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Beljonde: Diversity Sucks!

Titel: Diversity Sucks

Myths and histories about diversity – a free text by Bertram Eljon Holubek, Version 2.0 2021

Diversity freaks claim that it's nice to mix people of different race and quality. The idea silently became a worldwide liberal dogma that hardly can be challenged. But just like for instance that old Christian geocentric model, it is obviously faulty. For dorks diversity seems to be solid ground, on which they can build a new world of the future. In reality diversity is like a swamp, with alien things lurking in the lair.

A mysterious Scene of Frank's Casket

If you can spare the time, then take a look at this casket. It shows a weird scene from Viking mythology, with a cryptic message written in Anglo-Saxon runes, including some special unique glyphs. So who dares to try and interpret this scene? As we study the texts of the experts, we find that they judge that the animal at the centre is a sad horse! A horse called Hos is also allegedly mentioned in the text, and the person in front of it seems to be Erta. Is this our Earth Goddess?

Chapter Ten: Of the earliest Migrations and Invasions

The Romans also must have come to Britain to upgrade their too dark genes. Ancient Rome was rather far away from God's guidance, and in the absence of good belief superstitions tend to rule. Today the racial push into the better lands and also try to install their lesser cultures in the West. It's damn easy but treacherous to exploit darklings, who are more under control of hostile aliens.

1. Why the Romans really invaded Britain

The complicated Roman law was among the cultural achievements that the Romans introduced into Britain. But that law favoured the oligarchs. And the basic problem was that bad judges can't judge well even under the rule of good laws. Caesar and other high-ranking officials of Rome had the power to judge in all cases that were taken to court. One story related by Sueton (39) reports about the justice of the goofy emperor Claudius. When he was sitting in his chair to judge, once a man told him about a scary dream. He dreamed that his opponent at court had killed the emperor! Claudius took no risks, and swiftly the alleged offender was taken to his execution. That was not the only such case. At that time the superstitious Romans used to much believe in dreams, or into the behaviour of birds, the auspices. But most of them were of rather little wisdom and honesty. Claudius was at times so infatuated that he forgot that he had sentences people to death the next day. Then he would ask why those people didn't come to dine or play board games. That may be a consequence if guys drink excessively. But booze was what Dionysus recommended, the most popular god of ancient Rome, another cultural import from Minor Asia. His cult would infatuate women to the point of raving madness. Also the historical Cybele had apparently been one such case. Diodor reported a legend about a woman from Minor Asia with that name, who had become a living replacement of the Magna Mater of Pessinus. Since the goddess Cybele was seen as a big woman, who but in truth didn't exist, the magic that this faith raised occasionally took a grip on a mortal woman. Such a woman would eventually be seen as an incarnation of the goddess. But the typical problem of heathen cults was that they would be meaner and more bizarre east of Europe.

Did you know why Claudius really decided to conquer Britain? This is what Sueton wrote (17):

»Claudius had only waged one war, that also had been really unimportant. The senate had granted him the insignia of triumph. But in his view, these honours seemed to not match well with his noble majesty. He therefore strived to win the honours of a real triumph, and for to reach this objective he mainly chose Britain... Due to not handing over turncoats, it also just was having tensions with Rome...«

So really, the fate of some refugees in Britain made the Romans invade the island. Already the first emperor Julius Caesar had attacked Britain since the British had supported Gaulish priests and freedom fighters in their resistance against Rome. At that time the Druids had been leading the spiritual culture of both Britain and Gaul. The centre of their cult apparently was the island of Mona, today Anglesey. We may imagine that many of these were of the dark and superstitious Celtic type. They believed much in witchcraft, but the magic failed them when the Romans later conquered that island. Only with the fall of their last resort, the Druids were really vanquished.

2. The Story of the lost British Pearls

However, another main reason why Caesar had invaded Britain allegedly was, that he was trying to win pearls! Sueton (50) reported that the common opinion was that Caesar was very sensuous. Therefore he was squandering much of the money he didn't really own for his desires. Allegedly he seduced many "noble women" who were married to leading Roman politicians. These women surely often were of the puny Roman type. Well, ugly bald Caesar was not only a frantic seducer, but he thought of his career too! The strangest story of him and the noble women of Rome is that:

»But before all others he loved the mother of Marcus Brutus, Servilia. He bought for her during his first time as a consul, a set of pearls for the price of six million sesterces.«

Since spendthrift Caesar always was deep in financial troubles, he desperately waged war in Gaul for his profit. But later it was Marcus Brutus, his adopted son, who stabbed him to death with the other conspirators. A soothsayer had warned him, but Caesar couldn't change his destiny. For the superstitious Romans that was again a confirmation of their belief, that all history was a fixed theatre show, in which they often played the rogues' roles. They eventually believed that the gods, especially Bacchus, would grant them more freedom. Well, Caesar was tough and smart, he only drank a little wine. But it was the wine then that vanquished the Roman empire, like many others.

