

This stele is definitely one of the nicest works of art that came to us from ancient Celtic religion. It's one of several stones that were put up in honour of the Coventina nymph cult, at a time when the Romano-British had fortified the border to Caledonia. Little is known about this cult, but this stele reminds of steles of the cult of the matrons, showing three ladies with symbols of grace and fertility. We would have expected that the Welsh, who liked to remember anything by grouping it into triads, also could tell us some more about these beautiful three water maidens. But only now, with the help of the UTR, it is possible to positively identify the three mermaids on these images.

The UTR has it that our Earth Goddess will some day soon take up a second body. Ewa Sofia Helene will incarnate as a beautiful young woman with golden hair. The same will happen on our neighbouring planet Lar. There Ga-Leta Ewa will soon look very similar. Already the third goddess of the local group, Ga-Rina from the "croc star" UMa 47, took up such a second body. Rina is already 500 years old and bears the name Veronica too. The three local goddesses lack the titanic size of the other goddesses of the Alliance of the Earths of Humanoids, but they too will be immortal, ever beautiful and golden-haired.

The great Robert von Ranke-Graves wrote a lot about the myths of threefold goddesses. But for him the three goddesses symbolized the three states of development of a mortal woman: The virgin, the mother and the old hag. That picture of the threefold goddess is better liked by the Greys and all their cosmic losers, masters and slaves, who cannot hope to win real immortality. Typical for such nymph cults was surely a tendency of sexual attractiveness. Especially during the rite of spring, such goddesses of minor rank would appear to get lusty. But such days when tattoed warriors had sex aside the "field fires" were not the days when the real goddesses of our three left-behind planets could really be glad. Such festivals of fornication rather accorded to the strategy of the Greys. These mad failed goddesses are wont to pester people with pain and lust. It's due to the Greys when people contract "the British disease", and find whippings most erotic. Therefore nymphs have not a good reputation in our culture. Nymphomania is the name of the insatiable desire, that some women indeed may develop. Especially some very beautiful blond women may become so much the targets of the desires and efforts of lusty mortals and the evil spirits, that they are drawn into a quagmire. Either they submit to lust that gets addictive soon or they must suffer from severe monthly cycle pains. With the pressure of pains and lust the Greys also pester the three goddesses of our local group, to the very limit of what people can endure.

Nymphs earned relatively little respect in the age of antiquity. Some would appear as murderous women of the sea, to stop seafarers from travelling to places who were off limits for them. By this way the Earth Goddess stopped Punic, Greek and Roman ships from sailing across the Atlantic.

In the Odyssey, nymphs seem to sing to Ulysses and his men. This fantasy story has it that the Greek hero put wax into the ears of his men to stop them from listening. In truth some captains were well advised to not listen to the beautiful singing, that eventually would come to their inner ears. I believe that it is also possible that mystery voices seem to come from the outside, when you are at night in your ship at sea. Such sounds tend to especially lull you into unwanted sleep at the daytime. It is typical for the Earth Goddess that by this way she tries to silence strong and dangerous inner voices that the Greys engender. Only she has the power to sing beautifully to the minds of people. That is why she also is called Ariel (Uriel), the angel of Earth and of music.

The Coventina cult nicely developed at the most northern border of the Roman empire. Surely there was a connection to the fact, that behind the border the racially superior Caledonians lived, and later also some Nordic, Slavic and Germanic migrants. The really beautiful and classy blond women of the North inspired the legionaries and border folks to that cult of the beautiful nymphs.

2. False Myths can become dangerously real

Coventina? Maybe only very few British know this name today, and those often tend to be of the hobbity sort, they are small and warm guys like Tolkien. In my satirical spinoff of Tolkien's saga LOTR, I once had invented the great orc Bissmark. That bizarre stuff indeed influenced many parts of the real world, for instance the Orkneys. Bissmark allegedly was the only orc who ever managed to kill a dragon! But no, I forgot the other great orc G'ork. He killed a dragon who tried to eat him when he was sitting on the toilet and combating hard. But nobody believed him, since other monsters had come from the nearby swamp to carry the corpse of the dead dragon away. So isn't this story at least better than that of the British knight Saint George, who also allegedly killed a dragon? It's without doubt unbelievable what nonsense stupid people eventually believe, when it comes to religion. That should warn us before the damage that bad religions may do.

In modern Britain the classy blond women still tend to live north of the Scottish border. But these had to stop to celebrate the cult of Coventina a long time ago. Catholic missionaries from Ireland or the Frankish Reich demanded of them to get baptised. Those who resisted would be defamed and persecuted as witches. Why didn't the Earth Goddess allow more spiritual freedom? In the era of the Romano-British, very many cults had been tolerated by the relatively liberal priests. Such a diversity allowed the competition of religions, and it might have helped the best religion to win. In chronicles about the Roman emperors we also read about freaks. Some of the emperors would take up a tendency to surround and amuse themselves with dwarfs. One especially tiny freak was presented to the curious masses in Rome, to show that even such very little folks could speak well and seemed to have not abnormal minds. At another occasion one Roman emperor would appear in public at the side of a dwarf clad in red. That made this emperor already become a part of the freak show himself. The masses welcomed it when the emperors, senators and knights sat there in the arena, at the races or in the theatre. Then these nobles were part of the shows. By this way the entertainment seemed to become more refined. In ancient Rome, beasts from far away countries were presented and slaughtered in the arena. And when emperor Claudius even rode on the top of an elephant into the conquered royal town Camulodunum, that show must have greatly impressed the British. Rome had much glamour to offer! The cult of Coventina must have already existed in that era. But where were those nymphs really? Such freaks don't exist (yet) on our planet. And the dwarfs, freaks and hobbity people that we really can see are often bad, unhappy and sorry people

There are no nymphs on our planet. So if seamen saw women with the underbellies of fishes, they must have seen fantasies. The UTR but has it that real mermaids exist on others planets. Some free goddesses like to occasionally appear, with their second bodies, under the likeness of nymphs. These congeras have all nearly identical bodies, those of super-sized white fishes. As they choose different second bodies, that adds to the diversity in space. A few of them may also appear with the wings of birds, but that picture of an angel as we know it is allegedly a far less liked apparition. It is also uncommon for goddesses to appear with hair that is not of the golden colour. On our images, nearly all angels have golden hair, and that allegedly accords to the fashion on the 666 worlds of the Alliance of Earths of the Humanoids. But also at the planets of the free Utoids (Ducks) and others, the goddesses unfold their special glamour by this way. So diversity is not deprecated among the goddesses too, but it has to have very narrow limits.

3. Bad, exotic and miserable Freaks are dangerous

In ancient Nordic myths, dwarfs are depicted as mighty but also egoistic and fraudulent guys. In the great Wagner opera cycle of ›Der Ring der Nibelungen‹, the dwarfs are a mighty race who possesses magical powers and masters wondrous technologies. But they are treacherous and disliked, greedy and miserable. We are glad when Alberich, the last dwarf, dies in the end, just like Dobby died. The magic and the bad nature that dwarfs indeed seemed to possess, was the consequence of the sad fact that fractal magic links our dwarfs to countless degenerated aliens. That is why a typical term for bad guys in Deutsch is Bösewicht, a word meaning wicked dwarf.

Ancient myths from Greece tell us of a colourful plethora of weird freaks and exotic creatures. In those myths there exist fauns, who have the underbellies of goats and eventually also horns. Then there are the centaurs, who look like men with the underbellies of horses. Wouldn't it be great to see such guys in reality too? What about putting up a mortal combat of fauns against centaurs in a special sports arena? If fascist Rome were still like it used to be, that would be a sport that people would fame and remember for a lifetime. Right now such fantasies are only feasible in animated films or games. But the time is getting near when medics, maybe in East Asia or the USA, could procreate such freaks in real life. Genetic engineering is about to unveil many secrets of creation. And maybe some few women would be ready to undergo operations to become transformed into real mermaids, for the sake of profit and fame in the entertainment business. We might also think of Asian specialists who try to create bonsai humans, the smallest living people of all history. Or they could create green giants like the famous Hulk. Then there is the porn business, where freaks with abnormal features are maybe especially sensational. So what would be wrong with this, if it adds to the colourful diversity of humanity? Right now especially the better European politicians favour a strict ban on such developments, but these are a minority on a worldwide scale. In some cases the medical business already created bizarre uglies, by way of cosmetic operations. There is hardly a limit to such messing with creation when it comes to the dark field of sexual perversions.

Right now most people say and believe that there are no gods who created this world. One bad consequence is that experts eventually feel free to procreate, manipulate and eventually mess up creatures for the sake of fun and profit. Why not creating a freak like the elf Dobby for real? He does look like a living shame, but then again, he could be the star of an entire series of films, and become the richest freak of movie history. At his side we might put the longest giraffe man of all history, a six-meter guy with the triangular head of a mantis. Already the artist of the statue of Giordano Bruno in Berlin invented such a freak, put up in a subway station (see 1.6). Typical big city people find such artwork okay or crazy maybe, many hardly care to look closely at it. But many don't know yet about the Greys and the other bad and mad aliens. Some may trickily alter our reality, and stimulate and manipulate, to try and let such bizarre fantasies get real. But their main objective is to thoroughly enslave this precious planet. Therefore they need to ruin it first. However, if they would manage to wreck this planet by way of bombarding it with asteroids and comets, the rests of humankind would have to live in deep caves where they would degenerate. On the planet of Fe-Tona and on other ruined worlds, the survivors of the cataclysm indeed look terrible. These need to survive in a hell of delusions, and most don't even have decent clothing. Only on a few highly developed Cräyb mother and slave-driver planets it is possible to procreate abnormal funny freaks. But the lives of these are typically short and bloody, painful and humble.

