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Arminius Marke
A Goddess is introduced Revealing the one and only Earth Goddess.
The Nordic Hailsway A short Nordic Introduction into God's Universal Truth Religion
The Three Light Gods of the Germanic and Celts were all that the Bright Nordic needed
Title: Isnt She Beautiful - Yes She's ugly!

14. The next Royal Wedding in Germany!

Comedy and ads nobles from Deutschland and Austria

14.1 Now who are all these weird Royals?

There are indeed candidates plenty for the Deutsche Reich's Throne... and I am just one of these. There was even a guy who appeared with a crown and a splendid fur coat in a theater, at a live performance before an audience of phoney courtiers. By chance I saw a news report about this show on TV, but I was unable to retrieve further informations in the Internet. The gossip that I hear says that he was a Scientologist. Often deluded people live in the clouds of their fantasies, but until by chance I hear and think of them. And let me not here comment on the performance of the very ugly Turk Ekrem aka Eko Frech, who proclaimed himself as the King of Deutschland too, but not seriously. In the absence of real nobles the tendency is there that more such comic or melodramatic, or tragic or blasphemic (!) figures try to hop on a throne that seems to be empty. But that can't work out since the throne is reserved for the God-Kaiserin and for me, her Kaiser.

Seriously, all the world knows today that Deutschland is no monarchy no more. That happened since the Earth Goddess toppled the Hohenzollern dynasty and others, to make way for me. But it is necessary right now for tactical reasons that we God still act half-way under cover. While God is still unable to effectively rule this planet out of control, eventually politicians and also ordinary celebrities meet a kind of divine aura. In Hollywood it's Meryl Streep who rules, and magically wins one Oscar after the other. If Michelle Williams would dare to challenge her, then maybe those two would fight it out, jumping on their broomsticks in the Globe Theater and hunt the golden ball, watched by billions of TV viewers. In worldwild politics Angela Merkel is a de facto Kaiserin. She but recently gained weight and not votes. Above we see a great pretender who was already put onto the throne of the Reich by Deutschland's leading tabloid BILD Zeitung. He is Gerhard Fall (all names changed), the Bratwurst (fried sausage) King of Germany. He's a butcher from the small state of Thüringen, a rural region of the formerly communist part. In his right hand we see his bratwurst of course. Gerhard is surrounded by a fine bevy of royal dames, who try to present to him domestic products, as well as their charms. To the extreme left we see the Schnapsdrossel (rye queen) Johanna Lullaby, who is but not all black like a blackbird (Deutsch. Drossel) but all blue! That must be a miracle, worked by her medicine! She is just 26 and still not married. Right above her on my selection of queens, Haywire Dincer smiles her dark smile into the camera. She is some kind of master shootist of a citizen militia, so you are well advised to not mess with her! The Turkish lady is 41 and also still unmarried. Bismillah (an Islamic blessing)!

Then we also see the roses of the rose queen, and the milk of the current milk queen, and the wine of some wine queen. But that is surely not something that may impress a man like our bratwurst king, shaped like a wurst by his wurst. As we check out who could become the best royal comedy partner for the next Reich's royal wedding, there is only one person who directly comes into our minds: Conchita Wurst of course! This Austrian top-performer and ESC champion miraculously transformed once again. To the right we see her in a royal bridal gown, reaching out her hand to any next fairy tale prince worthy of such a partner. Hey, and isn't that look some idea for Duchess Meghan too? She might get all-blond too, that would surely increase the number of her net likes. But before she could venture to step on the throne, she would need some upgrade in her abilities. For instance, it's understood that royals must know how to wave the hand, glamorosely! That is essential for any pro royals, and good waving means that they use the right hand of course. Since Meghan always only uses her left hand, it would surely be tricky for her to learn to do this anew. But suppose she finds an able hand-waving coach, she could well join in with all those Deutsche royals of another Deutsche Reich. And surely King Fall would fry her a bratwurst as an incentive.

Now seriously – there are artists and common people plenty who eventually would like to step on the throne of any monarchy. But so far humans are unaware of the great and difficult role that royals have to play in real life, since they are anchors of God and help to shape destiny and our better future. Genuine royals need quality to spiritually lead; and these should better be physically and mentally bright. It should be understood that royals not only are there for their nations, but also for the welfare of this entire planet.

14.2 The Blessing of Aecerbot (Strophe Five and Comment)

Sow out new seed on this land,
bow to the ground and admiringly speak to it:
»Hearke, hearke, hearke – Earthen mother!
Make fertile, flourishing, fruitful, abundant these acres!«
Now offer a loaf, well whitened with milk,
take this for the body of God.

I wrote this field blessing as a tribute to one of the most ancient Anglo-Saxon texts that we have. The spell of Aecerbot was, partly in verses, found in the writings of Cotton Caligula. It is written with Anglo-Saxon glyphs, who were indeed definitely better accustomed to the English language. That changed when, after the Normand invasion, the monks wrote in a Roman style, with the old Latin letters. We may also think that this poem was better accustomed to the Saxon and European minds and their spirituality. These people were already Christians, but they hadn't forgotten about their Earth Goddess. While the power of Mother Nature is definitely needed to help the crops and everything else to grow and flourish, it's just unwise to exclude her from the prayers and rituals of blessing. The expert Kathleen Herbert correctly wrote, that the invocation of Mother Earth must link to some older pagan rituals of the Anglians. These were a Germanic tribe, a part of a bigger cult coalition that lived in the times of the ancient Romans at the coast of the East Sea. The idyllic island Rügen once was their cult's center. Tacitus (Germania 38) notes that they celebrated a rite of spring each year for the sake of Mother Earth, then called Nerthus. Those Germanic Anglians lived right next to the Varinians, who took their name from the river still today called Warne. All these had been subdued by the belligerent Suebians, today's Swabians, and maybe some traveled to England to find more political and spiritual freedom. But the spell of that British main island was such, that it transformed the Anglo-Saxons and their culture in a few generations, until they became British. That spell also made them discard Germanic paganism. This blessing combines both Christian and pagan sacred rites. Here the boundaries in between religious rites and sorcery are hardly present. The final and most important part of this spell is still not understood by the experts, who know of no real gods nor of adverse powers. We also read these mysterious lines:

Then take each kind of meal. Bake, as a man's inner hand broad, a loaf, and knead that with milk and with holy water, and lay it under the first furrow. Say then: Fill fields with food for human kind! Bright blooming your blessed! Worth this sacred place, this that heaven shaped. Worth this earth that we live on! That the god, this ground wrought, giving us growing gifts! That to us grain comes to benefit.

This holy leaf of milk-whitened bread is a likeness of the body of our local White Goddess, of Mother Earth! She mainly created this Earth, with the help of some angels and of me, her future savior. She naturally finds it easier to help people who know her and turn their attention into her direction. But she seems to be not there for Christian clerics, who are just spiritually too mislead. Many people try in vain to reach God, since they are not of quality and God can't well help them.

14.3 Aren't Negroes beautiful? Let's be realistic and honest

Let's now get to the main point of this short text again, that is meant seriously despite of it's few comedy passages. This text is about magic and quality, about human beauty and destiny. In good nature, beauty signifies quality. Beautiful animals and humans are usually well developed, and in competition they are more likely to succeed. The beautiful are the more attractive sexual partners, even while others may have more sex and more progeny. Can we but reverse this natural order and judge that people who are bad and who perform miserably must be qualified as not beautiful? I think that is what we should and naturally must do, to classify people due to their performance in life, and even to the luck that they have and naturally bring. The people of this world should all live well and prosper and develop even better; they should not get bad and worse till doomsday.

One recent case history comes into my mind. Just a few days ago I was reading in the news about the Negress Janet, a sister of the dead »King of Pop« Michael. Janet had a baby with some Arab. They instantly separated. Then, while the baby was given to that Arab, she phoned up the cops to have them search his flat for drugs. There were no drugs, so she possibly did this to get her baby back. But from one testimony of Janet we know that she was already taking in such drugs at the age of eleven, when she was a kid star performing at the famous club 54 in New York City. For years Janet is a Negro popular music performer in the USA, but she's not the only Negress with bad private troubles. Regarding this, it's not far-fetched to find that Negroes are just lesser people! While many people of all races, including Negroes, find this correct, few venture to explain this.

Just 200 years ago racial reasoning was more widespread and accepted than it is today. While in past centuries the Holy Reich of Deutschland had been some kind of sad heartland of the world, in many aspects Great Britain had been the land of the brain. Let me remind of one of the greatest British scientists of all time. It was the natural researcher and psychologist Francis Galton (1822 – 1911). Impressed by the recent discoveries on the field of genetics, Galton was thinking about ways to improve the quality of the human species. Galton became the pioneer of the new research field of eugenics. Subsequently many geneticists chose to follow the way that he paved. Today eugenics means to think about ways how to »filter off« inferior people from society. By this way they want to better the world, and that is undoubtedly a noble task, that but needs noble courage.

In the 20th century A. also many influential politicians realized that eugenics could be helpful for their nation and for all the world too. The laws of genetics mean that even severely mentally and racially inferior people eventually can spread sorry genetic material to their progeny. Thus many lesser people might come to life, who foreseeably will become a burden for society and endanger others. Should the better people not try to prevent this? Many found the good answer in eugenics. Already in 1923, many years before the Nazi era, in Munich the institute for racial hygiene was founded. The research and the politics from democratic Weimar-Deutschland sent out a message to all the world. Around 1930 in the USA laws about forced sterilizations were put into action. It definitely helped, in the years of the big depression, to keep the population low and out of misery. Many women after all know that they should not want kids then, but often are rather unable to not have sex. Sex can often become a forced behavior, especially in Islamic societies. When in Iran the fanatical ayatollahs came to power, in 1977, a dramatic rise of the population was the sorry consequence. Too many people drank away the water and ate away the plants. In the universities they put the blame for the drought on global warming, but it was turban warming that is to blame. Just too many radical Muslims turned their formerly green lands into a typical Arabian wasteland.

There are many other great thinkers who did research work on the difficult field of races and eugenics. One of them was the French count Arthur Gobineau, whose landmark book came out in 1855. He pointed out that the white race has a special creativity, that Mongos and Negroes miss. That is undoubtedly true, it still plays much of a role in the constant bickering about plagiarism. But the big problem is to correctly explain this! How can it be explained that the major races are naturally so sharply separated and kept in their specific planetary home regions? Surprisingly, the Greek medic Hippocrates already came near to the explanation. In his classical writing about the air, the water and the location; Hippocrates concluded that this is responsible for the characteristic differences of different peoples. That is obvious, that colored Asian genes are strangely stronger in East Asia. When Mongos (Asians) live in the Americas they change characteristically, Japs become so-called Nisei. Eventually these Mongos will develop characteristic Amerindian traits. While these phenomena are commonly known and easy to describe, they remain mysterious and unexplainable. The UTR now has it that major races develop on six continents and remain there, due to the »fractal spell« of a cosmic planet development and operation system called Berk-OS. While diverse races are driven into an ever harder competition they foreseeably ruin their planets. Our only way out of this cosmic quagmire is, to abolish the lesser races in the correct moment. But while the Nazis failed with this, many people cowardly refrain from giving this another try.

