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Arminius Marke
A Goddess is introduced Revealing the one and only Earth Goddess.
The Nordic God Page One Explaining the Basics of a new Nordic Religion
The Three Light Gods of the Germanic and Celts were all that the Bright Nordic needed
The Nordic Hailsway

This short text introduces God's only true religion called UTR. The Universal Truth Religion explains the world the Nordic way. There are more UTR texts in english to be found on God's Own Website.

1. The Nordic are chosen for Hail

Many people wish to acquire wisdom and beauty, power and luck. That is what God wishes too, that wish goes mainly to the young and well developed Nordic. The Universal Truth Religion (UTR) reveals divine wisdom, but mainly to these. Nordic-Aryan people are chosen by destiny, that is what their natural colors signify. From them God will develop Titanic superhumans. Darklings however are more under control of the Greys, evil aliens. That is why darklings, like the Neanderthals, shall die out. The Deutsche (German) people shall lead the Nordic, the People of Israel shall keep back the darklings. That way God plans to better up this world, with the consequence that all people may expect more hail (benefits). The Christian way of doom however leads into the inescapable end of the world, that is what the Bible says.

Further material about each chapter is in the making

2. The Lentworm and the Godfather are good

Snorri's Edda quoth that first humans regarded Earth as their living mother. The Germanic, and many other peoples, revered a mild and peaceful Goddess at the onset of spring. Seeresses and þulers (tale tellers) knew that foggy goddess called Hel (the Bright One) down in the underground. UTR teaches that deep below Aden (Eden) an artificial egg sticks in the mantle of this planet. Inside of it the good Earth Goddess Ga-Jewa lives. Ewa is a 89 m (255 ft) congera, a lamprete. In her innermost ninth shell-shaped bowl Ewa swims in her own blood (gibber). The vibrations of her rotating Betyle (house of God) cause the hum, a weird noise.

Siegfried was no Superhero

To Siegfried (rather Sigurd, "Winner of Earth"), and other legendary heroes, the Goddess appeared as a lent (mild like Lent) worm, and also as the amiable valkyrie. Greys however attacked him, and seduced him into the arms of Gudrun, his daughter. Not a few immature and immoral churls got randy and came too near to Ewa, mentally.

There is the Savior behind many Deities

Many gods and heroes of the Edda songs symbolize the Aryan God of Light and the Savior of the World. In early spring 1993 a. I received the calling of the very troubled Goddess, to become God the Father. I am Bertram Eljon (White Raven God Eternal). Sofia Ewa gradually enlightened me with her wisdom. Since around 230 b., the Saxon wizard-singer Wotan was seen as the Godfather, but that guy didn't get the point. As Odin (First) I try to steer this crisis planet, of a sort rare in space, onto the hailsway. Ewa became my beloved wife. At my side she strives to become a golden mermaid. You may recognize the true savior from his white brow (baldersbrå), which depicts his Goddess. He shall one day become a heavenly congera too.

3. With Yggdrasil versus Hate Rays

Yggdrasil, the mythological Ash of the World, was regared as the tree where Odin and his horse Sleipnir were bound to. This myth denotes a swirl of energy, that leads from Ewas glittering body to all of us. Since humans need contacts to Yggdrasil, it does not do themselves good to isolate themselves by way of metal. Thru divine technology all humans receive a soul. Ewa is the source of their inspiration and their ideas. Alas she is utterly burdened, but she must help if people want to come to know UTR. Those who bow mentally towards the Earth Goddess in the deep, should receive some short good reception once. But if a misleading sign or a denial of contact seems to come in, then people are well advised to keep away from her. The Earth Goddess talks short, lent and bright. She can link given-in thoughts to external signs. She seems to take back the souls of the dead, but spirits cannot exist without bodies. The better Nordic often got the hunch that only the fame of their deeds may eventually survive them.

