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Title: Isnt She Beautiful - Yes She's ugly!

9. What those Aliens can do and what they won't do

Islamic Rappers win last Echo price in Deutschland

9.1 Don't tell Us about your Childhood!

Now, here we have, from left to right, the rappers Farid Bang and Kollegah, or rather Hamed el Abdellauoi and Felix Blume. They are on stage as two proud winners of the Echo. It's a price of some jury for the best and most popular musicians in Deutschland. I don't know much of this rap, these two seem to pose as typical gangsters and bad boys. Prior to that occasion Farid's colleague, sitting bored and waiting, was drawing a funny picture of some old punk. Instead of his caricature I have him here showing up another drawing. It's a picture that can better express than thousand words his and Farid's art.

Felix is Deutsch but converted to Islam. So does this give him and Farid the right to sing texts that reporters and critics call latent dangerous and hateful? Many find that these rappers sing antisemitic texts and texts who are aggressively hostile regarding women. Jasper von Altenbockum, a reporter of the renowned newspaper FAZ (14.04.18), wrote:

»These two musicians provoke with texts wherein women mostly appear as »whores«, who eventually like to be raped. The humiliation of Jews and antisemitism are parts of their leading culture. It belongs to the mendacious justification of these two so-called artists that only those are able to understand their works who know what a »battle-rap« is: ritual and hyperventilating degradation of others, to reap the respect of the stronger.«

Journalists are concerned because these youngsters deny and ignore the consequences of their deeds. Only the old punk Campino (from the famous band Totenhosen) dared to publicly criticize these rappers, with a written statement of concern. The Deutsche in the audience remained strangely silent, the jury of ethics found that all this was still not too dared. Özcan Mutlu from the radical pro-migration Greens party was one of the few who dared to find Campino's speech courageous. Are they all stymied with fear regarding the power of Islam and the raising threat that those millions of dangerous refugees bring? One sure fact is: those growing numbers of Muslims get away with a lot. Cem Özdemir, the long-time leader of the Greens party, dared to complain that the Turkish Muslims of the organization Ditib are well tolerated in Deutschland, despite of propaganda that calls up to become a martyr. What that means is explained by Farid and his Kollegah: »With a belt of explosives into the Splash« (a fun bath and recreation centre). So is this text okay if only Deutsche are targeted? Few seem to care in Deutschland. Just one line of all this battle-rap raised a hot ethics debate: »my body more defined as of inmates of Auschwitz«. This may sound like Nazi talk. That is what all those just wait for who are of the fixed opinion that anything goes in culture and politics except a revival of the Nazis. So isn't it true that some aggressive proud Muslims of today are better developed than the Jews and others were who were killed in Auschwitz? That's the core of the problem.

