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Title: Isnt She Beautiful - Yes She's ugly!

15. How to avoid the Oriental Scourge

Three Images of Muslims in Europe, terrorist, comedian and rogue

15.1 Now look at these Muslim Rogues … on Dope?

To the left of this picture, we see a counterfeit image of one recent typical Muslim rogue. It's the Manchester bomber Salman Abedi. He still looks much like the silly Moor that he was. His name may translate as sales servant, but he wasn't a working type. Let me not recount the story of his 2017 suicide bombing, killing many good British youngsters. Believers will now ask God: Where is Salman Abedi now? Did this silly rogue really receive sexy virgins in heaven, maybe in some gangster's paradise in outer space, maybe one houri for every virgin that he murdered here? These are questions that those Islamic instigators seriously consider. With my modded image God gave them the correct answer. There is no Salman Abedi no more, since he bombed himself to bloody lumps. But as believers pray to the sky and ask the congeras up there, these commonly give them wrong answers. Cosmic devils typically use the likenesses of dead, or living, persons as masks. Disguised as saints or martyrs, ayatollahs or celebrities they surf the minds here, and eventually trick and suck out contact persons. Can't you believe that super-rogues strongly interfere into the affairs of this world? Just this is what the prophet Mohammed often tried to tell with his Koran. If you can't believe that it's possible to use false identities, then better don't surf in the Internet too. If Muslims try to find now the soul of this dead assassin, then hopefully they will see this picture of mine. Not rarely, after a while the virtual identities of the dead fall apart. And creepingly those cosmic creeps mix their nightmares into our culture. Then visions of the dead may transform, to eventually show the long ears and tusks of the Feken (Aards, pigs in space). These neighbors are much under control of the Cräybs, some must serve as bots while trying to enslave other planets. We may assume that in his final hour the little rogue Salman was possessed by the ghost of a pig.

The Manchester bombing was surely one case that influenced many British, as they decided over the Brexit. It's a sad fact that Spaniards and many others just leave open the EU borders for many such dangerous »refugees«. Another fact is that Moorish types are naturally more stupid and also more prone to sudden violence and lawless egoism. Especially Africans are made from more dark stuff, they are more under control of the forces of darkness. That is also the case with the Arab Knaan Al S.. As a refugee he came to Deutschland in 2015, when chancellor Merkel had her »all in« phase. Three years later this rogue acts as if he lives in an Islamic city. Above we see him in a real video, he just took out his waist belt to whip a Jew! The Israeli Adam went out on the street with a kippa on, a sign that he is a pious man. Then the Syrian fumed with anger, and attacked like a living scourge. We need to add that this Canaan lied about his deed in the most blatant way to the cops. The UTR has it that Canaan links to a word that means African, in the Welsh of Lar.

I found this picture, made by brave Adam, in the brave BILD tabloid (20.06.18). Our media but only vividly react when the victims are Jews. Reporters have a tendency to cover up such deeds when Deutsche are the victims. Here's a story from the Cologne Tabloid EXPRESS (09.04.18):

Pupils complain that the Police didn't help them... When Justin (16), with his girlfriend Jacky (15), went onto the ill reputed Wiener Platz in Cologne, without any reason several young men suddenly challenged the two. Two took Justin's arms, the third one hit and kicked him so brutally that Justin suffered wounds at his intestines, and had blood in his urine. No further details of the assailants were given, so it's understood that these were Muslims, must probably young Turks. In Cologne it's health-saving to know that Turks and more Muslims meet at the Wiener Place. The media warn of this »crimes hotspot«, but always remain silent about the ethnic dimension. Jacky at once called the police, but when a car came the officers refused to take action, while the assailants were still at the place!! They lied Jacky in the face, that is the essence of this press report, by Mr. Meyer.

Reading just such reports we can only speculate about the real news story. In Cologne many look down on Deutsche due to the Nazi era, and acts of revenge by leftists are eventually tolerated like in the days after the capitulation. While Muslims massively migrated into the inner city quarters, they tend to violently try to get good looking girls, mob Deutsche away and let crime gangs rule. Near to the Wiener Platz lies the notorious Keupstrasse. The babo (gang boss) of that all-Turkish street was recently shot dead by another Turk, obviously in connection with drug deals. Sadly the Catholic to left-winged Klüngel cronies of Cologne are much into shady businesses. Their most favored local vernacular pop group Brinx (name changed) commits to hard drug abuse, and drugs are eventually sold by the oriental gangs. While the migration problem is getting out of control at a steady pace, and while the police has no strong political backing, cops need to be cautious while dealing with those Muslim and left-winged gangsters. Easily it may happen in city quarters who are under the sway of the gangs, that one single police employment triggers a sudden outburst of violence of gangsters and refugees. In the archbishop's old stronghold they are wont to put all the blame for most anything that is wrong in society on right-wingers, cowardly avoiding getting into troubles with those Muslims. The consequence may be small mobbing against the few remaining Deutsche in city quarters where the Muslims rule. My bicycle lamp for instance was damaged or stolen several times. Just like in Athens, radical left-wingers try to profit from the rising level of anarchy and anti-national hostility. While citizens who live in dangerous, run-down city quarters must sell houses or flats for meager prices; political cronies buy, to eventually put there refugees on dole, or rent and sell to migrants. In the Keupstrasse a serial burglar, a refugee from Spain, lived in his car for months! A high number of Muslims receives social benefits. Recent statistics say that 75% of the refugees are without a job. It's one of their strategies to commit crimes and make trouble, to press us to provide them jobs, or to let enter in their family clans. Family clans then become the scourges of entire regions. Recently a militia of hundreds of refugees attacked a club in the town of Erkrath, in a feud of gangs and clans. The Neanderthal town where I grew up reminds of Erke, one name of the Earth Goddess. Often she can't hark in times of minor troubles.

Hardly anybody welcomes Islamic culture in Europe. God made only Arabs like Arabian music. It's different though with other cultures. It's partly correct that Latino pop and Negro drug culture win fans also among Europeans. That had been the case at that pop concert in Manchester, where young Salman exploded his bombs. The colored Latino pop singer Ariana Grande had performed there. With the tight catsuit that she wore she may have tried to sex up youngsters. That surely added to the problems that arose in Manchester. While God must try so hard to make underlings stop from reproducing, the Greys win influence. It's easier for them then to make Muslims think that they are too noble to work in low-status jobs, but can kill people for a VIP ticked to paradise.

As we regard those bad Muslims (and the comedian Eko Fresh), let's not forget the bad nobles in the background. There are super-rich monarchs and tycoons in the Orient who would like to become our Islamic oppressors. Rogues pay petrol dollars for acts of terror and crime. Only a new world order of God and visibly better nobles are able to stop this.

15.2 Deutschland should be remembering the Peterloo

In Deutschland right now, few Muslims constantly commit bad deeds. Just my paper of today has the big story of Sief Allah H. from Tunisia, who was building a biological bomb here in Cologne. A number of other cases is only mentioned in brief. A Moroccan refugee, a Spanish truck driver, seems to have murdered a tramper girl, Sophia (28) from Leipzig. As it is common the police covered the Muslim, and remained silent about his identity, but the BILD reporters knew more. The cops also seem to have the murderer of Anna-Lena (16) from Barsinghausen, slain in front of a school. No word is lost about this man again, so it should be another Muslim refugee. Deutsche who object against this disinformation policy must hear that they are Nazis. Even normal people say the word fast. When the civil liberties movement Pegida demonstrates, activists of the groups Antifa and IL organize blockades and protests, and with attacks and noise fight these »populists«. Partly these militants get still paid and organized by old rope-gangs of the East, and by the Jews. Rumors have it that during the era of unification crimes, socialists stole billions of Deutschmarks.

In 2018 our secret service Verfassungsschutz much warned before the Interventionistische Linke, a socialist gang that commits a high and rising number of political crimes. While their political cronies and protectors sit in ruling coalitions of states and cities, the overall situation reminds of the Peterloo, the dejected revolt of Manchester. In 1819 few liberals were factually ruling Britain. At Saint Petersfield in Manchester they let troops slay and ride down civil liberties and unionist activists and citizens at a demonstration, killing twelve. The liberals thus silenced the protesting laborers, who at that time were mostly living very miserable lives. It was a small miracle when the Peterloo standup changed all that, since the oligarchs had to concede now more civil rights. It is typical that before a big change of eras, one such bad act of violence reminds of the evil devils.

Just at that time of political change, the population in Britain seemed to rise explosively. Many of the poor people had a child nearly every year. To the rich, the poor weren't worth a lot; and they were brutally exploited in the era of early capitalism. Marx predicted that the misery of peasants and workers would lead them into an all-out rebellion, that would lead into the mindless tyranny of Marxism. But just in those days it saved the civil order that the peasants remained peaceful and more or less loyal to the king and the government. The Marxist theory of a revolution of workers and peasants did not function. The Russian revolution saw saloon ideologists leading the hordes of soldiers and workers, but among them were hardly any peasants at all, who rather formed the Christian opposition. Those country people knew better that there exist spirits who are strong and mysterious. Facing the recent Muslim insurgency, this is what all Europe is about to learn again.

One anecdote from that era tells of the British prime minister. Lord Liverpool once went to the window and looked at London. Then he asked the French ambassador about what should be done with those enormously growing cities. These people were wise enough to realize that something was wrong with this drastic rise of population. It was Malthus then who warned before a coming catastrophe of malnutrition. But the lack of food wasn't the real sorrow of those miserable people, and later agriculture managed to raise their living standards. The real problem remained secret. It was the fact that God was losing control over many too many people, who now lost their religion.

