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The Nordic Hailsway A short Nordic Introduction into God's Universal Truth Religion
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Isn't she beautiful?

Title: Isnt She Beautiful - Yes She's ugly!

God, royals, magic, medicine, arts, business, Britain, refugees, sports and comedy.

A free Text by Bertram Eljon and Sofia Ewa Holubek, 2018 – also about language. Final Version 5.3

The Queen and Duchess Markle.jpg

This text is really some kind of divine gossip, brought to you by a stand-up comedian who seriously claims to be your saviour, in front of a curtain hiding his superior source of wisdom. Starting with the case of Duchess Meghan, it questions standards of beauty, expertise, quality and goodness. Why do so many people let preachers and pundits, wights and physicians mislead and mistreat them? Why do modern people give up so easily on better European traditions of culture, and instead are fond of bad and bastardized, rude and low quality world cultures? Those who try to correctly distinguish foul and fair must become newly wise Titans of a new era. History however teaches us that all things go wrong with the wrong people on top.

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Part One This Kanaka dressed down Prince Charles!
Part Two Germany's Biggest Loser of 2018
Part Three Raiders pillage our Banks! and this too Leftist racist defamation
Part Four The Cologne Archbishop knows how to still fill his Church!
Part Five Magic fulfills wishes naturally, but Congeras may manipulate it


Version 2 corrects p.1, 2.3, 3.1, 11.10; adds 9.6.
Version 3 adds p.3, 17.8, 18; corrects: 17.8a, 17.9, 17.15.
Version 4 rewrites and renames from 17.8 to 17.10, corrects: 18.7, 18.14.
Final version 5 adds chapters 19 and 20.
Ultimate debugged and expanded version is 5.3, adding recent news to chapters 6.9, 17.19, 17.20, 19.1, 19.6 and 20.10.

Most scandalous: Is Meghan trying to make Harry feel like a "Bull of his Mother?"

Introductory Remarks

Isn't she beautiful? Above to the left we see puny Meghan Markle. Most recently she became the wife of Prince Harry. That extremely good looking nobleman surely reminds of the two brothers, and royal heirs, Edward-8 and George-6. Unexpectedly the latter became king of Britain in 1936. So could this happen to Harry too? Strange things occur in a time of miracles and wandas. Prince Harry surely makes many think again of Harry Potter, that excellent fantasy wizard apprentice. One of the scenes of this saga I liked best was the scene when Harry Potter threw away his magic wand in the end. This prick was just misleading him, and he sensed that it had a negative magic. So what kind of magic made Prince Harry fall for Meghan? I present evidence for black magic!Above to the right we see a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, it's from a coronation remembrance coffee pot. So wasn't she beautiful then? No she was, I say. On the pot we also read the slogan: LONG MAY SHE REIGN OVER US. That wish of the people of Britain was granted, surely by God too. Elizabeth-2 became queen at the age of 26, in February 1952. That was 66 years ago! People who are into quack-science may find this number worrying. Not so far away from these are those science experts who rely too much on unreal computer models and fantasy calculations, from Albert Einstein to Stephen Hawking. We might wish, from the point of view of numerology, that the Queen will preside over her great nation for at least four more years. Since she also is the head of the Anglican church, it might well be justified to add this to the common prayer wishes.

How long does a human life last? Aren't such wishes things that God can grant or unexpectedly deny? That is another issue that is much feared but little understood. The UTR has it that there is indeed a God. She's a perfectly developed and super-evolved creature who owns and operates this planet already for 624 million years. So Sophia Ewa is the Queen of Queens. But so far she just didn't come out, to become officially introduced to her humans, a new sort of creatures that she managed to create, within the time of the blink of an eye. She rather preferred to remain unknown and anonymous. One of the reasons is that Ewa is not that good looking. She's not charming like the actress Tamzin Merchant, but she is a super-sized pale blind-worm. So can you see her on the above text banner? For a reason she only cautiously showed up in works of art. Yes, she's ugly!