9.2 The Hate that bad Muslims raise takes Lives

Many people not only in Deutschland learned in school that Nazis are this planet's worst people. For some the consequence is that they grew up with hating Nazis, while they ignore or take easy all other bad people of this planet. Even for the notorious and murderous terror group RAF, the fight against virtual Nazis served as justification. But since in their years only a few forlorn Nazis formed the unimportant party NPD, they instead killed business people and judges, claiming that these were new or old Nazis. The notorious RAF lawyer Otto Schily then became the charismatic symbol figure of the Greens party. Greens and other radical leftists fight hard to bring in and keep in as many migrants as possible into Europe and Deutschland! So what made that Negro from the Islamic country of Niger stab to death his Deutsche ex-wife and her child in Hamburg? We read this news right at the side of the article about those two rappers. While those rappers are still well able to keep their hate under control, many Negroes are so primitive and aggressive, like untamed beast from Africa are. Hamburger Greens and others tried hard to let stay this Negro and others of his »Lampedusa group«. Lampedusa is one European island where this »bad seed« becomes more and more of a problem. The above picture shows the toilet of another small island in big trouble, it's Lesbos. With boats those aliens come in, and they grow dangerously in number. The Greeks know that the orientals become extremely dangerous as they multiply. They remember that their people were driven away by the Turks from Asia after 1918, while many thousands were killed by those Muslims. Now more of these push into Europe and demand asylum. We must call those Greeks deadly stupid who allow and even welcome these! But also among the Greeks are traitors of their own people, anti-Greeks. The German reporter Vanistendael, a Turkish type of guy, was in one such camp called Moria, a well-known name for Lotr fans. In the Moria of Middle Earth those mythical dwarfs had built their astonishing and artful underworld kingdom. That kingdom however was ruined, as the seed of darkness invaded and destroyed Moria. In Moria on Lesbos, the dark and ugly orientals defecate in toilets who are incredibly unclean! Nobody seems to care to clean those toilets! They have plenty of sea-water nearby and bottles, but instead of doing this little for sanity and safety, they throw those empty bottles into the soiled toilets and the showers. What do these do there all day? They cut holes into the fences and »visit« nearby villages. The reporter explains that the refugees drink coffee there. Imagine that these would also steal, assault, rob and rape; just like they do at other locations. Hardly a Deutsche reporter would tell about it. In one scene of this FAZ mag cartoon reportage, Vanny visits a medical doctor, a sullen redhead. She explains: »We mostly treat the sniffles and throat pains and so.« So is it true that nobody of those third world people brings in common serious diseases, from Aids to typhus to tuberculosis? The real problem is that those migrants are protected by a certain sort of mendacious and hostile people. Some want to help those migrants in need, but at the same time they act like our serious enemies. This is especially true for the Greens party. In the same glamorous FAZ magazine we also read one statement of the currently only really successful politician of the Greens. Winfried Kretschmann is the head of state of Swabia and Baden-Würtemberg. He tries to be a home-grown Catholic rather than a radical pro-Islamic leftwinger, that makes him an outsider in his own party. He descends from East Prussia, where the Soviets killed about half a million Deutsche civilians and drove out or captured the rest. So doesn't this old man from a lost country like Moria fear that something like this will happen again, if millions of fast multiplying darklings invade our nice home countries? Strangely enough only this Catholic seems to be at odds with his green comrades just when it comes to the question of identity. His party finds him »scurrilous«. He once replied:

»Hello! We are here not in an enemy's land!«

That leads again to the core of the problem. Radicals and leftists call any Deutsche Nazis, and think that this gives them the right to welcome every sort of bad aliens and disrespect our ethnic and other rights. Some even openly try to morally and culturally annihilate us, they want us to stop being Deutsche and become Europeans. Some behave like Romans in occupied Germania. So can it be that religion plays a role here? Of course Hitler's Nazis hated the Jews since these wrongly claimed to be God's chosen people. For much the same reason similar radicals today hate the Deutsche. Some such radicals so much hunger for power that they cannot tolerate others with better genes. It's typical for some zealots and radicals that the zeal that comes from their mouths is hardly stoppable. Their intuition is eager to prod them to try and provoke and insult, ever slier and harder. Their hate-rap may make others attack. The redhead doctor from the Moria camp also told to the reporter Vhatszisnaem that most of the women refugees come in raped. The badness of these people is so enormous! Many are driven by immoral greed, and they can't stop the bad drive nor even identify it. So can't all those people of the »press of lies« (so the AfD) not try and draw a red line in between us and bad migrants? In the elitist intellectual magazine Tichys Einblicke I found this (08/17 p. 83), it's by the senior co-editor of the FAZ and publisher Hugo Müller-Vogg:

»When the media call everyone a refugee who enters Deutschland without a visum – that is, illegally – there is a clear political will behind this... After a differentiation of the journalist's favorite term »refugee«, normally a more critical reporting about the Deutsche politics of immigration would have to follow. But that is what most of the established media don't want... Because they find unlimited immigration good, just as the politicians do, that they want to have near... Politicians would possibly hand out less informations to critical journalists... At the »Bild« [tabloid] it originally was common to not report about the violence in the asylum resorts. Since journalists are human too, it's very hard for them to admit those errors from that time... Instead those people who address, without makeup, the problematic consequences of the immigration politics, get stamped as radical rightists very swiftly... When then someone condemns Merkel's politics of autumn 2015 [to welcome the 9/4 deluge of migrants], from others anger splashes out.«

Definitely those above rappers are youngsters who learned from Islam to let anger inspire if not dictate their talk. We must find that also the elite of leading oldtimers from politics, society and the media is under the sway of that same anger. So how can this elite honestly tell our youngsters to become democrats and good citizens? They fool the public with their strategy of clever lies and obfuscation, and defame people unfairly as right-wingers who dissent and try to be more honest. As it seems Ms. Merkel, stamped in communist East Germany, has problems to walk the line and be a democrat. One insider wrote that instead of her party-friends, lately the Greens became her most trusted political partners. While that old lady drifts into the radical anti-national corner she also shows that it's not as easy as it was before to fool us, with a politics of lies and intimidation.

