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18. Let's grant those Negroes a new Name

Relaunch comedy issue of Koelnische Rundschau newspaper

18.1 Like the Church of Rome, also the Catholic Press needs more Dumbbells

Now this is not the front page of the real existing Kölnische Rundschau newspaper from Cologne. It's the front page of a possible relaunch edition, designed by me. So can it be that Cologne's Most Catholic newspaper would need to start a relaunch? Yes definitely, since times are a-changing, are they not? In Cologne many elderly people do business as usual, and don't care much about the new era of God's wisdom. But since the archbishop recently issued big plans, to turn his gloomy oversized dome into an evangelical church, we may surely expect the papers to react accordingly. So what we first need to change in the Kölnische Rundschau, that's the motto on the title. The old unofficial motto »Dä Ollerkadollischste Kölnische Rundschau« just sounds vernacular instead of modern. It's modern right now in Deutschland to use more and more English. So I would propose to brush up the title motto in a multicultural style. And why not try to combine English, Deutsch, vernacular Kölsch and the funny Kanak-Sprak of the migrants? The result could be a motto that sounds absolutely compatible with all local languages but at the same time warns modern readers.

News-people need to sense the trends, to make their paperwork become liked. And definitely the trend of the Catholics is to pay more attention to what the Negroes do. But just the word Negroes sounds pc-wise incorrect right now. It's a development that we must call insane, but tricky leftists use such strategies to let Negroes be liked. False refugees from Africa often come in with false papers, why not give them a false race name, like Käffrikäns? Right now the Catholic church is in desperate need of believers of the silly sort. Not only Bible dumbbells will still believe that the Earth is flat. That is what Saudis recently heard from a Koran dumbbell too. It was a Negro mufti. So what if we for instance see a meteorite, who seems to fall down from heaven? Then our truly Catholic-Kaffrikan papers should explain that this was the burning soul of a Methodite, kicked out by Peter from heaven's gate, since when alive he failed to believe in the supremacy of Rome. That won't easily happen to the Ghana Negroes. So let's call the Negroes from now on Käffrikans. That sounds new and nicely diverse, and yet our common people easily understand what it means.

The local culture of Cologne is still much under the sway of the Church of Rome. That means that the local archbishop still is in some aspects what he was during much of the Middle Ages. Thence some bishops were regarded as second category nobles, who ruled entire regions like worldly royals. But while the age of true religion has come; suddenly the spell, that stultified the subjects of the church for so long a time, gradually stops to work. Now people realize not only the weaknesses of the old lore, but also the badness of the old traditions. Only new nobles could introduce now a wiser and healthier culture.

18.2 So many Negro News, but missing are Those Who should warn Us!

Now, the above odd news all come from just one issue of the newspaper Kölnische Rundschau of 2017. These are just a few of those mysteriously many Negro pictures that we often find in our papers. I here only added some typical questions that the press often forgets to ask. I manipulated digitally the title slogan for this collection, since locals know that it is not correct when this paper declares itself as independent on the title page. Even in comparison to all the other rather Catholic newspapers of Cologne, just the KR is Most Catholic! It is strange then that the KR always brings up so many mysterious Negro news, while on the other hand the big problem of the Muslim menaces gets hardly ever mentioned. Even our word Negro is officially strictly taboo right now. So couldn't we call them Niggers instead? Call it a rebel style. Some Negroes also call themselves Niggers occasionally. But since we Whites try to be more high-brow, we should rather refrain from using such degrading Negro rap slang. Black Africans is what many say now, but that term is as incorrect as the entire Bible, it's just the wrong lingo. There are some Negroes after all who are rather brown than black or even whiter. There are also Negroes who are not at home in Africa, while there are also some Africans in Africa who are not Negroes. So what about calling them, from now on, Kaffrikans? That sound new and swell like a fashionable advertisement word. It also meets well their often puffed-up naughty egos, with their poor performances in comparison.

I just found the word Kaffir in the English edition of the great work of Oswald Spengler about the Decline of the West. Since we must get to terms with such troubles before they let us go under, the first step on the way of truth is to talk linguistically correct from now on. So can it be that Negroes and other bad aliens are to blame if the West suffers an economic, cultural and moral decline right now? Does it matter if they smear their excrements on the walls of the toilets? This is their traditional way to clean their behinds. In the west we have higher standards of hygiene, but lately there are some westerners who welcome it when such third world people introduce their bad cultures to us. Other try to teach them how to use toilet paper! I tried that too with Negroes who lived in my house. I had to learn that many Africans are unteachable, fraudulent, dirty and aggressive. In the end I cleaned up behind these. There are leftist Catholics who may find that justified, for the sins of the Deutsche. The philosopher Spengler had predicted a decline of the West, 100 years ago. And lo here it comes, arriving with those Kaffrikans! In some real Deutsche news-paper we would now expect to find many worrying and disturbing news and comments about this topic. While Negroes like Dorothy are dragged in as so-called refugees, nearly all are in fact illegals and asylum fraudsters from the moment as they enter the EU. Some Negroes try hard then to get at a white girl. I saw one of these follow hard several white student girls, all their way through the local campus park. Eventually these manage to get on one such girl, and when she is with child they can marry and get a EU passport. That should make them happy, but since they are lawless and unsteady, the typical story of the Negro and his white girl is that of Seal and Heidi Klum. He left her alone with some ugly dark kids while trying to get atta next white girl. In the Cologne Tabloid we were reading on page one before, that these two were having sex in the wardrobe. That sounds like randy Heidi was unable to get into the mood regarding that ugly face.

Negroes in the west like to party, we see them on our streets with many beer bottles, and where Negro music is played we also find their drug stickers. So shouldn't the papers warn teens that the Ganjaman is, really, not just a Jamaican artist who plays Reggae music, but more correctly a drug dealer? Some Negroes compete in sports, but drug-prone and fraudulent like many naturally are, black magic must help in some cases to avoid a positive doping test. So these are some real life stories about the Negroes that should warn any Deutsche and truly white Europeans, as they read their news-papers. The MC KR however is not a newspaper but rather a Catholic no-news-paper!

