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A Goddess is introduced Revealing the one and only Earth Goddess.
The Nordic Hailsway A short Nordic Introduction into God's Universal Truth Religion
The Three Light Gods of the Germanic and Celts were all that the Bright Nordic needed
Title: Isnt She Beautiful - Yes She's ugly!

8. Pussygate in London

Fake Protest banner of dark women in London vs Trump

8.1 What Changes did US-President Trump bring to Europe?

Wow, this looks like just another episode of the Pussygate soap. Indeed this banner was rearranged by me, so it's message is fake news. The original text was one of complaint. Those two strangers went out in London to complain that the Brexit was damaging their careers. Regarding their looks, these brownies can't have model jobs in mind. But surely there is a billion of Pakis and Indians of this quality, and another three billions in the Far East, who would like to migrate to us expecting that we grant them business and career opportunities. Can't they realize that Europeans and westerners have higher standards?

Definitely the two terms in office of US-President Obama raised hopes in many darklings in all the world. They seemed to be better liked in those years, and welcome in western countries, yes some even seemed to be as beautiful – so to say – as the Negro Barack. Women function more emotionally than men. Much of what they do and expect in their few younger years is linked to their emotional relationship to some leading man. When Donald Trump replaced Barack Obama in office, he just seemed to be the wrong man for many women! This tough white business professional seemed to refuse to them the emotional link that they seemed to have before. Before his inauguration, the darklings had been somehow in favor, but now they were somehow »out«. Instead some whiter and definitely more beautiful ladies, like Ivanka Trump, just redefined the word beauty.

The political change in the USA surely also triggered the Brexit in Britain. That too must have played an important role, when 1.8 million in Britain signed a petition to ban Mr. Trump from entering Britain! Now that was another Pussygate episode. Some women turned up claiming that they had had a relationship with Donald. From a psychological point of view we must expect this wishful thinking in many minds. When the attention of the media centered on this big charismatic world leader, many women didn't listen to his words, but rather wanted him to listen to the message of their fantasies: »I want you to want me!« And when Mr. Trump seemed to refuse them, they raised a storm of protest.

In Britain right now a similar emotional conflict seems to overshadow the royal career of Prince Harry. That big man with the Dutch orange hair had been a Prince Charming for some years, but also a playboy with some affairs. Lately his time has come to get over that juvenile era. Finally the matured prince seems to be ready to grow up and become a responsible, morally correct nobleman. But isn't now his bride Meghan Markle a misfit match? Are bad times of a cultural decline about to follow? Is Britain about to become a haven for such halfbreed types? Will the common culture of Britain still remain British, or will a multicultural lower-brow mix replace it? Will women like the two aliens above still be liked in a Britain of the future, and eventually regarded as the truly British? There are many who seem to be determined to thwart any efforts of some better whites to define new human quality and beauty standards. The foreign looking dark genes of Ms. Markle seem to answer Christian prayers in a positive, or rather negative, way. She definitely is not the bright beauty of royal stature that we would expect at a top position of this still leading court of the planet! Meghan looks not bad on some photos, but all too tiny and too dark, and stiffly and gauche. She is of a dark type, definitely mainly Latino-Catholic, despite of her conversion to the Church of England. She is no backing match for a swell and well developed royal like Harry is. That may be just to the liking of many women of darker and lesser quality. They interpret Meghan's lower size and brow as a message – that this could be them, that they are still in the boat, and liked and accepted; and that Britain is about to transform into a one-world-nation, where any low-brow culture and morality will do. The Brexit, and also Mr. Trump's big success, tells a different message.