Human and other beauty is surely a matter of contention. But there are some facts that are beyond dispute, and facts are the basis of the Universal Truth Religion (UTR). One obvious phenomenon is that dark southerners or colored people tend to wither more quickly. Another such phenomenon is that ugly people tend to have worse magic, while a worse fate makes people get uglier. Thirdly, some exotic and dark people sometimes appear to be attractive and really charming, yes some can become extraordinarily bedazzling. But that murky magic of attractiveness depends on dark rules, for instance on masturbation. The destiny of the children of darkness is simply constructed from more dark elements, and these tend to fail them in the wrong moment. Fourthly, there are cultural and other processes who try to twist the natural order. A reversed and foul perception of what is fair and what is somber, what is strong and what is feeble, what is sound and unsound; will be the consequence of a misleading religious education, and let's count in the Harry Potter saga. That is also what the witches meant, in Shakespeare's play Macbeth (here recomposed in my Version 2):

»Fair is foul and foul is fair!« – Swirls through clouds and grimy air.

Goland and Mélisande

He is no more a boy,
For such a long time now;
And yet, he marries her,
A puny girl, no frau.

This may appear to those,
As a caprice of fate,
Who do ignore it's side,
Where there are love or hate.

Don't press her little hands,
Don't watch her face at night!
To keep her wedding ring,
She may not have the might.

The Main Points on one Page

God teaches: The world needs royals and nobles, for a number of reasons. One reason is that God is the king of kings, and the queen of queens. Without queens and kings the Holy Empire has no structure. Nobles must also serve as beauty ideals and role models. In the absence of a classy and able hierarchy, common or ignoble people become liked and mighty. Of bad people we can expect that they confound God with demonic forces.

That means that the emperor of this planet can't be anyone else than the Savior. Only he has the truth. His power comes from the Goddess of Earth. While the mild goddess is the only strong divine power living right here, she with difficulty tries to save the Earth.

Many alleged witches tried sorcery, and often with the good intention to make rain. But they often were unaware about the good or evil powers. The hostile Greys can stop the rain from falling. It was often typical that people then gave the blame for bad climate to alleged witches. It is in principle true that wishes and creativity can change all reality. But the congeras good or evil are so powerful that they can absolutely fool all humans.

On the field of medicine miracles often happen. But while the minds of the medics are often like blinded, they cannot understand that the congeras manipulate their expertise. Looking at homeopathy we understand why alcohol and poisons seemed to cure people.

The Universal Truth Religion has it that young, well developed, white and bright people are the better creatures of God. Mainly these profit from divine wisdom. Dark or colored people but are nearer to the Greys, and this most generally spoils their destinies. Weak or elderly, lazy or unfit, badly nourished or addicted people also have worse luck. The Greys draw them nearer, they lose lifeforce and change to the worse, due to traumas.

Also artwork creatively changes the world. Good artwork is also beautiful, bringing forth the good development of planet Earth. But while shady people prefer and value diverse and exotic artwork of coloreds, they also share with lesser people their worse destinies. On a painting of Picasso we even see the strong influence of the leading Grey Ga-Dora.

The Brexit is a decision that was mainly caused by the incompetence and haughtiness of leading Eurocrats (EU leaders). These guys just failed to secure the EU borders in times of terror troubles. Of course Britain does not leave Europe. The text also points out the many links of British culture to ancient Greek and European culture. It worked functional when the Queen, with a sly fashion trick, alleged to European ideals. Sadly our younger ones are often too much under the sway of nevergrownups, of morbid rebel natures.

The framework of this text is the strange story of duchess Meghan. Is that dark girl the miraculously white child of Negress Doria? Once again the name links to Ga-Dora, who has a tendency to try and work misleading magic here. Learn more and don't get fooled.

The text also has some of my poems. These are often inspired by Anglo-American tales or songs. Today it is in fashion to think that on the field of culture many different styles are acceptable. But chapter 18. shows how slyly Catholics move their lot to the stages.