14.4 We must differ between Racialism and Racism

In the West right now many people have too much of a heart for people of low quality. That has already been the case in the 19th century A., when Karl Marx developed his war-mongering lore. This emigrant from Germany had had Jewish roots, but he occasionally hated the rich Jews like the later Nazis. Isn't it still true today that just some comparably ugly Jews are also this planet's richest rogues? Doesn't this stink much like devilish magic? While honest people naturally tend to judge people according to their beauty and good development, the unexplainable luck of some ugly and puny people puzzles and confuses many. That seems to be unnatural, if we are honest, what few old-time leftists dare. The consequence is obvious that there is something wrong with our society. But so far researchers tried in vain to find those who twist destiny until »foul is fair«. Is it God who favors much Jews of low quality? Be glad that this planet has a much wiser God!

Most race studies enthusiasts were laymen. Guided by good intuition they found out much about the different races and their specific traits. One outstanding pioneer was Lanz von Liebenfels, an Austrian. He and many others realized that some mysterious principles seemed to form the faces and other characteristic features of diverse races. That is explainable with a view to the Berk-OS. The Berk-OS has it that seven major nations must exist on each continent, and another rule is that people of these nations have distinct racial features, including even the shape of the behind! That is the reason why our Mongolians, Koreans and Japs look the specific way they do. But while the Berk-OS leads inevitably into slavery, the local God tries hard to get over these primitive rules. In Europe, where God is strong, the leading major nations hardly have racial looks. The Greys are more powerful in Africa, therefore we find there more diversity, of ugly and misshapen races. Especially Pygmies and Hottentots show, with their deformed body parts, this strong devilish influence. Any people of unacceptable racial quality were called Tschandalen by von Liebenfels. But while these pioneering experts found out a lot on their field, they were unaware of the grave shortcomings of even our best Nordic-Aryans. Not a few esoteric teachers, for instance the rather ill reputed Helena Blavatsky, realized that superior humanoids exist, who mentally may guide us.

Let me not forget to shortly mention some more of the brave and valuable scientists on this field. Just some hundred years ago, the great US-Americans Madison Grant and Lothrop Stoddard laid the foundation of the modern lore of racialism. Based on sober research work as well as on the lore of manifest destiny, they helped the USA to limit the, definitely bad, immigration of Latinos and of other darklings, who tended to reproduce too much while being of a troublesome quality. This is the birth of a science today called racialism, with a British term, and not racism. Racialism means to study and know the question of races, and to propose specific political and other action. Racism but is when people wrongly understand or judge races, and eventually take action that we must criticize and where we should eventually counteract. On a dire planet like ours however, it's hard especially on this field to take tough action. That is what the Greys wanted when they made it inevitable that major races would develop on this planet. The UTR has it that this was decided 80.000 years ago. Then our formerly neighboring living planet of Ga-Rina was forced to leave the perimeter of Sirius. The consequence was that our thence leading species, the Neanderthals, took a dive into extinction. At that time we were having no races, but the still very primitive Erectoids (homo erectus) populated remote regions. Only after God had to give up on the Neanderthals (the Bible calls them Nephilim in Gen. 6:4), a new attempt was made in Africa to create better people. This time however it became inevitable that the Cromagnids would diversify into major races. While the Greys populated this planets with coloreds they put the pressure on our better whites.

Another one of our noble, great and daring researchers into the question of races was the British emigrant Houston Stewart Chamberlain. This husband of Eva Wagner, the daughter of Richard Wagner, was one of those who were brave enough to admit that there seems to be a genetic spell, linking bright Nordic-Aryan genes to many beneficial circumstances. While most blond and blue-eyed whites are definitely of nobler quality than others, they often seem to have the short straw in hand when it comes to fame and fortune. Why was this so, and why does for instance the alpine darker race do so well in Deutschland? In the absence of any sane explanation for this apparently unnatural reversal of the fair and the dark, not a few of such experts of human sciences, eugenics and evolution were getting puzzled, scared and biased. The young Winston Churchill was, in 1910, one of those who stated that the bad and mad people multiplied much too fast, while the worthy people receded. He proposed to lay dry the »source« that was responsible for this craze.

There were not a few people who realized that there are big differences between good and lesser races, and that action should be taken to develop humankind in an uplifting way. But while they tried to be good and rational, other and higher entities seemed to disturb. Most or all religions were speaking of higher entities, and so were the esoterical prophets and teachers. Many of these brave western nobles who tried to better humankind had not only a hunch that such sources exist, but they had their voices in their ears day and night. So instead of trying to research some more about the races, many tried the impossible: To find out more about the hidden divinities of Earth.

That longing was what made, for example, Winston Churchill join too a secret esoterical society of masons. Many educated people were disappointed by the old-time Jewish-Christian religions. Some gathered in clubs of all those who were studying many an alternative and more promising lore. The typical club was a secret society of international masons, one that promised to introduce the novice into lots of the most unexpected secrets. So what secrets were there to find? While you couldn't find out, you needed to join such a club and let them introduce you, from lower to higher grades. And one thing was rather obvious: The ordinary members of low grades didn't learn a lot, but the masons of high grades at least learned that they were exceptionally mighty in politics. In many key situations of history, masons seemed to have shaped the way that destiny was taking. Wasn't this a clear sign that the secrets that these masons heeded were of truly exceptional value?

