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Titel: Diversity Sucks

Myths and histories about diversity – a free text by Bertram Eljon Holubek, Version 2.0 2021

Diversity freaks claim that it's nice to mix people of different race and quality. The idea silently became a worldwide liberal dogma that hardly can be challenged. But just like for instance that old Christian geocentric model, it is obviously faulty. For dorks diversity seems to be solid ground, on which they can build a new world of the future. In reality diversity is like a swamp, with alien things lurking in the lair.

Diversity Coin Designer Dominique Evans and others

Now here we see the face of Dominique Evans. More precisely, these are some of the faces that Google shows up when we search for this name. Together with some face we also find a snippet of the according tale. So whose face belongs to whose tale? Even regarding these three negroid women, the correct answer should not be difficult. It is, in typical cases, indeed possible to value and distinguish people by the face. The same is also true when it comes to features like the colour of the skin. But if many politicians and pundits find that it's correct to not make such distinctions, or even say that races don't exist, that must make us worry about their honesty and mental sanity.

»Diversity built Britain«, says a 50 p coin that was issued by the British Royal Mint. Most loyal citizens don't care twopence whether this is true or not. Dominique Evans was the artist who put this slogan on the coin. On the website of the Royal Mint we read some gossip about her. But the main question seems to be a taboo: How on Earth could such a rather ugly and dark girl get such a coveted job? The correct answer must include the word diversity. Diversity means that people get jobs despite of the fact that they are less qualified than other people, just because they have the wanted diversity culture, skin colour and social skills. But the big problem with diversity rules is that they bring up people who are typically less intelligent, able and wise, worthy and truthful.

1. What's your Name, what's your Number?

These three guys seem to have the same name, leaving out the white old lady. They also have the same kind of brownish skin and similar facial features. One is brown, one is black, the third one even looks grey. What does this mean? In ages past people would easily conclude that these three specimen are all moreless negroid. That means they belong to the race that is common in Africa. The UTR assigns to this major race the number six, it's the lowest on the scale of quality. In times past they used to call such guys Negroes. Today they eventually call them African-Something or Blacks. But most politicians and pundits don't think that this means they are of lower quality. The lore that races exist among humans is today deprecated. Many dislike the word races in general. That happened because such types, of low intelligence and morale, infiltrated world organizations like the UNESCO in Paris. They have ways to silence earnest experts, defaming them as racists. So what is special with these? Do they all just have a strong suntan? The problem with the human races is that these obviously exist, but in a way that makes it too hard for experts to explain them. We often expect modern experts of racialism to find out more about this. But the abolition of the correct word Negro points into the opposite direction. The experts fail and seem to have given up.

What we know of these negroid types is, that they eventually reproduce very fast. When the first explorers discovered South Africa and settled there, these regions were void of Negroes, with the exception of small numbers of Pygmies. The colonists then bought and transferred Negroes there for the lowly work. They were Christians, and the Bible says that God wants the Negroes (Hamites) to be the servants of the normal people. But that racial order didn't function, because the Negroes reproduced terribly fast. Today some 80 % of the population of that territory of the Commonwealth are Negroes, and of the rest a large fraction are negroid so-called Coloureds. In Britain though this kind of diversity didn't develop. Only few Negroes were transferred there, and these didn't reproduce much. The negroid genes didn't dominate in Europe as they did in South Africa and elsewhere overseas. For instance, the famous rock musician Ritchie Blackmore just had black curly hair, while his name reveals that a Negro had been his eponymous ancestor.

Why don't we all look more or less negroid? That should have happened a long time ago. Just like when you mix milk and coffee, the result should be a brown cafe au lait. It's a big mystery why for many thousand years six major races were strictly assigned to six continents. It's obvious that a higher structure must be causing this allocation of the races to continents and regions. The dorks say that this all doesn't bother them and doesn't matter anyway. But as long as humankind fails to even notice these and other structures, it is surely wise to be cautious when it comes to diversity.

People of today know so little about their world, and most even don't realize how unwise they are. Decades ago Britain used to rule this world's biggest empire. Proudly they had conquered the most diverse territories. That seemed to work out well, until suddenly the Indians rebelled, and then all the others. A spirit of rebellion and disobedience had taken a grip on so many peoples and groups. Priests should know more about such spirits, but instead most believe in dire nonsense. It's typical that peoples who lived side by side for a time separate and feud. In most cases conflicting groups adhere to different religions.

Diversity starts with different religions. There are so many religious lores and groups. While most try to win more sway they make their followers have more kids and spread to more countries. Not the spirit of nice diversity is guiding them, but they typically want all people to believe what they do. In this competition often not the best guys win new grounds, but those who fight the hardest. Diversity also tends to divide nations into groups, who then place group egoism above the interest of the common republic. Another bad structure emerges, that of a nation deeply divided into two conflicting parties. While democrats falter, easily the darklings get wild, riot and burn. To many it seems then that only a strongman can still rule and unite such a land, that has become too diverse.