Royals are important, they are international role models. Isn't Harry just a sunny boy with not that much of human quality? Aren't the blond in general shallow, vain, stupidly fair people, compared to the darker but slier Semites? Are bored rich royals and oligarchs the right stuff to lead us into a better future? Some believers may think that Meghan was God's just reward for any sins of Harry and his previous sometimes immoral behavior. But let's search out and put into account the facts here. One sure fact is that whites are in general of a much better human quality than the host of the coloreds. As we look at typical third world countries, or also places like China, that becomes fairly obvious. Many bright white Europids are just among the best humans that we have. Maybe more immigrants would make Britain become more competitive on world markets. It's true that some Pakis are among this planet's toughest exploiters, while many Mongos work long working hours for rather low payment. Some economic liberals and stock market pro's wanted the Brexit because they believe in unification instead of diversity, and unlimited worldwide competition and globalization, and economic growth as the miracle recipe against all troubles. The consequence of such a politics could also be that low-quality Asian standards replace higher European standards. The typical thinking among liberal economists is that the market rules the world and miraculously puts everything right. But that does not put into account that higher powers exist, who are very powerful when it comes to leading or dragging the world into this or that direction. Prince Harry is a potential future head of the Anglican church, so shouldn't religion be his field of special duty? I assume he's not good enough for that and will never be. While our best people are just not good enough, there is a tendency to try and bow them especially low before a disappointed audience. It's easy nowadays to debunk Christianity as a bundle of old lies and perverted ideas. But its very tough to take up the UTR as the only true religion. Ye must wait until God is ready to install it. It is easy to surrender and don't care and just have a good life, but it's tough to step up the steep way that leads into a better future. We can't reach a better future without a better humankind! But the opposite way is to allow into Britain an armada of false refugees, of dangerous and bad orientals

In the absence of true religion, Christianity still often wins. Definitely Judaism, Christianity and Islam deform genuine western culture, in a way that makes those southern and dark oriental types become more favorable. With these three world religions of the Semites, also oriental ideals of dark beauty and sad human quality won the West. That Biblical perspective raises a dark, puny and lowly type of servant girl, like Maria Magdalena, over a bright and stately European classy lady like Diana. Meghan is just a Mary, so what about Prince Harry? The Bible doesn't respect his genes. It's natural that big bright westerners are seen as humans of higher quality, in comparison to lower simple-minded darklings. This is the European perspective, but the Bible reverses these quality standards. Under the influence of the Bible, both Harry and Meghan were just misjudged. The devil aliens who made this happen are in fact blackmailing God, to let them have their ways.

Let me here write some more about sexual spells and madness. When many people tried to stop or bring down Mr. Trump in the time of the last US presidential elections, some women claimed that they had had sex with him. That was the so-called Pussygate affair. I remember one scandal. A prostitute claimed that she spanked Mr. Trump on his behind with the Forbes magazine, rolled to a makeshift bat. We have no reason to doubt this story. As we try to analyze it psychologically, we must find that surely Mr. Trump had moral scruples since he is a billionaire but also a believer in God. For Christians God seems to be Jesus. Jesus had demanded that Christians should give all that they have »to the poor«. But what he really was saying was »to the Poor«, and that was truly the name of his family sect. Jesus also demanded of people to do penitence, and we know that the Pope John Paul-2 actually chastised himself with his waist belt. That should teach us at least that, while Christian religion plays much of a role in US politics too, it can be very hard especially for rich business guys to escape from the idea that they are bad sinners and should do penitence. Lots of weird and detrimental things that western people do, including heavy drinking, is due to such fears. Only true religion lightens the burden of fear, that makes many older people slightly insane.

8.2 Pwyll's Last Voyage (Chapter Three)

And now, Pwyll met three maidens, beautiful but bent.
His goddess guided him to some more distant place,
Into an orchard, blooming in the winds of lent.
He dared not really look into her full-moon face.

Was she a girl, a worm, a spirit in disguise?
Her hair was golden, and her eyes shone green like grass.
He sensed that she was courteous, mild and very wise.
He realized she owned a sacred heart of glass.

Three birds came from the trees to flutter on her head.
For some long moments now the goddess wore a crown.
Pwyll asked, with doubt: »Is this the land of living dead?«
He could not see himself when he looked sadly down.

The birds above her head were green and white and gold.
They jubilated one more time, and then flew on.
Pwyll realized: This lady was immensely old,
While he had died so young, and now his life was gone.

