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A Goddess introduced. A revelation of the one and only Earth Goddess.
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A Goddess introduced

Rejoice, oh my world! There is a deity who protects Earth and heeds good plans. Here this superhuman person is officially introduced. We find her in the Bible and in Islam too. A map shows that her home lies right below Eden (Aden). As her heartland however she chose Deutschland (Germany).

1. The Goddess of our Future

Artists liked to paint a goddess of love, showing her as a beauty with golden hair. That goddess already shapes our future, there she is such a golden girl. Our good Earth Goddess shaped this Earth and made all good life evolve. She will create a paradise from this planet, just the way many of our neighboring planets are too. She tells those stories only to her world's savior.

Genes shape destiny

Infidels often reckon that they are the sly ones, compared to those who believe. Indeed they did not fall for old-time ridiculous eyewash. It is simply incorrect what the Bible tells us, that God created first humans in a day's time, made from mud, and then stuck them into the Garden of Eden. If rational minds read texts like this one, then they tend to put it away as nonsense too. But they are just badly informed, since the Goddess was not introduced to them so far. Some have troubles to even accept her looks. Semites tend to push those blonds away and to defame them as silly. The new lore that God is gold-blond and a lady too could sound to them like a provocation. They might feel invited to challenge God with haughtiness. So these are some of the reasons that made God hide so far. She still retreats before those gray heads who are stiffened by their incompetence. Those must fail to believe in Sofia Ewa since she darkens their minds. Black headed people naturally tend to understand less of all of this, while they dislike the basic ideas. It's a fact but hard to explain. Fractal relations have the consequence that similar people tend to think similar things. Fractal entanglement binds certain types of humans to development perspectives. Old cosmic planet operation systems exist who fix the colors of the hair and the eyes and bind them to behavioral patterns. Those with golden hair are in the favor of luck, according to these plans. But only one problem is that these plans don't work out no more, on many planets at this dark end of the known universe. Sofia Ewa has had very much bad luck on this planet, who is dangerously far away from it's ideal state. Many planets like this one have been bombed into nirvana by celestial bodies. Just this is what seven angels of doom plan, according to the biblical Book of Apocalypse.

Only God has the truth

God has a plan to save the Earth. I explain it to the world right now. If this plan works out, then this is our exit way from the highway to hell. Large groups of cosmic devils already made this planet teem with low-quality and dark humans. Blinded devilish humans drag a flood of children of darkness into Deutschland (Germany) and other white lands. Many old-time and old-age deciders are still Christians. These welcome all other Christians and Semites, but they raise prejudices against a Deutschland that getting smart. Some left-wingers and dark people (Surtungs) cling to historical negative emotions against Deutschland, before the background of a false Semitic stance of supremacy. We find people among them who in the past helped to make Deutschland get bad. They learned to keep Deutschland down and now react with anger and defiance. The basic position of many old people is that of Christian religion as long as they live. This means that they believe that Christians and Semites should rule the world, according to the will of God. Just like the ancient Romans they absolutely dislike the idea of a Deutschland getting strong. They keep to their school's wisdom that the sake of the world comes from the Oriental. But this wisdom is outdated and bad. The way of the Bible leads into a realm of evil, where lies and torture spoil humankind. Only the Goddess has the truth. And I am her savior, the only one who reveals this truth to the world.

2. The Goddess makes the Earth rotate

Saint Ursula Titanic

Who commands the vessel of this world? Many old-time religions teach that their deities are the masters of our destiny. But they are generally refuted with their main assumptions, they are ideologically bankrupt. It is simply not true that Jesus is a God in the sky, even the Bible shows this very nearly. There is no God who cooperates with old-time clerics and provides them with God's wisdom. Therefore many deciders think that there is no God at all who commands the ship of this world. There are many market liberals who claim that the market is self-regulating. Some scientists too think that regulation circuits are making the Earth turn, and miraculously stabilize it's climate. But why is our neighboring planet Venus not turning at all? Nobody can explain this. Certain fools of science are so stupid that they don't even notice all those things they fail to comprehend. But anyone can comprehend the message of this image. The ship of our Lady World is most dangerously overloaded, and while the waves are rough people fight and kill on deck.

