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A Goddess is introduced Revealing the one and only Earth Goddess.
The Nordic Hailsway A short Nordic Introduction into God's Universal Truth Religion
The Three Light Gods of the Germanic and Celts were all that the Bright Nordic needed
Title: Isnt She Beautiful - Yes She's ugly!

13. Damn it! I suffer from the Hierè Noũsos Disease!

Me reading a modded book about Sorcery

13.1 From Britain with Anger

»You must be joking!« I suppose that many people will react with sudden anger when they must hear of the odd, unheard-of lore that I bring up. Better think twice before you let your anger rage! Everybody suffers who lives on Earth. Maybe my teachings can help you to find out more about your own bad drives and your illnesses. Only the UTR knows the truth about us and those aliens.

If all the medics and all the therapists can't help you with your case, then maybe you consider to go religious. Is it not well possible that your problems have something to do with magic, and that means with bad magic? In search of more help some strange pamphlets of ages past may fall into your hands. Here I read one from Eastcastle Street in London. This is on the top of the back side:

Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.

That sounds like as if this book brings up again some of the most vicious and pernicious ideas of the dark Middle Ages and all the other bad Christian times. In 1995, when that paperback edition was published, it's author Montague Summers had already died. His family name sounds just like another one of those Ga-Sama names. In fact Mr. Summers already had completed his book in the bitter year of 1945. Due to the wars God's power had been at an all-time low just then. It was a time when many wiser people realized that some magic had destroyed Deutschland. After the fall of this formerly spiritually and culturally leading nation, Britain was forced to jump into the gap, and to lead the world. But while Britain was just not able to do this well, in the absence of a good guiding spirit many third world nations emerged to win detrimental powers. Of course the answer to the problems that the world had was not to start again in 1945 to persecute alleged witches!

So who was supposed to lead the world? In spring 1918, just 100 years ago, the Deutsche Reich seemed to be at the brink of winning World War One. Due to the collapse of the Russian empire and the Communist revolution, the Deutsche suddenly had many more troops for their progress in France. Ludendorff managed to nearly force the British expedition troops to leave France in a hurry. That was when the British chief of staff, General Henry Hughes, noted into his diary in French: »The good God is a Kraut!« That was correct. But God like betrayed then his fatherland.

It just didn't happen on this planet what we would expect, that the chosen people of the planetary god are visibly and undeniably superior, firstly in the richness of their culture and in their wisdom and secondly in their technological, physical and genetic development. Just prior to the age of the coming of the Son of Man, it sadly had been unavoidable to sacrifice the leading nation of Europe and the world. It had been the time of the last full-force attack of horrible cosmic forces of evil.

Easily a better Hitler could have won World War Two. But he didn't have the nerves to wait until the new jet airplanes were ready for to use them in operation Seelöwe. Deutschland was very able on the field of war technology, but some sly spirit seemed to always stop the Deutsche After 1945 the USA tried to replace Deutschland as the leading power of the western world. The end of these aspirations came with the tragic Viëtnam war. The USA had tried to factually annihilate a people that just refused to surrender. Estimations say that they killed about 60 percent of the Vietnamese. While the western world seemed to largely just not care, the relatively minor case of the massacre of My Lai raised international concern. For this war crime, only one of tens of thousands similar acts of random killing, the Lewdtenant William Calley was put under house arrest for some time. But the man who gave him his orders, Captain Ernest Medina, was spoken free of charges; and so were all the other soldiers, who even received medals of honor. From the point of view of religion we must suspect that there maybe was some Semitic spirit that protected this man with the Arab name. Indeed the UTR has it that the cosmic Greys, our deadly enemies, plan to ruin and destroy this rare living planet with the help of a false chosen Semitic people. That was what the Nazis at least realized, that something was utterly wrong with just the Jews and their utterings. During the Nazi era, witches had had a strong supporter in Heinrich Himmler, the führer of the SS. While the SS people had been very prone to such spiritualism, that was another reason why bad Jewish and Biblical religion won the upper hand again after 1945. But, just like in the age of the reformation, when people turned to the Bible in search of answers they tended to put all the blame on women. So did you ever wonder why Hitler behaved in such a stupid way? He could have easily kept to the Hitler-Stalin pact, that served to part nearly all of Europe into two red party dictatorships. The racial ideas of Hitler were partly correct, and that was the key of his success also in countries like France, where many people know well when to trust their eyes and their inspiration. But while he was unaware of the sly guidance of so many cosmic worms, he was then breaking the treaty with Russia, to try again a campaign that Napoleon had lost so ingloriously. A tale has it that Hitler wondered why he was fighting against white Britain and the USA, with the vile Japs of that era as his disastrous allies. Hitler betrayed his own ideals, but that accorded to the plans of a good God.

