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The Nordic Hailsway A short Nordic Introduction into God's Universal Truth Religion
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Title: Isnt She Beautiful - Yes She's ugly!

11. Some Girls have all the Luck

Martin, Ms Merkel, Harry and Ms Markle

11.1 The strange Rise and Fall of Magic Martin

I took this (modded) arrangement of prominent persons from the 2017 yearbook of the tabloid Deutsche BILD Zeitung. Isn't it strange that already in the year before their marriage, Prince Harry and Meghan were nearly always in the news, in spite of the fact that they (should have) so little to say? Now seriously, who is the most important VIP on this collage? In the year 2017 that was Martin Schulz, arguably, the guy in the upper right corner. For years Martin Schulz had been the president of the European parliament. That also made him become a leading figure among the Eurocrats. And while many of these guys are little known to the common people in Europe, they have a lot to say when it comes to politics. From the point of view of political showbiz we must of course ask: Isn't he beautiful? Yes, definitely he is ugly. That is because of his very bald head top. The Internet has it that he lost most of his hair due to his bad drinking habits. On his nicer campaign posters the advertisement professionals cut Martin's upper nude head section off, and this is what I did too on this image. And doesn't he look nicer? Yes he doesn't, I mean no he does!

Definitely he smiles nicely here before the cameras, shaking hands with chancellor Mrs. Merkel. His political style however is rather agitated and stormy. It's something that I in tendency dislike, since I prefer much to decide over issues from the point of view of wisdom. On the other hand, when it comes to world politics, sometimes tough talk can help to secure the own standing and to impress political weaklings and rogues. But now, what must we think of Martin's loudmouthed talk in the era of the Brexit? Cologne people could read this in their MC KR (22.06.2017 p. 1):

»Brexit: Schulz hopes for a turnaround. The SPD chancellor's candidate warns before dramatic consequences... as a result of a “shameful election campaign of unscrupulous populists, who betray an entire generation in Great Britain of their future”.«.

Are these strong words justified? I think much will also depend on the future development. If the USA, the Commonwealth and the EU now should tumble into a sudden crisis, then many might remember the strong words of Martin Schulz and deem that he was right after all. But if all goes well like before, most ordinary citizens will be glad that they must not remember Martin. We face here the problem that oppositional politicians have. They must talk down the government, even if they were a part of it. They must make the crisis loom and talk bad a political situation that seems to function okay and will continue to do so, either way that it develops. Since Martin was already politically in charge, he wasn't a good down-talker. British and other Eurosceptics naturally put the blame for a shady and failed EU politics mainly on guys like him. While Martin Schulz was campaigning in Deutschland in 2017, things didn't turn out too well for him too. While his SPD party massively lost in the polls and regional elections, the BILD Zeitung titled (May 15, p.1)

»The Schulz Curse!«

On the day of the elections, Martin lost over 5 percent of the votes. He mustn't have expected this, since the big halls where he campaigned were filled with cheering supporters until breaking point. But Martin also confessed that they laughed at times when he tried to talk seriously. A new style of political comedy, also brought up by my website, was gaining ground not only in Deutschland.

So now to the question of magic. When he was chosen to become his party's candidate, Martin Schulz scored a sensational vote of 100 percent!! Not only then some people spoke of the magic of Martin! Indeed some rumours had it that people were seeing him in nightly visions. I know that these eerie tales were correct, since I saw him myself, three to four times. Martin is gay, that is what I learned. But where does this certainly unique magic come from? My religion, the UTR, links this magic to other famous people with the same name. Due to the same magic, the wizard Merlin, whose real name had been Myrddin, became so famous in the last era of pagan Britain. On the continent of Europe, Saint Martin became the most popular saint of the Frankish Reich. At first this Martin was so popular that a Frankish king was sending letters to his tomb. Some bishop was drinking a potion of the earth of his tomb as his medicine. These people definitely received impressive visions of mysterious Martin. They attributed these not to a living man but to a saintly ghost. So definitely Martin is one of those special names. The UTR has it that some Martin is still regarded as the Jesus of the nearest neighboring living planet Lar, 17 lightyears away. While on Lar many Syrizans (Christians) may pray to their Martin in heaven, these prayers fractally link to this or that Martin here on Earth. This magic may help, but it has an unreal and crazy foundation.

If we look back to the troubled era of the Brexit, we find that it was not a mysterious campaign of populists that made many British consider to favour the Brexit. This was the consequence of the hazardous and sectarian politics of the Eurocrats, and of all the things that went wrong in the EU. These Brussels socialists and liberals cared too little about the growing problem of bad asylum fraudsters and Islamic wrongdoers. Martin Schulz was leading a group of those who tried hard to grab as much political powers as they possibly can. He publicly favoured the »scenario five«, a plan of total integration of the member nations into the EU. That would but mean that many local and regional to national political liberties, rights and competences would now be transmitted onto the Eurocrats. In Paris and Rome, Brussels and Luxemburg nationalists and regionalists but find it hard to take a stand, while they are facing a haughty block of »reds«. These guys factually want to rather abolish the European nations, and to factually rid the governments of powers. So who are these, are these the genuine Europeans? They are the Reds, the united post-Soviet comrades.

Naturally Deutsche earn especially little respect and sympathies outside of their national borders. When in Mallorca in Spain, their most popular holiday location, some Deutsche dared in public to sing a song in the Kölsch dialect of Cologne, the police came in, but to press charges against the restaurant owner who hadn't stopped the show (Express 23.05.18 p. 23). Due to an odd law it's strictly verboten in Deutschland to sing in public. That is due to fears of copyright infringements, but it's the consequence of teachings of Deutschland's still most hated Jew Theodor Adorno, who didn't want to hear any Deutsche sing after Auschwitz. Here in Cologne they but have a different regional culture. So didn't those Cologne people explain to the Spaniards that they are, culturally, not really Deutsche but in fact strictly hold on to their regional culture, and even play Spanish and Latin songs at their summer fireworks festival? These Spaniards don't know and care about this. So where would plans of more integration of Europe lead us to? Already now just these modern leftist liberals try hard to allow in as many migrants as possibly, since this is »driving out Nazis«.