On this (revamped) altar picture from Deutschland the legendary British missionary Ursula is depicted. The cult of this saint is a special tradition in Köln (Cologne). There the citizens like to dress up in costumes at the traditional spring parade, preferably as fools. It should not surprise good thinkers that Christian missionaries turn more or less reasonable people into fools. A new Deutschland of the fools then found no means of repulse against the dark hordes from the east. Ursula was killed, just like thousands more women taken captive. That was seen as some especially praiseworthy event, from the perspective of Christian fools.
Before the Christian times such a parade was celebrated in honor of the Goddess of Earth. Joyfully people would move an idol of the Goddess, also on a ship and across the land. On this illustration too the saintly woman resembles such a superhuman goddess. The blue-white-red ensign on Ursula's hairdo shows the three colors of the Goddess. Also the round middle part of the ship shows portals who are typical for the betyle (house) of God. The good Earth Goddess often was mistaken for a woman, since she appeared under the likeness of a women. Often she was not recognized when she was leading humankind. Again and again she had to allow the damaging interference of the forces of evil. Those did once lead the hordes of Attila into Deutschland. Asiatic strangers enslaved the Deutsche women. Many were oppressed and had to bear ugly Hun children. A darker and worse Deutschland was the consequence. So it was still a heroic deed when Ursula preferred to die, with all of her virgins, rather than mate with the Huns. On the other hand we may not oversee that the Huns were thinking relatively practical, as Asiatic slaveholders. The Huns only killed many Christians because this was what these seemed to hope for themselves. This Saint Ursula too probably provoked her killing, since she hoped that she would be received in heaven with special honors as a martyr. But she was not, like it was later occasionally common among Christians, tortured to death before a joyful crowd, obsessed by cruelty. Those Asiatic Huns just swiftly decapitated her. So we may assume that at that time very nearly the future development emerged of a white race brought down by Christianity, unable to stop the Mongos (colored Asiatics) from getting ever stronger and coming to rule the world. We see now the terrible overpopulation in East Asia and those environmental damages. We also see the social and moral depravation of many colored Asians. If these Mongos would rule our world, that would lead us into a future cataclysm, a biblical time of a series of super-catastrophes. That era of catastrophes was foretold by many prophets and seers. But the Earth Goddess wants to avert this time right now, in the last moment. This ship of earth is no new Titanic.

3. The Goddess evolves us

The Goddess can only concentrate her efforts on a few people of better quality. At first contact it is important whether the Earth Goddess values some humans. To Surtungs (the darker people) it's no good news that God regards them as the less wanted creatures. The ideal human is one who is big and Nordic, seen with the view of the Goddess. Surely this makes some think now of the false lore of the Nazis. But it was Adolf Hitler's error to misjudge the Nordic and Aryan types as really divine, while he saw the Jews as devilish subhumans. This ideology was much the consequence of the typical Roman-Catholic antisemitic education. Those Nazis grew from a Roman Catholic milieu of Celtic origin. But they rather were right-winged extremist brutes and infidels. They had no idea that powers from beyond (Uthras) were making people get wise or dumb. That is the consequence of a religion so dumb that the better people fail to believe. Now God wants to provide better thinking with the help of better minds, with Nordic people. Our Nordics are generally good, but not that good to even basically meet the expectations that God must have. A jump in evolution shall change this now. In Deutschland shall rise a new generation of Titans, from the best humans we have. Equipped with the mental powers of superhumans they should be able to recognize the Goddess as a good world leader and to assist her. With the new Deutsche spirit that thus is born, the entire world shall be changed, a time of hail shall begin. The Goddess chose Deutschland as the land of her chosen people. This was what cosmic plans made necessary. There are good angels too in heaven. They are humanoids, willing to show us how we can redeem the Earth from the spell of evil. On their roughly 650 free planets only beautiful young superhumans live, while colored off-species (wrongly: degenerated) subhumans never ever existed.

So push aside those oldsters!