There is also something in here about soccer. Did you realize that the Deutschland team most ingloriously failed at the world championship of 2018? That was also due to magic. The text can best explain why Jogi, the trainer of the Deutsche team, sticks to his seat.

But our most serious problem is right now the question of diversity and the migration of bad and lowquo coloreds. Must we reconstruct Britain and the western world to harbor especially bad Islamic and African refugees? While bad people spoiled their homelands we should not let them ruin our lands too. We need to keep up and renew our cultures. That was already the proposal of Prince Charles. A more diverse Britain also looks uglier.

Four good reasons for a good Brexit deal

The Beljonde Brexit Banner

Here are four good reasons why Britain should have a status of preferred associated member of the EU, after the Brexit deal has been concluded.

1: Britain saved Europe's freedom during World War Two. When all the Catholics bowed before Hitler's tyranny, and Soviet Russia was the partner in crime of the Nazis, Britain fought on alone bravely.

2: Britain is still Great Britain after all. There are large regions of this planet who look up to Britain as their leading nation. The EU can well show some better understanding, that Britain feels much more the need to remain rather independent than other EU nations.

3: While Eurocrats rally for more togetherness, the mood of the EU citizens is changing dramatically. In some countries only very few still vote for the EU parliament. If the EU does not allow Britain a soft exit, other countries may find that it's time to close it down.

4: Some countries who stayed out of EU so far may venture to join it in our future. For instance Switzerland is one country where not a few favor joining the EU. But for these freedom loving hillbillies it's very important that they eventually can leave the EU again.

But, but, here are two reasons why the EU should refuse Britain a fair treatment:

1. The pirate Francis Drake sacked Spanish ships and didn't give back the booty.

2. The Church of England still refuses to bow to the rules of the Vatican.

Seriously, there are many more reasons to favor Britain over all other countries who are associated partners of the EU. Just think of the fact that Britain is a nuclear power. That shield protected Europe against the commies for decades, and it still helps but also costs. Or think of the fact that Britain solely and bravely fought out some combat missions to bring peace to and restore order in oriental and other countries. Or think of the fact that Britain is a motherland of European parliamentary democracy, stabilizing other countries who tended to sink into periods of severe internal troubles. And, while English is the single leading language of the world, it would be dysfunctional to just pummel the main nation in Europe that speaks it... It's easy right now, in a situation of emotional disappointment, to get really harsh to Britain; but it is the more challenging but also promising task, for these old men in charge, to not break old porcelain that cannot easily be glued again.

A Look at beautiful British Architecture

This image shows the entrance hall of a department store in Sydney, Australia. This great gate was made in the early 20th century, and it was a measure of giving work to local people at a time of economic crisis. It is good politics to try and find work for people in a hard time of crisis. We see here the nice and very British style, that was the result of a brave measure of labor generation. The manager types in politics of today rather prefer to try and reduce labor costs in a time of crisis. Their recipe is often to bring in cheap foreign workers. But while the Asians then build everything in their Asian ant-castle style, the cultural mix lacks a good spell.

VI. The Navigator to every single Chapter

1. About the pro's and con's of being a part of political Europe, and why the Brexit wasn't wrong after all.

1. Was this her »Pro Europe hat«? The Queen had a role to play. Indeed the Brits needed a reminder that they are a part of European political culture after all.
1.2 Catholics leave the EU borders open so we may well leave the EU. EU politics just isn't functioning well enough, this is what more and more Euro-sceptics conclude.
1.3 Does the post-socialist chancellor Mrs. Merkel favor China over the EU? So here's someone who must be held responsible for bad EU politics.
1.4 As Time goes by, Version 2.1 A poem about old age
1.5 In the West many people tend to ignore what hostile Muslims do to our Girls. Some aliens behave most shamelessly bad, but some politicians react like dorks.