So did Martin bring down the SPD to it's historical low standing? Just three days after the SPD and the CDU/CSU formed another coalition, Martin suddenly quit. I suspect that he was just not able to manage the fears and the mental-real troubles who haunted him, just as he was about to become a key minister of the government. Definitely it was not only his fault that his old party tumbled into a crisis. It's the fault of bad magic that comes to those with the shorter straw in hand.

11.2 The crazy Magic of the Lucky Coin

Right here we see the planting of a lucky coin. It's an old ritual of ship builders, that was performed in the Christian year of 2010, in Deutschland at the Peene shipyard. A lucky coin, that was nailed on the pallwood, is supposed to bring luck to it's ship. Subsequently on that piece of wood the keel is laid of the future ship. On this piece of wood the keel was laid for a ship for the Swedish coast guard.

So does this coin bring luck or not? What would happen if it should get lost? It's a ritual only today, but just those seamen are known to be especially superstitious. At sea you more often meet phenomena of the unexplainable sort! Just think of murderous monster-waves, called white squall, Deutsch: Karwenzmann. Exceptional giant-size waves may make big vessels capsize and go under in a minute. But when the seamen in former times reported of such tragedies, the experts met them with scornful disbelief. The ordinary scholars believed that such waves could not occur. Only when by chance measurements at a North Sea oil rig showed that such waves indeed occur, the academic experts had to admit that they had been blatantly wrong, once again. Recently also radar measurements show that such monster waves occasionally occur at high sea, and more often in the Southern Atlantic than elsewhere. Some strange cases were reported from the Bermuda triangle region. But it's even worse in the little known Dragon triangle region of the South Sea, southeast of Japan. The famous Charles Berlitz carried together a number of true horror stories. While our experts are able now to explain such monster waves with the help of computer simulations, they are still not able to explain the mysteries of those two triangle regions, who are definitely linked to the two cyclone and eyestorm generation regions nearby (read more about this in my text NEMESIS). So why can't God explain to the seapeople all these phenomena once and for all? One problem is that the humanoids of this world were raised by their God in a state of mental delusion. That was and is still necessary for a variety of reasons. On other planets stupids learned too fast how to self-destruct. In the absence of the correct explanations, it's no wonder that lots of superstitions grew.

So is it true that such a coin brings luck to a ship? What if it suddenly would disappear? Where's the above coin now? Is it at the bottom of the keel of a coast guard ship? Of this the old Swedes can be sure, or can't they? I tell you, just the other day I found a twenty-cents coin in my pocket, that hadn't been there before. It was probably taken by some spell from the small money that I put here and there in my room. Very many tales tell of things who eventually disappear and then may reappear. This has occured to me many times, often when I was searching things at the wrong moment. Then these items could not be found. Unexpectedly I would later find them, often on the carpet right before me. This is some natural process that is due to the bluntness of all reality, still not understood by our established science experts. While the very hard working Earth Goddess must always help with stabilizing all reality, she sees to it that monster-waves much more rarely occur on the more densely populated northern hemisphere of her planet. Ewa also has the power to work a better reality especially in her home country Deutschland. But that much depends on the people who live here. To harm her the Greys try hard to mix colored genes into our gene pool.


While there is no word about such magic in the official natural sciences books, the comics books of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are the media where our kids read more about such magic. In the above mentioned tale of Donald Duck we encounter Mr. Goose, Gladstone Gander, as some unbelievably lucky guy. He may, for instance, find big money just while he strolls along on the pavement. The Wikipedia experts found out that this strange trait of Mr. Goose firstly appeared after the tale »The Goldilocks Gambit«, wherein he just appeared as the lazy, unsympathetic guy. In another story, the unlucky pitchbird (in Deutsch) Donald tries to win some more luck with the help of some objects, that he hides near Mr. Goose. That idea reminds of the primordial beliefs of Catholics. Their holy relics, the pieces of remains and belongings of dead saints, were one highly valued trade good in the Middle Ages. Still today Roman Catholic clerics use these relics like the lucky coin is used in the above example: They plant them as items of holiness into their steeples. Should they not rather try to populate their belfries with bats? They have the idea that if such a relic is there, then the ghost of the saint is present in that church. It's a Celtic tradition of belief.

That brings us, finally, to the main character of this text of divine edutainment. It's what many will have expected when they first saw the funny picture of this »church chapter eleven«. In front we see Meghan again, here still with her naturally pitch-black hair, with a fake pose as a girl who found her lucky coin. Fans of the Ducks will immediately think of Magica De Spell. That witch of the Ducks tales nicely reminds with her looks of Meghan, but maybe not with her rather nasty character. And while Meghan is (still) much in luck, Magica desperately tries to steal or win the lucky coin from Scrooge McDuck, this super-rich tycoon. It is understood, but only within the fictional world of the Ducks, that the luck of Scrooge, and of all of his family in the end, depends on this Number One Dime, the one he firstly earned in his life. It's a nice fantasy, but how are things in reality? In fact, it's not wrong to think that the luck of a guy depends on an item that he keeps as a talisman. In our world even the most incorrect laws of magic may eventually work out!

Surely yon won't easily believe this. So let's compare the two magical characters of the world of the Ducks: Gladstone and Magica. Why is this blond gander so much in luck? The UTR explains that the blond hair of Mr. Goose is a feature of key importance from the interstellar point of view. On all planets of this galaxy and of most others, bright hair marks genetically the few people with the best development perspectives. These are in principle in the favor of their planetary deity. It's some cosmic natural law of beauty that we encounter here. While the planetary deity is often the only congera who has the power and the will to work real good luck, these favorable genes also lead to a better destiny, in comparison to that of those typical masses of darker and uglier people.