This planet doesn't look like it's the work of a good creator god – but it is. The Goldilocks effect provides good proof for it. So many things need to be perfectly regulated, to make this earth become habitable and classy. God also knows well what humans are needed for best results. But evil aliens try to spoil this all, by way of creating too diverse people.

2. A detailed Table of Contents

1. The Human Sacrifice and Great Jubilee in Rome of Year 1600

This chapter is about the famous tragic scientist Giordano Bruno. He realized that out there in the sky many inhabited planets must exist. Indeed we are living in a situation of cosmic diversity. But it's not good to share our reality with aliens who are often of a most miserable and hostile quality.

2. The demonic and dangerous Aspect of alien Magic

So you think you never heard of aliens? But you may know the elf Dobby from the Harry Potter saga. True myths of encounters with aliens are behind such modern fantasies of sorcery. The bad luck of many such aliens is imaginable as we imagine what bad creators must have created these.

3. White Snake, Red Dragon

When the Viking chief Hengist travelled to Britain, he introduced a new kind of diversity that few of the surviving British did value. In search of the powers who are behind such invasions, we find some of the monsters mentioned in the Beowulf saga. Compared to these Hengist was an angel.

4. The Question of Worth

Regarding the new British 50 pence coin we find that the sky seems to demand diversity. Several tales of dragon fights tell us what may happen, if our valiant heroes venture to try and find coins of higher worth. The problem is that Germanic heroes soon run out of luck without their goddess.

5. In Search of the Magic of the Dragon

There is indeed a kind of dragon with us. The Earth Goddess is really a congera, but she likes to render her best western humans wise and wealthy. However, diversity often meant that guys like Attila the Hun or Caesar would interfere into the ordered development of Europe by their ways.

6. Out with the Odd Ones!

While so many pundits try to fill the minds of our younger ones with nonsense, the danger arises of extreme and bad deeds. Some old and odd people lie us in the face, claiming that human races don't exist! Behind this is evil magic of the sky. Greys even hardly value their astrological idiots.

7. The Romans searched for Ways of Burden Sharing

Christians often say that even the first Europeans were migrants. So did these come from Troy? That only accords to the popular legend of the Romans. When these came to Britain to conquer and command, they definitely introduced a diversity that the British didn't want and need. Until today but one problem is that people are unable to read and evaluate the colour code of the genes.

8. The strangest Animal of them all

There are most strange stories of belief and superstition from the chronicles of the emperors of ancient Rome. Augustus and Nero were so far from the real god, that they thought of themselves as living gods. In comparison, the mythical Danish king Peace-Frodi also had his faults. But just to him the great maidens were spiritually much nearer, who operate mills that can procreate gold!

9. The Earth Goddess defines Beauty Standards

Of a real living goddess we deem that she should be of supreme class and beauty. Never before such a goddess actually stepped on this earth. However, already today our Earth Goddess is about to prepare such a step. Already today, her future presence defines beauty standards, as we look at the quality of people who are with us right now. But also Jews and pigs have things in common.

10. Of the earliest Migrations and Invasions

The Romans also must have come to Britain to upgrade their too dark genes. Ancient Rome was rather far away from God's guidance, and in the absence of good belief superstitions tend to rule. Today the racial push into the better lands and also try to install their lesser cultures in the West. It's damn easy but treacherous to exploit darklings, who are more under control of hostile aliens.

11. The better Answers of Germanic and Celtic religion

Starting with a look at the threefold nymph goddess Coventina, we should realize that we know rather little about the religion of the Celts of the era before the Romans came. But we also know much too little about the real angels, who helped us on the way to wisdom with such cults. Greek philosophers like Plutarch were very near to finding out about God, but only a "coming race" will be strong enough to take a stand in the truth. Bad and exotic freaks but are our dangerous burden.

12. Why Diversity Sucks

Fractal magic links one leaf to the other. It eventually links our well developed people to the few angelic worlds. But diverse miserable darklings instead link us to the millions of miserable other planets. Such links suck lifeforce from us, bringing bad destiny in return.