2. Welcome to beautiful new Britain, say the diversity freaks. But their way really leads to an ugly and nasty mixture.

2.1 Should New Britain remind us of Elephant's Dung? Some concrete buildings are a sin of architecture.
2.2 The Voice of the Prince in the Concrete Desert. Already years ago Prince Charles addressed the key problem of leading culture.
2.3 A dark Spell seems to try and dress down our People and Lands. Diversity means that bad colored people bring us down.

3. A true modern crime and miracle story from the USA, and racialism issues.

3.1 A Miracle saved this Student of Medicine But some political correctness freaks apparently try to blame white power people, while covering up the typical real culprits: bad coloreds.
3.2 Hamlet's Night of Resistance a rewritten Shakespearean fragment, about how to live through a hard night of mental troubles.
3.3 Even our best Whites are forlorn without True Religion Many white power guys think that they are naturally better than the coloreds, but they don't keep into account those shadowy higher powers who twist the rankings.

4. A strange painting of Picasso with an unsound demonic message, and more about love and fashion.

4.1 Dora's deformed Picture resembles that of a luscious Babylonian demon
4.2 Picasso triggered a Shoe Fashion that spoils our Ladies' Feet
4.3 Pelléas and Mélisande a romantic poem, and another bonus poem. Love tales must not be tragical, but that is what easily happens with a mismatch or a concubine.

5. Of witchcraft and medicine. Christians don't understand and blame women, but easily may fall for the snares of black magic.

5.1 The four most influential British books of all time are sadly in general most misleading stuff. The time wasn't right for the truth.
5.2 The Scare was always there for Anna Katharina. Due to her special name she had mental troubles but found a way to deal with them; pushing bad voices into a mental corner.
5.3 Women often can't escape from realizing that Magic exists, since they are mentally nearer to the congeras good or evil
5.4 Help! A Witch shot me in the Back! Why it is wrong to attribute bad luck to the magic of our women instead of cosmic adversaries.
5.5 Modern Medicine under God's Scrutiny. Studying one lady's typical case of sudden life-threatening health troubles, we find that medics know too little of their discipline.
5.6 The strange Case of Julija Skripal Again the name brought extra bad luck.
5.7 The weirdest Western Medicine maybe helps best. Now here's the shocking story of homeopathy, or better call this black magic.
Read more about medicine and homeopathy, in connection with mental troubles and magic, in chapters 7, 8 and 13.

6. About the entertainer Robbie Williams and erotic attractiveness and spiritual encounters with the Mother.

6.1 The Queen was just not beautiful enough! And that maybe explained why some Islamic gangsters stole her lucky coin.
6.2 Why Robbie Williams became a leading Pop Entertainer Is there a special secret of his success?
6.3 Is Robbie Williams able to discontinue Cursing? His Deutsche fans didn't trust their ears at a pop concert.
6.4 Isn't it true that the Deutsche started two World Wars? Yes, but demons from the nightsky and tragic destiny are really to blame.
6.5 The Mother of Psychology and Para-Psychology and Cosmic Rays Science. The fact is that supernatural phenomena definitely and strongly exist.
6.6 Strange Relations with the Mother or the Old Hag. Even getting lusty alone in bed is not without consequences and does not remain unnoticed.
6.7 At the Deep of Robbie William's Mind there is a little link to his mother too. This is what not only an older theory says.
6.8 Pwyll's Last Voyage Chapter One of Four. The saga of the last moments of a Welsh prince charming.
6.9 Could Robbie Williams become the Queen's Next Prince Charming? This text would be too boring without some saucy gossip and comedy.