Black-haired Magica though is not ugly, her face still looks even and well. But such people tend to just be more under the sway of a worse destiny. The consequences are typical worse tendencies in the character. We may say that these are just made from more of dark magic. It is typical for all those countless desperate desert planets, that the many darker people push the few bright people to the edge and into the off. That is due to the powers of the Greys, who rule with the help of the dark people. These hostile half-dead congeras try to make people on alien planets far away do bad things, and only very rarely they bring good luck and help. The constant attacks with N-rays who hit planets like Earth, lead to the effect that the planetary goddess must reallocate those influences from the sky in a hurry, while suffering strong pains. If one goddess of a world is strong enough, then she may well manage to bind in the negative and hostile efforts from many cosmic enemies, from planets of hell, in a still functional way. Then it may seem that devils help on alien planets, since their typical harmful magic preferably hits the baddies, the lazies and the dark weaklings.

Now, when people like blond Mr. Goose notice that they are naturally in luck, many tend to react in a positive way. They may for instance play in a lottery often. They attribute this luck, correctly, to their better and brighter development. Here on Earth this belief in blond luck often works out. Often strong-minded blackheads, like Magica, are not willing to submit to that natural law. They may subconsciously listen to the »voice from above« telling them that the blackheads from the Orient are more in the favor of the sky. That is, to a degree, correct. But those devilish Grey from outer space have a gruesome tendency to fool people and play tricks on them. They much despise people like the Earthlings, who are so unintelligent and uniformed that they know nothing about the laws of magic. So instead of telling them more, they may lead them into believing into the most foolish superstition. The world religion that comes with the most foolish superstitious stuff is Judaism. Most fanatical and ultra-obedient Jews really believe that their luck depends on their fervor to strictly obey to some sensible but also to the most foolish and ridiculous commandments of the Bible. These blackheads have some Fervor inside, and while the strict voice tells them that they must obey, the influence of the Greys grows; making them ugly, silly and also overly fertile.

Bad religion is then at the origin of superstition. While such people believe that their luck may all depend on the fact that they are in possession of a magical object, like the Ark of the Covenant, the Greys may indeed make this crazy magic come true. Then the Greys will play the game to try and move that »magical« object away. If they succeed, then they will try to punish harshly people as losers in a wicked game. That is why in the bloody glory days of king David, the luck of Israel seemed to depend on them possessing this wooden chest. We find that while Mr. Goose naturally has at least a hunch how real magic works, Magica is hopelessly bound to crazy bad magic laws.

So the world of the Ducks is not as unreal as it seems to be. In our popular kid entertainment stuff, fantasy characters may turn up who resemble creatures who really live out there in the sky. The Ducks resemble those Utoids, intelligent Duckoids who live not far away in space, and who support us with some celestial magic. Let me not forget to mention here the Mouses too, we meet them not only in Disneyland, but similar people are living on planets some 1.000 lightyears away. Of these marsupials I know not much, but their overall situation seems to be bad. Some even ask for our help now, while our situation is still so bad. Our problem here is that these mouse-beavers in space stabilize our line of development. We humans developed from comparable rats after all. If some of these Mouse planets should get into troubles we might get into problems too, with certain genes or development procedures. But that kind of magic is too foggy for me right now.

And now, can we find some local special names in the world of the Ducks? It will surely surprise my Anglo-American readers that one of the key persons of the Ducks bears another Dora name. Only in the Deutsche (German) version of this stuff, the grandma of hero Donald is called Dorette Anette Liesette Duck (English: Elvira „Grandma Duck“ Coot). Of all these names, only Annette really exists as a known Deutsche first name. We find here a strange reference of most unlucky cosmic names of this bad cosmic sector. While Dorette refers to Dora, Anette refers to the mother congera Anna; and Liesette refers to the Li-Cräybs, the most powerful local group of destructive hostile aliens. Like in the USA; also here in Deutschland Catholics seem to decide over this stuff. While these people just rely on the sky and look down on this world, it's easier for the Greys to influence them. The help of people from bad, enslaved and desperate planets can make some such Greys become sly and treacherous. The Cräybs want to turn Earth into one of their slave planets.

One problem is that on many planets Reds form powerful dominant groups, who sense the magic of the blond and dislike and try to counter it. Of Carl Barks, this most famed Ducks cartoonist of them all, we read that he especially disliked lucky guy Mr. Goose. That is an emotional reaction typical for the Semites or comparable groups on living planets. While the Greys push Reds into popularity, with their help they can make things get harder for selected better developed guys. For this reason and others, the local God of Earth must try to avoid to get trapped with the blond. On this lonesome troubled planet, only a very tricky strategy can make us avoid a planetary series of super-disasters, that was prophesied not only by the old Christian Bible. If the Christians should sheepishly follow their way to the bitter end, the people of this planet will become the enemies of the god who created them. So it's good again that we have fantasies like those of the Ducks, who lead us into a fantasy world where there is no such religion. There seems to be no mention of the true God of this world in the Duck' tales. But that world is that of another planet after all. It often is easier for our planetary goddess to shadowy appear in her real history. We find that the English name of Mr. Goose, Gladstone Gander, nicely reminds of not only that British prime minister! In fact William Ewart Gladstone was one popular and lucky British politician. The Wiki has it that during a career lasting over sixty years, he served for twelve years as prime minister of the UK, starting in 1868. He was popular amongst the working-class. With the knowledge of the UTR we can interpret this name as one that secretly refers to our goddess Ewa. She may well be called a glad stone now, since while secluded in her stone she found her partner. The name of the big rival and counterpart of Gladstone, Benjamin d'Israeli, but reminds of the minor part of the population. We find here already the big confrontation upcoming, that was bound to erupt in the next century.