Starting 2.000 years ago, many darker people tried to bring in oriental religions into the Roman Empire and Europe. They just found that the deities of such bad religions would help them to better compete and to become better respected. And let's face the facts, in the early years Christianity was the worst religion of all these, a religion of sadistic lies. The teachings of Jesus, even in the brushed-up version of Turkish Saint Paul, seemed to lead the world into an inevitable disaster. Jesus was sure that this worldly era would end soon, and that an age of unprecedented disaster would follow, when hell would break loose. Only gradually the Frankish Christians learned to trust more into a better God.

Today most Christian clerics and propagandists are unwilling to admit, that the way of the Bible leads into inescapable disaster. Too much of this old-time religion has already lost it's silly wicked charms. But while many Christians seem to stop believing in hell and love their world; other Orientals and darklings from bad places try to intrude, sent in by hostile cosmic aliens, as replacement rogues who teach Europe the bad old lore again.

9.3 Pwyll's Last Voyage (Chapter Four)

Some other day, his hunters found Pwyll's last remains.
Their pack of hounds now seemed to yap with wretched sounds.
Of his proud coat of arms, they saved the iron chain.
The huntsmen said: »The prince now walks on greener grounds.«

That was not true, some rests of him were still at place.
His bones were neatly gnawed off, spread and churned.
The hungry wolves had bitten through his chest and face,
But for some airy reason just one leg was spurned.

They carried what was left of Pwyll to Marthen's Caer.
From that strong hold the songs of mourning soon arose.
His widow prayed to dead Araun: »Dark Lord, be fair!
Do you not rule a world that is not so morose?«

There seemed to come an answer, when she was in bed.
Was it Pwyll's ghost who hugged her, and did her inform:
»The prince who loves you is the king now, of the dead!«
Now that was foolery, worked by some cunning worm.

Just like in the tale of Goland and Melisande, the lone ride of the ancient Welsh hero Pwyll into the forest symbolizes his death. The tale has it that for his bravery he became the fantasy king of the realm of the dead; like Wotan, Osiris and Jesus. That was but a foolery of all those congeras.

9.4 Is the Deluge of Migrants into Europe just an Experiment?

Let me not forget to also listen to the other side. A Yasha Mounk recently said on German TV:

The mass-migration into Deutschland and Europe is not an act of humanity for harassed »refugees«! This is a »historically unique experiment«. A monocultural and monoethnic society gets transformed into a multiethnic society.

Do Jews experiment with us, to fully deconstruct our culture, our cities and towns and our society too? Ms. Mounk was raised in Bavaria, but now he has become a leading Harvard featherweight. He proudly explains the plans for a total cultural renovation in Europe. He's a Jew, and like Jews often do, he constantly warns before populists, right-wingers and nationalists. Mounk conjures the danger, that right-wingers disrespect democracies and legal systems. So isn't this something that is typical for bad aliens who enter Europe? Is it not the tradition in Africa to poorly respect any laws, and do not most Muslims rather keep to Islam than to western laws and noble rules? Indeed a small but loud-mouthed minority wants these aliens in, but these are mostly other aliens.

Those who welcome migrants and rally for multi-ethnic societies do this before a background of bad religion often. They don't really have a colorful mix of cultures in mind, but they are formed by and bound to doctrines of old-time religions or ideologies that seem to deform them insanely. In fact in many countries roguish leftists and Semites use migrants to weaken local authorities. Often leftists have sympathy for roguish, revolutionary and totalitarian ideologies, including their old-time Marxism. They fail to perceive the hidden supernatural powers who manipulate them. The evil Greys know well why they send us masses of darklings: They want to bring us down. Indeed strange aliens experiment with humans like with mice, but they have bad results in mind.