A diversity of diverse freaks could soon become the result of the efforts of surgeons and genetic engineers. But such artwork is highly dangerous. Our overworked goddess must always do a lot to mend the faults of reality, that the Greys cause with their N-rays. We are at war with evil aliens. Only classy development helps us to escape from a possible doomsday. Diverse and bad freaks are the typical creatures of planets of enslaved gods. Diversity freaks are even amused when Downies seem to make music. They demand of the world to integrate and even like all kinds of racials, miscreants and exotic guys. But by this way we like the things the devils do to us. That strengthens the Greys and lets us share the destiny of doomed planets. If we instead look up to the most beautiful and best developed guys, we share more of the good magic of the paradisical planets. They don't have darklings, bad and sick people, and with their help God can abolish them here too.

4. Of the Coming Race of Paradise

In his last great book of fiction, Edward Bulwer-Lytton took a look into our possible future. ›The Coming Race‹ is a British masterpiece of futuristic fiction, comparable to classical works like ›1984‹ or ›A Brave New World‹. The dystopia tells us about a race that lives in the underground, where they moved to after a natural disaster. There they mutated to develop superpowers, based on a mythical lifeforce called vril. With the help of vril this race allegedly is able to perform true miracles, like mind reading or telekinesis. Indeed such miracles are really possible, but they need the secret support of higher powers. If this planet would suffer a typical series of super-disasters, some scientists and politicians surviving in bunkers would maybe develop a new atheist ideology. Freaky mutants might seem to control them for a while. But soon some women would be the first to realize that the energy field called vril, those rays that indeed transgress and fill all matter, are under absolute control of mysterious higher powers, who prefer to install treacherous religions.

The book ›The Coming Race‹ by Bulwer-Lytton was astonishingly popular in esoterical circles of the era before the World Wars. Madame Blavatsky and the Thule society took up some ideas of the coming race. Also Heinrich Himmler (Heavener), the führer of Hitler's SS, seemed to believe that such a race of super-humans does really exist, in a mythical underworld city called Agarthi. But the terrible failure of the Nazi ideology shows us, that such a fantastic belief can have bad real consequences. Our way to salvation is narrow, and if we stumble we might fall into a hell. Even our best Nordic and Deutsche people are yet so underdeveloped, that the Greys easily manage to make them get drunk and dull, silly and deluded. While the goddess of this planet is incomplete, she can't hinder the Greys from abusing some best humans for their sadistic plans.

Not only a coming race, but a new human species is what God has in mind; for the sake of this precious planet. With the coming of the saviours on our two planets, the last of the living worlds of the group of Ga are about to finish creation. This planet will be upgraded into one of the extremely few paradisical planets of this galaxy. That means that only a few people of excellent beauty and supreme development will live on this earth in just a few hundred years. They will be void of diseases and sorrows. They will have all the time they want for their lives. They will always have plenty of food. Real marvels will happen at their will and that of their gods. They will know what other people think, and they need never lose their faith. All this is possible, as humankind learns to like their good goddess.

During the last years and months of World War 2, already all seemed lost for the Nazis. But still, a sudden turn of events could have made a winner out of Hitler. The caverns of the prison camp Dora, where enslaved Jews were fabricating his V2 rockets, reminded of the caves of Bulwer's Vril-ya race. On many of the ruined living planets of this galaxy, such caves reach far more into the deep. Down there the Berks live like termites, but they eventually have super-sophisticated ray weapons. These are not a coming super-race with a great future, but their evolution leads straight way into destruction. While all hope is lost, and the daily struggle for survival becomes ever harder, and while they are the deluded and tortured slaves of zombie devils, their pastime is to fantasize of other worlds. of planets like this one. They then help to think out small and big disasters, religious errors and painful bad scenes, that may become real on our planet. It's not wise to even think of these rotten planets, since that may make our fantasies mingle with theirs.

5. How God regulates and abolishes bad Religions

It is a shame that our leading world religion, Christianity, is based on the casual erratic words of a radical homeless preacher from ancient Judæa, an angry illiterate beggar and mugger. At the same time the best philosophers of ancient Greece were already far with their wisdom. But God had to stall that development for tactical reasons. The danger was that humankind could develop too fast and in negative ways. While the myths of the ancient Græco-Roman world were often just tragic fantasies, the bad truth was looming behind them. The more powerful Greys, especially those of the local group 31, tried to manipulate our religions and turn believers against their own goddess. Now the Jews helped God a lot, while they remained true to the future Messiah. But other peoples instead relied on a false saviour, who had died and had been an enemy anyway of his goddess. With the help of Christianity, God managed to stifle lots of false and potentially dangerous cults.

Sure, I am talking about Apollon once again. In his big texts about the decay of the oracle cult of Delphi, Plutarch and his fellows wondered about their false god and the big wide world. Lately, instead of Apollon some demons seemed to answer the questions of the few believers who had come to that remote site, to consult the most famous oracle of the Græco-Roman world. As they discussed this problem, those theologians and aristocrats pondered if maybe the demons were the helpers and bailiffs of the gods, and therefore the ones that really answered to the priestess at the oracle. Others though found that demons are bad and mortal [418F] or not really demons. The UTR but says that this had been the time of a great religious rearrangement. God now was about to terminate all the more or less misleading cults of the Græco-Roman world. In such a situation, the Greys also tried to make people believe that they were helpful, if not the real gods. Only since I am the real god of the sun now, I can tell people that I am not the Sun at their sky.

Demetrius had been to Britain on an official visit. In the name of the emperor of Rome, probably Nero, he had studied the religion of the British [410A]. The theologian from Delphi also had seen some miracles [419E], including a sudden gale. He also brought back a strange tale of the prison island of Saturn. That overlord of the Titans was allegedly held captive on a remote British isle. His warden was called Briareus, this was one of the Hekatoncheires, a demon with hundred arms. That demon allegedly constantly put Saturn to sleep, and that affected also the many demons who were his mates and servants. That story gets more clear when we identify Saturn with Kronos or Bran. For a number of reasons we can identify that ancient British saviour god with Kronos. For instance, the Greek word for crow (κορώυη) sounds much similar to the name Kronos. The crow also was seen as the holy animal of Bran. But while the Greek wise-crackers thus identified Bran with their toppled god Kronos, the main British saviour god suddenly seemed to have lost all his powers. We may think that Bran had been the name of more than one big man of ancient Britain. One of these had been buried on a remote island. His head was maybe buried in London to guard it against invaders. People must have seen it singing in nightly visions. But others thought that the music, that they eventually were hearing in dreams, came from the god Apollon or Belen. Of this another Greek story has it that the cult at his temple was at the centre of the British religion of an earlier era. Bards had constantly sung praise to Apollon, at the site we today know as Stonehenge. The god seemed to sing himself when he appeared in Britain every 19 years for an encore. Maybe some Greeks already terminated that British cult, with spreading the tale of Apollon and Marsyas.

6. Of the all too diverse Cultures of this World

For such a long time the Earth Goddess couldn't dare to tell the truth to her humans, that she has created with so much love and effort. Like a scared mother of minors she feared that the grim word of the adults might ruin and despoil her children, all too soon. There were but always a few wise guys who managed to get to her secrets. In many diverse versions she tried to tell them the dangerous truth. The Greys would always bang on her best creatures, but they couldn't scan all of this complicated and so specially developed planet. There was a time when the great diversity of religions and ideologies was helpful to hide and yet reveal a bit the truth. But with the age of salvation, what we need instead of the old diversity is only one true religion, as a basis of the world-culture of our future.

In the Age of Antiquity people used to have many deities. Especially the Celts had a multitude of local cults. With the introduction of Græco-Roman civilisation then, the priests interpreted many of these deities in a different way. They would often identify this or that local deity as Herakles or Hercules. The tales of that Greek ruffian had been especially famous in ancient Greece, and more than other fantasies the Hercules myths mirrored a bit my own interference from a faraway future.

The Bible explains diversity with the tale of the Tower of Babel. Already early in history, the Babylonians were about to invent sophisticated technologies, to build that tower. But since the gods didn't want the humans to become that mighty, they dispersed them with the help of diversity. That was the origin of the many different languages of humankind.