At that time France was ruled by Louis-18. This taciturn and cautious man still had to remember the death of his predecessor on the guillotine. After the end of the era of the revolutions and the wars of Napoleon, the Catholics were winning much power back in Europe. But it was from very Catholic Spain, where the ideas of liberalism won influence among the class of upstarts. The king of France didn't care too much about all of this, he just wanted to have his peace, especially in the night time. Suddenly the Duke of Berry was assassinated, one of his critical advisers. To his king that dying man spoke these last words, cynically: »I hope I didn't disturb your majesty's nighttime peace!« – »My night was good«, replied the king, most dryly. Louie was criticized for these remarks, who seemed to be heartless. But those people who judged like this could not know the problems that the king was having. A big burden naturally comes to any European monarch, and the N-rays will play tricks on him, especially in the nighttime. But just this night, while the N-rays helped with this murder plot, they were so occupied that the king could, for once, sleep well.

15.3 For some, Meghan really looks attractive!

In the 19th Christian century Britain was governed rather tyrannically by small groups of businessmen and nobles. While the monarch was nearly powerless the new upper class had two strict political lines: The first one was to not tolerate one strong dominating power in Europe or elsewhere; and the second one was to open markets and dupe competitors, and to do much to support British trade interests and economic growth. Definitely most of these gentry guys cared little about the misery of the commons. So do these care more today? Let's skip this question when Meghan and her prince are out for a day at the races. It's a tradition at Ascot to wear those opulent and sometimes bizarre hats, but only women may do this, while most men wear the plain black coats and hats of the smokers. It's a murky dress code that survived from the 19th century, but we may take this for a depressing sign that the royals and celebrities should have very little to say not only on the field of politics. Now, once again just when I opened up the gossip pages of the BILD tabloid of today, the biggest picture of them all was devoted to puny Meghan. This picture shows her with a Calimero style hat. Well, isn't she beautiful? Indeed that is what the sea terns must think from above. They may well get attracted by that artful mimicry. It is a tradition after all that Britain tries to rule the seas.

15.4 Much of your Luck depends on your Parents

Another strange news of today's gossip page tells the worrying story of Heather Locklear (57). This blond and blue-eyed US-American actress looks tired and aged on recent photos, and she recently ran into special hard times. Last Monday Heather had a special fit of bad temper, reports the website TMZ. This formerly famous and successful actress lost her temper when her parents came visiting her in her nice home in L.A. She attacked her mom and dad, and then searched for a shotgun to kill herself. She was now put into psychiatric care. But she went through that before, and it didn't seem to help when she was getting dangerously aggressive, against her partner Chris Heisser (56) and the incoming police too. So what is wrong with her? We may suppose that the experts just don't know how to try and help people who suffer from N-ray attacks. It's typical for women that they lose control at times, but troubles at this level are unusually bad and maybe rare.

TV viewers may remember Heather well as the character Sammy-Jo from the serial Denver Clan. As it seems she was playing the typical role the good looking blond girls get, and that's the role of the egoistic vixen. She also played a similar bad girl in the soap opera Melrose Place. Now she is too old for such roles, and like women often do, she reacts with depressions and anger while her better years are over. We may speculate that lately she has troubles paying her bills and also was drinking too much alcohol. So isn't the time right to end this life, and to commit suicide? I would say that it is time to change the typical »anti-blond« stereotypes of Hollywood. But that can't well happen while this place, like all the western world, is still under the sway of bad Semitic religion.

From the point of view of the UTR there are several things who come to our mind at once. One thing is that the name Sammy links to Ga-Sama. That name may bring luck for some time, but it can lead into special troubles in later years. Then there is the typical sexual spell. While blond Heather was good looking and attractive, very many people in all the world fantasized of her. She may have responded with an intense sex life, and that typically leaves behind a debt of lifeforce. That is why for instance Casanova, this Italian top seducer, lived a chaste life in his later years. I also find it typical that Heather had this fit of rage on Monday. That often happens to me too, and it is due to all those Christians who believe a bit on Sundays and doubt again on Mondays. Then there is the big problem of Heather's parents. Parents tend to instinctively influence their progeny also via telepathy with emotions and religious ideas while putting a fractal burden on their backs. If Heather considers to end her life now, she should be aware that she can hope for better times.

15.5 The Frog-Man who abolished the Tories

Just 200 years ago, democracy was only really introduced in Britain. Now more and more people received the right to vote. At that time the majority party of Britain was called Tories. From the point of view of the UTR that sounds like a Ga-Dora name. It was Robert Peel who officially changed that name. With the introduction of the new name Conservatives, this old party also took up a new political line. Formerly the Tories had been against the new political ideas, like granting the right to vote to the populace, and abolishing the slavery. Now they became a bit more open for reforms that seemed to be destined and unavoidable, while the common people were slowly gaining more and more economical powers and wisdom. In that new era of conservative politics, the Tories, no Conservatives, managed to help with the work of leading this nation onto it's own way of manifest destiny. Peel then became the political mentor of William Ewart Gladstone. Peel and Gladstone believed that governments were there to act and work for the sake of not only their merchants. Peel's predecessor, Lord Melbourne, had adapted such a typical liberal position. His idea of governing was it to do nothing much, or nothing at all, and to let the market take care of the business of politics. From the point of view of the UTR, the name Peel links to the Pi-Frogs. Those frog people in space live further away, but they saw to it that our lonesome planet didn't suffer a typical cataclysm just at the time when the pace of progress started to become frantic.

Manifest Destiny is the key term of US-American history. Once it meant that the white race, with it's Christian religion, was destined to replace the Amerindians (Redskins) with their too primitive genes and cultures. Of course in other countries the specific manifest destiny was and is different. The UTR has it that the red race three is the potentially most dangerous and aggressive race of the six major races. We may get a hunch of this as we inspect the combat helicopters with the names of belligerent tribes, like Apache and Comanche. Certainly that has a spiritual dimension too, and it played much of a role when US-American troopers eventually acted overly cruel and barbaric. The spirit of the red race is still present in US-American society, who therefore is prone to arms and violence more than other cultures are. That is one reason why especially the British could try to influence some more US-America in a moderating way. Right now Britain has not the biggest fleet on the seven seas, but it does have comparably high standards of education and culture. One lasting problem is though that fractal links to the Wales of Lar deform Anglo-American culture. While these descendants of gibbons can't proceed on their destined ways, we must wait for them.

In Britain the royals of that time were having a bad reputation. King George-3 was gravely ill and seemed to suffer from strong spleens. His sons were unpopular due to their immoral behavior and didn't care much about the common people. So weren't things better in the USA? At that time the USA was expanding with an enormous speed. The government was buying new land and selling it to the Irish and others who poured into that young nation. Today few people realize that at that time the US-Americans were not building one nation but two! The states in the South were slave-holding, those in the North were not. If the politicians of that era had been less greedy and more aware of their special path of destiny, they would have sensed the upcoming tendency to abolish slavery by and by in all countries. But that was just not what they could learn from the old Bible.

Slavery just didn't pay off in the long run, and the badness that the fast multiplying coloreds of the major race six brought with them into the Americas could be seen in their native lands. That is why already in 1808 the import of Negroes into the USA became illegal. However, still today some Black Moors from Africa are dragged into the USA under many a pretext, where they often do disliked lowly jobs, under conditions sometimes reminding of slavery. That may work with fresh and humble native Africans, but second generation Negroes easily get antisocial and unruly and have a degrading influence on culture. Since Whites didn't like to work on cotton fields like slaves, the Negroes were of good use in past centuries. So who in the USA could have directed politics onto the better way of manifest destiny? To foresee such trends, and to influence society and direct the world onto the right way, that was and still is one of the duties of Europe's nobles.

In that era just the British cared much for other peoples of Europe. They for instance helped the Greeks to struggle free from the cruel and murderous yoke of the Osmanli Turks. The Greeks were bitterly divided and had few troops, and the troops of the Turks and Egyptians were killing masses of civilians. But suddenly and unexpectedly, the joint European fleets of the British, the French and the Russians destroyed the fleet of the Muslims in the harbor of Navarino. Definitely this was a plan that the brave admirals had carried out without having orders. They hadn't really planned to liberate Greece, but that was just the manifest destiny of all the nations of Europe who were then subdued by the Turks. The Turks and Muslims had come there like they again come to us right now, multiplying fast and taking land as if it were promised to them by their Allah. The Greeks had formerly been too weak to keep these Orientals at the other side of the Bosporus. The French still remembered similar experiences from another earlier period of time. That is why the already old French king, Louis-18, swore again this traditional oath at the time of his coronation: »I vow to exterminate the infidels.« His successor though, Carl-10, found this part of the oath old-fashioned and no longer necessary. That brought up the end of the glory of the French monarchy.

The descriptions given of the old Louis-18 don't sound nice and remind of John F. Kennedy. His courtiers lately needed to carry him around on a stretcher. It was another tradition of the kings of France to lay their hands onto the heads of gravely sick people. That definitely had had magical healing effects, they are attested in more than one case. But by that way, some lazy and unfit guy could also give away lifeforce he didn't have! One eyewitness described Louie as a mixture of an old hag, a Bourbon count and a professor. There's a scary secret message in these mocking words. It happened to more than one man on top, that destiny and sexually dominating spirits seemed to turn around his sexual orientation, in the heat of the night! Such spirits, who are the emanations of N-rays and immoral lusty people, managed to »fuck the king« in psycho-real situations, to put it drastically. So that explains why Louie used to ask people to let him in peace in the night time! It is likely that John F. Kennedy had similar problems who were due to his very immoral sex life.