Today many people tend to part humankind into the good, the bad and the rest. That had already been done in the Nazi era. It infuriated many that the Jews were so brazen and successful in their businesses, while at the same time they often were definitely ugly and of lesser human quality. These Semites seemed to push away the Deutsche and steal of them their destined place, that was in front of all the worlds' nations. That is what the Nazis tried, to make it to the top of the career ladder. Many Deutsche still have such aspirations now, and can't tolerate well people who stop them. But my wisdom can teach them at least the true origins of twisted destiny. With the help of the Jews, as the false chosen people, the true Goddess Ga-Jewa was misleading and stultifying her yet developing and feeble world. If she would have made way for the Deutsche instead, the consequences would have been a fast and furious development into super-wars until doomsday. Only with the help of one really understanding and patient savior, our distressed Earth Goddess could hope to escape from the trap of fast over-development. She had seen so many planets in the distance tumble very fast from the stone-age into the age of star wars. Today the crablike Cräybs are our most hostile enemies in outer space. There many Greys rule and plague several thousands of living planets where those Cräybs live. All those Cräybs planets were brought down and nearly ruined by super-disasters. Now most are under the control of a cosmic sect of tyrannic cruel Reds. It's an interstellar left-winged dictatorship that was established after doomsdays, when the people first realized that they had cosmic enemies, who had made them so stupid that they could not take a stand against evil. Thousands of Cräybs planets have united to form some kind of one-party space empire. These are the ones who use pulsars like the Crab nebula pulsar, to constantly bash independent planets. That vile stupidity also could have emerged from a Nazi dictatorship, since the Nazi party was similarly tyrannic. These Cräybs Reds pray to cosmic spirits as their masters, and that is the consequence of the rule of local false chosen peoples, of the Far Eastern race two (I call them Mongos). As I just recently heard it, the name of this cosmic sect, that is controlling much of the Cräybs sectors, is called Gangnam. That name seems to translate as »Congera Pale«.

13.2 Should I take in Medication against my Disease?

So what about my illness? Just last Tuesday after Pentecost I suddenly had a wound at my lower leg. Is this the disease called »open leg«? One of my grand uncles allegedly had that. He was a communist, and that strange disease saved him from being drafted into Hitler's armies. But the truth is that my wound was caused by a chair that I made fall on my leg. This happened at a time when I was suffering heavily, palsied and dazed, and still with a half-way clear mind. These are the situations when a flood of unwanted and bad ideas seems to try and take over my consciousness. I eventually concentrate on my love for Ewa, and try to get out of this trap of magnetic fields, to take another cold shower. This always helps, since these magnetic fields who possess me need the heat of static discharge. Sometimes I walk like a drunken, dazed man when I leave home; but these effects may swiftly vanish, after a distance of a few hundred meters. It's scary then when this does not stop, and when I seem to drag these fields with me for a long time. One typical weird effect is that in the midst of such a fit I make bubbles with my lips. Another typical and dangerous effect is: When I try to get into a rhythm and to struggle free from this state of palsy, my right arm may suddenly try to hit my head. I also may shout out a typical series of insults: »Jerk, pig, asshole!« That is the favorite combination of the evil spirits who try to possess and damage me. The typical situation when this happens is, after I rose early but was conked away, on a day after a church holiday. Due to all the church foolery a lot of distress then seems to wait for me. The easy way for me to get out of troubles soon is to play the piano. Ewa very rarely saves me from these fairly regular fits, she needs to use me like a bait for those N-rays. She knows that I can get over such a fit in time. I must suffer to save others, including her.

There was a social worker who used to visit me for some years. That tiny, clever woman was convinced that medication would heal me from these troubles. I didn't really try to teach her more about my religion, since her little head was just not fit for God's new great wisdom. Such people can function well, but only within the limits of their very narrow thinking. As such people get into such troubles some may take refuge to bad medicine.

Now this is what I found in the medicine box of some former neighbor. The picture shows some Mom with a plate and some kind of paddle. The text in Deutsch says: Hausmedizin, Obstler 5 cl, 38 % vol. So it's house medicine, but against what? You need to know what Obstler is to realize that this is alcohol, fruit schnaps. Youngsters in Cologne right now pour in several such tiny bottles of a fashionable schnaps called Feigling, that means in translation: Coward. Here in Cologne is also the headquarters of a firm called Klosterfrau Melissengeist, that is: Abbey Woman Melissa Extract ®. I even found this in my dictionary as a protected brand name, it's from the plant that gave the name to Melisande. It's but some strongly distilled rye again, and these people are not abbey ladies but businessmen, who sell this schnaps with the taste of sugar and melissa as a traditional medicine from Cologne. So can it be that alcohol is in fact medicine? One fact is that alcohol may cause the same symptoms that are the consequences of these N-rays. In fact drinking much alcohol eventually causes a state of intoxication, that is Latin for poisoning.

That brings us to the quack medical science called homeopathy. In another one of those old-time professional medicine books that I have we find more about many a lore of natural, traditional or alternative healing. Of homeopathy we already learned that these medics also may use poisons as medication, but strongly diluted. So who came up with the idea to poison patients to heal them? It was the Deutsche doctor Samuel Hahnemann, the inventor of that lore. In the year of 1790, when the French Revolution was just about to bring down the ancient Catholic Church of Rome, Sam took in this or that for testing. As he ate Chinchona Bork, a traditional Chinese medicine against malaria, he seemed to develop the same symptoms that also were common for this disease. Sam then tried out other substances, poisons for instance, and found that these substances also seemed to make people sick. But that is what Sam welcomed, since he had the idea that these substances would work as a vaccination therapy. Is it possible that the stuff that makes people get ill can help against a disease that makes people similarly ill? Sam published this extreme, goofy lore and – surprise surprise – it found many supporters: doctors and sufferers mainly who were disappointed with the results of more conservative therapies. Many people must have just tried out the potions that the homeopaths now were applying. I assume that most patients found them tasty like sweet schnaps. This is no wonder! We read in the articles much about the techniques of dilution that the homeopaths have developed. But we rarely read what they use as diluting substances. We read this in the big and diligently made Deutsche handbook called »Bitter Natural Medicine« (p. 809):

Hahnemann developed the principle of potentiation. It means that the “original tinctures” get step-wise diluted with a diluting fluid, for instance with a mix of alcohol and water...