Wow! This image of modern ear stickers with black pearls can give an impression why some guys pay high sums for pearl jewellery. You can buy such artefacts at the price of some hundred £. Apparently the black or blue pearls are higher valued than the usual white ones. The masters of haute joaillerie (odd Jewry) buy them on Tahiti or other islands of the South Sea. But exotic pearls are cheaper in Japan or Hongkong. So is this maybe a charming alternative to an investment into coins?

Such talk was definitely interesting already in the times of the old Romans. In the thick book of Strabo we read that the British of the times of Caesar, Augustus and Tiberius didn't pay tributes to Rome. But they instead paid Roman taxes on their export goods. They exported grain, cattle, gold, silver and iron, and also hides, slaves and hounds. Strabo forgot to mention tin, that made Tintagel become enormously rich, and laid the foundation of king Arthur's fantasy realm. British imports from that period of time were mostly precious little things, like ivory ornaments of horse bridles, necklaces, also ware from red amber and glass. Just like the Gaulish, the ancient British too apparently liked to wear jewellery and ornaments. Also pearls came in from the British isles. But these were described as being blue or brown. The Romans found that these were of minor quality and value only. They then speculated that the British didn't know yet how to produce the really pearly white pearls, since they were treating the pearl-giving mussels incorrectly. So that's the reason why such pearls come from Tahiti today, while blue British pearls got lost in history.

It's relatively easy now to imagine what the goddess may think of this. Ewa Sofia of course takes an interest into jewellery too. But from the point of view of the UTR, pearls also have a spiritual message. The pearl inside of the seashell symbolizes the congera in the grail. For that reason also the Græco-Roman goddess of love and beauty, Venus or Aphrodite, appeared in a seashell. But while the white pearl nicely symbolizes the rather beautiful pale-white congera goddess, a blue to gray or even black pearl may symbolize one of the rotten gray congeras, a Grey. I find pearls like the ones shown above nice and attractive. But the chances are that these may lose their charms in the future, since the views of the true religion of the goddess become widespread and inescapable.

From the point of view of the UTR, the British slaves were of much higher value than any other export articles. Caesar also used to buy cute boys for high sums. But all the riches of the later emperor could not improve the quality of his love Servilia nor her son Brutus.

3. Multicultural Education in Nazi-Deutschland

This text is mainly dedicated to myths and history of diversity. But it's a hot topic in Deutschland today Right now I retrieved an offensive sticker on my street saying "Alpakas versus Nazis". The meaning was illustrated by the black silhouette of a kind of lama that spat on a smashed swastika. That tendency is typical not only for radical leftwingers. Right now, latter-day commies from the radical splinter party DKP and other socialists and leftists also spread posters saying "no racism" in Cologne. They find a few gullible supporters mostly among Catholics and immigrants. For the very radical groups, nearly everybody is a potential Nazi who is not strictly on their political side. One of their main political slogans also used to be "refugees welcome". With a flood of stickers they also leave no doubt that they favour political street violence, including deadly attacks against guys on the ground. Defamation, lies, terrorism and cruelty are traditional means of leftists to try and get to power. Remember that young Mussolini was a socialist too, before he became a fascist. Such guys have a tradition to not respect the opinions of dissenters, nor do they respect borders.

Chancellor Ms. Merkel and her left wing of the Christian Democrats battle right now against the Corona viruses, with a near-permanent lockdown. Ms. Merkel's health sheriff, Karl Lauterbach of the Social Democrats, even menaced to introduce "a shutdown". But while the stewards of the public order office try to enforce this health dictatorship, people eventually spit at them. Here in Deutschland many oldsters at the tops are still rather left-winged and multicultural, and most media people too are not ready to allow any kind of right-winged opposition. Since these often viciously defame any oppositional people as Nazis, they fail as democrats and religiously too. It is significant that the mock name of health minister Jens "Spahn-Ferkel" denotes a roasted pig.

In Cologne relatively many foreigners dwell. The worse of these concentrate in some ill reputed city quarters. Many come from lands where lawlessness, violence and self-justice are much more accepted and widespread, while democracy and public order hardly function. Such aliens come to us under the most cynical pretexts, to find a better life. But they bring their evil spirits with them. And just like Corona № 19, that is an unstoppable flu-like disease, alien evil spirits are infectious.

Diversity prone is for instance a magazine of some Deutsche TV actors guild called ›Caxstmag‹ (1/21). The original title of this is ›Castmag‹, but they write it with an inverse extra X, reminding of the vulgar word kackst (you shit). So this is toilet lecture. They claim that diversity is making progress in Deutschland, and demand more roles for racial people. They call them pocs (people of colour), that sounds as mean as pocks. They then ask their readers to make this experiment:

Close your eyes and think of a woman!