18.3 Roman Catholics have Tendencies that the Roman Legions had too

Many Roman Catholics in all of Europe and the world strictly keep together. They hold on to their traditions. It's traditional for Catholics that they value Catholic rites and like to watch those torture images. If you are obedient to the church you are taken for a good boy, from the Catholic perspective; or else you are hell-bound. That belief makes Catholics think that baptized Negroes are of better quality than Whites who moved away from the old-time nonsense. In the rational world of today only Negroes still deeply believe in old-time religion. There are some Catholics who find this most alarming and annoying, and these have a tendency to try and make people bad and weak, to then chide and punish them. It's a tendency too that we can expect from any devils.

The Church of Rome was formerly always seen as the legal heir of the ancient Roman legions. In some aspects the Catholics still resemble the Romans of ancient times. These think that all the world should be owned and ruled by them. While they must find that better Whites strongly resist to them, they have a tendency to chide and challenge much these. They also promote and drag in silly and obedient darklings and hostile orientals. They then try to populate Europe and the west with lowquo (low quality, especially of the mind) underlings. By this way they struggle to win the democratic majorities in the west, and push and mob away the naturally more freedom-loving, rational and haughty whites of Germanic origin. The Church of Rome is a church of dark heads and minds. The quest of some Southerners to win majorities and to occupy cities gets stronger as they multiply. There are liberals and left-wingers too and even some Muslims who support Rome and the EU with that old strategy. In some way all the darklings unite to a front in that old war, that the Romans once were leading to conquer all of Europe. That makes some of these Southern types hatefully fight the alternative rightist party AfD right now, while they have no alternative.

18.4 It's hard for President Trump to walk the Way of Truth and Salvation

Right now our media also have a tendency to bash the US-President, who often is one anchor of western supremacy and courage. It's really bad what the moreless conservative wealthy Cologne pensioners, those guys who commonly buy the MC KR, must read from the USA correspondent Dirk Hautkapp, who poses on some pictures with a unkempt mane and a somewhat insane grin:

»Always when one thinks, that the roundabout of madness, that Donald Trump made become the ensign of his presidency, could not turn faster now; the Enfant Terrible [French: the terrible infant] speeds it up another gear.« [KR 8/21 2017 p. 4]

That tendency seems to be rather widespread in the USA right now. Many advisers of President Trump find that he tends to move away from the classical doctrines and liberal guidelines of US-American foreign policy. But as we scrutinize the main issues, those that really count, we must be surprised to learn that he is often correct. One big issue in the USA is, to make sure that this great nation remains US-American. That is not the case in some regions where Catholics from Central America pour in. Right there President Trump, well supported by First Lady Melania, took action instead of just complaining. He secured the US borders and didn't allow weakening sentiments. If the Catholics would manage to reconquer Nuevo Mexico, the entire region would become poorer.

Recently the veteran reporter Bob Woodward wrote an insider report about the White House. He brought up stories that we must take seriously. The style of President Trump is that of an old man with strong convictions and too little scruples. It's not easy to be a chairman at such a high age, and definitely this job is exhausting. Here's a story about him and defense secretary James Mattis:

Many of the most important advisers of the president are extremely worried because of his erratic styles and his relative ignorance, his inability to learn, his dangerous views... He asked again in winter 2018 why the USA paid so much for the troops in South Korea. Mattis told him that this was to prevent World War Three. After that meeting with Trump Mattis was »exhausted and alarmed«. He told his staff: Trump learns like a school child.

That is one original story from Old Bobby's book (after the Deutsche Welt Kompakt 09/06 p.3). For ordinary readers it may seem that all this stuff leaves no golden hair on top of the president's head. But hold it, mustn't we expect that pupils can learn much better and faster than haughty old men? All things are more difficult in the White House right now, since President Trump is trying out a new line of politics. Isn't it an idea that sounds great, to redeploy troops from stable South Korea to other places where they are urgently needed? Mustn't they think of the budget deficit all of the time? North Korea is suddenly not really the scary enemy that it used to be in past decades. And that is definitely also due to the tough negotiations and serious warnings of President Trump.

On second thought we find that President Trump is learning faster than many of his advisers. He also is much more courageous to venture past old-time traditions of thinking. That much is about politics, but the other aspect is that of religion. When a decision is needed, or when bad ideas try to come in, people suddenly get under pressure. That is definitely what made Mr. Mattis suddenly feel so exhausted! I worry too that President Trump suddenly may get too harsh, asking to put to death more people. In that case destiny has a tendency to urgently send in First Daughter Ivanka.

18.5 The Cover-ups of bad Crimes of Refugees in Deutschland

As it seems the liberal media guys dislike President Trump for telling them the disliked truths and for trying his best for his nation but not all the competitors, in his tough entrepreneur style. Many Deutsche journalists harshly criticized him once again, when President Trump wrote, in a short Twitter news service tweet, that the crime rate in Deutschland was up due to the refugees. It was apparently an incorrectly written text message. But what are the facts? Fact one is that the general rate of crimes in Deutschland is decreasing for some years. Right now it is at the level again it was in 1992. But another fact is that the rate of serious and violent crimes only sank very slightly. And fact three, most important this is, is what a more detailed statistics shows. When the Merkel refugees of 9/4 were all welcomed in Deutschland, a dramatic rise of the crimes of refugees was the consequence. Nobody was teaching our people then what it means to live in a city with many wild Arabs and Negroes. There were robberies, gang crimes, rapes and murders, and such crimes are just common in Afghanistan and other such lands who send us refugees. Nobody warned our girls to not make friends with such dangerous Muslims. The nasty silence of the media caused the death of several girls. Ms. Merkel is politically to blame. In some regions the rate of crimes that those refugees committed rose by several hundred percents! So the mystery of this issue is, that at the same time Deutsche and good foreigners were committing much less crimes. That fact can only be explained with the God's new strength (and maybe with global warming too). The same effect is shown by our traffic fatalities statistics. It dropped from over 20.000 to just over 3.000!