7. The age of miracles didn't end with Hippocrates of course, and also not with the age of modern medicine.

7.1 The Oddest Meghan Beauty Study is based on the true image of a beauty surgeon
7.2 Some basic Laws of Magic are obvious and simple but often disliked and that is why you hardly read anything about them.
7.3 A Ban on Incubators would help God with Family Planning since incubator babies are often feeble or disabled
7.4 Pwyll's Last Voyage (Chapter Two)
7.5 There is Dog Star Magic in the Tale of the Medic Hippokrates How to really understand well this founder of modern medicine
7.6 In the Greek Antiquity Medicine and God's Magic were still inseparable and so are they, secretly, still today.
And what about Wanda? Some witches have the power to let vanish texts that they don't like. It's part of the force to alter reality. Read more in:
17.3 The Big Man inescapably meets Magic

1. About the pro's and con's of being a part of political Europe, and why the Brexit wasn't wrong after all.

8.1 What Changes did US-President Trump bring to Europe? International stray-cats in fact trigger bad political manners in Britain too.
8.2 Pwyll's Last Voyage (Chapter Three)
8.3 The Madness of Captain Minor This US-American was absolutely mentally disturbed, but learned much about who is doing this.
8.4 The strangest ever British Wordbook also tells something about bad noble style

9. Many deem that refugees and diverse Muslims are good for us. The plain facts tell a very different story. Troublesome Islamic migrants show that diversity and refugee-welcome brings us down culturally and morally!

9.1 Don't tell Us about your Childhood! These two rappers ingloriously became our last Echo pop music price winners.
9.2 The Hate that bad Muslims raise takes Lives Scary stories warn us how bad and dirty refugees from the Orient behave as they arrive here. But the helpers often remain silent about the problems.
9.3 Pwyll's Last Voyage Chapter Four. Just like Jesus, this Welsh legendary hero appeared after death to dreamers.
9.4 Is the Deluge of Migrants into Europe just an Experiment? That is what one Jew bluntly uttered, a refugee from Bavaria to Harvard.
9.5 The Nigger is dead – God's commemorating Rap Song Al-Eskla in Cool Germany? Let a Deutsche Islam rapper explain you that.
9.6 Germany's Biggest Loser of 2018 was Soccer Trainer Yogi. Here is explained why he still sticks to his seat.

10. Bad religious and obscene Negro artwork is liked by banks, but look at these raider types.

10.1 Contemptorary Negro Art from Freiberg, Swabia
10.2 Bertschie's Wedding Song a Tribute to Heinrich Wittenwiler. Bertschie wonders why Coleman advises him to better stay single.
10.3 The dangerous Triumph of Incompetence Our psychologists seem to fail especially on the important field of love
10.4 The disliked Reality is that Negroes are just too bad A reminder of how bad the typical anonymous African Negroes commonly are
10.5 The Blessing of Aecerbot Strophe one of a rewritten half-forgotten poem found in a very old manuscript
10.6 The Strange Bad Taste of the Deutsche Bank Silly bad art sells, but look who's buying!
10.7 R-R-R! Deutsche Bank... raided by... Corporate Raiders! Oh yes, look again. Here's one who cashed in about hundred millions of bucks for catastrophic results. And his is still not the worst case!

11. Some Case Stories of airy true and crazy twisted Magic. Eerie aliens may make murky spells and insane ideas work out.

11.1 The strange Rise and Fall of Magic Martin This former Deutsche SPD party candidate was driven by a spell they all sensed. And due to her name Meghan Markle shared the luck of Angela Merkel.
11.2 The crazy Magic of the Lucky Coin Superstitions may sometimes help. Here's one from a shipyard that also is feared by Uncle Scrooge McTrump
11.3 True Magic and crazy Magic in Disneyland What do Meghan Markle and the Disneyland witch have in common?
11.4 The Blessing of Aecerbot Strophe two of a truly good spell against droughts and unfruitful fields
11.5 Divine Diana, demonic Doria Harry and Meghan make different supernatural standards and qualities mismatch
11.6 The Greys send us hapless People or bad Weather Cosmic Blackmail is what may help certain witches to power
11.7 Didn't Doria look like some Anglo-American Papess at Meghan's murky Royal Wedding? I find she reminded of Calimero, the black duck that was really only very dirty.
11.8 All Things on Earth get better with fewer Negroes The Bible too promotes other types with the Semites
11.9 The lucky Liftoff of Duchess Meghan Why it may be easier for her to live a stressful jetsetter life
11.10 The murky History and humble Future of Air Travel Not an Orville but US-German Whitehead was the first ever pilot in the Air!
11.11 Lost and lulled in the Devils-Circle of Drugs was the Deutsche amok-pilot Andreas

12. Culture is shaping our reality. So beware of bad oriental or fantasy culture. Primitive and scary arts makes scared and primitive minds.