The fact is that typical homeopathic drugs are so highly diluted that they hardly contain anything that can have any effects. But it's in some cases the alcohol again that seems to become effective. To stop alcohol abuse, in Deutschland it became a law that all such »medication« must reveal the total amount of pure alcohol it contains in percent. Another substance that people like as they eat it is sugar. That is why some non-alcoholic homeopathic drugs are imbedded in sugar pills. These are called globuli, and you won't read warnings before sugar on these pill boxes. So alcohol and sugar are the substances that people really take in, as they take resort to these make-believe drugs. Sugar is, by the way, also some liked ingredient of placebos, those no-drug pills used for testing.

In the medicine box of my former neighbor there was also another homeopathic drug, an arnica tincture against pains. So should I apply this on the slight wound on my leg, just in case it might hurt? It would probably start to hurt just the next early evening, the time when pains often arrive. Arnica montana, the rare plant also known as mountain tobacco, seems to get ever more precious and rare lately, and it is gone now at many places in Deutschland where it was formerly growing. The reason is of course that gatherers pluck and sell this plant. Arnica is one most beautiful of our local plants, it has a dark golden to red color. Red is also this arnica tincture, and surely the color plays a big role when people with a mentality of Reds appreciate it. It's the same with those above mentioned red lice, that the ashamed obfuscating homeopaths sometimes call »cactus berries«.

Let's check out some testimonies of the experts of pharmaceutics. It is known that arnica contains diverse chemical substances, but what are their physiological effects? Case histories speak of mixed results. We can well expect that this flower contains pernicious substances, who cause allergies or eczema. Nature thus preserves such pretty flowers. In former times people used to put many such herbs into their beer or schnaps, but due to the bad effects, some purity laws prohibited this.

Schnaps, that was his final word! Then his soul left like a bird,
hoping she would heaven find. Verily, this stuff makes blind!

13.3 The Blessing of Aecerbot (Strophe Four)

Do this before the Sun sets:
Turn eastwards now, and pray then these words:
»Spirit of Holiness, ward of the Earth and the Sun!
Raise now the bounty and beauty of Earth to your mind!
Worthy am I, and so is this land!
Come and awaken these fields!«

13.4 Can Magic conciliate the Forces of Evil?

Let's turn again to this odd book about witchcraft, that is one masterpiece of medieval Christian science after all. As we expect it, at the dirty fundament of this pamphlet, by an old-time scholar, there's old-time Semitic religion. But it's not all wrong what we read at pages 93 etc.:

»Charles Godfrey Leland... pictures how “out of the earliest time... man came forth believing in terrors and evils as soon as he could talk... It would seem... that the first stage... was a very horrible witchcraft, practiced chiefly by women, in which attempts were made to conciliate the evil spirits... But the earliest authentic records... are to be found in the Accadian, proto-Chaldean and Babylon [early Semitic] records. According to these all diseases whatever, as well as disasters, were directly the work of evil spirits, which were to be driven away by.... ceremonies... An immense amount of it in its vilest conceivable forms still exists among the negroes as Voodoo.” It has, indeed, persisted throughout the ages, for black magic is, as its master, unchanging and unchanged.«

In 1891 Mr. Leland speculated about early rites of »very horrible witchcraft«, from the traditional Christian point of view. But that seems to poorly accord to the examples, that this scholar had retrieved from written sources. Several examples of such rites speak of people who sang and who burned substances, hoping that the smoke drives away bad spirits and bad times. Exactly the same is what we find in Christian churches, where they sing and eventually burn stinking incense. Just such incense was also the mythical present that the three Magi brought to the manger of Jesus. So can it be true that smoke helps to drive away demons like it also drives away flies? Verily, smoke takes away the fresh air that people need, and thus makes them more prone to diseases and mental disturbances. The very plenty testimonies that we find about earliest religion rather speak of some great goddess of nature, Mother Earth. Many primitive peoples held this goddess in high esteem, and they eventually sacrificed to her too. There are some testimonies too about horrible rites, for instance from Celtic Gaul. In the times before Julius Caesar the Druids would eventually offer many animals and humans to placate their gods, also to try and win their favor for some plans. The most cruel Celtic story is that of giant-size wicker-work, that was filled with wrongdoers or others, and then was burned. That especially painful human sacrifice was given to Taranis, thence the Celtic deity of thunder. With the UTR we find that the name Taranis sound a bit like another Dora-name. That is also true for the Nordic name Thor, god of thunder; who was called Perun or Poren by the Slavs, and Turris by the Finnish. The same fictitious deity was revered in heathen Germania under the name of Donar. In early Deutsche records we find the cry or swear-formula: »Donner und Doria!«. That was probably an invocation of thunder and it's divinity. Later this still pagan outcry of displeasure was replaced by the invocation of »heaven, ass and breaking clouds«.