In the New York times we read that a local Miss called Jagoda (Serbocroat: Strawberry) chides president Trump for telling false stories about a rise of crimes in »her land«. But the fact that President Trump found newsworthy is, that recent migrants are responsible for many more crimes in Deutschland! That is not what a general statistics can show, since in the same period of time, the rate of crimes committed by Deutsche mysteriously and dramatically dropped. That mystery is what most bad newspeople tried to cover up!

The former criminologist Christian Pfeiffer attributed a regional rise of violent crimes in the state of Niedersachsen by 90 percent to the refugees! This is also what all the Islam news tell us all the time, for instance that of Syrian Ali who raped a girl aged eleven. Here we find the bad tendency that the police cooperates with bad leftists, and therefore covers up the deeds of refugees. When the father of the allegedly raped girl alarmed the police, they immediately identified the suspect. It was one of four Alis who all lived in a refugee home. But later, when the same Ali raped and murdered another young girl, the police told the press that they hadn't known him before. It was a lie! While we know that the police has special orders to put aside any crime files of the refugees, and to report to the press in an obfuscating way, we must suspect that a huge dark cypher of such crimes exists. Right now bad leftists of the extremist party DL rule some cities and states, and the traditional tendency of these is to only focus right-winged opponents and instigate against them.

The latest news show chancellor Merkel ever more often with the Chinese. Just recently she committed again to free trade. Regarding our businesses she must mean the trade of humans too. It is indisputable that nearly all Moors (North Africans) and Negroes are asylum fraudsters as they enter the EU. The villains, who help them enter, are often bad leftists. They factually help with the business of trading humans and recruiting gangsters. Many migrants live lowly in the west, as exploited workers, under threat of some mafia. While our companies feel the pressure of Asian competitors, they try to bring down costs at any price. A common way to manage this is to employ illegals provided by gangsters.

18.6 The adverse Tendencies of leading international News People and Clerics

Instead of odd facts in the MC KR we find many a harsh philippika [chiding speech], often from reporter Dirk H.. He thus becomes the standard source of information for people who don't know much about world news and care much less. Many normal people and common citizens will feel instant anger boil up as they must read such battle rap reporting. Can't they send this Washington D.C. urban red rooster home to Cologne to roost? Haha, now let us try to coolly analyze such people, who are not uncommon in the media landscape of Deutschland and Europe today. While the Trump presidency occasionally gets hotly disputed, at least one aspect should be indisputable: There are not a few influential media and politics activists who are so much emotional enemies of such western politicians and governments, that they hold nothing back as they strongly criticize and oppose them. Especially some Roman Catholics have a deep-rooted emotional tendency to oppose Protestant world leaders. That is often the standpoint of atheist left-wingers and liberals of the South-German and left-side-of-the-Rhine press. Some types are secretly under the guiding sway of their Catholic mothers. Others may have a strange subconscious pro-Islamic tendency, that unites with their old-time Marxist anti-Zionist convictions. They can't really believe, but that is not a strong mental position in a world that is so much influenced by good or devilish forces. While they rely on their leftist traditions of anti-western bias, this makes them deny, downplay or ignore the big problems that for instance Nafris (North African intensive rogues), and other bad aliens have become. Not a few are natural red rebels. These take the side of any people who seem to be opponents of the West. They write against established world leaders and groups like G20 or Bilderbergs, but coldly ignore the danger that lawless egoistic Muslims have become, that fastest growing and most dangerous hostile minority in Western Europe. Such adverse media people are strong in number and they tend to associate to a leading minority. One reason must be that many were raised as Catholics after all, and can't get away from that later in their lives. The totalitarian, odd leftist and untruthful tendency that is typical for that Roman church is apparently present at some leading Wikipedia national networks. I mean the professionals who manage the financing. In Deutschland these allegedly secretly meet at the Bremen university, one most left-winged city.

Naturally leftist and adverse correspondents unite as they represent our media in many countries of the world. They are often not believers in a traditional Christian way, but they reflect the fact that the Church of Rome and other large religious communities are very dissatisfied with the way more and more people disobey to them. Many of these very aged church people would like a very different world politics, that still regards the pope as a king of kings, the khalif of Jesus. Catholics try definitely to fill the USA with Catholic Latinos. While the Trump administration thwarts that, this makes many Catholic media people criticize Mr. Trump so harshly now. They especially find it scandalous and unacceptable that the USA lately decided to really secure the Mexican border, and to get out many illegal Latinos. Many Catholics organize and back the massive international protests against that border fence. Catholic Rome officially demands of the USA to let enter more refugees. Some kingpins however may still have in mind some kind of reconquista [reconquest] of the formerly Catholic territories that were lost to the USA in past times. That idea may sound absurd, but we may easily foster it with a view into European history books. We there find that the Roman Catholics of Rome, for instance in the time of the gruesome War of Thirty Years in Deutschland, were most reluctant to call off that civil war, and to surrender to Protestants any territory at all. For much the same reason the heirs of these Roman Catholics today are unwilling to surrender any part of the former Soviet-Russian province of Ukraine to it's Russian majorities, including parts who are nearly completely ethnically and religiously Russian as well as Russian-Orthodox. Even in times of peace, the Ukrainian Catholic and the »Truly Slavic« Russians clerics had fought out feuds over some churches. It is not dared to assume that the big religious divide of Europe also raised the ethnic wrath to the extreme of a civil war. The Russians did not forget that some Catholics from the Ukraine had welcomed Hitlers Nazis, as these had invaded and indeed somehow liberated their lands. While Catholic clerics still cannot really accept any people who disobey to their pope, the last Catholic Romans of today resemble much with their secret plans of conquest some communities of Muslims. Forever war is not what these people commit to, but it's what the dark forces proscribe to them, who are just too strong in the minds of typical darklings.

