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Beljonde Titel
Arminius Marke
A Goddess is introduced Revealing the one and only Earth Goddess.
The Nordic Hailsway A short Nordic Introduction into God's Universal Truth Religion
The Three Light Gods of the Germanic and Celts were all that the Bright Nordic needed
Title: A New Way to Wisdom
The very short Short Version

A new common Introduction into the Universal Truth Religion (UTR) / V.21 / 2018 a.

In 2018 the UTR grew 25 years old. Secretly it became much better than any old-time religion. In many old books bad stuff can be found. It is feeble material, unstable like all our reality. The UTR is oriented at facts. I teach things who are modern and must be correct. I was asked in year 1993 a. to become the savior, husband and advocate of the Earth Goddess. The good Ga-Jewa who created the Earth reveals all the secrets of the universe, only to me and by and by. The lore of the UTR is not in all parts based on evidence, but with the years scientific finds supported many teachings. The UTR sadly is only suitable for the young and well developed enlightened Children of Light, Nordic-Aryan whites. It's because Greys, cosmic she-devils, dull the minds of the people with N-rays. Greys direct us into disaster. Only with the help of God people get strong enough to take a stand. God can well guide Europids (aka Caucasians) near to the main line, those with good development perspectives. But even these right now cannot get far with their development.

This Earth has a Goddess, the white congera (Lentworm, super-lamprete) Sofia Ewa. She lives in the House of God (Betyle) right below of Eden (Aden), inside of her world that she created with much effort. Her Nordic names are Sif Ewar Hel, I am her Odin. The common sense of all humankind unites to form the Holy Spirit. Thousands of half-way free to paradisaical earths of Humanoids, Ducks, Frogs and others, are »angels« helping God with development. As the carrier people of the Realm of God, the Deutsche (Germans) were chosen. Lar is the name of a living planet right behind Sirius. Ga-Leta directs it, her savior's name is Alfred. The leading culture of Lar is the Welsh culture, similar to our Anglo-American culture. The situation there forces us to have patience. All will get better when the two goddesses, in a few decades, incarnate as women.

Not a part of God are the Greys, half destroyed congeras within planets where creation absolutely failed. In our galaxy the Greys control approximately 850.000 often ruined Berk- (spider) planets. Their development plan, called Berk-OS, has it that planets are populated with six colored races, who compete ever harder. The Greys make evil use of this plan to work one cataclysm (a series of super catastrophes) after the other. The Greys send us N-rays, modulated pulsar rays. The Earth Goddess uses a tree of Earth rays. The congeras appear masked, as gods, angels, devils, spirits, stars, celebrities, parents, animals, fantasy creatures. As nagging inner voices or unwise impulses of what to do, Greys perceptibly interfere into our thoughts. Ga-Dora, Sama, Musa, Toma, Fe-Luka etc. clutch at similar names. Especially false is the creed that the dead will once resurrect or become spirits. The thoughts of confused people cause many mental disturbances. The Greys promote stupid and bad people and manipulate all behavior. Believers are supposed to bow before foolish oldsters, who are driven by megalomania as they spoil their own planets, in touch with the »angels of apocalypse«. Even God cannot make apes, demented people, bad coloreds and wicked wights get wise. In past ages only mysterious myths could lead people a bit onto the trace of God. Someone who grew too sly was met by bad destinies. The UTR's lore of wellness finally teaches how to resist to evil. That starts with a healthy and fresh nutrition with much protein. By getting cool and with the help of fitness sports at natural places, by way of distraction and making music, N-rays can be warded off. In the Reich of God soon all shall live fairly safely, well and happily.

Only new humans of the main line are strong enough to correctly make use of God's wisdom. Our main target is it therefore, to naturally let die out the lesser, off-species and colored people. The population of this world shall be reduced to about 16.8 million humans. For the golden Aesir of the future God will then be able to provide a much better help. They shall develop to Titans. They shall always remain young. They shall live nearly free of any suffering. With the help of divine wisdom we will transform our Earth into a happy paradise. Many wonders will then be possible, since God will have much time for few noble humans. That golden future justifies the efforts and sufferings of God and all the human species. God too suffers for the sake of the better future.

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