Nazi! This is one of the favorite insults today in Deutschland. It's often raised against populists, rightists or conservatives. That may include anyone who worries and speaks up as alien migrants and nomads change Europe to the worse. This accusation often doesn't really make sense, but it's some kind of Orwellian foolery issued by underlings, rogues and fools who welcome migrants as people of their like. So let me try and prove that the Social Democrats of the Deutsche SPD party are the new Nazis. It's what we learn from this story (MC Kölnische Rundschau 24.03.18 p.34):

SPD wants tunnel below the river Rhine... Already the master plan of Albert Speer had it.

Was this Albert a Jew, like Einstein was? Cologne's most catholic newspaper forgot to remind us that Albert Speer was the chief architect of Hitler's Reich. That means that now the »comrades« of Cologne want to do the same that the Nazis had planned. Can they never learn from history?

The KR also forgot to mention the dramatically failed recent tunnel building project. While they were building a north-to-south tunnel, subway builders made the city archive collapse, and lots of very precious documents sank into the mud. That building scandal was the result of a mentality of working everything faster and cheaper, and save a share for party donations. They do never learn from history! They would first need to realize that speed demons in the far sky are pushing them.

Now seriously! Albert Speer was some kind of star architect of the Nazi empire. He designed the new Berlin, that should become a capital of a worldwide Nazi Reich. On sketches for Deutsche cities we see some spectacular but definitely oversized buildings. The Nazis had had in mind to redesign Germany with the help of mostly forced laborers, while not soiling their hands. Many of their ideas were comparable to the plans and deeds of haughty bad Muslims or Soviets. We must find that their idea, to build more and bigger cities and buildings for more but smaller people, was a wrong idea. The Nazis were megalomaniacs. Megalomania is typical for totalitarian ideologists. Thinking small helps well against this delusion. The current Prince of Wales was right when he reminded his many fans, that our builders and architects should always think of the human scale.

Fast reproducing migrants force us right now to build more and bigger houses, but in cities who are already much too big. Hostile and socially incompetent dark aliens can't live in peace in their home regions and prosper. The Somalis for instance ruined their nation and much of their habitat. Many Negroes are welfare recipients who leave behind wastelands as they move on. It could be a fatal error to welcome these into Europe as (false) refugees. They might only ruin our habitat too.

The Nazis realized that races are different, and some are inferior, so what? That's rather obvious. But only if you know about the super-developed congeras you get the idea how inferior even the best developed humans really are. We are facing demons who bash us with star-powered N-rays. We need to get a lot wiser and find more courage and good emotions to resist to cosmic devils!

Oh yes, I just was reading an article in the National Geographic Magazine about some dinosaur. A worker found this fossil in the badlands of Alberta, it broke to pieces when experts tried to lift it. They also failed to realize that the dumb beast had broken into the ice of a nearby bay, and thus was conserved in an unusual good state. It had two large and more horns on either side, with this it resembles the above shown Tricorn Castle. Why did God develop such rather ugly beasts? God was forced to allow ugly things around here. Some devils who liked this still want more ugliness.

So isn't it true that Deutschland started two world wars without any good cause? Hitler just didn't respect other people's borders nor their personal rights, neither do many of today's leftwingers and Semites who welcome bad migrants in Europe. The same haughty spirit that made Hitler want to rule the world the tyrannic way, also powers up today's bad Muslims and Leftists! Hitler had some layman's ideas about the qualities of races, but he was unable to see that just the better whites also need more protection, since they may become the special targets of demonic enemies. When about a million of refugees arrived at the borders of Deutschland in 9/4 2015, chancellor Merkel decided to let them all in. She told before the cameras »We will make it!« That statement encouraged many more darklings to try and visit Deutschland and to stay as long as they possibly can. Countries like Algeria teem with angry young men. Less than one percent or maybe nobody from there has the legal right for asylum, only radical Greens want such people in. Frau Merkel's administration visibly »just didn't make it«, and many fraudsters and social parasites now can't be returned to the countries where they belong. Here's a report of one case (MC KR 24.03.18 p. 4):

Düsseldorf. The statal government demands help from the federal government because one Algerian can't be pushed back to Algeria. They expect the ministers Seehofer (CSU) and Maas (SPD) to do something, but what? Hamza C. is one highly dangerous Islamic Scoundrel. Hamza lied to the authorities, he was living here under cover and used many false identities. He possessed IS clothing, and videos of suicide assassins, and of brutal executions. They put him before court for a planned assault but he was freed of charges. Now he claims that he is an Islamist and must expect to be tortured in his home country.