18.7 A better Racialism can better secure racial Order in the USA

In the MC KR and other media of Deutschland for the elder generation, we often find a worrying tendency lately to bash modern Anglo-American conservatives and right-wingers. For instance in the FAZ, Deutschland's leading liberal newspaper from Frankfurt/Main, we often find a mix of anti-Trump news and comments. When recently a skirmish between left-wingers, Negroes and white consciousness demonstrators occurred in Charlottesville Virginia; many took the side of the anti white-power front with fervor, since this seems to be the side that is regarded as politically correct. Mr. Trump had pointed out that acts of violence had been committed by both sides. That was correct, but one leading comment on the title page of the FAZ had it that Mr. Trump »could not be more wrong« with this remark. But we can think of 1001 ways how a president could have acted more wrongly here! Imagine some guy decided to give back the USA to the Amerindians. In tendency the liberals are too fond of indigenous and colored cultures, and that is making many blind for the weaknesses and the bad luck that these bring to this world. Wrong racialism makes the tensions rise in the South. A better racial politics could help to restore public order. But that must be a politics with a pro-white tendency. Virginia is still one anchor of white power in the USA, due to the first ever British colony that existed there. It it a royal spell that still works there! The name Virginia links to the Virgin, and that is today not Queen Elizabeth-1 but our Goddess.

But the way things are going here in Europe, some people are very fast as they raise accusations against any people who realize that the USA and Israel are just much better places than Haiti or Hamastan; because nicer, whiter and genetically better people live there. Most African Americans appreciate the USA of course, that is why many wouldn't want to be returned to some homeland in Africa. But while the policy of the Negro Obama was it to open borders and legalize illegals, the perspective that Negroes feared too was that colored immigrants wound bring the USA down. Even the New York ghetto Negroes are not as stupid as the Reggae Rastafari potheads are, who dream of a return to Africa. Here's a classical verse of a rap song from the USA concerning this:

In Africa, they are living like mice; and the houses even make the ghetto look nice.

Why is life better in the USA? Sure, it's because US Negroes only form a rather small minority. All good people of this world were shocked when US Negroes shot dead several police officers in the USA recently. Sadly it's because of their racial genes that Negroes do vile things more often. All these dissatisfied darklings can be glad anyway that the USA provides them so much social security and health care. They would have to live worse lives in a possible US Negro homeland reservation. Negroids form only about 13 percent of the US population, but they form an absolute majority of prison inmates! While most US prisons are not nice places, they are still rather smug and safe compared to typical third world prisons. Stonings are not a measure of the US code of penal law, but they are a measure of Islamic law. The sharia has it that untrue wives may get stoned. Such cruel acts happen in strict Islamic State countries, for instance in the IS of Iran. So that is one reason why President Trump recently imposed sanctions, to trigger a political change there. But like often, our worried liberals get dangerously soft when it comes to dangerous Islam. Western leftists could instead ask Red China to better cooperate with all the countries who try to topple the regime of a few ayatollahs of Iran. That would help to secure the borders of Israel too.

Not a few leftists in Europe instead rally for more Islam in our schools and societies. But with more bad Muslims the sharia also will become discussed and tolerated in Europe too. The sharia is just a very bad and cruel lore from the early Middle Ages. But it's the essence of the practical lores of the Koran. Typical Christians or liberals in the West accept Islam and the Koran without knowing it. The sharia is inseparable from the Koran. Leftists often don't find the Islam okay, but some get soft regarding Muslim rogues, while they hate their »bourgeois« white neighbors. Many leftists in the west are still Marxists to some extent, and the Christian press strangely enough fosters their insane tendency of being business punks. While even many established left-wingers still regard themselves as militant rebels, class war fighters, romantic revolutionaries and enemies of their peoples, they also tend to disregard and downplay similar militant tendencies of Islam. It was hotly debated that Russia apparently also influenced the elections in the USA, colluding with some of the staffers of Mr. Trump. How much can this change in a working democracy? It much helped Syria and Iraq when Russia recently decided to bomb an Al-Qaeda air-drones base there. Our current western world leaders are not Titans, but again and again they achieve good results.

18.8 Catholics find it insane to challenge the bad Forces of the Bible

All those who take bad Islam dangerously easy today underestimate the bad aspects of Islam, and it's because the Catholic press often covers this up. But this can't be what all the saner western liberals can approve. So why do western media often howl versus the white conservative USA of today? This reminds of the ancient Romans who howled like their mythical she-wolf Lupa, against the ancient Germanic of the »heroic traitor« Arminius. The main line of all the Catholic media is still based on the traditional accusations that Rome used to raised against the Germanic:

The Germanic fail to obey to Rome! These guys are haughty and think that they are of a higher race and quality, while our religious traditions say that they are inferior. Our priests have it after all that guys like us are the greatest and should be in charge, since they are in the favor of these forces who should not be called demonic. Those Germanic refuse to get humble before our gods!

Liberal and leftist media people in the west get so cynical and vicious right now, since they have the feeling that nationalists, right-wingers and white-power people get ever more haughty; and need to be talked down. The main accusation that the leftist media people raise is that these proud whites are insane. That accusation comes from the corner of old-time rational atheism first. As it seems, the entire ideology of white and western supremacy is irrational and untrue. But is this the truth? Isn't it true wisdom to realize that good whites perform best in all regions of the world, in comparison to all the darklings? It's the forbidden fruit of wisdom for older liberals and leftists with a Christian education. Some older Christians are so scared before the perspectives and the consequences of true wisdom, and they are also so stuck in bad and morbid traditions, that they find it insane to try and be courageous and wise, instead of being Bible-true and silly. The recent accusation, that race-aware whites are bad and insane, can be explained best with a Catholic and standpoint in mind. A better politics means for these to do like Jesus did and be a rebel with an egalitarian and totalitarian tendency. Jesus even welcomed the poorest of the poor. These liberals therefore also welcome underlings and try to integrate them, they make friends with them and try to develop them. Some such people donated so much money to Africa that the EU ended up now as factually bankrupt, with the common currency Euro based on junk bonds. Africa has become a creditor of the EU lately! Many of our planet's cities are overpopulated by unworthy and hostile coloreds, with Negros as the most worthless and Muslims as the most hostile guys. That seems to be not only the morally good but also the religiously correct policy. Many of the really powerful Catholics who factually rule the EU and South America and other parts of the white man's world, are still bound to bad religious prejudices. When these Catholics call the better and tougher white people insane, they say this from the point of view of their old-time religion. It's insane for them to try and be wise, since the Bible declares this as verboten at the very beginning. They find that the white-power people defy the gods of the Bible, and this is what those Catholics find insane!