So did you think of a good looking young white woman? They assume that you did, and say that this is bad. Easily they may take you for a Nazi then, and ask you to reeducate your mind. They like to speak cynical, confusing and cryptic Deutsch with many English terms, called Denglish. They explain, with a look back to Hollywood, that Anna May Wong only got "stereotype roles" of Chinese women. Why didn't they cast her to play Queen Elizabeth instead? That would be well done in an absurd comedy only. There are no "normal" roles for exotic Mongos. Maybe diversity freaks and "pocs" try to introduce a media dictatorship, to force the Whites to stage more funny nonsense, played by a mix of uglies, Coloureds and freaks. That's typical socialist nonchalance.

4. The Sex Mob of Cologne

Here in Cologne, a group of leftists, artists and diversity freaks was called "Arsch hu" (ass up). Lately a leading Arsch-hu guy, the comedian Jürgen Becker, moved to Neukölln, a most diverse city quarter of Berlin, home of Arab gangster clans. From there Jürgen wrote this about Cologne.

The bad reputation of hell. The British bombed the city until all ceased to function. Then they helped us to build up an administration so that this may continue. Some disastrous errors of the administration show that they are "the assholes of the public order office".

That sounds just like the unstoppable bad talk of an old drunkard and leftist, who found that lately the public order office in Cologne had become overly strict. But it should much worry us that this text was published on the website of the federal bureau of political education (Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung). As it seems these guys really suffer from a diversity-related brain shutdown.

Diversity freaks and leftists claim that "diversity creates creativity" (Nina Kronjäger). But in truth bad strangers easily estrange us from good political culture, fine arts and classy entertainment. With ugly strangers of lesser quality also their evil spirits win power in the lands of the west. Instead we would need a divine culture, for our best evolved people.

In his obscene harangue, Mr. Becker especially mentioned the so-called sex mob of Cologne. It happened in the aftermath of the catastrophic deluge of refugees of 9/4 2015. At New Year's Eve, young Muslims and Africans had gathered at the Cologne central station. They then assaulted and sexually molested hundreds of women. The few police officers at the location were not prepared for such terror of the strangers. But the politicians could have known that many of those Arabs of 9/4 had come to Deutschland with the objectives of radical Islam in their minds. In their home countries women are well advised to never go out without male relatives and without long coats. Most or all Muslims find it offensive to see women without a foulard or even in shameless attire. They then think that the western women are sluts and thus ask to be molested. While the western laws and legal authorities treat such perpetrators mildly, in comparison to the often strict laws of Islamic states, they then think that their god Allah is forgiving such deeds, like it always reads in the Koran. So who could teach them that the real god is seeing things much differently from what the Koran says? Of course you can't get the culture and the rules of Islam out of these dark heads. The more of these people migrate into our lands, the more of their rules will enter our culture too. And diversity says that it's good that way, since the culture of Islam enriches our western culture. But from the point of view of the UTR, it's bad if our women thus lose the right to go out alone. And recent stickers of feminists also demand that the women should fight to win back the nights. Most recently the 2021 candidate of the CDU, Armin Laschet, has excused again for the sex mob of Cologne. Religious authorities demand and favour the welcome of (often false) refugees. Mr. Laschet probably feared that some of the CDU voters will not approve this. Let's hope he is right.

5. A typical Sex Mob in Roman Britain

Roughly 1950 years ago, the island of Mona had been a last British asylum for refugees. That was according to Tacitus (14:29) one main reason why the Roman commander Paulinus (a name that might be interpreted as Little Hobbit) had conquered that island. The religious authorities used to offer human sacrifices there to their gods. That seemed helpful to prophesy. But their bad deities failed to help the moment the Romans came in. The Romans drove many into the fires of their own torches. Torching captives was a fashionable cruelty in Rome of that time, for Nero the god.

In Rome of that era it was advisable for any rich people to appoint Nero as a heir. The emperor was enormously spendthrift and lately had become a murderous thief. Also the British chieftain Prasugatus, a king of the Iceni who was famous for his riches, tried this method. Nevertheless the Roman legionaries and their slaves plundered his home, mistreated his wife Boudicca and raped his daughters. That was just what the Roman soldiers would often do; as if Mars, the god of war, was pushing them to. The Romans often recruited men of very different nationality and mentality for their legions, treating them harshly. This diversity was meant to hinder rebellions, but one consequence was that diverse Roman soldiers misbehaved by the same greedy ways. Mr. Little Hobbit maybe had not the charisma to stop these atrocities. While the Romans cared too little for their own laws and promises, the Iceni, the Trinobantes (false Trojans) and others took up their weapons again. They especially got angry on the Roman veterans of the colony of Camulodunum (Colchester), the city that had been the former capital of king Cymbeline. There the ex-soldiers used to tyrannize the British for years. But the uprising of Boudicca ended that misery at least for a while. The British treacherously and cruelly killed about 70.000 Romans.