In a time when the blond would learn the truth about their destiny, the non-blonds were bound to suffer »a fall from destiny's grace«. But since the destiny of just our planet is so bad the Deutsche Nazis were sacrificed by their God to alien devils, to protect the coming savior. It was a tragedy.

11.4 The Blessing of Aecerbot (Strophe Two)

Dig out four pieces of turf,
Treat them with fruits that this ground, has grown,
Speak to them charms to invoke, the grace of your god:
»May these fruits grow, and multiply and become manifold!«
Then ask a priest, to sing holy songs,
to the Father and Son who are One.

11.5 Divine Diana, demonic Doria

Here now we see the mothers of Prince Harry and of Meghan. Sadly Lady Diana Spencer, the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales, is already dead. The love, the basis of any good marriage, just didn't hold against the storms of destiny, who were so violent and thrashing just in the times after winter 1993. It was the very blessed but troublesome time when this planet spiritually all changed, while it's only goddess had chosen her one and only savior. For selected circles that meant that they had to suddenly endure terrible mental troubles, while the river of passion; that had accompanied them before, suddenly was reduced to a mere rivulet. Bad magic made Charles reject her, while Diana was the coveted idol of many men. We may say that the wild sexual emotions of an entire planet helped to estrange this leading couple. They did not know then that it can be a spiritual burden to be a celebrity, and that special techniques are well helpful in such cases, since otherwise a bad sexual spell makes men covet a girl they don't have.

The Negress Doria Ragland, the mother of Meghan, is a social worker in the mental health sector. She married Meghan's father, white Thomas Markle, in some kind of Hindu yoga sect temple in L.A. Like others do from sorcery, this sect seems to promise and expect much from some yoga. Like it very often happens with disgraceful interracial marriages, this marriage did not last long. More dire family stories are the topic of much discussion now, let me not do the same in this text.

So how can a person from the very bottom of society, like Doria definitely is, suddenly become the mother of the first wife of some good-looking prince, the previously most coveted bachelor of the entire planet? Like often in such cases, the sexual spell must have played a key role. If a man gets loved and coveted by so many girls, the consequence may be that he is drawn into a wild sex life. That was the case for the motherless Prince Harry. While God still must pay much attention to avert bad destiny, at the same time a certain sort of dark and randy witches may be driven into scoring position. Suppose the prince wants to succeed in bed, also without a partner. Certain girls get linked to him by way of sexual magic, while they masturbate and fantasize. Strong emotions and sensations can ensue. Often the spell doesn't wait until the »witch« is in the mood! When the prince gets it going, it may happen that the connected woman gets to an orgasm in an unwelcome situation, at the office for instance. I have the idea that this was the case with Monica Lewinsky, another such typical case of a dark vixen in a scoring position near a sexually active leading man.

In case a human moth gets attracted by a bright target, often that sexual spell gets fostered by her mother. The surprising result may be that such women claim that they got molested or even raped by certain leading men. But like these women, also the men are then strongly under the influence of a forced behavior to let the sex drive take control. The bad consequence of leading men having wild sex is worldwide over-fertility. That is why there are many fairy tales and true stories of men who vowed to remain chaste for the sake of holiness. John the Baptist was one shining example.

From a Christian point of view, John the Baptist lives up in the sky now as a blessed soul or as a ghost. But the truth is of course that this zealous Antisemite died long ago and won't live again. It is easy to understand for modern people that the sky is the place of many aliens, who eventually contact us by way of interstellar communication. The UTR now teaches that those aliens, and also the local Earth Goddess, eventually use false identities. Since all these are non-human creatures who use a technology far superior to our own, they can use and abuse the identities of prominent deceases people. That may concern dead Lady Diana too. Her divine name may be read as one of the Anna names. Anna was the foremother of both the local devilish Greys and the Humanoids of the Big Dipper of the group Ga. So this name is one of the most difficult names that women can have. It's hardly avoidable that the 142 local Greys search out this or that Anna here on Earth, to use her also as a bot, as a person that can help them to work magic here. The local Greys have in mind to entirely destroy Earth, while others who live further apart in space just try to enslave us.

11.6 The Greys send us hapless People or bad Weather

We know now that Ga-Dora is the most powerful one of the Ga-Greys. This evil devil eventually links to women with similar names that she finds here on Earth. It's her standard strategy that she tries to reverse the natural order, and to let the bad and puny, the silly and ugly, the sad and lowly people of planet Earth rise to high positions. Not rarely the local Earth Goddess must search out and present to Ga-Dora target persons. In this cosmic war that is going on for eons, it is our task right now to draw some attention of these devilish enemies on ourselves. While the local Greys get busy trying things here, they can spend less attention on our more troubled neighbors at Lar. Another rather active local Grey is Ga-Toma from the nearest star Alphakent. While Ga-Dora and Ga-Toma are old enemies, they eventually associate when there is a chance to start big troubles here. The marriage of Thomas and Doria in L.A. was one such attempt to let big troubles ensue. So who is a witch now? From the perspective of the human mind, most of the local people tend to blame each others for bad magic. Often women get the blues and the creeps and feel sexually stimulated. Some may then see the images of men they know with their inner eyes, and get to the idea that men use their magical powers to force them to have sex. Likewise, if men have similar troubles they may hold alleged witches responsible. Indeed just some women are much under the influence of certain Greys, and one consequence may be that they more easily suffer from static discharge. While magnetic fields swirl around their bodies they may need to just cool their heads.

If the Greys can't achieve much with bad people, they may instead work bad weather. I have one classical Hägar cartoon, that shows this viking in a sinking boat in a thunderstorm. To the sky he complains about the bad weather. But a voice from above tells him that he is to blame, due to his bad quality. This is what all the religions used to teach people during all ages: If things go wrong, and if the sky seems to be angry, then it's because you are sinful, you are just not good enough. The truth in this is that we need people of better quality. The development of the human species is not yet finished. God started with bonobo apes 21 million years ago, and the better hominids only managed to evolve well as they managed to not mix and reproduce with more primitive apelings.