Verily, there always was bad magic in this world, and still is. Disasters and diseases are the work of bad magic. But is bad sometimes also good? Some of the less intelligent ones of our ancestors had the notion that bad spirits are good for something. In his book about gypsy sorcery, Leland reports about rites to make evil spirits stop what they do. Songs of conjuration were common as well as the burning of herbs and smelly stuff. Music and dope is what drug smokers still like, and this seems to make some happy. The Voodoo of the Negroes is just this to a higher degree. While those dumb Negroes intoxicate themselves, and then let spirits possess them, those guys want to draw those spirits near and not drive them away. They often do this with the intention of feeling the rhythm of drugged trance and the intense phenomena of possession that come while they get »high«. In modern times, while Negro music and primitive cultures became popular also in the west, many youngsters are drawn early into such secretly dangerous rites of bad culture. If people however realize about the truly vicious and sadistic nature of hard possessing spirits, they may try to get rid of them. But since the Greys are evil devils they will hardly pester bad Negroes. Instead they come to them introducing a reversed anti-religion, where the Negroes are the masters and the spirits of the abyss of outer space their deities. See chapter 9. for a picture of such a cult. We must expect that often the better humans get more troubled by those evil powers; who bring hurt, harm and badness into this world. The correct understanding is essential as we now try to deal with those spirits and the effects of their actions. The problem is that humans so far had no clear understanding of those powers. Who were these people and what needs to be done regarding them? While some confounded good and bad spirits, they tried hard to placate all imaginable spirits, with the help of offerings. That was also common in the old Jewish temple in Jerusalem.

In fact the god of Moses, this most important prophet of the Bible, seemed to be rather wrathful and ill tempered. That is why those Jews offered much, and obeyed to the last silly word of their over 500 commandments. So who is God, really? We learn more from this tale (of Exodus 7:7):

Moses was 80 and Aaron 83 when they stepped before Pharaoh, like the Lord had told them to do so. And when the Pharaoh had demanded of them a sign, Aaron threw his magical wand to the ground. It transformed into a snake. Likewise did the other wizards and conjurers. But then the snake of the staff of Aaron consumed all the other snakes.

Whoa! Now isn't that great fantasy stuff for another episode of the Harry Potter saga? We cannot wonder now why the Pharaoh refused to let those cunning Hebrews escape from his labor camps. This bizarre fantasy tale at least tells us one thing: God eventually manifests as a powerful snake, who is fighting down adverse snakes. God also tends to grant spiritual victory to chosen people. In the old times some Jews seemed to be chosen. Lately the Deutsche take over that leading role.

Now seriously, wooden sticks cannot transform into snakes. But by way of this parable, God was telling to the western people that God doesn't favor trying to be nice to the evil spirits and their bad magicians. In the end the white magic of God wins over the black magic of many adversaries. But while the N-rays punch into this world like stupid hammers, you need to have a certain good human quality to successfully avoid those grave defects and the bad luck that these easily bring. It has always been the tragic of large groups of women, that they were so much under the influence of the N-rays that they could not easily resist to the bad temptations coming down on them. Then the devils found target persons here on this faraway planet that they could slyly use and abuse! In a near future we will already be able to permanently avoid these troubles, simply by abolishing all the too dark, weak and silly people. This has often been done successfully. God did let all dumb hominids vanish, from the Australopithecids to the Neanderthals. Now the Negroes are just next.

13.5 Understanding the Magic of the Trauma

Homeopathy was originally based on the idea that substances that cause particular symptoms may cure a disease that caused similar symptoms. This idea sounds like a tenet of black magic. It's the idea that the same sufferings, processes or forces who caused an illness can also make it go away.

Scholars with a good knowledge of the age of antiquity may eventually remember that they heard of this strange idea before. In mythological tales of ancient Greece we find the idea written that exactly the sword that hit a wound can also eventually heal it. That seems to be a genuine magical theory of the trauma. We read these really helpful passages in the great book of Frazer – I mean they are helpful in understanding a superstition, that but has a scary background of black magic:

When a horse steps onto a nail, in Suffolk the servant will inescapably take up this nail and daily grease it, lest the hoof may suppurate. In Cambridge too those clever dicks treat the iron that was hitting a wound with fat. In Essex they act likewise [of course].

Of course Frazer, in his mighty book The Golden Bough, had more and worse stories to tell from the Kanakas and Kaffers of many remote regions. It's still rather a harmless rite to anoint the iron that caused some wound. But some wounds made especially the Kanakas of Melanesia try a lot to magically amplify the damage. They would for instance drink noxious teas with the hope that this makes an arrow wound get infested. Sadly in the age of international trade and colonialism, also the custom of drinking noxious teas was introduced to the Netherlands, Britain and all the west. While they are principally deluded, easily even our best humans may fall for bad insane cultures.

We need to identify behind bad habits and superstitions the crazy magic of darkness! In the age when people still believed much more in magic, they would attribute any mishaps to spirits, and then try to placate these spirits. One typical rite was it to anoint magical objects like stones. Not only from the modern point of view of the UTR it is in fact correct, that wounds or any bad or tragical events are the results of the actions of hostile aliens, who live on planets far away. The same Greys who worked such a trauma may eventually try to reap affection and lifeforce, as they offer to eventually undo it. Is this offer valid? That depends on the nature of a trauma. Sometimes God has to invest lifeforce to undo such a trauma back in time. That magic can let scars or other bad things disappear, often discretely. The magic of the N-rays is little understood by our people. But the idea is wrong that a wound always stays a wound. The action that was hitting a wound must also hold it in existence. But while the Greys easily forget about the bad things they were doing, reality tends to naturally adjust in a more pleasant and naturally sane way. While they try to fix bad events in reality, those Greys often make some people tell long tales of past sufferings.