Let me of course also look at the critical experts of racialism, and the so-called anti-racists. One leading expert in Deutschland was professor Karin Priester from Münster university. She quotes, in her book called Racism, lots of people who strongly spoke up against racism. The British expert Robert Miles wanted even to throw the term race into the trash can of the useless words. Then we read about George Mosse (a Ga-Musa name) who called racism a symptom of sickness. It's common today to speak among such, commonly left-winged, experts of the mania of racism. 20 years ago they could proudly point out that no experts at all came up with clear ideologies on this field. Even the brave US experts were running into serious troubles, as they tried to define and distinguish races. At one time they more or less correctly identified five major races. But that led to the consequence that they classified the Indians as white Aryans. When Indians objected, the experts put them into the drawer of the Asians. But there is a clear and sharp division line between Indians, with their dark skin but still Aryan features, and the Mongos (like the UTR calls them) who have the characteristic narrow eyelids and other racial features of the major race two. The races of this planet weren't strictly designed according to Berk-OS, and they are not meant to last. But while experts ponder over races, the simple patterns of Berk-OS naturally come into their minds. Of course any normal people realize that especially the Negroes are for some strange reason much inferior! Why do for instance African planes rarely land in Europe? It's because the Negroes have such low standards of technology and maintenance. They are just not good enough to safely fly planes, and of course nobody would think that Negroes could build up an industry of aircraft manufacture. Nevertheless many white people are so deluded and biased, that they are not aware about the grave inferiority of coloreds. They too often watch Negroes play well on soccer fields, but it like opens their eyes when they see how miserable things are in the Negro ghettos. When people realize that races are so different, and that some races are just of incorrigibly low quality, they don't know what this means. This is not a prejudice, but it leads many into racism. A policy of letting inferior races die out in peace can help to avoid, occasionally functional, racism.

Professor emeritus Karin Priester much reflected the history of what she takes for racism, and she brazenly discards any facts that don't fit into her doctrinary thinking. It's easier for women to just look away from the obvious and to take refuge into the fantasy worlds of dogmas and ideologies. In the origin »Frau Priest« argues from a basis of moral theology. Especially Christianity has it that people of all races are saved when they avow to Jesus. Away from that sinking boat leads the jack-ladder of the old-time leftists. Karl Marx too had been a fervent Catholic in his school years, and that surely helped to make him get so extreme. While Frau Priester is subconsciously aware of the fact that some higher entities exist, she instinctively falls into the thinking patterns typical for Christians and later left-wingers. Jesus and his followers had been radical left-wingers after all, and they are still the role models for many half-crazed experts and celebrities. These often get very impolite and aggressive when their basic ideology gets fundamentally challenged. On their insides they make way for alien aggressiveness, that seems to power them up. Frau Priester was one who was strongly prone to old Christian insanity. Those Greys are crazy but not stupid, they have a mean tendency to make their subjects say things who are laughably wrong. Frau Priester subscribed to the insane idea that races do not really exist. Like orthodox Marxists do, she is only ready to accept that big differences exist between classes. Soon she cites some Catholic verbiage:

»The people of Bahía have a saying: A poor white man is a Negro.«

Frau Priester really seems to take this coloreds babble for wisdom! But it's the most foolish and insane sermon of this text. It not so difficult to find such bizarre nonsense in the writings of our leading and loud-mouthed political correctness freaks. Sadly it's impossible to talk a better sense into any older minds, since this would need a miracle power that God just hasn't at her command.

14.5 Frustrating Encounters with invisible Pranksters

So maybe you are thinking now of joining the masons too. There still exist many lodges, and you can learn this or that esoterical lore, like you study this or that at the university, until the degree of 33 or maybe 99. In some such orders very diverse fantasies were the subject of studies, often with a connection to esoterical Judaism. You may expect to meet important politicians, businessmen and nobles there. But how good is the stuff that they teach you there? That's hard to tell, since the masons traditionally keep secret their lore. You need to invest some years until they count you in.

Since the UTR has so many new teachings, let's push aside all this old stuff. Let me instead look at another comparable esoterical lore. It is from a book called Wizerdology, and since this is the work of some British Templar company, we can expect to find in it refurbished masonic secrets.

Hey, this lavish book seems to stare at you while you study it's cover! Two glittering strass stones were put into the front cover. We read that the book was made in China. So one secret that we like to find out is: What spell makes those yellow dwarfs from far away work for us for so little money? That is a magic that western wizards seem to use well for their profit. Okay, we open up the book on page one. We find here another spell that is meant to help the plants to grow. So this is much comparable to the Blessing of Aecerbot, in my refurbished poetic version. What does the Merlin of 1577 recommend, the alleged author of this book? Did Merlin-77, as an undead ghost, reveal his last secrets, or did he survive from the times of King Arthur until Queen Elizabeth-1? If some voice of Merlin tells you that, you can't make sure that it's dead Merlin who speaks to you, and not some anonymous prankster from outer space who just stole the identity of this Merlin.

Now to the spell that makes herbs grow. Fantasy Merlin-77 recommends that we write the known magical word Abracadabra on a scrap of paper, in the form of a pyramid, and then roll this paper around the seed or the plant. Actually, to computer experts this sounds like a computer program. If you feed a computer with such a program then the computer will compute some data for you. So who is supposed to read this spell and then act on your behest? The word Abracadabra might be translated as »Abraham cadaver«. Abraham is a dead Jew and won't resurrect just to help you. So maybe God could help? The good Earth Goddess is, sadly, right now absolutely overworked. And she does not function like a computer that automatically does what some program tells him. Okay, maybe we should try the other magical word Simsalabim? On page 69 we find it, but sadly Merlin-77 regards it as useless. That accords to the teachings of the UTR who warn of words with the names of Sama and Dora, and also of similar words. Darn, similar is another such bad word!

