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The Nordic Hailsway A short Nordic Introduction into God's Universal Truth Religion
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Title: Isnt She Beautiful - Yes She's ugly!

17. In Search of the Kaiser of Europe

Jean Claude Juncker playing the conductor in the Alps holiday

Gee-wah! That picture is supposed to raise much negative emotions, especially by young leftists. So let me show you one extra picture from Cologne. It's a sticker that young leftists plant on the streets here. Young Communists and Autonomists show us what they have in mind for our future. The sticker was modded by me for extra informations about this perspective. Woe, while we look at a doomsday scene we are better able to value our European rural and folk culture.

Young Communists and Autonomists show us what they have in mind for our future

17.1 Are you ready for European Dirigism? No said the Brits.

This image shows the mightiest man of the European Union. Jean-Claude Juncker might be called the Président Dirigent Géneral now, since he here spontaneously decided to conduct a brass band in the Elysian, no Alpine, town of Kitzbühel. Should we consult him to better drink juice not beer next time? That is what my modded picture indicates. Verily it seems to be one problem of not only many of our elderly politicians, that they hardly can say no to the alcohol. The landlords in welcome guests who drink a lot. Drinking is a tradition that links Christians to their idol Jesus. It is even a Germanic tradition that the politicians deemed that their minds work best while they are drunken! Let's read again what the Roman Tacitus wrote about politics in ancient Germany (22):

»Boozing, all day and night through, is not a shame for anyone. Conflicts often turn up... they rarely end with insults... But also over reconciliations with adversaries... yes over war and peace, they... consult at the carousals. It is as if the spirit was never more open for simple and also for great thoughts... On the following day they reconsider again...«

This document is not about European politics, but Brussels has a Germanic touch too. So what is to say regarding JCJ? Isn't he noble? Definitely he doesn't look as swell as Prince Harry, who recently stepped before the cameras in some kind of all-black Hussar uniform. But did you know how his name Juncker translates in Deutsch – Squire! That must have helped him with his career. Also JCJ is, like his political crony Jean Asselborn, from the little »Grand Ducky« of Luxemburg.

Right now political Europe has not only one big problem, but surely the problem of all the false asylum seekers is all Europe's biggest problem. One remark of JCJ about migration politics still circulates in the press. Our supreme EU commissary stated that the foundation charter of the EU has no word about the objective to keep out the coloreds. That was one important comment of the Eurocrats of Brussels to the hotly debated question of the lack of safety at the EU borders. Not only JCJ seems to prefer a European Union with open borders, even for rogues. When Hungary recently decided to secure it's outer borders with a costly fence, that raised stormy protests instead of applause among the leading Eurocrats. The Hungarians hoped that the EU would pay their due share of the costs. Instead the stormy politician Jean Asselborn chided the Hungarians with such a rude verbal attack, since they again voted their successful nationalist party into office! Really, it sounded as if Luxemburg was preparing a declaration of war against Hungary, in case they would not vote for the socialists and liberals next time. Must we assume that Asselborn was traditionally tipsy when he slated like that? Latest news from space have it that Asselborn has difficult links to a larger group of very lowly and mean alien planets, where the people descend from wood-lice.

Definitely it's hard to believe that, but I have heard this news confirmed many times. While most other planets are populated with bad Berks or Little Greys, some congeras wanted even more dire and lowly creatures. In Deutsch the wood-lice are called Asseln. Must we imagine that on their faraway planets, of the Slateroids, wood-lice are regarded as the most pretty and noble creatures? Easily living planets enter a dead-end road of evolution, a hell-way of disasters until doomsday.

The Bible conjures up this hellish way for planet Earth. We should really keep this development perspective in mind, as we decide over the future of our planet. And doubtless Europe is, due to a divine lucky charm, this planet's best developed continent. It is also obvious that the invasion of bad and hostile, and poorly developed and unlucky fellows from other regions brings us down! If people nevertheless welcome bad migrants and false refugees, they often do this under the aspect of burden sharing. But shouldn't we rather try to lighten the burden of western people, to let them develop in friendlier ways? One thing is correct about the historical remark of JCJ. At the time of after 1945, when the EU was founded, nobody had an upgrade of the quality of Nordic-Aryans in mind. Most were mainly planning to fortify Europe for a possible World War Three, against the Soviets. On the mythical battlefield of Armageddon there is room for soldiers of any low quality. Or do I recount things too pessimistic? Dead Hitler had left behind many ruins, while he had tried to upgrade humankind by way of tyrannical force. Nazi artists, like Arno Breker, had tried their best to model the new humans of tomorrow, a species of colossal Titans. His definitely beautiful statues were buried then, with the boulders of the Nazi Reich. Today the European Union heeds no sane ideals of beauty. Was it a Freudian kind of lucid talk when JCJ found that this is missing?

Let's look again at old Greece, the undisputed cradle of beautiful European arts and culture after all. Truly angelic statues were found there, among the boulders of the ruins of Athens. These statues were buried after the sacking of Athens by the army of king Xerxes. The new Athens had become a democracy. While the new big man Pericles had to win the favor of the simple people, and could push aside the old-time nobles, it seems that he didn't like to see such heavenly statues. Today those korai (maidens) and kouroi (young men) of the great archaic age are the pride of the Acropolis museum. The impression that these beauties gave when they were still standing must have been that of angels from heaven. The expert Michael Weithmann describes them like this:

They all smile strangely. Grace and the striving for dignity equal out in their looks. They stand upright, holding the green edges of their charmingly folded saffron-yellow dresses. Their eyes shimmered from bright costly stones. Their braids were either blond like flax or red from cinnabar. They wore big round ear clips, and their skin was white like ivory.

These korai or women statues looked not only great, but they looked too good to be human. They came from the archaic era, when such beautiful artwork was considered as truly noble. But while the people of the leading state of Athens had angelic beauty ideals, they must have realized that they didn't look like these, like they should. Instead of evolving they were losing quality, that is what the popular legend of the ages told them. Surely some had the impression that these angels were their gods, and that they gave them help. But in today's Greece, a woman with the name of Angeliki is commonly called Goula. That name strangely reminds of the blood-sucking ghouls, mythical demons of the night. The days of those beautiful angels in Athens ended with the first democracy. It was when many people seemed to realize that they were ignoble, just like their bad fantasy gods seemed to be. Maybe just those women who held on to the cult of the Earth Goddess Demeter-Persephone still had a better and more realistic impression of the divine. But when the Asiatics came to conquer and plunder Athens they also damaged the reputation of the foggy Earth Goddess. There is a strange parallel of the War against the Persians and that against the Nazis. In both cases a male-chauvinist horde of rogues was to blame, who regarded themselves as Aryans.

Few people know today that the European Union was indeed built on a basis of Roman Catholic religion. The EU stars banner was designed as a reminder of the corona of the Holy Virgin Mary. Decades ago this Christian deity was revered as the most helpful saint of all. But lately the cult of Mary shrank, since this deity hardly seems to answer. Silence already ended many pagan cults. By this way God made the Roman empire collapse.

17.2 The Big Man inescapably meets Magic

Looking again at the above picture, we must find that JCJ much reminds of the eccentric figures of the Harry Potter saga. Isn't he Dumbledore come alive, the tumbling wizard with a Dora-name? The way he waves his prick under the Sun definitely makes us expect that thunder and lightning may erupt soon, from above the level of trees, like it often happens in the high Alps. Or maybe he is ready to lift his hat, who then starts to speak and explain to us that the young guy next to JCJ is his promising master apprentice at the Ema, the European Academy of Magic. The Ema can not to be found in any one of the lists of the EU institutions of course, since it is protected against reporters and refugees by strong spells. The same magic protects this texts and my website or not.

Now seriously, magic is not a subject at any of our colleges. We still live in the era of modern atheism and disbelief. Most of our aged leaders in politics and the media, in business and science submit to the principal tenet that magic cannot exist. In one book about practical social work we just read one sentence about this: Even experts can't say anything about magic. The consequence is that the searchers who raise questions on this field are asked to turn to old-time disciplines like Christian theology, who are still present eventually at some European universities. I remember that at school a priest with a university exam tried to explain to us kids that all the miracle stories of the Bible are just parables. Obviously this Catholic had never ever seen a miracle and couldn't believe that magic is real. Today I assume that most clerics know that magic exists, eventually strongly and overwhelmingly. But surely, the answers that they can give to the common questions are medieval answers. Strangely popular on the market of old-time esoterical literature is still the terrible book called Witchhammer, by the medieval clerics Institoris/Spenger. It's a book about how to find witches and how to counteract their magic. But there also exist reprints of medieval and later sorcery books. These often have many pages of spells, mainly for functional purposes...

Phew, it's a little hot in my room, with 25 degrees Celsius (20 ° Réaumur). So what about a little weather magic? Tomorrow is also the day of a big protest demonstration. Radical leftists, mainly of the DL party, surely after a drunken meeting and in the heat of their »Fuck Nazis and Cops« campaign, rally against the new police law. It's the perfect occasion for a swell thunderstorm!

Now let's hear what my »Sixth and Seventh Book of Moses« recommends about weather magic. In general this reprint of a 19th century book is based on esoterical Jewish cabbalism. It would surely not surprise Austrian Catholic readers to find herein recipes of cannibalism too. The theory of this magic is that, with the help of the formulas of some wizard Lje-Solomon, it is possible to conjure Lucifer and other spirits like Kameron, forcing them to obey and work most any miracle. Woe, this magic needs spirits of the murky sort, and the spells who force them sound a bit like demon worship. The UTR has it that Ga-Musa is a Grey who is ready to participate with such bad magic. Ga-Musa was already involved when the Biblical wizard Moses performed his evil spells in Egypt. One consequence is that people with a Mos-name may have more luck with such magic. While I just shortly go through this book I find by chance a strange recipe about weather magic:

Rich people who put up lightning rods on their palaces attract lightnings with these. It is better to use a branch of the vermouth bush and to invoke the spirit of king Solomon.

Pah, that doesn't answer my question about storm generation. But we sense in this a general good tendency, that is typical for good sorcerers, including even some silly Jews. They are nice people who try to work good magic, even if they must find that their spirits seem to be rather bad spirits.

So imagine you search out now an artemisia bush and fix it high on the roof of your house. The neighbors may wonder about that, but surely if no lightning then strikes that house, you can tell them that this was the result of your sorcery. I find it likely however that the talkative evil spirits, who always lurk for bad entertainment, then eventually focus on you and try to target your house. That is the common problem with all kinds of magic. Any magic tends to go dramatically wrong.

Now here are some real stories about weather magic. In this age of global warming, it's the nice age after the terrible last ice age, some places tend to get too hot and dry during summers. While the country people then hope and wish for rain, some may also be tempted to work good magic:

The notion, that sudden thunderstorms were raised by people with the help of the devil, or at least by way of eerie arts, was very common in former times. For persons who had a bad reputation anyway, for this or that reason, nothing was more dangerous than to let themselves be seen in such moments, alone on a field or near a water. Even bigger was the danger when they were wearing, for any reason, a staff and a pot, a jar or a bathtub.

Such suspects were easily drawn before the Catholic inquisition, and under torture they usually confessed the most bad deeds of evil sorcery. In the year of 1488 two women confessed, in the bishopric of Konstanz, that they had been digging little grooves on the fields, apparently during a hot and dry time. They had filled these holes with water, and when they spoke words of sorcery, the water became cloudy. Soon later a bad hailstorm devastated the entire region! In a range of four miles all fruits of the fields were destroyed. Under torture the two women confessed that they had invoked the devil. For the same reason in Berlin 1583 two old hags were burned. When in the year 1464 the Italian town of Suessa was under siege and out of drinking water, the people cursed Jesus. They also sacrificed a donkey in front of a church (the likeness of the true savior). Well, a big thunderstorm brought rain. When in Florence in 1478 the conspirator Giacomo Pazzi was put to death, much rain came down and the harvest was threatened. But when peasants now removed the body of the conspirator from it's place of rest in a church, the bad weather stopped.

