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The Nordic Hailsway A short Nordic Introduction into God's Universal Truth Religion
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Title: Isnt She Beautiful - Yes She's ugly!

7. The Age of Miracles and Wandas

Meghan Markle tries hard to become really attractive to a lucky man

7.1 The Oddest Meghan Beauty Study

Do we see here one of the most beautiful girls of Britain? Seriously, this is what a British medic lately stated (name withheld). Since that man is a professional beauty surgeon he should know well what he is talking about. To the left we see Meghan Marple, or what was her name? Anyway she lost it now, maybe until her divorce, since after her marriage her curt title is something like: the royal console (since I am a Deutscher it's hard for me to guess the precise title). And isn't she beautiful? Yes she's ugly! But that is due to all the lines that this illustration has. Also I modded the already brushed-up picture of that beauty surgeon to illustrate my own beauty ideals and ideas about cosmic life. It's because I have sure news that intelligent ducks live in nearby space, on 318 or more planets. These Utoids seem to look more humanoid than the well-known Disney Ducks. But, like all well evolved creatures, these neighbors in space have a large brain and a high brow. Also, while darker types of girls tend to get fat and saggy rather soon, those Utoids seem to have reached the ideal stadium of development where they live in forever youth and beauty for aeons. Well-read donaldists will know this from the Ducks too, who didn't get older in their past century.

Now, Meghan's funny portrait to the left was originally supposed to illustrate the beauty ideal of that odd surgeon. While the British too had serious doubts that this older girl might be the fitting partner for their splendid young prince, this medic was quick to try and dispel these worries. He tried to provide mathematical proof for his idea that: Meghan is beautiful. And that doctrine is not eccentric and too modernist, but it was already the classical beauty ideal of great painters. That was what the lines on her face were supposed to tell us. By those lines the professional surgeon divided her face into thirds. He then stated that the face matches the lines of the golden division. That mathematical theory of arts has it that ideal proportions are those who separate anything into a bigger and a smaller part, into two thirds and the rest. So what if some face doesn't meet these beauty demands? That is when the beauty surgeons eventually apply the art of the golden niptuck. They then try to correct the face until it looks more pleasant. That may eventually earn them the mythical golden nose. In rare cases such false noses and comparable parts can even make a really ugly face still look weird but stately. That is when the view of spectators is drawn to this strange detail, and that makes people disregard the rest. That was why in ages past some barbarians used to wear strange beard styles. So why not have Meghan wear some pretty duck's beak in public? It's because the idea of the golden division is misleading when it comes to human geometry! The white people who are of quality tend to have upright and large upper heads. It's the classical high brow, that indicates good development, sense and sensibility. We should find this truly beautiful.

7.2 Some basic Laws of Magic are obvious and simple but often disliked

So is she ugly? Beauty ideals differ from culture to culture, and also from planet to planet. Those Utoids may find a head excellently pretty that looks swollen and unnatural to human eyes. People who read »Donald Duck« all of the time may even find that those Ducks are pretty while ordinary humans look way to slender on the head section. In some American cities like Vancouver, there exists a »body modification scene«. Would it be possible for those grungy medical doctors there to form girls »in a Meghan Duck way?« Maybe they only needed to keep to the golden rule of the golden division, and part all faces into the major and the minor parts, to then judge that the result is: beautiful! I can't tell you much about this since cosmetic surgery was none of my majors. I'm just the savior of this still miserable planet, and that means I need to teach you what God thinks about this. God has and must have certain beauty ideals, and the fair hair is one important part of this. That is why on the original image of the medical doctor, the pitch-black hair of Meghan was dyed dark blond! To rectify this obvious error, I changed that color into a kind of magical green. Because it's magic that this text is about. Magic is interesting and real but little understood. Since the Donald Duck comic books often tell tales of magic, they make even adult readers consume such kid stuff. In Ducksburg there is this well-off and pleasant Mr. Goose, who always seems to be in luck. In one of the more recent episodes, Donald tries hard to get behind the secret of blond Mr. Goose. Is this an energy that emerges from his body, like some aura? Or is this a spell that he can transmit onto other people, by way of granting a like? These the foolish ideas that some such cartoons then nicely develop. Another person from Ducksburg is, ahm, Meghan? No, I forgot the name. But the laws of magic seem to work strangely just for that witch. All that she needs, to win all, is some lucky coin. The coin seems to function as a talisman, as her key to fame and fortunes. So where's that coin, witch, that could make you become the Duchess of Ducksburg? Did Robbie Williams steal it to win the heart of the queen? No way. This Disney stuff is well-made comedy and fairly entertaining, but it's also utterly misleading the minds of our younger ones. It's because the people who draw these cartoons, often these are Hispanic, just don't know the basic laws of magic. Many Nordic though may have at least the basic idea, that their blond to fair natural hair is something that renders them luck. Indeed the luck of Mr. Goose is due to his pretty blond hair. Even with all the efforts of cosmetics and surgery, pitch-black Wanda can't win herself such luck. And while beauty ideals may be different from land to land, natural laws are valid not only for this planet. Even while God may dislike such »color laws«, ve still need to watch them. It's our only way to avoid a disastrous age of darkness, but to turn our planet into another rare paradise.

