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The Nordic Hailsway A short Nordic Introduction into God's Universal Truth Religion
The Three Light Gods of the Germanic and Celts were all that the Bright Nordic needed
Title: Isnt She Beautiful - Yes She's ugly!

6. Heartbreaking Celebrities

Coin of Queen and Robbie Williams with buxom Fan

6.1 The Queen was just not beautiful enough!

To the left we see, guess who? It's the Queen of Britain and the former Empire again, but on a strange kind of dollar. That dollar was made in Canada, as a tribute to the head of state. The coin is, or was, officially worth one million ¤CD (Canadian Dollars). But already the gold of that coin was worth around 3,7 million Euros, one year ago, when it got lost. The coin was stolen by some thieves from the Bode museum in Berlin, where it had been exposed. The weight of this coin was 100 kilos, that is nearly sixteen stones. So who could steal that thing in march 2017? Four weeks after the theft four men were taken in for questioning. Since the yearbook of the Deutsche Bild-Zeitung tells no further details, these four were most probably types that these media cover, that means: muslims. Muslim gangsters today form the traditional underworld in many EU countries. They associate to international networks of clans and groups who are typically half-criminal, who may supply terrorists, who factually control entire cities and regions, who mob away Europeans. One jeweler was suspected to have parted this coin and molten it. That is the last info that I have.

Gangsters are really dangerous, and at the same time the proteges of many bad media people. So can it be that some evil magic made this coup happen? Definitely what we can say about this case is that the charms of the Queen seem to have failed. Beauty is what a noble woman needs, to win the favor of not only the guys she pays. At the age of 90 however, Queen Elizabeth II just wasn't beautiful enough. Would it have been a better idea to show her like she was, 30 years ago? Better make it 66 years ago. Anyway, those Kurds don't appreciate much beauty. And the other problem is that the golden shimmer, that this coin so nicely has, was always missing in the Queen's hair.

6.2 Why Robbie Williams became a leading Pop Entertainer

And here is Britain's long-time leading pop singer, Robbie Williams. Isn't it strange that such a rather dark type became so much a number one of the British celebrity scene? Even the Bavarian private TV network PRO7 used to often show his silhouette in their self-ads. They probably found that this kind of dark bad boy fits to the image of PRO7. There exists a comparable Austrian pop singer who also looks very dark and juvenile, and who is dominating the pop scene of his Alps republic in a comparable way. Austria and Bavaria are European regions where such darker types are common, some experts called these: the Alpine race. In fact from the perspective of Bavaria, Robbie Williams reminds of the Bavarian »fairy-tale king« Ludwig-2. But isn't Britain different, and are many other European lands too? Such dark types are also strangely popular in Sweden. Such southern types tend to become the focuses of certain sorts of power groups. Many of those who hold on to a more southern, left-winged and oriental culture tend to also try and make such an Elvis type become their region's most appreciated pop singer or celebrity. These are often the more dark and puny people, and if this guy is dominating the celebrity scene as some kind of king, then they may profit from it. And that has it's effect on every-day popularity, when it comes to career or marriage opportunities. That was also the reason why such a strong group gathered behind their dark idol Jesus, and tried to turn this inglorious Jewish beggar prophet into a mythical deity of supreme rank.

As such guys get popular and indeed perform well, they seem to also prove their genetic quality. Are these the best choice when it comes to searching a leader? A wave of popularity just seems to transport such guys to the top. But the wiser guys should be aware that they know nothing much about the process that makes such types so popular. It should warn us, especially regarding cases like the Negro Michael Jackson, that some really bad guys seem to profit much from bad magic.

When it comes to performance in life, the good genes play an important role of course. Leftists who are atheists tend to stick to the silly idea that they can educate any people to learn anything. But as these realize how strong evil is within, they may also arrive at realizing that many people are not evolved enough to win the tough inner fights against bad ideas. Certain weaknesses may especially afflict women. There is a natural drive in many women that makes them try and search their fairy-tale prince. That makes them fall for such types who are at the top, and often they are ashamed as their natural drives want them to want sex and a baby from these. There were many performers who used and abused such girls, unfairly we must say. Especially those who can't well control their eating and drinking habits may also find it too hard to control their drive that drives them to win the man they seem to want, even if this is a celebrity out of reach. This recent scene from a TV show shows the late Robbie Williams with some American fan. Surely such a big star has many millions of admiring fans in all the world. But maybe when some older and motherly types saw this scene, that buxom blonde may have knocked the bottom out of their own romantic fantasies. Or hold it, on second view we must find that the entertainer does not look too happy at this interview scene. Maybe he was just thinking of another woman then, maybe of an older one with still some majestic charms and lots of real fairy-tale castles? After all, Robbie Williams was the especially chosen entertainer for the most recent royal jubilee. That was a special event surely not only for his entire nation but also for the monarch, who doubtless found him charming too.