18.9 Many who tried to find true Divine Wisdom only received bitter Fruits

We may best understand the old-time Catholic position from a late remark of Michele Sindona. The famous Vatican banker was also a notorious mafia gangster for some decades. When he was lately put before court, he told to some brave writer that he found it most illegal that so many bad Italian mafia guys had been treated very mildly by the US legal authorities. So surely these found it insane that Sindona had decided to talk to the authorities and to the press. This pentito broke the Catholic commandment of silence (omertá), also a Biblical commandment. Sindona referred to the cases of several high ranking Catholic gangsters who were set free in the USA, and explained:

»I, the devil in person. Don't you believe like I that it doesn't exist: The forbidden fruit of the tree of wisdom.«

Shortly afterwards Sindona was spoken guilty of murder, and soon later he was poisoned in jail in Italy. That was an untypical bitter end for a typical Mafia Catholic, in those leaden years before the coming of the Savior, of me. The leader of this entire Catholic rope gang however, Licio Gelli from the mafia lodge P2, managed to escape from prison and later lived a happy pensioner's life in his Italian luxury villa. We can learn from the words of Italy's hero Michele Sindona how bad things used to be in Italy. The imaginary Catholic saints or gods seem to forgive them all their big and small roguish deeds. But that is the foolery of the devils who like crimes to happen. The gods of Rome were always seen as a haughty mafia with a tendency of obfuscation. It's not wise to get wise before such shady alien powers, and it's insane to defy the order that they proscribe for this sad world and all the galaxies. The UTR however has it that just our lonesome planet is one of the very rare ones, where it is possible and sane to try and get wise, for the sake of our better future.

One of the weirdest politicians of the history of Italy was surely the admiral Andrea Doria from the city of Genova. On one classy portrait we see him posing as a half-naked Neptune, the god of the seas. But that was after he had been leading the joint fleet of Italy into a naval disaster. During a campaign against the Turkish fleet under emperor Karl-5, the admiral held back the ships of his own city, so that the Turkish Osmanli fleet could attack the ships of the republic of Venice. It was obvious that admiral Doria had done this in betrayal of his nation. The Genovese admiral hated the rivaling Venetians more than the enemy. We may say that the sea battle of Preveza opened up the way for the Turkish invasion into Europe. That case is strangely comparable to all the cases, when some people who hate the West and reject certain nations open up the EU borders for bad and hostile Muslims. Once again the UTR has it that Andrea Doria is one of the Ga-Dora names. But then again, his blessed name Andrea seems to have forged him the courage of few lucky men.

18.10 Leftist Opinion Dictators fail to defend their Correctness Opinions

My right-winged opinions may sound wrong and outdated to many modern ears. Is it not true that the worldwide community of leftist to liberal European newspeople thinks atheist and rationalist? The typical correspondent from Deutschland reads the rather left-winged and atheist newsmag SPIEGEL [Mirror], and many of his opinions come from there. It is typical for left-wingers that they first make their opinions in an internal coordinated process, and later jointly and eventually unfairly defend them. Often a spontaneous and emotional move makes them judge that it is only politically correct for them to have some specific opinion. But not only most of the readers of the left-winged papers are also a bit of Christians. Also most of the key editors in the background are Christians. The leading press firm in Deutschland, that controls nearly all left-winged media, is the Bertelsmann group. The billionaires of the Mohn clan are some of Deutschland's few richest media tycoons. They have a Protestant tendency since the days when they were a small Protestant school book publisher. It should not surprise us that the press market of Deutschland is strictly divided into two camps. The more conservative camp is also the Catholic and Southern camp, the camp of economic liberals and leftists is the more Protestant and Northern camp. However there are some special links who unite all the media people to one common group of opinion dictators. They all have some opinions who are regarded as politically correct (pc). They strictly must have these opinions or they are out of their jobs. It is typical right now that such people get angry as they must hear opinions who challenge these doctrines of pc. When Dirk Hautkapp lately bashed so hard US-President Trump, once again, he referred to the Charlottesville troubles, that erupted between white power supporters and militant leftists and Negroes. Those coloreds and militants had apparently provoked and attacked the whites first. Some car tires had been slashed, which is really not a minor offense. Mr. Trump had pointed out that both sides had committed violent acts, and that was just fully correct. However, his position was regarded by many European Catholics, militants, left-wingers and adverse media people as being not »anti-racist« enough. In this closed special community it is regarded as strictly pc that you must be anti-racist. The big problem is though that it's very tough to be really anti-racist if you are much of a modern rational liberal thinker. Races are just so different, and it's so obvious that Negroes are inferior. While our media people find it so hard to be truthful when it comes to the issue of races, but also must expect that any really truthful statement will be a sure career terminator, some just can't help to get angry. Wrath is the source of energy then, that they raise to wash away their scruples. That reminds of the ways of some warrior types, who have traditional ways to raise anger to fight back their fears. The Scots for instance were playing their bag pipes all the time, when they were out for a fight. Some more modern people take refuge to drugs to cleanse their brains from unwanted insights.

18.11 Sorcery may bring Women near to their Goddess

Here's a medieval wooden carving from Lukas Cranach, like it is mentioned in chapter 17.4. We see three witches here making showers and rain. As it turns out they are not banshees but buxom elderly women. One of the three has great long golden hair, so she must be fairly attractive. What is wrong with such weather-making, at a time when the lands were too dry? The big problem is that sorcery doesn't seem to help! In the FAZ we recently red a scary article about the terrible drought of 1540. The remains of the starved cattle and people are shown here. Obviously these witches can't really make good rainy weather! That was and is also the problem of our three good goddesses, of whom our Sofia Ewa is the local one. Her problem is not only that she can't really provide for the rain that is needed. But she often has to refrain from helping, to let the Greys work their evil magic. By this way God binds the N-rays of the Greys, who could do worse damage at another target. While uninformed women tried sorcery, having in mind good magic, they teamed up a little with their Goddess. But the Greys have a tendency to rid the Goddess of her contacts. In ancient heathen times, often such a team-up of some woman and a goddess would result in the local cult of the goddess. For that reason our Goddess would appear to be divided into many local goddesses, who all were different or not. In Christian times however Sofia Ewa could only poorly protect women who associated with her. She also could only poorly provide for the needed rain.