Now here is a spell that we might try out instead. Merlin-77 tells us that we can learn how to fly without a plane. We need someone with a rope for this trick. So that is dopey! Now hold it, there is also mention of Jaypes. We are supposed to invent a spell, and if we scream it out aloud in the end then Jaypes shall make us lift off. So who the jipes is that? It's one of the mythical spirits who must help with all the magic. The book introduces us to just four spirits, including Laugher and Prankster, both names are misspelled the Jim Crow way. You never do magic alone, since sooner or later you meet such spirits. The book has a picture of three of them. Jipes looks like the fairy-tale elf, but he may have pig ears under his mane. The UTR teaches that on doomed planets of the constellation Puppis pig people live. Their worlds are worse off than ours, and we must avoid to be drawn into the mess they are in. While people just fantasize and invent aliens, fractal magic already works. Such fractal magic tends to bind our fantasies to real persons at many places. The typical alien from another planet is not a nice and well developed guy at all. The rare exceptions are the Humanoids, the Ducks, the Frogs and the Makakoids, who live on four groups of friendly planets relatively nearby. But these aliens live many lightyears away, and their abilities to help here are very limited. Many Greys and hostile aliens however always try to suck away our energy and to bring us harm and bad luck. When people get into magic and really believe, they may soon realize today that the mighty Earth Goddess lives in the underground below them. She is rarely fond of such nonsense. For instance, if people try to levitate, I have seen some really get lighter, during a sorcery show. Then the Greys help to make this happen. They may make the body get lighter, by sucking away much energy. They won't send the energy back after the show is over.

The N-rays of the Greys get attracted by certain things. Devils like painful sex, and that will help to draw them near. People who often and intensely have sex get drawn more into contacts with the Greys, and they will suffer more loss of lifeforce. That is why they call prostitutes light girls, some really get bad and ugly and age prematurely. The Greys but also can make certain people get heavier and gain weight. They do this, if they can, preferably with gangsters in the business of prostitution. That is why some heavy guys, often oriental rogues, tends to grow thick and strong. The Greys like bad people and freaks and play tricks on them. But if the Earth Goddess would not help much prostitutes too, then every day would reveal the cold and sly cruelty of the Greys. This planet is about to escape from captivity, and they react with brute force attacks and exasperation.

With full rights, even funny kid stuff books of today warn before magical experiments. While these introduce to you fictional friendly spirits, devilish Greys play tricks on you.


One most infamous wizard of the past century was the Brit Aleister Crowley. Some Christians call him a satanist, but Christians also call any other non-Christians satanists, from the wrong and insane perspective of their religion. There are indeed some people who try to revere a fictional Satan or other so-called demons. In ages past it was hardly possible for simple humans to clear up the who is who of the vast realm of deities and demons. Christians learned to believe in dead Jews, starting with Simon Petrus. Theologians modeled their clever but insane fantasy Reich. But the true signs that believers saw often told other stories. In the times of the Frankish holy Reich, Saint Martin, and not Jesus, had been at the center of true belief. The UTR explains this with the actions of the congeras who were using false identities, in ages past. A liked identity was that of a Martin, since another Martin had been the Jesus of planet Lar. But more helpful had always been the Holy Virgin. Once a zeppelin started such a cult, that of Fatima! Simple people had taken this strange new aerostat for a divine sign. Verily, these congeras eventually appear under the likeness of a snake or a worm, good or bad, since they are primitive fishes. Congeras do resemble blimps.

We read that Aleister Crowley had had a bad career. He had experimented with esoterical lores and had studied astrology, when in 1896 he suddenly started to have strong revelations. He wrote of Egyptian gods with the previously unknown names of Hoor-pa-Kraat and Aiwaz. His lores are a bad mixture of religious tyranny in the Arabian style and the worship of bad deities. Why did he so much get under the sway of such a bad religion? I suppose that we here have special fractal links leading to the land of Mißr, the Egypt of our neighboring planet Lar. It was the time before the great era of troubles, that had to happen before the coming of me, the eternal savior of Earth.

On old photos Aleister Crowley appears as a nice looking dark-haired youngster. But late in his life he looked terribly. I think that this was the consequence of his extreme and depraved sex-life. While he celebrated orgies and tried to contact demons, he must have gotten very near to diverse congeras. These all have a tendency to suck energy from humans. The Greys are cruel to all the people they contact. The virtual Satan is not a nice guy to his satanists but he tries to waste them.

In the years before World War Two, Aleister Crowley was at times the most influential mason of the leading orders OTO and Golden Dawn. He even tried to become the chief wizard of Hitler's Nazis. His order Argentum Astrum also was called Silver Star, and that seemed to fit well to the SS, that was ruled by Heinrich Himmler, a man with strong esoterical interests and knowledges. From the perspective of the Earth Goddess, there were many feared developments she needed to avoid. So many good but deluded Nordic people were always searching for the big answer, and in the days of Hitler, the era of the truth seemed to have come. But neither Hitler nor Crowley had been in the favor of our Lady Wisdom. That is what Crowley's sad career was supposed to show.

The career of the sex-mad bad wizard Aleister Crowley should still warn people before sexual magic. Getting lusty and having sex with murky fantasy aliens is well possible. But while your lifeforce and love go up into the dark sky, evil Greys get too close to you.