6.3 Is Robbie Williams able to discontinue Cursing?

I remember well the last time I heard Robbie Williams sing. It was when he performed here in Deutschland, in the Ruhr region, some years ago. The local parastatal network WDR was, to my surprise, transmitting this pop concert live on the old wireless. I switched that on, and I was there when Robbie entered the stage. The Germans cheered, but bad boy Robbie greeted them like this:

»Motherfuckers! You motherfuckers! Motherfuckers!«

Woe, that was it! I switched off my radio, and in fact I gradually stopped listening to pop music altogether, after this sad event of pop history. It's easy now to put all the blame for this on Robbie Williams, but I don't do this. I know myself how hard it can be to control bad words that escape from the own mouth. Many youngsters are surely accustomed nowadays to using such a Negro rap talk. They may catch this up with the rap music of the Negroes and Islamic Scoundrels, that gets more popular in old Europe with more of such migrants. Even some normal Deutsche girls were heard saying »fuck« often or »pissed«, it's what they learn now in the multicultural schools of the age of diversity. They may find this language strong and amusing too, but the scare comes to them when they realize how hard it is to stop cursing, when they try hard and must be nicer. In my experience, the hard times really start as people realize that there is a bad installment inside of their brains. They then try to separate the bad influence from above from their own self. But this bad talk from the sky then tries to subdue and spoil them, and surprisingly often the bad drives win. At times when such a sudden fit comes in, after I dozed, I can't stop cursing and act as if I'm drunk and half-mad. Experts would suspect that this is a fit of schizophrenia, but measurements of the micro-magnetic field prove that strange cosmic N-rays work at the exact times. Up there in the sky there are aliens who scan this planet and many others for certain types. They tend to sock it to the best evolved people and make them haughty and insane, but they promote the dark guys.

After all that I know about Britain and Deutschland, many Brits will find it hard to like Deutsche, especially when they must sing for them. The general tendency of belief, fostered by many ugly, bad and puny people in high positions, is to put the blame for two world wars on Deutschland. So isn't it true that the Deutsche had been fervent Nazis, and maybe still are? From the perspective of victorious and glorious Britain, it is maybe not much of a problem to chide the Deutsche in some most obscene and rude way. Robbie is a rough guy on first view, and that was to be expected.

6.4 Isn't it true that the Deutsche started two World Wars?

Verily, it was Roman Catholic Austria that drove Deutschland into World War One. At that time Deutschland was still a haughty, imperious and war-happy nation. For many, war was a religious thing. Since the late days of the Romans their Holy Reich was regarded as naturally predominant. The idea that brave fighters would win the favor of their deities is typical for old-time religions. In the age of imperialism, that last Christian century, such tendencies had even peaked. When the Reich of Kaiser Wilhelm-2 started it's last spring offensive of 1918, they named this after their deity archangel Michael! The Prussians were predominantly Protestants, and they surely found a backing in the hope that this mythical fighter angel would lead them into victory. It should have warned them that the field marshal who was leading them into this offensive was a Bavarian, a Roman Catholic with the name Ludendorff. The name means in translation: Village of the Pimps.

The Nazis then found some spiritual backing in ancient Nordic religion. When chief propagandist Joseph Goebbels once called up the Nazi war-bands to enter into battle like into a service of God, that was exactly the spirit that made the ancient Nordic vikings fight so bravely. All these had the same idea, that powers of the sky wanted to see them fight bravely and die in combat. In the heat of war, life tended to lose it's value. Who on Earth cared when a thousand fell? Those warriors who believed that they would live again in some other world, welcomed by the angels or gods of war, tended to throw away their lives early. The Deutsche were in general of some better quality than other nations, and that already made them get haughty and ignore their grave shortcomings.