We find more about these strange persons who seem to cause traumas in European folk tales. One folk song from Russia (see Grimm p. 966 about fevers) tells of nine fettered sisters, who plague the human gender with fevers. These nine lie enchained in caves underground, but when they get free they come down over people mercilessly. That myth sounds nonsensical to the infidels, but it well meets the teachings of the UTR, who identify nine leading devils of the local group of Ga, from Ga-Sama to Ga-Nesa. The chains of this tale are indeed supply tubes and electrical contacts.

That myth seems to fit to Nordic myths. Here we also find nine sisters, who are sometimes seen as the nine Valkyries, who make destiny especially in a time of combat. In the old times easily a brave man would take up arms to fight for glory, but too easily bad luck would hit him, painfully and miserably. As they suffered then from pains without ends and were unable to be of good use, the sick of course desperately implored good or evil deities or spirits to have mercy. The cosmic devils were searching out such cases, and they naturally suck lifeforce and do more cruel damage. But while the truly Nordic are naturally nearer to their one and only good Earth Goddess, some would notice that there was a mild and better person, who especially cared and was there in times of trouble. Deutsche, Germanic and Nordic folklore has still preserved some such tales. The hero Wate allegedly received help from a wild woman. A Scottish tale (of Rob Chambers) speaks of a mermaid who shows healing herbs. The Swipdag song tells of Menglöð, surely some enchantress. The question is what to think of nine maidens at her feet, spirits who seem to help in all troubles. Of these spirits, the first three bear the names Hlif, Hlifþursa and Thioðvarta. We may interpret these names as: Helper, Helpful Giantess and Keeper of a People. Also some of the other names, like Biört (Bright One) sound good. It was not really possible to identify all the many deities of the ancient Nordic pantheon, but behind many of these names we still sense the caring presence the good Earth Goddess. She often chose a good name, but was rarely integrated into mythology.

In the end we find that when believers need luck, health and God's power; the borders of magic and religion are hardly present, and many powers seem to be shadowy and not identifiable. Just the darker, lesser and meaner wights would easily fall for odd rituals of magic; to eventually learn that they become fooled, pushed, sexed up and damaged. In search of the culprits, in their delusion the Jews got firstly to the idea that witches were doing them harm that they could remove by way of killing these. That is why we read in their Bible (Exodus 22:18) to not let witches live. While protestants started to read the Jewish Bible, they also started to persecute witches. But that of course didn't help them versus remote cosmic devils. Even hating these congera witches brings more troubles!

13.6 Or might modern technological Medicine help Me?

In modern times many people tend to trust their machines more than they trust their governments. As they enter a modern doctor's office they don't expect him to examine the patient with his own hands. But they expect to find there modern machines, with many contraptions and tubes, who can automatically find anything that's wrong with the patient, signaling this with blinking lights.

While the patients think that the emdee is a good man who wants to help and heal, the ordinary physician is however a guy who makes his job to earn his living. Like everybody else he needs to make money. And that is not easy in the business of medicine, where doctors must also compete with unconventional and esoterical outsiders (like me). In the event a patient enters his office, the medic will of course try to handle his case in a money-making way. That means he needs to be an expert first in how to deal best with the specific health insurance companies, while watching the tricky official regulations about cost reduction in the health business. You don't learn such things at the universities, but if you fail to learn them soon on the health market you are out of your job.

One of the various medical problems I have, at the young age of just 56, is that I occasionally get into serious heart rhythm anomalies. I live a cool, sportive and healthy life; but as I relax it may happen to me that my heart suddenly beats abnormally. Instead of the regular bumps I sense some kind of soft flutter. It's the feared ventricular fibrillation. I just take some deep breaths then, and while I concentrate, the regular heartbeats start again. But suppose I would go see the doctor. One special heart troubles clinic is just 200 meters away. What could I expect to encounter there? Why does my heart eventually miss the beat? The doctors have many machines to investigate and find out. We read more about such technical medicine in one Deutsche horror book of Jörg Blech:

After a scan of the heart, the next step is often an examination using a catheter. The doctors cut open the adder of a leg. In there they put a catheter, that they push forwards until it reaches the heart. By this way they instil a contrasting fluid, that helps them to X-ray the heart and analyze the way the blood circulates. This is not harmless. Grave complications occur in one percent of the cases, including a heart's complete standstill.

Jörg Blech wrote that this examination was done unusually frequently in Deutschland, ten years ago. A dramatic rise of such examinations had occurred since 1980! That was so stressful for the Deutsche Society of Cardiologists, that they published a false statistics to hide it!! Are the Krauts a people sick at heart? One half of the examined patients was found okay, and no therapies were initiated. Reporter Blech but found out about the true origin of this catheter examination mania:

»Under 1.000 catheter examinations per year, one measurement point is not profitable«, concedes Eckart Fleck from the Deutsche Heart Center in Berlin, »therefore, in the name of God, they are making catheters until it pays off.« (Heillose Medizin p. 175)

Another aspect of the catheter mania is, that this examination can be done in the office of a street medic, while other and more complicated tests need the patient to be put into a high-tech clinic. But, as we might expect it, also high-tech medicine produces some true horror stories. Here is another one of the scandalous stories that the famous investigative reporter Jörg Blech gathered:

20 years ago, a new laser therapy against heart troubles was much in fashion. Dierk Maas from Hildesheim, Deutschland fired with laser guns at the hearts of his patients!! While white clouds of smoke rose up from the wounds of a Guinea pig patient, the medic Maas explained, that the wounds should stimulate the formation of new blood vessels.