Of course religious diversity would also lead to cultural diversity, and often to tensions between different peoples. Plutarch related a diversity story from ancient Egypt [380A]. One sly king – it must have been Osiris – had assigned different animal standers to the different districts of the two Egypts. Soon every district was especially honouring the animal of it's own district. Since animals often kill each others in their struggle for survival, also the people of the districts would eventually feud. The inhabitants of Lycopolis, whose holy animal was the wolf, thus became the foes of the Oxyrrhynchites, whose holy animal was the fish Oxyrrhynchos. Once these fish town people slaughtered a dog and ate it. That was so much a sacrilege that a war ensued. Only with the coming of the Romans that religious foolery became less bad. Also, Diodor [1:83] wrote that the ancient Egyptians honoured holy animals so much that they would spontaneously mistreat or kill people who had killed a cat or an ibis. We might say they respected themselves too little.

Religious diversity and stupidity helped to divide Egypt and keep it primitive. But Greek culture and development aid eventually freed many minds. Already in the Age of Antiquity, due to Greek influence the Egyptians had become a rather progressive people. They mastered surprising new technologies. Hero of Alexandria had for instance invented the aerolipile, a kind of steam engine. But with the help of Christianity and Islam, the Earth Goddess stopped such dangerous progress. Her problem was that Alex, a devil-saviour of the Cräybs, would pose as the false god Alexander.

7. The World as the Product of a Mix of Good and Evil

Diversity freaks of today might say that yes, some people are definitely of minor quality. Some are baddies without doubt. But then again, all the world is composed from a mix of good and bad ingredients, is it not? That problem was already widely discussed by philosophers of the Age of Antiquity. Many concluded that of course good and bad things exist in the world. But, other than some disillusioned latter-day philosophers, the wise guys of the Age of Antiquity didn't fail to see the higher powers that were looming behind this aspect of diversity. Plutarch found that these two aspects of creation must have been assigned to two different deities. Once he described the good god as Phœbos, the Bright One (a byname of Apollon). The dark anti-god or demon but was then called Scotios, the Dark One. The dark god was supposed to be the creator of all evil. Platon once identified him with Hades, a feared god of the underword. In history though Hades or Aïdon had only been the father of Medea and a king of today's Georgia. That was a region that some unwise Greeks had falsely identified as the underworld. Indeed a problem with this dualistic view of the world was that people didn't know how to correctly classify different things as either good or bad.

Especially the Magi, the priests and believers of the ancient Persian religion, were interpreting the world as the result of the creation of two gods of adverse nature. They called the good god Ahura Mazda or Ohrmazd, while the evil god was called Ahriman. The tricky aspect of this old-time religion was, that the neighbouring Indians knew Aryaman as a name of one of their gods. By this way the cosmic devils tried to religiously divide Persians and Indians into groups who thought that the others were devil worshippers. With the era of Christianity then, such divisions became typical for the followers of the Oriental religions. Still today Christians must believe that the god of the Muslims is nobody else but the devil. That is no good basis for religious diversity.

So much is obvious. But now read this, what Plutarch also wrote ancient Persian religion [369F]:

Ohrmuzd is born from the purest light, Ahriman but from the darkness. Both wage war to each other. Both created other gods. Then Ohrmuzd moved away from the Sun, as far as the Earth is away from the Sun. He adorned the sky with stars, and instated one of the stars, the Sirius, as their master. Then Ohrmuzd put himself into an egg. But the evil gods of Ahriman damaged and soiled the egg. That is the origin of evil in creation.

»There will but come a certain time when Ahriman, through the pests and famines that he causes, needs to go under, and will be all uprooted. Thence Earth will become even and equal. One life, one state, one common language of all blessed people will come.«

Now that is an astonishing and good prophecy of a better future of this world! It much accords to what the UTR teaches about the future of not only this planet. Right now many local Greys, who are dominated by the two Greys of Sirius, cause pests, famines and any other bad destiny on our earth. But as we move away from the Sirius with our Solar System, and while Leta manages to do the same with her star, the Greys of the local group Ga will become parasites without their booty.

An old prophecy of the Magi has a number of good predictions for the paradisical future of this planet. It for instance tells that God will recreate Earth much more flat and equal. Indeed the Earth Goddess plans to finish creation, and make many regions of this world become more habitable and amiable. She will therefore remove some mountains and let deserts disappear, who right now are needed to keep bad migrants away from Europe.

The problem with this religion, that is still today kept up by the sect of the Parsi – old friends of the British – was that it could not clearly identify the good and the bad spirits. The myth however says that Ohrmazd, the good god, is just as far away from the Earth as the Earth is, and is living in some kind of egg. That accords to the lore of UTR about the Betyle of the Earth Goddess. God the creator lives exactly at the distance of the earth from the sun, because he dwells in the earth!

The Sirius is again mentioned by Plutarch soon later. Some Egyptians used to think that the sun was identical with the god Osiris. And they then took Sirius for the correct name of that god. The star Sirius was called Sothis by the Egyptians, a name that reminds of our word sot, a drunkard. Indeed we may imagine the Greys as zombies, who can't exist without habitual intoxication and painkilling drugs. That is making them mad but also silly. Eventually some help us with creation before they know what they are doing. The above mentioned problem is, that the name Sirius indeed meant something like Lord, in the old common language of the group of Ga, the children of Anna. Of course all these local congeras have a common language and a divine culture. That culture came from the dead planet of Mirá. Let's simply rename the star Sirius on one fine day. It is well attested by other texts from the ancient Greek culture, that the Sirius indeed brings up a too hot climate. The days of the dog star (caniculi) are a name for the hottest days of the year.

The idea that God is a perfectly good and noble person, seems to find no good anchor in this creation. Why then is this world so bad, and has so many evil aspects? Already the wise philosophers of the Age of Antiquity explained evil in this world with the interference of evil gods or demons. That is correct, but then a good God should try all to fight these.

8. Even a perfectly good God can't live in Peace with evil Neighbours

Philosophising can help, if you are open for new and astounding ideas, and young and fit enough to cope with unexpected finds. Here's another great passage from the writings of Plutarch [423C]:

»since the most and greatest things come into existence due to specific laws … it is much more appropriate to assume that the Deity did not create a single and isolated world. Since the Deity is perfectly good and lacks not any virtue, especially when it comes to justice and love – virtues who are among the most beautiful, and also those most worthy of a deity. Also the deity has by nature nothing futile and useless. So there must be aside of her other gods and worlds, where she can apply those societal virtues … there must exist other gods and worlds … while we realize that Nature binds in any single creatures into orders and forms, like in vessels and hulls … Since if not only one man and one horse exist in nature, nor one star nor one god nor one demon, why then should we not assume that Nature consists of not only one but of several worlds?«

Here we find the idea that God is the ideal deity, and not a person with good and bad aspects but a perfectly good, supremely evolved guy. So how good and true is that philosophical idea? If we regard all the other things that came to Plutarch's mind, we must think that right here he was very much on the path of wisdom and truth. That text passage speaks loudly for his correct intuition. That much is easily understandable and maybe acceptable for most believers of world religions. Christians but may find it a sin to think that they are not the only dorks in the universe, created by Yahweh renamed Jesus on just one day, as the visibly ugly and shoddy work of a half-mad god.

In the symposial texts (dinner table talk) of Plutarch we also find the strangest nonsensical talk about spiritual and natural science. One question that these guys discussed was this one: "Why does the light of the Moon let venison rot sooner than the light of the Sun?" They found that this was true, and philosophized in their talkative way about humidity and heat. This seems to have been a superstition of hunters, that they took up while hunting wild boars. Noteworthy is that the poet Archilochos, like others, ascribed to the star Sirius a most scorching heat. Just his name is still mysterious and strange, since it reminds of the vulgar Deutsch word Arschloch (asshole). It is one of the cases when the name makes the Greys spend some more attention on someone. Another, similar, mystery of science that the guys discussed was this one: "Why do the sheep that were killed by wolves give a more tasty meat, while their wool procreates lice?" So what is different with sheep that were killed by wolves? There was not a lot that the philosophers could say about this mystery or superstition. But like always they referred to Homer, citing Iliad 3:375. In combat Menelaos the Greek tries to slay vile Alexandros (later wrongly called: Paris), the boy who had abducted his young wife Helena, thus giving reason for the Trojan war. He grabbed the Trojan lover boy by the strap of his helmet and would have strangled him, had not the goddess of love made the strap rip apart. That strap was made from the hide of a "strongly slain" bull. So did this made the strap more resistant or weaker? Already before, Menelaos' spear had failed to hurt his opponent, and his sword broke to pieces. While the Trojan weakling escapes unharmed the enraged Menelaos sends a bitter prayer to god the father, raising his eyes to the sky above. He finds it most cruel that the god did not allow him to win, with the help of the magic of things. That but has nothing to do with the way the bull had been killed, that gave his hide for the strap.

When it comes to the legendary Trojan war, the Trojan prince Alexandros was the most hated but also most lucky warrior of them all. He had caused that war by abducting the wife of the naughty duke Menelaos. That abduction seems to have been a real story, confirmed by Hittite clay tablets, that but happened some 120 years before the time of the historical war of Troy. Why was that guy so lucky, and apparently so much in favour of both the cruel powers of the sky and the goddess of love? The UTR has it that the name Alex links to one of the few devilish saviours of the Cräybs.

