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Title: Wondernose Woman 2022

20. Wonder-Nose Woman 2022

Meghan as Princess Pinocchio in Beljonde Version

This small text is mainly about the mythology of the Hollywood retro film 'Wonder Woman 1984'. But Duchess Meghan also plays a role, as we check out what is expected from Royals and celebrities on the field of religion and magic or not.

This text is the final chapter of my longer text 'Isn't she beautiful'. It reminds of my older text 'Hollywood Mythology' that but is no longer updated and available. This text has some sub-chapters from my fashion blog 'Modeampel 2022' that may be of interest to Anglo-American readers.

20.1 The Danger is that People find God who can't compute this

Adam and Eve with wise Snake gladly eating ApplesNow this is an old image from Nazi Deutschland. It shows a scene that all may well recognize, without me telling much more about it. Eve and Adam eat the apple of wisdom, as guided by the snake of the Garden of Eden. The Bible has it that the apple of wisdom is forbidden, yes verboten. But then again, it is so tasty! And can it be all wrong to strive for the wisdom of God? That is just the question that many people may ask right now, as they hear rumours of the Universal Truth Religion. Definitely the UTR is at the core of all the divine secrets that God the creator did withhold so long from humankind. If you can't sense this, you are maybe too much into old stuff or too dumb and uninformed. But the problem is that still, this wisdom is in a way verboten, especially to oldsters without teenageral guidance. There is a good reason why the snake, who owns and operates the Garden of this world in principle, told people to better refrain from eating the apple of wisdom. We Earthlings happen to have strong evil enemies living on other planets in outer space. They punch into our world with their N-rays searching for victims. If they eventually find people here who know too much, they have a tendency to sock it to them. It can bring great harm to people if they learn about the good gods of this world and beyond, and are then unable to take a stand with this wisdom in their every day lives. Basically this is the case with all mortals. The Earth Goddess can't well allow people to enter her garden of wisdom who eventually fall for the snares of the Powers of Evil, thinking of her as a beast or the devil. There are reasons why she especially can't trust much the Jews. Jews are too much linked to another and more troublesome planet in outer space, that of Fe-Juda's world of the Feken. While Fe-Juda is too much of a serf (Biblical: seraph) of the evil Greys (Biblical: cherubim), our Earth Goddess is unable to well enough control the local Jews. That is why there still hangs a sign at the tree of wisdom with the writing “verboten” on it. That goes to the Jews prior to all other mortals. Only from the best and blondest Deutsche (Germans) God will eventually create a new super species. Those Æsir, Nordic superheroes, are supposed to live forever. And only that will make them good enough to master the wisdom of Eden, without the risk of getting bad. Only the Æsir will manage to realize that God is really, exceptionally good and able; while cosmic devils pester and threaten us devilishly. For other people, the UTR will just sound too much like bad old stuff they know. Indeed the Nazis seemed to heed similar plans. They also wanted to fill the world with Nordic superheroes. But their problem was that they did not have the needed divine support. God could to allow them to eat that apples! Therefore they were rather unable to separate good from evil and just less good. The Nazis remained too much within the old thinking and ways of the Germanic, and with the bad traditions of the Romans. For instance, they held on to the Latin letters that we all still use today. They had some kind of mini reform though. They added to the letters one sharp s. That special Old Deutsche s looked like a single gallow. That was just not enough to convince the other peoples, that the Deutsche of that time were something special and of superior quality. If people come up claiming that they are the guys really chosen by God, you may recognize them by their wisdom and their abilities. We need to see the Nazis though as a group of Deutsche that just lived too early for this. While Hitler gave them some glances at the fruit of wisdom, they all rushed forward to try and grab it, although it was verboten. So this is the danger of that wisdom.