So who is good and who is bad? Was Lady Diana of better human quality than the Negress Doria is? Some Negroes may claim that the pop singer Michael Jackson was good – but no he was bad, he said so himself. But wasn't the Negro Barack Obama good? He was rather simple minded, and sex helped him to charm many simple minded voters. In the west many people right now believe that competition and the markets decide over who is good and who is not. Should we not find a place for many different sorts of people, and should we not specialize, to get even more effective at the job? That is what many of our deciders have in mind. And the Bible too has it that the place of the Negro is that of the servant. But no, we see the Negress Doria at the side of Prince Charles!This odd scene egregiously damaged the reputation of the entire monarchy and raised worldwide concerns. A person of such low quality is just wrong among royals who represent a large group of nations! Those are of course correct who argue that Christians don't differ between races. But this is because the Biblical race lore doesn't work out! It's no wonder then that many say that there can't exist any god. The sociologist emeritus Erich Weede wrote (Junge Freiheit 16.03.18 p. 31):

»The Market makes it... In the second chapter of his book, Rainer Zitelmann treats the futility of development aid... The will to perform well and discipline are just not culturally anchored in Africa...« That implies that development aid cannot help to stop refugees.

If our experts speak of problematic Africans, they mean the Negroes who live so unfortunately, not the Whites who are Africans too. But that tricky pc lingo is damaging the image especially of the white South Africans, who have a reputation of being racists but because they better know the Negroes in their natural habitats. As long as people are untruthful when it comes to the question of the races, we cannot accept them as reliable and honest experts. But if they try to be honest and admit that Negroes are naturally just too bad, only the UTR can provide the correct explanation.

By the way... How did those poor Negroes get to the idea to give the rare name of Doria to one of their children? The names of the Negroes are a special problem. Here it must have played a role that a ship called Andrea Doria sank right before New York in 1956, rammed by a Swedish ship. In that extremely unlucky accident 55 died. It seems that the seamen had trusted too much their radars. Stymied they stood when they should have acted, unable to avert the foreseeable disaster.

11.7 Didn't Doria look like some Anglo-American Papess?

When Doria Ragland appeared at the wedding of her daughter Meghan in May 2017, she was not wearing US rags but some kind of funny-bird costume. It truly looked a bit like a Roman pope's cap and cassock. She surely wore this cap to cover her Negro wool. But then again, just this headdress reminded much of the funny cartoon bird called Calimero! That black chicken is so infantile that it still wears a part of his eggshell as his tropical helmet. That chicken was invented by some Italians, but the Japs were fascinated by the idea, they bought up the rights and fostered this rather silly character. Calimero is the black duckling born into a family of all-yellow chicken, and he is not really black, but only very dirty! Well, at the end of each episode he gets whitewashed, with the help of soap products, advertised by this cartoon soap opera. I wonder what would happen if they would try to whitewash Doria in a comparable way. The strange mutation of Michael Jackson shows that Negroes can eventually substantially brighten up their skin with the help of cosmetic products. But that doesn't change the usually hapless and lowquo state their brains are in. Just like in Calimero sitcoms, also among the Ducks in space there are no Blacks nor other coloreds at all! Thus those better evolved waterbirds avoid the detrimental racial laws of the Berk-OS. It's different though on the only 39 surviving planets of the Penguinoids. The Greys bombed dead so many of their planets, and for the humble rests there is no hope to ever escape from the trap they are in, being the targets of cosmic devils. As we Earthlings try to get away from this slavery quagmire, we need to whitewash our coloreds. So let's call it a real miracle of the modern age that Meghan looks really white, like a changeling.

Surely we may speculate about a secret spiritual meaning of that Negress dress. Is it that this odd Negress appeared as a kind of Anglo-American Ms. Pope? Allegedly on many miserable planets the left-winged diversity groups are spiritually under tight control of the Greys. Those devils do this with pushing good Negroes into top positions. We had had the case of the half-mad Michael Jackson, aka Wacko Jacko, who had had an enormous spiritual influence on white teens too. Definitely his music was in general of good quality, and quality is what many people notice and value. But those days are over, since lately the good Earth Goddess has better control over the distribution of creativity. Today's leading US-Negro entertainer, the half-mad Kanye West, is just a notorious rapper who got popular with – typically bad – rap entertainment ware. The times have definitely come when genetically bad people can't easily escape from the typical curse of the race.

11.8 All Things on Earth get better with fewer Negroes

For years now you can hardly escape from taking a look at Meghan's thin left waving hand, when you open up any magazine or newspaper. Many paper tigers seem to be eager to push some such girl with Semitic looks into the position of this planet's leading celebrity. That propaganda like answers the question that many girls ask themselves: Should I have a baby or not? The Bible of course massively promotes Semitic types. The way of the Bible leads into the destruction of this planet in the end. It's not what many mendacious priests like to read, but that is what the text says.

The most erotic pictures from the wedding of Meghan were surely those of the broad behind of Pippa Middleton. She was wearing a skin-tight dress, and some media found her behind as sexy as that of colored model Kim Kardashian, a fat-bottomed US-celebrity often shown from behind. Isn't this a secret message to all the men who mated a darker woman, to better switch out the light before they have sex, and think of Kim? One sure fact, that many experts stubbornly deny, is that this planet is absolutely shamelessly overpopulated. All things in politics, society and economics could get better if people with lesser genes would not reproduce (so much). It's the cardinal sin of many clerics and experts that they brush off this question from their political agendas. Many have the Bible in the backs of their minds. Many Christians, and Muslims too, even hope for a reward for bad behavior in heaven. If you should destroy your rather nice home planet, it's too late to find out if the sky has a backup! But even thinking too much of the sky makes people lose their minds. Is not the sky pushing for the unfettered reproduction of just such Semitic and rather silly types? Some more rational and sensible people, often these are liberals and left-wingers, rally for a better politics to save the Earth. But often these people are not willing nor able to realize that only some better Whites are fit for a better future, while it's not possible to upgrade coloreds. The formerly leading reporter of Deutschland, Peter Scholl-Latour, wrote in 2001 (Afrikanische Totenklage):

Africa is on it's way back into the Stone Age. Cities have become nightmarish backdrops who hide mouldering schools and hospitals, and also all the humanitarian catastrophes.