Dealing with the evil forces of the faraway sky is the daily, most painful work of the Earth Goddess. Their packs with N-rays arrive here on a daily basis, they eventually linger in the stratosphere to build up threatening fields of influence. To avoid extensive damage, the Earth Goddess has to unpack and disperse these N-rays. God tries to make use of the different tendencies of the hostile aliens, who fish for cruelty, action and satisfaction.

Only if you are ready to accept this central lore of the UTR, then you can understand the above mentioned superstitions. One of the animals that the Greys and other evil aliens eventually like is the wolf. They often tried to appear to people as wolf monsters, but God hardly ever allowed that. When wolves hunt sheep or deer, the Greys eventually pay some more attention. They participate at the killing! They use their N-rays to sense and interfere. That is one way on which God makes them spend their time and energy, and forget about other and worse intentions. One consequence is that the N-rays may linger at the bodies of beasts who died in cruel ways for some more time. The meat of such corpses may then decompose more easily, and even the wool of such sheep may have the bad tendency to attract lice more easily! The natural laws regarding the gravito-magnetic N-rays can also explain the above mentioned moonlight mystery. It's maybe correct that the meat of slain venison rots more easily in the nighttime. That has but nothing to do with the radiation of the moon, but that is due to the radiation of the N-rays. Those cosmic rays, who are measurable as dark spots in the dayglow of the ionosphere, come in more easily in the nighttime, when there are much less ions in the ionosphere. That is why the night most generally is the time of more spook.

Evil N-rays come in from the sky most every day. They do damage here or manipulate destiny in negative ways. Those evil and hostile aliens who send out these rays are out for morbid play-action. They want to see wars and troubles, scenes of sex and suffering. They interfere fast, they follow predators and rogues to watch and guide them. That is why the few really bad sex-criminals, torturers and murderers often reported of demonic forcings and strange guiding voices. A hundred strong Greys can unite their efforts into one virtual monster, that then also tries to fool people about it's intentions and activities.

The Greys and other evil aliens search with N-rays for conflicts and generate them. That becomes easier on planets who are much diverse and divided into camps and groups. These devils often clutch at darklings of inferior race, since they have more powers over these. They then generate gaps in society, and make selected target persons become scourges of society. If they don't find darklings, they rather follow wolves and kill sheep.

9. Why some Monks saw White Ducks or Moorhens

Whoa! Now what is this supposed to be? This is an ancient cartoon from the Middle Ages. It can't come from a man who grew up with the Disney comics of the Ducks. But still, this bird is surprisingly similar to such modern comics. Other than Donald Duck it has no huge beak, and it also has wings instead of arms. So this must be an angel. Those monks who used to write and paint such manuscripts were seeing angels all of the time, on their icons in church. Also we should not call it a male since maybe it is female. Such talk would then be incorrect genderision, to use one modern word of the political correction and diversity lingo here.

Now, seriously, that weird image comes from a precious old manuscript, from the chronicles of Fredegar. We may think that the monk who copied this manuscript also liked to paint and draw. Occasionally he may have stared out of the window or conked off, and that was maybe the wondrous creature that he saw in a dream. In the Middle Ages, people often thought and wondered about the sky. Many Christians surely fantasized of pretty angels. Fantasies can lead to real implications of destiny. The UTR has it that indeed many angels live in the sky. They are the creatures of goddesses who were more successful with their creations than our Earth Goddess; if we deem that angels are people with superior beauty, excellent development and magical powers.

I reckon that up there exists, in a distance of around 300 lightyears, the star cluster of the Ducks or Utoids. Sofia Ewa often told me of these. They live on less than 300 planets near to the star Menkalinam. Unlike our earth, all those planets of the group Du (Doo) are paradisical and free of trouble. The alien people of these planets are up to 2 m 40 (8 ft) tall and perfectly developed. They remind of us humanoids rather than of the ducks or water-birds that they descended from. Since these angels have all the time of their worlds, and also mastered the super-technology of the congeras, they of course try to help on other planets who are in a less good situation. That was one of the reasons why our Earth Goddess was allowed to create this rather forlorn planet. The Feken, Cräybs, Scorpionids, Mantoids, Asseloids, all the Berks and other bad and humble species of this galaxy, are the hostages and blackmail victims of the Greys. While our congeras are in pains and need help, the gods and angels of the free planets feel obliged to cooperate with the Greys to a degree. The angels then try to interfere into our affairs, they can indeed help in certain cases, but at the price of paying tribute to the Greys. So when people on our two lost earths pray for the help of guardian angels, it may happen that due to fractal links some Utoid tries to better up their destiny. Since there are no comparable Utoids on our earth Gaia nor on planet Lar, Utoids often have to use ducks or maybe moorhens as anchors. So if you try to see an angel in heaven, you may see a moorhen or any "crazy hen". That explains why the game of Moorhens became so popular, in which people are supposed to shoot down moorhens on their computers. Seeing birds instead of fantasy angels can really give Christians pains in the behind.

So rejoice, believers! Help comes in from guardian angels of six larger groups: The Humanoids, the Utoids (Ducks), the Ranoids (Frogs), the Makakoids (also Humanoids), the Mouse-Beavers (Marsupial Rats) and the Merkatsoids (Goblins?). But the E-rays of these good aliens are weak in comparison to the N-rays, punched down on us by pulsars. While the gods and angels often have to use tricky and complicated fractal magic, they find it easier to manipulate and better up people of good development and development perspectives. Since our planet is overpopulated by 99.8 percent, they hardly can reach out to the many too many darklings and racial people. That means that the Greys and the evil aliens eventually grab the darklings, as their chosen lot.

10. A Politics of Diversity may turn against the Best

So it is due to the helpful magic of angels, when the Disney comics of the Ducks became popular and entertaining. In the world of Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge there exist no coloured people. That does not accord to the modern hype of diversity, but it well accords to the real life on all the planets of the Ducks. Only planets where the Berk-OS is too powerful have a continent six that is assigned to the major race six of black skin colour. There is but the Jewish-US-American saga of the black duck called Daffy. The former star of this TV entertainment show used to be the white pig Elmer aka Porky. He indeed looked as tasty as a Jesus at the Holy Mess. But really, the time has come for us to abolish such entertainment ware, together with the racial people. Still diversity freaks pretend that especially Negroes are just normal people, while nothing is wrong with them. In the light of truth that shines now from Deutschland (Germany) into all the world, we should feel obliged to admit that just the Negroes more easily get out of control and become dangerous. In the year 2020 US-Negroes started a revolt. Swiftly rioters eventually burn and ravage homes like wildfires, and even vandalize in short time most precious historical monuments. The troubles of 2020 also broke out because the brave US-President Trump dared to notice how bad things are in the Negro slums of Baltimore. The damage that the US democracy suffered radiated into all the world. In a comparable way, Negroes had been the most active car torchers in the last nationwide riots in France. Negroes also looted and burned shops of the company H&M, in reaction to just a funny jumper that some disliked. That piece of clothing showed the face of a Negro and the text. "The nicest ape in the jungle". I was shocked too instead of amused when I heard of this, since many of our nice African apes are threatened to extinction by Negroes, who eventually reproduce and come to us like pesky flies. It's the work of the same devils, who also try to ban the N-word.

One people can't rule the world. Something like this was what the Nazis had planned. With their greedy, tyrannical and cruel methods these had been a bad copy of the ancient Roman empire. Shortly before the era of the true saviour, the Greys had managed to ruin his future homeland. They are very strong on this planet, but God at least managed to stop the combatants of World War 2 from inventing the nuclear bomb or other comparable weapons, before the war was over in Europe. It is rather easy for people who know what to do to fabricate such weapons of mass destruction nowadays. And then think of the time bombs and all those bad deeds of the provos. Right now all cry out when an amok gunman in Christchurch killed visitors of a mosque, putting the blame solely on right-wingers. They forget how much bad religion eventually influences the mothers of such rogues, and they also don't allow free discussions about the detrimental effects and dangers of the migration of dangerous and secretly hostile darklings into the best countries of the western world. When you dare to become aware of the massive problems of migration, the leftists and the devils put the pressure on you. You may lose your job and get chucked out from the big social media, you may suffer mobbing on the streets and pains on every evening. Without good knowledge about the UTR, you are no match for the Greys and the influencers and Christians that they control or influence. Who cares about the dangerous right-wingers and isolated gun freaks then? We would need people to show aggressive youngsters a way to deal with these problems in a peaceful and acceptable manner. We would need political think tanks and forums that allow young right-wingers and well developed Nordic types to win the hope that the big problems that we have with overbearing and roguish racials and Muslims right now can be solved in a peaceful and natural way. We need people who can talk in a rational and helpful way about the big problems that we have with bad religions and bad miracles. When it comes to potentially dangerous right-wingers, one really helpful organization is the Austrian youth group Identitäre Bewegung (IB or Identitarian Movement). That is an idealistic movement that tries to educate youngsters to participate in politics by peaceful and democratic ways, and to appeal to dangerous right-wingers to not commit crimes and use violence. Such an organization should be worthy of media attention and support in many countries, who have problems with potentially dangerous and erratic right-wingers. But many leftists fume with hate against any kinds of right-wingers, and eventually support violence against Zionists or the public order office. Recently the boss of the IB, Martin Sellner, was even banned from entering Britain to support his campaign. With their spectacular poster actions the IB knights remind of Greenpeace, thus searching for the attention of the media and the public – for some serious and otherwise overseen problems!