12.1 What is the Message of the three standing Buses? Scary is this Syrian artwork due to it's subconscious message. What does this bad oriental culture do to us? Nothing good, I say.
12.2 The Blessing of Aecerbot Chapter Three
12.3 Modern Saxon Leftists strongly demand Diversity! The reality of diversity is ruinous low quality of the aliens, masked by an unreal imagery, making our people equally bad
12.4 Primitive Arts and Primitive Minds Strange fantasies of Negro abductions and airy saints of Fatima are explainable
12.5 A Short Trip from the Earth to Oz Like a trip into fantasy lands? It's hard then to avoid cosmic devils, but you can do it with this text

13. About mental-real troubles sent from space. This text challenges Homeopathy and other Medicine

13.1 From Britain with Anger If they only hear of magic many professionals react with silly rejection.
13.2 Should I take in Medication against my Disease? Hiere Nousos means you may suffer from sudden hostile takeover attempts
13.3 The Blessing of Aecerbot (Strophe Four)
13.4 Can Magic conciliate the Forces of Evil? Who is behind the Hiere Nousos? Cosmic aliens do this with rays
13.5 Understanding the Magic of the Trauma Ancient magic rituals against traumas existed in England too
13.6 Or might modern technological Medicine help Me? Unbelievable stories of late-modern medical surgery foolery
13.7 From 20th Century Medicine to God's natural Healing Why we need an alternative and natural progressive medicine
13.8 The Mystery of the Holy Disease explained It's typical for the N-rays that they burden and immobilize you
13.9 God's Cure for the World means building the Perfect Man We need new humans who can actively counter nasty alien N-rays

14. Colored people who are inferior can't be regarded as pretty as our good guys

14.1 Now who are all these weird Royals? Comedy guys and advertising citizens replace nobles in Deutschland
14.2 The Blessing of Aecerbot (Strophe Five and Comment) This ancient English poem is special since it doesn't forget Mother Earth
14.3 Aren't Negroes beautiful? Let's be realistic and honest We need to adapt our sense of beauty keeping in mind human quality!
14.4 We must differ between Racialism and Racism Some basics about tackling correctly the key question of races
14.5 Frustrating Encounters with invisible Pranksters You don't get far on the field of magic with some kid stuff books
14.6 The most infamous Wizard Aleister Crowley This sex mad bad Brit came from astrology to devil worship
14.7 The good Spell of the post-Nazis and the Antichrist The Nazis and their lot at least tried to save the Earth, also from desperate Christians. A saving tendency is also what the Antichrist has
14.8 Of Witch Hunts, True Wisdom and the Politics of Religion It's just a weakness to react bitterly to any maybe racist joke
14.9 Chances for young Nobles at the Onset of a New Era Mother God is the queen of queens too, so what would she be without queens?
14.10 The Golden Coin was found at last! Some more news about that theft in Berlin

15. 19th century free thinking and philosophy exclude Muslims as darklings of lesser race