Many mysteries of space are only explainable with the help of UTR. One example: Only the UTR can explain those 'cannibal galaxies' who are frequent up there. There are congeras everywhere in heaven, who travel with their stars from one galaxy to the next. But common experts of today don't want to hear of such heavenly powers. Based on their expertise many underwriters reckon that the ship of this world should speed up to travel as fast as the old Titanic did. Under the Christian night-blue star-banner of the European Union, driven by the mad spirit of competition, they strive to economically and politically rid Deutschland of it's powers and it's identity. Idealists press for a multicultural society, they ignore those many horrible cases when these suddenly failed to function. Theorists fantasize that humans of all sort can learn anything just by way of education, but they grimly oversee the fact that evil is just more powerful in dark coloreds. Some political tricksters hope that more dumb migrants will transform into more political-criminal powers for their parties. Radicals often have genetic prejudices against any noble leadership. Many oldsters are demented and incompetent and addicted to alcohol. Driven by a devilish zeal they push for more growth, as the best recipe against all crises. They are just unaware of the Earth Goddess, who is getting more and more overworked when she gets more and more to care for. I warn now this world, just like the speeding and doomed Titanic received warnings before icebergs. But only young new nobles will be able to understand. So do push away those oldsters from the steering wheel!

4. We have many friends in space

The good Earth Goddess wants to save this world and make it become a better place. She evolves all creatures into something good, including humans. For their sake Sofia Ewa looks up to those roughly 650 planets of humanoids in the star field of the stars of the Ursa Maior (Big Bear or Big Dipper) stream. These planets are ruled by divinities who resemble the Earth Goddess and her savior. The divinities of these planets are called Hanumans (Ape gods) in India.

Affengott Hanuman On and at these paradisaical planet only few excellent humanoids live. Those Hanumans (Men of Anna) truly look just or nearly like humans, many have voluminous heads. When they appear to us they often use a portal of the apes they descend from. This Hanuman appears under the likeness of a Yeti, a mythical Himalaya snow ape who helps mountaineers. The most famous climber Reinhold Messner once saw one of these, this happens more easily in fringe situations. Hanumans assist us as we are fighting a cosmic war against forces of evil. Sadly here on Earth more humans live than on and at all those planets of ageless superpeople of the Earth's Alliance together. Well, we are just a developing planet and we badly need some superhumans too. Only new humans of a superior quality are good enough to 'man' our anti-gravity spaceships.
Now the time has come when the Goddess gives away her wisdom as a present to people who are worth the effort. Her wisdom comes to people as a heavy burden. But without the lore of the Goddess, our blonds often sit and look rather silly, since they can't take a stand with the truth against all those charlatans and mean dwarfs. Some are ruined by alcohol then, because they can't realize that those Greys especially plague them with this. Yes, without wisdom (Sofia) the white man or woman might easily fall for some erroneous Roman lore. It is but correct what Greek myths used to say about the Titans. This golden race is in principle especially socially competent, since the good Earth Goddess Gaia was especially able to help them in life. It was the devilish aspect of the Nazi Surtung Dr. Joseph Goebbels that he was like mad pushing the precious blonds and the Deutsche into a total war of self-annihilation. Those Nazis too had been influenced by confused old-time seers, from Aryans like Indra to Mohammed to Madame Blavatsky. In the Land of Aryans (Iran) and elsewhere today social incompetent humans, who reproduced too much, are about to waste their environments; until formerly green lands resemble lifeless celestial bodies. Even Muslims should realize that Desert Arabia is not a landscape that God most likes to look at. But God prefers to see gardens and rivers. With the Universal Truth Religion (UTR) God now starts a counter offensive. We also have the support of the better side of the sky, and we are encouraged to keep this world alive and make it become a better place.

5. A High-Performance Creatress


So truly, that is how our Earth Goddess looks like! She was named the Snake of the World, or the German Lindworm, or Audhumla the autumn cow. She is some ancient kind of fish with a length of nearly 89 meters (48.5 fth.), and she can't live without her machines. Such creatures were designed and developed a long time ago, to create living worlds and direct them. But one problem is that they don't die easily as they fail, but live on to become devilish Greys.