20.2 The Curtain Gown of Gal Gadot made a special Sense

Here stands Gal Gadot, glamorously in front of the camera, at the presentation of the Golden Globe of 2021, the famous US-American famous price for TV productions and acting. Ms. Gadot presented the “best foreign language” film. As a matter of fact, she didn't win some such earth ball for herself. She also didn't win a Modeampel, the price by Beljonde for most remarkable fashion of the year, with this dress. Now really, for that this dress was just too loose and too scarce. From behind it looked like the shred of a window curtain. The dress did still looks as erotic and modest as a nightgown, but it ended hardly below the line of the panties. For a grand evening show, that gown was too wide and too thin. Well, while Gal here nicely placed her pod in front of her underwear, she showed a feeling of shame at least. While in the beginning of 2021 everywhere strict Corona rules applied, Gal hadn't be prepared to sit down at a nice after-show. All the time she could remain standing, without facing the danger of guys looking under her dress. And also she was wearing some item that magically attracted the attention of the American women's eyes. This well selected jewel could save a less than beautiful gown, by directing all eyes on it. Here we have, according to Olivia Hosken from Town & Country, a Tiffany & Co. Blue Book necklace. So this a piece from the Blue Book where only the expensive jewelry is noted. It makes connoisseurs think of the apple of knowledge, that is traditionally worn by the Eva in Paradise. She is but naked, as it is common there, but she expects from her Covenanters not to stare at her bosom, but on that apple.

The US actress Gal Gadot became mostly famous because of her role as Wonder Woman. Those fans of this film who are into jewelry craftsmanship, may remember that she also wore a famous jewelry made by the firm Tiffänny in the most recent retro film ›Wonder Woman 1984‹. That was the Bone Cuff, made in 1970 by Elsa Peretti. Well, verbally that may be a fisticuff on the bone, something that fits like a fist into the eye to all those superhero tales, mostly created by Jews. In that film Ms. Gadot plays a tough US-American super warrior after all. Well, that also explains this short camisole she wore. Among the ancient Greek it was very common that the athletes appeared naked, in Greek: gymnos (γυμνóς). From that derives our world gymnasium. Sportive and fit is what a heroine of today must be, that has magic. That is the case especially in comics books, where the heroines too may clobber fast. That is a part of the US entertainment culture, and it is less bad than the real gunfights of the Berlin Arab clans of today. Gal Gadot does look classically beautiful, like a goddess from ancient Greece. But for playing the top-notch roles she may still miss the personality, as Ewa says. She is a so-called Black, with pitch black eyes. Such types right now lose their charisma, since they are racially not well made enough. That is unfair, but that is the trend of fashion in the modern world of God. Take this curtain of her as a reminder.

In the German tabloid BILD we red, that Gäl Gedou was having a workout of six hours every day to get fit for her role as Wonder Woman. But a Luisa Schwebel from the German mag Stern still found her acting disappointing and void of blood. Huh? Luisa's less than merciful judgment shows that slows the magic escapes from these old-time Jewish-American superhero fantasies. The battle-strong amazon Gal is not to blame, but rather the Corona disease crisis that so strongly escalated in winter 2021 due to the overly strict health politics in certain countries. In the film Gal plays the Greek goddess Diana. That immortal super heroine once fell in love with a mortal, who but died away from her. By way of a resurrection that type becomes alive again, Isn't this the most beautiful Christian love story of the world? It is fatally realistic that this type just is unable to fit into the modern world. We need to value this film highly since he puts an end to one liked myth, the myth that our people can live another time after they die. In truth, even God is unable to reconstruct the dead, who have perished in the fog of the past.

By the way, Ewa found this film well made and worthy to be seen. That was also due to the story of Diana's better rival, the barbaric Barbara Minerva. She also wants to be as super as “Greek” Diana. But for this there is not enough magic available. And so Barbara becomes the enemy of Diana. That was the story that Frau Schwebel disliked. That feminist did not only miss female solidarity. Luisa also hated it when the film selected the girls for the good pot from those for the belly of the dove, often symbolizing the Holy Spirit. Julius Vietzen from filmstarts.de but found that the film was a worthy sequel of the previous film. He explained, that the conflict over the coveted role of the superhero is what marks many such films. But there is much insight into the magic in the words of Luisa, when she gave the film a spectacular slating, noting that:

»And thus “Wonder Woman 1984 serves the most ancient cliché that may exist, when two female roles must share the cinema screen: They become enemies, driven by envy and jealously. And with this the films paints an enormously sad image. Women are only pure and good when they were born that way. The “ugly duckling”, that becomes beautiful some day, is still evil deep inside.«

20.3 Often Magie doesn't work the Way We would like It to work

Ask and thou shall receive, that is the logic of the movie. Here we see, to the right, Kristen Wiig with an unmodified photo. She is really an unusually beautiful brunette. Ms. Wiig played the Barbara Minerva in the most recent film ›Wonder Woman 1984‹. Apart from that she is an experienced and successful comedian. In 2011 she won, very nearly, the coveted Golden Globe. But that was already the peak of her career.

In the film ›Wonder Woman 1984‹ Ms. Wiig only had the role of the wallflower, that just would like to be so charismatic and good like her colleague, the Wonder Woman. Suddenly the magical stone gets found, promising to fulfill all wishes But when Barbara Minerva wishes that she may become so beautiful and charismatic like Gal aka Diana Princes, the magic silently goes wrong. The magic stone was created by the god Dolus, and that one is a mean puff in the air. Barbara gets distorted by evil magic, and she can be glad that it doesn't stick on her.

We may find this movie annoying, but for other reasons than Frau Schwebel. Herein the leading roles were just wrongly divided. The dark Gal Gadot should only have played the role of the less attractive and less wise supporting actress, while the nicely blue-eyed Kristen Wiig is naturally destined for the role of the Wonder Woman. At least this is what we may think. Even in the age of antiquity, many Greeks, Romans and Barbarians wondered, that the alleged gods were shoving the visibly more stately grown and racially more noble Germanic and Celtic into the off, instead preferring dark Southerners like Gaius Julius Caesar. At the same time Athene aka Minerva, the best liked goddess in ancient Greece, also was regarded as a Barbarian woman with blue eyes (Diodorus 1:12)! Also the goddess of hunting, Diana aka Artemis, was seen as a bright Celtic girl. But in reality at that time only the nebulous Gaia existed, the Goddess of Earth.

The Nazis thought that the Nordic blonds all were superhumans. But in the myths of the antiquity we find a hunch of the true homo superior of the future. These are high golden Titans, who also command super powers and superior wisdom. Those real superheroes will become immortal and good, and they will be able to perform real miracles.

The Wonder Woman appears as such a super heroine in the classical comics novels of the US company DC. But in comparison Gal Gadot visibly already missed the buxom front, even while she looks as black to southern as her comics book equivalent. In the end that super amazon struggles to get a super armour, to still enhance her powers. But in truth all human magic relies on the magic of magical stones. Left-winged and murky women often fantasize of female solidarity, including all the women of the world. But in truth this world magically falls apart into two realms, that are not to integrate. Cosmic Forces of Evil try to get to the darklings, who often are just too far away from the Goddess. The Goddess of the Earth draws the more noble and good types near, but that often leads to them having bad luck and problems with the magic. Those who are blond and noble don't are naturally in luck, but they have to work hard to get to good magic.

20.4 Only the correct magical Stone works good Magic!

Whoah! Now this is the image of the magical stone that Gal Gadot was wearing, as she co-moderated that Golden Globe show of 2021. Here we see a zoisite. That is, according to the Internet, not such a rare or precious gem. Some stones are regarded as beautiful and rare, and therefore are more expensive. From chosen stones, the designers of Tiffany create the collector's items for the “Blue Book”. The magic that this gem seems to show is but an optical illusion made by me. I became active here as a dolus directus. But at least the Goddess should be able to let such stones become especially charming at times. Jewels may step in for God's real magical stone.

The Earth Goddess lives inside of a magical stone, the Betyle (house of God). With the real magic of the stone it may be explained why the name Petrus (rock) is liked among the Christians. But also many other such sorcerer's stones secretly work on us by way of cosmic rays. Often jewels symbolize the power and magic of these sorcerer's stones.

