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A Goddess is introduced Revealing the one and only Earth Goddess.
The Nordic Hailsway A short Nordic Introduction into God's Universal Truth Religion
The Three Light Gods of the Germanic and Celts were all that the Bright Nordic needed
Title: Isnt She Beautiful - Yes She's ugly!

10. African Art generates African Bad Taste

Freiberg Voodoo Arts Scenery made by a Negro

10.1 Contemptorary Negro Art from Freiberg, Swabia

Now that's a piece of contemptorary art! This scene is not in Africa, but it used to be in the garden of the modern arts museum of Freiberg, Swabia, Deutschland. This is the perverted work of the Negro Cyprien Tokoudagba from Benin, at the Slave Coast. It was already exposed on the World Exposition of Paris in 1989. Thirty years ago the international arts scene used to applaud to this stuff, and it sold well. But already thence some critics warned that the messages that such artwork spreads were little understood. The common professionals of the arts business never cared much about messages, these try to raise not hell but the prices. And sex sells of course, even if it comes in perverted, intolerable ways; and sometimes especially then. The officials only had the idea that this is a scenery based on African Voodoo religion, so what? This »Voodoo pantheon« allegedly displays some central characters of the African Voodoo religion. So it's religion, and on this field the western liberal smart set guys tend to be stupidly tolerant. Tolerance here means to close the eyes. So this is what we really welcome, as we welcome diverse cultures and make room for them in our museums and also our universities. Isn't it obvious that stuff like this brings us down, like bad medicine? The big problem is that hardly anyone is able to correctly interpret such arts. Of all those westerners who see this surely most hate it on first view. But some white scamps will find that this sexes them up, and such guys have a strong saying within the modern arts community.

So what does this mean? Who are these deities, and what do they have to say? Even experts of African-Brazilian hoodoo Voodoo may find it hard to correctly sort out all those deities. Since the days of the Yoruba tribe the Negroes of West Africa used to identify several hundreds of deities. As those Voodoo cults also spread among the Negroes of Brazil and South America, the number of the deities was reduced. The Voodoo deities also were assigned to this or that Christian saint. It seemed to be not much of a problem for simple Negroes to identify a pagan deity with a Catholic saint. The Voodoo deities also seemed to vary much in character, they were allegedly nicer in the Rada pantheon but harsher in the Petro version. At a Voodoo homefort those Negroes would get intoxicated and bedazzled. Then those deities seemed to possess them. Who moved into whom then? Shamans would debate such questions, but the dumb cultists surely often didn't care much.

So that is the theory of religion. Surely Voodoo cultists can explain many of the things that we see on the above scenery, in traditional ways. But as we look at the above pantheon with critical western minds, we easily find that this scenery has a perverted and twisted message. The black guy sits, with an erected penis, in front of the white guy who is on his knees with his hands tied behind his back. Surely such a pose of slavery was meant to especially annoy Whites. Not only those western freaks and liberals with an »anti-racist« tendency will find this okay and enjoyable. There are perverts who find it sexy to see Negroes on White women, because this is so degrading. From the perspective of religion we must worry. Why is just perverted sex abnormally attractive? This always was one big question that western Christian religion had to leave open. Their Jesus strongly reminds of this white scamp, since both are shown fettered and in a pose of humiliation. Some coloreds say, hearing the tale of Jesus, that this washout was vanquished by stronger gods. So are these colored deities of the above scenery the stronger new African gods, for a culturally diverse Europe and the west? Should we welcome such juggernauts in our churches too, like we already do in some universities and museums? We see three Negro gods, and that reminds us of the theories of Dumézil. This theory has it that a triad of male gods tended to take the lead in cults of pagan Indo-European religion. Those three gods were separated by their functions. They were the magician, the warrior and the giver. It is possible if not likely that pagan seafarers or traders from Europe came into contact with those Negroes, and were at the origin of such Voodoo cults.

