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A Goddess is introduced Revealing the one and only Earth Goddess.
The Nordic Hailsway A short Nordic Introduction into God's Universal Truth Religion
The Three Light Gods of the Germanic and Celts were all that the Bright Nordic needed
Title: Isnt She Beautiful - Yes She's ugly!

1. The Queen and the Ugly Eurocrats

The Queen, Prince Charles and Imperial Westbanner Seal

1.1 Was this her »Pro Europe hat«? The Queen had a role to play.

Is the Queen of Britain ugly, due to her age, and is Prince Charles ugly too? We surely would be well advised to rather not notice. But honestly, I don't think she's really ugly. She's not even badly withered. She is just very old, but still has a certain grace, and her face doesn't look unpleasant. But let's regard this eccentric fashion. What kind of spleen is that? It's a dared political message. This was the attire that the Queen was wearing as she gave the Brexit speech. Officially she asked the EU for a leave, and (unlike Spain recently did in the case of the unlucky Cataloonies) the EU grudgingly allowed one of it's vital parts to separate. Now, the dots and colors of this splendid hat and dress tell that the Queen didn't agree much to that message! We know that the Queen was only reading a speech given to her by prime minister Mrs. May, who rather looks like late autumn than may. So was the real message of the Queen really that she still favored the EU, and didn't think that the Brexit was a wise decision? Some Internet Twitter gossip came to this conclusion. MP Paul Flynn called this hat an »Anti Brexit hat«. We should rather call it a »Pro Europe hat«. This may have made some hard-minded Europeans get more moderate and amiable in the Brexit talks. Europe still has friends in Britain. We need to cooperate, and must not part with a quarrel. That was one year ago. Right now the hot gossip has it that the Brits were cleverly manipulated as they favoured the Brexit. So can it be that the Queen was right? Despite of the ups and downs of public opinion in Britain, I think that the decision to quit the EU was based on the good sense of a majority of British citizens. The EU has many advantages, and it's in principle good to be a part of such a union of nations. If instead bad tendencies of chauvinism, exaggerated nationalism and splendid-isolationism would rise within the leading European nations, dangers of the past would be the consequence. We may expect now, for instance, a recession in a more isolated Britain, and also a weakening of the Europeans in international politics. The Queen saw the EU grow and she liked it. So isn't it sad that this once proud union seems to be on the way to fall apart? Right now the EU resembles an old ship that had seen great days and that looks formidable on posters. But on the inside there are too many problems. Only one is the secretly bankrupt finance section. The bigger problem is that some ugly Eurocrats are about to try and grab too much political powers.

1.2 Catholics leave the EU borders open, so we may well leave the EU

There is the crushing problem of the hostile Muslim invaders. To a degree they are nomads who struggle to make our lands become their own – that is what Mrs. Le Pen, that French Eurosceptic, correctly pointed out. When the EU-candidate Turkey decided to drive into the EU some million of dangerous homeless Muslims, the final chapter of the EU history was apparently commencing. Not only was Greece unable to secure the EU borders. But left-winged irresponsible Greeks of the Syriza party also used the opportunity to grant a sudden amnesty to lots of dangerous Muslim rogues. They were sending these to Germany, where mainly Catholics welcomed them. And still so many hardly educable, latent dangerous Islamic and African nomads enter the Roman-Catholic southern European nations. Some few better Eurocrats only try to keep that deluge off limits. The plans of Deutsche chancellor Merkel to distribute these in Europe failed dramatically. At the risk of the breaking apart of the union, the European judges now try to push some migrants into the East, including notorious African asylum fraudsters and dangerous Islamic rogues (who are often not Islamists but common criminals). How can these act so badly? Some Eurocrats are notorious for their shady affairs and an unsound greed and imperiousness. Some are visibly as incompetent as they are ugly, let's take Magic Martin Schulz (SPD) as the wondrous example (see chapter 11).

Some honest Eurocrats want a better future for the Europeans. But some other Europeans always find ways to torpedo this development with the help of dark immigrants. As long as the Catholics of Rome effectively decide over who is allowed in, it's hopeless to try and secure the EU borders. There are just too many crony and mafia groups who earn millions as they take care for so-called refugees. Here in Deutschland (Germany), the most dangerous young refugees cost the tax payers 5.000 each. Some of that money may secretly go into the pockets of those who support the inflow of refugees, including Ms. Merkel's CDU party. Political cronies and help organizations take little care that fraudulent asylum seekers behave. Most of these become bad illegals, loafers, gangsters and endangerers. Latest statistics have it that the large majority of these refugees in Deutschland lives from social benefits and only eventually works illegally. Only 13 percent take up a legal job, that is what some say. The European Union is facing an invasion of aggressive oriental Muslims, who have in mind a traditional hostile takeover of Christian and post-Christian nations! While the efforts of chancellor Merkel, to pay billions of Euros to Turkey as a stop-the-refugees ransom, are not helpful enough, Britain was well advised to leave the EU now, instead of allowing in more of that »bad seed«. And isn't it a question of beauty too whether we refuse to welcome such dark and often bad specimen, who are often just naturally more aggressive and less able to keep to rules. Muslim refugees made Britain leave the EU, but some Catholics are to blame for letting them in! Here is a surely typical story from Cologne, that tells us more (Kölner Express 09.04.18 p. 23):

District mayor H.W.B (CDU) helped party-friend and hotel-owner A.S. to fill her hotel with so-called refugees. The mayor also saw to it that A.S. received the highest possible rate.