In the end it was a fitting outfit that Gal Gadot was wearing on stage. Her short white trapezoid dress was looking plain. But just by way of this the jewel she was wearing got especially contrasted. And while in that recent film of hers the magical stone symbolized the mysterious source of magic, the zoisite she was wearing symbolized the real magic in our world. It is a magic that muggles are unable to perceive, and even many priests are much of muggles! With her purely white gown, Gal Gadot showed up as a likeness of the good Goddess. To this it fitted the zoisite she was wearing. It showed to the world that the magical stone of the Goddess of Earth does good things. Nevertheless the Earth Goddess wishes to be represented, in a world void of knowledge, by women who are more beautiful and brighter. That is due to the narrow limits of her powers. Easily the evil magic may turn people into autistic types, who are unable to control themselves.

In the film the magical stone provides magic to everybody. But by this the world is pushed into chaos. The magical stone fulfills every wish – even if it is supremely nonsensical or even bad. That is just how raw magic also functions in reality. All reality is blunt, and is shaped by way of our imagination and our wishes. Without the control that higher powers exert, our world would be extremely nebulous and chaotic. In the film therefore Wonder Woman symbolizes the good Gooddess, that uses magic to stop chaos from spoiling her world. In the film, the wonderwoman but cannot control the magic of the stone. It falls to shards in the fight over who may control it. The wonder woman is unable to realize that good and evil powers are active behind the stone. She is from times past after all. Only racially more noble women, who are fit for the future, may allow us to hope that they know the magic of such stones, and manage to part good and evil.

20.5 The dark Secret of Wondernose Woman's volatile Race

The BILD is just a thin and not that wise German tabloid. But often it prints the best images. I also saw this image first in that newspaper. In my modded version you now find it only here. The podcast of ›Prinzessin Pinocchio‹, about the wife of the British ex-prince Harry, is a major success. Let me not recount here all those shortcomings (in this case longcomings) of Meghan. At least they don't blame her to be a fashion goof. Here we see her with the surely trendsetting nosewear of such kind of women. Right now her countless critics mainly purport that she is a liar. Time before her racial genes were to blame, that she just was unable to master her role within the British nobility. It is astounding that she was nearly white already as a toddler. Optically she hardly fitted to the Negress Doria, who is regarded as her mother. Once the wise and courageous duchess Camilla addressed the question of the race, when Harry and Meghan planned to have children. Camilla warned that Meghan's children might end up with an “afro”, that is the head wool typical for Negroes. That remark was what the BILD considered as racist. But really, that was an insult to the British royals. For gentlepersons it is no taboo to discuss issues of the race. That is what we call racialism. The problem is that the race of Meghan is a big mystery. That can't be due to cosmetic operations, that she had as a modestly successful US actress. It is remarkable that Meghan sometimes changes racially. She then becomes more negroid. That is especially the case when she gets involved into Negro affairs. That was the case when recently she appeared at the opening of the movie ›Lion King‹. Otherwise Meghan looks nearly White to Latino to Indy (American Indian). Such things happen because all reality constantly changes. Even ancestors may regroup. Typical for North America is a continental gene drift, that prefers genes of Hispanic to Indy types. A real miracle made her two kids get white skin and nice bright hairs, instead of an afro (Negro wool). But Meghan, while she is playing right now the victim of racism, incorrectly puts her up at her side as people of skin colour. Among the British royals Meghan was a dork; an over-sensitive and touchy, wrathful and hostile stranger. Even with her white US-American father, Meghan is totally at odds. That meets to the image of Pinocchio as a „Wooden Type“ with refractory blood. Those many stories of her lies are as mysterious as they are unavoidable. As a halfbreed of inferiour racial quality, she is not only marked by a mysteriously changing skin colour. Meghans entire destiny is swaying in a comparable way. That is mainly due to the fact that her alleged mother Doria got much under the sway of the leading she-devil Ga-Dora. Subsequently Meghan brought great bad luck to the British royal house. But that was hardly to avoid, it could have also manifested in another way. This aura of black magic, that originates from Doria, drifts to Meghan too. It is typical for such darklings that the magic pushes them to procreate many children. As soon as this ends, they get moody and drift away from the marriage.