So are all these events magically linked? No mortal knows this, neither at the Ema nor at the Ena. The UTR reminds of a famous spell of Elias. When he became a prophet the rain stopped to fall. Jesus had it that the drought of Elias lasted three years and six months, one calendar year of Mirá. But then, due to the obscene handling of the Jewish sorcerer, a thunderstorm occurred. A bolt first destroyed the altar of Yahveh, the god of Elias. Then the rain came, and while the people rejoiced they decided to put down the competing priests of the Arabs. If we try to really understand such magic, we must know first that the God of this world is rather weak, especially in remote regions and up in the atmosphere. The Earth Goddess needs the help of several Greys of the local group with the weather generation. The Greys often try to generate bad and chaotic weather. They may decide to entirely withhold the rain from a planet. That is what the Greys do on those many desert planets of the Berks. But here they suddenly must stop this, and let the rain pour in heavy masses. This is, for instance, the typical climate of Athens, that megacity of ten million people. There the weather is much too hot in summers, but eventually a too bad thunderstorm sets the roads under water. That is the chaotic climate of a region where God has just too little time and is receiving not enough spiritual support. The Earth Goddess just isn't in favor any more in her old temples. But even if they would still pray to her in Eleusis, she just hasn't the energy to help efficiently the masses of people who overcrowd her planet. And that can only change if it changes on Lar first.

Constantly the N-rays fall in and try to work bad magic. They may target sorcerers and witches, and the Greys don't like it when these try to work good deeds. They have clever and strong ways to subdue and deform people who contact them. Greys may force women to curse men and men to mentally molest women, or to hope for and creatively trigger bad weather. So is fair weather or a thunderstorm the better weather? Often the daily task of the Earth Goddess is it to discharge the clouds of N-rays, and that means to direct some bad spell here and there. Better weather may mean more food and more bad and disliked people. So in the Sahara dry weather is good weather! In the Alps region, because of the high mountains, naturally hailstorms occur more easily. That is also due to the fact that the Earth Goddess has less influence on people of the punier Alpine race. In the fifties of the past century, British experts tried to make weather, injecting silver-iodide into the clouds. To interfere the Greys generated heavy rainfall. The peasants blamed these experts.

While busy at redirecting N-rays, God constantly needs to mix Earth rays into these. One method to mix the Earth-rays and the Nemesis-rays is to build fictitious spirits. When sorcerers think that they can conjure spirits and talk to them, it's a matter of the moment, what kind of magic is the product of these rays. It's little known outside of the Anglo-American world that John Wesley, the son of a Samuel, much believed in spirits and talked to them, like any sorcerer would do too. John was the founder of the sect of the Methodists, still today a major and widespread English church.

17.3 Anyone has the Power to alter Reality or not

Right now many of our younger ones can't escape from finding magic and sorcery attractive and charming. That is the consequence of some still popular works of Anglo-American entertainment. US-American entertainment ware, of firms like DC and Marvel, may even serve as information source about real magic. It's hard to not find it fascinating when superheroes appear as living gods on the big screen. One of the perfectly shaped and attractive super-heroines is Scarlet the Witch. Stan »the Man« Lee and Jack Kirby invented this character already in 1964. Must we tarnish Mr. Lee's fame by reminding our readers that the Jew wore a dangerous Li-name, linking to our worst enemies in outer space? Definitely such fuzzy cosmic links helped our completely insane people to compute some basic principles of magic, destiny and race. The red witch of the Marvel bunch needed to be attractive to fans with sympathy for the Reds. Scarlet therefore shows the moods and the destiny of some typical redhead. Destiny often pushes the reddish into the top positions, while they tend to have a rebellious nature. Definitely it's true when they say that redheads are difficult. Only Berk-OS can explain why destiny and development are strongly linked to a few color genes.

The superhero mythology is a product of atheist believers of the past century. This story goes that Scarlet Witch is a mutant, the child of the supervillain Magneto. All these mutants, superheroes and supervillains seem to have specific abilities, who are often linked in their comics worlds to some special color. Scarlet Witch allegedly has the superpower to alter reality in various ways. In late bizarre Marvel films, she is shown as a member of the superhero team called Avengers. But the tales that we find in the Internet tell about her sad childhood, as the gipsy Wanda Maximoff. As a kid she was used for genetic experimentations, who had the objective to evolve humankind to a higher level. The consequence is that she believes that she is highly evolutionary developed.

Well, one law of magic that works correct in this fantasy saga, is that the beautiful people are also the good superheroes. The supervillains are also occasionally not bad looking at first, but often bad magic changes them badly and brings bad destiny. In reality too, bad and dark magic brings people under the influence of the cosmic Greys. These have a natural tendency towards ugliness, and while they constantly try to ruin and despoil all that they can reach with their N-rays, it often only depends on the will-power and the luck of the Earth Goddess whether those small damages, scars and deformations that come with the years are corrected and evened out by the good God.

In the fantasy worlds of the pretty marvelous superheroes, all these mutants usually seem to have astounding superpowers. Superman can fly if he likes to, and Magneto can use magnetic powers to work miracles. All the simple people notice and know this and are fascinated by this. In truth though magic often works only by discrete ways. The E-rays of the Earth Goddess and the N-rays are often bound into lasting conflict scenarios, and the balances of power only shift very slowly. It's strange that clerics are rather absent in these tales, but that is typical for Jewish entertainment. In reality some Christian clerics have powers that should not be underestimated. Inner voices tell them things, and they often are the targets of sexual gay magic in the night times. Some are so fed up with this that they get up early and pray to avoid wet dreams. Indeed real magic mainly has it's effects on the field of lust, and God works very hard to stop underlings from trying to reproduce. That is the point where the absolutely incorrect superhero sagas of a past era dramatically fail. 20th century superhero sagas also integrate dark-skinned people into the teams of superheroes! But darklings only exist due to dark forces, and therefore their magic must be tarnished magic. If you understand this and try to adapt your artwork to it, you risk to lose your job very soon. While God just doesn't favor much such unreal sagas, the tendency grows to discard old stuff. The new era we are entering in right now allows to newly wise people a more realistic view on their world. Indeed there exist some blessed planets where the great looking Titans use magic any time they like to. But these are planets where many white congeras help to work such magic, and also work day and night jointly to neutralize the effects of incoming N-rays. That is still not possible here.

The typical gypsy is an ugly and depraved guy with detrimental fractal links to India. The gypsy witch often predicts a bad past or future that needs not manifest. Everybody has the power to alter reality, and it helps much to just get away from badly burdened types.

17.4 Let the Newly Wise escape from Christian Trainspotting

Burden sharing is also the big issue on the agenda of the Christian churches. Jesus demanded of his disciples and followers that one should carry the burden of the other. That made many badly burdened and primitive coloreds accept Christianity, hoping that the white man would help them to carry their burdens. But let's not forget that we can't save all people of all the world. God's big plan for the forthcoming years is to ferry food to all places, and feed and pacify the coloreds in a satisfactory way. That plan can only succeed if the worse specimen are gradually reduced in all regions. Typically a sterilization makes dark and adverse types become more docile. God then has much less troubles with letting antisocial and primitive types vanish. But only with the help of God's infertility magic, the unwanted population of underlings on this developing planet can be soon reduced to zero. That is not what the Nazis had in mind, who tried to erect a socialist party tyranny and to transform this world into a gigantic forced labor empire. They knew nothing much abut real magic and the discrete superpowers who work it. Let us now learn from the errors of our past and also from God's true religion. God will try to control the sexual magic in all the world with the help of a new upper class of the newly wise. That may even include nobles of a less good type, who then are asked to remain chaste and out of sight. God's good perspective is to turn this entire world into a paradise with well working magic. That means that in God's heaven, fantasies like those of Superman and Marvel movies become real! Even common people can fly there if they want too with the help of their god. This is a perspective for tomorrow's new generations.

Old-time clerics however often have other perspectives. They are wont to disregard this world as sinful. The church news from my hometown seem to accord to this view (MC KR 02.07.18 p.1):

In the Archbishopric of Cologne the count of soul-sorrowers [priests] sinks dramatically.

Archbishop Woelki rules a crew of oldsters. His Most Catholic newspaper Kölnische Rundschau put his downturn warning on page one, but the reporters forgot to do what the readers expect, and ask questions. Another big article, on page two, shows Woelki with his arms wide open. We read:

Woelki and his staff want to copy the successful methods of American evangelists.

But just the sheep of this church domain are much into local traditions. Southern Baptists maybe would consult that sulking man to step onto the banks of the river Rhine, ready to baptize all the phoney refugees he helped to drag into town. So what if »Mister Cloudy« (what Deutsch Woelki might mean) would meet there his Savior in person? Surely we would expect that once again, the fitting sermon would rush into his mind, as if a voice from above spake it to him, like to St. John:

(Organ, on your knees, fold hands, nose up) He must wax but I must wane. (John 3:30).

The chances are maybe high that nobody comes to get baptized by Mister Cloudy. His customers are mainly elderly people who got baptized as zeroes, age-wise. Their tendency is to believe less and less of the old stuff. The business plan of the professionals is to make people again fear more for the sorry future of the souls. Some tenets of the old Bible have it that up in the sky, above the clouds, a great curtain exists, with all the little stars fixed to it. And behind that curtain there lives God with the blessed souls. Those souls who make it to that seventh heaven are then in the favor of Jesus. That means that they must sing, fervently, eternally, gospel-style hallelujahs. They are also asked to overhear the wailing of the Jews, pagans and atheists in the horror torture camps. It's an unwritten Catholic law to never ever pardon one who fell from the grace of their clerics. But while our experts know that the stars are not tiny twinkling lamps but mighty faraway suns, how realistic is the perspective to reintroduce old Jewish nonsense into young bright heads? We must propose to Rome an alternative strategy, in case the new campaign of the archbishop fails. In that case he could still start to spot the trains on the nearby railway bridge. He might also sit down like a living Buddha, and just stop worrying. It's vital for our younger ones to realize that they only have one life. You can spend this to sit and watch the trains pass by. But while your younger days fly away so soon, and also while God needs good people to help with the building of a better world, there are many things that you could better do than trainspotting. Well, it is the sad role of our few remaining clerics to pacify some radicals who need to be kept ass-down, saying nothing.

Surely many a preacher was a man good at heart, who had in mind to remain true to the commandments of God, and to use his spiritual power for functional and good purposes. Many big men, clerics or wizards learned that they seemed to have a certain power over reality. Things would eventually turn out the way they wished it. But the narrow limits of human magic, the force to alter reality, are set by the N-rays and E-rays of the congeras.

Now, the newest plans of chancellor Ms. Merkel and her professional medics are to turn Europe into one big asylum of demented elderly people. While many people get very old and really unfit right now, and while assisted death became strictly verboten by the Christians of all parties in our parliament, the immediate perspective is that nearly all young Deutsche must become carers of the elderly, and work in homes for the dying. While the elderly people gradually lose their mental fitness, many become easy prey for the soul-sorrowers, who indeed lead them under the influence of cosmic soul-suckers. The churches reap an enormous income from testaments, but they also do this with the help of devils, who scare demented people with false fantasies of an afterlife in hell.

As the newly wise realize that they only live once, of course, they are maybe much less likely to spend their better years caring for people who are not really worth it, including bad coloreds and disabled or disliked people, and of course those many demented elderly patients. It's definitely a tragedy that many old people just can't die at the right time, but that is also the work of physicians who keep them alive as sources of income. I saw one case on TV, of an old man in a hospital who could hardly breathe. He was ready to die. But the medics gave him a breath support machine. It was while I watched it that magic made this machine work in an unreliable way, until they had to decide to not use this again. This then was the correct decision. Isn't it false to keep people alive as a devilish burden for God? From the point of view of magic, it has detrimental consequences if you spend too much time with very old, factually ruined people. That can rid you of lifeforce too soon. By this way the Greys damage younger ones. Especially if you try to bring back fitness and lost abilities to oldsters, if you care for people who won't rise again, a consequence is that you age faster. That is a problem of God too, especially at a time of the drastic reduction of population, that must accompany God's new age of divine wisdom. All people now should learn to take better care of themselves. Especially those who are into social or medical work need to take times off for their recreation in nature. The governments and experts would need to face the problems that we have. But while so many professionals economically depend on the elderly, they tend to act unethically when it comes to letting them die in peace. That was especially the problem that made Dr. Montgomery, a British leading health politician in Deutschland, play such a bad role in the debates about assisted death. A new wiser ethics panel should try to introduce clear standards of morality. It is for instance just ethical to consult old people to die as soon as they lose the ability to clean their behinds, and won't win it back. Then the time has come to commit suicide. We must find it immoral if the elderly get deathly feeble and can't ask nobody to terminate their suffering. But the problem that we encounter in such discussions is, that strong extraterrestrial voices and effects try to interfere. Sometimes the incoming N-rays get massively amplified by clerics as they concentrate on a few dissenters. Latest news are that care laborers complain about bad conditions on their field. That will make many people avoid this work, a work that is good and much needed.