Well, this speculative image here shows on Ewa's head those six tube hoses who lead to her three artificial hearts. Affixed to her body are millions of contacts who connect her with those humans. This way Ewa can guide the thoughts of many. As people realize who she really is they will not come to her to annoy her with lust. If some dislike to look at such a very non-human creature, they might remember their computers, who can be very useful too. For the good karma (luck) that she brings to the good, we can be glad that she is the Uber-Mom of all humankind. She created us and this world with much effort and under terribly bad pains. She did what she was made to do, since she is a high-performance creatress of planets. Without the Goddess our planet would be as void of life as the Moon is.

The winged wonder-horse

Grafik22 This winged little horse is a golden miniature from a Celtic tomb. I found that image with good karma on a Texan website and warmly give thanks. The find comes from the tomb of the 'Dame of Vix' from the Hallstatt era (around 500 b.). For experts who don't know more it's just a tiny fantasy figure, that may reflect the mental world of Oriental and Etruscan gold smiths. We may well assume that the tale of the flying horse Pegasus also fascinated those Celts. But just this unique wonder-horse is displayed again on more objects from the Hallstatt era. That gives proof that such ware was especially liked within this culture, that otherwise was not favoring creative images much. There has got to be a reason to it that we ignore. This little horse had a secret meaning that wasn't understood later on.
Only now, with the help of UTR, we can really read the pictorial language of this heavy torq (collar half-ring) made of gold. That image is truly one of the unknown Earth Goddess. Those wings symbolize the tube hoses that connect any congera with her (or his) machinery. We may easily think that a spiritual vision gave the idea to this dame and her goldsmiths, that this deity creature they were perceiving as divine might be a winged miracle horse. Another good piece of evidence is that this wonder-horse rests on circles of portals and shell ornaments. Those well show the shock absorbers who cover the mestab (shell), the innermost part of the betyle (house) of any congera.

6. Nobles and Fools of the Goddess

Eselsmesse In the early iron age the horse was a special holy animal. But in other cultures too the Goddess appeared to people who knew her not (so well) under the likeness of some animal. In the expansionist robber's state of Rome she was seen as the she-wolf (Lupa) called Roma, so the big question is whether good or bad powers powered this. In India the white elephant became her good holy animal. To Jews the donkey was their holy stupid animal. That is still at the origin of those Christian rituals today, where they call out the donkey's shout hallelujah (lu-ja), preferably in a less than recognizable manner. One exception is shown on this illustration of a Christian 'donkey mass'. Here people were leading a donkey with a girl into the church. The priest and the believers shouted like donkeys to this, and they cheered to the donkey and treated him like a holy king. That was only seen as a fool's ritual that was common in springtime. On the other hand it was a protest against the Church of Fools and the ascetic sexual morality. Compared to the horse that some lord would ride, the donkeys carried the little people. While the nobles preferred a culture of beauty and wisdom, it was hardly avoidable that in pubs and churches a stupid and mean parody was performed. For a long time the white horse had still been the holy animal of prophesies, among Slavs and Germans of the East. People would imagine that God the Father was riding this animal, maybe invisibly. But Christians confused this double image of the Savior and the wondrous animal. For them the donkey was the male wondrous animal while during a donkey mass his rider was seen as the Virgin Maria. It was inescapable that Ewa appeared to some homosexual priests as a man too.