Meghan allegedly said that she was for South Africa as important as Nelson Mandela was. That murderer sat in prison for a long time, and from there he commanded the terror of the left-winged extremist Negro party ANC. Later he became president! Even worse was Nelson's wife Winnie. That was without doubt a historical shame, that also contributed to the fact that today the word Negro sounds derogatory.

20.6 The Radiation is too hard „Over the Rainbow“

This is an image that I changed to the worse. We see the great Renée Zellweger in the role of Judy Garland. In the end she herself sings the great song that made Judy Garland get famous. Over the Rainbow, I used to play that song often on the piano, with a new text of my own, made for my beloved wife Ewa. But at a certain time she didn't want to hear that no more. On 12/23 of 2004, Fred had received the calling as the saviour of our next neighboring living planet Lar. That got our two local goddesses into a lot of bad stress. Now the time came for me to get away from all the old culture of the USA. Judy Garland had been the youthful heroine of the beautiful film ›Wizard of Oz‹. But as an adult her life was less than easy. She took in diet pills and wakeup drugs. And every time her men realized that she had a secret spiritual relationship, she broke with them. Judy had secretly found to the Earth Goddess. She died with age 47, maybe due to the alcohol. The song ›Over the Rainbow‹ conjures the illusion of a heavenly paradise, beyond the rainbow. But in truth we may interpret the rainbow as a symbol of sheltering. On the other side evil lures. That is the correct way in which the rainbow appears in the late Wizard of Oz of the Jew Sam Raimi: ›Oz the Great and Powerful‹. Jewish culture dominates that of the USA in manifold ways. It could well develop further. But the Jewish types, as dark and small as they often are, they cannot lead us. The Goddess can rely less on such guys, and the evil Greys would use it up if the Jews would push aside the Deutsche. To the Deutsche however the leading role of this planet is assigned by the Berk-OS, that cosmic development system of living planets. Only while we adapt in that aspect to the rules that govern the sky, we may redeem this world from evil.

Redemption of this earth of all evil – that is the ultimate objective of God. Especially for women who need power, that is a great promise. So much goes wrong in everyday life due to magic. That starts with the lifetime problem to keep low the weight. Countless diets and medicines are in offer regarding this. Modern medics know rather well how to eat healthily, even when some Bavarian oddballs still praise coffee as a wonder potion. When many women still prefer nutrition that is rather void of nutrients and less than healthy, it is because they fear to else get too broad. So easily, without your will, you get clutched by addictions. Those celebrities who are too liked and erotic, often get hugged by their coveting fans virtually. You then fall into a palsying trance at times, otherwise you suffer from emotional fits. Stimulants are supposed to help to avoid such phases. But they don't help versus the N-rays from the far sky. Redemption means that God gets strong enough to teach to people what evil is, and how we can protect us against it. God can only groom the Garden for his creatures below the rainbow.

20.7 How the Clooneys very nearly became the Clowneys

Here we see George and Amal Clooney. Many people recognize those US celebrities without doubt. At official events, George commonly always wears the same black suit. That is common in the business, not only in the USA. Unconventional thinkers but may find, that this dress code is not to understand, and even lowly. On ancient images we find that the men at court and elsewhere often wore colourful fashion. Among the men the trend to wear black outfits started, when the bad habit of smoking became common. Smoke and ashes indeed especially soil colourful clothes, who are harder to get clean again. That is why they more liked to wear purely black suit and ties. That explains why such fashion for men is still regarded as “in” today.

These shots show Djordj and Amal at the grand opening of his film ›The Tender Bar‹ in London. The BILD (12.10.21) just explained very briefly, that in the nearby shire of Berkshire, they own the 14 Million Euro estate called Mill House. Those who know the UTR will become wary, since that old name may be interpreted as “Shire of the Berks”. Berks are, in the terminology of the UTR those baneful often gray evil spider-wights who populate wide regions of our universe. The Anglo-American UFO pundits and esp specialists know these as “Little Greys”.