The underlying problem is again one of religion. In France after the era of Napoleon-1, the mood was getting increasingly Catholic again. Now even those who had destroyed abbeys and chased away clerics in the era of the French revolution were again visiting the Holy Mass. But this was just the era when the ill doctrines of the Vatican subsequently became refuted. Suddenly it came out that there had been no big day of deluge, and that this planet is so much older than the 6,000 years of the Biblical creation legend. The medieval building of Catholic religion crumbled like an old cathedral. In the absence of a better religion many leading people now turned to masonic and esoterical speculations and investigations. Secretive Masonic orders had been the basis of the US-American revolution. Formerly Christians and Muslims had been bitterly divided for centuries. The new ideas of this age of enlightenment had no similar tendency. The problem arose soon that the masons and rational thinkers of different cultures, and especially those of the Orient and the West, used to get over the fundamental spiritual division of the West and the Orient. While Magi and neo-pagans, Sufis and pseudo-Oriental astrologers became popular in London and Paris too, these could not provide for the special self-esteem and ideology that the West needs to have. Only Christianity could, and still can, keep the Oriental darklings at the other side of the Mediterranean Sea. That means that Christianity is functional when it comes to secure our borders and our white pride. It's obvious that God has parted the world with the help of several world religions. For the same reason Christian denominations exist. God uses these to divide peoples into destiny groups.

Today Christianity is definitely losing the rest of it's reputation. Let me not recount here the bitter tales of immoral, Catholic and other, clerics. While masons still mumble of some secret scripture of wise Ormus from Alexandria, we can already find out well what this man had to tell in the year of 46 A. Around the year 30 A. Jesus and his followers had founded a new doomsday sect. These zealots had asked people to join their sect and to turn into Roman currency all their belongings. Their promise was that this world would go under very soon. That is what Judas Thaddeus and Simon Peter, these two fervent doomsday preachers, exactly foretold for the year 44 A. Now they had 4.000 or more sectarians, and they were leading these into the hot Eastern deserts, expecting Jesus to come back from wherever he was. But Jesus didn't come, and many died of thirst there. It was the typical fate of the doomsday preachers, who hear voices telling them a definite last day.

So this is one of the big tasks that our royals and nobles have today. All the time Christianity was keeping the Moors and Turks out of Europe and other lands where they are wrong. But lately the time of true religion has come. That means that we need new spiritual borders to fortify the West! While true religion is still so hard to understand and to take up, related lores like racialism and bio-ethics can already well help people, to help God with the good manifest destiny of the West. We Whites need to evolve much, culturally and morally. We must not let coloreds bring us down.

So there is a new frontier, that will divide the political landscape of the forthcoming era, after the year 2033 A. At that time hopefully the Christians are ready to tell the truth, that Jesus just died 2,000 years ago, and that no other dead humans still live on some remote planet in outer space. In that post-Christian era we will find two societal and political blocks who already grouped before. There's the block of the newly wise who are ready to accept the manifest destiny of God, that will lead very soon to a much improved planet with much less troubles. Then there is the block of the radical leftists and older traditionalists who are unable to accept this manifest destiny. Their way is the way of the cosmic Greys, that leads into the era of axes and wolves and into the infernal age of the burning of this entire planet. But that is not what we hear from radical leftists right now. In fact most recent stickers of the radical Deutsche party Die-Linke mainly tell of two big demands: They call up to »fuck Nazis« and to legalize cannabis. Indeed latest sorry news tell that right now in Canada they legalized this hallucinations drug, officially for »recreational purposes«. That is a dire lie that must have grown on the swampy ground of atheist medicine! Just the medical doctors who believe not in higher powers tend to believe into the magic of drugs. We must veto this law since it tells lies! The truth is that drugs naturally do not help to recreate you but foreseeably lead to your weakening! The good news is that less than 10% of Deutschland's youngsters take up the habit of smoking. But while the older guys get less popular they also get more into bad old habits. Doctors may tell them about diseases who come with smoking, let met add bad destiny to this list.

Right now in many countries there exist two parties, who are traditionally divided and rest at the two sides of the political spectrum. Always the left side of those liberals and leftists seems to be more favored by most established media companies. But there also exist strong inner voices who definitely favor this weaker party of the two. The better party of the two, that of the right side, has to bring up sad true wisdom and rational thinking, and that is difficult in this so much deluded world. Now this is what the Frenchman de Tocqueville wrote, who visited the USA around 1830:

As you enter the house of representatives there is often no single man of high education or merits in this room. The narrow Senate but has a large number of the most famous men of America inside. Here hardly anyone sits without an active and honorable career. Their arguments would well honor the most renowned parliamentary debates in Europe.

So this sounds as if the upper class people of the Senate of the USA are definitely of a better and wiser quality than the members of the House. But let us look back to the infamous campaign of the then-time president Andrew Jackson. This simple and rude guy was leading a rather dirty and unfair campaign. The situation of that time reminded of the heated debates of Ms. Clinton versus Trump. When Mr. Jackson became president, the mob stormed the White House and stepped on the tables. The USA needed a tougher politics of homeland security. In the times when Arabs and Moors invade and trouble Europe, we all learned from their bloody terror acts to also introduce such tight security measures. A new spirit of racialism but could help us to understand, that these people are just of an oriental race with a lower human quality and should not be allowed into the West. It's not their fault, but some groups definitely try to bring Nafris and Negroes into Europe to destabilize the West, and to introduce again traditional bad and blundering political structures.

In this situation of strong political tensions, it is the destined role of some noble people to lead the world into a new era of truth. It's correct what the nobles used to think in royalist Prussia, France and Austria too, that the monarch is at the top of a societal pyramid that links God to his world! Often just some small circles of influential nobles and thinkers are those who can overcome the big division of all our societies into two competing and ignoble parties. But when royals are weak and arrogant, and also too much influenced by bad old deciders, they may confound foul and fair.

15.6 Political Correctness is a mere Fad of the Darklings

Today many people in the West are under the influence of the primitive and insane thinking of leftists and liberals. Since the coloreds lately grew so many, and are having the support of leftists and darklings of the white race, they dominate the Unesco and other international organizations. Traditionally these subscribe not to a politics of diversity, but to a politics of equality. That means that the color of the skin should be of no importance. One consequence are laws of wrongly-so-called »affirmative action«. Naturally the groups of diverse races separate, and that often leads to factual racial segregation. With a politics of busing for instance, in the USA attempts were made to mix segregated Negroes with Whites of definitely higher racial quality. The next step on this way is it for instance to reserve certain places, in parliaments or companies, for people of lower race or reputation. Strict mobbing of dissenters and a general degradation of western civilization are by-effects of such politics. In all of history though it was always impossible to mix the races.

In their insane high-time, motley UN guys decided to abolish the word Negro! The reason they gave for this is as follows: The deciders judged that just this word sounded derogatory. Also the differences between certain Negroes and others seemed to be bigger than the differences between Negroes and Whites in general. We must find this thinking laughably wrong, the crazy product of a crew of darklings with egoistic bad manners. The word Negro always was the correct term for this race, and still is when it comes to racial science. It indeed may sound derogatory, but that is a consequence of the naturally bad quality of that major race in general. Let's remember that other words, like Kaffer, shared the same development. This word too originally was not a derogatory word, but since the tribal Kaffirs were so bad people, it soon started to become a bad word too. In general right now the term most people use instead of Negroes is »Africans«. But that word is, correctly, a word denoting all the inhabitants of that continent. In Africa however racially diverse people live. The major race of the Negroes only inhabits a strictly closed settlement area near to the equator. Let's not forget that South Africa is no original homeland of the Negroes, it was void of such primitive and dangerous hominids when first Boorish whites settled it. Due to merchants and their politics of slavery and racial mix, that we must find indeed roguish today, Negroes were dragged into that southern region. Until today the Whites of Africa are natural born Africans too. That means that for instance the White African actress Charlize Theron, who lives in the USA, is an African American. That latter term is however a modern bad word for the race of the Negroes.

Originally Negroes only meant Blacks, it's derived from Latin niger, black. Nevertheless there is some reason in the modern habit to rename the Negroes into Africans. There is of course a spell, more correctly, an unidentified natural law, that seems to bind just this race to »their« continent. Verily, the motley UN people were not really unaware of the big natural differences of this race to other colored races as well as to God's chosen Whites. But they chose to ignore and downplay such differences, by defining a politically correct language, which was in fact brazen foolery. But by way of such obfuscation the UN crew tried to fight manifest destiny, to lift up the reputation of just the lowest quality race of the Negroes. That however means that the entire bad nomenclature, that the UN people and their affiliates used, needs to be checked and discarded now. While they try to make Africa appear as the aboriginal and natural homeland of the major race six, suddenly their terminology of political correctness turns out to be a mere fad. Now they don't want to mix races, and to abolish the natural differences and borders between races. Instead they factually fix and proscribe a natural right of this naturally black race for the »black continent«. It's a move far away from the doctrine of racial equality, but we find a haughty spirit of African supremacy. It is best expressed in the Rastafari and Reggae culture. So do Negroes have natural special rights not only when it comes to Africa? With this pc lingo the motley UN crew seems to subscribe to some manifest destiny that lets Negroes rule Africa. It's obvious though that they don't understand this.

So what is the manifest destiny when it comes to the races? Most people naturally fall into the thinking that each race has their »aboriginal« habitat. That is however a bad structure that Berk-OS imposed on our planet. This it not diversity, it's a race law! With the help of the UTR we can get over the unwanted division of humankind into races. We simply need to abolish colored races.