Of Boudicca Cassius Dio left us a striking description. A Ben Johnson translated it as follows:

»She was very tall, the glance of her eye most fierce; her voice harsh. A great mass of the reddest hair fell down to her hips. Her appearance was terrifying.«

In Greek though, the word that Cassius Dio (62:2) used was ξανθοτάτην, a word that means most golden to auburn. It's a typical racial prejudice when people deem, that belligerent people should have reddish hair. We may imagine that also the daughters of Boudicca were of excellent height and beauty. They bravely accompanied her mother into war. But that ended in a terrible massacre, since the British were neither well trained nor well guided by intuition. If Boudicca had possessed more of the magic of the Earth Goddess, even her voice would have been softer, and her wisdom would have been more fitting to a woman. But at that time the goddess couldn't help the British in the needed way. Often the reason for this was that we had to share bad destiny with planet Lar.

Boudicca was also very well and richly dressed. She was wearing a thick golden chain around her neck, her dress was colourful, and a fibula held her thick coat. She wielded a terrible lance...

Isn't it a pity that so many good-looking noble and well evolved British had to die, when the cruel and greedy Romans invaded their island? The gods were to blame too, and the false racial lore of the Romans. The Romans saw themselves as those destined to rule the world (Sueton, Augustus 40), and their awful gods seemed to agree. Augustus put "the strongest effort" into his legislation to keep the ancient Roman blood pure. He also especially kindled dark Oriental children. Couldn't someone tell those Roman emperors that they were bringing down and destroying the best races of the world with their mean, greedy politics? In the absence of true religion, that is even today a most difficult task.

A few years after Boudicca, in the time of Vitellius the red emperor, yet another uprising rocked the Roman world. This time the Germanic Batavians and others fought the depraved Romans and their lecherous legionaries. They were much better organized and fought with more luck than the British. When the rebels reached Cologne, it was still a place of the Germanic Ubians, according to Tacitus (Histories 4:63). The "few strangers" who had lived in Cologne had already died or left in a hurry. Colonists had earlier settled down in town, and mixed with the Ubians. The Germanic from both sides of the river Rhine now agreed that they were all brothers in blood. The Germanic rebels appealed to the citizens to turn back to the lifestyle and the traditions of the Germanic. But that question depended on the will of the gods again. While they all famed the Germanic god of war, it soon became clear that their rebellion was not meant to succeed. That was what the Earth Goddess was telling them, with the help of the famous seeress Veleda. Men fall fast in wars, and their names and tales of fame vanish in the mist of early history. But the Goddess is eternal. Ewa had the time to wait for the best moment to let her Germanic terminate the bad Roman empire.

On the island of the Batavians, a mysterious goddess had had a holy grove. There she was called Nehallennia. That nebulous name reminds of the most beautiful Helen of the Iliad, but also of the much later Nordic myth of Niflhel. According to the Edda, Niflhel was the deepest underworld, a foggy and eerie place. According to the UTR just there the Earth Goddess lives, in the ninths and innermost sphere of her Betyle. Her throne name will be Helénə. But when she will incarnate in human flesh and blood, the "coming race" will already write with my runes. I envision her clearly before me, in a future where she will be far mightier than today, due to the help of so many good angels. But already in the times of Vitellius, the goddess was able to save the rebellious Batavians (today: Flemish) from the bad fate of the rebellious Iceni. Her powers centre at the lower Rhine.

Divide et impera – divide and rule. That had been the key Roman law of diversity. They parted peoples into friends and foes of the Romans, to hinder them from rebellions. The same strategy use leftists and rogues of diverse nations today, to win worldwide power.

6. In Search of the Queen and the Bohemian

Thunderbolt and lightning, very very fright'ning me – Gallileo! Figaro magnifico.

That strange text comes from ›Bohemian Rhapsody‹, a classical rock ballad of the group Queen. Arguably that group of Freddy Mercury was the greatest British rock group of all time. But no, The Who was maybe greater. And what about Pink Floyd? Anyway, the above text must have remained a mystery for many fans and listeners for all their lives. It's about a man who has killed another man, and now is in trouble deep. With his mind he searches for any kind of religious or mental support. So who can he pray to? He falls into Italian gibberish, singing Mamma mia all of the time. The Mother here is the Queen too, a mix of a real mother and a foggy merciful goddess. So much for his soft and emotional mind, that springs from the right hemisphere of his brain. But with the other side of his brain, with his rational mind, he searches for the saviour. He used to be a Christian of course. And to mentally poor guys like him, they told that the name he should turn to was Jesus, and that he had been a poor man from Galilay, some obscure land Far Far Away. So will the man from Galilee understand and forgive? He cries Bismillah (Thanks to God), so indeed God seems to have mercy with him. That song is truly a multicultural and multi-religious work. But isn't it a shame that people have so foggy ideas about God only? Scaramouche the boy calls him, the clown; or Figaro, the wig maker and coiffeur. And it was only due to his magical name, that sounded so Christian, that the Italian Galileo Galilei became such a darling rebel of science. But that astronomer wasn't the real man that Freddy, anxious for some other reasons, was turning to. The name ›Bohemian Rhapsody‹ but says that in some way the real saviour would be a Czech. A special problem of Freddy Mercury was that his name linked to the saviour of our sister world Lar. The saviour over yonder is a Welshman called Fred Willms, who needs our sympathy too.