3. Diversity Sucks! The Main Points on one Page

Diversity freaks say that it's good to have and mix very different people. Some especially try to drag in darklings of bad race and quality into good western lands. Bad migrants may eventually do lowly and disliked jobs. But due to their inferior alien cultures they also cause big problems. Dark masses only allow liberals to worsen working conditions and life quality all over the world. Woe, those who trust that the exploited will always work like ants trust into the magic of devils! It's due to black magic when a few darklings excel in sports, culture, politics or organized crime. Many commit to diversity before a background of Christian education. But that old-time religion is good enough only for bad darklings. Your life doesn't only really start when you die, but then it's gone. We badly need a better religion and culture to replace Christianity, but what we don't need is more and worse such stuff. Christians may welcome bad aliens as revenge for our sins! Scientific atheists claim that magic and higher powers do not exist. But many people believe in miracles because they see them happen. That makes some get soft when they feel that powers push them to support diversity. But we need to realize that hostile aliens exert such pressure on us. The same powers who sow out bad weeds and cause droughts also send us bad migrants. Many aspects of our reality are similar because they are fractally linked. Fractal magic also links us to alien planets. Already Giordano Bruno realized that many living worlds must exist. But only with the help of the UTR (Universal Truth Religion) it is possible to identify links to other planets. Most of the cultures of this planet are so special and bad because they link to bad alien planets. The UTR positively identified a group of 63 bad alien planets as the Feken worlds. These are all inhabited by descendants of pigs. Closely linked to the Feken are some of our Oriental cultures, from the Armenians to the Coptic. Our Armenia thus mirrors the leading culture of the planet of Fe-Nike. Just these links also made Nikolaus (Sänta) become this planet's most popular saint. Our most important Feken links are those who bind our Jewish culture to the leading culture of Fe-Juda's planet. Due to the tricky liberation plan of our group of three developing planets, that culture became a false leading culture of our planet. But Judaism is bad, silly and very outdated. God can't change it, since we can't better up the main culture it links to, that of Fe-Juda's planet. Helpful links reach from our earth to the more than 655 planets of the Humanoids of the Alliance of Earths, of the constellation Ursa Maior (aka the Lamp). These free paradisical planets all only have 10 - 12 million inhabitants and one planetary culture. Angels help to build a future leading culture of this planet. That must be the future culture of Deutschland, the central land of Europe. Important for the future of this planet are bright Europeans with good parents and development perspectives. Such fairies bring us luck, due to the links to angelic planets. But on these worlds there exist no racials, racially too exotic darklings. Racial humans instead link to the very many unfortunate planets. Bad links suck lifeforce from our people and bring us bad destiny in return. Especially close links bind us to our next living sister world, planet Lar, right behind the dog star Sirius. The Cräybs, the worst of our cosmic enemies, try to capture and despoil this planet with the help of enslaved Feken planets. That is why in ancient Welsh and British myths, pigs often play weird, bad roles. The Welsh of the goddess Ga-Leta build the future leading culture of Lar. Today the US-American culture dominates our planet, but that is typical only for Feken planets. Diversity freaks tend to lie and get wrathful when it comes to admitting the grave weaknesses of that and other cultures from outside of Europe. We now need a better world culture, to allow our best people to evolve. They need to cope with things like mind reading and divine technologies. Not the integration of all people is what helps us now, but the segregation of too exotic and bad darklings. That is what we can learn from the history of South Africa. Much became worse there after the Negroes came to power, with the help of leftist terrorism. In their townships (aka slums) violence and poverty are terrible. But at places where only Whites live there is hardly any crime. Bad Muslim migrants have become a main problem in western countries. History must warn us to not underestimate their will to take over tyrannical powers. In their countries they treat women mean. Easily bad and primitive cultures influence young gentlemen to the worse. A secret loss of freedom rights and safety for women, minorities, LGBT's and Jews will be the consequence. It was a tragedy when the Romans conquered Britain. But while until today people know so little about good lifestyle and fine culture, they still tend to overestimate heavy Latin books. Now the UTR can not only correctly explain Celtic religion, and Pink Floyd too. God shall also teach our younger ones how to live much more sane and healthy lives. In not a far future, instead of a dull life that makes them wither early, our people will live eternal lives free of sorrows and sufferings.

4. A Portrait of the Saviour

A portrait of the author is shown here. I am right now 59 years old. Since the blessed year 1993, I developed the lore of the UTR. That religion is entirely based on the frequent and detailed revelations that I personally, and mostly exclusively, receive. During the first years though I had been misguided in some aspects. And still I have to keep my head down and live a secluded life. Eventually serious mental troubles shake me. I can't well proselytize, since people who would follow me would only become a burden after some time. The picture of God that I paint is still incomplete. Maybe the Goddess will answer the open questions, when she becomes a woman. I expect this to happen in no less than 55 years. I am looking forward to hugging her.

Christian religion teaches to look down to the miserable. If we instead look up to our best developed guys, we share more of the good magic of the paradisical planets. They don't have darklings, bad and sick people, and with their help God can abolish them here too. If we check out our history, we find that ceaselessly the Asians, the Africans and other darklings tried to migrate into Europe. While their cultures are diverse, and could add to the diversity of European cultures, they are typically also less good. Often the problem of the Europeans was that their cultures weren't good too. Their gods were often false and didn't seem to care well. Replacement gods of the Orient seemed to help out. In ancient and modern Rome, thousands of heathen gods or Christian saints of very different skills and departments seemed to mix to a nicely diverse pantheon. But in truth only one good goddess has created this world and is in charge of it, caring for all aspects of reality. The time has come to build up a divine world culture that best accords to these facts of life.

Entelechy warning: This is bound to be big! Don't judge it from it's humble start. Feel free to distribute and translate God's revelations! Bertram Eljon & Sofia Ewa Holubek, Zuelpicher St. 300, 50937 Koeln, Deutschland (Germany), Planet Gaia. Questions? Comments? Send your E-Mail to beljonde{ät]yahoo.de, or maybe not.