With so-called refugees Ms. S earns 32.500 Euros a month, she plans to cash in another 13.000 in her renovated former hotel. Cologne is notorious for the Klüngel, such Roman Catholic cronyism. Some of the money is often donated to the parties involved, or the still powerful Catholic church.

When she gave the Brexit announcement, the Queen dressed up like for the night of the European proms. With this she definitely also tried to remind the Europeans of their high-brow and more valuable traditions. Some Eurocrats however seem to be ready to redress the Europeans with the grass skirts that the Kanakas traditionally wear. Diversity brings us down to a third-world level! It's one important task of our better royals to culturally and morally lift up not only their peoples.

1.3 Does the post-socialist chancellor Mrs. Merkel favor China over the EU?

One strange aspect of the sudden apparition of Ms. Markle among the British royals is, that her name sounds much like that of German (Deutsche) chancellor Ms. Merkel. The magic that helped Ms. Merkel into office seems to have had a powerful by-effect for Ms. Markle too. If we recount the Brexit though we find that it was the decision of Ms. Merkel that paved the way for the falling apart of the EU. She is the Eurocrat who, on 9/4 15, decided to open up the national borders for over a million of so-called refugees, including most obvious asylum fraudsters, notorious trained gypsies, dangerous rogues and even potential Islamic terror suspects. It's common today to differ between still-okay Muslims and disliked Islamists, but let's not forget those typical gangsters. The official politics to integrate such aliens into the working process failed ingloriously. The problem that Ms. Merkel definitely has is, that she has no strong link to her home country, neither is she rooted within the culture of the west. She lost her home country, the GDR, and in a way her faith provided her with the defect identity of a Pseudo-Israelite only. When Mrs. Merkel claimed, in Hanghzou China, that her European refugee politics are correct, she maybe resembled more these post-socialists of China than European democrats. Mrs. Merkel also told to the press that she is so amazed how much Red China changes, from one visit to the next. Mrs. Merkel also occasionally said that she believes in the human right of free migration. That would mean, in the strict sense that such post-socialists prefer, that all Chinese could freely move into the EU. So isn't it true that the Chinese work much harder than westerners? That sounds favorable to the ears of the believers in market liberalism. The sad truth is though that such Mongos of major race two are made from more dark elements. This brings them and others more instability. Should we try and learn from China? That would means that we would work harder and duck deeper before the authorities. Are these worthy of our respect? Some tales of the »puny princes« of China seem to say that they are not. Ms. Merkel forgot to warn China before an aggressive military expansion at sea. The rapid changes that happen there but also mean that the companies and people spoil their environment in an unbelievable careless way. One of the consequences is that hardly any fishes still live in the Chinese seas. Jellyfish thrives, this is what these poor fellows then eat. The smog of the capital Beijing is much worse to even polluted London. We don't want such Asian decadence in Europe!

The UTR finds that the stability of the reality, and the sound slow development, are sure criteria of God's spell of good luck. The gracious living thing, who is our planet's creating god, tends to stabilize worthy elements of creation and to develop them slowly to better quality. Dark, eccentric, off-species and deformed elements of creation have naturally a lower stability. They may develop in a fast and wondrous way, but dark magic is behind.

1.4 As Time goes by, Version 2.1

You should remember this:
A kiss is still a kiss,
as time goes by...

But when old lovers woo,
still saying: »I love you«,
there's something that they miss.

1.5 In the West many people tend to ignore what hostile Muslims do to our Girls

So is it functional that Muslims and Negroes migrate into Europe and bring their diverse cultures with? Here are some press reports about the typical bad deeds of bad Muslims in British towns:

Derby, Telford, Rochdale, Rotherham, Manchester, Oxfordshire... In the time after 2012 the British police realized that thousands of British children were raped by predominantly Muslim gangs. Many officers in charge allegedly hadn't dared to notice before, allegedly due to fears of being defamed as racists. Prime minister David Cameron lately spoke of »child abuse in an industrial dimension« and of »a national threat«. Gangs of Muslims would select young white girls from the lower class, and then put the pressure on them and their families, by way of persistent persecution, playing the »lover boys«. Gangsters would drug, rape and beat girls. They traded them as slaves and abused them in groups and cruelly tortured them. In 2010 the police started »Operation Chalice«. Of around 200 suspects in the end only four British Pakistanis were sentenced to long prison terms. In the Rochdale trial nine British Pakis and Somalis were put into prison. One Paki burned down the house of a teen girl victim. Three Brits died, he serves a lifetime prison term.

Is this a development that we must accept in a multicultural society? Some older men agree. They will call it a tradition to force girls into prostitution, but we must find it an outrage and a cause for action. Things are even worse in many other countries, who are not morally strong like Britain is. The hate campaign that some gangsters and Semites stir up against better whites is so intense that it made many whites get humble. When Nazi-Deutschland was battled down, Britain took a long dive into an era of cultural decline. Only a better Deutschland can lead Europe out of this crisis!

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