7.3 A Ban on Incubators would help God with Family Planning

Right now, some Irish Eights Amendment freaks rally for to keep up that ban on abortion. Does it play a role in this discussion where that rule comes from? It was Hippocrates, some medic from Cos in ancient Greece, who allegedly took up this vow into his legendary oath: »I will not apply medication that aborts the fruits of women.« Many medics of later ages were influenced by this Hippocratic oath. This was regarded to be a Christian ethical rule, but wrongly as we must find. One fact that many tend to disregard in this discussion is that yes, God aborts. God aborts fetuses who are of unacceptable quality. We are at war with sly cruel cosmic enemies, who try to break our resistance by way of filling this planet with miscreants of bad and adverse quality. Right now we God must therefore find it most important to put up a worldwide ban on incubators. The fact is that incubators keep alive miscarried fetuses who should have died. The dire consequences are that many severely disabled children come to life, who often suffer badly and are terrible burdens to the people who care for them. Many medics and laymen are not well aware of the fact that the incubators badly interfere into God's emergency family planning. These try to be compassionate, but to a degree I call this: hippocracy. Under the influence of bad legislation, alcohol and drugs, most medics are unable to judge like they should, but keep 'em alive at any price, also thinking of their better income. In the business of medicine, especially Christians often get influential when it comes to questions of morality and ethics. But just these tremble before some bad intuition, that forces them to release one plague after the other at this world, that is sinful and lost in their eyes.

7.4 Pwyll's Last Voyage (Chapter Two)

A spell then seemed to steal the prince from solid ground,
Right through the clouds, and then into the black of night,
Onto an empty world, no man had ever found,
And to a glacier, shining in the dog star's light.

The gray one seemed to say to Pwyll: »Now you must fight!
Down here lies Dora's cone, it is one monster's room.
Use all the force you have, it serves to my delight.«
Into the ground the spirit sank – and Pwyll met doom!

Up rose a hellish beast, a wolf with teeth and claws!
The nightmare seemed to clutch at heads of long-dead priests.
Blood seemed to spray down from it's flews, like when it thaws.
Pwyll knew that he had not a chance to slay such beasts.

The monster's maw grew wide to eat him, save one leg.
It's voice commanded him: »Now pray to me, you wight!«
A gentler voice but told him: »Son, now don't you beg!
Such devils just get stronger from your fear and fright.«

7.5 There is Dog Star Magic in the Tale of the Medic Hippokrates

If we read some more about the history of medicine, we find that Hippocrates is famed as the first worthy and moreless rational medic of Greece, Europe and the West. Modern old-time physicians draw a red line from the »rational Hippocratic medicine« of ancient Greece to today's medicine, while they discard other medics of ancient Greece as natural-philosophical and overly religious. The entire history of medicine just seemed to start with a codex of case histories that Hippocrates and his followers had started to gather. Also today's physicians find it correct that Hippocrates applied medication to cure patients. Hippocras is still known as a medication made from wine and spices. Hippocrates had the idea that bodies are composed from four fluids. His doctrine, that too much bile causes melancholy and other diseases, was however discarded by modern medicine.