15.7 The Conflict of Nobility versus Richness

More gossip news came from Britain just on the page with the Ascot reportage. Another snapshot shows completely drunken Cambridge students on the pavement. The BILD Zeitung explains that this is how these traditionally celebrate their exams. Well, in the history books we read that Mr. Pitt, that famous British politician, could drink two bottles of port wine in the evenings and be up at eleven on the next day. Sleepless in London, the politicians also were leading marathon debates that lasted all night long. Only the first light of day granted them the impulse to drive home with their horse carts. With the daylight more ions enter the stratosphere, who help to ward off N-rays.

Today most people are wont to always look back to the years of 1933 to 1945. But the era of the Nazis didn't lead to much change on the field of politics. The political situation that we are facing today was much more shaped just 200 years ago. If we compare our modern times to those times of the stylish Empire, then we only may realize how badly our culture has come down in the 20th Christian century. In earlier centuries people still had a sense of beauty. Of course their paintings and all their works of art were beautiful. That was due to their natural sense of white pride too. Also in those days the artwork of Negroes and primitive races was bad and brutish, but the people in London and Paris hardly bothered to even take a look at such stuff. That was something for the colonialists only and the curiosity cabinets. Damn, who triggered the degradation of our culture?

We might look at French super-minister Adolphe Thiers as one such culprit. This little man looks strangely compact on an early photo. With his very broad stature he reminds us of a humanoid of planet Lar. It was typical for Paris in that era, that rebellious city people started nationwide riots. During the rebellion of 1830, Thiers helped to put to the throne the humble king Louis Philippe. In those days the populace of just too big and miserable Paris just liked to riot and to fight the authorities. The new era brought more rights to the rich and the merchant types, and it forced the monarch to behave like a citoyen, a common citizen. With his gray cylinder king Philippe just wasn't noble and impressive enough to stop the obstinate rogues from trying to assassinate him. While the earlier nobles had seen to it that the monarchy was spreading glamor and promoting values like beauty, the new era rather pushed some rich merchant types to the top. Now also hated Jews from Deutschland got popular in France: Heinrich Heine and Jacob »Giacomo« Meyerbeer. In Britain the same tendency was brought up by the dark-eyed and curly Jew Benjamin Disraeli, the strongest adversary of the British politicians of the Peel and Gladstone era. In angry debates, this sharp-tongued Jew condemned the British nobles and helped to rid them of their political influence. The big political debate was all about economical politics, of protectionism versus free trade. When the import taxes were abolished, that was leading to a »political abdication« of the House of Lords, this is what the historian Golo Mann wrote. So the Jew Disraeli was the one who had factually rid the nobles and lords of their powers! But the political constellation was that of a fast rising population, especially in new cities like Birmingham. The commons just escaped from the traditional moral and societal order that the monarchy had supported. A new oligarchy of rich merchants then managed to buy the press and most common politicians, and thus rule the public opinion. Not the Jews were to blame for these developments, but the too many lowly people in the big cities. Things were still much better at the countryside where nature was still intact. But in Paris they had started to kill their last precious trees, to use them as barricades in street rebellions.

It was the era of free trade that started in those years. Free trade meant that the food prices would become drastically reduced. That would make the population rise even more. While the farmers of the own country were no longer able to provide for the needed food, free trade made the entire nation depend on imports from faraway lands. This new era of population growth thus made the national borders get soft. Suddenly farmers from dominions overseas controlled the markets of Britain. Thus Britain stopped being really Britain, and started to become a multinational empire.

It was good that Disraeli, the later prime minister, didn't take the position of the rich Jews. But he condemned the liberal reforms as a sacrifice on the altar of Mammon, the demon of greed. Today radical leftists of the party DL demand: »Riots not Diets«. What destructive spirit is ruling the youngsters gone bonkers? We may find it in the name of Adolphe, interpreted as: Wolf of Hades!

15.8 The Abdication of the last Catholic Monarch

When today European monarchs and royals appear in public, the British are among the very few who dare to still wear crowns and glamorous clothing. But recently at Ascot, the princes and nobles instead wore cylinders and funny black penguin-tail coats. That is the somber dress code that had been in fashion since the first half of the 19th Christian century. French King Louis Philippe the Bourgeois was one of the first who appeared in the street-wear of the commons. The high cylinders of that era better matched to his dwarfish chief minister Adolphe Thiers. Some dwarfish race seemed to have adapted the fashion of the unlucky Penguinoids.

This portrait of the last »big king« of France, Carl-10, shows him in a truly monarchic dress. We find that this king definitely looks stately but also overdressed and uncool. The detail that falls into our eyes at once is not the big crown in front, but it's the strange golden griffin of the throne right behind the king. That carefully arranged scenery tells a lesson that many failed to understand. It's good to see that the king didn't wear a wig, that further warms up the head, causing bad thinking.

This Bourbon monarch had still seen himself as a king of divine grace. But as Carl-10 tried to rule France again the absolutist and medieval way, he met the resistance of the citizens of a new era. The Gaulist nationalists as well as the liberals were just not convinced that this monarch was something special in comparison to the common man. People had started to doubt the spiritual link of the king to the divine sphere. While he lacked the political support from both sides of the house, Carl had to rely much on the Jesuits and clerical Catholic groups. At that time the Church of Rome eagerly tried to restore it's power in all of Europe. But people hadn't forgotten the age of the French revolution. Napoleon Bonaparte had been a skeptic, who doubted that Jesus had ever existed. The big ceremonial coats that the old-style monarchs wore had been made from the belief into the correctness of Christian religion. But when this belief escaped from the people, they also failed to accept the idea that the king was something special, a representative of the remote God. Most of the Jesuits and Papists who still held on to the doctrines of their church were professional liars to a degree. But the common people sensed, in the new era of revolutionary rationalism, that the secretive and obscurantist Church of Rome was just wrong with so many teachings. The basis of old-time religion was removed by philosophy as well as by natural sciences. The consequence was a reduction of the power and the influence of the monarchs. That had happened much earlier in Britain with the Glorious Revolution. Now the toppling of the last »holy monarch« of France triggered a new era of disbelief in all of Europe. So was it true that a God exists, who grants the blessing to the monarchs of Europe? Just in the overgrown capitals many people didn't know and didn't care so much. The commons had been educated into believing that just their sect's clerics are in the special favor of God. When that belief failed all religions seemed to stop making sense.

It was the age of skepticism and atheism that dawned just now. With the big stories of the Bible obviously being silly Jewish legends, what was true then of this old stuff? Like always in history, with the decline of a dogmatic religion natural philosophy became more popular. Of all the brave new thinkers of that era, the Englishman Robert Owen certainly earned to be mentioned first. The entrepreneur made way for the manifest destiny of our time, when he introduced strictly limited and short working hours in his workshops, and also was paying good wages. He also provided for kindergardens and schools. The very opposite tendency was that of the radical communists like Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels! These didn't want everything to become better in life, since they hoped that the growing misery of the populace would prod these into revolutions and worldwide class wars. We today find those two opposing tendencies within the, still dominating, class of the rich ignoble Jews and upstarts. Some are good people who treat their workers well, but many just demand faster, tougher competition. That is supposed to lower wages and make the working life get ever harder. Still today such people rule our western societies, and they just ignore the fact that many foreign workers, who for instance make their clothes, work under miserable conditions.

One of the dominating political parties of that era in the Anglo-American world were the Whigs. In the USA this was the party of some rather rude but fearless and successful populist presidents, from Andrew Jackson to James Knox Polk. Whigs, that odd Scottish word strangely reminds of the word wig! The Scottish used to say that word as they wanted their horses to speed up. While our Goddess eventually masked as a white horse, these Brits like seemed to force God to speed.

Of all the natural philosophers of that era, Georg F.W. Hegel was arguably the most important. He was the philosopher that had had the biggest influence on Marx. But while Hegel couldn't dare to move away from Christianity, personally threatened by his adversary reverend Schleiermacher, Marx easily just discarded this belief, that was not that of his Jewish ancestors after all. Marx then became the anchorman of many leftist atheists who didn't believe in gods since they were seeing no real traces of these. Napoleon had been another such keystone of skeptical atheism, but only while he was mated with Josephine, that luck-bringing colored wench from the French colonies.

In natural philosophy you start with ideas, and just like a fantasy author you build an imaginary world that looks nice. The utopian socialists of past centuries had imagined ideal societies, where all people would be able to live good lives, under conditions of moderate freedom, justice and wellness. But philosophies must of course pass the reality test. Imaginary socialist societies are nice ideas, but why is real life often so miserable and bad? In the dawning era of atheism, most philosophers were tempted to put the blame on societal structures. Murky Marx thought that the living conditions planted a certain thinking into people, and that changed living conditions could miraculously change people. It's the insane delusion that was planted into leftist anti-racist minds. So is it true that you just need to destroy society, to transform egoists into socialists? When some red rogues eventually get to the top soon the egoism starts to get even worse. As people age they tend to lose their socialist ideals and become dictatorial. That is why Mao Zedong proposed a lore of perennial revolution of the youngsters against societal structures. It's a doomsday philosophy.

