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The Origins of the Piltdown Man

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The Piltdown Man is a foggy forgery who became a modern British myth. Who was really at the origin of this scam? Investigators tend to forget about two guys who were present when the alleged find was made: clerics. Definitely some Bible badgers did produce more than one such forgery, to prove their absurd theory that this Earth was created only a few thousand years ago. However, in the Age of Enlightenment we live in, the real God clears up all such foggy stories.

Besides, the biggest mystery of this false find was that all the college experts of this era fell for it! They just liked the idea too much that this wise looking but still primitive guy had been their earliest ancestor. They disliked other real finds, like the skull of the Child of Taung. We can still learn today from this scandal story, that our senior experts can become massively fooled by their vain expectations and hopes for glory.

There is a sly spirit of falseness that fools people, call it false intuition. Learning the lesson the Piltdown Man can still teach means, to be more wary when it comes to modern science swindles. That starts with the Big Bang swindle, and it does not end with the Global-Warming-is-all-bad-and-our-fault swindle. Gladly there were always some British and European dissenters and sceptics who raised doubts against such big swindles. Now, with the help of the UTR, it is finally possible to find out the non-human people who are at the origin of such supernatural conspiracies. God too does this, to keep secret a wisdom that is not suitable for half-crazed and badly developed mortals.

The first Britisher did have a big snout, didn't he? This image shows the Beljonde version of the legendary Piltdown Man. Originally the skull had been much smaller at the front, but he was carrying the same ape-like teeth. The snout may be designed this way or another, as one tries to reconstruct the skull. Real finds are only those chocolate-brown pieces: a part of the cranium, a short piece of the jawbone, and also some teeth. Thus it depends on the ideas of the restorer whether his skull looks believable in the end.

»Arthur Smith Woodward met the "star hour" of his research career on a summer evening of the year 1912. In a muddy gravel pit near Piltdown in the British county of Sussex, the palaeontologist encountered a scientific sensation, in the company of the amateur-geologist Charles Dawson and two clerics: one half of a human lower jaw bone... Already some time before Dawson had discovered, at the same location, fragments of a petrified skull....«

Heavenly started one article of a Deutsche [German] journalist in the magazine GEO about this find. So this guy was sure: Dawson and colleagues had found these pieces, and not only feigned this story. That makes us wonder why those mendacious priests didn't fall on their knees then and thanked God, asking to send in astrologers to interpret this find. At least I found, in this rather well researched article from 1998, finally the facts that solved the riddle for me. Time before I had been, I must confess it for once, bedevilled a bit by the swindle. Couldn't it have been possible that this broken piece of the lower jawbone was a genuine find, one that originated from a »southern ape« (Australopithecus), but had been misinterpreted by the, thence so stubborn, experts?

Meanwhile many rests of our ape-like ancestors have been discovered, and on all three continents who had been within reach from Africa, in those early eras. There are finds from both the Dryopithecines and the ensuing Ramapithecines in Africa, Middle Europe, India and even Central China. It is mysterious however, why the later Australopithecines (pre-humans) – hominization (ape-men becoming human) started with those – apparently never migrated beyond the southern edge of today's Sahara. Those who believe in God should understand that God didn't want such primitive pre-humans in Europe. Moses too had not been directed into the promised land, but into the disastrous desert.

»The find [!!?], that had been made in 1912 in Southern England, met wonderfully the thence dominating view, of a human ancestor with well developed mental abilities, but also with some bodily traits similar to apes. It enthralled at the same time the British prehistorians, since it directed the light of scientific interest … to the core lands of the Empire: The first human had obviously been intelligent, and an Englishman! … The scientific establishment unrestrainedly fell for the swindle.«

That is what the white Kenyan Richard Leakey wrote, one of the greatest discoverers and scholars on this field [in my retranslation]. He forgot to mention that two mendacious priests had also been involved into this coup. His father at least thought of a swindle, that had been typical for Bible badgers. Some last dishonest people still fabricate such false finds even today.

Some experts became wary at an early time. But during decades they could hardly examine the original finds. Only a chemical test showed that these finds must have been modern parts, unlike to the other fossils found at the location. It was the anatomist Josef Weiner who came to the conclusion, after a night of pondering in 1953, that there was no natural explanation for this find. We may call this an enlightenment. It shows how much thence the people involved were under the influence of higher powers. For many it was unthinkable that these finds could have been a poorly made forgery, since all the experts had recognized this Mr. Piltdown. When Raymond Dart had discovered the real hominid fossil of the Child of Taung, the leading expert Sir Arthur Keith rejected this »in a sharp tone«, wrote Leakey.

With the forgery finally debunked, it remained unclear for a long time who had done it. Even the famous writer Arthur Conan Doyle became a suspect. People however disliked to consider Arthur Smith Woodward, since this guy had meanwhile become sired, together with another Arthur, the anatomist Arthur Keith, the one who constructed this false skull. But it much speaks against Arthur Smith Woodward that he kept these pieces hidden spreading false stories about them. Dawson had claimed that the finds had been found at a depth of 24 meters. But the entire layer had only had a thickness of 15 meters. The idea that these two unknown clerics could have been a part of the scam, that idea is maybe still taboo today for Christian scientists. Not even Conan Doyle would surely have dared to let his master-detective Sherlock Holmes prove that such a bad deed had been the work of Bible badgers!

Only after I had received the calling and become the Saviour in 1993, the British fog around this find lightened a bit. In 1996 one old piece of luggage was discovered with documents of a certain Martin A. C. Hinton. Martin had already very early in his life occupied with the ageing of bones. Already at the age of 16, Martin had published a scientific thesis about the coloration of old bones. At the time of the find he had had a job at the college there, and in 1910 he had had a quarrel with Smith Woodward. So Smith Woodward should well have known about the experiments that Martin made, who managed to let age bones in rivers. In the GEO magazine however we were reading the version, that Martin Hinton »most probably took revenge« on Smith Woodward. That also could have been written in the Deutsche magazine Stern [the Star].

And did yon know... The UTR has it that Martin is one of the names with heavy fractal links to other living planets. On the planet Lar, our nearest sister planet in space, one Martin was a Parsic sect leader and false savior, comparable to our Jesus. The Syrizan churches of Lar claimed that Martin lives in the foggy sky; that would mean, here on Earth for instance, from their perspective. In ages past alien prayers powered up our wizard Myrddin aka Merlin. And that was the reason too why Muslims believed in many a Mahdi. Most recently however they learned over yonder that there are planets in outer space but no cosmic fog harbouring the dead. That slowly came out while the terrestrial goddess of Lar, Leta Ewa, chose her true companion and savior, whose name is Fred Willms. Definitely such a period of time is an age of enlightenment, when many old myths and forgeries suddenly become debunked and correctly explained. It is different though on the doomed planets of the Feken (formerly Aards). These unlucky living planets are populated by pigs in space, who are worse off than our humans. They can't learn true wisdom, since the demonic Greys (cherubim) who keep them enslaved are too mighty and too dangerous. That means for instance that a savior on the planet of Fe-Nike is not able to find out the truth himself, but he will fail and tell you wrong stories. Fractal magic also links certain people from our planet to such planets of ill wit and bad luck. For instance the name Nike links to names like Saint Nicolaus, or also Nicola... The Orange Orders however link to some better aliens. There are also many better evolved humanoids in space, and the throne-angels of these planets typically don't wear birds wings but they enjoy golden hair.

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