A nation that demands diversity may soon become a nation that excludes and mobs the best own people. Then in all liked positions diversity freaks and racials take the seats. If you are at odds with these you can't participate and become a stranger in your own land.

11. The Last Secret of Lost Troy

Finally, let me reveal the biggest secret of all our history. It's the secret of lost Troy. Right now the Trojans are among us, not only in our computers they have become a major problem. When it comes to many fields of important modern life, of politics, business and arts, you may suddenly find that there are some inevitable puny types, hairy Southerners and Oriental hooked noses, ape eyebrow types who seem to have invaded from Rome, Spain, Africa, Arabia or Turkey just years ago. Behind many a big man a slick dark woman may reside, with a large web of social contacts. They are seclusive or charming or even aggressive. They are eventually right-winged and modern in their culture. They eventually like best "the Mediterranean diet" and also wrongly consider it to be most healthy. They talk French to the waiter in the stars restaurant. But they are the ones who hang on to Oriental or Southern cultures and religions. The odd cultures of the Semites and the Romanic make them appear educated and self-confident. They couldn't exist without these dark and strange traditions. They are the living roots of a western culture that regards itself as Biblical.

The Trojans are among us! Southerners and Orientals, dark and puny types mix into all the social groups, especially when it comes to old-time religion. They resemble Trojans on computers. With their help the Greys can better scan and manipulate social groups.

Since the early Middle Ages, the legends became widely spread that the Christian Europeans are the descendants of the Trojans. Experts find that the first dork who brought up this theory was the Spanish church father Isidor of Sevilla (a Dor Name). In his text about the origins (9:2) he also fantasized a lot about the odd names of legendary Biblical ancestors. Soon later it was Fredegar (a Fred name) who postulated that the Franks were of Trojan descent. In the Middle Ages then, the Troy hype became so widespread that even most of the European royal houses proudly regarded themselves as fantasy Trojans. And even in the Nordic Edda we find such a Troy myth! Therein we read, in the prologue, that Troy had been some kind of divine holy city:

Near to the centre of the world, in the land that we call Turkland, the settlement was built that was the most famous of them all, called Troy. That city was much bigger than others and was built with much more artfulness and means. There also existed twelve kingdoms, and many lands belonged to that realm of Troy. In the city the supreme king resided. The twelve peers of Troy surpassed all other people in all human virtues. The god Odin too was born in Tyrkland. With his Aesir (Asiatics) he migrated to Saxony …

Dear oh dear! It's no wonder that the Edda ends with the prophecy of the total victory of the evil beasts from the outer world Utgard over the Æsir (angels). If Odin and his peers only were puny Turkish types, they most probably could not prevent the attempts of the Greys to ruin our planet. That is another reason why the Greys and other hostile aliens push so hard to promote people of the puny sort into top positions: Romans, Turks or even Jews. They hope to easily bedevil these. Doubtless, in comparison to all the Roman emperors, the later Deutsche emperors did better jobs.

But isn't this a most strange and unchristian legend? Snorri Sturluson, the author of the Nordic Edda, was a Jewish type of Christian, as I hear it from Ewa. We could have expected him to put much prone on Biblical myths, especially to the tale that the Nordic descended from Japhet the son of Noah (Jupiter). That was what Christians were supposed to believe in the Middle Ages, and these were having an enormous cultural advantage over the last Nordic heathens. Instead Snorri put a myth on the table that seemed to be entirely invented, and reminded of the myth of Atlantis, while it had nothing at all to do even with the Iliad, the saga of the great battle of Troy. Also the invented Trojans that Snorri mentioned didn't look much like the real Trojans that we know from the Iliad. They weren't the puny types like Alexandros, who would have to flee from the battlefield into the lily-white arms of Helena. Instead Snorri told us of the Trojan superhero called Thor, the stepson of Loricus. That greatest hero of Troy was allegedly huge and beautiful like a living god. Thor was like made of ivory and oaken wood, his hair shone lighter than gold, and he was stronger than any other man. Such guys come to life in the North, not in a Turkland.

But now read this even weirder myth from Friesland, at the North Sea coast of Deutschland. Also some Frisian tale tellers told a Troy myth, when they were asked about the origin of their people:

Originally the Frisians came from the region of the Eastern Mediterranean. From there they sailed with a mass of ships, all tied up to form a gigantic super-vessel. That super-ship drove to the East Sea coast. Later the first Frisians sailed from there to Friesland.

Now that is again the legend of the first Europeans coming from Troy. But how can we interpret the tale of the super-vessel? That is only possible with the help of the UTR. The super-vessel of course means the Betyle, the mestab of our Earth Goddess. It is also the holy egg or the navel of Delphi that is meant with this super-ship. The Earth Goddess herself is known in typical Frisian myths under the name of Ran. That name strongly reminds of the Germanic Ranen (Reanen), a seafaring tribe. Many tribes, both Slavic and Germanic, used to celebrate a peaceful rite of spring on holy Rügen, an island of the East Sea. Surely they also knew that the Earth Goddess had once come down from the sky. But where had her Betyle, this gigantic vessel, really been fabricated?

It is not as wrong as it sounds, when odd myth say that the earliest Germanic and other Europeans originally came from Troy. The UTR explains that the Earth Goddess indeed came from a faraway star now gone. On the planet of Mirá the Mother-Goddess Anna, of the group Ga, ruled with divine splendour. She used to reside in an imperial city called – Troia! There she lived at the side of her saviour Seder. The Troy of Anna seems to have been located in a region resembling our Minor Asia. Anna's planet was allegedly a little smaller than our world. So that was Lost Troy, where the story of God's creation started!

With this lore in mind, the biblical story of the Tower of Babel makes a new sense. Jews are told to believe that all the people of this world originally only had one language and leading culture, that of the seafarer Noah. Only at the time when the Tower of Babel remained incomplete, the gods of the Hebrew (Elohim is an old plural term) separated humankind into diverse nations and cultures. Today we know that this is historically not true. The Esangila, the Tower of Babel, was indeed completed. The problem of the Jews but was that they didn't integrate into the religiously diverse society of Babylon. The Jewish god seemed to only accept one culture and one people. That is true for the Earth Goddess, but her chosen culture can't be the culture of Israel. Not only the Fe goddesses but also some Greys eventually prefer one or our cultures, to then mislead it. Still today, the 142 surviving Greys of the entire local group of Ga cling to the rests of the culture of their lost mother world of Mirá. They didn't make it and now they must leave us alone, but the culture of Anna's star system still links them strongly to our Earth Goddess and Ga-Leta. So the best thing that we could do now is to develop a brave new world culture, a culture for the divine era that is about to come. That culture of unity would only be something for the worthy fellows, who are well developed and young enough to accompany their gods on the stairway to heaven.

Now what the Troy myth, as false as they are, tell; is that there once existed a culture of another Troy, a culture of unity and divine rule. It was in fact the rather dictatorial culture of Anna (Hana) from Mirá. Of the culture of her lost Troy, many traces still exist in all cultures of our world. Like most other well developed aliens also the Sauroids of Anna had six fingers on each hand and foot. They calculated and wrote with sixty glyphs. That is the reason why we divide our hours into 60 minutes, but without being able to assign to each minute a different cypher or glyph. Also many syllables and words of our languages lead inescapably back to the one language of Anna's planet.

Not only from the point of view of the Bible, the diversity among humans is a bad thing. It is what gods and demons do to people they don't like and trust. Arrested development is the consequence. A culturally diverse planet is not well under control by God the creator. People but should have the right that God correctly informs them about all the important things. Any god should have the right to reside over and rule a planet that he created, if that is a good idea. The time has come now when the real God comes out, from the mist of superstitions, and steps before his creatures. God will live in his holy city and install a divine culture for all the world. There will be no need then for a diversity of more cultures. Instead, the constant threat of evil attacks and bad fractal links forces us to a high level of development and unity. All humans like need to search shelter under God's umbrella.

12. Beware of the black Magic of the Night!

I like modern Israel. It's because they have become a western nation in the troublesome Orient, despite of their historical burdens and their greed. Many of the people there are more intelligent and sensible than typical Orientals. Many came from Europe, therefore some are good looking. In the same way the British and other European nations exported good and beautiful people into all the world. British migrants helped to better up America, Australia and New Zealand, South Africa and so many other regions and islands. But if people with lesser genes now migrate into Europe, it should be understood that this will lead to a worsening of the quality of the population. Especially leftists welcome any kinds of migrants in best western countries. But they often have militant and revolutionary tendencies. Not a few still dream of a socialist takeover of power, like it happened in countries like China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, and most recently Venezuela. The consequences were often bad and terrible. Mao Zedong was the most successful commie of all history. But wasn't he not only stupid, plain, inhumane, cruel, ugly, but also of bad blood? The UTR has it that a Mau influenced him, another one of the few devil-saviours of the Cräybs. Dear readers! Let Odin, the wise father god, remind you of your good blood, if that is what you possess! It's the greatest gift of god the creator, when just some better Europeans developed in a special good way, to be rewarded with fair hair and bright eyes. Your ancestors then were not the murky Semites mentioned in the Bible, but people like Gálates, the eponymous ancestor of the Celts. As Diodor (5:24) wrote, already his mother had been of excellent beauty and strength. If you possess such noble blood, then it would be a sin to despoil it, by mating with a darkling.