So what if you suddenly get lusty while you experiment with magic and fantasize? This often happens to selected women. One of these was Menglöð (see chapter 13.5.). I suppose she was just some dark lonesome witch. In pagan times she by chance became the focus of the efforts of the congeras. While she masturbated the lesbo way, friendly female spirits seemed to obey and serve her. By and by they formed a group of nine. The Greys and other hostile aliens have a tendency of lesbo gay relationships, since many key persons are female. It can therefore happen that some lesbian woman gets pushed into key positions in politics and society, while she participates with the sexual efforts of spirits. Offering sex is one bad method of the good congeras to stop the evil cruelty of the Greys. It can also happen that men get turned around with their sexual identity, and as they become male lesbo sex fans they may lose especially much energy. The Greys often force leading people to have sex, since they use this to fill planets with unwanted darklings. Right now, during our heavy overpopulation crisis, this is just what we must avoid! So you are well advised by God to rather not have sex under esoterical circumstances, and to not have unwanted children.

14.7 The good Spell of the post-Nazis and the Antichrist

There is so much stuff that was written about the Nazi era. But after 1945 the spook seemed to be largely over, and then the interest of most writers concentrated on other politics, mainly on the big conflict scenario of the cold war. But there still existed rests of the Nazi Reich, rearranged by destiny to build worldwide shadowy secret organizations. While some such people were fighting on the war of the Nazis against the commies, they became integrated into many western societies. The left-wingers find this most scandalous, since they see the Nazis as the worst rogues of all. But they are not ready to realize that very powerful powers watch and control us. That is what leading Nazis knew. Their lore was at least half-way correct and valuable. While the Greys had evil plans, God offered to distract them. God for instance gave up on witches, who seem to be to blame for evil, or God offered some chosen people. Many good people on Earth were betrayed by God, and had to serve as scapegoats. There was a forcing that pushed many onto bad ways. Many good people tried to better the world only to find out that they fail before the basic question of what God wants. It was the Deutsche free thinker Johann G. Herder, a mild philosopher and a still respected poet, who realized that the Chinese just seem to never grow up. These coloreds all seemed to be half child and half devil, that is was some British colonialists realized, who knew them better. In modern times, the badness, immaturity and grayness of the mixture of the multi-culture of globalization and degradation is one of our worst problems. By this way the forces of darkness are putting out of action our most valuable cultural achievements. High culture is a vital anchor of our identity, it must help us to avoid bad developments and to upgrade civilization. In the absence of a noble high culture of the leading whites, Christian afterlife culture won't save us.

Simple left-wingers and deluded atheists know of no higher powers, and this is why they can still put all the blame for bad history on the Nazis. But the Nazis weren't to blame when in 1961 the Cuba crisis erupted. This bad land at the center of a climate crisis region threatened the West with nuclear arms. Under the Catholic US-President John F. Kennedy, a nuclear world war became imminent. So what was the position of God? This is not too clear if we just look at the Bible and at Christian traditions. But a sure fact of the time after 1945 was that mainly Catholics, but also many Anglo-Americans, had done much to save post-Nazis, via the so-called rat lines. In that critical moment the positive spell of Nazi ideology was still not dead. In 1961 it told to the world that it wasn't good to give up on this planet and bomb it to smithereens. The idea was alive that there exists another better plan of super-humans, a plan to save and racially upgrade the world.

Soon later President Kennedy was shot dead by several CIA agents. This scandalous conspiracy is still the most shameful piece of historical fraud, since the USA officially puts the blame on one communist. So what was really going on in those critical years? We can again learn more from the Bible. There we read that before the coming of the Antichrist, a series of super-disasters will hit the Earth. The time to try this came again in 1961, the exact year before my birth. While this planet is still relatively okay, and God always is ready to counteract at a time of emergency, the Greys need a global nuclear war in preparation of the big attack with celestial bodies. They don't really have so many comets in some kind of remote comet cloud that they could hurl down on us.

So isn't it not true that I am the antichrist? The Bible tells us more about this fictional half-god. It is a man that will make the planet believe in a saving beast called 666. The Book of Apocalypse prophesies that the Antichrist will only reveal 42 month. He will also work big miracles, since he will build a speaking contraption, a likeness of his beast. Again only the UTR can explain these mysterious fantasies, the work of some gay Jewish-Christian priest from Aphrodite's holy Paphos. On this planet the 42 months add up to one year of the cosmic calendar of the Greys of the group Ga. So this is a promise that the local goddess will only have one year to have her savior reveal. She would need then to press him much, and also make the entire world believe that he reveals correctly. As it seems this is a standard situation that happens on many miserable planets of our rotten galaxy. The local white congera is so much under pressure that she hardly can contact her savior, and after a while he will get so much under pressure that he will turn away from her and give up, leaving back a much erroneous lore. This happened on many sorry planets but not here.

14.8 Of Witch Hunts, True Wisdom and the Politics of Religion

Another recent news story has it that Roseanne Barr, a popular US comedian with Jewish roots, had killed her career with a tweet that was regarded as racist. She had called a prominent Negress: a baby of the Muslim Brothers and the Planet of Apes. Later she erased this dubious joke, but the president of her network chided her with the strongest possible terms, and gloriously chucked her out. That is only one of the many cases where even a bad joke about races eventually led to very tough sanctions. We may well call this affair a modern witch trial. In fact Roseanne broke more than one taboo when she was telling about multiple personalities, who occasionally made her say things she didn't clearly plan and didn't mean. The conservative psychological model of the mind has it that such strange impulses cannot exist, but they do, and that is what brave Roseanne tried to tell to an audience that was unwilling to listen. She is already 65, so let's say her time was up. From the point of view of the UTR we must chide Roseanne also since she compared the Planets of Apes with Negroes. On these alien planets high quality humanoids live and no Negroes at all.