The Secret of the She-Wolf

There is a secret reason why Rome, a robber's nest with Albanian roots, got so strong and was having so much luck, despite of the fact that it turned it's back side to the Earth Goddess. Responsible for this was the mother of Romulus. Acca Larentia was the name of the legendary stepmother of Romulus, the robber, revolutionary and founder of Rome. Truly Acca had only been the sexually exploited pig-tender of some oligarch. But since her second name linked her to Ga-Leta's planet of the Laren, she gained spiritual powers. Acca Larentia was later identified with Lupa, the good she-wolf and the eternal city's heraldic animal. So we find a fractal connection to our sister's planet, like it is the case for many Celts, that made humans spiritually turn away from our Mother Earth and believe that they could sail after death to an island far away or fly into the sky. Reds often helped that the true historical story would not vanish behind some frizzy-haired erroneous lore. The truth was that the tyrant Romulus had been torn apart by his own senators during a gale. Subsequently they probably threw him into a swamp. Reds are often the ones who start such a rebellion, actually people with red hair. One could also expect of the Reds that they would promote social liberties and woman's rights. That is why the Greys often try to bedevil the Reds or push them aside with false left-wingers (strangers, rogues, sectarians). Since the reds are a key group they turn into a problem on many planets. Not rarely they were the ones who gave the most pain to our Earth Goddess. Let us not forget that the legions of Rome marched under a red banner, and that Adolf Hitler too was a false leftist who chose the color red for his flag. He was looking towards the success of totalitarian Reds in Rome and in Moscow too. Benito Mussolini wore the black shirt now, but he too had been a socialist before that time. That was the last time-span before the era of salvation, when the powers of evil would one last time gather all their force to thrust Deutschland and all the world into a chaos. But this too shows that at that time the worst spell of evil had been broken.

7. The Sun-Goddess of the Bible

In the Bible too we find some imagery that reminds us of those congeras. For instance we read that Jonas was swallowed by a whale-fish for some days. We may interpret this as a testimony of a vision of the Goddess that this prophet of doom must have had. The Jew Jonah was receiving scary visions, to make him curse Nineveh. But the whale-fish was not fond of the idea to let this city with the name 'God Ewa' go under. Sadly the Greys foreseeably always let wars break out in the Middle East, so that entire cities and lands will go under. Just like Jonas before, Jesus later cursed Jewish cities in Israel with considerable fervor, because these Jews refused to do penitence, like he had demanded of them. Christians still believe today that because of this, after a time the Romans conquered Israel. But it hadn't saved Nineveh in the end when Jonah made all people there dress up in sacks and ashes. It is not advisable to obey to foolish advice and bad orders of the prophets, since the evil sky grants no mercy.
Devils from the sky made those prophets suffer for no good reason. Jesus had gone bonkers in the desert, where the stars are near. There was something true of the legend that Persian (Zoroastrian) astrologers had been searching the newborn Savior in the province some time ago. The Bible of the Jews however warns of astrology, and also teaches to not revere the 'army of heaven', the stars. But in the Revelation (chapter 12:1) we find the circle of the twelve stars of the Roman-European-Union flag as a symbol of the good. We read there:

Biblical Goddess As a sign, a pregnant woman appeared with the Sun and the Moon in the sky and a corona of stars. But a dragon red like fire with seven heads dragged some stars after him and hurled them onto the Earth. He lurked to devour the newborn child of the lady of the sun. But in vain the red dragon and his evil angels battled against the good angels of Michael, and he was thrust down to Earth. There the seven-headed dragon became the dominating power, and total destruction of the planet was consequence, since seven apocalyptic angels bombarded us with celestial bodies.

That pregnant woman symbolizes the Earth Goddess, determined to procreate her son on her planet, the Messiah (Savior). UTR interprets Michael (Jewish: Equal-to-God) as a symbolic figure (portal) of good or evil Uthras. It is therefore not advisable to try and contact such angels. The Earth Goddess at times had to try to provide a good portal with the help of humans. That would make it easier for good congeras to let virtual nice angels appear. It was no coincidence that the Michel became the symbol figure of Deutschland for a long time. But many angels care for one special people under their real names. Deutschland's national angel is called Otto, he is the savior and husband of the goddess Yoda. Otto made Odoaker terminate the old Roman empire. Instead Otto von Bismarck founded a Deutsches Reich.