Now wait a minute before you curse Deutschland. Verily, the Nazi era is very little understood. One fact that the Brits tend to downplay is, that British masons played a key role in organizing and financing Hitler and his entire Nazi party. Hitler's number two, Rudolf Hess, even flew with a plane to Britain to try and contact British friends he knew from his younger years in Cairo. To stop Hess from squawking out what he knew, the Allieds jailed this rather incompetent guy for life. Still today the press tries to suppress the real background of the Nazi era. In fact the key person who paved the way of Hitler towards success was the Bavarian newspaper-editor Glauer-von-Sebottendorf. Many of his cronies were strange Muslims or had close connections to oriental sects. The great philosopher Oswald Spengler called the Nazi ideology »tartaric, undeutsch and ungermanic«. In the time when Deutschland went bankrupt due to inflation, Hitler was a very rich propagandist, and still a secret agent of the Deutsche military. His big money came from Britain too and from international royalists. Sectarian links were leading to the vile British occultist and astrologer Aleister Crowley, and to the British war minister Herbert Lord Kitchener of Khartoum. At the origin of all these sects we find a British Negro, the mighty sex-wizard Paschal Randolph.

In the early days of the Nazis, spiritual leaders of the Nazi movement had had the idea that they were influenced by aliens. One Theosophical theory identified these as Tibetan superhumans. Most of the key Nazis had links to these occultists. They thought that cosmic guys were guiding them, and this was true. Instead of the well-known few Hitler cronies, some shadowy spiritualists and remote cosmic alien superpowers are really to blame for most of the crimes and deeds of the Nazis. A fact is that the late Hitler was highly addicted to the amphetamine Pervitin, and also saw himself as under control of destiny. It should be obvious that dark forces openly manipulated not only the Nazis. But that would mean that the Deutsche are not really to blame much for the Nazi era! Many like to bash a scapegoat, and the Deutsche are this planet's historical big losers. One look at dark Mr. Williams however should warn us, that the darklings who cry »Nazis« today in Deutschland (or eventually »motherfuckers«) seem to be under the sway of the same dark forces.

6.5 The Mother of Psychology, Para-Psychology and Cosmic Rays Science

In the Middle Ages, people who could not well control themselves risked to get under suspicion of being witches. In modern times though, classical atheist sciences tended to believe that other worlds and aliens who influence us from above or below do not exist. These need to disregard lots of evidence and strange stories to believe this. But for some time most experts tended to not believe in supernatural phenomena. It's helpful now to look at some popular theories of that era of latter-day atheism. Psychologists would of course wonder and ask questions, regarding bad and silly talk that they heard from people. Here's the one introducing example from the once popular book of Thomas A. Harris: »I'm okay – you're okay«, about bad tendencies in communication:

Hans asks his wife Gretchen: »Now where did you hide again my car keys?« She replies: »If you carry on like this you'll get a heart attack. Driving a car is bad for you.«

This married couple seems to have taken up a rough style of communication. Can't these two just talk rationally? They may end up with a divorce if they keep on bickering like this. The American psycho-emdee with the Ga-Toma name conjures us to read his book, since he is convinced that he can explain this dialog easily, with the help of Eric Berne's method of transactional analysis. So we wonder why he leaves the above story unexplained. Instead he cites a number of authorities, from the biblical Moses to the writer Somerset Maugham, who all seem to have subscribed to the notion that people want to be good and nice, and strive to be virtuous. That is what they can do. So why does this better sense gets undermined – by adverse interference? Harris cited this verse:

Alas, two souls live in my breast.

So who are these two drives or inner persons, who constantly seem to struggle over who controls the thinking and the actions of the person? Based on the classical tripartite model of the human mind, that was developed by the Jew Sigmund Freud, the transactional analysis tried to work out more clearly the who is who of the human mind. This lore of psychology then worked out some kind of mental core inside of the so-called superego. The simple idea is it that everybody has a little mother and a little father inside of their heads. The superego is one fictitious region of the human mind that gives traditional help and advice. So the idea is that people who need to decide tend to ask themselves: What would Mom now tell me to do? They have in theory a memory area inside of their brains, where all the more-less helpful do's and don'ts of their parents are stored, as nerve connections and memory molecules. From this storage area they may, also subconsciously, retrieve some advice that covers a specific situation. So when a woman seems to act irrationally, and her man gets mad on her, the reason may be that she herself didn't say what she was saying. But it was the little virtual mom inside of her head, who gave her husband this or that odd answer.