Let's not forget all our brave women who were wrongly accused as witches, and had no chance to tell the truth to a crazy world. When in Eastern Frisia first Bibles circulated, soon controversies erupted over doubtful theological questions. Was it correct that the host transformed into the body of Jesus, by way of the wizardry of Catholic priests? When those bright-minded Frisians ate this bread they found that it was still bread of course. So it was correct when the Anabaptists and the Mennonites challenged this dogma. But they didn't realize that the goddess had reasons to keep her world in a state of delusion. Often women dare more in such conversations, as they speak up for goodness and a sane world and challenge crazy and morbid bad religion. But the priests, who often have homosexual tendencies, are not ready to surrender to simple people without a classical higher education. The witches and heretics once were burned to extinguish the common protest. So the problem of the era of witch hunts was often not alleged sorcery but a wisdom that broke taboos. In one case they publicly tortured an alleged witch on the churchyard of Pewsum. Since she was crying so bitterly, the witch hunters also made the organist play church songs aloud. One local big man who was to blame was Chief Hoyko Manninga. This drunkard was nicknamed the Great Squanderer. While this local nobleman was leading an immoral and depraved life, his castle and his village lost their luck and their moral standing. Several witches were »found« there. Another case from Frisia was that of dead Lady Walburg. Her man Enno was for some strange reason convinced that she had been poisoned. The wife of the mayor of Esens and his daughters were accused of sorcery, and tortured until they confessed. Young Christina now confessed that she had seen the devil, but in the likeness of an angel, who had given her poison, while she didn't know that this had been poison. That strange testimony is not really a confession of sorcery, but it is one testimony of the strength of will that especially Deutsche women have, regarding the truth. So couldn't the good Goddess help her? Ewa must suffer so strong pains that she eventually drops partly unconscious. Sadly she also has, for strategical reasons, to offer to the Greys some people. That especially affects innocent and good young women. The Greys prefer pretty young victims.

The truth didn't help this heroine of Esens to escape from the stake. But it helped Maria Holl from Nördlingen, Bavaria, that she sturdily refused to confess being a witch, while she was questioned under torture 62 times! That case made many people rethink the matter of witch processes and to stop this. Despite of her wounds and her later house arrest Maria Holl survived all her torturers. A powerful woman from Nördlingen, who had accused her daughter of being a witch, was Dorothea Gundelfinger, the wife of a dead mayor. The expert Frau Sonja Kinzler concluded that Dorothea must have done this because her daughter had converted to another confession. So the real reason why many women came under suspicion of being witches, in the years before 1600, was the new confession of protestantism. The Earth Goddess had to try to draw a separating line right through Deutschland and Europe. Confessions should separate the darker Southerners from the brighter people of the northern parts. But that meant that in Bavaria the people had to remain Catholics.

It's difficult and not always helpful to try and find, and find out more, about women with Dora names. That is not a witch hunt of the UTR but may show thwarted devilish plans.

14.9 Chances for young Nobles at the Onset of a New Era

In the writings of the Greek poet Hesiod we find a threefold creator god. While Gaia and Eros represent the good powers, Chaos represents the bad elements of creation. For Christians though the Earth Goddess was the bad guy, who added bad element to this creation. Only with the help of her savior, of me, Sofia Ewa is strong enough now to rectify this. But still we must allow some chaotic and evil elements to fester in our world, since we have two planets to care for, and cannot get away from the cosmic N-rays of hostile dark stars. In such a problematic situation a good God must see to it that the bad parts of creation are in some way limited and don't get out of control. In all such affairs, God is thankful for the help of bright young helpers, including some nobles. The true challenge that nobles face right now is not only to well represent their own countries, while living the lives of jet-setters. They are needed as the staffers of the invisible holy Reich of God.

One of our major tasks is right now to stop economic growth and development. Latest news from China tell us that chancellor Merkel is the best friend of the Sliteyes and subscribes to their ideas of a multi-cultural and diverse world with no specific leading culture. The cronies there claim that China is still much underdeveloped. Due to their incompetent financial politics they are in grave debts. Are they planning to ask for development aid? China is one of the worst developed nations of this planet, regarding environmental troubles. But like silly ants they just can't stop to build up some more hills. That is one of the taboo topics that most politicians can't address. So this would remain a task of the nobles, to challenge the crazy dogma that unlimited economic growth saves.

So why should we care, may the nobles ask. Pherecydes once had it that Chronos, the time, is one of the three powers who created this world. That lore links to the ancient Arab lore of the three goddesses. Of these Dahr is the destructive one. Dahr meant the time that consumed everything. Not by chance this is again a Ga-Dora name. Many young people right now think that they have time plenty to live their careless lives. But while their time is running out quickly, they realize too late that evil devils gnaw at them. When they age, health becomes their main issue of concern. They can do better while they are still young. It's good to engage for good purposes, and it saves.