It is possible according to the law, to expel a suspect of terror. But during the leaden times of the rather ill reputed statal minister Ralf Jäger (SPD) that only happened once! The consequence was that in his red-green years the state of NRW became a safe-haven for dangerous Muslims. Some of the assassins of Paris and others acted rather freely here, they bought cars. Now conservative federal minister Seehofer announced a tougher line, but the government hesitates to support him. In there is also Heiko Maas, the foreign minister. With a radical book Heiko started a campaign to stop rightists and others from spreading propaganda, and anything he disliked, in the Internet. The press complained so loudly against this leftist homosexual that he was reallocated to his new job.

The problem exists for decades: Radicals, rogues and terrorists of the worst sort escape from the local authorities of their countries into the west. Here they are welcomed mainly by left-wingers for several reasons, but mainly because of a common rogue mentality. Young left-wingers often start as vanguard Marxists and romantic revolutionaries. Eventually some join small-scale terror groups like RZ or Antifa. A decade later some become the ministers of justice or integration! It's rather hopeless to expect of such people that they get over their strong leftist beliefs and their hate regarding borders, cops and laws. Some are secret communists because Jesus was a commie too. Of course the scare that they might end up in hell since they fell from grace of the sky still works on many people who are not really Christians. But as Christians now realize that mighty devils live up there who fooled us so much, some might get into even worse mental and real troubles.

9.5 The Nigger is dead – God's commemorating Rap Song

Chorus 1: The nigger, yeah, the nigger is dead.
He won't need another drink, nor have to find some bread.
They can give his things away and purify his bed,
And put into his home another nigger in his stead.

1. Hey look now, there's a body lying down on the street.
It's a stiff, yeah man, he won't crawl back on his feet.
Maybe he had some disease! He is black from toe to head!
No it's a blackleg, just a nigger, and the nigger is dead!

2. Better watch now what you say, this talk is strictly incorrect.
He's no nigger never more, since he is now more defect.
So call him Afromerican, call him Negro merry-man.
They will find a place for his remains in some bargain tin can.

Chorus 2: Yeah the nigger is dead, maybe from a heart attack,
Or he ran into a car, or they shot him in the back.
If they put these into jail where they must live inside a cage,
And get fed three times a day, they also die from old age.

3. That nigger must have hit the road, and the asphalt hit him back.
So should we search his pockets now, and take a look into his sack?
Now that should be a waste of time, this thing is sad to say,
Another nigger surely took his cell and wallet right away.

4. Looks like he lost the rhythm, the melody of life.
Just like they lose their senses, their money and their wife.
So maybe God decided, to dislike now his rap,
And shut forever up another nigger's babble-trap.

Chorus 3: Yeah, the nigger is dead, maybe eaten by a cancer,
Or he got murdered by a thug, since he was a child romancer,
Or he took a deadly dose, of some Negro medication,
That they donate to Africa, for that entire Negro reservation.

Concerto break: The howling ambulance comes in

5. Hey mister ambulance man, better stop now what you do.
Are you sure you want him back? Chances are you have no clue.
If you want some more of these, drive to Africa instead.
You can find a billion there, but this nigger here is dead.

6. Should they not caress his chest, and then kiss him just in case?
That won't help a bloody thing, just look at the cooky face.
Better kick him in the bum, look he seems to feel no smart.
Bet when he was still alive, he already had no heart.

Chorus 4: Yeah, the nigger is dead, maybe from some garbage meal,
or from some moonshine whiskey drink, from a bottle he did steal.
Some say his soul goes marching on, as Satan's new recruit.
Since Jesus has enough of these and says to Mary: Shoot!

7. Should they not phone up some one, his mother maybe or his wife?
There may be someone missing him, who rather thinks that he's alive.
But judging by his shoes some guys will really miss him so.
Where he now is some bill collectors sure would like to know.