There indeed seem to exist several virtual persons in the mind, who seem to also involuntarily take over control in some situations. This lore reminds much of the idea that some patients can have multipersonal disturbances, that their mind falls apart into a dozen or more virtual persons. Such cases exist and are well documented, for instance in the case of Truddi Chase. The problem is though that such virtual persons can't really exist inside of one simple brain. So can it be that this disturbance is only fictitious? We might think of a guy who checks out a normal computer. To his surprise he finds that this computer seems to have many different identities, and also very big data resources. But how can this be? The explanation is that this computer is a terminal that is connected to vast remote resources. So can it be that these fictitious persons inside of the human mind do not really exist, but are the consequence of misunderstood and unidentified connections of the human mind to other minds, or even to remote aliens? Therapists tried to make these many different mental cores vanish and to »integrate« the patients. Ms. Chase wrote up things like this:

These troops inside would never agree to become integrated. They have backbones of steel and mouths of iron. As you concentrate on them you feel their never-ending anger.

So it isn't leading you far when you do like the transactional analysts try, and identify disturbing and bad drives with fictitious cores inside of your brain. Often you reach the stadium soon where patients report of psycho-real disturbances. Ms. Chase reported about another patient called Lisa:

»Jeannie, Lisa and the Troops [Ms. Chase] all were having the same problems with electrical energy. Lisa's friends claimed that she had a lucky hand as a TV mechanic, that she could perfectly »command« sound and vision just like disturbances and noise.«

That is my re-translation from the extremely sad book »When Rabbit howls«. While therapists were unable to realize that Ms. Chase suffers from paranormal disturbances caused by electrical (in fact gravito-magnetic) cosmic N-rays, it didn't help her that they tried to search ever deeper in her troubled past for some childhood trauma, according to the lore of Old Freud. Fifty years later, the new religion UTR identifies some of the culprits as devilish aliens called Li-Cräybs. Indeed these aliens use for instance the near Vela pulsar to send N-rays, to hammer bad ideas into human minds, and also into the mind of our Earth Goddess, who lives here and who created this world. If Ewa knew about this, why didn't she tell? She tried in some cases, but she was just too weak for to lead all the world into the truth. In the absence of the truth, people had to clutch on this or that rather insane lore. If some would learn too much, like girls often do, they would get the bashing. Ms. Chase used to call these strange minds who had split her personality core The Troops. That is a term known from the Bible. Those evil Greys call themselves Cherubim, that means Fighters. They like to fool selected victims, but as they are found out they attack with onslaughts of anger.

Today the UTR explains, much better than any older theory, what is going on in the human mind. Let's try to interpret again the above example of Doctor Thomas Harris. When Hans searches his car keys, his problem is that he needs entropy. Often one effect of the incoming N-rays is that your things and ideas get separated from you. Then hobbits did not steal you a ring or a key, but due to the Greys who suck away your entropy your life gets more confused! As you try to find the keys, you need some sip of help from the devil's cups. They then tend to comment this with mean voices like this: »Now sniff this out Snuffy!« When Hans finds his car keys missing, he of course puts the blame on his wife Gretchen as the only suspect. It may have been the case that Gretchen indeed put the keys away, but that may have happened by the way of an unwanted correction of the past. It's a science far beyond human understanding. When Gretchen now replies that Hans should better stop driving so much, that is not what the US car maker industry likes to hear. But Gretchen will just sense that there is some truth in it. She reacts more emotionally, and guided by intuition. This time her intuition tells her some truth. From the wiser point of view of the goddess, cars may indeed cause electrical problems. It's well know to human experts today that cars work like a Faraday's cage, diverting electrical charge from the inside to the cover. That means that the electrical charge of the persons inside of a steel car tends to seep away. Now is this a problem? It is, because the human mind also works with the help of electrical nerve impulses. So Gretchen is correct when when she tried this or that to make her man not drive so much for health reasons. It's tricky for the Earth Goddess to tell this to people, and she reaps more success at better whites than with coloreds. These are just facts who limit the powers of gods to help their creatures. It is surely not wrong that the transactional analysis lore tries to identify virtual personality cores and their transactions. But they need to take into account that behind the core of »the mother« inside of a person's mind, there may be the real mother interfering, linked by way of a fractal link and telepathy. And not only this mother, but other women may be connected via the same personality core. It is typical for the Earth Goddess that she tries to help humans by way of appearing as »the mother«. Some Christians will have the idea that this mother is Maria, the dead mother of Jesus, who is but somehow identical with the real mother they have or had. While people are unaware of such divine wisdom, it's easy for the superhuman congeras to guide them or to alter their destiny. For many normal people this but means that the strong Greys will gradually bring them troubles from one day to the next. Once they try to make them get bad and mad, and then they bring them pains and troubles. The people who are good enough to resist need to live a fit, cool and sane life.