A perspective that we face right now is that some day soon Prince William will become the most celebrated and charming royal of this planet. Hooray I say, but reluctantly, adds Ewa, who must look at the energy balance sheet. From her perspective the women are important. Lady Catherine, the wife of Prince William, has another one of those names. A Katharina is the false Holy Virgin of Lar. That means that on our planet, destiny often seems to push a Catherine into an important position. That was, for instance, already the case when Katharina the Great was ruling Russia. In her time, Deutschland was divided into two feuding monarchies, those of Prussia and of Austria. In the absence of a Deutschland that was able to lead, it was Russia that at times ventured into the position of the leading nation of Europe and the world. That played a dramatic role in the war of independence of the USA against Britain. It was Katharina the Great who then started some kind of early European Union. Under the noble leadership of a tough princess with Deutsche roots, most nations of Europe closed a pact, the so-called armed neutrality act of sea trade. That made most of the nations of Europe profit massively from sea trade, while warring Britain was alone and losing. This historical example can teach us that eventually Europe can suddenly organize as the world's makeshift leaders. If Britain is not ready to join in then, Russia may be an alternative.

Right now some parts of Deutschland are still welcoming masses of migrants from the Orient and even Negroes. These are all called refugees, while many are in fact illegals, abnormal immigrants who often have in mind to break our laws. In politics, groups of leftist cronies act as if they were greedy rogues of the ancient Roman sort, people who want to conquer Deutschland and to cleanse it from ethnic Deutsche, one city quarter after the other, with the help of miserable and aggressive immigrants. While hardly any African migrant has a legal right to be here, they made the number of severe violent crimes rise dramatically. In many typical cases, several Muslims, always these are Sunnites, attacked one Deutsche victim, often with unfair brutality. There was for instance the case of dead Niklas P. from Bonn. A group of aliens had severely beaten him, then one of them had come back to kick him before the head with full force. The main perpetrator seems to have been an Islamic Negro called Walid S. He was put before court, a witness clearly identified him. The blood of the victim was found on his jacket. Nevertheless he was spoken free of all charges. Bonn's left-wingers were much motivated by the case of Walid, some had called up with stickers to kick at Christians at the ground and begging for mercy. Subsequently they put up stickers that show guys from Bonn that they identify as Nazis. Who can help against such terror campaigns? We may well speak here of black magic! Possibly judges and others have become the targets too of magical phenomena. It is well known that Christians get soft when they meet phenomena of the unexplainable kind. The UTR finds it typical that the Greys concentrate on the support for a few selected rogues, mostly those who developed extremely and dangerously. In the absence of people who understand, old-time oligarchs often play bad roles. The most influential oligarch of Deutschland used to be Liz Mohn, a woman as rich as Scrooge McDuck and the owner of most of the media companies. Of her we heard that she wants all races to mix. The uni-color gray would be the result, or maybe she prefers black? Already the Mun sect was trying such racial mixes, and the Reverend Moon deliberately coupled Korean Mongos with Whiteys. The UTR has it that the names Mohn or Mun link to a word of planet Lar that means Negro. Surely it's a bad word on this neighboring planet too, but the Negroes are just bad. So isn't it true that many coloreds, like Janet Jackson, have their faces operated, to look more Aryan, to thus escape from the curse of the race?

14.10 The Golden Coin was found at last!

Now here is the latest update in the case of the stolen Golden Coin (see chapters 6 and 11). Some months after that case of theft, traces of gold dust were found in the car of Kurds from Lebanon: The police complains that the »government« of Lebanon is not well helping them to clear up the case. That is another case where Deutsche get treated very unfairly, it's often due to their past. In Berlin and other cities, the gangster clans of those »Lebanese Kurds« are a well known problem. In the ominous year 2012 however the CDU even invited the worst Islamic rapper of them all into the Bundestag, the lower house. That was done by MP Christian von Stetten, and since Bushido is a known gangster with a big criminal record, and definitely the worst and most scandalous of all those rappers, we must also call this nobleman from South Germany the worst of all our members of parliament. But he seems to be not the only one of the Catholics of the CDU, who are just by tradition interwoven into many international Mafia networks. That is just typical for the Romans and their associates since the days of Julius Caesar. By that bad way Rome was leading the world through the ages. Our hopes must be that Deutschland will soon become a better leading nation of this planet, give me 40 more years. That is why the Greys and some leftists try so much to destroy Deutschland, also by way of secretly transferring the political competences to the EU, or even to the UN, and by way of taking away democratic rights the Heiko Maas style. Our problem is that right now we can't really start to bring up and spread the good tidings and explanations that the UTR teaches. Right now so many Muslims still suddenly may get to deathly plans. Negroes may more easily believe that they will even be rewarded by God for bloodshed. What we can do to counteract right now is, to raise doubts against the doctrines of all the bad old-time religions! One way to achieve this is to try and identify the who is who, up there in the sky. While the Christians and Muslims still fantasize of dead saints in the sky, right now only the UTR can name the many devils up there. One of the worse is Ga-Nesa from the twin star 40 Eridani. That star links to the rapper Bushido, since his real name is Anis, and that is one Ga-Nesa name. Another exceptional Sunnite Muslim with the same name was Anis Amri, the Tunisian Berlin Christmas Fair assassin.

Let me not forget to shortly mention the latest better news. In Ireland the referendum about the right of abortion received a two-thirds majority! Then our brave and lucky US-president Trump made the North Korean dictator Kim proudly give up on bad old plans to develop a nuclear arms potential. That also happened since I was working miracles, with the help of an illustration. We must still tolerate some loud-mouthed bad rappers, since we live in free western societies. But the time will come soon, when people who used to be bad rogues just will stop that and become more civilized. That will not only happen to those who receive a morality upgrade from God. But while the powers of the Greys are receding, the bad guys will notice that they just run out of bad ideas.

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