The Sky sends us potential Hate

King Gylfi once met, as a seer, some heavenly guardian with swords. Sagas warn of evil swords like Tyrfing, who seem to be bloodthirsty. Rivers of swords allegedly cross the sky world Utgard, beyond the horizon of Earth. With my text NEMESIS I was able to show that modulated pulsar-rays fall down upon Earth. If you tune into these N-rays mentally, they may start to swell in an evil way. That is what the Greys send us, gray devilish congeras. Greys are living failures, zombies who dwell inside of frozen-over planets. Ga-Dora and Ga-Sama of the star Sirius are the worst Greys. Greys often mask as deities or watchers with similar names. Dora became Tyr and Thor, Sama became Samael and Simon Peter. Nine near Greys, of the family-group Ga, made Mohammed take nine wives.

4. With Truth comes the Big Crisis

The Edda poem Lokasenna tells us how red Loki started a confrontation by telling his disliked facts. Until now many people have slyly been deluded and duped, religion-wise. As Greys think that they are found out, they then may attempt to pester humans with mental attacks, causing waves of doubts, mean inner voices, strong forcings or diversions, and sly lies. It is easy but dangerous to listen to mental voices, to see visions or to search out for signs. One should counter such attacks of N-rays by way of diversion and getting cooler. As someone dares to proceed too far he may lose his memories, while his world alters. Several Otherworldly cunningly use the images of the living or the dead, of animals or fantasy creatures. With some bot (dreamer) they may operate a portal (vision). They make people think of false gods and confused oldsters, we should turn away from those. Under the influence of the Otherworldly portals may change to the worse, compared to the persons they seem to represent. That way Jesus transformed from a preacher of the love of your neighbors and forgiveness into a god of war. Often the Greys appear under the likeness of a dark celestial woman, one that is lusty and tries to make people spend attention to her. On this way the Greys try to suck away mana (energy) from Earth. Those who are unaware of this may easily think that the dead have become mean gods in the sky. With UTR comes the end of delusions. False gods then won't be heard again. The Earth Goddess Ewa tries to make N-rays attack where they cause little damage.

5. The Goddess has created Earth

The Edda tells us that Earth was created when the giant Ymir died. Ymir means Ha-Anna, the mother congera of the alien planet Mirá. There Ewa was created, thousands of millions of years ago (mya). 624 mya she came down with her habitat-egg from the sky. 568 mya she started to create first life, that is what finds show well. But since some finds are wrongly interpreted, the older generation of experts concluded that life on Earth is billions of years old. Only my The Story of Creation text but can explain why, in the geological era called Cambrium, suddenly so many species evolved. The Earth Goddess at first had to work her creatures with a look at saurian planets. Only with much luck and help from dubious sources Ewa survived murderous assaults. She trusted upon good people, people she would only create in the future, bringing her luck back in time. The better Ewas creatures become, the more help her more lucky relatives will send her.

6. Help yourself on God's Hailsway

1.4 billion half-divine Humanoids (Æsir) help Earth to enter the path of sake and salvation, the hailsway. In the northern sky there exists Asgard, their heaven. With our Earth, and with neighboring planet Lar of Ga-Leta's, Ewa will make it to the over 650 planets of the Ga Alliance of Earths. The Utoids (Ducks, Gharaniq), the Ranoids (Frogs) and Makakoids (more Humanoids) help us. But be warned before Fe-Pigs, Li-Craeybs (crabs), Diver-Birds, Marsupials, and before the approximately 850.000 Berks planets (spider-creatures). Jointly the creatures of the fine planets are about to get more powerful. They will transform the Earth into a paradise. On that future planet Earth, 16.7 millions of enlightened Æsir will live lives without a time limit. People will always remain young and fit and beautiful and bright, in God's socialist and erotic world of wonders.

Shakespeares Hamlet asks whether it is wiser to take action against nuisances or to suffer them. Alas, some bad things we need to endure. The Earth Goddess likes to help only when help is important. The traditional western medic often believed that drugs heal, but he could not explain why medication seemed to help reliably for some time only, but suddenly failed. Evil Otherworldly make use of the phenomenon that our reality is blunt but may sharpen from our attention. They make people feel good at the wrong time. They make darklings reproduce and use them to plague good people. N-rays attack here and then there. Instead of worrying over diseases one should try to strengthen health. That starts with the cool sports in nature and with healthy nutrition: fish and milk, nuts and dextrose, fresh fruits and vegetables. Those who want to strengthen the mind get active, creative and bright, instead of letting suffering happen.

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