SHE gently caressed his belly, HE helped her with this stylish stumble-trap dress

So the dress here became a tricky kind of business. On the BILD snapshot we see that Georgy-Porgy followed her woman ready to take possession of her. But that was not because he liked so much to hug her. Amal was wearing stilettos, skeletal spindly shoes, under a dress with a train the size of three ells. Those shoes made her so huge that she appeared to be bigger than George. That must have made the smile of George disappear. Several times Amal got stuck with those bizarre shoes in her dress. The one question that many people must have asked secretly was: How can people be so stupid? The typical answer that men privately bring up is: This is how stupid women are. It was really nice then that George paid much attention to Amal, as soon as she started to move. She might have fallen on her nose otherwise. That would have caused a lot of commotion in the press, and given that film more attention.

Our problem with the Berks and Greys leads to such troubles. People again and again are lured into humiliating traps. With their N-rays, those Forces of Evil like to see to it, that we get in troubles. They mercilessly make use of our simplicity. They make many women wear the wrong kind of shoes, who cripple the feet. That attire then is regarded as fashionable by oafish and tiny women. But towards the end of a human life, it sends many of a granny into a wheelchair.

Men are often more reasonable and dominant than women. That is due to the weakness of the Earth Goddess, and the strenght of the Greys. Those cosmic devil women see to it that our men get ducked and humiliated, also when it comes to fashion. The further consequence is that they can't render, to their womenfolk, enough leadership, holding and support.

20.8 Will Switzerland also become a Monarchy now?

These strange images adorn the cover of an already really old satire about the British royals. In ›The Queen and I‹, a Ssu (Sue) drafted the funny scenario of a future in which the Brits abolish their royals. In that case those guys and gals would get more normal. The scandalous duchess Meghan surely made such a future get more likely. Can't they strip her of this title forever, and also withdraw her British passport? That politics would surely find a much bigger majority among the Brits of today. But the late queen Elisabeth-2 even became more popular in her old days. I assume that this was also due to me striving to become the Kaiser of a divine Reich of the Deutsche nation. That made many people realize that royals are good for something more than to waste their tax payer's money. Mainly the nobility and gentry have the duty to care for the well-being of their country. That means they have work to do, for the religious and magical leadership duties. Right now those mendacious priests carry out this work only badly. We may in principle expect that nobles lead the people into the truth. Their job is to handle contacts to the Good Powers. They are supposed to be good role models for the entire world. Practically however many nobles must fail before these responsibilities, also since God fails to well enough give them support. Instead of spreading the message of the Earth Goddess, many nobles clutch at wrong religions, and thus they draw more bad luck among themselves.

Right now the Anglo-Americans dominate the world culture. But those who take a look at what British like to consume, must wonder why this is so. Corned Beef from the can with baked beans and tea, we must regard this as a less than healthy meal. Especially the Deutsche shall, as the people of the middle of Europe, in future teach to the world to live more healthy and better lives. But when I take a glance into the lady's magazine ›Barbara‹ I there find a test of the taste of herbal teas. My gosh, how can anyone find such stuff tasty? Maybe the girls gut drunk before for a local anesthesia. Of course it also takes away a sense of taste, if you do like Mr. Söder does, the Bavarian chief of state and regional Christian culture MC, and pour in beer by the liter into the gorge. The stupid stuff that church and state like to spread makes you lose your good senses in a similar way. If you watch plenty of dumb TV and also study stupid horoscopes, you eventually may feel as royal as the young pop star Beatrice Egli from Swiss. Right now this well grown and beautiful blonde sings: “I dance with the stars in my kingdom”. So is this what is missing to Switzerland, that she strives for the crown, with other types from the show business? That example may show that there is a need for noble guidance and leadership in many lands and regions. In the absence of capable nobles, not rarely celebrities are drawn to such duties.