The UTR however finds that these structures are those of the Berk-OS, a misleading cosmic plan of how to create and operate planets like this one. Like other pagan deities, these three deities of some Voodoo cult may be regarded as fictitious only. From a chaotic background interferes the badly known Earth Goddess, the creatress. Voodoo cultists from Nigeria call this goddess Oya, the water goddess of the river Niger. Idols show her with a double ax on her head, this is a typical symbol of the heart cranes of a congera, blood tubes connected to the head section. In Brazil Oya became Yemanja, goddess of the seas. Her brother-husband may be interpreted as the real savior. In the absence of the savior, the goddess had to refrain from coming out and showing her powers. She appears here as one strange beast, but that idol was spoiled by overlays of the hostile aliens.

On my modded photo in fact those two beasts separate this world from the hellish chaos around. They keep away hostile congeras who make the bad, primitive and off-species people reproduce. On the above pantheon these two strange beasts look adverse and wild! While the lion symbolizes the power of the savior, the strange rainbow-colored beast at the other side of the pantheon may be seen as a symbol of the white congera Ga-Jewa, who in fact emits lights. These beasts here become symbols of the two aspects of God, the male and the female. But since this is the artwork of some Negro only, these beasts are shown in bad forms. Surely the Voodoo cultists hoped that these beasts would sexually power up not only them but also this sitting juggernaut, who is here shown with horns in the colors of the Earth Goddess. This is of course not what Ewa has in mind. She needs to let those Negroes die out, to replace them with guys who are smart enough to realize that there exists a good Earth Goddess with us, who but is misunderstood and sexually exploited.

10.2 Bertschie's Wedding Song (a Tribute to Heinrich Wittenwiler)

Once there lived in Switzerland,
Bertschie with the slimy hand.
Plans came to his murky mind,
That a bride he longed to find.

Bertschie with the running nose,
Came to Bertha Layall-Those.
But her preacher told him this:
»Staying single means more bliss!«

Is it true what Coleman preaches,
And the Holy Bible teaches:
That to heaven will ascend,
Those who not with bitches blend?

Secretly Our Lady swore:
»By the black-legs bloody lore!
Stopping oafs from getting fly,
Means they do not multiply!«

10.3 The dangerous Triumph of Incompetence

What's missing here is another psychological evaluation of the guys in charge. Right now, psycho medics are the guys whom you see when you encounter mental problems. But some of these try hard to gain on other fields, like the assessment of employees. Some professors calculate out, that many thousands of psycho docs would in principle be needed. In 1997 Wottawa/Hossiep wrote:

»In some especially important questions of life planning (choosing partners, planning the size of a family, where to live) only in exceptional cases psycho experts get consulted.«

So can it be that even our best Deutsche experts still understand so little about human problems? We may easily think out a scenario in which our psychologists try much harder to provide for such badly needed and life-saving advice. They could for instance warn white women who get to the idea to marry a Negro, that such types are often bad, primitive and erratic. Most marriages of Whites with Negroes fail! Such a male often leaves the female alone with some low-quality kids. These will hardly perform well at school, but they tend to take up a bad Negro and drug culture.

Standard Negroes are ill fated and racially adverse subhumans! That fact must be won from sober rational evaluation. We call Negroes Africans today, to point out that they belong back to Africa. But imagine that our best university experts would dare to tell to the people such plain facts. The political tendency is today to viciously ban such a lore from our minds, and even to ostracize the truthful people who dare to bring that up. Cultural trends like diversity, anti-discrimination and anti-fascism seem to demand that we grant such people equal opportunities even while they bring us down and endanger us. That is not only a problem of the coloreds. There is that leading group of darker, untruthful and unfair people that tries to block away these informations or refute them. They can't really make points with the idea that some few Negroes got rich even in Africa, or that some excellently perform in sports, but under conditions that allow doping. What's puzzling the experts is that nobody really seems to understand such questions of genes and human quality. The vast majority of the people in the west holds on to some bad religion of darkness from the orient. Semitic religion and leftist ideology traditionally promote darker types to the top positions, that means puny types with pitch-black hair and eyes. With this reversal of fair and dark we encounter the answer that the old-time religions give to the question of races: God seems to like the dark. In the name of God these darklings manage to confound and despoil much. So is the creator of the Earth in fact the one who lets resound the adverse leitmotif that foul is fair, and fair is foul? There is a good God who has a good sense of beauty and human value. This is not only what the UTR teaches, but the fact that human beauty exists and gets valued teaches us that God is not a rogue.