Would you enjoy a fantasy story or film about an ideal socialist world without any action scenes? In our real world nearly always some scary events happened. Not the haughty and incompetent king Carl-10, but his rather civilian and humble successor Lois Philippe the Bourgeois became the target of some most scary assassination attempts. On one occasion a hell-machine fired many shots into his direction. While some fell he escaped miraculously, and bravely carried on with the horse parade. The French had always been more primitive and ruthless than the British and other Europeans, and just then murky extremist groups thought that they didn't need royals no more. It is typical that in such violent movements people gather with darker genes and criminal careers. Not philosophers but the Greys like crisis events to happen there. At the times of Napoleon, many thinkers and poets welcomed this greedy, megalomaniac and restless manikin from Corsica even as he started to wage war against all Europe, putting his dark Southern relatives onto the thrones. After Napoleon had lost his last war, poets like Victor Hugo wrote songs to awaken the spirit of combativeness again in the French. Too easily the people forgot about the songs like that of the Death of Jean Renaud, that was composed after a Scandinavian ballad. The soldier Jean Renaud came home from war with his guts in his hands. His wife had born him a king's son, that often meant that she had been raped by some rogue. When Jean soon died, she wanted to follow him. Where to? Bad religion makes many people forget to value the short life that God grants to them.

Hegel once wrote that the history of mankind was not really a happy one. He called the happy periods of history: the empty sheets. So often there had been wars, and societal achievements got lost. Is this another unwritten law of manifest destiny? Just at that time, Goethe wrote his version of the story of Doctor Faustus, the true tale of a wizard who was having big trouble with demons. In the 19th century, the Church of Rome lost it's spiritual sway over most of the European minds. Now many commons were unable to realize that spirits and divinities exist at all. But that is what some elitist circles still always knew. A mythical griffin was one participant of scary rituals of the masons and secret societies. When the elders gave hard times to their newbies, so did the spirits.

15.9 The Pro and Contra of Slavery

Right now some African Moors again introduce slavery. News from Libya have it that the locals take captive the invading Negroes, who wander in from their habitats in the South and eventually put citizens at risk. Some Negroes also get chased back into the Sahara desert, where those poor creatures die miserably. Slavery is a working alternative, since such underlings definitely find it too hard to live in peace and care well for themselves. God even allows acts of mercy killing, who are truly more humane than letting Negroes die of thirst and hunger. But rarely Christians are humane enough to do this. Undoubtedly it helps much to replace bad religions with the UTR.

Definitely the Masons are selected sects and groups who often were better in touch with the true God than the believers of the deluding religions. The consequence was that in key situations they better sensed the path of manifest destiny, for instance when it comes to slavery. God has utopian ideals who resemble those of some socialists. Tyrannical socialism is an order for times of scarce resources. Utopian socialism is better, but it can only work out with humans of advanced quality. While colored underlings are often antisocial and trigger bad destiny, they thwart our efforts to build up a world of higher civilization. That is why some old-time leftists still try to make many bad coloreds enter into Europe. They have bad old ideas of tyrannical socialism in mind, and they also care little about the welfare of the Deutsche, who naturally become the target of the attempts of bad people to »conquer paradise«. Right here in Cologne there are always so many stickers of bad left-wingers demanding to »fuck Nazis«. They whip up rogues to rape alleged Nazis or those of the populist party AfD. Infatuated bad leftists also plant posters with slogans like: »no one is illegal«, »fight borders and nations«, and they spray paint the communist hammer-and-sickle, and fervently call »refugees welcome«. Must we conclude that those are like war criminals, who still try to rape and rob like they did in the Soviet zone after 1945? From the point of view of natural philosophy we find that these people with many of their demands resemble animals more than humanoids. When they plant »legalize cannabis« stickers, they just reproduce slogans that the cosmic devils constantly instil into their minds. With many of their demands those radical leftists just submit to animal instincts, that seem to demand of them to find partners, food and habitats. I recently warned one such pothead on the street that drugs are not good for him. He then started to explain that »drugs open the mind«, but suddenly broke out into fury and loud obscene insults. I slowly jogged away. It is true that drugs may open your mind and make you feel comfortable, but at a high cost. We are under the bad sway of devilish N-rays, who profit from any weaknesses! If you open your mind to unknown cosmic links, devils may slyly use the chance to deform you. Often radical leftists and drug-types look short, grimy, ugly and crazy. I know that such changes may occur from one instant to the next! I saw one frequent video viewer change from one day to the next in a very unpleasant way. That may happen when suddenly a new trauma occurred in the history of this man. Right now, while roguish politicians openly ask most unwelcome migrants to fraudulently apply for political asylum, they triggered a wave of murders and grand crimes. That is especially the case with Muslim Nafris, who only by a margin of below 1% are really refugees. With the uncontrolled wave of the 9/4 migrants, that Frau Merkel welcomed, a wave of serious crimes was hitting Deutschland. While Deutsche commit fewer such crimes, the Orientals did let the total number of violent crimes rise in some states! While our good guys try hard to civilize and pacify our good white citizens, leftist rogues drag in Negroes and Orientals as replacement rogues. Bad Muslims are often the guys who rape and shoot and rob and trick, and their Islam news fill our papers most every day. There is no way to explain this without the UTR: Since the Orientals are closer linked to a group of devastated and nearly dead desert planets, they also tend to bring us some special diseases, wildness and bad destiny. That is just the fate of our Orientals. If we are right now unable to accept this, we can still sense this big badness in some leftists, and also in some Christian sects, who still hope for doomsday and also need simple minded believers.

Could Masons help us to escape from the doomsday trap of the Christians? In the USA they once drew a Mason-Dixon line, segregating the slave-holding states from the union. Destiny wants us to unitedly evolve and get civilized, but bad colored races just disturb.

15.10 Wisdom, Truth and Beauty: Signs of the Divine

Let us finally look back to the great age of Athens in ancient Greece. Around the year of 450 B., this city state had reached the height of it's power. This was another key situation of European history, well comparable to the time of around 1830 A. Suddenly in Athens a well balanced order of democracy had replaced the traditional authoritarian structures of government. While citizens learned to dispute rationally, suddenly doubts arose regarding the teachings of old-time religion. People were seeing the giant-size statue of the city goddess Athene in her temple, but where did she really dwell? Already the Greeks had realized that there exists no palace of the Olympians on the mountain of Olymp. Everybody still knew Homer's fantasy tale of the Iliad. They could read that Athene had allegedly fought too at Troy, and that the sun-god Apollon had been one of her adversaries. But while the citizens of Athens had grown in wisdom, many lately failed to believe this. Thucydides, in his report about the War of the Peloponnese, was the first Greek writer who refrained from mixing into his political book the alleged actions of fictitious deities. He seems to have been an agnostic if not an atheist. But that was dangerous in old Athens. Easily some people could raise the allegation that one was »godless« (asebes). If the simple citizens would get to the idea that some philosopher or politician angered the gods, and therefore brought bad destiny, they could sentence him to exile or even death. So who was godless in a society, where many people had started to doubt and secretly discard their old-time religion? It didn't seem to play much of a role whether the old-time religion was really true! Holding on was just the tradition. People often feared that bad luck, like for instance lost battles, was due to their disrespect to old-time religion.

So people were obliged to participate at the rites, from the offerings at the temples to the burials, regardless of what they believed. They also had to pay dearly for the big temples. The Parthenon, the temple of Athene, was a masterpiece of national-religious haughtiness. There the great friezes showed beautiful scenes of legendary and known history. Athene and other deities were shown there like superheroes, who mixed with the common mortals. One strange scene showed the birth of Athene. The legend has it that the virgin goddess, fully grown up and armed from head to feet, was born from the head of Zeus, God the Father. Surely it's rather easy to interpret this myth in a philosophical and rational way! Athene was the product of God's creative imagination only. We may well think that thence the wiser people got a hunch that this was the correct way to explain the birth myth of Athene. The simple people still emotionally much relied on their city goddess. It would have been a too bad shock for these, to realize that Athene didn't really exist! And while believers and priests searched out the presence of the city goddess with their minds, some sensed at least that the goddess seemed to respond. It often remained open who that goddess really was.
The UTR has it that Athene had been a witch of African origin, who lived in early Athens after it had been completely destroyed by the terrible volcano eruption tsunami of Thera of 1688 B. The legends, that survived from that prehistoric era, mix this event with the end of the Titans, refugees from prehistoric Deutschland. A scrambled myth of later heathen religion was that of the victory of the gods over the Titans of Disaster, who symbolized the catastrophic events of nature. From the point of view of the UTR the Greys indeed often caused disasters and catastrophes, but here they put the blame on the good Titans! These had been noble believers of the Earth Goddess, and only while this volcano disaster shook their trust into Gaia, others were able to bring them down.

Another leading myth of Athens is that of the unique victory of Theseus against the Amazons. It's strange that even modern historians are unable to make some sense of this story, and just call this a legend. But we know from the early traveler Solon, that at one time hordes from the North and the East had stormed the Eastern Mediterranean and destroyed many cities. These people were also called Sea Peoples, Philistines, Atlanteans or Dorians. The Amazons were just typical Asian hordes of Huns and Tatars, who burned down the Mycenaean fortresses. Only Athens managed to make peace with those invaders around the year 1180 B. Plutarch wrote up the tales about the war of king Theseus and the people of Athens against the Amazon queen Oreithyia. As it seems those invaders introduced their cult of Ares, a god of war, in the grove later called Areopag. Easily we may link this name to Har, that is one ancient Nordic name of the rather unknown God the Father.