The UTR makes an end now to the era when Italian prattle sounded so mysterious and holy to the ears of the world. With the coming of the real saviour, the mysteries of Rome lost much of their magical charms. The popery doesn't save. Only the real saviour knows how to save his earth from bad destiny and to make it become paradisical. The problem is, that we have too many poor boys who may commit bad deeds fast, because they are emotionally weak and intellectually misled. Evil spirits make them act before they know what they are doing. Evil spirits also slyly manoeuvre them into the sticky traps of joyful life. The way of the true saviour is meant to help people to gain better control over their minds and bodies. A stronger God gives more help and better wards off any evil attacks.

7. Far from God's Guidance bad Religion rules

Back once again in ancient Rome, we find that already these guys must have had big problems with the bad deeds, and the bad feelings that they commonly leave behind. People who are rather near to the real goddess may find that they are often emotionally better guided. But the old-time Romans were Southerners by their race, which means that they were rather far away from the real goddess underneath. They had the weaker minds of darklings only, and that is what made them so superstitious. Thunderstorms were frequent in ancient Rome, and when a lightning only struck a big temple, the anxious Romans would already find it advisable to bring offerings of penitence. In ancient Etruria (today: Tuscany), those darklings would even think that the sky was sending them signs with the help of lightnings. The art of soothsaying with lightnings was called brontoscopia. In Rome they lately learned to better discontinue the murky rites of the Etruscans. Only the goofy emperor Claudius the god was one last fan of that culture, and wrote several (lost) books about it. Meanwhile most of the ancient Greeks and Romans had come to a rather agnostic or atheist lore. With the dawning era of Christianity, once again all the false heathen gods seemed to disappear.

Still today, Græco-Roman classical education and literature is highly valued by scholars and teachers. Indeed the writings of all those authors of the Age of Antiquity seem wise and intellectual, while the few news that we find of the culture of the Celts or Germanic mostly sound barbaric. But if you really read all those old-time texts, you are surprised how often the Greeks cite Homer for anything. The Iliad and the Odyssey were the Bible of the Græco-Roman heathens, their first source of tales of wisdom and courage. Also much of the other stuff that they valued highly tells of the foggy Mycenaean age or deals with unclear legends and fairy tales. So many false gods appear in these confused tales. It's in some way clever fustian from the sky, that still darkens and soils the image of the goddess of this planet. By this way the Earth Goddess gradually lost power to the Greys.

While the Earth Goddess didn't have much luck and powers, and still especially had to help on Lar, especially the Celtic religion suffered and lost quality. So often the Earth Goddess helped with another false god or a bizarre cult. Her objective was to hinder mighty Greys from installing mean cults on this planet. One example was the Muse, the primary source of inspiration Homer and Hesiod dedicated their works to. In reality this name links to the half-dead Grey Ga-Musa.

Sing me, oh Muse, of the wrath of the Peleïad Achilles!

That is the famous first line of Homer's poem Iliad. It tells the story of the legendary Trojan war. The mighty leaders of the war bands of the Greeks are in bitter dispute, as it was always typical for the culturally rather diverse Greeks. Achilles and Agamemnon have a quarrel over slave girls they took captive in the war. So what do the gods say to such heroism? They are in bitter dispute too, sang Homer! For very personal reasons, the gods took sides in the Trojan war, favouring this or that hero. We might imagine them like spectators in a Roman gladiator arena. While the Iliad is definitely a great work of art. it is also badly misleading it's readers when it comes to religion.

In ancient times, the Greys had helped to build and participated in so many cults, even in rather nice ones. They sucked lifeforce from it. Berk-OS helped them to split humanity into such a lot of diverse cultures. The more bizarre regional and sectarian cults and cultures the sky created, the less God was able to rule them all. Christianity then was the way on which God replaced all the heathen religions – with one even worse one. The Greys saw this as a way to lead this earth onto the path of doom. The Earth Goddess had to hope for the last minute help of her saviour.

8. Of the Culture of Easy Calculation

Oh, I need your love, babe; guess you know it's true;
I ain't got nothing but love, babe; eight days a week.