Leftists blame capitalism and colonialism for this. But verily, Africa's big problem is a racial one!

Who stole our word Negro? It's missing in many newspaper reports! For instance, when two muggers in the town of Leverkusen, Deutschland, tried to rob a lady's handbag, and even were beating her into the face. In the Cologne Tabloid we read: »The perpetrators are 1 m 80 (5'11) tall, dark skinned and have short dark hair.« The two ran away. It's common to call all such aliens refugees now. But if people are willing to admit that the race of Negroes exists, having special facial and mental features, they could much better describe the perpetrators in reports about violent crimes, often committed by Negroes.

11.9 The lucky Liftoff of Duchess Meghan

Well, let's just fly away from Africa, and also from our polluted and over-crowded regions. That is what Duchess Meghan easily can. She could take Pippa by the right hand and fly her to South Georgia! Europe needs a detainment facility for all the false refugees and dangerous IS-Muslims. Since Pippa plays the duchess so nicely in public, there's the place where real work waits for her.

Indeed let me not criticize Meghan too harshly now, who is relatively good looking and can at least wave her hand very nicely. Let me instead check out whether she is the right person just for her position at the side of Prince Harry. One photo that fascinated the youngsters and NGUs of all countries shows Prince Harry in the cockpit of one Star Wars fantasy film spaceship. So surely he is the type of guy that naturally belongs to the jet-set, of the guys who fly from one fashionable location of this planet to the next. It's part of his job to officially visit people here and there. So Harry and his travel crew, including Meghan, need to be airworthy. So let's check this out now. In one official expert's handbook about the job opportunities for future psycho-doctors we read this:

»It would surely be irresponsible to entrust onto people with a high risk of getting a heart attack, a fit of paroxysm, or a state of physiologically rooted exhaustion, the command of a traffic plane... All the diagnostically especially relevant fields, e.g. perception, psycho-motorics, behavior under extreme conditions... are but genuine psychological variables...

With these remarks, these university expert psychologists wanted to explain how big their field of expertise is. Wottawa and Hossiep then give us one textbook example, that of the one-eyed pilot. They explain that some layman may think that the one-eyed pilot is much less able to safely steer a plane, since he misses the ability of visual-spatial perception, seeing in three dimensions. That is the perspective of the medics, while the psychologists find that even one-eyed pilots can well steer a plane. They have evidence that supports their view. So what about a blind pilot? That may sound laughably unsound, but then again, there are attested cases, when blind persons could well navigate too. One such case was the blind mountain bike rider who seemed to have some sense of paranormal ray perception, the so-called Batman. I also saw a video from the Deutsche traffic police of a blind driver! Some cops met. driving safely on the autobahn, a woman wearing a head mask that was taking away her vision. A reporter was with her in that car, to testify that this witch could drive blind! She said that »spiritual masters« gave her all necessary directions, that means that she was constantly hearing guiding voices, that she took for the voices of mysterious ghosts.

So what do we think of these definitely attested but so far unexplainable phenomena? There is so much that we still don't know about the human mind and how it eventually functions. Only while the UTR lately unmasks the hidden congeras good or evil, who influence all reality with the help of their discrete rays, the chance is there to better explain both such classical and »supernatural« phenomena of the mind. The UTR but has it that of course the quality of the person and the state his mind is in plays a key role in the evaluation of his airworthiness. But while the evil congeras have a bad tendency to reverse foul and fair, some lesser people may do well, while some better people get under attack. Much depends on whether these Greys are strong on one field or not.

Neurologists and psychologists traditionally differ between physical and mental deficits, and they find that only the latter are their field of expertise. We should put into account that there are remote congeras, who can weaken or strengthen a target person both mentally and physically. Thus we must get to a holistic view at persons and their limits. God tries to make people get safe and sound, and can achieve more with good Whites.

So wouldn't Chelsea have been a better choice for Prince Harry than Meghan? She was there at the royal wedding but didn't look happy, writes the press. Well, who in Britain was really happy on that day? One thing is that Chelsea, while she looks blond and fine, may still not be of a better quality than the ordinary blond girl. On the other hand Meghan may have received some special support from Ga-Dora and some other name-lending Grey. Now what is the position of the Earth Goddess? Often for tactical reasons our Ga-Jewa (Jhwh) tries to allow and bind in such moves of the Greys. In this cosmic war it is our objective right now to stabilize Lar and take the damages that they can't well stand. We like present our Earth as a good target and a devilish playground. It was surely due to fractal connections to Lar, that Meghan won the favor of her prince. I have the faint idea only that another Meghan is on Lar some kind of First Lady on the continent Columbia, of the CSA (!), the nation comparable to our USA. For that reason, neither the Earth Goddess nor the strongest local Greys; Ga-Dora and Ga-Thula, had objections against Meghan. These two devilish cruel Greys and not only our Earth Goddess agreed upon Meghan in some kind of black compromise. The strategy of the Earth Goddess was also, on the long run, to let fade the glamour of the British Royals, since she must plan to bring Deutsche royals to the front (see chapter 14.). Then there was also the aspect that another main compromise was closed over the leading future lady of the Anglo-Americans. It's Duchess Catherine, the wife of Prince Wilco, no, what was his name? That happened because another Catherine is the Maria of planet Lar, the traditionally most popular fictional saint of their West. Anyway, dark and aged Meghan may get gray-haired in just four more years, and she won't challenge the scoring position of William and his son George. It's better then if the number two prince has no kids. Noble blood thrives better in just one single line.