8. Now look at that dead nigger, for the very last time.
They just gave up on him, he ain't worth another dime.
They put him in a body bag and seal it with some tape.
The nigger looks like Batman now, all wrapped up in his cape.

Concerto break: Batman! Yeah, take this nigger up into the sky!
But first you need to teach a dead nigger how to fly.

Chorus 5: Yeah the nigger is dead, maybe from some ghetto drug,
or from some African disease, or from some fat lady's hug.
Suppose that Jesus is alive, they shall resurrect from bins,
And come to us the way they were, as retribution for our sins.

Al-Esskla in Cool Germany?

Actually I wrote this song to show to the youngsters of today that God is not some insane pa with a gray beard who does not care about the problems that his world's offspring has. Nigger is a bad word of course, but rap music is the place for such incorrect language. When last spring I heard four Negroes on the streets here calling each others niggers, I thought that I can well do this too.

»Cool Germany« titled the British »Economist« recently. They found Deutschland more diverse than ever, and wise guys who disagree risk their jobs. Deutschland's leading newspaper FAZ but found this comment shocking, since Muslims had burned the flag of Israel in public. Latest news are that due to the above rapper's bad texts, Deutschland decided to abolish the music price Echo. The fact is that such Negro music brings us down, and often those people like this who dislike us.

9.6 Germany's Biggest Loser

This older photo shows the trainer of the national soccer team of Germany, Jogi Löw, in the hour of his triumph. With his team he just won the soccer world championship of 2014 in Brazil. We see him here hugging his wife in the very crowded stadium. Or should we say Deutschland now instead of Germany? Many will feel that this is contrary to the international trend. In soccer and in other disciplines of sports, teams tend to get more and more international and multi-colored. It has become common that everybody speaks English. In 2014 some leading Eurocrats discussed the idea to more and more integrate Europe, not only politically and economically but also by the way of abolishing national identities. We would have expected them to try and introduce instead a common European identity, with a proud look back to the traditions of imperialist Rome and the Vatican. But that was not even true for most of the liberals and leftists who factually pleaded for the abolition of Deutschland, Germany, Allemagne, Nemetzka or even Dayguo. Many Eurocrats are in fact traditional socialists and leftists, and these have in mind a traditional socialist order for all the world, placing people of their sort at the tops. That seems to have been the leading idea in the stormy mind of Martin Schulz (SPD). With this campaign he became Germany's biggest loser of the election year 2017. The Social Democrats are lucky that some professional party women saved them from a free fall into the role of a fringe party. Women are more important than many business people can imagine, who are mostly atheists and have no sense for the power of magic.

But now to Jogi Löw again. In the year 2018 he talked professionally optimistic, when he and his team traveled to the world championship in Russia. The soccer-fan media already gathered news and facts that seemed to explain why Deutschland was worthy and ready to win the title one more time. I however had foreseen that Mexico would be strong, for reasons I'll explain maybe later. Deutschland lost to Mexico in game one, and to (South) Korea in game three, and that was it! For Deutschland it was a historical drubbing! Never before the national team was kicked out so early!I am a poet with full heart, and therefore I composed this verse, with respect to beaten Jogi Löw:

Si receduisses sturnus mansisses – If you had receded you would have remained a star

Note that this verse is not in Deutsch but in Latin. That's an antique language that many students love to hate while they must study it for their school or university exams. The leading culture of Deutschland was a topic of hot debate in the last years. Of course some Christians, most notably aged Joachim Gauck (the former Federal Mendacious Priest and Federal President) were not fond of the idea to reintroduce more national fervor into the mindscape of Deutschland. Their leading culture is neither Deutsch nor European, but it's Biblical of course. We must add that Gauck also much welcomed bad refugees, comparing them to Deutsche like my father who were driven away from their lost lands by the Soviets. Gauck's name fitted nicely to this, since gauki is an ancient German word for cuckoo! That is what many refugees actually are while they pour into Europe.

But not only Joe Gauck, once the leading protestant state priest of atheist East Germany (DDR, GDR), much tried to counteract to our natural tendencies of white pride, and to integrate strangers of any low quality into Europe. That seems to be just the trend in the world of global business. It doesn't matter how strangely people look and get treated. All that matters is that they eventually work well for small money. And if they should excel at a job they eventually easily earn millions!