These are some of the eternal lyrics of the song ›Eight Days a Week‹, by the Beatles of course. That is rather plain poetry, but regarding the hysterically shrieking crowds of babes who reacted to it, the song did it's purpose. Remember that already one of the sins of the ancient British was, that they lived in group marriages. By that way most women would get pregnant sooner or later. As a consequence the entire island was densely populated, let's assume it was overpopulated. The slaves, the poor and the lower classes suffered, and no revolution could bring in more food for them. That was one of the typical weaknesses of Britain before the Romans came. Strangely enough, with the help of these rogues the goddess secretly introduced a more decent culture of marriage. The Cräybs and Greys had cleverly allowed this cultural upgrade. Especially the devil and saviour Rufus liked our Roman culture, and wanted it to win the upper hand on this earth.

Remember the days when the British used to count with six fingers, so to say? Three feet or 36 inches were a yard then and six feet gave a fathom. Still today such units add to the cultural diversity. But the introduction of decimal units in Britain was a helpful progress.

Still today, the English culture has strong links to the Germanic and (here so-called) Teutonic languages. The Germanic Anglo-Saxons had ruled the island for six hundred years. Still today the more nobler and high-brow Englishmen use the Germanic or Teutonic words rather than Romanic or Celtic words. For instance, they say swine (Deutsch: Schwein) instead of pig. That is a sign too of the steadily growing influence of the Deutsche culture in the upcoming age of salvation, an era that will last a planned time of 28 billion years. Diversity freaks find it cool if people, for instance in Israel, speak a confusing babble of many mother languages. But always the wise and educated people found that it's better if they choose one language for communication. In modern times the language of choice of the academic community is English of course. But truly, in comparison to even Latin, English is less good, due to the fact that many words are rather incorrectly spelled and spoken. Another problem is that the Latin letters can't cover well the sounds specific for English. For instance, there is no Þ for the "th". The 33 Anglo-Saxon runes much better covered English.

Remember that for instance the home town of the British poet Robert Mannyng de Brunne was called Brunne, reminding of the Deutsche word for well (Brunnen). They later changed this into Bourne, reminding of another Deutsche word for well (Born). At some time England could have taken over the Deutsche language. But that did not accord to God's will, who didn't want such a Greater Germania. The rules of the Berk-OS proscribe that the six major lands around the central land of the first continent should each build specific languages and cultures. It is typical therefore that creating goddesses link the cultures of these six peer realms to those of neighbouring living planets. Here on earth it was strongly necessary to link the British culture to the leading culture of Lar. That was the reason why, for instance, the old Welsh calendar had eight days a week. For the same reason the old British ways of counting were so bizarre. They calculated from a basis of six instead of the decimal system. Until most recently for instance a shilling was worth twelve pence. The UTR explains this with the fact that the humanoids of Lar have six fingers on each hand. The six-fingered hand is also common among other humanoids. Only a few planets of the Alliance of Earths also equipped their people with "only" five fingers. The Feken but and other aliens of bad quality have typically four or three fingers, only a few have five. From our local point of view it's good that Britain introduced the decimal and metric units, but Lar may see this matter differently.

9. Of the Holy Ei of Delphi

The Romans thoroughly plundered Gaul as well as Britain as soon as they conquered these lands. Much of the gold that they robbed and pressed from the Celts went into their temples, sooner or later. In Gaul they had even fished the big treasures of ages past out of holy lakes. The Celts who had invaded and plundered holy Delphi under a Bran had stored them there, for the glory of their gods. In his mystery text about ›The "Ei" of Delphi‹, the great philosopher and theologist Plutarch reported that Livia Augusta, the Roman empress-mother, had donated to Delphi an egg of god. More such eggs were already present at that holy site. One was of wood, a present of the Seven Sages. Of these allegedly only five had been sages, while two had been oligarchs who liked to be famed as sages too. So what did the god of Delphi say to this, the god of the light of the truth, who always seemed to provide so many good answers just at that oracle site? The Earth Goddess, the only deity of old Delphi, effectively hid her secrets behind religious and philosophical riddles. She lives in an artificial egg with enormous dimensions. The Deutsche word for egg is Ei. But the same word, spoken "Aye", is also a word of joyful greeting and surprise. Plutarch couldn't know that in the future, a Germanic or Teutonic language would be the mother language of the true god of light. But already some words from this language formed the culture of ancient Greece. That is typical for Delphi, since the dolphin (Deutsch: Delphin). links to the helpful Delphinoids, These are some of the rare good and strong good aliens in space who own and populate an entire galaxy.

Drinking well watered wine, the fellows and neighbours of Plutarch were more ready than others to freely discuss and philosophize. One popular question that they discussed was: "Who was there first, the hen or the egg?" The answer is easy if you think logically. The egg was first of course, if you are ready to accept the lore that the Earth Goddess, who lives in an egg, created this world. In Delphi people always were closer to that answer than at other places. Therefore they also placed there more than one omphalos. That was a holy navel of the world, an egg made of stone. On the festive days they would adorn the navels with flower garlands, symbolizing the power of nature.