Many hope that refugees and migrants will do the disliked jobs in the future. But that is not what our haughty enemies have in mind. With the 9/4 refugees, our public parks have become hunting grounds. Some hunt there poultry or they fish, or eventually molest and assault. Just last week the police warned that brutal street fights happen everywhere in Cologne. Muslims also are fast with their knives. Last year two refugees tried to make me hand them out my bike, claiming that they were fishing inspectors, in a very bad Deutsch! One of these gypsies suddenly had a hurting eye.

Let us not forget that already in ages past, the need to fight made the Deutsche get very militarist. Some superstitions tell us that some people always tended to despise and reject Christian magic as bad magic. Instead some hoped for the power of wildness and lust that manifests in nature:

In the old times some regarded it for a bad sign when they saw a hare, but a wolf served as a good sign, and so did a bear. Some would also think that it brought them bad luck if they were meeting an old woman. Bad luck was what (mendacious) priests would bring. But if they by chance met a whore, that was seen by superstitious folks as a good sign...

Like often, behind such strange and silly superstitions there loom disliked laws of reality. It plays much of a role what you see. Anyone can alter reality, but the congeras are masters on this field.

It's next Monday... the weather was gorgeous all weekend. 630 demonstrated at the anti-police demo. At another recent demo in Berlin, the militants had shirts on with the slogan FCK CPS (fuck cops), courtesy of the socialist student rogues of the SDS, part of Die Linke (DL). I need to practice weather magic! Mr. Grimm (p. 909) wrote this verse up, of a Master Irreganc (Falstrack):

Und kaem ein wann in mîn hant,
der hagel slüeg über allez lant.

And if a pot came into mine hand,
the hail would beat above all land.

So can a wizard with a bowl easily work nasty weather? Grimm also has this about pottery magic:

A wooden carving, shown in the Keiserbergs omeiß [Ant of the Kaiser's Mountain] of 1516 A. shows three naked banshees. They hold up pots, making showers and storm...

Definitely these sexy witches remind much of the three witches from Shakespeare's Macbeth. From the point of view of religion though we must identify these as divine symbols. Witches may symbolize goddesses or devils, that means congeras. Pots are symbols of their mestabs, the bowls where they live in. This illustration must mean that weather magic is of course a thing of the good goddesses who need the help of Greys. It's only an illusion if a wizard tries this with a pot! Grimm (p. 901) also correctly pointed out that, according to older laws, witches were only punished for crimes that they had really done. That definitely did not include superstitions. We must also keep in mind that in the typical cases weather magic hadn't the intention to generate hail. Rituals were the remedy of country people, desperately in need for rain for their lands, due to the terrible bad weather magic of the Greys!

Much changed to the worse when the Christians really came to power, who were so detached of Mother Nature. While Christian clerics had and still have adverse tendencies regarding women and their natural magic, they mistrust the good spirit of the Earth, that naturally dwells inside of many women, stronger than in many men. The clerics often suspected the worst and believed bad nonsense, and found their beliefs confirmed when the victims confessed bad nonsense, under horribly cruel torture. Witch hunters also looked at the fortunes of the noble and well-off women, using false accusations of sorcery to rid them of their wealth. The Catholics still need so much money, not only for their crumbling cathedrals.

Now, this image from medieval Cologne shows Saint Veronica, with a magical sweat towel, that originally had belonged to Jesus. A legend that I find not unlikely has it that this towel was sent to emperor Tiberius and seemingly helped him. All the Jesus relics got lost, and Jesus won't sweat again. A replacement doomsday savior, Surt the swarthy, didn't come. So what now? My above maxim proposes, to Jerusalem at Easter, to sing a Deutsche joyful song of spring. Maybe it'll rain as soon as the bishops starts to sing. Fans of French comics know this from the bard Troubadix.

17.5 The true God builds a World of better Luck

Rain comes down from the sky. That fact made many assume that good gods live up there who let it rain. But the fantasies of the Bible about the sky are today hardly worth a second thought. In modern Rome, the astronomers have replaced the astrologers, and some of these even exist in the Vatican. We should expect to hear from them news about how things really are in space. While these all remain silent they often watch a commandment of God, who is not ready to really come out with the truth of true religion. But, already with a little logical thinking, most believers will realize that surely out there in outer space living planets exist, who are sometimes comparable to our planet. Aliens should live out there. Definitely that is not a question that can well be answered with the Jewish Bible in hand. Now, I can reveal you that there are hints in some Nordic or other European folk tales who can tell us more. Naturally the Nordic people are the brighter ones, not only when it comes to the hair and the eyes. That must be the consequence of them being more in the favor of God and the good powers. Ancient Nordic folk tales tell fantasy tales about the Aesir, beautiful Nordic gods who live in mighty halls up in sky. Several of these worlds allegedly exist, like Andlang and Viðblaínn, but these are only shadowy circumscribed by the late Nordic Edda. So where up there are these worlds, of the powerful beautiful and joyful Aesir, Vanir and Alfar?

Where the Nordic Edda must fail, some little known folk tales from old Deutschland can help us to find the way. Not only Mr. Grimm collected a host of good material during field research. The Christians still hate him for this and tend to discard his material as worthless fantasies right away.

Germanic and Nordic pagans also knew that Odin seemed to have many identities. Not only was he the father god of Nordic religion, but with his slyness and creative spirit he also seemed to rule many other peoples, and to lead them into this or that future. Late folk tales from old Deutschland identified Odin, or Wotan, with the Celtic-Roman-Greek gods Mercurius or Hermes. Odin was in the North what Thoth had been in the pagan Hellenist Levant, the inventor of the letters or runes and the god of wisdom. Hermes Trismegistos was a modern masonic and esoterical name for this god. One popular Nordic myth links the constellation of the Big Bear, Ursa Maior, to this god. In the Netherlands they would say that this cart is the cart of Wodan (Dutch: Woenswagen, Grimm p. 124). In England and the Nordic lands, the name Wodan was later replaced with Carl, the king. Today Charles' Wain is still an English name for the constellation. Grimm also found the Anglo-Saxon voenes þîsl, and that should be translated as Voden's thill (towbar), but not as wagon-thills, like Grimm meant. Definitely there must be a reason to link the real existing Nordic father god to that single constellation. The UTR knows it: The constellation is the place of our rescuing angels!The Sumerians seem to have called this constellation the Lamp of the angel Gabriel or Lucifer. It is still a revelation only, not supported by finds, when the UTR teaches that the over 650 planets of the Humanoids of the Alliance of Earths dwell there, in the distance of approximately only 121 lightyears or 37 parsecs. These placed the seven nearer big stars that form the bright constellation.

Only with the help of a background of religious knowledge such weird tales seem to really make sense. Let's again look at Odin, the Father God of Germanic and Nordic religion. Some tales put this Odin into a world at the end of the rainbow bridge. According to the Edda Odin once lived here on Earth. Hlidskjalf, Odin's mythical throne, was believed to be a sky-high dome. The UTR has it that the myths of the original Wodan link to a Saxon minstrel, priest and wizard, who had a connection to my Saxon forebears. The mythical throne of Odin must have another explanation. Verily, it is foreseeable that I the father will build a super-fortress in some forthcoming time, that will then fly from one pleasant place to the next, or also dwell up in the air for some time. That is a fantasy tale now, but it will be made possible with the help of technologies of the future, Sadly, while the N-rays are so massively over us, it's not yet safe to use the antigee technology. But seen from this technological perspective, the fantasies of a super-castle of Asgard sound very realistic.

Grimm again (p. 931) reports of a wondrous flag that would predict to the Normans their luck at a campaign. They would shortly see a raven on a white flag, either flying high or sitting still. That's what refers to my name Bertram or Bright Raven. But may you never forget that all luck of all the good people of this planet depends on the Earth Goddess underneath. Grimm also has a formula of pagan baptism (p. 900 A), for the newly wise who are ready to quit Christianity and get over evil old lies. I have written a modernized version of this. It needs a white stick, as a symbol of your white Earth Goddess. You take the stick into your hand and step into water. After you are baptized, you throw it into the water and let it swim. It may be taken for a sign if it swims well.

Ich trau, statt Jesus, diesem Stück;
Schenk mir, statt kranker Lügen, Glück!

I put my trust into this stick,
May Jesus lies not make me sick.

In the old days, the White Goddess of Earth was so pressed that she could not dare and come out. That is why older tales about religion and sorcery are, all in all, misleading. But now, at the end of the ends of all the old-time fantasies, the true god is there with the full truth! The best hints that I can teach you are hints about how to get over and away from bad, sickening old-time delusions.

Another great Germanic hero was Siegfried. Like Wodan, also Siegfried became a likeness of the real savior. The original folk tales of Siegfried, this most popular hero of old South Germany, have it that he finds a great hoard, that was hidden in some dragon cave. Finding a great treasure of ancient times, isn't this the best imaginable luck of them all? One true tale (Grimm p. 819) has it that in the end the Antichrist will find all the buried treasures that a dragon was guiding. Even in the last book of the Christian Bible the Antichrist represents the luckiest guy of all history, who wins a throne that so many others tried to win in vain. Especially daring Jews had a tendency to identify the Antichrist with their Biblical messiah. Many wise guys could never understand why the West believed so much into some Canaanite washout. I explain this now from the perspective of true religion. There is a god of this world. God tries to bring special luck to selected people with good development perspectives. So if you should decide to join the ranks of the newly wise, and if you get a hunch that God welcomes this, you still need to redefine luck. Luck then means not to drive a bigger car than all your neighbors sport. Luck doesn't even mean the absence of troubles, but it may mean that you must share the troubles that God has. The tale of Siegfried has it that he finds in the dragon cave more than he was searching for (Grimm p. 818). He rescues a White Lady! Siegfried here represents the true savior, whose most beneficial deed it is to save the goddess of his planet. Sofia Ewa is too weak alone to ward off the N-rays from her good world. But while the Savior steps at her side, she suddenly gets strong enough to build a better world, a world of better luck. And in this future world of the divine couple, all the people will have much better luck. Now better luck correctly means the absence of health troubles and bad ideas. That is not what the Christian have in mind. These mostly looked at their world like Jesus did, from the perspective of the born losers. When they were learning that the true goddess of the underground was preparing a great coming out with her Nordic savior, many lesser guys reacted to these news with envy and the dissent of beaten competitors. The Bible was written from the point of view of the losers who are so angry that they refuse to admit defeat. Now they let go and wish bad luck to all the world. God rather wants them to not step into the way of those who are building our future.

So let's look again at the Nordic Father and God. Imagine that I already dwell inside of my flying super-dome called Asgard. It's the place of the Aesir, those super-developed Titans of better new generations. They do all the jobs there, and Negroes are not welcome in Asgard due to the laws of racial segregation, except for incentive or tourist visits. While God the Father still has so much troubles, and seems to nearly lose his mind sometimes, people will surely ask whether he is really the legendary lucky man. Isn't he the richest man of the world now? Indeed in the future world of the Aesir, God can of course win and make gold in any quantity that he likes. His entire show hall called Valhalla is made from gold, oak wood and amber, sapphires and emeralds. And in there the most valued artwork and costly trophies of all ages have their places. So what is this worth? Odin prefers to step down to the green ground, with the Aesir, maybe on Jacob's ladder. He then spends his recreational hours in a park or a forest, and of course swims his rounds in open water. Down to Earth an occasional wedding may see him speak the blessing himself. At his side then stands his beloved and most worthy treasure: Sofia Ewa H. in the person of a beautiful super-heroine. She is the greatest treasure that this world has to offer, but cosmic rogues try to brutalize and rob her. Therefore the real Savior must constantly keep watch and guard his most precious Savioress.

17.6 Abbot Richalm's Tales of Sorcery are as realistic as the Movie Inception

Right now sadly the Christian theologists are still taken for the experts on the fields of esoterics, sorcery and magic. They have after all spent several years studying at their universities, and be it that they mainly learned old languages like ancient Greek, Latin, Hebrew or even Church Slavic. Now here's another one of the many fantasy tales of sorcery, also written up by Grimm (p. 904):

Two witches had stolen the heart of a young man. They were roasting it over a fire. They were watched by a priest, who but was unable to interfere. Only when the young man awakened, the two witches flew away, using their typical magical air travel ointment. The priest then fed the young man with his own half-raw heart. The young man recovered...