18.12 Thanks to Saint Peter for the Weather, they posted...

In Cologne's Most Catholic paper KR we often find Catholic remarks and Catholic culture in the stead of factual news and Deutsche culture. In one report about an open air festival we read this:

»It looked at first as if the organizers of the Springinsfeld [jumpy kid] festival had luck on their side... at first the weather seemed to play with them. »Thanks Petrus« posted the organizers on early noon into the social networks. On the afternoon however...«

On the afternoon the rain came, and those fans of electronic pop music had to dance in the mud. Even many non-Christians may know that Simon Petrus (Saint Peter) is one of the main Catholic Christian deities. For Roman Catholics, Simon Petrus is the city saint of Rome and the feared weather god and the guardian of the gate of the sky dome. There are not a few Catholics who still believe that this exact deity really exists, even while most of the older doctrines of the Bible-true Christians have lately been refuted, and were officially given up by the Church of Rome too. The Romans still tell the world that Simon Petrus was an apostle of Jesus who traveled to Rome and who was buried there, after a passionate torture in the Roman arena. But the truth is that this is a brazen lie. The original Simon Petrus died in 44 A. with a horde of rapacious beggars, at the river Jordan. That is well proven by legends that the crusaders heard. Another Simon from Cyrene was later revered as a city saint in Rome. That guy must have been a migrant and refugee from Africa.

It is possible to think now that the original Simon Petrus reincarnated into the body of Simon of Cyrene, since the first Christians of haughty Rome absolutely wanted a special city saint known from the Bible. However, from the point of view of any sane mind, the dead cannot reincarnate of course. But while simple minds are more open for bad inspiration and false ideas, it was surely not a coincidence that the original Saint Peter from Rome was only a Moor, a refugee from Libya. So how good are the chances that the Savior promotes such rabble after death to the highest ranks in his Realm of God, and rewards them with the power to do spectacular miracles? Such a God would be a God that few worthy people would like to have, a loser who likes bad aliens the most.

We must conclude that there are many obvious errors, fake news and lies in the history of Jewish-Christian religion. Isn't it likely then that also the most liked idea of the Roman Catholics, that a department saint or superhero is helping them on his particular field of power, must be another wrong idea? We cannot understand religions from such a rational atheist perspective. The view of the UTR has it that the weather is the result of the influence of many forces of destiny, processes and powers. Sometimes strange and unforeseen weather phenomena occur. It is understood that the good three goddesses, and not Peter, make our weather. So will they let it rain, after some guy just thanked Saint Peter for sunshine, to make trouble? We must keep in mind that rain is always a precious gift for the vegetation. Suddenly a drought may ruin the harvest of the summer. While the Earth Goddess often must work so hard to make good weather, her tendency is to allow to the Greys wicked interference. Ga-Toma then may help with the rain, to put the blame on Sofia Ewa when rain at the weekend is just what party people didn't want. In a bad year though, a year when cosmic troubles weaken the three goddess, no tricks may help to procreate even a single shower! I deem that 1540 was such a year, since plans failed to abolish Christianity, and Martinism on Lar.

Weather magic explains why already in 16 A. the Romans in Germania experienced special rainy weather. After the Roman legate and field marshal Germanicus had tyrannized and vandalized large parts of Germania, a storm had crushed most of his thousand river boats. If we believe in a good God, who is with the Nordic children of light, and who always opposed the Roman fascists of all ages and age groups, then this must be of course seen as God's work. In those old days Ewa was stronger, and that was due to the fact that most of the Germanic were spiritually closer to her. Humans don't need to believe in any religion to realize that if a good God exists for this troubled planet, he must save his best efforts for a time when they are needed, and work effective miracles. This idea also explains why hardly any rain falls in oriental regions where the bad Muslims dwell. God can't want such people to reproduce even more and to migrate into Europe in larger numbers.

18.13 Faith knows many ways to express, including false Ways

Also those who fail to believe in the UTR will find it easy to think that something like this must be the explanation for many mysteries of our reality. Good and bad powers seem to constantly be at odds with one another. The good powers try to work good magic, demons try to despoil things.

Well, it is easily possible to imagine that a really good God really exists, a good worldly deity of high age and wisdom, who eventually has all the things in mind that a perfectly good God should wish and support. The big problem of the West is that this thinking is not possible right now. In the KR we of course find also Sunday statements from high-ranking Roman clerics and pundits. We read this from Hartmut Kriege, who is the pastor of the official Santa Claus church in Bonn:

»Faith knows two ways to express. One is the naive-pious way to believe. The other one is the one infested-by-doubts... Analytic thinking fosters disbelief, that is what two psychologists from Vancouver university stated, two years ago... Not really a new insight. Already in 1838 the writer Annette von Droste-Hülshoff wrote in one of her spiritual poems: »Oh bitter shame! My knowledge had to kill my faith!««

That is good stuff for a Catholic mind. There are still many people who are unaware of how many errors are in the lore that the Church of Rome brings to them. They watch the parastatal local TV ARD and ZDF, and find that the popery that they show often there is nice as usual and apparently okay. A few even switch on the evangelical Bible TV network. It's astonishing how many good fruits some talkative clerics pluck from an obviously rotten tree. But if you read the Bible with an open mind, you may conclude that this can't be the last will of God of course. Some Deutsche intellectual clerics raise the same issues every year. These are honest enough to remind Santa's believing customers young and old that the myth of the reindeer sled is a myth of course, it's a lie!