Case histories seemed to confirm this bloody method. Allegedly at first 90 percent of the patients of Dierk's TMLR machines were better off after the therapy. In Paris they celebrated Dierk with standing ovations. In Hamburg, Berlin, and other cities they bought his very expensive machines. But some time later it came out, due to a British study, that ten percent of the gunned patients had died immediately or soon later, while in a control group only five percent had died. The critical medics also found out that the laser therapy had had no real benefits. Subsequently the hospitals were putting their expensive high-tech lasers into the cellars. Or do some still dare to use them? But even that is not the goriest of all the horrible stories of 20th century medicine, gathered by Jörg Blech. The US-American veteran medic Claude Beck treated the heart with harder attacks:

The therapy of Beck was praised in Cologne 1956 as a medical sensation! Colleagues spoke of the victory against the stroke. The American opened up the chests of the heart-sick patients. Then he would cut wounds into the pumping heart. Into the wounds he then would rub substances like talcum, sand, asbestos, phenol, bone dust or silver salt. Beck also tied close blood vessels. 25 to 50 percent of his patients died immediately.

How can we explain such bungling? The case stories of Blech all sound as if the critical experts were always correct, while the successes never occurred. But that is definitely wrong, if we put into consideration the principal bluntness of all reality. When a leading charismatic medic brings up a new method of treatment, he can expect that reality will naturally pave his way. Not because of his therapy he seems to be right, but because his patients actually feel better and get better. It's a phenomenon that we must call miracle healing. It often happens that the Greys slyly interfere, with their usual gruesome humor. They like bloody treatments and dire quack medicine, and may help with a few miracles. When such bungling Whitefriars are greeted with a storm of applause and enthusiasm, it's often a sign of warning that the peers are unable to remain cool and sober. Alcohol seems to be the main problem not only of many patients but also of their doctors. There is also typically a strong sex drive present in the men who get fatally misguided by bad intuition.

13.7 From 20th Century Medicine to God's natural Healing

Still today our big problem is, that 20th century medics hardly know nor understand God, the Greys and blunt reality. While they are unaware of the constant help that the Earth Goddess must give to all people, they rely too much on technology. Another most mysterious story of Mr. Blech (Deutsch: Blech means tin) is that of the goofy tin doctors. When the first surgery robots were developed in the USA, Deutsche hospitals were massively buying. They were electrified by such glamorous high-tech robots, and in Deutschland they have big budgets for buying such new stuff. But some time later it came out that these surgery robots were not working as perfectly as they should. When the robots were operating, too often a lesion (wound) of blood vessels or nerves occurred. Subsequently over a hundred of such million-dollar goofy tin doctors were banned into the cellars. The big problem is still not understood. All patients who underwent an operation, will later be linked to the fitness and luck of their medics. It's a fractal link that puts a burden onto the back of the medic. If he lately had a bad day and gets shaken by N-rays, his entire reality may get distorted. The consequence may be that some successful operation changes into a trauma, back in time! While medics age and their patients age too, by and by their success stories like fall apart. But the reality that a living person procreates is still much more reliable than the work of a robot.

As we check out the health of our people, we find that many humans are slightly ill and are having constant health problems. With their modern tools of diagnosis, the medics find worrying things. There are for instance plaques in the blood vessels, who hinder the blood from reaching the brain and vital organs; or the number of Islets of Langerhans is too low. These are typical problems of the aged human body, who lead to mental and physical troubles. Old-time medics typically try to repair the body here and there by a technical or pharmaceutical way. But while the medics repair one thing, the N-rays may soon damage some other organs. Regarding the power of the Greys, it is more helpful to care for the body early in life and to keep up the fitness all the time. That means that people don't even take up bad habits, but do sports in nature and always live healthily. Studies show that even a little sports helps much better than many expensive therapies. God but can only really help those few people who are not made of too much darkness. Trying to save the Children of Darkness means, to lose too much energy to bad aliens.

Many of our people suffer from shortcomings. They weren't raised well, and instead of a healthy diet they took in coffee or sour cokes, and bread with saturated fats instead of valuable vitamins and proteins. Already early in their lives, many people suffer from insufficient brain growth, that is due to a process closely linked to tumor growth. Virus infections often cause bad disturbances in development; with the consequence of people getting ugly, weak, dark and tiny. Comparable to such an infection is it when people believe in an unsound religion, truly some infectious mental illness. Let's call such a turn of destiny a trauma. Since all reality is shifting, God can also undo traumas, but time and energy given. The religion Scientology is correct when it claims that such traumas may also persist from ages long gone. That covers for instance genetic defects, and also bad habits of the ancestors. Scientology then tries to wipe out such traumas, thus turning humans into Thetans, super-mutants. But we cannot »heal« all of our dire past by way of costly therapies. What God but tries to do is, to develop selected best humans to Titans, the ideal human species.