In politics, business and society, academic psychologists earn little reputation so far. That makes most young professionals retreat to the field of medicine, where they can concentrate on deficits of the human mind. The liberal to pro-Semitic media tend to like a few, who keep to the old-time and very obviously wrong doctrines of socialist philosophy, that education can work miracles and that the integration of strangers shall easily overcome the barriers of nations, genes and cultures. That societal trend only rises before a background of agnosticism or bad religion. While people must admit that they know nothing about higher powers, or while they take refuge to Semitic or other laughably wrong and already refuted bad religions, they also fail on their field of expertise. Since they are incompetent when it comes to explaining God they also fail to explain all creation.

The incompetence of our professional psychologists is the reason why they get hardly consulted in the key questions of human quality, morality and development perspectives. If these should be the guys who consult couples, they should consult the bad darklings to better not marry and to not have kids. But look to India, where just the darklings of the most miserable quality have many too many kids. They do this because they can't control themselves. The question of self control is not only a key question at the job. Of course bad coloreds would like too to be nice at home, and not spend their money too easily, and to rise in the mornings and do good jobs. But they can't do this too often. Due to the genes some types of people tend to fail foreseeably in life. We must deplore the trend of society to cover up such plain facts. It's a dangerous triumph of human incompetence.

10.4 The disliked Reality is that Negroes are just too bad

Social depravation is typical for Negroes. Many bwanas (good masters) in the west supported the struggle for the end of racism in South Africa. But when the Negroes came to power things soon started to get worse. Alcoholism and crimes are a scourge in the rapidly growing townships like Khayelitsa. Those slums are ruled by gangs, and when the Negroes drink buckets of beer and then spank and rape women, no police comes in to stop them. Since the end of the apartheid system, the income of black households sank by 19%. Half of the black population lives below the margin of poverty. Five million of the blacks suffer from the AIDS disease. Every year approximately 22.000 young Negro girls get raped. Why? Because it is a widespread superstition of Blacks who are sick of AIDS, that it may heal them if they have intercourse with a virgin. Those Negroes are just too stupid. In the white enclave of Orania for a change, there was not a single crime for many years, disregarding one car theft (see GEO 03/04). Here white settlers did not bring down a county. But with hard work they turned a dry landscape into a green pleasant environment. And they achieved this despite of the fact that they are fooled by Christianity and were often driven to bankruptcy because of the bad economical system of market liberalism, done the lawless African way. Those whites are just more able. But since those help organizations are often Christians, you can forget about talking to them. In magazine GEO (11/03) we read about Negress Susanna, a peasant woman from Kenya. While the black crooks of the Kenyan government wasted away millions of development money for western luxury goods, Susanna is very poor. She can't feed her children, and she has nine of them. The reporters are shocked to see those young Negro girls in an emaciated state. Susanna goes to the local mission station, where she meets Soeur Goretta, a nun who gets paid with western money. Soeur Goretta consults Susanna to feed her children with milk and meat. This sounds like scorn, but it isn't. Those Christians are much controlled by the devils, and this is why they do things that hit God and all humanity where it hurts us most. The devils like to see children suffer and die by the millions. Children are so innocent. When Negro bishops publicly burn condoms in Africa, they are of the opinion that they are doing the right thing. Most white Christians know better, despite the fact that their churches too often condemn any artificial method of birth control. They hate to admit it, but they are too weak to save Africa. They have the guts to confront bad Negroes who stop them, but they also need to resist to devils!