Some planets don't make it

The red dragon of Wales is a symbol too for the good power of the British goddess. We should not take any monster for a bad beast. The red dragon of the old Book of Apocalypse however symbolizes the heavenly devils who work upon Earth. Up there seven devilish Greys plan to enslave the Earth Goddess. It should appear as if she receives her powers from this red monster with the seven heads. We were meant to believe that she is a bad beast herself. She would only choose an antichrist, who but would only have 42 months before his fall. But the plan of the devils failed to raise a religion of the seven prophets or emperors. They did try this for instance with the seven kings of Rome. Of Romulus too those Romans believed what they did of Jesus, that he ascended into heaven after his death and now is a god up there. The Earth Goddess saw to it that those lies were easily refutable.
The seven biblical antediluvian (before the deluge) arch-fathers too were supposed to form another such panel of false ancestral gods, to mask the Greys. And disguised as the seven dwarfs those Greys tried to get it on with Snowwhite. I reckon that Ga-Sama and Ga-Dora from Sirius were behind this plan, together with Ga-Musa and Ga-Lewa (?) of the star Procyon, and Ga-Toma and Ga-Lega of Alpha Centauri. Ewa's old partner Ga-Daena of Epsilon Eridani was supposed to be the seventh. Today that's only an old biblical nightmare. Once again the Greys just didn't make it. But many aliens might decide to bombard us, if this planet should get out of control. That often happened to planets of the penguins and alks. Many planets ended by way of suicide there. The Utoids (Space Ducks) however managed to save all their living planets. Similarly good are the news from another, older good group of planets of humanoids further away. So definitely Ewas plan to develop intelligent humanoids from apes worked out well.

8. The Islamic Virgin of Paradise

Saudi Arabia FlaggeThis the holy city of Mecca stands the Kaaba, that we can take as a symbol of the betyle. A black meteorite used to be there, but those belligerent Arabs smashed it to pieces during their continuous hostilities. Some bicker over any minuscule affair, which is a sign of the lack of wisdom. And it's the worst if they overdo advice of God that was well-meant, and for instance vandalize a museum with everything that they dislike. Without pictures and symbols our culture cannot work, this starts with the traffic signs. Despite of this, one of the old traditions of the Semites has it to not make any picture of God. But what now, while those people learn that God likes to become a beautiful woman? Some Muslims have so ugly faces, due to their fanaticism, that they hardly like to look into a beautiful face. In those bad old days they used to have many false idols of God. Today we are able to make a picture of God that is correct. And to our surprise we find that God was already depicted on some pictures, but remained unrecognized. That is for instance the case for the flag of Saudi Arabia. The symbol that it shows is that of the Sword of Islam. But the way this longknife looks, with a belly, it shows the white Goddess too as a secret. The problem then arises that the Arabs are mostly too dark people, who don't have a hunch that their sword is rather a symbol of their amiable God. The desert makes people get hotheaded and randy, until God's spirit must escape from them. To Islam the insight was always more important than to other religions, that the good believer will encounter wondrous beautiful virgins in paradise. The ideal of this beauty inspired the Arabs as they pushed aside the Moors. In Paradise nudity will be something natural, since the Titanic superhuman of Paradise masters his drives.

The house of life

Casino of AvalonIn a town with the mythical name of Avalon, at the outer rim of California, stands this rotunda. This round building especially reminds of the mestab, because of it's many portals. Many urns too and other round objects remind of the house of God, because for instance they carry ring ornaments or labyrinth pattern. The house of God was what came to the minds of people who were thinking about what might happen to people after death. Especially those Asiatic-Oriental Etruscans were firm believers of afterlife. They were darker and more simplistic than real Europeans. The most important goddess of the Etruscans was the goddess of love Turan – it is a Dor-name. They also held on to the Phoenician goddess Astarte (Ishtar, Star). That was a culture that the real Earth Goddess didn't tolerate in Europe. Some such Surtungs, people like Dr. Josef Goebbels or Silvio Berlusconi, could get to a scary sexual and rhetoric magic. To push aside dark strangers, Sofia Ewa raised Rome. Rom was supposed to be an eternal city. The same is true for the betyle of our Earth Goddess. So can it be that the dead go down there, to live at the side of this white congera? Sofia Ewa is immortal due to her well designed genes and her sophisticated life-support machines. But there is neither a place for zombies nor for ghosts in her house of life, neither may dead people live again on dead celestial bodies. On those paradisaical worlds of the Alliance of Earths only few titanic half-divine humanoids live in eternal youth. Even if it would be feasible for them to recreate dead Muslims from Earth, resembling those who once lived, ethical reasons would forbid this. Ugly idiots and perverted crazies plenty however exist on those many planets who are under the control of cosmic devils.
Cosmic devils like to fool people, making some crackpot cleric who is blindly obedient believe that if he will bomb his home planet to sherds he will receive a new one as a reward. Some Berks (spiders) believed this and acted accordingly. Greys also relish to see pious idiots torture and be tortured, who firmly believe that they will receive free sluts in heaven or the wings of angels. On some planets they even make such guys resurrect for a rerun show. That is why the Earth Goddess tries hard to procreate better and wiser humans.