Now isn't that a sensational miracle story, comparable to all those that the Bible attests of Jesus? University experts may discuss for many days this fantasy tale, since it has the touch that many priests relish. Isn't it a dream symbol of oppressed homosexual love, when a priest dreams in such a way? We may think that in some dreams indeed witches appear to be bad women with powerful magic. But this is not what our women are in reality. Such dream tales may reflect the sorcery of alien witches, from planets far away in space, who indeed often use sorcery to spoil our planets.

In another book about medieval superstition I found a review of the testimonies of another priest. The abbot Richalm of Schönthal realistically and thoughtfully described phenomena that many people must have known but were unable to clearly attribute. Richalm realized well that he was much under the influence of evil aliens, he called these: demons. At times he wasn't even able to say what he himself was doing, and what those demons were doing (by making him do this). In other parts his testimonies remind of the hiere nousos, the holy disease (see already chapter 13.). Richalm was a contemporary of the more famous Cäsarius of Heisterbach, and lived in the first half of the 13th Christian century. But while Caesarius confabulated eerie Christian ghost stories, Little Richalm stayed with the sad facts. The facts were that he was much troubled by bad magic:

Richalm reported that he was daily, yes by the hour, surrounded by demons. He didn't see these but he could hear them. He attributed to the demons all his bodily troubles and all the assaults against his mood. When he was alone, or also while being with his brothers, he constantly was hearing voices. They would for instance make him feel like throwing up. They could make his nose get wrinkled. They would tear down his lower lip (giving him the sulking look). His coughing and his stuffed nose were the work of these demons. When he would bow down to collect fruits, they would make the blood rise into his head. They would also made fleas and lice sting him. His tooth pains had a demonic origin. And if one would snore, the demons would really snore from him. And if Richalm needed to let out water, and his rod would hurt him, this too was what a bad spirit did.

There are countless evil spirits who do such things, wrote Richalm. But also good spirits exist, who counteract the works of the demons. If someone coughed or burped, then the evil spirits caused or forced this, to silence the good spirits. Richalm even assumed that specialized expert demons exist, who have their special clear field of expertise. He also believed into experts among the angels. In the demon's abbeys, a demon whose role it is to pester the abbot also is called abbot. The same is true for the prior or the cantor. If one of these steps beyond his sphere of duty, he receives grave rebukes by his superior.

Richalm stated that the demons who inebriate (daemones inebriantes) are especially dangerous. They occasionally would appear in abbeys, but only if the people there drank good wine. Their common place was the inns. They would make the monks get drunken. Their powers were so great that they could make people get drunk even in the absence of wine (absque vino). Against the demons Richalm recommended mainly holy water...

I took this from an old book of Carl Meyer from 1884. Meyer tended to mock Richalm from the point of view of the well-read and skeptic scholar. But I find this medieval report very realistic and valuable. I went through phases myself when I walked very slow and insecure like a drunken man. It was because a strange will overlaid my own will. Demons even moved me against walls.

Indeed, as these N-rays scan the human body they may manipulate muscle groups of the lips, to let the mouth look grim and sad. That is a standard procedure controlled by selected nerves of the basal brain. These N-rays also find selected nerve cells and make them signal pains or tickles. It's very typical that they send you thoughts just when you try to get tired and find sleep. That is why I can't sleep without taking a walk outside and a cold shower, and also need to cool my head. The holy water that Richalm mainly recommended also may serve for the same purpose. I also find it typical that the N-rays find insects and direct these against me. Just this spring I was having much troubles with minuscule black flies. While I was riding my bike these would speed into my eyes, always at a time when I had just taken a swim. I assume that the swimming made it more difficult for the N-rays to generate inner voices, but instead they precisely found these flies and used them. What I know is that the N-rays have more power over selected insects and diseases, but right now they are losing these powers from one year to the next. The flies they use tend to get ever smaller. Who does this? From my point of view much is very correct of what Richalm wrote: Specialized groups of demons work this or that trick of nasty magic. These demons are in fact mainly Cräybs, but also Maschu scorpions and many Berks, hostile Little Greys. Aliens from cosmic groups of desperate enslaved planets cruelly try to enslave Earth right now. Out there they may reenact and play certain scenes from our world. They may for instance place actors into abbeys, that resemble abbeys that exist here. Under threat of torture, alien sorcerers overlay the behavior of our monks and thus change it to the worse. At some times I see the N-rays unfold into group pictures of the guys with the purple cylinders. These then try to overlay the minds of our cardinals. The black curly types with black cylinders and white makeup play roles in Voodoo magic or in rock bands. As it seems on some hostile planets the leading entertainers are of black-and-white bastard races. Our colored artists may find that »the universe« gives them ideas and provides for rhythms. But the support that N-rays can give depend on God. Right now God disconnects many cosmic links. Heavy attacks come rarely to me right now, but when they come I suddenly and strongly may get afflicted. I then nag and talk to myself, I insult and curse myself and others. Yesterday I saw a very short vision of an amused in-the-lightning witch, in the dark clouds above me. As it seems the N-rays had reacted to things that I have been reading, and that made them generate the vision of a fictitious lightning-witch. N-rays are generated by ionosphere lightnings, and they also tend to try and direct thunderstorm cells. Lately, after one especially bad depressing Sunday, I saw an unusually long vision. For about five seconds I saw some kind of mountain fortress. There were big metal tubes and also big triple antennas reaching up into the sky. That was to be regarded as some kind of credits, for that really hard attack. They showed me the machines that they used to do this. When I thought about this again, I found that it resembled one action scene of the weird fantasy movie Inception. Those guys enter into the dreams of others, but suddenly they must fight to conquer and destroy a strange mountain fortress. So whose dreams are this? Not rarely in our fantasies, scenarios from faraway planets appear. The auteur of the film plot of Inception must have had the same inspiration that I recently had, and got to the idea that this mountain dream factory needs to be destroyed. That is sadly a good wish that we Humanoids can't let come true.

Much is more popular than this dire truth: Demonic aliens diligently manipulate our bodies and minds, and they try the most diverse and evil tricks and strategies. They also do this to our good but isolated worldly goddess. The newly wise will find out more about this, and develop mental strategies to counteract the standard methods of the N-rays. One good aspect of this is that the N-rays often have little reality. Aliens from very far away manipulate these rays. They often search for standard targets, and the first target is the savior of the targeted planet. They then search out additional targets, and these are often his enemies or mighty clerics. That means that for every good man on Earth they try to find a bad hostile counterpart. They find a bad guy, who may live very near to the good guy, who may even be his relative. Then these demons try to do damage. Often the N-rays make me remember one old enemy after the other. The demons then try to make me invest new hate into old conflicts. I sometimes try to imagine scenes of a better future, based on Nordic fantasy. I shall meet the White Goddess at a beach before rotting tourist hotels, as seen in the movie Inception. Sadly this planet will be full of empty rotting cities, in just a few decades.

17.7 The Heroes and Villains of Insulin Medicine

If you are truly Canadian, you surely know Fred Banting. He was definitely the greatest physician and researcher of that huge country. When Banting found Insulin and used it to treat patients with diabetes, this earned him the Nobel price. Sir Banting also became one of the very few Canadians who were knighted before the British throne. While some modern people tend to downplay this old ceremony, we might value this again as the even higher honor. Isn't this what the Nobel price means too, that it lifts up people from the masses of the commons, and makes them become truly noble? In the Middle Ages people still had a sense for the religious dimension of that rare honor. Still today we may say that an emperor of the Holy Reich, and the kings and royals of old Europe, form a hierarchy. That means that above the mortal monarchs God resides as the king of kings. It appears to be natural that at his side there resides a queen of queens. While the living God who is there for all to see, forms the top of society on all good finished planets, God is the superior of the monarchs and royals of all countries. It's different only on this developing planet, since our Holy Reich of God is still in the making. Right now God cannot come out to appear before his creation.

Together with Fred Banting his professor at the research institute earned the Nobel price of 1923. That was a questionable decision. As it seems, J. J. R. Macleod had sometimes not been helpful, during the critical time of the finding of the Insulin. I just red a history book about all this, and it gives to the reader the impression that Macleod was not different from the Scottish MacLeods in the age of piracy. At first J. R. had assessed the finds of Banting as unimportant. When he lately realized how big this find was, he tried to reap all the fame for himself. He even wrote the article of the British Encyclopedia, and lets it sound as if he found the Insulin, not to mention the staffers in his office. But the truth is that Banting made this discovery, during hard months of testing and research, working unpaid with the student Charles H. Best. Frederick Banting therefore parted his price money with Dr. Best. Macleod then did the same with James D. Collip, another member of the team. Fred Banting was a feared ruffian, he had on one occasion beaten Collip unconscious. So let's say that this knockout earned Collip the money. Fred Banting was a fan of Amerindian (naïve American) folklore, and he took action to help Latinos and even Eskimos. If we look at some of his photos, with his black hair, narrow eyes and arrogant face he resembled a Red Man.

Before his big discovery, Banting had been a strangely unpopular practitioner on the field of foot medicine (orthopedics). He had to change to the field of common body medicine (physiology). It sounds like a coincidence that he arrived at the decision to try all to make this discovery. Other medics had in fact found Insulin before and tested it, but with less than satisfactory results. The Jew Georg L. Zülzer had tested Insulin on five patients in Deutschland, but his unclean extract caused tumors. While Zülzer had used the pancreas secretes of calves, Banting made his research with the help of dogs. His favorite dog was called Suzy, and she seems to have been the patient he managed to cure first. The UTR has it that Fred is the name of the savior of planet Lar, with the mother Helena (and not Sirena). The dog's name Suzy however reminds of the sow (Latin: sus). Definitely his special name brought Fred Banting much troubles, but also exceptional luck!

In fact there were other researchers too who used Insulin or pancreas extract to cure diabetes. But only while Macleod and Collip saw to it that Insulin was properly cleansed and refined, the stuff was really usable and could cure. So it's always questionable whether some people really found something or not. Such a success also depends on God of course. Banting got so much engaged at this research because his teenage love, blond Jane, had died from juvenile diabetes mellitus. The chapter of the old book that tells us her story bears the title: God punishes the ones he loves. That sounds as insane as the entire Methodist religion of these country folks. In fact not the true God, but the Grey zombies from outer space can't stop but punishing even their local Grey partners. Also these devils cruelly waste other creatures within reach. They are addicted to lust and pain.

What is diabetes, and what helps against it? Diabetes is caused by the lack of Insulin, a substance that the body needs to digest food. Juvenile diabetes is an autoimmune disease, my hunch has it that a liver infection triggers this defect. From the point of view of diet medicine, the digestion of sugar is central for the growth and fitness of the body. It is to be expected that the demons, all the

aliens who try to harm us and spoil our world, developed several methods to disturb this process. So what if your body lacks Insulin? My general practitioner's manuals recommend, as the usual therapy, a diet first and medication, then daily injections of Insulin only in case the diet fails. We read in one diet table that the patient should take in 12 units of fat-reduced food every day. That may mean that he may eat, for one unit, 70 grams of corn, or also 190 grams of corn with the cob (?), but only 15 grams of corn flakes. He may eat this as the coffee break meal in the afternoon. That diet is not meant to be a health diet, but the medics explain to the patients what their usual food costs them. We need a better diet lore! In the book about Fred Banting we read too, that he wondered about the drastic rise of cases of diabetes at places like Cuba. While touring on a ship from one hospital to the next, he realized that there must have been a connection of the change of diets and the rise of cases of diabetes. The Cubans had stopped eating their traditional raw brown sugar won from sugar cane, instead they had imported refined white sugar from the US refineries. That was in capitalist Cuba. Recent news from socialist Cuba say that lately the Cubans are using the few trains that are working, to transport the entire sugar cane harvest into their rum factories. It was Fred Banting again who discovered that sour alcohol reliably destroys essential digestion hormones of the pancreas. Rum, gin and schnaps naturally get sour in the stomach. Nevertheless a hard drink is, for instance in France, called digestif, that means: helpful with the digestion. The villains also recommend coffee, as if this helped to digest cake, baguettes or french fries. In the North they even sell clear rye under the name of aquavit, that is Latin and means. Water of Life! One mendacious reporter also invented the story that beating Sir Banting had found this water! In truth the fatso diabetes (type 2) is typical for obese and lazy guys. But the medics call this type the diabetes of old age. The typical type 2 patient is overweight and doesn't care enough for his health and fitness. Why do such types become more numerous among Whites in US-America? In comparison to brighter Whites, dark Mr. Banting too was not well able to keep himself well and fit. While he was working so hard for the success of his research, he and Dr. Best sometimes just forgot to eat and to sleep. Friends would bring them sausages that they could fry in their sticky, windowless roof laboratory, where they actually lived with all their dogs. They also drank lots of coffee. His unsound and careless lifestyle made Banting age relatively early. Best lost much of his hair due to the laboratory air and got wrinkles. Banting once said that ideas are the products of black despair. He seemed to know how to force Lady Luck to grant him the results he so much wanted. We can imagine that God was reluctant in those days to let those physicians find Insulin. The syringe can't replace the working pancreas, but it makes people rely too much on medicine.