Negroes are just racially inferior. Indeed just this is confirmed by science, for instance by a study of scientists T. Vahanen from Finland and colleagues. Most real experts come to the conclusion that among all races, Negroes are the least intelligent humans (Italian magazine Quark, 02/04), even put into consideration that they lack means of education and culture. But here we touch a taboo topic that raises spontaneous strong and even hateful emotions. The problem of the West is not only that Westerners are often Christians too, but the problem is also that they refrain from discussing the real issues. They can't be reasonable since they are still no match for cosmic devils.

The situation in Africa about ten years ago was hopelessly bad. In times past many incompetent experts and ideologically biased politicians used to blame white colonialists for the problems of Africa. They did this from the perspective of their teachings, but field studies in Africa showed that the African Negroes just can't develop well, even with all the money the West pours into the region. Most recently even those western liberals who believe that »the Market saves« must admit that development aid in Africa typically largely, and in the end totally fails. Some experts read it as a good sign that the number of rich people in Africa has multiplied. There are a few who profit much from western money, and the sheer amount of western aid has even turned Africa into our net debtor. So while we give them, these few rich Africans eventually lend us our money back, but at high interest rates. That doesn't concern many financial deciders in the west, who know that the West is already totally over-indebted and factually bankrupt. The simple western people tend to trust their clerics and politicians. But what if another Black Friday would erupt, like it did in 1929? It happened in socialist Venezuela in 2017 that the local currency suddenly lost it's value. Some protesters then were shot dead by the police, others just died of hunger and diseases. That is too something that the inferior coloreds bring into the west, they bring their dangerous diseases.

Typical bad luck arose also when some first Deutsche ventured to found a colony in Africa. With only a few ships, soldiers from Brandenburg, merchants from Emden and Dutch seamen managed to build up the mighty fortress called Groß Friedrichsburg, at the Gold Coast in West Africa. But they soon encountered troubles without end. Fevers made many whites sick or killed them. They constantly ran into troubles with the far mightier Dutch ships and colonies. Soon the merchants gave up that bad business, of selling black Moors in America. In 1697 the company was indebted with half a million talers and the fortress was rotting fast. It's significant that the first building of this colony, allegedly established already in 1661, was called Dorotheenschanze (near Accada). Today this coast belongs to Ghana, home of the scandalously bad ex-UN-chairman Kofi Annan.

10.5 The Blessing of Aecerbot (Strophe One)

Here is the godly good spell;
how you can make, your acres give better;
if there is nothing waxing so well, on them;
or if some unhealthy thing has been done, to them;
by way of sorcery or by pollution.
Start this before the day dawns.

10.6 The Strange Bad Taste of the Deutsche Bank

Now here we see another contemporary piece of Negro art. Who would not recognize it as art on first view? It's tougher to realize that this trashy looking stuff, here shown in my creative compilation collage, is the work of another Negro. His name is, ah, let's forget it. We must criticize this assemblage anyway, since the pigeonhole in the main building seems to be missing.

I don't think that this stuff is bad art. Even trashy, primitive and modern art often has a certain show value, and with the correct inspiration you may also find a message in it. I took this image from a 2017 ad of the Deutsche Bank, in the colorful magazine just called art. There is much more bizarre and even more plain and trashy stuff that fills the many pages of this magazine. The editors need to fill their pages after all, preferably with stuff that is dark and weird but also flashy, bizarre and a bit obscene.