15.1 Now look at these Muslim Rogues – on Dope? Is it that hash makes those Muslim rogues get worse?
15.2 Deutschland should be remembering the Peterloo We still have a massive deficit of economic correctness
15.3 For some, Meghan really looks attractive! Hii-aah! cries the tern of Ascot
15.4 Much of your Luck depends on your Parents If you try to evaluate a girl, better look at her mum first!
15.5 The Frog-Man who abolished the Tories In the 19th century new thinking got over many errors of the past
15.6 Political Correctness is a mere Fad of the Darklings Really correct thinking failed since God's wisdom was still not revealed
15.7 The Conflict of Nobility versus Richness people tend to ignore the shortcomings of the ignoble rich
15.8 The Abdication of the last Catholic Monarch and the end of doctrinary Catholicism made Masons become more powerful
15.9 The Pro and Contra of Slavery With Black African migrants bad old traditions come alive again
15.10 Wisdom, Truth and Beauty: Signs of the Divine A look back into the enlightening times of the philosopher Socrates
15.11 The Song of the Greys (a Tribute to the Metal Group Slayer)
15.12 Salvation comes with Divine Beauty since God and the goodies are in theory beautiful
15.13 The Philosopher as Helper at the Birth of Ideas and Things Ancient Greek philosophy paved the way for the spirit of enlightenment
15.14 Was the Nazi Era one of God's History Lessons? It was a bad last time before the coming of the noble savior

16. How to correctly read ancient and medieval European relicts and myths

16.1 Nazis looked up to Heaven and hoped for the Devil The secret connections of Hitler's mentor Glauer to Aleister Crowley
16.2 The Message of the Silent Men of Callanish There is a good message behind those ancient stone circles
16.3 It helps not to try and replace the good God with many Demons Christians failed to believe that their saint Vitus turned into a Slavic deity
16.4 Wise Women may sometimes give unwise Advice God didn't want darklings from the East to resist to the Reich
16.5 The Song of the Prussian Priests – a Rite of Spring
16.6 The Greeks lost a Hand's Breadth in Size The Eumolpos myth from ancient Greece makes worrying sense
16.7 Guy of Warwick: Heir today, still here tomorrow! That was one guy the Goddess didn't like
16.8 Paradise is Ours if we win the Fight of our valiant Knights! Strange verses of Wolfram von Eschenbach about Islam and the southern polar star
16.9 Noble Size, Bright Beauty and Wisdom are Entry-Tickets into God's Circle Here's a chapter for God's valiant future paladins

17. The Church of Rome is not ready for the wizard savior, due to traditions and silly darklings

17.1 Are you ready for European Dirigism? No said the Brits. Today's EU reminds of the Roman Empire
17.2 The Big Man inescapably meets Magic President Juncker reminded of the wizard Dumbledore
17.3 The Big Man inescapably meets Magic because magic is everywhere in our world, not only in the fake gypsy tale of Wanda the witch.
17.4 Let the Newly Wise escape from Christian Trainspotting The spiritual troubles of the archbishop of Cologne
17.5 The true God builds a World of better Luck Deutsche and Nordic traditions are surprisingly helpful and explainable
17.6 Abbot Richalm's Tales of Sorcery are as realistic as the Movie Inception That Deutsche abbot learned to know well his cosmic demonic enemies
17.7 The Heroes and Villains of Insulin Medicine A Canadian Sir searched Insulin and found out more about true healing
17.8 The Mystery of Meghan's Volatile Race Doesn't she look very special, like a Latin girl? That is explainable
17.9 A Vision of Meghan and racialist Remarks Here are some speculations about Meghan's streak of luck
17.10 Elves care for the Nordic but Dwarfs hardly help the Darklings. Here are the signs of the good angels!
17.11 The Quest for the Wizard A tourist trip to Oz? Page One, a Tribute to Lyman Frank Baum, author of the Oz saga
17.12 Now to the Main Points of this Text The king of kings needs kings, but aren't the bishops the true kings?
17.13 But wouldn't a good new Kaiser be bad for this World? Chapter Eleven is what the Savior needs for his protection
17.14 There is a Forcing of the inescapable Traditions the churches can't leave alone old-time traditionalists
17.15 Our Time has come to call fair what is fair, and foul what is foul! But leftists and liberals may twist our vision
17.16 The Slaves of the Devils must call them their Mistresses! The quandaries of today's politics
17.17 The Quest for the Wizard (Page Two)
17.18 Calimero's Wrath and the Remedy of the Church. It's not wise to let darklings get too bad, but what can we do instead?
17.19 The latest Gaming Gossip from the Church of Rome Is the Archbishop of Cologne really as superb as he appears to be?
17.20 So how good and wanted are our Downies and Dorks? A Downie child will foreseeably burden and ruin your life