So who could still understand these old myths in later times? What the simple Greeks often took for granted, religion-wise, was the spirit of national-religious haughtiness of old Athens. It was that spirit that made the old man Pericles tyrannically exploit and subdue the entire region of the Aegean sea. The gods seemed to approve. Pericles surely would have accepted no other lore from Protagoras, his domestic philosopher. The Athens of that era was also the place of the philosopher Socrates, who but had a reputation of being weird and subversive. Socrates had special problems with the divine. We read about his so-called divine madness for instance in Plato's Phaidros (20):

»When I was about, you Goodie, to wade through the river; the Daimonion [a demonic or divine presence] and the usual sign appeared to me. Every time it stops me when I want to do things. And I thought that from there I heard a voice, barring me from going away, before I had cleansed myself. It was as if I had been sinful against the deity...«

As it seems Socrates was an illiterate, an infamous critical outsider in eagerly educated Athens. It was due then to his special intuition that he raised the interests of many, and also had a circle of disciples and admirers. With the coming up of democracy and civil liberties, religion in general was losing it's traditional grip on people. The consequence was that many people were losing any belief at all! They were unable now to even notice miracles and the interference of powers from beyond, and they could not build any sense from those many stories telling them of such events.

All this was different with Socrates. He knew very well that such higher powers existed, since he was having their comments, orders and recommendations in his ears most of the time. He gave to these powers the demonic name Daimonion. He also called himself »a soothsayer, but not a good one«. That must mean that these demonic powers would eventually tell him things, who but had a tendency to be wrong. That is a typical strategy of all the congeras to discredit people. Apparently these voices were rather nasty, they had a tendency to stop him and call him a sinner. That is the typical spectrum of voices that priests hear. For some mysterious reason Socrates had become the target of specific incoming N-rays. Some such people may hear a constant nagging inner voice. Often the efforts of different Greys are mixed with those of the Earth Goddess into one pestering voice. Then it seems that some kind of demonic spirit constantly talks down someone, as a sinner and a dissident. Such people are not sinners, but they must endure the filibuster of the Greys from outer space. While the Greys use annoyed priests as bots, their target persons need to wash often.

Socrates had been a brave warrior, and when he saved Alcibiades in a time of trouble, that young career politician became his good friend. In the newly democratic Athens, Alcibiades was one of the young rich who used to lead a wild and immoral life. Rumors had it that, at his drunken feasts with cronies and whores of both genders, Alcibiades was mocking the mystery rites of Eleusis. In that harbor town of Greece, the oriental cult of Demeter the Goddess of Earth had had it's center. We know today that such an Earth Goddess exists, but she didn't reveal herself to those Greeks of the rather immoral and depraved sort. Ewa still finds it disgusting that some had sex with boys. But that was the consequence too of the order of liberal democracy and economic slavery. If the West would reintroduce slavery now, maybe Negro stars would soon hold some white slaves. It is a sorry fact that some best and beautiful teen girls from the East are pressed into colored slavery!

Old Athens was much of a macho state, comparable to today's Islamic societies, where women are advised to mostly remain at home and invisible. The men but gathered to talk big, preferably surely of sex, war and business. Due to erotic libertinage and hardcore sex shows the population grew fast. While the food got scarce and the cities full, the warrior types provoked one war after the other. Socrates was hardly different on first view. But just this flat-nosed man became some kind of prophet of a new era. He for instance discussed the true nature of Eros, taken for the god of erotics. So if Eros is a god, then sex and love can't be wrong, or can they? It must have told the people of Athens a lesson, that depraved Alcibiades was leading their big fleet into a catastrophe, when all the ships and soldiers got lost in Sicily. Well, sex would soon provide for new soldiers. Socrates took no wife during his best years, and he also committed to the playful and eventually only feigned homosexuality that was in fashion among the Greeks of that era. Also agape, chaste love, was famed as one of the methods to escape from the detrimental effects of the rule of Eros.

Of course we cannot understand philosophy and religion without closely looking at the women. A bad reputation was ascribed to Xanthippe, the late wife of Socrates, but apparently not with good reason. For years Socrates had been the target of the scorn and anger of the common men. Lately he challenged them once again with the statement that the Daimonion, the source of the voice that was guiding him, was the only god! Nobody really knew then how to explain such phenomena, who are special for only a few people. But the common were so shocked by godless Socrates that they condemned him to death. Of course the mix of badly interfering and only rarely wise voices, that Socrates was hearing in his mind, was not God. When Socrates provoked a death sentence, then to reap fame as a dissident. He apparently was rather ugly, compared to most other guys. They called him a satyr, a brutish savage man, due to his flat nose and his compact head. Socrates had been a unique case in ancient Athens. While many were just losing their religion, he seemed to have found a personal way of access to the world of the higher powers. But in the end these mysterious powers seemed to be only clouds. Clouds, that was the title of one famous comedy of Aristophanes. The comedian proposed to bash the philosopher and set fire to his »thinking den«. Socrates had to face much rejection. Some called him a manic street preacher, but as it seems he preferred to spend his leisure days outside of the city. Life was better in the open nature, far away from the noises and the greed of the shops and markets. Scholars tried to figure out whether he saw this or that classical theater piece. The writings of his disciple Plato but show Socrates as a clever, nice talking and wise man, who tried to exactly figure out the key questions of philosophy. And the big question was of course the question of Eros. What was the secret of the god of love? Not these pestering inner voices told Socrates more about this. In Plato's dialog Symposion, the philosopher meets the priestess Diotima from Mantinea. It may be historically correct when Socrates explains to the readers of this fictional and artful text that this »God fearing« priestess had been leading him to the true Eros. It was really Plato who explained (Plato, Symposion 201):

The true Eros is the desire for virtue, the basic power of all the things who are true, good and beautiful. It is the fundamental force that binds the mortal humans to the immortals.

I find it typical for the way the E-rays and N-rays work that they get received only by rather few people, generally not as a mix but as one strong voice. That voice often seems to have a tendency of denial and disdain. Goethe calls this the devil's voice in his great play Faust, and for him this devil was »the spirit who always denies«. For similar reasons already Socrates called this source of voices »the Demonic«. But while the focus person must suffer such phenomena and defend his mind against them, the good God eventually influences his destiny with the intention to make him gain wisdom. Call it serendipity when people suddenly encounter some most valuable words of wisdom, who are maybe disregarded by the broad public only because a woman was saying them.

In ancient Athens the common women had no high reputation in general, and often with reason. But there were some exceptions. Surely Aspasia, a noble wench who lived at the side of the chief of state Pericles, was one of these. She was so good at talking that she taught rhetorics to her man and to their children. And as it seems even the weirdo Socrates profited from her conversations. Naturally our good Earth Goddess, who is just a woman in disguise, is nearer to the women than to most men. That is how women are constructed, they have more in common with the congeras. Just like the inner voice, the women may say many things that have little value, or are sometimes extremely foolish. But some wise men could eventually sort out the rare things that are making extremely good sense. That was the role too of the philosopher Socrates, to let wise women talk.

Nothing can grab people as hard as the heat of desire, and women are naturally more open for this. In the hard times of ages past, often this love was the only link that made people be sure that there exists a God. In ancient Greece people held the goddess of love responsible, and her son Eros too. In many later ages of Europe, this heathendom still helped to escape from the ugly and destructive misconceptions of Semitic religions. As people realized that God is behind this love, they also realized that the world of love is not their bad world, but a realm of truthful, virtuous and noble immortals. While they now allow and foster verity, goodness and beauty, mortals build the true realm of God.

15.11 The Song of the Greys (a Tribute to the Metal Group Slayer)

Optimistic terror, is what the Greys demand,
they struggle to suck lust and pain, and then they reprimand.

Like permanent disease, they keep themselves alive,
martyred minds in ragged bodies, letting evil thrive.

They live in torture tombs, unwilling to take care,
of planets turned to stone and ice, destroyed beyond repair.

Their only way to exit, is flying into fire,
but they can't win the will to die, locked in by bars of ire.

15.12 Salvation comes with Divine Beauty

Really, we better take wisdom, truth and beauty as way-signs on our divine way. It needs wisdom to realize that this planet is a habitat that is under construction of a good god. The truth is that this planet's deity suffers massive problems. It took millions of years to get over bad episodes of our past and to repair the effects of cataclysms, the eras of multiple super-catastrophes. Nevertheless creation constantly gained quality, and quality equals beauty. We are definitely still a developing and rather miserable planet. But while most humans help to save the Earth and make it become a better place, their plans naturally end up at building an ideal world. The ideal world of a good creator is naturally beautiful. It is a heaven of paradise where all the people are very beautiful and live free and happy lives. Many religious and literary fantasies tell of this ideal worlds of Arcadia or Avalon, where so many good fruits grow, and where the people like to dine at golden tables.

So who is beautiful, and who is good enough to judge that? Right now often »misses« and »top models« of the darker types are regarded as the beautiful ones. Already the ancient colossal statue of Athene must have looked in a similar murky way. Maybe Athene had had a negroid nose like Socrates, and that would explain his sudden popularity. Today nobody can honestly say that Arab women are really beautiful, but they may appear beautiful to men who love and covet them, and who have grown accustomed to such looks. Islam introduced the fashion that these should wear face masks in public. There is good reason to this unofficial commandment, since sometimes just the plain, stupid, ugly, puny and bad girls stimulate the sex drive more than the good and really noble white women. Easily blond girls can become fat and ugly, while they are unable to resist to bad drives, and for instance doze in the heat and get drunk and lazy, take in bad food and harmful substances. Under bad circumstances just the bad and ugly girls may get popular. To counter that »fat-bottomed girl« culture we need good and noble looking celebrities, and that means royals in row one. Definitely Prince Harry is, or rather was, the most attractive nobleman of the entire planet. But Meghan at his side spoils this all, in fact with her Negro ma she perverts the looks of all our royals. The media don't help when they so persistently shove Meghan onto the front pages.