Just with these few examples from the field of popular psychology, it is easy to realize that aliens work on the human minds in a most decisive way. Isn't this what the Christians always knew? I've attended Catholic church services for eleven years. Those guys really believed in Santa Claus! Some would, at the service, cite the story of the prophet Samuel, who heard strange voices, and then fell on his knees praying: Lord thy will be done! I didn't then dare to step up before all the sheep, to try and teach to some oldster that Samuel is one of these trouble-bringing names, that links to the Grey Ga-Sama. The worst of these names are those who link to Ga-Dora. And here is another way to explain the Nazi era. We find Doras in many key situations of the development of the civilization and culture of this definitely troubled planet. As we diligently check out the life and career of Adolf Hitler, we find that Rudolf Glauer-von-Sebottendorf was the man who made Hitler become what he was. His newspaper Völkischer Beobachter was also financed by his sister Dora Kunze, they gave it to Hitler. So without these Bavarians, who were organized in the Thule society, a camouflaged masonic order, Hitler maybe would have returned to Vienna, to work as a snow shoveler again. We must assume that the Greys influenced Glauer also as »his inner Dora«.

6.6 Strange Relations with the Mother or the Old Hag

Now, this text gets a bit extreme and speculative, but surely that is interesting for female readers. As we try to really analyze the question of magic, we must ask now: What is the real message of the often-heard but truly insane insult: motherfucker? Who does such things? This is dark magic!If we want to follow this mental thread to the filthy facts, we find much more than we expected. Indeed just some days ago, I was sitting on a park bench reading a magazine, while some young guys played table tennis and had their music player on. The Negros who rapped were saying this rude word all of the time! It happens that the Greys try to interfere, then the music that you hear by chance may change. Negroes and other dark guys just have less stability in reality than whites, they are just made more from dark magic. In fact on that very day Ewa had warned me! I ignored this warning, to later learn that a white amok driver had killed two with his car, at the exact day!

Okay who does this, no excuses? I am just reading a Celtic fantasy tale about afterlife. That old stuff reminded me of what I was reading in the books of the Greek-Egyptian writer Strabo. While Diodor wrote up many strange and unsound tales, Strabo tended to keep to the plain facts (4:5):

»Around Britain there are also many other small islands, but also one bigger one, ΄Ιέρνη [Iérne, Ireland, Hibernia]. We know nothing sure to report of this one, except that the inhabitants are more rude than the British, since they are cannibals as well as eaters of grass. They also regard it as valiant deeds to consume their deceased parents. And they have sex in public, with other women as well as with their mothers and sisters. But we recount this just so, without having trustworthy witnesses.«

What is behind such stories? Surely it plays a role that in some of the cold northern places people tended to live in large halls, where they had little private space. Then it also true that these days were days of hunger and many natural diseases. In bad years they had just very little to eat, and that was always at the origin of ritual cannibalism. Such tales are reported from other countries too, we also find them in the legend of Santa Claus, who had been a bishop in Minor Asia. In the legend of the early Irish saint Adamnan we find the story that the early Christians of Ireland were keeping the cut-off breasts of women as proud trophies of feuds and wars. Surely the reason why these people did this was, that already in ancient Ireland they had a big over-population problem.

In pre-Christian pagan Ireland though, like in other British and Celtic regions, the mothers were also held in spiritual high esteem. They were regarded as the foremothers of tribes. Those people had the idea that their foremothers and ancestresses were still alive in some fairy land and guiding them from there. It's a belief that much reminds of the Christian belief into the ascension of the souls into heaven. So what is in reality behind such tales? With what we know now, it is easy to think out this scenario: Those strong believers of the early days were having mental contacts not only to other people. But they also got the impression that their dead were still with them. Some would think that the spirits of foes that they had killed were still dwelling inside of their heads. It is easy to understand this from the perspective of religion. Mendacious spirits had contacted and influenced much those primitive believers. They appeared to them under many a wrong identity. The same is of course true for those Christians who believed that Santa Claus or others still are with them, bringing them presents at Christmas time. Indeed often it needs a little magical help from God to make ordinary people get to the idea to give to others. The »giver of presents« is of course the nicest aspect of God. But many would find that the mothers or saints that they revered seemed to change to the worse after some time. These virtual spirits didn't really exist, and while the people forgot how the dead really had been, more and more the congeras became perceptible.