18. The dilemma of the Catholic press: Negroes as silly darlings of the Church

18.1 Like the Church of Rome, also the Catholic Press needs more Dumbbells Only Negroes still deeply believe in the old-time religion of Rome
18.2 So many Negro News, but missing are Those Who should warn Us! Isn't it bad that Negroes are in general so bad while many media strictly cover this up?
18.3 Roman Catholics have Tendencies that the Roman Legions had too Romans of all countries still tend to unite
18.4 It's hard for President Trump to walk the Way of Truth and Salvation adverse magic makes things in the White House suddenly more difficult than before
18.5 The Cover-ups of bad Crimes of Refugees in Deutschland here President Trump was in fact correct, once again
18.6 The adverse Tendencies of leading international News People and Clerics makes them always sock it the western leadership
18.7 A better Racialism can better secure racial Order in the USA Troubles and skirmishes need not be if the Negroes know where their place is
18.8 Catholics find it insane to challenge the bad Forces of the Bible that reminds of how they howled against the Germanic hero Arminius
18.9 Many who tried to find true Divine Wisdom only received bitter Fruits The Vatican and Mafia banker raised big accusations against the biased US justice
18.10 Leftist Opinion Dictators fail to defend their Correctness Opinions including some wicked Wikipedia comandantes
18.11 Sorcery may bring Women near to their Goddess but that means burden sharing with a holy virgin in utter distress
18.12 Thanks to Saint Peter for the Weather, they posted... at the festival. The truthful God was obliged to let the rain pour then.
18.13 Faith knows many ways to express including false Ways. But faith used to die away in brighter minds.
18.14 So let's look again at those Newspaper Negroes Is it thinkable that Catholics sniff out who is Catholic too? Sure!
18.15 And what now, ask the Marathon men The bad Christian tendency is to overdo most anything
18.16 The Goddess is with Child a sweet poem in memory of Robert von Ranke-Graves

19. Meghan as a dark Copy of Lady Di

20.1 The Danger is that People find God who can't compute this That is what the story of the fruits of wisdom tells
19.2 The Accusation of Racism against the British Crown And that while Prince Charles was so polite to Doria and other Negroes
19.3 Looking forward to the Great Divide Such interracial marriages have a tendency to fail
19.4 Surely Harry could have known that this Girl meant Trouble That is the reason why he keeps to her right now
19.5 The Doberman trick question What a test for US college students with a nasty bias may teach us
19.6 Why Racialism Saves It helps to evaluate dangers if we are able to distinguish races

20. Wondernose Woman 2022

20.1 The Danger is that People find God who can't compute this That is what the story of the fruits of wisdom tells
20.2 The Curtain Gown of Gal Gadot made a special Sense All eyes on her magical stone!
20.3 Often Magic doesn't work the Way We would like It to work Cosmic wights prefer blacks over better blondes
20.4 Only the correct magical Stone works good Magic! That is why Petrus (Stone) became so liked
20.5 The dark Secret of Wonder-Nose Woman's volatile Race Due to her genes the entire destiny of Meghan is just especially unstable
20.6 The Radiation is too hard „Over the Rainbow“ Judy Garland suffered from her spiritual disorientation
20.7 How the Clooneys very nearly became the Clowneys Bad ladie's shoes can ruin your reputation and your feet. Are gents strong enough to interfere?
20.8 Will Switzerland also become a Monarchy now? If a nation has no nobles celebrities must step in
20.9 What van Gogh and Gauguin both had to shoulder The secret lies in their names
20.10 We don't want to remain the Food of cosmic Parasites So spread the Word, says God!

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