But such lies and fantasies are just essential for old-time Catholic culture, and it doesn't matter much whether something is correct or not. In the MC KR we also read on day 8/21 2017 that the editors congratulate all readers who wear the (really old-fashioned name) of Balduin! So does this include all those who with full right wear the nickname Baldy? Catholics traditionally celebrate not only the birthdays but rather the holy days of their patron saints. Surely that is a consequence of the fact that they feel that this or that saint was more worthy than they are, or maybe still is. Such a cruel and insane stuff is served to them at their churches! While they are spiritually kept as low as book-hero Balduin Baa-Lamb (Balduin Bählamm), they just lack the self-esteem that the better western people naturally have. The cloudy archbishop R. Maria Woelki even wears the name of a woman, his patron saint Mary. We must not wonder that Maria's strange name played a role when he eagerly welcomed Catholic darklings into Europe, including most obvious asylums fraudsters, genuine Käffrikäns. Of course there is a connection of spiritual weakness and insanity to failed and weak politics and behavior! We westerners cannot get to a better standing on the key field of migration without more self-esteem. And, since spiritual self-esteem traditionally needs a basis of religion, only a better and more true religion can help the West to win more self-esteem.

From the point of view of typical Muslims these bring with them a better religion as they migrate to us. But from our rational philosophical western point of view, Islam is definitely not good enough to be called an overall good religion. In all ages past most of the better, wiser Europeans westerners refused to convert to Islam, and that won't change in the future age of true religion.

As the West must face the challenge of threatening Oriental religion, we find that serious spiritual weaknesses are our big problem. So what are the consequences if we realize and admit that much is false and erroneous, of the old but not yet dead Roman Catholic Christian lore? Catholicism is not only a faith but much more. For many who were raised as typical Catholics, the pope is their king of kings, godfather, emperor and showmaster in one person. They adhere to the culture of the church. God helped a bit with this belief, it was a sad consequence of the fact that there just was no savior in former Catholic high times. But while the world still watches the popery on TV, some newly wise may find that everything changes. A good sign is it when people become more truthful and realistic.

Traditions are traditions, and they even hardly change while modern times devalue them. Just this is the case with many indigenous peoples, who need traditions to survive. Catholics too are lost in the modern world without their traditions. They may lose their inner moral standing, many then start drinking too much alcohol. Right now Catholics here in Cologne fervently promote the very ancient cult of the intoxicating beverage. Some drink beer to wash away their moral scruples and the heavy doubts of a new era of truth. We must see Catholic religion and culture as a bizarre and gruesome fantasy world. It is a dungeon with millions of captured minds inside of it. While they eventually find that there is a way out, they don't tend to go outside. While they get out they must find that they are not designed for rational thinking. They rather stay inside of their old-fashioned maze. The spirits of the Catholic dungeon are fictional only, but just like some gamers who are inhabitants of a virtual computer world, many Catholics prefer their dungeon over the real world. The bad consequence is though that Catholic religious fantasies and culture make people less able to participate in the real world. They cannot understand much that happens here, and they judge wrongly when it comes to the most basic issues. Some even wish much that the real world would go under. Jesus must have hoped that doomsday would come soon, because he was so ashamed of his false prophecies and his radical lore, that could not secure him even the food for the next day. While Jesus always had his thoughts up in the clouds, he secretly got nearer to the devilish cruel Greys. That made him more and more lose his mind, and also his body got wrecked in short time. He could have received help from the Goddess of Earth, but Ewa is rarely there for the washouts.

18.14 So let's look again at those Newspaper Negroes

Is there no way that leads from the Christian dungeons, populated by really devilish dragons, into another and better world of true religion, to the right of the also insane and dangerous labyrinth of Jewish atheist science? Is there no path that God marked for his believers? There are some traces of true belief even inside of the Most Catholic KR. We find these not in the words of the gray-haired clerics. But they are at the bottom of the last page of the Sunday edition of that newspaper. There we find a Negress who makes a funny grimace in a museum. The name of this unimportant refugee was Dorothy (Goddess Dora). That sounds attractive to the strongest and most dangerous of the Greys of the local group. As the clerics get pestered with doubts they eventually leave their Christian fantasy dungeon and venture out into the real world. There they try to find traces of any true belief. They then find these traces, but these are not the traces of good deities. That is why many Catholics eventually decide to not search for more traces, and to remain within their fantasy dungeon. Belief and rational thinking may lead them astray, but then old-time culture keeps them holding on. They find that they can easily keep up their old lifestyles, even without true belief. So this is what best explains both Roman Catholicism and leftist anti-western wrath right now. The people who so much hold on to this are mainly old-timers who hold on to Catholic culture. While Rome always had such a strong tendency to rule all Europe by the tyrannical Oriental way, and especially disliked and fought back the more evolved Germanic, modern Roman Catholic left-wingers hold on to the same anti-western and tyrannical culture. That is why we keep on reading strange news and opinions in the MC KR. There is for instance a big article about a Negro called Dustin. Dustin has a thick arm, maybe reminding of a guy who too often works his male member. Why did he recently lose often in tennis? The performance of Negroes varies strongly. They tend to have typical strong ups and downs when it comes to energy, skills and luck. As we are honest and rational and study the features of races, we must warn women before such typical weaknesses of the Negroes. They may deteriorate dramatically, much more than Whites. You can't easily rely on their performance. The UTR has it that such darklings depend especially much on the N-rays of the cosmic forces of darkness. These cosmic energies are strong, but they often lack steadiness. Dustin could maybe change now to basketball. But better not try to let a Negro ride a good horse.