In the night I had a dream that I must recount. A mass of young people seemed to wait in front of a white wall. It was a wall around the palace of their god, who but did not appear to his youth. Predominantly the young ones expect the leadership work of God. But the older guys are against this, and they will carry on ruling this world for a long time still. Only those who still get stuck by the glue of the older guys, and fall for the wrong (often Jewish) teachers from Jesus to Einstein, can still make a career in politics, society and science. Those who resist to this old order have no alternative but to allow to get pushed aside. You may at least acquire some divine wisdom, that helps you to become luckier in life.

20.9 What van Gogh and Gauguin both had to shoulder

When the US author Joel Swerdlow once visited Belgium for the National Geographic Magazine in search of traces of Van Gogh, mainly one question was in his mind (Oct 1997):

»why does he have such a hold on us«

The question why Vincent van Gogh is so popular, is a question that concerns the entire field of modern art. It also has a personal dimension for me. A big print of a van Gogh hung in the dining room of my parents. On this we saw him as a red beard in the midst of a colorful landscape, He reminded of my father. Such paintings seem to express the longing for paradise on earth, that many people have. It is a dream of a world without ill, that heavenly fantasies of the Christians cannot match. In the era of realism, time before, mainly fantasies about Jesus had stamped the imagery of Europe. We may regard van Gogh as one who stepped out of this Christian world of fantasies. While in many churches the welkin was shown as the arena of the Christian deities, realistic as well as unreal, van Gogh remained stuck with his Earth. It explains his success that he often didn't paint her somber and realistic. With his splashy colours and his fast style of painting, he transformed her into an earthly paradise. Even his sunflowers, Vincent van Gogh didn't paint as bright as they grew in Europe, but so intense as if the bright sun of Mexico would shine on them. In his younger days Vincent van Gogh had commenced religious studies. But he soon gave up on these to solely occupy with arts. We may say that in there he encountered the supernatural, that had presented to him only by way of old Jewish texts. The divine was, at that time, only in traces present in nature. That wasn't enough for him. With the tough spirit that is typical for redheads, he began to enhance the divine, this colourful lifeforce in nature, to render it better visible. Therefore his garish paintings are among the most expensive in all the world.

The painting above is but different. Van Gogh did paint it in his early time, when as a preacher he worked in the coal mining region of Belgium. He cared self-sacrificingly for the paupers until the church sacked him for his lack of success. From the point of view of the UTR we may compare these three unknown women carrying coal with the three unknown goddesses of our local group. It must have been that van Gogh encountered these with his intuition, that is typical for artists. On this important painting those gravely loaden but strong women move away from a shrine with a Jesus at the cross. But the strong smoker didn't well cope with such images. In the Bedlam, at the end of his life he painted the sky, with swirls of stars of „exaggerated“ brightness. These symbolize the N-rays. Van Gogh also suffered from synesthesia, as a consequence of too much masturbation, absinth and alcohol, together with his diet of bread and coffee. He was a close friend of Paul Gauguin (Gogain), that fan of Tahiti. The UTR teaches that this was due to both of them wearing Gog-Names. On the planet Terra, of Anna the mother of our goddess, Gog was the name of the continent three or North America. Those who have such fractal links to the New World have a heavy burden to shoulder.

20.10 We don't want to remain the Food of cosmic Parasites

This is a modded picture from the great tour of the classical British rock group Pink Floyd. But while this used to be only a joke, those who know how bad things are in outer space won't find it really amusing. Miserable Feken live on 63 planets in the constellation of Puppis. They are too few and too weak to counter the evil magic of the Greys. The consequence is that local Greys, like Fe-Luka, Fe-Jula, Fe-Kuba and Fe-Lema rule over their religions. Those Feken-Greys are also most powerful at Lar and Gaia, our two isolated living planets. For these cosmic vampires guys like us are only food. They play with it and eventually cruelly devour it. To change this and to free future generations from these cosmic parasites, there is but the narrow way of the UTR.