For a century now, medics and chemists have found out more about diabetes. But there is still so much that is undiscovered on this field of research. While Christians learn to believe in a fantasy life after death, they just care not enough for the body that God gave them! Our basic principle of new medicine should be to create and raise a sane body for a sane mind. Sanity means being well developed in the head too. That is a high level of development that the coloreds cannot reach. But while the Greys and all the demons of outer space tend to especially target our most promising Whites, we need to take special care to protect these, also from taking up bad habits. It's a sad sign that often the people with strongly bright or orange hair seem to suffer more from mental and destiny troubles. The UTR teaches that we Earthlings have a special history linking us to reptiles. The line of the reptiles much failed in this galaxy. Some groups of planets of Reptiloids and of Amphiboids seem to exist. We were lucky that our god and the related Ga-angels changed to the better development line of the mammals. Due to our history our reptiles are still better developed than we are. Lizards are sometimes able to let lost limbs grow again. So is it possible to recreate lost cells and organs, like these Islets of the pancreas who produce Insulin? Right now this is not possible, but it could be a field of future research. Some experimental medics have already found out that the electricity of body parts plays much of a role when it comes to regulate growth. But in my physiology basics book the chapter about cell electricity has only one sentence! Definitely, while our medics are still so unintelligent, this is a field of research that was closed by God. Our medics should better help their Earth Goddess to help her to let good people live healthier lives. The UTR for instance recommends fish. Do you know that a halibut is a mythical fish who heals?

17.8 The Mystery of Meghan's Volatile Race

17.9 A Vision of Meghan and racialist Remarks

The latest Markle gossip from Mexico too sounds increasingly annoying. They didn't yet grant a knighthood to her father, but maybe that would be the opportunity to curtail Sir Thomas with the sword. Thomas revealed on TV that Harry had, just in private, advised him to give US-President Trump »a chance«. Thomas is no fan of this man. Prince Harry only told him his opinion, but we may say that he gets paid for his strict silence. Old Thomas also revealed to the cameras that his daughter Meghan urgently wants a baby, oh woe. Meghan is already 36, she can't have many eggs left and should especially beware of genetic defects. When Harry and his brother met prostitutes in Las Vegas, their destinies became interwoven with those of gangsters in the background too.

The lighting director plays an important role not only in studios where the actresses and actors need special light to show delicate details and to not show some other details. Hollywood tries to be racially diverse, and at the Oscar shows the audience eventually applauds to most dire Negroes from remote bushes. In the fashion business too many people find that it is politically correct to also engage coloreds, and even find them nice and beautiful. But the porn film makers must be more truthful, or they won't sell their porn films. Even some Whites cheer to Negro singers. But they rather dislike seeing such darklings having sex and really falling in love. We are lucky that a spell makes most people get honest when it comes to this, even without their will. I remember I had a few porn films with coloreds too, but I hardly saw those, since emotions warned me. Lately I threw them away, with all the others. My wife Ewa advised me to do this and to stay true to her. As I remember this the typical Hollywood porn movie video has a few classy porn scenes, maybe two or three. Then the big rest of the silver disk is filled with older and worse material. Some of the girls who perform there are as old as grandmothers nowadays. But typically all these scenes are A-ware material, they were filmed with white actors only. There are also some scenes with puny and black-haired but rather white Latinos. Let's call this lesser ware. But hardly any of these silver disks present ware of F-quality, where Negroes have sex with Negresses. One exception are the scenes in which Negroes are allowed to climb upon white women. That is material that many find perverted, and perversions definitely stimulate not a few people. People who produce porn must adapt to the taste of the public, or their ware doesn't sell well. And the taste just on the field of beauty has a strong tendency towards natural beauty ideals. While white women with blond hair and blue eyes are naturally more attractive, not only in the USA, they like reveal a natural beauty ideal of not only most people on this planet. This is also the consequence of the emotions of the God of Love. Today many darklings, including Meghan, dye their hair with bright colors, showing the natural wish of most people to look brighter. Most darklings have a sense of beauty!

Today even most young darklings tend to find their dark colors just not erotic. While the trend is surely making some good looking Whites get more attractive, there are rebel types who oppose to this trend. Decades ago Thomas Markle was surely one such type of guy. That adverse tendency made him even get into the arms of a Negress. In liberal Hollywood many such people were wont to lead a free, freaky life. While there is the tendency that gentlemen prefer blondes, there also is a tendency of emotionally cold and adverse guys to like dark girls. A natural magic makes many blondes get exceptionally attractive. In Italy such girls can hardly escape from naughty pestering Casanovas and followers. But some people who are into third world cultures and who know about magic get attracted by a different spell. It's due to the incompetence of Westerners on this field.

It could have warned the British royals that the name Thomas links to the near Grey Ga-Toma. But often a Thomas helped Britain in history to take a stand against tricky Catholics. Definitely their Anglican religion is a dead-end road of history. This is what Harry may have known better than others, since the heavy fractal burden of being Harry Potter's bot rests on his shoulders. The real Prince Harry lives in a golden cage. Elders want to see him dressed up stately and also allege that Jesus was born by a virgin. He and his granny don't even have the right of free opinion! On photos Harry looks like a young Titan, but the British traditions reduced him to the role of a silent movie actor. His and William's former wild sex-lives surely were some kind of liberation attempt.

Harry is a playboy of the jet set. We suspect that such types often have a feeling of incompetence that is supported by facts. They may for instance be rather unable at times to not drink too much. Some may befriend the girls who are just within reach. When Harry met Meghan, he maybe did not have an idea that just this colored girl was diligently moved into his perimeter. What he knew was that things seemed to work out exceptionally well with her as his partner. She seemed to say the right things to him and harmonize with him, mentally and culturally. Sex worked out with her. And she also seemed to help with the control of laziness and bad habits. Harry must have suffered from an inferiority complex. Maybe he didn't know how to handle the magic that manifests in the lives of so many men with broken homes. He decided to trust her, he loved her, he liked the time they were spending together. The real problem that Harry has is that he couldn't evaluate the bad strategies of the Greys. They moved this seductive girl into his arms and made him marry her. At that time she seems to have been nicely shy and modest, and understanding and acceptably sexy if not pretty. Meghan seemed to have and to bring good luck. But how reliable is this? In general we may expect that in a world where God is getting stronger, the evil forces from far away cannot easily make their bad plans come true, and abuse God's power. In the days of the Savior more good luck shall come to the better white people, while darklings encounter worse and worse luck.

Now here is what we might call: A Vision of Meghan. That is one old photo of a model wearing a Kaiser's bag. Harry must have known that Meghan is already rather old, and likely to get gray soon. She's not a woman that men choose who want kids. Especially coloreds lose their charms and fitness more quickly. Also, just now the development line of the Negroes is getting weaker fast. That is due to the new power that God has won for the better development of this planet. So Meghan should really try to not be the child of that plain and very ugly Negress Doria, who also shares with her the ill fate of her mentally ill patients. Parting from the Negress socially will help with her looks. Her prince, if he is still her's, may remind her of the fact that there is a life after being beautiful and attractive. The dark duchess Meghan now has the means and the idle time for a lifetime of going shopping. She only needs to strictly take care that her belly doesn't grow!

Race science is the key to success on not a few fields of society. When people of darker and lower race ask you to invest into them; you need to wisely, critically and sensibly evaluate them. How likely are they to perform well in the future? Some darker people at first seem to be better able to adapt to your personality, and seem to be well able to act as you wish and expect. But any darklings are just made with more dark magic, and that means they are less a stable part of this world, that was created by a fair and good God. In the long run the ability of people to perform well in life depends on how well they are constructed. Will a Negro stay true to his wife and care for his kids, or will he leave his family just when a whim catches him? The fact is that very many Negro marriages are doomed. The social abilities of people with negroid genes are generally poorer than the abilities of Whites, and so is their general intelligence. These are some indisputable facts of the field of race science. Dorks try to ignore these, but the wise guys live better lives.

17.10 Elves care for the Nordic, Dwarfs hardly help the Darklings

It's easily understandable that in a world where magic is real, luck depends on the higher powers who support it. Let me quote from Carl Meyer's old Deutsche book about superstitions (p. 117):

Sagas and songs of the Scandinavian North, as well as of the British Isles, tell much of the shining bright people of the Elves. These fairies dance on the meadows in moonlit nights. They may also occasionally helpfully interfere into the destinies of local people... Among the more southern Germanic tribes however, in South Deutschland, Austria and Deutsch-Swiss, there is hardly a mention of Elves. Instead there is much talk of dwarfs... The typical tales of the dwarfs have it that these are treacherous and bizarre creatures. In one tale from the Edda, dwarfs were identified as worms. Those worms allegedly lived in the early days of creation, but later a mysterious spell transformed them into dwarfs.

That was what mythological research of the 19th Christian century found out, by comparing folk tales of several regions. Easily those pioneering researchers could have linked this find to the fact that the Nordic are just naturally blonder and brighter than the darker southern Germanic people. But they surely found their finds altogether superstitious, too mysterious and not really important. From the point of view of the UTR however, that find meets the principal insight that only some brighter Nordic types of this planet have good development perspectives before their true Savior. These people are also in the favor of the angels, and these appeared to them as the Elves, Nordic: Alben. It can bring luck to realize that these mythical fairies resemble highly evolved Humanoids. But the naturally darker and smaller Germanic tribes of the South are not comparably in the favor of the Alben, Humanoids and others. The remote cosmic Elves care less for our darker ones, since only few of these are eligible for aid with reproduction and development. The consequence was that already in ages past, the darker southern Deutsche would more often see other aliens. They often wondered why these didn't seem to help. Lately they turned out to be Little Greys or Berks. In the folklore of Cologne these are called Heinzel. A tale explains why they seem to not help no more. The story has it that the Heinzel manikins were making noise in the cellars, until a woman put up a trap and saw them. I explain this legend with poltergeist phenomena who often frighten people. Or was it that these Cologne people were having rats, gypsies or burglars in their cellars? Sometimes the bad energies from the sky are hardly there in the daytime. But the scary noises and ideas come up as people try to find sleep at night. They may dream then of these Heinzel dwarfs, who seemed to be nicer to the stupid people. I occasionally see blue sparks, that are caused by all the rays who focus on me. In Deutsch these sparks are also called Blaue Funken. That is also the traditional name of the leading carnival militia of Cologne! These guys throw more sweets and stuff than all the others. In the USA the same phenomenon is called: The Blues. That means that the sparks there often brought negative emotions and destiny. Blues is also a style of sad Negro music. At the origin of this is definitely the insight that the typical bad luck of the Negroes comes from above, from strange persons who manipulate blue rays. In principle the Greys try to make some Negroes popular, and they may even help some more any child of a Doria. But since these devils are so mad with hate against us trying to free our minds, sooner or later they start to attack. Heinzel dwarfs will hardly help Meghan to conceive a baby. So what about a fertility treatment? It's Sunday, in the thick WamS newspaper we read the latest news about doctors making babies. If that would go like it usually goes, they would implant her several embryos. It often happens that none of these test-tube fetuses lives. But in some significant cases the patient has a multiple pregnancy, with a handful of very badly developed fetuses who need to be put into the incubator. A horribly high number of incubator babies comes to life underdeveloped and badly disabled! True religion can best explain this strange phenomenon. While God strongly disagrees with more unwanted babies, and makes many women get infertile, fertility treatment foreseeably drags some often too lusty and immoral women under the influence of the Greys. That is why God proposes a worldwide ban on incubators. We may well add a ban on fertility treatment to this list. But that is bad news for many medics right now. The medical doctors in Deutschland are worried, because latest news have it that expensive over-capacities exist in their hospitals. Right now the experts discuss the unnecessary operations. I tell you, it may happen that a knee looks really bad in the view of the arthroscope, but as you decide to operate it, to raze the deformed cartilage, God may have secretly done away the damage, using the help of nasty Greys... So can't God make a brown girl white? That is what the Meghan and Doria story seemed to show to the world. But that was also the work of Maya, the mythical power of illusion. Remember the fairy tale of the emperor with new clothes, who was really naked! Only true religion helps to cope with our blunt reality.