But surely there are many people who will say now that Meghan is simply beautiful! Like Megan Fox, that black-haired US movie star, she is likely to find fans who just like her looks. Let us now critically evaluate this. Isn't the beauty ideal a question of taste, that depends on vain emotions? Must we not find that very different ideals of beauty exist, who are due to our different cultures? In our world of cultural diversity, most any ideals of beauty are accepted. Some opinion leaders even find beautiful those primitive people who tattoo their faces and add terrible scars. While the world is so unsure about real beauty, many bizarre looks are still regarded as artful and stylish if not beautiful. It should warn us that just the best looking blondes are often rather little liked and not well respected. In the business of modeling these must often hear that they are just not trendy. That is often the bad work of bands of pimps, who struggle to win just such models as prostitutes. Of course those who naturally have the looks of Aesir, of Nordic gods, are still something special. But there is something wrong with their magic. Some spells ground people who resemble angels!

Philosophers may argue now that beauty depends on the perspective. One of our greatest British philosophers was Bertrand Russell. He wrote much about this just in chapter one of his classical book about the problems of philosophy, from 1912 A. He simply described the desk that he was sitting on while he wrote. Of course it depends on the perspective how this table looks. If you just look at it from the upside-down perspective, with a closeup on one foot, you may find it dirty looking. Nevertheless there are certain standards of beauty and quality. A broad variety of tables may look beautiful, including those who are not well usable. But as we erect strict beauty ideals, we resemble fools who state that it's only possible to write and study well on strictly white tables.

That is one point that the critics of Nordic beauty ideals can easily make. If they must see people of the good Nordic type, then they may easily regard these with mistrust and bad emotions. These people seem to be genetically earmarked as some better types, but that is what most others cannot agree upon nor accept. Easily such blond people must face the silent rejection of leading groups in the entertainment and fashion businesses. Often Jews are leading the dissenters. These like to let »the angels« play the roles of the rogues in commercial serials. Just last month I saw one such type, on the back of some TV guide magazine, that I found on the street. A big ad of the network RTL, from Luxemburg and Cologne, showed a very beautiful blond and green-eyed woman with a big blood-stained kitchen knife in her hand. Oh well, it's just Mother, don't you recognize her? Not only are some vicious darklings ready to apply a distorted look on the blond people, but they eventually give their worst to make angelic people appear as and actually become »blond beasts«. While this trick is successful, we can't doubt that true devils are guiding such creative inspiration.

Our normal intellectuals, who maybe just red a few pages of the old book of Bertrand Russell, are surely surprised about the strange twists of his line of argumentation. He doesn't stop at the edge of his desk, but starts to philosophize about the existence of matter in general. What is matter, and does is really exist? That is not a question that the common reader can easily understand, but it is the big question of the old discipline called ontology. Mr. Russell must have just been reading the famous book of Bishop Berkeley about this... It's on this table now and he cites from it... Bishop Berkeley was writing dialogs comparable to those of Plato. In the dialog of Hylas and Philonous, his disputing characters come to the absurd sounding conclusion that reality doesn't exist at all!! Mr. Russell then discusses matter in general, but soon jumps to some tenet of many philosophers:

Matter and things only really exist since God or »the Universe« watch them all the time.

Now again, that guy starts with talking to us about his desk. Two pages later he tells us that there is a God who watches this table all the time. What kind of philosophical religion is this? It is the essence of many of the greatest works of our philosophers, starting not only with Aristotle. While these all came to the same conclusion, that must not mean that this conclusion is correct. But we may well guess that this is what supernatural powers of superior strength were telling to our best minds. In fact also the physicist Stephen Hawking, another greatest British thinker of all time, subscribed to the philosophical lore of the beholding and saving God. That happened before the recent discovery of the phenomena of quantum physics. In the world of the smallest particles it is hardly disputable that the view of the beholder can alter reality, and make particles come to life or not. In the big world of matter that we live in, such phenomena are just the well-known miracles. So miracles do exist, here's the explanation. Only some historical outsiders, mainly silly Jews like Albert Einstein, vividly but in vain contested this philosophical and also scientific lore. Of Bohm and others we have great books full of mysterious ideas, who let a great futurity loom and explain the science of tomorrow. But due to God's beholding, these books were never valued correctly. Much the same happened to the books of philosophers who tried to explain our reality as blunt. If yon never saw this, you hardly will believe that things can magically disappear. And as you start seeing such miracles, your entire reality and your mind may get permanently out of order. That is because the Greys, who at intervals watch many worlds, tend to mercilessly attack just those few people who start to get too wise. Only some best developed people can endure such a phase of cosmic rays terror, when unknown devilish forces try to make people insane or the devils' slaves. Without God's constant help your world will fall apart, and so will you! But God's help can only come to people with good fair genes and development perspectives. Those who are »made of too much of dark stuff« naturally depend too much on the forces of darkness. Many are at the devils mercy, and those Greys don't really have mercy. These cosmic devils typically power up selected darklings to offend the blond, since they must fear that local congeras use the blond to free their minds and their planets: The Greys often use a false chosen people, to serve as a bad elite troop.

In summer 1761 the Marquis of Conflans, a French warlord, invaded Friesland with a wild bunch. These guys called themselves Hussars, and they had come in as the unofficial vanguard of some French army. Like many others, the bandits of Conflans plundered, killed and burned. But to the blond Eastern Frisians these Hussars showed an unusual haughtiness and a very rare cruelty. The enraged drunken nobleman threatened to »uproot this damned gender of the Eastern Frisians«. His troopers had been mercenaries with diverse origins. What does the term Hussars really mean? It refers to the historical Chasars, a Turkish Middle Asian horde that once converted to Judaism. We may well say that a history of Judaism made the Hussars especially hate these blond Frisians. The Jews were at that time still regarded as God's chosen people, but most obviously wrongly; that is what the ugliness of most Semites and Turks shows. But while the, generally rather blond, Frisians are apparently mysteriously chosen, that naturally brought them into conflicts with those Hussars. Jews later often were among the first to challenge the blond and mob them away from the fields of education and entertainment. Today the better Jews are wise enough to stop this, but there are bad darklings who still raise prejudices against the blond, eventually calling them Nazis. From here it's a small way only to admit that these are the chosen people, but of a disliked deity.

When we try to address today those key questions of human quality, we indeed easily meet the hard-boiled resistance of naturally incorrect hordes of darklings. Recently here in Cologne some philosophers met for their annual congress. When these oldsters with academic careers wanted to invite the very renowned and highly rewarded bio-ethicist Peter A. Singer, local left-winged and interventionist groups threatened to carry out militant actions. The bitter consequence was that the medics and philosophers canceled the invitation of Dr. Singer. What a shame for the Catholic university of Cologne! But that is what happens if we let Christian religion still dominate our academic world. Before the background of an obviously silly, cleverly twisted old-time religion, a few radical leftists – who resemble the wild bunch of Jesus – just dare to get too loud, like this:

All racists are assholes!

That is only rude talk, but it may make us think again of the desk of Mr. Russell. Of course, while we look at people from a reverse and ducked perspective, all may much look like anuses. That is maybe the favorite perspective of the anonymous instigators, activists who were behind the move to oust old Dr. Singer from that congress. But this is just my unreliable gossip. While such mean wights may have the size and beauty of the poet Alexander Pope, and while all the bigger people turn their backs to these with disgust and embarrassment; some obstinate, aggressive and anxious wicked wights hardly can avoid looking at all the big guys from their buttocks-down perspective.

Many of our most renowned philosophers and scientists started with the investigation of our reality. But while they tried to characterize and categorize all the things that seem to exist, they eventually were puzzled by twists of reality, by true miracles. Then the idea came to them that there must exist a reality link between the world and it's creator, who constantly watches things. Consequently the quality of local reality depend on the power that God grants. Where God is strong the world gets bright and beautiful. The Bible tells us the legend that God created man after his own likeness. The UTR says that indeed God, the Father of a future ideal world, created the humans in accordance with Mother Earth. While creation leads into salvation, best humans win the looks of their two gods.

15.13 The Philosopher as Helper at the Birth of Ideas and Things

Again, what is beauty? In the dialogs of Plato, most renowned until today among the philosophers and rationalists, Socrates turns up as the most beautiful mind. With his thrown-up nose and his protruding eyes he is but definitely not really beautiful. According to the Theaitetos text Socrates once met a young disciple who looked like his younger likeness. Just like Socrates, Theaitetos seemed to be unusually teachable and wise. It seems here that weird ugliness has a special link to mental quality. And don't we all know people who are pretty, but are especially weak at thinking?

Philosophical expertise can be treacherous on this planet. In the end Socrates was not the wisest guy of them all, but too much under the influence of the Demonic. He appears as the star in the talks with old guests, dialogs that Plato wrote up and reinvented. But he became something like a public enemy for the citizens who tried to rule Athens the typical authoritarian-conservative way. Socrates once referred to the work of his mother Phainarete, a midwife (Theaitetos 149). Such women allegedly use medication and sorcery too, and Socrates compared his work to the work of these midwives... Socrates brings good philosophical ideas to light. He calls himself a midwife of ideas, who aborts some like dysfunctional children, also using sorcery. All those ideas are more than just ideas. Maneuvering to the discipline of ontology, Socrates philosophies about the true nature of things. He cites the most renowned Protagoras, and from there moves to Homer as the highest authority of religion, but in his typical rather disrespectful and mocking way. Perception seems to be strangely linked to the nature of things. Matter exists because people perceive it. But while all matter constantly changes, it's hardly possible to characterize and categorize it correctly. Protagoras seemed to realize that the efforts of people to categorize matter were also shaping it. All matter, and ideas too, come to life in a process not unlike to the birth of a child by the mother and the midwife. Only Parmenides seemed to not agree... In the dialog of Plato about the outsider Parmenides (Parmenides, 129 etc.) Socrates and Parmenides philosophize about the categories of matter. Why does matter take up specific forms? Why do babies grow up the way they do? These philosophers find that this entelechy depends on categories who mysteriously accompany matter.