Of the 63 worlds of the Feken, about half of them (maybe 34) were already ruined by a hail of stars. That means that several huge meteors crashed down there. That may happen in the way that one larger asteroid broke to pieces while in close approach. The remaining boulders then crashed down on the surface in a row, within hours or days only. The consequences of such a cataclysm for a living planet are of course long-lasting and desperate. Super-deluges and super-hurricanes would ruin all countries. The meteors would carve craters into the ground, like we see them on the Moon. Everywhere on Earth volcanoes would break out. Extended volcanic activity would set the globe on fire. Dust and smoke would fill the air, with the consequence of a sudden strong ice age. Only very few people who live right now here on Gaia have a chance to survive such a big attack of the cosmic enemies. It is very typical for living planets in our part of the universe, that they were ruined by several such cataclysms. The remaining people retreated to the underground. There they live in caves as mutated dwarfs. Their religions are abominable, and living conditions are most miserable. The Greys demand of them to participate in the subjugation of other planets, like this one. That explains the Little Greys (now called Graichen), ugly dwarfish aliens with gray skin, who are seen here so often by people who envision and experience abductions by aliens. In centuries past, those alien wights (Deutsch: Wichte or Bösewichte) appeared in many a religious and fantastic scenery, often disguised as nice little angels. While now the Earth Goddess wins more powers, those ugly gray aliens more and more often appear as the evil devils they are. In the star association of the Feken, the living planet of Fe-Tona was the last to suffer such a cosmic all-out attack. That happened 31,500 years ago. Wrathful Greys did this when here on Gaia and on Lar, our local goddesses decided to let her last Neanderthals die. Right now we are planning the fast extinction of most of our people, beginning with the Negroes, racials and orientals. We must expect that wrathful Greys will take revenge on another one of the Feken planets. What do things concern us that may happen roughly 100 light years away from us? Only one problem is that the Feken worlds are closely linked with their destiny to our planet. The leading living planet among the Feken is that of Fe-Nike. That was always the planet that the good or evil congeras there kept as a show house. It was supposed to show to other planets that things weren't so bad among these descendants of pigs. The world of Fe-Nike is linked to our Armenians. The leading culture of this world is in some aspects similar to our Armenian culture. That means that if the Greys should one day soon decide to bombard that planet, our Armenians would suffer much from this. That is one other reason why God is determined to fast and dramatically reduce the population of our earth in the Near and Middle East. Of far more importance for us are the living planets of Fe-Juda and Fe-Pera. The leading culture of Fe-Juda is linked to the culture of our Jews! That was and still is the culture that the Greys used to mislead and eventually enslave our earth. So many Jews are today regarded as our most enlightened and best intellectuals and thinkers. If the Greys would put the pressure on Fe-Juda, we might expect from them troubles. The way to avoid these troubles is, to make sure early that Jewish science is abolished and discarded together with Jewish-Christian religion. That means for instance that the last Bible-true Christians should not get a chance to still fill the ears of the kids with the nonsense, that man was created in a day in the year of 4,004 BC. If we get away from such nonsense early, that will make us more resistant, regarding troubles that may arise if Judaism takes a sudden dive and vanishes. A similar problem arises with the Parsi, who are the Jews of our best neighbour planet Lar, and who secretly depend of Fe-Pera's planet.

So this text has pieces and details of the very helpful wisdom that the UTR can provide. I dwell here in my small room and develop this lore for many years now, and secretly spread this via the Internet. The tendency is right now that many people of old-time quality (Cros) remain with their old time spiritual mixture of loosely rooted Jewish-Christian convictions and a sympathy for the sky, space travel and the stars. Some Feken even have flying saucers, but the Greys are so strong and cruel that they can forget about plans to ever fly, to very far away neighboring stars. People like us are linked to the mother goddesses who live inside of the planets that they made for themselves. If we should lose our goddess, we would all die within a minute. The Greys like much to see suffering and cruelty here on our earth. So really, pigs don't fly to outer space, and neither can we. God puts some hope and trust into media guys and nobles, including oligarchs and celebrities. Let them change the climate of opinion of the world. Spread the word of God!

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