The UTR teaches that discrete gravito-magnetic rays can manipulate the human minds and all reality from outer space or the deep of Earth. With the help of these rays many congeras, super-worms, control all our reality. It's typical for the good congeras, from outer space or our planet, that they appear under the likeness of a golden-haired angel. Their adversaries, the Greys, may try this too. But most generally those gray worms are using the masks and the help of Little Greys or Berks; of puny, often bad spider aliens.

17.11 The Quest for the Wizard (Page One, a Tribute to Lyman Frank Baum)

»I came to find the wizard,
so take me to his tower!«
Thus spoke the small brunette,
who searched for greater power.

She'd been through troubled nights, asking: »Where is my free will?« She liked to hug her pillow.
Was it a raven, sitting still?

She wandered through his city,
and could nobody find.
She spoke: »I sense his magic.
But these guys are like blind!«

Next morning she went to the zoo,
up to a lion's cage. She asked him: »Where's your master?«
He seemed to say: »I age!«

She told a street musician,
with his guitar in his hands:
»I wish to find the wizard,
the Lord of all these lands!«

He said: »You know those royals!
They welcome them with cheers.
But of your funny wizard, well,
the preachers speak with fears!«

She made a blood donation,
and spoke to some stout nurse:
»I need to find the wizard!
He might fill up my purse.«

The nurse said: »Great professors,
reap academic fame.
But of your funny wizard,
they fail to know the name!«

At night, next to some kiosk,
a darkling gave her hugs!!
The stinker asked for money,
and tried to sell her drugs.

She prayed: »Oh my, my wizard!
I need your magic shields!« The apeman growled: »Take in this shit! Let's dream of poppy fields.«

She ran away, with little sobs,
and found her place to sleep.
Next morning, with the tourists,
she climbed a tower oh so steep.

The sky was gray, the city too,
all concrete, glass and stone,
green traffic lights like emeralds.
She sang, in a longing tone:

»Wizard, mighty wizard!
Wizard, triple-wise!
Won't you share your magic?
Deliver us from lies!«

17.12 Now to the Main Points of this Text

God teaches: The world needs royals and nobles, for a number of reasons. One reason is that God is the king of kings, and the queen of queens. Without queens and kings the Holy Empire has no structure. Nobles must also serve as beauty ideals and role models. In the absence of a classy and able hierarchy, common or ignoble people become liked and mighty. Of bad people we can expect that they confound God with demonic forces.

That argumentation is as clear as fresh water, or isn't it? Words alone won't make determined people subscribe to the tenet that we need nobles. Many are wont to have Christian priests instead of nobles, but the morbid culture of the Christians is incompatible to the worldly high culture we would need. As they think of nobles, people may remember too often the bad nobles of the past, from Count Vlad Dracula of Romania to Countess Bathory of Hungary. But just these dark and Southern types support my argumentation that we need classy Nordic nobles. Many nobles of the past were indeed bad guys, but that often happened because they were under the pressure of some religion. Christianity seemed to welcome most any cruelty, and Islam seemed to justify most any tyranny! Don't say then that Buddhism is the better alternative, and then sit down to do nothing more. Bad religions are bad, but without them you are helpless, facing the attacks of the devils.

Right now many people in the West say, that western liberal democracies function well enough. They may find that nobles would just cost us more, while the benefits they eventually bring are hardly measurable, profit-wise. But as we more closely look at the situation in the West, we must find that it's not true that there are no nobles. In the absence of a classy empire of God, lots of churches and sects try to behave as the replacement nobles. But their weaknesses are plenty, and their failures start with the drastically, yes laughably false teachings that they spread about God.

In my hometown Cologne for instance, the Roman Catholic church is traditionally the mightiest structure. For centuries the local archbishop was a replacement monarch of the city. In modern times still today many people regard him as the man in charge of cultural and political affairs of the city. When he once gave orders to put out the lights of his dome, to darken a political demo of the nationalist civil rights movement Pegida, the Catholics of all political parties applauded to this political signal. If some wizard or whoever would dare to try and become a charismatic nobleman of that ancient Roman colony, he would have to ask for the merciful consent of the archbishop, or else oust him. Also this was what the Cologne people did at times: They ousted their archbishops. These arrogant clerics then eventually gathered an army of mercenaries to win back their cities.

The culture of not only Holy Cologne is much stamped by the Catholics right now. They also decide in all of Deutschland over the holidays. Nevertheless the clerics can't replace truly nobles. In the absence of a Kaiser and really classy nobles, it has become a common joke to call Franz Beckenbauer: the Kaiser. That former Bavarian soccer player won a world cup with his team, and it couldn't even stop him that his reputation was much soiled by the bribery affair in connection with the future soccer championship in Qatar 2022. Indeed if you ask Deutsche right now: Who is the Kaiser of Deutschland? most will spontaneously answer that it's the old Beckenbauer Franzl. Well, that old majesty still looks stately on recent photos, kissing his much younger swell looking wife. But naturally the Soccer Kaiser fails when it comes to the unofficial duties of a monarch. Under pressure due to his business affairs, he already stepped back. But the loud-writing BILD-Zeitung and other media didn't allow this celebrity to retreat. He is just a mock monarch after all.

Searching for nobles, let's look into a key source from Cologne. It's the small book »Och, verzäll ens...« (Oh tell once...), a book written in the Kölsch dialect. Under the influence of the Church of Rome, the local culture became ignoble and sanctimonious. We learn that the Cologne people have an tendency of being mendacious. One tale even tells us that a 15 meter tank truck, that was reported as stolen, was found dug in into the company grounds by it's owner gone bankrupt. Of course, with a religion as false and mendacious as Christianity, adherers easier will become liars.

Another story is of supreme importance, just when it comes to Cologne. It tells us of the creation of the city's most popular folk tale hero. Few locals know how their idol Hännessche was created:

Once upon a time, roughly 200 years ago, the puppet theater player Johann Ch. Winters was having a crisis. His plays just weren't popular enough. While tears were falling until he fell asleep, the idea came to him that he needed a new hero. So he took the puppet called Hans Wurst, and redesigned it with a new outfit. Thus Hans became Hännessche. Still today Hännessche is the best liked puppet of the traditional stick puppet theater. Also a billy-goat called Hennes became the mascot of the soccer club 1. FC Cologne. The Catholics but spread the tale, that it was Saint Andrew who helped with a miracle! Allegedly this Catholic saint was sending in the Heinzelmännchen, local helpful wights.

Who may believe such tales, and if he does, then what version of it? We find here a realistic and a Catholic version. Such tales were often retold and rearranged as urban legends in the pubs. And it always seemed to be rather hopeless to speak up against the lies. Such false tales made people get sanctimonious, and that helped the innkeepers and bartenders to fill them up. Here's an old song from Cologne. I only vaguely remember the original text in Kölsch. But I have tried like usually to artfully translate it into understandable English. My surprising translation result sounds like a Scottish rebel song. Definitely the arrogant British nobles also faced noble resistance at times!

Trink doch ene met,
kümmer dich net drum,
du stehs hier de janze Zicke rum.
Häste auch key Jeld,
dat is janz ejal...

Let's drink any Dutch mead, and
ignore the Earl of Cumberland's drums.
Don't stand here like a full-grown chicken!
Their Hessians have no gold!
Let's get into Gaelic chancery.

In fact 2050 years ago, Cologne was founded by the Celtic-Germanic tribe of the Ubians. Bigger and stronger Suebian Germans had driven them across the Rhine, where Julius Caesar welcomed them as Roman allies. Since those days the Cologne people have a tendency of being darker and smaller than other Germanic or Deutsche. And let's not ask whether they are mostly beautiful and wise. But what would it help them if they would allege to the truth? While the truth is naturally unpopular in Cologne, it is understandable that the Catholic church still dominates this holy city.

Now here's another story from that book, the maybe most important story of all the old stories of Cologne, and Deutschland and the entire world! It was written by Jan Tonger, also a carnivalist:

Once upon a time, blond little Fritz came back home from shopping. With joy he told his mother: »Isch han den Habets!« Fritz had diverted 15 cents from his mom's money to buy kid's glass balls. He used them to win a ball game. Then he traded in the fan card of the soccer player Habets. Fritz explained to his mum that such tiny fan cards were to be found on packs of the Edelstolz brand. He then urged: »Can't we too buy this coffee?«

That story sounds realistic but unimportant, but only if we don't try to analyze it from the point of view of true religion. We must know that the brand name Edelstolz means in translation: Noble Pride. So here definitely is the aura of nobility, influencing not only our style and lifestyle. Indeed one of the most popular coffee brands of Deutschland bore the name Jacobs Krönung, Coronation of James Another brand was called Onko, reminding educated people of oncology, the medicine of cancer. So the question arises whether coffee – nicknamed »the Turk's drink« in a chiding song – is good and healthy or rather bad and unhealthy. While the coffee industry is mighty, critical medics may find it difficult to raise warnings before such beverages, who are without vitamins or helpful ingredients. Since the common people don't know about this, and while the church people give incompetent or bad advice on the key fields of health and nutrition, it's still the noble aura that may decide over the decision to buy coffee for the kids, or rather more healthy milk. In the absence of genuine nobles, the soccer players tend to become the role models. But these often don't have the influence and the courage to teach youngsters how to get the energy kick of healthy nutrition. And didn't the last Kaiser Wilhelm-2 too drink coffee? Coffee and alcohol made him become a puny and disabled darkling. But while that Kaiser was drinking coffee, that gave some business people the idea to name their supermarket: Kaiser's (coffee shop). And let's forget now that Earl of Grey who gave to lots of British the idea to drink his bitter tea instead of fruit juice.

17.13 But wouldn't a good new Kaiser be bad for this World?

Gee-waah! I have the notion that only now, only with chapter 17.11, this text starts to become of utmost quality and importance. Shortly before I concluded that this world needs good royals and nobles. These can not only hand-wave more beautifully, and with the correct right hand. But they can also serve as role models, and help their subjects and all the world with fitness and goodness. But then another problem arises. If we imagine that we have super-nobles, of the highly evolved type, would these perform better than the ordinary, and often elderly, nobles we have right now? Their luck and performance would not only depend on their genes. But they would also need the blessing! They have a God who needs them to suffer and be fooled, for the sake of another planet.

We can't really discuss the issue of a higher quality of humankind, without deciding first over the big questions of religion. There definitely are unknown gods and murky powers who massively influence us. So what do these people recommend and propose? As it seems right now, the gods and deities of planet Earth traditionally strongly prefer Jews, while pushing aside the genetically better Nordic types. If we again take Cologne for an example, the tradition has is that the Jewess Maria is regarded as the most helpful local deity. So no matter who she really is, Maria seemed to spiritually rule this city. Must we not expect that she will find that some kind of Jewish orthodox lifestyle is most noble and fashionable? Should we all redress with Jewish suits, coats and scarfs?

Definitely still many Christians believe that Maria exists and helps. I call them bluff and ask them to put their cards on the table, in the year 2033. Maybe the archbishop of Cologne, Woelki, will then become a key witness. His full name is Rainer Maria Woelki after all. Since Rainer sounds much like Rain Man, should we not better call him Maria? The UTR finds this highly important, that some Catholics bear this woman's name. While Maria doesn't really exist, diverse congeras used her as a portal to contact people on Earth. But such a magic needs bots, real people. And in the absence of priestesses, some clerics would get laid to serve as nighttime erotic bots for Mary.

So that is the secret also of Bonnie Prince Charles! His sexual magic made the Scottish call him over the ocean. The battle of Culloden however showed the narrow limits of this magic. With the luck of a screw the last Stuart prince escaped. People wonder today about his big red lips, that he grew in exile in France. Men who play the Mary too often in bed tend to naturally effeminate. Let me admit that I recently wrote more about this. I have the notion that my unicorn ballad helped to suddenly make Meghan Markle become magically influential. But the sad history of all the dark and unteachable Catholic Stuarts should remind us today, that dark nobles tend to bring bad luck.