That atheist view on the traditions of medicine but leaves out other and more correct theories. The most accurate lore about the origin of suffering and diseases lies in the myth of Pandora's Box. That mythical box allegedly contained all the sufferings and plagues. Due to Pandora's bad luck and incompetence she opened that box. By that way all the diseases were released into the world. If we interpret this myth with the UTR in mind, we find that this box is a symbol for Ga-Dora's mestab. The home cone of this alien hostile congera rests inside of one planet of the star Sirius A. Eventually Ga-Dora tries to get near to mortals with similar names, Pandora was one of these. The myth also has it that Zeus, God the Father, agrees with the spreading of sufferings onto this planet. That is to a degree true, but it's a dire necessity, a strategy of war to exhaust those Greys.

Since the people of ancient Greece didn't know this, their religious views didn't help them to well understand the Earth and the other worlds. For many the idea that their gods brought suffering to them was too hard to accept and not to justify. So many clutched at the idea that some savior gods helped. Especially famous among those savior deities was the half-mythical dead god Asklepios, better known under the Latin name Aesculapius. Confused myths only tell the tale of this bronze age healer. As it seemed Aesculapius lived at the time of the living god Apollon, a proto-Celtic warrior who definitely conquered Holy Delphi with his band of war, allegedly in the year 1308 b. Aesculapius became the forefather of the Nebrides, a clan of healers that stretched to Hippocrates. Of Apollon, people believed that he was sending the plague as well as some cure. Of Aesculapius they believed that he could heal the sick and even raise the dead. His myth also complains that this physician was accused of bribery, and therefore punished by Zeus. So maybe he was one of the first medics who demanded payment from his patients. So did that trickster also take money from widows to bring them back their dead husbands? I can't agree to that idea. I didn't start a start-up recently to try and raise some dead, like Jesus and Doctor Frankenstein did. I can be quite glad that I don't have to try such tricks, who are unlikely to succeed; but who stress God a lot and weaken the fabric of hyperspacetime. We also meet in other stories the phenomenon that some good people who tried to help others were punished by the gods. Prometheus the bringer of fire is the standard case here. With reason God often tried to prevent the invention of new technologies.

As we look at the cases of Aesculapius and Hippocrates again from the point of view of the UTR, we find that there exist links to the dog star Sirius. The name Aesculapius or Asklepios can be linked to the Arabic as-khilab, the dog (cf. Deutsch Kläffer, French: clebs, from a verb for: to yap). The school of Hippocrates and his followers was based on the island of Cos and neighboring Cnidos. That latter town is another place with a dog-name (cf. Greek cyon); it's in the region of old Doris, another Ga-Dora name. While Asklepios seemed to be a most popular savior god, just his late descendant Hippocrates and this school developed a rather cynical atheist lore of healing with medication mainly. That lore was drastically misleading, religion-wise. We may assume that a certain sort of oriental, punier types was especially attracted by this kind of pseudo-rational medicine. These people were just more the wights of dark powers, they had less of God's healing magic. It was typical that one large group of reds associates to form a kind of collective. Berk-OS allows such groupings while forcing better and wiser people to remain isolated. And did you know that the oath of Hippocrates went to his family's deity – Aesculapius?

That doesn't mean that the lore of Hippocrates is wrong in general. His general idea was it that black bile is at the origin of many diseases. The idea that sounds correct is that acid may make the body get too sour. It then but helps not to get some black bile out, but the body needs a less sour and more basic diet. Still today only some alternative medics realize that a too sour nutrition can be detrimental. One of the books of alternative medicine that I have is that of Norbert Treutwein called Übersäuerung (being overly sour). Those alternative medics recommended minerals: iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium; who easily form basic ions, and who are indeed valuable for the human body. They also recommend for instance dried figs, thinking that these purify the bowels.

7.6 In the Greek Antiquity Medicine and God's Magic were still inseparable

Many valuable ideas can be found in the discarded and forgotten writings of the Greek Antiquity. The healers had for instance the idea that a balance needs to be found in between the dry and the wet, and in between the cold and the hot. This idea is in principle based on old-time theories of physics. Heraclitus was one of those many who tried to explain the world as a mixture of the hot and the cold stuff, that means of fire and matter. By way of intuition, that philosopher from Minor Asia tried to find out the true nature for instance of celestial bodies like the Sun. He postulated that the Sun was a one-foot pot with a fire inside. Whenever that pot tumbles an eclipse occurs. It's logical that early Christian church fathers found that Heraclitus was one the best philosophers of the Greek antiquity, and apparently much influenced by the Bible and Jewish science. But just this philosopher from Ephesus in Minor Asia had laid down a host of such ideas in a book, that he donated to the temple of hundred-breasted Diana. He realized that there exist gods who are much different from the way the simple people regard gods. Some murky superpowers were talking and revealing to Heraclitus. One of his plain wisdom sayings is sad, and it goes like this:

»In comparison to God the wisest man is like an ape.«

That is sadly true, especially since God could not dare to make people get really wise, and instead confused them with lots of nonsense and idle theories. Not a few of the best and wisest Greeks realized in the classical Greek Age of Antiquity; that intuition was telling them a lot of ideas, but rarely was leading them into the truth. That situation must have made not only Hippocrates rather rely on own logical thinking. He bravely distanced himself from most religious and meta-physical or philosophical speculations, and rather relied on the knowledge of medicine won from practical cases of patients. But he got so much fooled! One of the classical cases of a corpus goes like this:

»In Elis Timocrates drank much. He got into a mania (frenzy) due to black bile, and then drank a laxative. He was cleansed, his excrements were plenty, slimy and of black bile.«

That success story was meant to prove the basic theory of Hippocrates of the four body fluids. In his thinking black bile (melanchole) was the bad stuff, that caused bad states of the mind. But the truth is that Timocrates just excreted thin contents of his bowels. He surely felt relaxed afterwards and better. But that was also due to the belief that this laxative potion had helped him! From the point of view of the UTR it is no wonder that the potion seemed to help against the state of mania and melancholy. That happened because the Greys fooled all those people. These devilish cosmic powers cause strong fits of bad emotions, and eventually let that be. Their intentions are often to generate false belief! Here they generated the false belief that laxatives help against too much of »the sour stuff«. In reality though laxatives may additionally weaken an already weakened body. Black excrements are typically an indication of a rather bad nutrition or of blood in the intestines. Timocrates got drunk and was feeling bad, and naturally while he got sober he was feeling better.

In the days of Hippocrates, like always those Greys had tried to make people take up a twisted thinking of »fair is foul and foul is fair«. They like humans to pray to the sky and to think of the guys above as the ones who punish with good reason but also eventually may help with miracles. Wasn't it true that Timocrates drank much wine and was a sinner? In reality those cosmic enemies make people drink too much by way of slyly twisting their emotions. They do this since they are cosmic energy vampires, who find it easier to abuse and spoil the weaker humans. In comparison to Europe, in Minor Asia then and today often darker and mentally poorer guys naturally evolved. The Greys find it easier to clutch at and mislead these, and to then make all the world turn just to some guys from Minor Asia as their best. The most renowned physicians of the Age of Antiquity came from Minor Asia, especially from the Doris region and from Ionian Ephesus. There Cnidos was the cult center of Aesculapius, that legendary ancestor of Hippocrates. While the medics of this school vowed the oath of Hippocrates to the false god Asklepios, the Greys hoped that they would regard this dead legendary miracle worker as some kind of hound god. But that never really happened. False pagan religion instead made the Greeks get too aggressive, dark and weak. That is why some time later, the false Greek gods all together seemed to stop to answer to their prayers and to demand offerings. In that era, and also much later, the Earth Goddess was just too limited with her powers. Today Greece is still a too hot and rather barren place, and that was due to the overpopulation and the environmental sins of those too-dark people, but also to the fact that God didn't help them enough. God never was able to help enough anyone, not even those who came near to the truth. There were not a few healers in ancient Greece who already had developed very sensible and helpful theories and therapies. Their basic idea was it to heal not by the adverse, toxic way, but by the natural and sane way. That would mean that they would ask some patients to keep to a healthy and rich diet. They would ask others to take baths often and to not drink so much wine. They would even ask some to go out in the winter time with bare foot. The cold stuff seemed to help better than any heat therapy. And that is also a natural principle that those better healers of ancient Greece knew well. Modern medics seem to be much more mislead by their bad intuition! Just outside of my window these are building haughty clinic buildings, big climatized blocks with many a machine inside. They need to learn a very different medicine for being able to really heal patients! God needs more power! That will help those many who suffer much today.

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