Magic is most closely related to sex. Just when it comes to having sex, God as well as many evil Greys try to interfere. The Greys are greedy and search lust to suck lives away. Such devils bring errors, mismatches and distractions, since they relish to fool humans. They don't spend a lot of effort to try and appear under the likeness of some nice lady. But often they prefer to make people who have sex think of a mean and old woman or some oaf. That's the bad witch of the fairy tales, and the Old Hag that people often talk about as they talk of sex. Most sensitive women know well that they always have mental contacts. The US-American psychologist Stan Gooch was one of the few brave who had the courage to confess that it is well possible to have sex with a succubus. Some people who have a bad day may take this lusty spirit for an Old Hag, who also may take away their breath. Mr. Gooch reported that he rather sensed a mixture of several attractive women he knew. That can be the consequence when men fantasize while they have sex with themselves. Some reports about the sexual fantasies of women tell that women were getting very lusty while they thought of one particular celebrity. It is the consequence of wishes to be laid and conceive from some Mr. Right. Regarding such testimonies, behavioural expert David Hufford found it strange that there is so little research work available about such "widespread, realistic and bizarre experiences". But that is also the case when we look at all this other good evidence that we have won for phenomena like soothsaying, mind-reading or psycho-kinesis, the moving of things. The Old Hag but shows that these Greys who strongly try to share the sex life of humans must be bad and insane. These are much worse than most expect, they are devils who try to destroy our planet.

The consequence was that in many cultures, people would shy away from sexual experiences. In ancient Germania for instance, most tribes had a higher morality, compared to the Britons or the Romans. Of course this was also due to the fact that they had fairer genes. That made them not only better able to feel love and to avert bad drives, but it also helped God to better guide them.

6.7 At the Deep of Robbie William's Mind

When Robbie appears on stage with a wild-boy crew cut and prison style tattoos, he is the type of NGU that ladies and girls of the dyed sorts like – a real nevergrownup. But their feelings may vanish when they must hear him shout words who need to be bleeped away in later recordings. When Robbie greets fans with »motherfuckers!« he but may not well be able to control what he says. Also we must suspect that to a degree he means himself now. That is one consequence of an in-depth analysis of his mind. And can it be that Robbie Williams really performed that bad deed at home, like those guys of Old Ireland did? That sounds like a bad insult, but it can be explained from the point of view of in-depths psychology, leading to the fringe science of parapsychology. We have seen already that psychology needs to put into account, that a certain behavior may not be the consequence of the will of a person, but the consequence of actions of a separate core of personality inside of him, called: the mother. This inner virtual mother is influential within many women and men too. Now the new thing to learn is, that the inner mother is linked to the mind of the real mother. By way of wishing and empathy, the real mother can often influence a bit what the child decides or feels. Then there is also the problem that there are those congeras, who often act under cover, and tend to hide behind this or that real or fictitious person. When Christians heard some inner voice of a not virtual person like »Madonna«, that was in fact the work of those worms with their super-machines. It seems that Robbie didn't listen well to that old message of Mother Mary to »Let it be«. But while he performed a shakeoff at home, when he masturbated, that deed had consequences. One consequence is that some girls of the lusty sort are drawn near and get involved. When Robbie had sex with himself, that helped them to get over their natural inhibitions. Above we see one such girl, who is apparently hardly able to stop herself from trying to get it on with Robbie. We may suspect that this girl physically tele-participated when Robbie was having sex. Entire groups of people tend to get lusty and have sex at the same time. And when the own mother is the part of such a group, it get especially difficult for her son to mentally keep away from her. As spiritually sensitive men realize that their mothers or sisters get hot when they do, and have sex with themselves when they cum, some primitive and uncivilized men may get to the idea of an incestuous real relationship. Other men may just like their mothers strongly. For some the mother becomes a substitute for the mysterious goddess. That is what is exposed in the classical Shakespearean drama of Hamlet. When your mother is in bed at the other side of the wall of your bedroom, as an older boy you may find it hardly possible to not get lusty when she has sex, especially when she secretly masturbates on you! Some juvenile men may find this bad and annoying. The lusty single mother, living alone with her adolescent boy, is one big problem constellation, an amok deed may ensue. That is because there are those Greys, superworms who often mask as »Gollums« (aka Little Greys). These worm-devils get strongly attracted by sex and often try to make people have much and vile sex. They fill entire planets with oafs by that way and later destroy them. One strategy of a god to counter this is, to make lusty girls of the lesser quality fall for a guy they can't really want. That was the secret of success of many darker guys.