Diversity? Already the Græco-Roman pagans had lots of most diverse cults. In the big books of Diodor and Ovid we find so many different versions of popular myths and sagas. Changed by oral tradition, tales would wander from one harbour town to the next, and all the priests would remember and study them in their specific form. Surely that was one reason why the Druids and the other priests of the Celtic refrained from writing up the material about their religion. Another reason was that their cults and tales were so crude and unreal. While the racially lesser people of the Mediterranean didn't care much if their myths sounded correct, many of the Celts must have been ashamed that their gods seemed to be so cruel and elusive, terrible and unreliable. In his symposial texts, Plutarch also philosophised about the hen and the egg. Only by the way he reminded his readers, that the mysterious lore of Orpheus had it that the egg had been there first, before the creation of the world. Plutarch then refrained from referring the rest of this odd and very old lore [Moralia 636D]. But he also mentioned briefly that Pythagoras had developed a similar lore. And then there was the strange talk of the Tyndarian egg, that allegedly had fallen from the sky down to Earth. All these diverse and mysterious lores were indeed leading to the same great truth. But those philosophers were unable to get to this truth, obfuscated by God.

Already with the Greek expansion to Massilia also their philosophical culture came into Western Europe. When the wine god seemed to liberate their tongues, they discussed a plethora of interesting and obfuscating ideas. But such a diversity of ideas, sprung from the minds of wine-happy seniors, was not what the real God favours and values. Only evolved young guys, of good race and origin, can make an end to the foolery of demons.
Only a fit and cool lifestyle enables people to free their minds from the devilish forcings.

In the early age of Greek philosophy, already so many finds of science were made. Many experts and writers realized that this Earth is a ball, and they were able to correctly calculate it's size. But then came the era of the religion of the crazy god of the Bedlam. Jesus made all the world forget about the holy egg of Delphi. Subsequently much of the wisdom of the Age of Antiquity got lost. So who was to blame? In one spectacular early scene, Jesus and his wild bunch chased a flock of pigs into that lake in Galilee. Jesus had come to the notion that these pigs were possessed by evil spirits. There's something to it, thinking of the Feken. Indeed when Feken congeras good or evil interfere into our affairs, they often have to cling to pigs as anchors. Nevertheless, right now pork is a recommendable food for many people of this world. That is what the Christians realized too.

Religion is a pivotal tool, when it comes to correctly understanding the world and dealing correctly with God. Only if you realize that this world is very important for the creator God living in the midst of creation, God can give you the fervour and the ideas how to save it.

10. It's damn easy but treacherous to exploit Darklings

Let me not talk a lot about the murky Latino-Americanos. Saving the Earth is not what today's Brazilians know how to do best. In their hunger for land they just burned down large parts of the precious tropical rain forest. It took God many millions of years to let trees grow in most diverse ways. But Latinos are everywhere the same, and like a disaster they ruin these lands in very short time. They used to be Catholics, but as some lately became Evangelicals or careless atheists, that even made them get worse. That is a problem of the race and region, not one of religion alone. In fact God made some people of the most troublesome regions of this world become Catholics, for instance the Filipinos. That allowed to deal with them in some way, until they can be terminated.

The main idea of diversity freaks is that alien cultures enrich our European cultures, as they are transferred to our lands. Regarding Latinos they think of Salsa music and Cuban restaurants, of Desperado beer and Colombian cocaine. They dare not think of the big deficits and faults of for instance the Brazilian culture. In recent decades the population there multiplied, and so did the number of people murdered in the townships of the racial and poor. Instead of cultural diversity many such people develop in the same way: They form gangs, use drugs, commit crimes and hate cops. Recently diversity freaks welcomed cultural initiatives to better up townships in Rio de Janeiro. In the clubs of these favelas in 2016 a new style came up, meant to spice up to sex especially those many too many infantile racial teenagers. Police only dares in combat units to enter some of these favelas. They risk their lives every day. Drug gangs rule these townships in the way of bad revolutionaries. If they dislike people some eventually torch them in public. Such most cruel deeds are reminding of the culture of the ancient Romans under emperor Nero. We have come a far way from the culture of decadent Rome. But the cruel devils who make people do such horrible acts are still the same they ever were, and only lately became more hateful. In Deutschland and elsewhere in Europe, especially older leftists welcome such cultures despite of all their shortcomings. For radicals, everyone who opposes them is a Nazi, especially if he has a pro-Deutsche tendency. That but means that they try to build up a kind of red front against a people that has to be the one and only chosen people of this planet. Greed and intoxication are the levers that the Greys use to deform the minds of such people. Some Jews play key roles in this plan to push aside and let degenerate the best Whites of Europe, with the help of diversity.