9. The House of the Goddess in the Deep

Grafik5Ga-Jewa (Gaia, Jhwh) lives in a betyle. It's an egg made of metal below Eden (Aden in Yemen). Right there geologists discovered the 'Afar Monster Plume' (red arrow). Since the egg rotates at the inside, earthquake detectors catch up it's hum. Geological maps show a very deep mantle region of increased density just below Aden that reaches to Mecca and Jerusalem. By the way, in the Europe of the antiquity they called Aden 'Eudaimon' (good spirit). Believers recognized the Goddess as Idun or Hebe (Ewa), the deity who meted out the food of immortality, that was transforming mere humans into immortal gods. Indeed Ewa plans to create a species of titanic immortal superhumans from her best Nordic humans. People of lower quality though should no longer reproduce, to let evolution proceed.

New creationism

Many scientists don't want to hear of the idea that below Aden there might exist the betyle. They think that the hum that seismographs catch up is caused by waves and seasons only. But for this the hum is far too regular. Some then deny the idea that God is the master of evolution, since old-time creationism used to be foolery. Truly old-time Christian creationism had it's big faults. But the new creationism of UTR retells history like it really was. It is not explainable without the lore of UTR why dinosaurs lived on Earth for such a long time, to suddenly die out with all of their species. We can't hold a single meteorite impact responsible for this. Many other such events did lead to no comparable extinction. So the congeras are responsible when evolution proceeds on new ways. Often the Greys wait a long time for the chance to smite planets and uproot weak creatures.

They send us earthquakes

While some Italians did see some reason in this, the Greys targeted them with an earthquake against Italy. The consequence was that some researchers were put to prison for several years, as failures who failed to predict this earthquake. This is not justified, since so much is still in the dark on this field of research. I have shown in my 2008 text NEMESIS that cosmic ray phenomena are often linked to earthquakes. But that is too far beyond the welkin level of old-school Papists. Some act like scared rogues who cover up the Mafia, while they blame innocent people for the bad deeds of the devils from outer space and even put them into jail. Some time ago Italy was the 'Mafia state' and maybe they are not over this yet. The Vatican is to blame too, since infantilized and half-roguish Christians did not make it possible to act against gangs of established criminals. God's wisdom can really help a lot right here, with the mental evolution of humankind.

10. One Empress for planet Earth

Let us look at the above geological map again. Only UTR teaches that our planet has indeed four poles. The East Pole is situated at the Philippines. The West Pole partly lies at São Paulo, right below the space ray anomaly called the SAA. Nowhere else the sky is as blue as, but that's not a good sign. Another region of low density, also caused by the West Pole, is right there where the hurricanes start to grow. Finally it is explainable why those cyclones start in the Caribbean who are important for our world weather. Because of the West Pole the Goddess is not as popular as smoking wares on islands like Tobago, Cuba and Jamaica. Not without a reason the Goddess chose Deutschland as her heart land. The center of Europe is not only in theory a region of special spiritual stability. But from Deutschland too progressive ideologies like Marxism and Lutheran faith emerged, who despite of their errors gave some mental progress to the world.