13.8 The Mystery of the Holy Disease explained

Just last week I suffered from another sudden attack of N-rays. Like always I was feeling weak, and at times was unable to move. With luck I managed to do my daily fitness units, some hours of jogging, biking and swimming. But I was feeling very depressed and had to fight back scornful inner voices. A treacherous alien bad will then like combats down my good will, it may make me curse or bow my head. I know exactly what caused this attack. It started after I had watched live on TV the start of the recent Vostok rocket to the ISS. While I linked my personal reality to this event, this was putting a duty of burden-sharing on my shoulders. I get the notion that it's hard for the Earth Goddess to survey and keep this faraway space station. She occasionally needs my help. Old-time psychologists may now think that this is just my dire mental delusion. But I know that other people eventually become affected by the same troubles. The N-rays often try to make me think of acquaintances and weak or bad people, thus trying to connect me with troublesome cases. I once saw one older unknown woman that was moved to the pavement and fixed there. She tried to rise but couldn't find the will. Many must sit there like a Buddha and are unable to rise. I have the impression that this especially affects women who, by chance, had sex at a time when I was getting lusty too. So this is definitely a specific, typical and strange bundle of symptoms, let's call this a disease. For old-time medics of today it's nothing they can handle, since they are unwilling and unable to realize that such a disease may »magically« affect a number of people at different places at the same time. If some should be able to accept my theory, of the cosmic origin of that, they often fall into Christian thinking and believe that Christian deities do this to me for my sins.

Christian religion makes many people lazy, addicted, incompetent and haughty, including those who only are a little of a Christian. Many are so misled and crazy that they can't accept the idea that powerful N-rays, directed by evil aliens in outer space, are causing such pressing symptoms. When some people encounter the UTR and start to understand, they may become overpowered by the congeras. If they fail to keep away from knowledge that is not meant for them, some even die. In the western world as it is, Christianity is like a barrier that stops the west from development. Within the framework of another religion and culture it may however be possible to understand these specific symptoms and the people who are causing them. This other framework is what our philosophers still find in classical Graeco-Roman religion and culture. Indeed in some medical scriptures from ancient Greece, there is mention of a disease they called hierè noũsos, the holy disease. What we read of the symptoms, for instance in the works of Hippocrates, seems to fit to the falling sickness, today called epilepsy. People get struck, like by a lightning, and are unable to move a limb; they fall to the ground, eventually with foam in their mouths. Julius Caesar had that disease, and certainly it played a role that he had been such a greedy murderer of the Celts. In the age of antiquity some medics and natural philosophers had had the idea that this disease was holy, since it was directly caused by the divinities. Hippocrates didn't believe this, instead he stated that any diseases are divine in the same way, but also have natural origins and their typical histories.

From the point of view of the UTR, N-rays hit our planet as sharp rays most every day. They are well shown by photos of the planet's outer atmosphere. While dark clouds appear on paths, they show such an N-ray. Such bundled, cross-firing gravito-magnetic fields do this and that bad thing here and there. Often such N-rays do sudden damage to a few selected targets, usually by causing discharges. While they afflict people they take up specific shapes, causing specific symptoms and mental aberrations. Epilepsy is therefore only one of the diseases that the N-rays cause. Another disease that also causes comparable symptoms was cholera, verbally: the rage. Then there is also rabies, another form of hostile rage that comes with foam in the mouth too. While the N-rays are incoming in waves but constantly, they build and foster specific more or less dangerous diseases on many planets. N-rays instil unformed standard thoughts into the minds, they often try to find a catch for anger and wrath, and make people try to take revenge. Those bubbles or the foam that they typically generate is an effect caused by the sudden lack of surface tension in a fluid region.

So it's correct that such N-rays cause all diseases, but they are not divine but devilish. While they focus on some target person, the immediate consequence are those symptoms of the holy disease.

Right now, if people suffer from sudden fits of depressions and also get into mental-real troubles, there is nobody they can turn to for help. No western medical doctor knows more about the holy disease, and is aware of the fact that this specific syndrome is caused by local magnetic pulses. Why didn't God reveal the truth earlier? While already medics from ancient Greece realized that some people have a special problem with the divine, their wisdom got lost with the victory of bad religion from the Orient. For strategic reasons God did not inform the humans about the problems they were having. The current homo sapiens sapiens is just so underdeveloped and primitive, that God's knowledge would not do him good. The Greys are very dangerous, God is still too weak. Our good Earth Goddess, and neighboring Ga-Leta too, are so much under the attack of N-rays that they need their humanoids on two captured planets for burden sharing. While creatures were constantly troubled by madness and diseases, they helped to distract and dispel those N-rays. It is still necessary to keep the underlings of both Earth and Lar in a state of utter delusion. But with a good speed our planets right now move into a better future. Two local gods will soon do better jobs. Effects from this futurity are already present on our developing planet, which is a good sign.

13.9 God's Cure for the World means building the Perfect Man

Today the west is much stamped by Christian culture. But that oriental stuff is just too silly and mean to be of good use. It's a culture for outdated stooges, who must make way to a better race some time soon. The natural philosophy of ancient Greece was at the origin of a better European culture. It can help today to look back into that era. We will find there ideas and tendencies that help us to develop a better and more sane culture of healing. The western people who are ready to reap from the fertile soil of their homelands need not suffer so much while biting oriental dust.