The human mind functions not all by itself, but other minds are linked to it. That is for instance the simple consequence of fractal mathematics. Brains are as similar to each others as the leafs of a tree. Those leafs all resemble one another, and that means they are fractally linked, and have a common limited pool of entropy. While you add more information to this pool, the consequence may be that the leafs get less similar to each others. The same applies to people. If you study or paint some people, that may help them to develop more individuality, and that may mean more fitness in life. That is why it's so hard for God to even glance to the Far East, and to try and make those many too many Mongos behave some more. If you only change one little thing there, a gene or a glyph, the consequences may be massive! You can change all reality magically. That is proven in the world of quantum physics, and it doesn't only function with tiny particles. These are only the humble basics of the science of magic. We need to put into account these superworms. Without the stabilizing and rectifying E-rays of the Earth Goddess this world would fall apart any minute. The planets of the Gangnam-Cräybs try to develop our Korea into this planet's leading region. That means that local Koreans, and Chinese, grab and dominate more and more of Earth, like they do on enslaved and doomed Cräyb planets. To counter this, the Earth Goddess needs to keep some more to the development plan of Berk-OS, that is but bad and failed. That plan has it that the western whites of quality must win the combat of the major races. That is our lucky way to escape from a cosmic tragedy that destroyed many planets. But for this we need a better magic than our west is able to provide right now. We need those charming cuties for real that we right now chiefly see in animated fantasy films of the Disney studios. So important is human beauty! Even Christians should admit to themselves that they hardly know their aliens, angels and devils. These still can help us to understand that murky remote aliens strongly influence all our cultures. The old Jew Sigmund Freud, who was so much an atheist, tried in vain to explore the bottomless depth of »the unconscious«, that is, the dark outfield of the human mind. Freud is still famous for his notion that the sex drive is so strong in the man's mind. Many men may find that the sudden impulse to get at some girl and to have sex, comes into their minds often at the wrong occasion. Psycho docs of the common quality can't really find out who does this, in the dark outfield of the unconscious of the human mind. But definitely from there our people get massively influenced. While most people don't know what process does this, nearly all religions lead to the notion that deities (or rather aliens, shadowy supernatural persons) are at the remote other end of this »inner internet connection«. Those many Greys who strongly try to manipulate the humans minds, also use people who are next to other people as bots (helpers). Only our Earth and neighboring planet Lar are extremely lucky, since several large groups of divine congeras nearby help us to develop. It may be a helpful advice for many men to physically and mentally part early from their mothers.

6.8 Pwyll's Last Voyage (Chapter One, a Tribute to Eva Walton)

It was when Pwyll, the Duke of Dyfedd, Prince of Wales,
Rode hunting in the forest of Glen Cuch, a maze;
When he met red-eared hounds of hell, well known from tales,
And realized his time had come, his end of days.

He sank down from his saddle onto grimy ground.
With bravery he vanquished now some deathly fear.
He spoke, to some gray spirit, or another hound:
»My Lord, let me not die so soon, and not right here!

I call you by your name, and let this be, Araun.
It is my wish that you may take my soul at hand.
I am a prince and gentleman, so do not frown,
But bring me to that better place called Fairyland!«

The spirit seemed to slyly mask his scorn and hate.
He said: »In Annym there are places hard to find.
I know a garden, but bad beasts lurk at the gate.
Behold the clouds! I'll lead you to the space behind.«

6.9 Could Robbie Williams become the Queen's Next Prince Charming?

In Britain everybody seems to find Robbie charming, and maybe the Queen is no exception. That makes us remember Queen Elizabeth-1. That old damsel saw no problem to dally with this or that young lover, since she was not married. Now, Queen Elizabeth-2 is married, but Prince Philip her husband is old and has retreated. Could we dare to think of another royal future wedding, maybe since the Queen is old and Prince Charles is too; while she decides that she needs a popular, fresh and amusing husband at her side, to lift up some more the reputation of the old British monarchy?
Robbie Williams definitely still looks attractive. So let's assume he would become the next royal consort, still a prince of the lost Empire of Britain, today wrongly called Commonwealth. Would he dance the Kanaka hula in Vanuatu, and could he debate well at a royal dinner in Auckland? It's an academic question of course. Professors and students could discuss this at their colleges. But are our professional experts good enough to evaluate such a celebrity? I don't think they are. They would need for this another expertise: to know the other world and how it works on our people.
Pliny the Younger was just an advocate in ancient Rome. In his late days he found it amusing and pleasant to listen to old rhetors, who would present and discuss their invented cases at law school. Now that reminds of the Archers or maybe some crime serial, that old dames may like to watch. Reading Pliny's letters we but find that he knew well to separate fictional and real life cases (2:3):

We then, publicly troubled too by real law cases; much of malice, without want, we learn.