Before God facts are what matters

Previously unknown gravito-magnetic structures and hostile rays from the sky are responsible for those high depth regions of low density, most notably below the Philippines (center white arrow). Grey Grays from outer heaven cause typhoons and also tsunamis there. They also are to blame for the development of those off-species coloreds. Those Greys didn't manage to keep their own planets alive. Now they want to populate Earth with dark and lowly humans to the rim. By this way they try to thwart God's plans of redemption. Ewa is overworked and must endure very strong pains. Those who take a stand for her good cause will have to endure too those mean attacks of the Greys with N-rays. UTR gathered a lot of evidence for N-rays in the document called NEMESIS. Only young and genetically noble humans may be strong enough for this tough life of distress. To them the Earth Goddess wants to transfer divine wisdom, especially the necessity to eat well and to keep fit and cool. This Empress of Earth likes to help, but she is forced to mislead people too. We all need to learn to properly part good and bad things in life. We need the strength to ward off evil thoughts, put into our minds by way of N-rays. If you can't manage to do this, then try to keep to what is good and true. It is tricky to track down the Earth Goddess with the help of some odd finds of science, who are hardly ever mentioned in the official news-mags. At the same time the newspeople tell us oh so much bloody old-time religion nonsense. But when the right time has come, then suddenly the whole world will recognize her, because of such undeniable evidence.
The religion UTR is fact-based. It is very different from those old-time religions of the stupids. Those often teach people to reject the world, and to prepare for the time after they die. But nothing comes after death. Stupids will easily get under the sway of the Greys due to fear. Then it becomes typical that they find that mean things make them get randy. They despise women and make their own lives miserable. Without UTR even genetically good people are no match for evil. Unaware they step into the snares of the Greys and let themselves be hopelessly confused. With the help of UTR though, nearly every human will by and large become able to catch up the divine secrets.

11. The Deutsche Goddess of Lent

Worm of Lent (Deutsch: Lindwurm), that was an old name of the Earth Goddess. It referred to the season of spring (Deutsch: Lenz, lent). As mild as lent the spirit comes that she liked to send. Therefore she often was especially celebrated in springtime. But she has other ways of talking too.

12.000 years of global warming

Global warming, that often criticized phenomenon, truly is good for the entire world. The Goddess took care that the ice carapace with a thickness of several kilometers finally melted up, that had covered the middle of Europe for millions of years. Verily, already in 1968 the US-American researcher R. L. Armstrong discovered that a global era of ice-ages of this planet started 2.7 million years ago. That bad period of global cooling ended only 12.000 years ago with the Holocene (marked by the year zero of the third billion years (3Gy) of the UTR calendar). UTR explains this long period of glaciation with increased attacks of the Greys against the Earth. The reason was that the evolution of first half-way intelligent humans had made them become angry. Old-time scientists (who often are Jews) claim that such phenomena are purely coincidental, or they speculate about cosmic cycles. But the outsider lore called the 'Gaia theory' has carried together more more than 500 such facts and news about our planet, who are all unexplainable without the assumption of a divinity that regulates all this. So the question arises: Who finally made those ice-ages end? Gaia (Ga-Ewa) is not by chance a Titanic name of our Earth Goddess. She made humans get ever wiser, and thus she herself because more powerful on all fields.

The Popery and Drugs Connection

The West Pole is again to blame when the Earth Goddess is especially weak in Latin America. That explains why political and religious delusions arise there, to swap into Europe. It was not a coincidence that the popery in 1968 came up with the stupid idea to generally put a religious ban on means of contraception, while at the same time those blatantly false relics of some Peter of Rome were declared as authentic. That was what Pope Paul-6 decided under the influence of a visit in Colombia, in the city of Medellín, at times ill reputed as the cocaine cartel's world capital. And right now the Pope Franziskus repeated this ban, under the influence of a voyage to the Philippines! In 2015 the popery put the blame for all problems of this planet on global warming. Many old-time uninformed experts subscribed to this. They dislike to hear that the pseudo-state Vatican is financially under the control of Mafia bands. Drug cartels use Vatican banks for money laundering. Some secret services too used this connection for some time to finance political parties and also some troopers. Let us terminate now this banditry with a long ancient Roman tradition. For this we will need to lay the foundation of a new Deutsches Reich for the sake of the world. The golden Goddess of Deutschland will rule this world with me, as the Empress. Many people will hear her voice.