Now, you may still say that you can't follow me when I start talking about all those aliens. These news from space are unconfirmed by any other sources, they sound like fairy tales and fantasies. People of ages past also used to believe that dwarfs and elves live in the hills and forests. Today they sometimes warn that trolls are active in the Internet. That sounds like the famous warnings of the Valkyrie Swanwitha Haddings daughter, that we read of in a poem of Saxo the Dane (2:2):

I see monster trolls, strolling over fields at night!
I see giants profligate engaged in gruesome fight!
I see swarthy elves and dwarfs and those who bring us doom!
With the winds the undead rage, leaving us no room!
With bad witches then, these monsters make our fate.
Seers with flat noses swear and predicate us hate.

So do elves really live on alien planets? It's typical that seers see and sense impressions of real or unreal creatures. In the story of Balder's nightmares (Saxo 2:3), the hero saw the likeness of his lost love Nanna in his dreams. But that Nordic hero also realized that "larvae" were showing him such images. These congeras use fantasies to suck lifeforce. But while good such contacts can help you with your destiny, bad visions bring bad luck.

Swanwitha, a swan-white girl from the old North, was apparently a mighty sorceress too. She had the nerves to talk in rhymes of the eerie monsters of the night, that many women only would see when they were alone and moody, and tried to ignore and push away. Spook gets mightier in the nighttime. When the N-rays of the undead Greys, monsters who are engaged in constant painful combats, bring down from the stars the faint visions of hateful and dark-skinned aliens, they also search for helpers on our planet, bad witches and black magic persons, of bad races and cultures. Swanwitha was a Valkyrie, a good witch. That means she knew about the basics of white magic. She had heard that Ragnar, a young nobleman raised at the court of the king of Sweden, was in trouble due to the intrigues of the queen. So she rode to find Ragnar and help him with her magic. When she saw Ragnar, she instantly recognised that he was of good blood. She saw his high brow and his bright eyes, who shone like eye-stars. And then it played no role that he only had rags on.

Elves are typically believed to be blond and white. But naturally there are also swarthy elves in outer space. The Berk-OS makes it inevitable that races with flat noses and dark skin develop. Negroids are the least liked creatures on any planets where they exist, and that makes them become the ideal target persons for the Greys. It's black magic when such people then convince you that coffee is tasty and healthy and smoking enjoyable.

13. Our way to escape from the Cosmic Pigsty

Pigs do fly! That is what the great Pink Floyd music album ›Animals‹ seemed to show. On the cover we see a pig balloon flying over the grim walls of an old power station in London. So what is that scene supposed to tell us? One aspect of this is that pigs are commonly taken for signs or bringers of good luck. That weird idea is proverbial in Deutsch too. The story of this flying pig though may give proof that the opposite is more true. When they let this pig balloon fly for this funny photo, it broke free from it's moorings, causing disturbances of the air traffic. All this was just a well made joke, but then again the story of the concept album ›Animals‹ is rather bitter, reminding of the classical fantasy tale ›Animal Farm‹ by George Orwell. On Animal Farm the pigs are the mean guys on top of society. These rule a herd of mindless obedient sheep, also to the benefit of the dogs, who rob sheep to feed on them.

The tale of that album has it that at the end the sheep successfully revolt against the dogs, but not against the pigs. That is a strange way to reinterpret the original Orwellian story. And why are the dogs of this story so bad? Normally the dogs are seen as the shepherd's best helpers, guarding the flock against wolves. But with the help of the UTR we may identify the dogs of this story as the evil Greys, most notoriously those of the dog stars Procyon and Sirius. These cosmic devils have a tendency to pose as cosmic guardians (Latin: custodes). That alien mythology also influenced the recent Hollywood saga ›Guardians of the Galaxy‹. The Greys find it easier to manipulate and feed on unlucky Feken, who may indeed often dream of flying away from their miserable planets.

In the Seventies of the 20th century, political tendencies of militant and tyrannical socialism; of anarchy and depravation; of free sex, drugs and laziness were influencing many younger ones. Hippie culture seemed to be a way to escape from reality, and much escapism or nihilism was silently based on the Biblical prophecies, outlawing this world as sinful, damned and doomed. It was a religion that astronomy had already made sound more and more cynical (cf. Greek κυνο- kyno-, doggish). With this album, and with this pictorial artwork on it's cover, Pink Floyd helped a new generation to notice, and express worries about, the big swindle of their old-time religion. In one song they spake of the good shepherd as one who converts his sheep into lamb cutlets.

Pigs don't fly! Neither do dead souls fly to the sky like pig balloons. But aliens eventually fly like we do. Some few Feken, descendants of pigs, even use flying saucers. In a tricky way that was a divine message that God told to the world, with the help of that flying pig.

On the cover of ›Wish You Were Here‹, another classical album of Pink Floyd, we see two men shaking hands. But one of these guys is burning! It's a stunt photo that was taken in Hollywood. The official tale of this photo has it that it was made in memory of a painful visit of former band member Syd B. He must have taken drugs that ruined his brain early in his life. But again one strange image rather contains a religious message. So many people awaited the coming of the saviour, wishing him to be with them. They were warned that this time maybe wouldn't be such a time of great joy. The burning man is a symbol of the saviour in deathly troubles. If the Greys managed to set fire to the son of man, he would eventually be seen here and there in visions, to stop his goddess from undoing reality. Such a saviour would need another saviour to save him.

In church they used to tell people, that God is so great and can do all kinds of miracles at will. In reality though things on this planet are depressingly different. In the era of the great English rock groups, the time had come to open people's eyes just a bit for the obvious realities of religion. The vocation of the saviour of this earth might have gone wrong in short time, so be glad that it didn't.

Another Pink Floyd story has it that once the manager Marcel Avram, a Jew, presented a piglet to the band while on tour. That beast was running wild in the hotel in Munich, destroying several mirrors. We may think that the Feken also eventually find their pig-like faces less than attractive.

And, by the way, doesn't the name Hebrews also remind of the boar (Deutsch: Eber)? That is also true for the name of the town of York, formerly called Eburacum. And also New York has such a boar name, the maybe most Jewish and truly most cultural city of the USA. The idea of diversity has it that we can add other cultures to our national and regional cultures without much problems. But such a mixture may have the problem that certain egoistic groups like Jews profit much from it. In such a milieu God has to rely on them more than what is beneficial for this planet. The more cultures God must build and support on this earth, the more he must allow links to the Feken and build Judaism. Then features and destinies of the Feken will mirror on this planet, to foreseeably bring it down. Our way out of their cosmic pigsty is to upgrade our best people. That is what God intends to do. The first step on the steep path to superior development of a future humanity but is to tell people the difficult truth about God and the world. Only this truth can become a solid basis of the culture of a new human species, called homo superior. But due to fractal links to all those planets of misery and doom, most people of today are not eligible for to confront them with true religion. Cosmic cultures bind and shape them, and God couldn't upgrade them just on this planet.

In the last great Pink Floyd album ›The Wall‹, we meet Pink as an artist behind a wall. He might have a reason to hide, the same reason that made the Phantom of the Opera wear his mask. In the event Pink would get dragged into the open too soon, troubles might ruin his body and mind. But without an active saviour, a planet like this one would soon become a playground again for the many factions of hostile aliens. They would organize a nuclear world war before doomsday.

14. Who the Hell is up there? Gorm the Old found out!

Gorm the Old, that's the name of the first moreless historical king of Denmark. Little is known of him, but he seems to have been especially famous for his longevity and his wisdom. Several tales that Saxo relates seem to link to this historical ruler. He lived at a time when missionaries tried to baptise the Danes. But only his son Harald Blåtand became a Christian in his younger years, until he converted back to the traditional religion of the old North. Due to his especially bad teeth they called him Bluetooth! That name is at the origin of the bluetooth protocol that is today installed on cell phones. Apparently Harold suffered from sickening Christian religion. That was not the case for his father, truly a man of king size. The name Gorm means worm! As Hardecnuth Vorm he was mentioned by bishop Adam of Bremen for the year of 936. Already his grandfather Gorm had had the same name. They called him Gorm the Englishman, since he was born in England. It was England that in troublesome times provided Denmark with a royal dynasty. Some successors of Gorm the Old, especially Canute the Great, later conquered Britain and became it's kings. This must have had something to do with a legend that was told of Gorm and his travel-mate Thorkil. Saxo (8:14) has it that these two shamans dared what few had done before: They explored space!

