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Title: Isnt She Beautiful - Yes She's ugly!

2. Welcome to beautiful Britain!
Isn't Ugly the new Beautiful?

Tricorn-Centre-Portsmouth under construction with Beljonde text

2.1 Should New Britain remind us of Elephant's Dung?

Now this is a historical image of new Portsmouth. I took this from the book »A Vision of Britain« by Prince Charles. Is this scenery beautiful? Some fans of modern architecture will indeed feel prodded to judge that yes, this style is modern and futuristic and has a strange attractiveness. Prince Charles however cited one anonymous local comment, that this looked like »mildewed elephant's droppings covered in drainpipes«. I don't agree, in fact I find that it rather looks like a national monument erected in honor of the British oil refineries, oil rigs and foreign oil tankers too. The original name of this array of concrete is »Tricorn Centre«. The UTR has it that weird horns, here symbolized by hooked turrets, often allude to the machines of the congeras. Each congera originally has six such cranes, who connect a worm's body to the artificial hearts. Our good Earth Goddess still has all her three hearts operational, and she nearly only uses her first one. Sofia Ewa could even build another heart in short time from prefabricated parts. Many hostile gray congeras however are on heart three and unable to tinker away damages. The consequence is that such Greys receive blood that is mixed with nitric acid. Those zombie congeras in space fight constant wars and torture each others in sly cruel ways.

The picture postcard text on the above image is from me, by the way. It reflects the modern view of many liberals and pro-diversity freaks. They want a Britain that is no longer truly British, but a mix of many cultures. And isn't it true that very many cultures can successfully be integrated, to shape something entirely new? The result is similar to what we get when we arrange lots of letters from very different fonts. That still gives a readable text. But is it not strange that the font of the above text comes to us under the name »Old Dreadful«? We might rather call it »New Beautiful«. But that may sound like an Orwellian propaganda trick, based on the doctrine »ugly is beautiful«.

We can already see, just from this text example, that many different styles don't mix and associate to give a beautiful result. It's the same with many different sorts of humans and cultures. They can eventually dwell side by side, but they can't really integrate, and side by side they don't look well.

The big delusion of the multicultural freaks is it, that one national culture can easily be replaced by a colorful international mix. If many colors don't really mix, they don't give a harmonic scenery. But if many colors mix, the entire result is often some shade of gray. Instead of many exotic colorful styles the gray of concrete tends to win the upper hand. Diversity often allows an ugly and uniform chaos to push aside better national traditions.

2.2 The Voice of the Prince in the Concrete Desert

Regarding the above image, I must say that I feel much respect for Prince Charles. I appreciate his campaign for a better Britain, that he issued some decades ago. In those days he would have been a good king, but it wasn't meant to be. He thence wrote in his book »A Vision of Britain«:

»Some time during this century something went wrong... we allowed terrible damage to be inflicted on parts of this country's unique landscape and townscape... I have been fascinated to discover on my travels just how many people seem to be appalled of what we have done to so many of our towns and cities since the last war...«

Officially this book is all about architecture. But the true message is one of the loss of beauty. In the era of multiculturalism, which often is in fact globalization in disguise, the cities and towns of Britain like lost their faces. So many international looking buildings were erected, and so many ugly high-rises. The Prince of Wales found that this trend lacked British style, that it changed the lands of Britain in a sorry and unwelcome way. We must find that this is overall correct. It was the consequence too of the decline of Deutschland from a leading cultural nation of Europe into two ruined and divided nations. When this heartland of Europe went down, the entire continent lacked an anchor of stability. Bad developments after 1945 were but also the consequence of the entry of many too many migrants into Europe. Is not Britain first there for it's British citizens? In ages past, in the times of a recession or a crisis, the governments of the Commonwealth nations would issue building projects, to give their people jobs and better hopes. Now global companies fight a crisis with more cheap workers from abroad. So can we expect that Chinese and Pakis or primitive African Negroes become the new Brits? Migration makes proud peoples lose face too.

Surely things are bad in many badlands of this planet. The west is not to blame. So should Britain now surrender more land and living space to a dark deluge of immigrants, right now mainly from Muslim countries? Must we Europeans allow king-size mosques now to rise in most of our cities and towns, and hear the annoying songs of the muezzins from dawn to dusk? Also because they didn't want this, a small majority of the Brits voted to leave the European Union. Doubtless their yearnings for a better Britain, and their fears that their land is changing to the worse, are not yet well understood. There are just too many Eurocrats (rulers of Europe), who have little respect for national cultures and morality. Some favor Orientals and coloreds too much while they dislike and disrespect white Europeans, especially the Deutsche (Germans). Catholics and leftists tell us that we must, for reasons of charity, welcome even most primitive aliens, in spite of the troubles that primitive aliens bring in. Many of these aliens are not really refugees, but nomads, migrants and rogues. While we largely in vain try to reeducate them, they make us become just primitive.

2.3 A dark Spell seems to try and dress down our People and Lands

Sadly, nearly the first picture in his book shows Prince Charles with a brick and a tool in his hand and a grinning young Negro. So did he have in mind to build Britain anew with people of the poorest sort? While many elderly realize the quality and beauty of many traditional (and some modern) buildings, they lack the sense for human quality and beauty. Prince Charles has grown old, here we see him in Vanuatu. One old Kanaka is just trying to redress him with some fancy grass skirt. These guys can't live without their primitive traditions. Can our deciders do better?

Young British workers who want to get fit for a new future must make it clear that Britain is there for it's genuine British people, and not the other way around. We need not build more pyramids for kings long gone, but nice stylish houses for our people. And it's just natural that these houses are built in a human scale and with gardens. It should be understood that the truly British first have the rights to build these. They can avoid a dark spell that tries to make Britain get primitive.

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