Let me also not make a lot of more words about racial Indians. These are commonly less insane and roguish than the leftists and diversity freaks of the world organisations and their partisans in the mass media. European people would be poorer without the assiduous work of many Indians, who work for very little money under tiring and precarious conditions. Western entrepreneurs and liberals often point out that these people want to work as hard as ants. It's not only because they fear to die of hunger, but it's because evil spirits drive them. Some entrepreneurs call India their liberal paradise, since they there let minors work for many hours without legal problems. When such Indians then migrate to Britain, eventually as illegals without rights living in ethnic ghettoes, they are welcomed by the same liberals, who let them work in factories or collect mussels. Surely such guys are building Britain! But that is a modern way back into the racial slavery of ages past. The overseen problem is that such strangers eventually become influential, and even rule Britain!

It's damn easy to exploit racial people in their home countries, or as they push into better western lands. Modern ruthless liberal competition makes such exploitation sometimes a necessity. Many diversity liberals do this, and if you don't agree then you can't compete. But people who rely on such de-facto slaves are like those who make pacts with devils. Evil aliens, who interfere into our world, use the racials for sadistic and destructive plans. Then Jamaican Negroes who used to grow dope in peace, suddenly set fire to entire city quarters of London – as if the same spirit that was guiding Hitler was now guiding them.

11. The Problem of the evil Strength of Mars

Julius Caesar war a rather ugly darkling. That is why he tried so hard to become popular in Rome as a spendthrift oligarch. Indeed he became famous when he amused the masses there with fights of gladiators and even warships, and with donations to all citizens and legionaries. By much the same way he must have regarded the gods of Rome. He heeded plans to build a gigantic temple for Mars, the god of war. The British were also supposed to pay him tribute for such enterprises. But of course it also played a role that Mars was believed to be a cruel god of war, who wanted to see people fight and die in war. That was one main reason why ancient Rome was so belligerent. Little known is today that Camulodunum (Colchester), thence the capital of the kings of Britain, was the city of a Camulos, a Celtic god of war. We may imagine him as a guy not unlike Caesar, a warlord who became so liked that he was deified. There were many gods of war in the old days, who seemed to demand and relish wars and cruelty. Indeed that best reflects the nature of the real Greys in outer space. These devils are so much in pains and so mad, they are so hateful and cruel! But as they eventually interfere into our wars and affairs, they may unfold their terrible strength.

Evil seemed to be so strong in the Age of Antiquity. Even the good gods were regarded as cruel and evil too. Often discussed was always the story of Apollon and Marsyas, tortured to death by the god of light in an abominable way. Plutarch, that former priest of Delphi, repeatedly arrived at the point where he was discussing this issue of morality. In his younger years he maybe had thought, that the problem was that Marsyas had just been a guy from the wrong, the Asian side of the Aegean sea. That flute player seemed to represent the darker aspects of life. Indeed flute playing was sometimes regarded as the art of tragic scenes, while the harp (more precisely, the cither) of Apollon was associated with finer joyful arts. Lately in his life, Plutarch though realized how much he had been wrong before with his religion. His main god Apollon suddenly ceases to exist. Instead demons seemed to be present, when the priests carried out their rites of offering. So should they now revere demons instead of the false gods? It never occurred to the heathen Plutarch that gods existed, but as entities who were not like Apollon had been, but all different.

The British failed to pay the tribute to Rome that they had promised to Caesar. However, in later ages they paid the Saint Peter's penny, hefty sums for the building of the gigantic temple of the popery in Rome. Several popes were eventually regarded as saints. Lately the Pole John Paul-2 only narrowly escaped from becoming deified fast by the Catholics. The miracles needed for such a sanctification had allegedly already happened. But with the new age of the UTR, the belief into the false gods and saints went away from many Christians, just like false belief had left Plutarch.

Greek philosophy used to sort all species into five categories: Gods, demons, heroes, humans and animals. People often used to believe that their gods were superheroes with superpowers. But truly Apollon, Camulos, Caesar or Jesus were only false saviour deities, heroes and villains. The real gods, those super-sized white congeras with their highly sophisticated machines. were only shadowy and unconsciously known to mortals. Only with the help of the saviour, humans are for the first time able to realize that they have a goddess and good angels, but demons too.

The legend of how Apollon skinned Marsyas is a most terrible fragment from the ruins of ancient heathendom. That false god of light had become a savage foe of Gaia, the Earth Goddess, who would not recognize him. Subsequently that Celt sank deep into moral depravation. But if we interpret him as a portal, a mask of the shadowy known goddess, then we may take skinned Marsyas as the equivalent of a shadowy known Grey. Indeed this is what the good gods must do: They skin the devilish Greys, to stop their atrocities. Since the Greys win power with darklings and racials, the gods also try to abolish these.

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