As a resume, we may speculate that both sides of this cosmic conflict agreed upon Meghan while they didn't agree before over more beautiful Chelsea, or whoever. Can Meghan now expect that she will have a better life, and that she will do well as she must sturdily sit in church, or smilingly wave to the parading ships of the Canadian or whatever marine? Meghan is a plain and patient guy, but she may run into unexpected troubles and lose patience while she suddenly learns more.

Or what if Prince Harry decides, after some darker episode, that his lost love Chelsea would have been his much better choice? Something like this happened to his father too. Suddenly lost love, newly found, was giving Prince Charles what the psychologists called: a second puberty. Sleuths even handed out some sex talk tapes, illegally recorded, to the press. This happens if a prince gets morally astray from the fairway. Well, Charles is happily married again. His old new-found love appears on press photos nicely, in stately cream-colored fashion. The Rottweiler, I can right now only remember her nickname. So what? Rottweil is also some town of the Deutsche CDU MP Volker Kauder. Rumors have it that he is one key person when it comes to shady party financing.

11.10 The murky History and humble Future of Air Travel

Who invented the airplanes? Everybody knows today the names of Wilbur and Orville Wright. In the year of 1903 they demonstrated in Kitty Hawk, USA, that their experimental motor sailplane could fly. That plane was in the air for about a minute. It's strange though that the press reported only at a comparably low level about this truly sensational event! There were only a few articles in the papers, and they were of small size, and often had grave errors and unreliable second-hand testimonies. The Wrights seemed to be disappointed by this meager reception. When the reporter Dan Kumler in 1940 was asked why many newspapers just didn't bother to report these news, he explained: We just didn't believe it. One Wright brothers expert, Harry Combs, wrote that the two claimed that everybody just seemed to try and exploit or trick them. Or did their bad conscience haunt those daring flight pioneers? A strange legend, reported by the investigative author Bürgin, has it that a treaty exists, that the executors of the Wrights brothers estate had concluded with the US-American Smithsonian Institution in 1948. The treaty was about handing over some historical material to the Smithsonian museums. One passage of the treaty has it, that neither a Smithsonian institution nor any other institution would ever explain or expose something in connection with the flight of any airplane of the time of before the flight-apparatus of the Wright brothers of 1903.

So was there a plane in the air before that of 1903? It's likely, we must say, as we check out the evidence about the airplane of Gustav Weißkopf. This flight pioneer from the Deutsche town of Leutershausen migrated to the USA, where he changed his name to Whitehead. The investigative reporter Stella Randolph claimed in 1937 that this immigrant flew with a plane already in the year 1901 in the state of Connecticut. Several newspaper reports exist about that flight, and eyewitness testimonies too. The late Orville Wright too commented on this case, in the year 1945. He wrote that he too had investigated about this case. But as it turned out, the story was only fake news:

Some alleged eyewitnesses distanced themselves from the words that press reports had put into their mouths. Others however obviously just didn't seem to exist.

So did Whitehead produce a strange swindle, unique in all history? There is an amateur science history society in Leutershausen who has strong evidence against this. They built models after the original plans of Whitehead who really flew. One such plane is exposed in his museum. There is a controversy over whether the acetylene motor that Whitehead allegedly used could really work well enough to get such a plane into the air. Then there is also a controversy about a visit that the Wright brothers allegedly payed to the workshop of Whitehead in Bridgeport. The eyewitness Anton Pruckner had met them there. Orville however denied all his life that he had been there.

Ewa now told me what the papers said then: That plane was in the air! But we should hope to find further evidence, for instance a photo. From the point of view of the UTR, that mystery like opens up the gate that leads to a big museum of so many fantastic and possibly unreal inventions, who were very often made by Deutsche. Wernher von Braun developed the very successful moon rockets, even while being ducked by his adversary in chief, James Webb. Deutsche inventors also developed the first jet engines, that they didn't hand out in time to the Nazis. The UTR has it that the Deutsche are this planet's real and only chosen people, since they live at the center of Europe, continent one. That means that their religion tends to be truthful, and their science correct, while Jewish religion and science is genuinely incorrect, and sometimes shameful blatant nonsense, call it calculationism. The problem is that God needed to stop our development with the Jewish stuff.

In the mystery case of Whitehead and the Wright brothers, it surely played a role that in 1937 the mood in the USA was still more pro-Deutschland, while in 1945 the reputation of the Deutsche was at an all-time low. In the era before World War Two, many genetically good people as well as many workers had put their hopes on a new world order that seemed to rise up in Deutschland, while the egoistic rich trembled before the mere word socialism. All these could not know that on a planet like this one, such hopes are bound to fail. In ages past God could not manage to do more than a little crisis management, often with the help of ill reputed women. God knows what the badly developed and deluded humans know not, that we must stall to not reach a bad destination. Most neighboring planets were brought down and ruined and enslaved, or completely destroyed, while people of a miserable quality invented technologies they then abused. Flying is generally a rather risky technology, disliked by God, since people who get away from their home planet also escape from the influence of their local God. That is not what most Christians may easily accept. One popular evergreen from Deutschland, of the dead singer-songwriter Udo Jürgens, has this:

Over the clouds, liberty's limitless – that's what they say,
Since all the worries and fears remain covered below, and then,
All that seems worthy and great now to us just becomes petty and vain.