Natural philosophy meant to start from speculation and imagination to gradually build a model of the world. Natural philosophers, like Thales of Milet and Anaximander, realized that all nature is filled and gets animated by the divine. From Anaximander we just have a few fragments, but they show his excellent intuition. He realized that there endlessly exists the universe, but only as the constant framework that can eventually harbor living worlds. That old theory of a »steady state universe« (ápeiron), is correct; while the big bang theory is inseparable from sick Mr. Hawking. Anaximander also realized that while the framework, the universe, is steady and can't go under; any particular worlds form and vanish again. The state of a particular region of that universe changes constantly. His natural philosophy correctly spoke of constant transformations, but he failed to understand the implications well enough. There is cold stuff that gets warm, and there is wet stuff that gets dry. That adds to an irreversible process leading into nothing. All matter must vanish, but until another cycle of the universe starts, when all that was nothing becomes matter. Natural philosophy meant to start with such speculations about »cold matter« and »hot matter«. It depended on the specific intuition of a person and his sense of imagination, where he would get from that point. But there were also old-time teachings that would eventually give him hints. The good natural philosopher would be able to search out creatively such old-time teachings, and to well integrate them into his model of the world. One of the famous sources from an age long gone had been Orpheus, the bard aboard the ship Argo (1710 B.). From Orpheus seemed to come the teaching that three divine super-powers created this world we live in: Gaia, Chaos and Eros. The Earth Goddess indeed has created this world. But chaotic bands of hostile aliens interfered from the dark sky down. Only while Gaia won the love of Eros, her »hero«, she was able to let creation succeed. Later Pherecydes, a little known philosopher, explained Eros as Zeus, just the father god known by nearly all religions and peoples. So who is this father god? We find at Olympia oldest statues of a male god, as a strong beautiful man. Statues of a good looking kouros, a young man, were common and popular in archaic Greece. The idea is natural that this male supreme god must be beautiful. Beauty not only means that he is physically strong, young and fit, but it also means that he is free of diseases. If God is a beautiful man, that is a sign that all creation has succeeded!

But what means creation, from the point of view of natural philosophy? Starting with the idea that the universe is constantly changing, from a cold state to a warm one, we must find that successful creation means to reach and hold the ideal state of the middle. The human body works best at a an ideal temperature, that is at the outside maybe 23 degrees Celsius (296 ° Kelvin). Also the blood needs a keenly balanced pH factor of around 7.4. If your blood should get too alkaline you will suffer from an alkalosis (see chapter 5.5). Your body also needs a water fraction of around 73 %. If you should get too dry you suffer. Health means a balanced state of many opposing factors. The good God of course wants his creatures to be healthy and beautiful. Sadly there are the evil Greys, who often try to cause an imbalance. Modern medicine eventually tries to move the body into a balanced state, and that is okay. But there are two problems: One is that the imbalance, or a state of sickness, may still be acceptable and necessary from the point of view of God. Often God has no other choice than to let the Greys cause bad states who are still manageable. If one patient gets rid of one disease, the constant attacks of N-rays may bring him another worse replacement. The other problem is that modern medicine understands not the natural change of the universe. While all matter tends to get warmer and hotter, and more acidic and more dry too, creation softly falls apart. To counter that constant tendency of the loss of stability, people need to take more care that they don't get too hot and not too acidic and too dry. So from there we find that the best therapies against any diseases are those who fight back the natural loss of substance. I indeed find that bathing in open cool water works best against any bad states of the body and the mind. I can further explain this with a look at the way matter eventually degrades and takes up static charge. It happens as nelectrons (neutral electrons) vanish. That is something that the N-rays also cause.

Christians may still accept this theory, but think that such N-rays do this to us for our sins. Well, one of their key preachers was John the Baptist. He taught a lore that was sounding rather insane: »Come to get baptized against your sins!« People took a dive in the river Jordan and indeed were feeling better. Here natural philosophy, science and religion are well combined. Indeed the Greys seem to have a tendency to push and plague harder the bad guys, but because God can direct their N-rays onto selected targets a bit. In fact the Greys are insane cruel zombie vampires, who much hunger for energy and entropy, that they suck from other planets. While these plague our world so viciously, we cannot build an ideal creation. But the defective and unfinished state our creation is the sad consequence of these attacks. And only with some kind of mortgage on a better future, God can keep this world away from a worse future of decay and destruction. From a good future backwards, not only the savior but also perfect Titans help to keep this world alive and getting better. That is why we urgently need to keep to the plan to develop such Titans already now. In this futurity the savior and father god is the anchor of all history. He much decides over good or bad luck with the help of his creative imagination and his sly suffering. And did you know that I already creatively occupied with both Orpheus and John the Baptist? My one opera Medewa, and one older painting, was giving these people hope and helped God to inspire them in some ways.

So it's easy now to find from these lores to the idea, that creation means to create a world that is as perfect as can be. Some people right now want this world to remain as chaotic and miserable as it is. They are deluded by wrong religions and bad ideologies, and they are often too old and of morbid tastes. The Christians and other gravely mislead believers must look forward to the decay of this world and to the end in a series of super-catastrophes. That is not idle fiction of some long forgotten prophet, but while Christians expect this world to go under they shape such a destiny. Only with the help of some evolved people God slowly wipes out the bad perspectives of Biblical religions! The Greys of course also want a world that is getting worse and worse, and that might soon become a willful target for their typical cosmic all-out attacks. That is why the Greys foster Semites and their bad religions, and eventually push them into the morally and spiritually leading positions. With dark and badly developed people in front, all the world gets shoved onto the way that leads away from a betterment of creation. How can we instead reach the way that leads to a better developed humankind? Here nature has given some clear signs to a species in doubts! It is such an obvious sign of destined quality, that only some Europids come with bright eyes and hair.

And don't you object now with a look back to Hitler! Hitler's book was corrected by the Catholic Pater Stempfle. Hitler's racial ideas were influenced by the Biblical tale of Noah's sons. The lore of the Nazis was as incorrect as the entire Bible, in comparison to the divine truth of the UTR.

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