That kind of talk will make 99% of the readers, those few who bother to read such stuff, find that they just don't get the points. Students will think that they can and must understand this, and try to make some sense of this. The senior philosophers are mostly professionals, professors, academic staffers and renowned writers. They earn income and are of course absolutely unwilling to allow into their discussion circles half-crazy outsiders. If these would admit that they can't understand that stuff too, some maybe would have to find other jobs, as midwives. But while these really are so poorly informed about all our reality, help comes from Semitic science, that has a tendency to twist the truth. While God doesn't reveal the truth, those who twist the truth are rather invincible.

The UTR has it that indeed categories exist who potentially form matter and everything else that could exist here on Earth. Let's call them fractal links to »the universe«. On myriads of living planets creation resulted in comparable structures, who are commonly of desperately bad quality. The life-forms and ideas that exist show the despoiling efforts of too many Greys in the universe. On any planets those categories potentially exist. While the Greys exploit captured living planets, they typically rely on a dominant church. It's intergalactic symbol is the palm tree, the tree of life. While influencing a local church the Greys deform and twist all that exists on planets in specific ways. On typical bad planets the church promotes doing penitence, self-inflicted torture. Under the sway of the churches are often the royal courts. There is often a leading imperial court, a pandemonium where the Greys incarnate as hellish mistresses. Such structures are well shown by the Borg episodes, cosmic slaveholders of the Star Trek saga. In these episodes of the saga we see infernal women who rule zombie people, made mindless by super-powerful rogues and machines.

Our Earth is a very rare planet where things are already better, and will get much better soon. It now depends on our luck and that of Lar, how fast we will manage to evolve. We must always avoid categories who try to manifest on our planet: bad ideas, creatures and developments. In the absence of true religion, the clever plan of the Greys is to make some ugly guys become the wise guys. But in a future brave new world; beauty, health and fitness should accompany true wisdom.

15.14 Was the Nazi Era one of God's History Lessons?

My teachings are surely hard to see through and also hardly acceptable. I write up many words, but many ordinary people will rather remain with their ordinary lectures. For most people of this planet, the Nazi era is the big bad event that they know from history. Due to the bad way that the Nazi era is shown in the media and in education, it's understood that most common people don't want something like this again. So is my new religion, the UTR, leading into the same direction?

Of course there were many things that the Nazis did wrong. But let's not forget, like the Jews and leftists often do, to look at the positive aspects of that era. Only the bad economical and financial crisis of 1929 brought the Nazis to power. In Deutschland the Nazi era instantly brought better times on many life-saving fields. At one time before 1933, inflation had absolutely ruined the currency, and the international investors had behaved in an overly greedy and careless way. The Nazis soon interfered into corporate government, and while some rich Jews were disowned, many laborers were facing better times. That is what socialism meant in reality. In comparison to letting a few egoistic and irresponsible managers rule the world, that was the better working alternative. National socialism worked within the framework of a nation. Socialism of course cannot work in all the world, since the peoples of this world are just too different and too unruly. But many live so miserable and precarious lives right now that they would welcome national socialist efforts. Now that is what some egoistic rich people furiously and unfairly fight, with some Jews as their mouthpieces. But without efforts of national socialism, who were made in Israel in the years after 1945, that good and proud nation would have never come to life. There are some times when the situation in one region needs economical togetherness, while other times can bring more freedom.

Today, mainly atheists and agnostics, people who have hardly any idea of higher powers, tend to bash groups like the historical Nazis. Pious Jews however realize that the Nazi era was a strange episode in the plans of the God they call Yahweh. Silly like many were, they used to blame their disobedience for the bad luck that was hitting them. But as we look back at the real origin of the holocaust and other war crimes against the Jews, we must find that of course it played a role that these were the ugly ones, who also were blatantly wrong on many fields, and who did misbehave. Many Nazis were socialist atheists bound to rests of Christian belief. After the end of the Nazi realm, many people hated the Nazis in the way the Nazis had hated the Jews, and the Christians the witches. Such selected groups were blamed for the big evil, that was but caused by the Greys.

It's easy right now and politically apparently correct to bash Nazis. But we should try to correctly understand the Nazi era, since our troubled planet needs a truthful intelligentsia to try and really save it. Many people always wondered how the Nazis could suddenly come to life. Experts were so untruthful and biased that they ignored the well visible traces that were leading to the masonic Thule sect. Many were just so eager to put the blame on the Deutsche, and that was because many sensed that the Deutsche are this planet's naturally chosen people. This is a mental mechanism of protection of misled and defective minds. The Greys, who much rule the defective minds of our older experts of the liberal to atheist sort, put the blame for evil that they cause on Nazis or Jews!

Verily, there is no honest way to explain the Nazi era without putting into consideration the secret guidance of higher powers. We know from Hitler that he had the notion, that the force of destiny wanted the events to happen that happened. So let's look at the Nazi era from this perspective. For any believers it's natural to think that this historical era, as well as others, was some kind of test or experiment of God. Christians may find it vital that they didn't fall off from belief then, while other people tend to take old-time religion easy. Seen from this religious perspective we may well compare the Nazi era with the era of the French Revolution until Napoleon's fall. Both these eras started with movements of social revolution, that had a tendency to challenge old-time Christian religion. Soon two haughty tyrants came to absolute power, who invaded and ruled Europe with much luck, leaving alone just Britain, but then failing to destroy Russia. After the ends of these eras the old-time Roman Catholic church gained power the most. So if we should interpret this as some kind of test of God, then the message of this might be to not dare to move away from that church! When Louis Philippe the Citizen came to power in France of 1830, he tried to revive the old mentality of the French revolution. But while the people thought they knew where this was leading to, some fearful Catholics now plotted against the king instead of supporting him. With bad ideas Napoleon had ruined the spiritual building of new religion that the French Revolution had built. It was a national-religious cult of a Supreme Being. In a much comparable way Hitler had ruined the spiritual buildings of the SS and Nazi priests, from the Thule sect to those Nazi prophets and priests like Wiligut. Factually some of the brightest and bravest European peoples tried to move away from the churches, and erect a new spiritual order. It wasn't meant to succeed.

Some might call Semitic religions the oriental scourges of God, that should teach people to obey and refrain from trying to understand what is good and what is evil, and what is beautiful or not. Definitely the Nazis, and the French Revolutionaries until Napoleon, made disappointed people again take refuge in unsound churches. Many must have sensed that their teachings were wrong! Easily modern minds realize that souls don't fly to the Moon. But this is what Dante had written, this educated fantasy author with Algerian roots, who still is regarded as Italy's most renowned writer. Christian religion is laughably untrue and leading us into inevitable disaster, but it seems to be the religion that has the favor of the dark powers of outer space who control this planet. If you don't know and resist to these devils you won't escape from their webs of destiny making. Intergalactic spider-webs seem to let no world escape from the bad dominance of the church. But that is a delusion when it comes to our hopeful planet. On the neighboring planet of Ga-Rina, the bad old churches were closed, and that was the end of the era of the local false savior, a Szekler. In our history often religious sects and college groups with a tyrannic, insane lore dominated their field or region. Teachers still spread bad religions today. They are not the ones who enforce them. Demons do that dirty work. It's mental slavery when people duck before false and bad religions, who bring them mental troubles should they dare to resist. The era we live in is still an era of the old religious doctrine of cuius regio, eius religio. In many lands one state church or denomination exists, that factually much influences the political leadership. In the Orient the nobles themselves sometimes are this leading sect, and that is also the case in Anglican Britain. In such a region, the structure of established religion binds and forms the national leadership. While Meghan became the wife of Prince Harry, she was asked to join that church. Women often obey to such traditions. The consequence seems to be that these royals are holy royals. They seem to have a special link to the higher sphere, and they appear to be, prior to the priests, especially chosen by their deities. At certain times though the established church buildings like crumble, and their doctrines find not the belief they used to find in worse ages. When the believers get rare the priests tend to counter this with efforts of advertisement. For this they bind in the nobles and celebrities and important people. But while the western and white nobles are often well educated people they naturally find it very difficult to still believe in bad old Semitic religions. Their church or sect may react with anxiety. These people may group as a mental pressure group that tries to make the royals obey to them and their old-time religion. If such circles concentrate on you they can give you hard times. It's definitely black magic, especially when male witches are involved, who thrive in monasteries. The typical consequence in ages past was that the royals who moved away from their state church or sect were getting into troubles. In Britain, after they had toppled the stubborn Stuart monarchy, they much curtailed the powers of their monarchs. While people are under the sway of such a sect or church, they eventually pretend to believe the old-time way. But while they escaped from such wrong and mind-boggling lores, they find it hard if not impossible to believe in any other way.
Still today Britain is like a big church that used to be filled with sturdy believers, who but lately ran into serious doubts if their God is still there. The high stools of the nobles are in the front, the royals are supposed to sit there, and not only be pretenders but fearful believers. As these tend to abstain in modern times, destiny seems to push into Britain a new sort of dangerous and militant orientals – the Muslims. Many puny, dark and ugly people are still fervent believers of the darker sort. And the perspective seems to be rising that oriental types rise up in Europe as the new bad monarchs. Easily weak nations submit to terrorism and grant to those hostile strangers excessive liberties. We must not ignore the dangers that those bad cosmic structures bring as they manifest in the West. One effect is that the foreign darklings force locals again to pretend being Christians.

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