So is it true that air travel brings us freedom above the cloud level? Strangely the name of Orville reminds of George Orwell. The perspective that we already have is that drones take warfare into a new dimension. On one hand this saves the lives of our soldiers and is also cost effective and well selective; but on the other hand the unclear perspective is that in a socialist to totalitarian society drones take away soon our civil liberties, and even lead to a scary Orwellian total-control state. It's accepted in China that the government spies on mobile phones, e.g. with the help of fake app shop applications. Who might be able to stop this if firms introduce this on a worldwide scale? From above the clouds it is easier to just push a button that drastically ducks or ruins our world. God has more power over people who keep their feet on solid ground and are not frequent flyers. That is why it was so difficult in years past to invent airplanes. In fact the reports about the faked flights of the Weiskopf plane are not unique in US history. There are more reports telling about mysterious airships. Definitely private airships were in the air for some decades, but hardly any reliable informations exist about these pioneers of the air. Instead such news found their way into the X-files and mystery tales books of Charles Fort. This happened because massive distortions of reality are unavoidable on a drastically overpopulated crisis planet like this one. The consequence of the extreme and very rare overpopulation of our planet is, that entire cities exist or maybe not. Of all these witnesses who saw this or that mystery aerodyne moving in the sky, Anton Pruckner had comparably much reality. That was because his name reminds of one of my favorite classical composers, the Austrian Anton Bruckner. Whitehead would have needed more lucky spectators, who were willing to help him with their personal luck, comparable to that of Gladstone Gander. As funny as this sounds, this is another important reason why we need classy and well developed nobles. They are the eyes and ears of a good God who wants to develop this planet by a safe way!

I took these informations from one older mystery book of the Swiss reporter Luc Bürgin. It's also noteworthy that this man, with a bad Fe-Luka name, was wrong at some key issues, for instance when he came to the problem of races! My religion, the UTR, points to the safe way again. But just thinking of the ISS, isn't the good luck of most astronauts a piece of evidence that it's good up there? With a diligent look into Bürgin's book we find more good evidence for the opposite idea. Of all those oddballs of ages past who firmly believed that flying in the air is outright impossible, one renowned one was the astronomer Lalande, the one who found the near star Lalande 21185. One leading US-American professor who also denied the possibility of flights was the astronomer Simon Newcomb from the John Hopkins University. Star gazing can confuse good human minds.

It was good to hear recently from Alexander Gerst, the Deutsche astronaut at the ISS, that he misses in the International Space station encounters with nature like swimming. A planet learns that it has a living good God. Getting grounded helps God to sort people into those nobles who are fit for more wisdom, and those who are better off deluded.

11.11 Lost and lulled in the Devils-Circle of Drugs

In March 2015 the Deutsche amok-pilot Andreas G. Lubitz crashed the Germanwings plane, that he co-piloted, against a mountain. All 150 passengers died, including himself. The investigations soon were leading to the result that Lubitz had committed suicide in a controlled and aware way. Lubitz had been in big trouble for a long time. Lubitz had suffered from mental troubles including suicidal tendencies. He had received psycho-therapeutic treatment. But what doc can help you if you find that even thinking of suicide just makes you feel good? The Greys didn't like him. The statal attorneys from Düsseldorf, NRW found lots of notifications of illness in his flat. But why wasn't Lubitz declared for unfit to steer a plane? The Düsseldorf statal attorneys concluded that Lubitz remained silent to his company about his illness. The spirit of greed made the managers ignore his troubles. It is typical that companies, who complete harshly on the travel market, must demand from their employees a high performance, regardless of personal troubles. The experts concluded that it was all the fault of Lubitz, who heavily suffered from depressions early in his career. Due to a therapy he thought he got over it. But that is a misconception raised by psycho-emdees, that therapies save patients from enemy attacks. The truth is that the N-rays, who cause these troubles, can hit anyone! The Greys target people or not! Here on Earth just some selected people become constant targets of sneaking N-ray attacks. The consequence is that they get under heavy pressure, for the time of maybe one tide. They may also lose their fitness more easily, for instance after dozing, or in a climatized cabin. But after getting over it, they feel well and are fit.

There are many concerned and self-critical press reports. Here are snippets I found in the Internet:

»As a qualified pilot and psychiatrist, I am certain that no prior psychological test to Andreas Lubitz would have predicted his actions.«

Pilots have depressions and think of suicide in their cockpits. A study leads to the idea that hundreds of pilots are depressive. But why is there such a big secrecy about this?

In the aftermath of that amok deed of Andy G. Lubitz, a law introduced tougher controls of pilots. The new law had it that it's verboten to let one pilot remain alone in the cockpit. Another rule is that pilots must be checked for alcohol and drugs. Indeed before this amok deed, federal medics took their duties easy. The plan demanded six medics in the federal office, but they only had four. And the press often forgets about the psychologists! Even recommended checks weren't carried out. Latest news are that with time going by, it's again allowed that pilots fly their planes alone. It is surely helpful up in the air, to let a pilot under normal conditions leave the cockpit for a while.

In March 2016 the sturdy Bild tabloid published more details about the life of Lubitz. We read that he was suffering from diverse grave and mysterious disturbances. He could hardly find sleep. He took in much medication, this story also sounds like drug abuse. But all that stuff still didn't help him well. He concluded that the sleeping pills weren't strong enough. He was suffering from strange noises in his ears and from a partial loss of vision, and found body parts getting numb. He visited a terrible number of 41 medical and psycho doctors!! Was none of these able to help him? A passage in his diary seems to indicate that he noticed that he was having fixed thoughts. While he lay awake at nights, his thoughts got fixed on traffic noise, that was all that he could think of. I know this too as a symptom of the N-rays. The weird thing is that instead of such fixed thoughts also real disturbances may occur: The N-rays make some people make noise, to disturb just you! Indeed drug taking may help, but only since the devils may then create a physical addiction. The superior medic Gabor Petzold from Bonn University Clinics explained, in an Der Spiegel article:

Taking too many painkillers makes you get more sensible for pains. It's a devil's circle.

Petzold explained that many patients don't know that this often happens. He didn't explain that the medics need their patients to take in medication, since they earn their money by this way. To hide his troubles, Andy visited too many doctors, and still found no competent ones. There is no law to prevent such maneuvers. Andy started his career as a bright blond youngster. But while such guys eventually are God's burden-sharers, everything becomes more difficult for them. Right now they can't expect from God enough help, while God must secretly offer selected targets to the Greys.

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