In search of legendary great treasures a searcher allegedly had to cross the ocean that surrounds the world, leaving behind the Sun and the wandering stars, crossing regions of chaos and eternal darkness. That is what Gorm and Thorkil undertook. They set sail on three dragon ships, all covered with hides. At first they sailed to the far North, where they found the hall of Gerud. There huge Gudmund welcomed them, but they became scared by bloodless black machines dwelling in a poisonous atmosphere. Again at sea they travelled much farther away, leaving their sun behind, until they reached another fire in the sky. But there they only met monsters with energy problems. Another such monster lived further away. Utgard-Loki was fettered with chains in his cave of snakes.

Just this bizarre fantasy tale became most popular in the lands of the North. It's because it tells us of the truth regarding the sky. Super-worms live everywhere up there in alien planets, supplied by tubes and electrical skin contacts. One of the worst of the Greys of the Feken is called Fe-Luka. But those devils have deathly problems that our good Earth Goddess managed to avoid. This saga calls her Gerud, reminding of her old Nordic name Gerd. Gudmund (Good-mouth) is her saviour.

It's bad up there in the sky! That is what the fantasy travels of Gorm the Old show. Scary voracious monsters live there under terrible conditions. That was however bad news that God only dared to tell to some few Nordic people, and not to the masses of Southerners.

The tale of the voyage of Gorm and Thorkil then has it, that they lost most of their valiant men in the hellish hall of Utgard-Loki. These were consumed by evil spirits and poisonous snakes. The seven remaining Danes managed to sail on until they found "another world and human abodes". Indeed Lar dwells up there, the next living planet in space, who much resembles our own earth. Just like we are, the Laren are surrounded by those super-creeps. We need to save them too.

15. Good Heavens do also exist

Now this is one fine piece of very early medieval Christian artwork. In the church of Santa Maria of Valle in Friaul, we find the statues of these six women, sculpted from stucco. These were made before 774 and are very hard to interpret. A local legend has it that here we see the statues of the saintly women Anastasia, Agape, Ciona, Yrene, Chrisogenus and Zoelis. Experts but found that of these names the last two are male and don't make sense (Beutler, Bildwerke p. 46). Well, some nuns had strange names. If we read Chrysogenus as something like "of the Golden" it becomes a synonym for "of the Aesir". But if we do like most of the simple illiterate people of this era did, and just try to read the statues, these saints resemble much two traditional groups of matrons, best known from the western Germanic regions of Europe. Often a threefold heathen fertility goddess would represent the three aspects of female life: the virgin, the mother and the old lady. Let's not forget that Northern Italy also was a Celtic region in ancient Roman times, especially north of the river Po. Many heathens became Christians as they found that Christian gods like Jesus seemed to replace or incorporate heathen gods like Sol, god of the Sun. That's why Christmas eve was put to the holy day of the invincible god Sol, three days after midwinter. But in fact that festivity rather reminds of the day of my birth, on day three of year 1962. Already heathen sages identified their deity Sol with me, before I even was born. The same happened to some Christian church fathers. I reckon that Jesus was really born in September of year 4 a. But the truth didn't really matter for most Christians, who must have seen lies as the means of choice of their tyrannical gods. Indeed, with the help of all those lies and inconsistencies God made Christianity become a religion for the weaker minded people only. That would make it easier for me to abolish Christianity in due time.

Not shown on this picture are the ornaments of grapes and wine leaves, who symbolize fertility. We may assume that on Lar very similar heathen cults and matron groups existed, who were even more important than they were here. In the above church we also see a threefold goddess of Lar. In such matron triads, often two of the women wear mighty hoods. From the point of view of the UTR, these hoods symbolize the alien stars where the worlds of two of our local goddesses dwell.

In Celtic religion of ages long gone, eventually three matrons were grouped to represent different aspects of the great goddess. But in reality there exists only one such goddess of Earth. The Mother eventually groups with the Father and the Holy Spirit to form a Holy Trinity. That is why eventually one of the three guys of a matron triad seems to be male.

16. The Genius of the Emperor of an old Rogue Nation

Here we see the Græco-Roman goddess Proserpina as she gets abducted by Hades. The tale has it that she later became a goddess of the underworld. Heathens used to believe this for not a few centuries, until God made an end to this odd cult. So many world cultures are centred on religion. They paint pictures of strange gods and celebrate strange festivities. But as the really existing God comes out now with true religion, all those false religious world cultures don't make sense any more. A great turmoil could be the consequence, since God is unable to replace all world cultures with one homo superior culture. The diversity freaks would naturally resist to that.

Anglo-American culture plays a leading role in all the world right now. Much British pride is the consequence. But the UTR teaches that this culture is not meant to lead forever, since it mainly mirrors a leading culture of Lar, that of the third continent Columbia. Both here and on Lar, the central land of the old world must soon take over the spiritual lead.

In the 19th century Britain used to rule this planet's biggest empire. But the emperors of that era ruled Deutschland. France and Russia too were all but ready to accept those Prussians as their monarchs. The consequence of this cultural diversity was a constant state of cold war, that was leading to the two world wars. In the new era of true religion though, a new world culture of unity will replace this tohu-bohu. Of course the culture of God must be the leading culture of his earth. But right now that's all but possible, since God has not even the power to build a divine culture.

Just this morning I ripped off a poster of leftist wicked wights (Deutsch: linke Bösewichte). They call up to drive out student fraternities from the university quarter. Strangely enough, such leftists and rogues are eventually financially supported by Jews and guys who resent Deutschland. These often think that Deutschland should be kept down especially low, to prevent another world war or a Nazi era. Such campaigns remind us of the Soviets, who drove away millions of Deutsche from their homelands in 1945, with the consent of the French, British and US-American forces. Today the masses of dark hostile migrants have led to a similar move to drive away some ethic Deutsche from selected city quarters. Leftists and migrants eventually try to turn city quarters into zones of anarchy, and gangster strongholds; where police can't dare to enter. In past years young Muslims and drug bandits spontaneously formed mobs. They would attack the police and destroy and loot shops. That is what grows from the bad seed that diversity freaks help to sow out in Deutschland. So how realistic are their worries that Deutschland might otherwise become again a rogue nation?

Already when they were first mentioned in historical sources, Germanic had a tendency to invade into the lands of their neighbours. In the era of the Germanic migrations, those tribes conquered many parts of the former Roman empire. The Franks soon started to build up a Germanic empire. When the Frankish king Theudebert then conquered regions in today's South Germany, he called himself Augustus, proclaiming himself as a new Roman emperor. But only with emperor Karl-1 (Charles the Great), Rome was ready to accept the idea that Germanic or Deutsche should be the heirs of the ancient Roman empire. That idea made the Deutsche emperor and his people become the natural rulers of all the other peoples of the entire world! Already the church teacher Eusebius had compared the first Christian emperor Constantine-1 with the Sun and even with Jesus! In the absence of a living saviour, not a few historical rulers thought of themselves as gods. But it was typical for the heartland of Europe, that God seemed to help the Germanic or Deutsche with such plans. From the last days of the Roman empire until 1945, destiny seemed to support the claim of the Deutsche that they were not only the rightful rulers of their homelands but of all other nations.

17. How a Nymph charmed Karl the Great

In our Christian times, emperor Karl the Great is still regarded as one of the greatest emperors of history. Let's not forget that the rise to power of his clan would not have been possible without the mission work of English clerics. Most famous among them were Willibrord (Willy the Bread) and Winfrid (Fried Wine) aka Bonifaz. Typical for these Englishmen was their eager support for the popes in Rome and their doctrine that the Roman Saint Peter was the door guardian of the sky. Under the influence of the Englishman Alkuin, emperor Karl had become a ruthless tyrant, who subdued the still heathen Saxons with the help of mass killings. But a legend has it that it was the sexual magic of a nymph from Aachen, with a golden piercing in her tongue, that made emperor Karl change his mind when it came to religion. Late in his life Karl silently moved away from Christian religion, just like emperor Julian had done before. In his residency Aachen he put up a she-bear made of metal, a symbol of the goddess, and also a Roman she-wolf. And when he died he was buried in the above shown excellent heathen stone sarcophagus of Proserpina.

Karl-1 much liked fine artwork, but the Christian artwork of his time was visibly not as inspired as the great Græco-Roman marble works. Not a few of the illustrations of that time show people with round faces and small mouths, resembling maybe of the snouts of pigs. In a similar way the face of Hitler must have looked from afar, due to his special moustache (Deutsch: Popelbremse). It will still take some decades until the Earth Goddess is ready to incarnate herself into the second body of a beautiful woman. That is supposed to further strengthen her and our supporting angels. Already the myth of Demeter and Proserpina speaks of the goddess as a pair of ladies, a kind-of snake in disguise and a beautiful maiden. The Greek myth of Persephone (Latin: Proserpina) but has it that Hades, god of the dead, robbed that maiden and took her into his underworld. That bad deed infuriated Demeter so much that she withheld her magic of fertility from this world. Famine and misery were the consequence. This lonesome planet is so much under pressure by the demons from above, that the Earth Goddess much needs the mental support of both her saviour and of her future other self, the saviouress. Should they die or fail, she would suffer a massive loss of power. The myth continues that Proserpina seemed to live on in the underworld as a goddess of the dead. In reality though such a saviouress is needed alive. She must care for the living, not for the dead.