Britain's best script writers still try to invent classy fiction. Crime stories were always a specialty of Britain. But can these understand real crime? Before you notice it, some otherworldly malice may make you bad too! Sadly our darker people are just constructed more from dark magic. That means that these guys are less able to dislike and stop it, when real life makes them get too bad. The liberal ZEIT only spoke of “a greatfamily of Arab descent from Berlin known by the police”. But really, Meghan de Spell didn't do it! In year 2020 the notorious Remmo clan has been spoken guilty of the theft of the gigantic gold coin. Those clans of Lebanese and Palestinian origin, who emigrated to Berlin decades ago, have like turned the capital of Deutschland into “the capital of crime” (as the BILD put it). The normal press and also the district attorneys were shocked that the young thieves only received rather mild prison sentences. Judge Dorothee (!) Prüfer used the mild laws for juveniles on them, despite of their highly professional felony. The BILD also pointed out that some authorities must fear the terror of the Arab gangsters, and are under special protection.

For version 5.2 let me add this comment: If law-abiding citizens of the USA and RSA may read this, they may shake their heads in disbelief. In many countries such top-notch rogues would be punished with much longer and tougher prison terms. But that is also why both these countries have the highest numbers of citizens in prison. It does play a role that Negroes, who live plenty in these highly civilized countries, naturally have rather little intelligence and a strong tendency of immorality and lawlessness. But things are even worse in countries like Libya, where many Arabs live. There the hot and dry weather makes people particularly insane and nasty. The hot climate was the reason why the prophet Mohammed from Desert Arabia became so depraved. So we may say that the region and the race play key roles, when someone becomes bad and a menace to society. Leftists will reject this genetic evaluation as racism. But it is a fact they can't explain, that violent troubles are so bad especially in Africa and some Arab countries, while they are much less bad in the lands of the Mongos (racial East Asians, aka Slit-eyes or Arimaspen).

Many ordinary and more-less civilized people will find that crooks and rogues need to be punished in tough ways. But often liberals and leftists win the upper hand, who tend to explain and apologize gangsters. These eventually make the justice system of a nation get so soft on crime, that a prison term does not impress potential criminals a lot. One of the problems, that concerns especially Islamic rogues, is that God seems to be more at odds with typical western agnostics than with Islamic rogues even of the worst sorts. So it plays a key role regarding lawful punishment how God really sees things. The true God of this planet sees not only the individual rogue and his personal level of guilt. God also knows the evil powers from faraway sky, who constantly mislead people and force them to break the law. That may happen by making laws who are bad, too strict and unfair. God often has only the alternative to allow some crimes to happen on this planet, or else to push more of a certain wave of N-rays into outer space. There the same wave of N-rays may hit our neighboring planet Lar, which is more in trouble than our Gaia. To help the local goddess of Lar, often Ewa must allow bad deeds here. Even worse are things on the planets of the Feken, where the N-rays wave fronts may have dramatic effects. We can't help these “poor pigs” right now. Still worse are things on those many enslaved planets, where the region of the Orient is the most evolved region. Our local way out of the quandary is, to let the particularly misled and lawless Orientals die out rather soon. In the meantime it definitely helps if both here and on Lar we separate from these. That is why the common idea of leftists and Christians, to let such unwelcome Semitic people enter into Europe in large numbers, is definitely wrong. Christians of course apply their thinking that these Semites are in a way superior and chosen by God. If we better guys manage to show them that God really regards the best Europeans from the center of this continent as his chosen people, much will be won for the idea to close our borders to all people of lesser race. That saves many of our guys from trying in vain to correct them.

So what about the Mongos? Definitely Asians have a reputation to work like ants, and to well abide to even overly strict and strange laws. Of course this makes many market liberals want such people for their companies. And isn't it helpful if Mongos are parts of a worldwide business and science intelligentsia? The UTR but warns before the bad side effects. Major race two guys are under special influence of the Cräybs, they may drastically mislead this deluded world. One key example for this is the Jap Michio Kaku from NYC varsity. He issued the hypothesis that we might one day be able to create baby universes with the help of super machines. Can it be that such a Jap from another universe is our universal God? I call this typical foolery of the Racials.

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