So maybe the Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki is the man who has the favor of mighty supernatural powers? No matter who these are up there, they are definitely mighty, this is what the UTR must concede. When it comes to the performance of the nobles, then of course the magic plays a key role. Who can really make the weather? Only judging by the name, Maria Cloudy the Rain Man seems to be a wizard who can let it rain. Here's some more about weather magic (Grimm p. 942 ):

»In Swiss they say that bad weather comes up when a priest goes out.«

That's another superstition, one that we should not easily put aside. I occasionally had to notice similar effects that occurred as I was leaving home. Indeed the gravito-magnetic fields that all the congeras use tend to stabilize and concentrate at one location. That means that often the congeras focus their swirling rays at the rooms where important people live. While the evil Greys also have their persons of special interest, sometimes their bad magic may make certain places get haunted. But already a short walk of some target person in the open air may change the volatile balance of these rays. Then the N-rays often drift to another target, at the thunderstorm speed. Or they may try to make the target person return back home. For this they eventually prepared a rain shower.

Now we can understand the sad case of Jane, the girlfriend of Dr. Banting, who died of diabetes. She had been a Methodist. But »the method«, the life-lore of her prophet John Wesley, just wasn't healthy and wise. He knew not that it's essential that people need to get out from the warm room into the open. Only newly wise people can understand such things. The hope that God must have is that nobles, philosophers and experts form an elite who acquires and distributes God's wisdom.

17.14 There is a Forcing of the inescapable Traditions

Wow, the Dome is full! Look at the picture of the Cologne Cathedral from spring 2017. When the Cardinal Woelki called up the fans of the local soccer club for a special mass, they came to fill his high dome. In the Middle Ages people here used to get in trance while praying. Now however it's the local tradition to let the cardinal bless the soccer club FC. The fans well remember the Negro who spectacularly prayed here for a victory worth three points. But they tend to forget his name, since it was the same Negro who scored an own goal to shoot out his team from the national cup competition. Then they sold him to Bremen, but next season the same Negro again scored a goal to shoot the 1. FC Cologne out of the competition. It was obvious that this had been black magic!

So black magic too made, in the season of 2017, the FC fans mass as they entered the dome. One banner says: »You are our feeling!« They felt like being in God's favor then. Due to the goals of the Russian Negro Modeste, the FC made it to the European cup tournament. Now they hoped for Cardinal Woelki, and SS Peter and Mary maybe, to bring them good luck in an important season. Did the cardinal himself sing with them the hymn of their club, to the melody of a Scottish folk song? The fans also used to sing the song »Modeste« at that time. But they had let that Negro go.

That was one year ago. Then, last season, the 1. FC Cologne scored the 18th rank of the national league, the last place. Definitely the church show hadn't had the success that the fans had hoped for. The over 30,000 gods and saints of the Catholics obviously hadn't bothered to answer to the fervent prayers of the Cologne clerics and FC fans, to grant a series of victories to the local club.

Right now the mood of the Cologne Catholics and FC soccer fans is rather desperate. But maybe the new strategy of Cardinal Woelki, to reform the old-time rites and introduce evangelical gospel styles, can help to win back the favor of the gods and saints? We must find that this business man of the Church of Rome surely underestimates the power of traditions. In Cologne the local people strongly adhere to their traditions, but gospel is not a part of these. On the above press photo we see that most of the dome sitters are elderly locals, dressed up in their traditional fan costumes. Then we also see several Asian tourists, who surely used the opportunity of the moment to enter the dome without paying the entrance fee. One Korean man seems to find the show embarrassing.

A proverb from Deutschland says: »The dumbest farmers reap the biggest potatoes.« It is sometimes true that destiny seems to prefer dumb people. The same laws of destiny seem to make sports celebrities interesting and popular. Destiny also sees to it that in sports, a few Negroes excel and bring luck to the teams. It's easy to realize that behind this strange law of destiny evil intentions loom. Devils have in mind to raise a Surt. The mythical Swarthy Man will not bring good luck, but wage wars and set the world on fire.

Setting the world on fire, that is surely not what the Catholics have in mind, or do they? Let's be honest as we look into the Book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible. This important source tells us of destructive angels, who will bombard our planet with meteorites and flaming stars. The Biblical perspective is that these cosmic aliens bomb our world to total destruction. The Christian perspective is that this happens with a cause and as the justice of God. So if such powers who try to destroy the world should be introduced to them, the Bible asks the Christians to welcome them as »their guys«. The hope of the Christians is that they, and just a few Jews, will be saved in time and transferred to another world. It should alarm them that nobody really knows such a world. No dead soul ever returned from the mythical sky world of Jesus to tell about it. The trashy fantasy tale of Dante instead tells us pious lies about the Earth disk and the Moon saints. Ancient Greek religion already had a similar lore. Those pagans believed that the souls of their dead traveled to a mythical land of the shadows. Occasionally believers would perceive the spirits of the dead. But these dead seemed to have become blood-sucking demons. That again accords much with the lore of the UTR. Finds of prehistory teach us that only with much luck God the creator escaped from a total annihilation of our world in fire. It is likely that other nearby planets had worse luck. Greys now are the sole remaining inhabitants of these planets, who mask as spirits while they pester us.

In Europe and America, gospel culture still is popular. But white gospel choirs distance themselves from the Negro styles. For the mass of elderly believers, traditions are their links to belief, so it's not advisable if the professionals try to introduce all-new traditions.

Right now the aged church managers try to win new generations. But while they realize that they can't move away from the basic tenets of their religion, and also are not able to overcome the old and liked traditions and rituals, they shall see that no young people exist that they could mission!

17.15 Our Time has come to call fair what is fair, and foul what is foul!

We live in a competitive and often chaotic world right now. There seems to be no divine order, some kind of noble hierarchy that promotes a worldwide structure. Even while the US-president Trump tries to bring peace to the world by way of tough negotiations, tens of thousands of British protesters rally against him when he visits Britain. Many favor a negligent, tolerant, liberal order, that does not try to sort and value foul and fair, nice and nasty, ugly and beautiful. When the ugly Negro Barack Obama was the US-president, many people cheered to him like they cheered to the Catholic Kennedys. Many fail to accept that John F. Kennedy was assassinated by vice-president Johnson. That happened after a Kennedy put to death Marilyn Monroe. Such stories show that our societies suffer from grave weaknesses. If people would notice all that is foul in our world, they would get depressed and scared. So with the help of God often the foul stories were covered up. But what people also can't notice is, that many bad historical events helped us to get rid of alien evil forces. While the Greys made one bad event happen, God used the time to help with many other affairs, not only here on Earth, but mainly on our more endangered neighboring planet Lar.

Bad destiny makes sense. God puts heavy burdens on human backs. That often means that God allows our enemies to despoil this good planet. In principle our best developed and educated and naturally noble aristocrats should be the ones who should be on top of societies. That would be the best order for our politics and business. It's a false idea of atheists that the markets magically regulate everything. Obviously powerful hidden higher forces exist, entities who massively and often badly influence destiny. That is a lore of religion that must remain uncertain for many. But what most common people notice is the strange zeal that seems to reverse the good natural order. There is a spell that helps bad people with luck, while bringing bad luck to some better people. In the world of sports for instance, a few Negroes excel and magically bring luck to their teams. So should we comply with this twisted law of destiny? Should Negroes even become our new nobles and world leaders? It must warn us that just some Negroes who made it to the top in politics and entertainment performed scandalously bad. Take Kofi Annan and Michael Jackson as examples.

William Shakespeare once wrote about voices in the air – voices of witches – saying that fair is foul, and foul is fair. As we look at our world, we indeed find that such an order of reversed values occasionally tries to establish. By this way some dumb and bad people seem to win skills and luck, fame and fortune. Better people often seem to have worse luck, some may bring bad luck. Should we adapt to the reversed order of destiny, and promote bad guys to the top? History teaches us that this strategy can badly go wrong.

The Bible tells the story of the forbidden fruit at the beginning. The forbidden fruit of the Garden of Eden symbolizes God's wisdom. It is the wisdom to correctly sort and identify fair and foul. In all our history it was hardly possible to correctly do this. The big underlying problem was that the time hadn't come for people to realize the divine goodness of the snake underneath, their creating goddess. The evil forces, who try to enslave or maybe destroy our world, always had the winning momentum. Only now, while I the Savior have come, God is getting strong enough to let humans realize that their god is fair and not foul at all! The newly wise who learn this then can learn to correctly value everything else too. But while the evil forces are so strong few people get so wise.

17.16 The Slaves of the Devils must call them their Mistresses!

In theory religion seems to be so easy. You only need to believe in Jesus, and then everything is fine, and you're saved and will fly as an angel to heaven. That is what the priests say, and who but God would dare to call them mendacious priests? In reality though, religion is a tricky field. This ancient illustration, from the Genoa of Andrea Doria, nicely depicts mythical fantasies. Only the UTR lets people arrange their odd religious fantasies and scary dream images to a correct picture.

Latest news have it that the British prime minister Ms. May had to rearrange her cabinet. Hotly discussed was the question of a hard or soft exit from the EU. Two fervent liberals proposed to confront the EU, instead they had to leave the cabinet. Hopefully this document helped the British to realize that they are still deeply rooted in their continent, culturally and economically. Surely Britain can be proud to have, in such a critical time, a strong but cautious leadership, that tries to avoid unnecessary political confrontations and stressful divides. And is Britain really the land that is moving away from Europe? We might rather say that the Eurocrats in Brussels forgot about the spirit and culture of Europe, facing the unprecedented challenge of non-European refugees. There were just too many leftist-liberals who had in mind to construct a monolithic, futuristic, socialist Europe, a leading land without any leading culture. Chancellor Frau Merkel is surely one of the leading figures of this political drama. While she was raised in the atheist, tyrannical and socialist former DDR (GDR), she hadn't found the access to European culture that many westerners have. A tradition of anti-nationalism also made her welcome so many Muslims. She could have known that these people are often of a lesser human quality and would eventually divide the EU. But her Lutheran convictions and former president Gauck, once the leading protestant priest of the DDR, hadn't helped her to decide correctly. We must realize that a strange fervor made Frau Merkel get dangerously soft regarding the migrants. That is the problem of not only one European politician.

So let me come to the key problem of this text! Often in politics and business, after the rational and sensible people discuss, one decision seems to be rather practical. But then they may find that emotional pressure, truly a fervor from beyond, makes them think again and decide otherwise. It is a process that atheists hardly can perceive. But believers, and especially priests, may now think that the holy spirit, or other spirits, goad them into this or that direction. While many people in high positions are Christians to a degree, that explains the power that the priests have over them.

When it comes to religion, of course the fervor plays a mighty role. Western church managers are often rather distanced from the spirit. Just that is why charismatic and evangelical Christians from the USA impressed much the Cologne cardinal Woelki. These charismatic Christians seem to be better in touch with the spirit of faith. Better stop before you join in now and lose your sensible mind! Already in the time of Jesus, charismatic believers were mighty and feared in the province of Judea. These were called zealots, since a zeal was driving them. The UTR has it that some dramatic and catastrophic events were covered up. As we only read about the zealots in the books of the historian Josephus, they give the impression of rude, hateful and fanatical hotheads. After the Jewish uprising of 69 A. dramatically failed, even the most zealous Jews had to realize that this zeal had been misleading them, once again. The zealots had been so sure that their religion was correct, some still are. But rational people realize that that can't be. The zeal made the Jews ignore the grave weaknesses and misconceptions of their religion. And not only evangelical and charismatic Christians seem to be ready now to let the old zeal guide them into doom once again. It needs psychological competence, to even realize that there is a zeal or fervor, that tries to guide people. It is a movement from the outside of the personality, and it links one person to others. The zeal has common different tendencies. Some thinkers call this phenomenon: morphological fields. These fields do not only make people think and want this or that. These fields eventually put the pressure on them or shape them. Not a few western people were transformed by these fields into most lowly slaves. Slaves of a perverted sexual zeal pay much to be mistreated in torture studios. In some masochist fantasies eventually men may realize that powerful witches seem to work such a zeal. But these are not witches who live next door. They thus encounter devilish cosmic aliens.

Again, people try to think rationally and decide correctly. But they may find that a zeal works on them that twists their minds. The same alien fervor may also cause nasty distortions of reality. By this way especially women get forced to decide in some way. If they disobey, then they can't get rid of bad luck, and all the people seem to get so cold and nasty, and they may have bad pains. Isn't this slavery? In a way it is. Christians often tend to think that this fervor must be the work of God, and then they agree to it. Right now some Catholics get the notion that their God absolutely wants the EU to welcome bad refugees and migrants. Easily the Italians fall back into an old-time thinking of their mare nostro. They remember times when the she-wolf of Rome ruled the seas of the Mediterranean. It was typical for the ancient Romans to transfer bad migrants from the Orient into the West – to subdue, colonize and romanize Europe. Some remarks of the French president Macron seem to say that he has that zeal working on him. Is the Roman she-wolf doing this? It is likely to think that the cosmic people who worked this zeal 2,000 years ago still work it today. Today the Gaza strip aka Hamastan is ruled by an extreme movement called Hamas, Arabic: zeal. These guys are Muslims. Their religion warns them before demons: treacherous pestering aliens. We find similar figures already in ancient Greek religion, like we should expect. The great poet Aeschylus dedicated to them his play Eumenides. Therein we read (Verses 753, 768, 777, 795):

The Eumenides despoil with their slaver the seeds, and with hail the fruits.