8.3 The Madness of Captain Minor

Today when in London a man gets shot dead, that is probably nothing uncommon. But when in 1872 the US-American physician Minor shot dead a worker, that was a unique case that raised much concern. Definitely Major was severely mentally ill. He was put into a British bedlam for nearly the rest of his life. Due to the interest that this case raised it is well documented, and the immensely diligent and hard-working author Simon Winchester wrote a great facts book about Mr Major. As it turned out, this madman also was one of the best helpers with the first edition of the renowned Oxford dictionary. That made people wonder even more about his strange disease.

Since his time in the US Civil War, captain Major had been much troubled by scary phenomena at nighttime. He was blaming Irish freedom fighters in general to scare and molest him sexually. Even while he was in prison and later in the bedlam, he claimed that wardens had been molesting him, playing tricks on him and stealing his things. The British worker that he had shot dead in the nighttime had been one of these suspects. So who were the people who were doing him such big harm? The common idea of psychiatrists is that all this happens only within the human mind. But in ages past, when more people believed, they surely would have blamed witches in such a case. In fact Mr. Major had had much trouble especially with sexual fantasies. He had had a wild sex life for some years. While he was later unable to get away from memories of Asian girls and the prostitutes and girls he met, he suffered severely from sexual fantasies and from forced behavior. to masturbate. Scared and molested was he by fantasies, and a forcing seemed to possess him:

During his many years in the bedlam, patient William Major was a forced and obsessive onanist. When he lately realized that there exists a God, this probably scared him a lot. He must have feared that God would terribly, devilishly punish him, should he not stop this manic drive to masturbate. While he was unable to, in the end he cut off his penis!

In the book of Mr. Winchester we read a lot about the search for the diagnosis. Was patient Major suffering from schizophrenia? And if he had contracted this mental illness from a trauma, where was it? Surely terrible events during the Civil War had darkened the mind of this well educated American gentleman. The common theory has it that the war made him crack up, PTSD they call this today. But there are some events in his story that should lead a diligent criminal investigator onto the trace of the real rogues. In his typical querulous way, Mr. Major used to complain about little Irish who were hiding in the hollow rooms in between the levels of a building. So did these Irish sidhe (fairies) come out in the nighttime to plague him? The well-read captain Major could provide facts to support his theory. Indeed in the USA in many cases fires had broken out just in these hollow spaces in between the floors and ceilings, for no apparent reason. So do spirits and shie live in there? Sly Mr. Major raised another theory, that this was done by way of electricity. The author Mr. Winchester couldn't say a lot to these theories, but he found it sad and mysterious that little progress was made to stem the »mysterious trigger« that seemed to cause this disease.

So who does this? Who is behind the typical mental troubles of so many of just our best men and women? The UTR has it that large groups of alien planets work on us with the help of N-rays, already found to cause dark spots in the upper atmosphere of Earth. The problem is that right now, that difficult truth can only very slowly become understood.

Patient Major was so intelligent that he realized well that his problems had something to do with electricity. At his time electricity was hardly understood, but it was known that strange currents could mesmerize people, that means strongly influence their minds. Mr. Major complained that in his vision he was transported to Turkey, a region that seemed to be sexually much out of control.

8.4 The strangest ever British Wordbook

In the fine book of Simon Winchester we also find the story of the first ever British dictionary. So did you know that a Brit called Samuel Johnson had first managed to write a kind-of wordbook? And did you know that the elephant is, when enraged, more terrible than any other animal? That is what we learn from this wordbook, that really was some early helpful lexicon. To publish this book, Samuel needed and won the help of a prominent nobleman, the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, Philip Dormer Stanhope, the vice king of Ireland. But of the earl with the Dor-name Samuel later gave exceptional critical reports. In his book we read what a patron is, if it's a guy like »Ph.D.«:

»A wretch who supports with indolence and who is paid with flattery.«

It's very significant again that from the point of view of the UTR, this odd couple represents a bit the two worst Greys that we Earthlings are facing: Ga-Sama and Ga-Dora. While these eventually try to reap the fame here for achievements, they are in fact utterly sadistic and damaging devils.

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