Let me instead write about the Documenta show of 2017. That was, in principle, leading the typical balding gray Deutsche arts and business pundits into faraway Athens. But the main article about this arts fair introduced into the works of a colored guy with the funny obscene name Beau Dick of Kwakwaka'wacko! His grotesque Negro demon mask has black skin, blond hair, red eyes and a mouth opened wide, apparently ready for the introduction of a beautiful dick. We see this Amerind chief dancing at a tribal show, maybe he quacks to invoke the duck spirits. Let me not show this morbid stuff here. We see another similar Negro demon mask by the same artist on the following pages, with kids in front of it. Is this the educational stuff that those morbid arts business people prefer? We miss all the pages of better stuff, fantasy arts or furniture maybe. Instead we see pictures of mutilated or stabbed body parts and grungy depressing looking artists. And, of course there are one-two-three-four-five-sex-seven-eight pages about Picasso again, the mastermind of all the »fair is foul and vice versa and vice pays« artists. Definitely, just judging from this single high-cost arts magazine, many artists from different cultures easily end up with the same Negro and black magic artwork.

10.7 R-R-R! Deutsche Bank... raided by... Corporate Raiders!

Now here is the chief who was in charge when some bank managers decided over the above shown Deutsche Bank arts price. Some call such top-notch bankers top dogs, to distinguish them from the ordinary staffers and the middle management. On the top level of firms a special sort of managers takes seats. Many come in for just a short time, and some behave like bank robbers or pirates. Hey Mr. Cryan, where did you put the money that you cashed in from the bank you didn't own? Latest Panama papers tell us that Panama bank accounts are not as safe as they used to be. You but have the option to pack your bucks into chests and to bury them on the island of Tortuga.

Now, seriously, don't get this former Chief Execution Officer wrong. In this text bubble of mine there ain't no rude words. What he is saying is simply a word in Deutsch: Verkaufen means: Sell! It's a simple stock market investment consultation. As we look at the value of one Deutsche Bank share we find that it sank from 100 Euros in 2007 to just around 10 Euros ten years later. In 2017 Mr. Cryan was very optimistic that the current losing streak was over. But as it turned out, he was absolutely wrong. He was very optimistic again for the year 2018, but didn't get another chance.

In the past years, the shareholder received a dividend of ten to twenty cents for each share. At the same time though, the top dogs may each have received a yearly bonus of big millions of Euros. Isn't it a bitter shame that these guys earn so much money, while many others earn so little money for harder work? It's what our economic liberal system allows. Most people who think about this find this absolutely unfair and wrong. It was harshly criticized by me and the media for instance, that despite of their bad behavior and performance, Volkswagen managers cashed in big bonuses in 2015, while the company was in trouble deep. They were raiders too, and nearly all of the local top dogs didn't dare to find such behavior wrong – the only exception was British manager Chris Hohn from TCI investments. What if such raiders cash in so much that they ruin their companies? In the case of a sudden bankruptcy the market won't save, but this is what the governments must do. It's well justified that we introduce legislation, before a time of crisis, to let top managers earn no more than other people do who work comparably. The problem but seems to be that there is no general authority on a worldwide scale that could see to it that such legislation is put into action. There are many nations, like Russia and China, who are ruled by small circles of unscrupulous cronies. And in the USA many find it okay that companies rule themselves. That still works out at a time when managers have a strong sense of responsibility not only regarding their own nation. Normal US citizens won't deliberately ruin their own enterprises. But it's different with no-nation companies, who are too much under the sway of rich people who don't care. Did you know that the Deutsche Bank is factually rather the American Bank, since the majority of shares belongs to US shareholders? It's no wonder that US managers don't care much about a foreign bank that they exploit. Too many Anglo-Americans, among them are Jews, dislike Deutsche and pummel them. Right now the Deutsche Bank tries to get back sums of several hundred millions of wrongly paid bonuses! The greediest guy on the rogue list is Anshu Jain, a good looking man from India. From 2012 to 2015 only, he allegedly earned over a hundred millions of Euros. Is it a coincidence that such top dogs are also on top when it comes to bad taste in arts? They earned much whilst being the tools of the Greys, and those devils bow their necks and feed them with their disgraceful taste.























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