Absolutely! In the year 2018, the Deutsche soccer team seemed to look more diverse and colored than ever. The leading face of the team was that of the Negro Boateng, who had even been the team captain for some time. This Negro seemed to be one of the rare sort of nice sports stars who are able to perform well before a camera. He talked so relaxed on TV! Maybe many expected of him to politely step aside, if any guy in a hurry should try to rush past him, just playing some ball. Then there was also the Turk Gündogan. Our leading news magazine SPIEGEL blamed mainly him for the initial defeat of the Deutsche team. The dark Turk with a Deutsche passport is a fan of his Turkish president Erdogan. Since Erdogan is tyrannic like a Turk and therefore rather disliked in political Deutschland and Europe, we may expect that Gündogan ran into a loyalty conflict. In 2018 the Deutsche soccer fans also seemed to have become less numerous. Their national flags only rarely could be seen in public. It was as if the national spirit hadn't been supporting this new motley team. What were those people playing for? They are professionals who just did their jobs. Prior to the soccer championships of 2018, Deutschland's leading tabloid BILD-Zeitung printed 40 million copies of a free extra issue, and distributed them to all our households. As I opened up this advertisement issue on page two I had to look into the aged face of ex-president Gauck again. They also showed the Bratwurst king and the Soccer kaiser. And of course there was Jogi Löw. He could have stepped back in 2014, and if he would then have asked them to grant to him the palace of Sanssouci in Potsdam for his retirement days they maybe would have agreed. But just in the world of sports, some guys behave as if they were glued to their seats. It is as if they needed a smashing defeat first, like the one that struck Old Fritz, the ill-fated conqueror king from Prussia.

So what is the secret of the destiny of this black-haired and dark-eyed Southerner Jogi Löw? Few Deutsche but most Jews may think that this guy looks like the Jewish king of Deutschland! Also the name Löw (Deutsch: Löwe, lion) nicely fits to this. The name reminds of Rabbi Löw, the hero of a key Jewish fantasy drama. The tale has it that Rabbi Löw was a wizard in medieval Prague. When the Jews were persecuted there, he created a giant for their help, the Golem. He allegedly did this using Hebrew spells from the cabbala. Nowadays we may think that the Golem reminds of the Titans, the mythical super-race of a golden age, God's ideal humans. While Jews are mostly no such Titans, the myth has it that God selected them as his chosen people. With Jogi Löw the old myth seemed to have become true. He was able to command around all the bigger Deutsche. The UTR has it that the Golem symbolizes the Messiah. My name Holubek sounds a bit like I am the Golem. One of my earliest ancestors was a leading mason at the dome of St. Vitus in Prague.

But the story of Jogi's historic defeat also tells us some more real things about magic. One person who was missing in 2018 was his blond Deutsche wife. In the meantime Jogi had divorced her. I assume the spirit of lust had just left them, and they were very different types after all. But while a sportsman's wife often hardly gets noticed by the fans she may play a mighty role. Women may suffer for their men. They can help to counter the mental pressure that all the fans naturally exert.

Surely in 2018 most people of this planet didn't want to see the Deutsche win the title yet another time. In 2014 though, a spirit of worldwide sympathy had carried the Deutsche towards success. I remember well the last day when I watched such a game. It was when Deutschland faced Brazil in the semi-finals. After just a few minutes, the Negroes of the team of Brazil seemed to fall into a trance! They played as if they were at the Copacabana. The Deutsche scored one goal after the other. Ten minutes later I got scared and switched off my TV. Later I red in the news that that was the time when the team of Brazil started to really play again. Strange things may happen due to the fact that the Greys and other demons are so much in control of just some selected Negroes. In 2018 a wild bunch of Negroes playing for France couldn't stop their victory dances in the end.

Zur freien Verbreitung! Distribute freely! Bertram Eljon (und Sofia Ewa) Holubek, Zuelpicher St. 300, 50937 Koeln, Deutschland, Ga-Jewas Planet / Fragen? Kommentare? Questions? Comments? Send your E-Mail to beljonde{ät]yahoo.de