Occasionally many Negro news turn up in the KR. One Negro posed on stage with a white model, and some haters of Whites especially like to see such pictures. The name of the Negro is Virgil, it reminds of the most famous ancient Roman writer Vergil. Vergil wrote a nice history-and-fantasy tale that justified the conquest of ancient Rome, by Tyrrhenians from Turan, and Amazons from Minor Asia. So from the origin on, the culture of Rome was Oriental and unlike that of Europe. In the tale of Vergil we find the names of many bizarre and half-forgotten ancient Roman and Minor Asian deities and fantasy creatures. The Negro Virgil is some kind of creative artist too. On stage he wears a simple black T-shirt though, and with his big muscles and mighty tattoos he looks like just one typical gangster-rapper. We read that Virgil is taken for a young rebel fashion designer, one who breaks rules. We find that this must be trashy talk of some people who are determined to especially like rude looking Negroes. Virgil's stuff is rather common, he didn't dare a lot. Virgil apparently only became famous because he is a guy from the weird bunch around the notoriously ignoble rapper Kanye West. As it seems, lowquo and bad Negro culture, news from the gossip press and dirty money paved his way onto the fashion stages. So much so bad, Virgil is a typical bad boy Negro with a special career. Only at the time of the battle of Midway, the USA took up the habit to allow such types to climb onto the higher decks of business and society. But how can it be explained that Virgil is the star of the fashion page of the Most Catholic KR? To understand this you must know that typical Ghana Negroes are Catholics! Even while people don't know of each others how their fame and fortune was made, they still may sense that they inhabit the same Christian fantasy dungeon, by the traditions of their fathers and forefathers. Virgil Abloh is the son of immigrants from Ghana, and has no real competence on the field of fashion. So surely this explains why the fashion that the Negro Virgil presents looks rather nice and ordinary, and is well wearable. He surely had to rely much on competent white or Asian tailors. The UTR has it that he only became a lucky man in the USA due to the name of his homeland. Our name Ghana links to the name of the Africa on planet Lar. That is why often Ghana Negroes get especially lucky. That mysterious link also explains the scrambled name of the Guano Apes, a music band. The same is true for our Colombians, since Columbia is the America of Lar. But it shows the power of the Greys, when in Washington D.C. one of the largest and most dangerous Negro population exists.

Virgil poses as a fashion rebel without being one. His fashion is conservative, but the word rebel sounds more fashionable. Why didn't Virgil dress up models in rebel rags? All the other so-called young rebels, who obviously did their time at the rebels and rioters fashion academy, send models with misdesigned, ragged and grimy street bum wear onto the catwalk. Sadly we see many young good looking girls today with torn trousers on street! Call it the Jesus fashion. The true God gives the West new hope now, to get to a more noble culture, based on best western traditions. The new fashion for the newly wise should become some kind of fitness style, natural and comfortable.

So, the Negro Virgil is neither a trendy fashion designer, nor must we like it if we see him on the catwalk with his dark oversized arms clutching at some white model. Virgil is the buddy of some mentally troubled rapper, the notorious Kanye West. Since the original Vergil was the poet who wrote something like the ancient Roman Bible, shouldn't the Negro Virgil also change the subject and now become a career Negro poet? But if he should decide to become a rapper, he would need to become a drug gangster first, since that is what Negro rappers need for their street credibility. Again, why did the MC KR grant Virgil a top news story on it's fashion page? Is it because some trainees there dream of an Abloh job too? No, it's simply because all those types are Catholics.

18.15 And what now, ask the Marathon men

After reading through this material, you may find that you still don't know well enough God, and the many other definitely powerful creatures of outer space. The Greys typically send you heavy waves of doubts, and they try to destabilize the treasure of knowledge that you have gathered so far. Many normal people may find that they are just not resistant enough to endure such a mental fight. They can't all change and become newly wise, and that means that they can't really believe!

But what people know and can learn is to lead better lives. It matters much whether they keep up a sane and fit lifestyle, that is what better white Anglo-Americans and other types already know. My texts should have on people the good effect that all the diet reports in the media have too. They should win the impulse to be less sad and idle, and to start once again to eat healthily and to do fitness sports. Here in Cologne and in many other cities, an endless stream of normal people even runs the marathon every year. That can happen to you too, and sooner than you expect it. In the case you venture on such a really stressful super-run, it is advisable that you consult a doctor first. Remember that the first man who ran the marathon, a Greek soldier, died as soon as he had finished the run! Medics who studied the bodies of marathon runners found that ordinary runners had a dangerously low level of sugar in their blood. That was different only with some sly Asians who took in sugary lemonades. Sugar, more precisely dextrose or glucose, is the main source of energy for your body. Coffee, so-called energy drinks or doping drugs make you feel energetic, but there is nothing in it that your body can use to supply muscles. If you decided to »run« out of sugar, and still must keep running, the process of gluconeogenesis will start. That means that your body will use your valuable proteins to win more glucose. You burn your muscles then! One diet that the emdees recommend right now is composed of eggs and potatoes. They find that in theory potatoes can be well digested, giving all that your body needs. I disagree. Well, digestion depends on the form of the day, and on the Insulin that your body is still able to produce. A substantial number of people has low-level bodily malfunctions. For instance the pancreas may not work too well. So if you should suddenly decide to run a marathon, that then is ten times the distance you usually jog, and that in the heat of a summer day, you overdo fitness. In that state of emergency you risk that diverse malfunctions suddenly turn up, including some you don't notice. What many normal people experience is, that they like doing sports while they are young, but stop while they suddenly get ill. They may have for instance muscle problems or a longer infection. After they stopped doing sports they didn't find the will to start it again. Then they really start to age, and some get as fat and sick as King Henry-8 did, after he stopped to ride his horses. So who helps you now? The UTR proposes a cooler and saner diet, and also cool fitness, most commonly swimming in open water. But the Goddess Diet will only work well if the real goddess constantly helps you to keep in shape. You can't really live well without God's constant maintenance and guidance! Sadly, that is what God can only provide for the lucky ones, for few people right now. So help to make this world a better place, where all the few people have less doubts and troubles!

Summer 2022 news have it that some darn Muslim migrants caused a huge forest fire at Rathen. They were smoking shisha, and spilled hot ashes into a dry gorge. Some BILD guy shot a photo of them by chance. One culprit wore a sweat shirt signed: Virgil Abloh!

18.16 The Goddess is with Child (in memory of Robert von Ranke-Graves)

Is there a golden goddess, bright like dawn?
So many poets asked her for her name!
She never hugged a bard on Eden's lawn.
Sofia Ewa is the Savior's decent dame.

Men searched for her in Salem and Al-Quds.
Of Avalon or Bethel they did sing.
Men searched her trees for her forbidden fruits.
She is no bush of thorns that soon may sting.

Was she Diana, huntress of the deer?
So many clerics warned that she is wild!
But she's no beast that any man must fear.
She tells you more now, since she is with child.

So many women sensed her like the Moon.
She is so ancient but still safe and sound.
So silently she grants you needed boon.
Mild like the Moon she shines, down in her ground.

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