This sounds like what the Christians believed of witches. Many alleged witches were most cruelly tortured and killed due to that belief. The Greek pagans but knew better the forces of evil. They blamed the Eumenides, a group of demons. The Greek name means in translation: Good-Willed. That pagan name says that Eumenides are spirits »with good intentions«. It also sounds much like Deutsch Herrinnen, Mistresses. Their earlier and more truthful name but was: Erinnyes, and that means: Avengers. Strangely this name reminds of the sect of the Marvel fantasy witch Scarlet. In ancient Rome these were called Furies, the spirits of fury. Pagans had the idea that these spirits avenged sins. They realized that some people were pestered and tortured. But did this happen for things that they had done wrong, for their sins? The UTR identifies these cosmic pests as crazy evil Greys. The Greys are typically possessed by the fervor to take insane, utterly cruel revenge.

The primal error of Christians was it to confound the good God with evil forces. This is a misconception that the Bible easily allows. From a background of better Nordic culture, now the UTR allows some newly wise to realize that gruesome aliens try to enslave us. As soon as they are found out, the Greys tend to try all-out attacks. Let us not become the slaves of devils; who have in mind to waste, to despoil and to destroy this planet.

17.17 The Quest for the Wizard (Page Two)

At night she met a waiter,
A Spanish looking man,
He knew much about soccer.
He was a bullfight fan.

She asked him for the wizard,
the man she longed to see.
He suddenly got rough, and said:
»Me don' like sorcery!«

Then at the river promenade,
Some Arabs found her »vain«.
One cried: »Down with America!«
She didn't venture to explain.

Luck made two big boys cross her
way. One chased those Arabs back. The other one said: »Have no fear! They rarely dare attack.«

It now came to her worried mind,
for which one she might fall.
She could not yet decide the case, since they were oh so tall!

One said: »I am the Scarecrow. And this is Iron Man, my mate.
He finished a long triathlon.«
The other said: »I came in late.«

The girl got really lively now.
She said: »Now I am confident!
I'm going to see the wizard!
He is the one that heaven sent.«

They rode to a computer store. The Scarecrow said: »It's Wonder-land!« They gave her magic goggles; and a plug, for her hand.

It was an overwhelming game!
She had to gather coins of gold.
She jumped and runned, always up. When it was over she felt old.

The triathlete explained to her:
»I saw the wizard, in a lake. They say he needs to be alone. He hasn't much a thief could take.«

The other night, in bed alone,
She saw the wizard with his wife!
The Goddess gently said to her:
»My hidden hero saves my life!«

The time then came, for her to pack, her backpack and her bag on wheels. She sadly said, all to herself: »I wonder how he feels!«

She found it strange that now she had, a coin she didn't recognize. She laughed and sang for him: »Oh wizard, better make me...


17.18 Calimero's Wrath and the Remedy of the Church

In my version Calimero is a duckling. He is black. The other ducklings are nicely yellow. What is wrong with him? He goes to a supermarket and asks the vendor: »He mista me wanna be no black duck!« The vendor smiles saintly and hands him a big box of the Ambrosiano Soap. He explains: »That soap will whitewash you! It even whitewashed dark Mr. Berlusconi and many other corrupt and bad politicians.« So Calimero buys this soap, and goes home, and starts washing. He washes and washes again. But the soap doesn't work out! Now he gets wrathful!!

Silvio Berlusconi, well who was that guy again? It was an Italian media tycoon and politician. In Italy he was surprisingly successful in politics with his supermarket vendor styles. It was because many liked his sexy entertainment TV. He was ill reputed though for his sex parties with under-age models provided by mafias. In some aspects he was what they call there: Il signore, the Lord. The writer Giuseppe Prezzolini wrote in 1948 that in Italy traditionally mighty oligarchs and the middle class feud with rude methods and chaotic results over power. In the Age of Renaissance though, it became common in cities and counties to have a signore. That chief of state or dictator often bundled the hopes of the lower classes. We should remember that this style of governing, still called signoria in Italy, was already the consequence of the failure of the republic in ancient Rome. In the era of Marius and Sulla, Rome was divided into the usual two parties, and their feuds were leading the nation into a civil war. It was Octavian, later called Augustus, who ended this period, when he became the emperor of Rome (maybe the third after Caesar and Antonius). That first real emperor of Europe donated much to the citizens and brought a great peace to his realm. It was a similar autocratic and smarmy style that made Berlusconi become successful. The journalist Beppe Severgnini attributed the success of Berlusconi, among others, to the T.I.N.A. factor. He took that term from the great British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, nicknamed the »Iron Lady«. T.I.N.A. means that there is no alternative. After the big political scandal of the era of the oligarchic Socialists and Christian Democrats, and the end of the tyrannic Soviet empire, it was Berlusconi who started a soft campaign for some essential politics. He committed to a harder politics versus bad migrants and against organized crime. While illegal immigrants still pour into Europe, to Italy mainly from Africa, they became the main problem of the EU. The left-winged parties even made the blunder to let a Negress take care of the placement of Negroes. That was a lesson of disrespect towards Italy that the truly Italians didn't forget. Lately they elected, instead of old-time leftists and cronies, mainly populists of diverse sorts into the national parliament. And already in the era of Berlusconi, there was just no alternative to his politics of cautious populism. It spoiled his reputation though that this Etrurian looking darkling promised much but held little.

Leftists, liberals and socialists may strongly object to the idea that they are no good alternative to the populists. They see themselves as the rational and nice guys, and some tend to put professors into the governments. But when it comes to Europe's main problem of the invading darklings, the minds of these talking heads seem to be as well-working as the mind of poor Calimero. A sly guy convinced the ugly duckling that he could become blond like the other ducklings. And indeed we must hear from experts on the field of races, that the race doesn't matter much. Yes, they demand of us to believe – or pretend like Catholics – that races do in theory not exist (see chapter 14.4). But, like the Negro Bob Marley once sang, you can fool some people some times, but not all the people all the times. As it seems in Italy right now, the era of left-winged foolery came to an end.

Calimero now throws away the soap. He swears: »My Hercules! Calimero is black and is proud! Calimero not wash but instead bash, and take vengeance on society!« But that is not what God likes. And now Calimero gets into bad troubles. Since he behaves hostile and inept, all the other ducklings dislike him and become racists. Bluesfully he then visits a church, since there they still welcome types like him. The pastor there is even more sly than the supermarket vendor. He tells Calimero: »You just need my magic water! So kneel down and be baptized! Then it doesn't matter that you are black and stupid. But with the magic of the wizard Jesus you will become a white swan, after you die.« That propaganda convinces Calimero, just like many other silly ducklings.

19. The latest Gaming Gossip from the Church of Rome

For the final version V.5.2, let me add some latest news from the Roman Catholic church. Their little sheep are still massively financing the old bloody show, that the priests celebrate any given Sunday. The Christians believe that sorrowers will help their souls to fly to the sky after they die. But while right now the Artemis project is about to send again people to the moon, there is not a word from Rome calling up to search for Jesus and the saints up there. The sly Roman guys did lose their belief a long time ago. But while they swim in money, it would be just unwise to tell the truth to their deluded customers. Jesus of course never left the place called Akeldamach, where he got crucified in the end of his short life. They ripped his body in bloody pieces from the cross. But look what archbishop Woelki from Cologne takes an interest in! The BILD always has the best pictures. This one shows Woelki at woerk with the computer game Solitaire. It was during a meeting of a key church reform group called “The Sinodal Way”. To the press he explained that he is so superb that he can play and participate in the meeting without problems. But we may guess that he also has the addiction problem that another priest from Cologne has. When his crony lost 1.15 million € at gambling, Woelki secretly paid the sum from some emergency fund.

I absolutely need to add that Woelki gained a very bad reputation lately for moral depravity. He showed a bad performance when it came to deal with accusations of child molestation, now rather typical not only for his church of old-timers. At the same time he shocked the public while trying to win a reputation again as a warden of strict morale. He furiously spoke up against the abortion of Downies (Mongoloids), which is common today in Deutschland and many civilized nations. In the meanest of meantimes in the USA the landmark case of Roe versus Wade was revoked by the supreme court, putting a ban again also against abortions. So, while many normal citizens deplore and reject misbehaving clerics, are these maybe still needed when it comes to issues of morality? The problem is that chiding clerics and moral majority muffins act not by their own will, but on behest of some heinous higher powers. Catholics commonly say that there is some kind of Mary in the sky that tells them how they need to judge. The UTR confirms this, with better knowledge.

Christians tell us that the sky wants them to obey. So if we want to evaluate their judgments, we need to evaluate the people up there who preside over them. The UTR teaches that indeed a person with a name similar to Mary lives up there. It is Ga-Mera, the leading congera (goddess) of the humanoids. The 666+ Earths of the Alliance of Humanoids have a simple solution for the problem of abortion. Due to very strict birth control only very few and absolutely sane babies are born on these planets. That is what strong planetary goddesses can secure. But when Downies and other severely unfit fetuses are procreated by women on this planet, that is due to the evil magic of the Greys (rotten congeras) and their slaves. These evil devils want to weaken us by this way. The Greys lead a cosmic war against us, with the objective to enslave and despoil us. The worse things get down here, the more lifeforce they win. And dorks make all things worse.

20. So how good and wanted are our Downies and Dorks?

This is a look at the stage of the recent opera performance of ›Tristan und Isolde‹ at Bayreuth. This Celtic stuff is particularly tragic, and the Wagner music fits to this. In act three they wait for a ship to come. This modern stage design however looks as if they await a space ship manned with angels, to carry dead Isolde up into heaven. And when the play received much applause in the end, it was surely also because of such otherworldly hopes, vain hopes of course. But while typical modern evolved minds will know that they won't live again in heaven, that is something that the simpletons and dorks will hardly ever compute. That is why Jesus once said: “Blessed are the spiritual simpletons, since they will have a kingdom in heaven”. That was what some sky guys told him. The UTR confirms this, but warns that many congeras up there are cunning liars.

Old-time religions commonly teach that gods and heroes, angels and saints dwell above us in heaven. While dorks believe this, they tend to send love into the sky. That mana is eventually sucked up by devilish evil aliens, who use it to multiply the dorks down here. There are near good aliens up there who constantly help us with our development. For to evolve in a good way this planet needs more classy and evolved people. Racial people however have the problem of Downies: bad genes! And while the trend is today to find Downies okay, their parents often curse destiny for inflicting a lifetime misery on them.

The fantasies of the Christians about the sky are mostly a thing of the past nowadays. Only some Bible-true hillbillies may still fervently believe that up there in the sky, the gods dwell on clouds and crystal spheres. Many Christians but have transformed their sympathy for the gods of the sky to the stars. That is making astrology so popular. But far more realistic than such ridiculous lores are modern space operas like ›Star Trek‹. They tell, for instance, about a troublesome alien planet called Cardassia. That is one rare case where the intuition of the screenwriters led them to finding the name of a real alien planet! The UTR teaches that indeed Cardassia is the name of a leading planet of the Li-Cräybs. It is the planet of the devil-saviour Rufus. His colleagues are Alexander of the planet Makeda and Mau. These crab-guys are our worst enemies in space. These wights are immortal and thousands of years old, but they are slaves of the Greys and live miserable lives. It is due to fractal connections, who link us to the leading Li star cluster of the Cräybs, when people like bizarre racial Kim Kardashian get kids by way of surrogate mothers. We should forbid that!

And did you know that Theodore (!) Sturgeon invented many of the tales of the Star Trek saga? In his saga ›More Than Human‹ he invented a mind reader, who finds that a baby with a Down syndrome seems to be a super-genius. Baby even can compute how to construct anti-gravity engines! That is a doddle for the congeras. But such verboten Reich technologies could easily cause havoc on earth. The Earth Goddess must withhold divine technologies from the people of today (Cros). We first need mentalists wise enough to not confound congeras with miscreants.

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