Right now the Deutsche are one EU people among many others, and due to the politics of local Christian Democrats they eventually earn scorn instead of respect from abroad. But the UTR has it that the Deutsche are destined to become the leading people of this entire planet! That dared plan accords with both the plans of God and the angels, and with Berk-OS. However, that cosmic planet development system has the mean tendency to build nations with different cultures barring the leading nation, and to shape guys with red genes into rebels with a rogue mentality. Due to the Greys, who make use of the big weaknesses of Berk-OS, eventually Reds push the leading nations onto ways of doom. Well, a vanquished and humble Deutschland is still better than a tyrannical super-power. Only with the help of her saviour and of her saviouress, the Earth Goddess has a chance to control and well develop the best Deutsche, in the coming era of divine technologies.

In the times of emperor Karl-1, the cult of saints was most popular in Europe. Especially Saint Martin was renowned for his miracles, and had therefore become the patron saint of the Franks. Of him they but believed that he was most active in his district around the French city of Tours. Often they would believe that saints and martyrs would work miracles right where their remains or idols were placed. That helped God to show that no such spirits exist up in the faraway sky. Emperor Karl the Great lately realized that spirits from above were bringing harm to him and his lands. With his "capitulars" he warned of these sylphes (sylphides), and banned them. Karl also collected the tales of heathen Deutsche heroes, but his son Ludwig the Pious burned this book. For Christians the idea of having a kind-of snake goddess is surely intolerable. Especially their clerics would rather die in misery than to accept the help and grace of a monster. Utter poverty, no powers and property, was what emperor Ludwig the Pious welcomed at the end of his life.

The first Christians had been miserable and lowly Asiatics, who rejected this world and expected doom to strike any other day. It seemed to be their greatest luck to die as martyrs, for instance in the Roman arenas, for the lust and amusement of their spirits in the sky. Centuries later though, the Anglo-Saxon missionaries were promoting a nicer view on this world. They taught that Saint Peter would grant to Christians a long and rich life. But the name Peter reminds of a stone (Latin: petra) in the sky. Stones in the sky bring no luck, but eventually fall down on us and cause havoc.

Christians are supposed to believe that this world is sinful and shall be destroyed soon. They look forward to an afterlife at another place in the sky. But it's noteworthy that the Christian fantasies of heaven lack any flavour of realism. Typical pictures have it that the dead sit on clouds with harps singing praise, or march into the light. It's another sign of the power of the Earth Goddess, who withheld creative support from Christian fantasies.

18. The Holy Column of the Saxons

The Earth Goddess had been sending Anglo-Saxons to Britain with good reason. These Vikings were supposed to link the more noble British culturally and politically to especially the Saxons. My mother came from Saxony to Cologne. For centuries the Saxons were the core tribe of free Germania. That only ended when Karl the Great invaded their lands and conquered their capital Eresburg in 772. He also shattered the most holy object of the Saxons, a pillar called Irminsul.

When Hengist and Horsa, those two legendary Viking chiefs, met with the British king Vortigern, they explained to him their heathen religion as follows: Their supreme god was Wodan of course, the one who gave his name to the English day Wednesday. These clever Anglo-Saxons thought of themselves as descendants and darlings of this father god. In reality though Wodan had just been a priest and wizard from the Harz mountains region, a rather unspectacular guy. Only later myths turned him into a god. That was due to the fact that I intend to take up the throne name Odin, the First One. My magic shapes even events of the far past. So the idea is not wrong to regard me, in cooperation with my goddess, as the father god and creator of well developed Germanic humans. According to William of Malmesbury, those two Vikings also mentioned Freyja the goddess of Friday, as Wodan's wife. Freyja means in translation Mistress or Lady. The wife of the historical Wodan was called Fricka, but she was not identical with the earth goddess, the wife of Odin. Any goddess was often missing in late Saxon religion, that centred around the gods Wodan, Thunaer (Donar, Thor) and Saxnot (Seaxnet). But that had not always been the case in ancient Germania. In Græco-Roman interpretation, Wodan or Odin was comparable to the god Mercury or Hermes. Typical for the cult of Hermes was a kind of pillar called herme. That thing was often regarded as an erect male member. But this messenger god also carried the caduceus, a staff with snakes on it. In the origin the caduceus must have been the same staff that the Saxons had called Irminsul. The staff represents the pure white body of the goddess. Upright like a pillar she dwells in her Betyle. The name Hermes well links to the Germanic names Irmin or Herman. According to Tacitus that was the name of a son of Mannus. the legendary first man. Irmin became the eponymous ancestor of the Irminones or Herminones. These were the tribes of the main, central region of Germania. We may well assume that some hero called Irmin had had a connection to the cult of the Irminsul. However, the name Hermann simply translates as "Lord-Man". This sounds much like a name for the Lord (Deutsch: Herr).. Before the era of Wodan, Irmin had been one name for this father god.

We must say that Germanic religion deteriorated with Wodan. As I see things right now, Wodan had been a priest of a temple of the Celtic deity Lug (Loki). It was a cult too much influenced by the Grey Fe-Luka aka Utgard-Loki. When that religion failed him, Wodan thought of himself as a god. The Earth Goddess allowed that, since Wodan lived at the exact time when on Lar the false messiah Martin appeared. That was a time of foul compromises for our local goddesses. In the end, Lugians hung up Wodan on a tree to die. I put his death into the year 220 b. maybe, not long after the stoning of Martin the Kafirian. A tragic end was not uncommon for such false messiahs.

Wodan seemed to demand human sacrifices. The Irminsul however leads back to an older and better Germanic cult. That cult was still highly appreciated, in the former region of the heroic führer Arminius, at the time of emperor Karl-1. The Romans too had erected such big pillars. Typically they placed a statue of their supreme god Jupiter on top of it. But there was no such idol on top of the Irminsul. Several illustration show instead two arcs on top of it, who make the Irminsul remind of the fluke of a whale. We may easily think that the two arcs symbolize the two blood cranes of the Earth Goddess. just like the snakes aside the caduceus staff. The word Irmin (Nordic: Jörmun) thus may only mean "titanic". The same word appears again in the name Jörmungand, which is the proper name of the Midgardormr. Of that worm or snake they believed that it lives in the outer ocean.

The Irminsul had no idol on top of it. Maybe only some wiser Saxons would sense that the pillar itself was the idol. Some later illustrations however show Irmin as a fantastic knight, wearing an armour with a bear on the breast plate, reminding of the seven stars of the big bear (Ursa Maior). There are however a few important traces that show that the name had been especially important in the cult of the Irminsul. The historian Widukind of Corvey (1:12) described a victory altar, that the Saxons put up at Schidungen castle. Mentioned are objects that the Saxons revered, according to the traditions of their forefathers, at the eastern gate. There was an idol called Mars, with the likeness of pillars resembling those of Hercules, at a place (formerly) sacred to the god of the sun, called Apollon by the Greeks (Germanic: Sul). So here we find again the cult of pillars of the sky and all the world. Such pillars were attributed by Græco-Roman pagans to their god Hercules. A late annotation reminds of the fact that the Greek name of Mars is Ares. That reminds of a South Germanic god called Er, who was identified with Mars (or also Zio) in the old Bavarian calendar. It is a word that the Deutsche read as He. We may thus interpret the name Irmin as "He-Man" too. After a victory over the Franks and Thuringians (around 530 a.), the Saxons apparently identified their Lord with the sun god. His pillar may have reminded of a typical Roman victory palm tree. Just like the Roman god Hercules, the Saxon god Er seemed to integrate many other local cults. It's weird that the Saxons of central Germania remained the toughest of all heathens for so long a time, while the Anglo-Saxons, their relatives, mostly became eager Christians. The UTR explains this with the strong but weakening links that bind especially Britain to our sister earth Lar. One of the most pious Anglo-Saxons was Æthelstan, the first factual king of all Britain. One illustration in a book shows him with the Anglian golden hair as he bows to Saint Cuthbert, devoting a book. It looks as if that saint was still alive and standing, who but had died long ago. Let's assume that the special magic of this miracle worker was mainly due to his Bert name. Of king Æthelstan (the gem, Deutsch: Edelstein) we also read that he put up columns with his images at Exeter and other places. The historian Lappenberg compared these to the pillars that heathen Saxons would erect at their thing and court yards, to mark an area of holy peace. Ewa tells me that some Anglo-Saxon women of high rank and influence had a sense for the female beneficial magic of these columns.

A tale that sounds correct has it, that the Franks took the broken rests of the Irminsul to Corvey. Secretly it was buried there. Above it they founded an abbey, that later became most famous. A strong good magic ruled the place, that the monks but ascribed to the relics of Saint Veit (Vitus). But while they feared the still rebellious heathen Saxons, they later transferred the parts of the pillar to Hildesheim. There it was put up again, in the cathedral! For some time a statue of Saint Mary was placed on top of it. Definitely Christians had a sense for the magic of the Irminsul too.

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