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Biden's Last Campaign

Title misspelled: Biden's last and liest campain

Joe Biden's Presidential Campaign of 2020 – a free Text by Bertram Eljon Holubek, 2020, V.2

Fahrenheit 451 is well known as the temperature when books burn. You should be glad today that one can't burn Internet texts like this one. We may imagine that the Democratic presidential candidate of 2020, Joe Biden gets fiery; regarding funny cartoons of him, with rather critical political comments. Old Joe called Mr. Trump a clown, a liar, a racist and the worst US president of history. Checking out these allegations, this text entertains and is educational, mainly on the field of religion.

Image: Biden's Dementia Test


Who is the president, and who is the clown? In principle it should be a doddle for any person with a basic knowledge of our culture to answer this question correctly. But maybe it's not as easy as for Old Joe Biden. He is already 77 right now, at a time when he runs once again for president of the United States of America. In that high age people tend to have slight disabilities. That means they can't see and read very well. Typical for that high age is also a certain inflexibility regarding the mind. They can't handle well new things and easily forget them, while old stuff from decades past vividly comes again into their minds. Mr. Biden was born in 1942. He was already a petty lawyer when peaceniks demonstrated against the Vietnam war and for legal dope and such issues. There is no mention in his Wikipedia article that he actively participated in this movement, like for instance Hillary Clinton did. But Joe also didn't go to Vietnam. Despite the fact that he was a lifeguard and a football player in his college years, five times he had himself deferred from the draft. Later on he managed to get a medical furlong, due to "teenage asthma". So let's call him a typical draft dodger. That is obvious since in 1972 he became a senator. He won the election due to his "energy level". His draft affair still is today some kind of blackened chapter in his résumé.

There is a facts check website of USA Today in the internet. In some forum, a Marietta Mitchell had written about this draft affair of Joe. The big newspaper asked her for a comment, but she didn't write more. USA Today then investigated, and concluded that the story was true. We may assume that Joe tried to keep this story confidential, just like the Negro Barack kept confidential before his election the fact that he was a habitual cocaine sniffer. But surely that draft dodging affair played a major role, when Joe became so eager to get into big politics early in his life. He was a lawyer then without clients. And with the Vietnam war still going on, he was surely seeing the need for speeding up his career, to be of some use at home at least in the political combats.

Time Magazine once called Joe "compulsively ambitious". We may assume that this too is a consequence of his Catholic denomination, being exotic among top-notch politicians and the gentry of the USA. Many still remember the bad destiny of John F. Kennedy, the first and last Catholic US-president. Apparently for the same reason, Joe Biden finds it hard to remain cool and down to earth. Many voters find the aggressive style of Donald Trump problematic. Surely Joe was not well advised to tackle the president even harder.

In 1972, also his appealing young wife helped Joe to win. But his Roman Catholic faith and their Catholic marriage brought his family no luck. His wife was killed soon afterwards. This reminds of the curse of the Kennedys. Their unusual bad luck also had something to do with their church.

In 1972 the US senatorial campaign of Joe Biden focused on one main issue: The withdrawal of the US troops from Vietnam. At that time this bloody mess was highly unpopular among voters. But it was the Republican president Richard Nixon who was tough enough to decide to factually admit defeat. Today if asked who was the worst president ever of the US, many people will say that Nixon was. Surely the espionage affair called Watergate plays a main role here. But let us compare president Nixon with president Trump, who recently decided to withdraw the US troops from the Near and Middle East. He complains about the endless wars in that region. That issue already was important when he was voted into office in 2016, the New York Times writes. Some people complain that Trump didn't bring home much of the US combat force so far. Others hold it up against him that he doesn't care enough for the Iraqi Kurds and other peoples there, who rely on western protection and support. A decision to withdraw from ongoing conflicts is always highly unpopular among allies of course. Some even criticize him since he does not scale down the US troops in the gulf states, like Bahrain, where they are badly needed due to the menace of near Iran. Apparently, whatever Trump does he can't stop leftist and liberal media guys from harshly criticizing him. This harsh and rude tone also made Trump take up his aggressive style. However if Joe Biden would become president now, there is hardly anything he could do better. Indeed the NYT writes »Echoing Mr. Trump, Mr. Biden also promises to "end the forever wars"« in the region. But of course a full withdrawal of the US troops from the Middle East would look like an invitation for Iran to again terrorize and trouble these nations. We can't let that happen.

How well are you in control of your emotions? Imagine medics would ask you to do the above dementia test. Of course you can see the difference between the clown and the president. But are you mentally fit enough to answer correctly? It is surprisingly hard for some types to remain correct and fair. A bad, emotional style is typical for left-wingers.

In the first TV debate Joe Biden threw the gauntlet at his opponent with a smack. That was maybe another time his emotions were running wild. We may suppose that hardly ever before a president in office was challenged in such a combative and unfair way. The consequence was that all over the world, viewers reacted with irritation and worry. The image of US politics and of the people of the USA didn't benefit from this event. It was correct when President Trump put the blame for this bad show also on the media. Many liberal and established newspeople had indeed raised bad emotions against the former outsider Trump. Biden only did now what the media were doing too.

Let me not forget to mention that the above picture of the clown shows Ronald McDonald. That mascot of the McDonald's fast food restaurants was originally designed by the, probably Jewish, franchisee Oscar Goldstein. Ronald used to look "creepy" at first, writes mashed.com. But, not unlike President Trump, he has upgraded his looks and also found a place where he can do lots of good things. Today this clown is really a nicer symbol, also at facilities who care for children.

1. More Migrants? Oh Woe might say John Doe!

Cartoon: Biden can't make up his mind about his running mate
1.1 Joe's Political Agenda and Roman Catholic Prejudices

Well, Joe Biden wants to become a US president in his old days. For this it's important whom he chooses as his vice presidential candidate. Imagine he would suddenly drop dead in office. Then suddenly a woman would rule the USA. Hillary Clinton didn't make it, despite the fact that the talkative old lady finished her marathon of public appearances. In 2016 she just encountered too many dramas and crises. And one major crisis concerned beautiful Debbie Wasserman-Schulz, here shown right in front of the scenery. She had been spotted by hackers, being guilty of covertly supporting Hillary. But since DWS was the chairwoman of the DNC, the campaign organization of the Democrats, she was supposed to remain neutral. For this they gave her a key role in a dramatic scene. But hey, can it be that in 2020 again the party rather wanted Joe Biden to win and not the populist and socialist Bernie Sanders? If there happened to be such a bias, then this time Debbie would be innocent, and she earned another chance anyway. I might support Debbie some more, since she is German-American. We Deutsche need to keep together. But then again, since I am the King of Kings I am also supposed to remain impartial in political competitions, am I not?

Too old? It's typical for old men in charge that they are supported by a wife in the background, whose beliefs are centered in the conviction that her man is not too old of course. Joe Biden is a Roman Catholic after all. And looking to the Vatican for backing, he finds that Pope Frenchy the first (and hopefully last) is well over 80 and still looking relatively fit. He is or was a Latino, and strongly in favor of helping the poor and needy to invade the lands of the rich, and reproduce in large quantities there, disregarding their typical economical, social and moral incompetence. Oh woe, might say John Doe! Now, as we look at Old Joe's migration politics, we find that his views much meet those of the Latino pope! That is of course what we must expect from a committed Roman Catholic. Indeed one main point on Joe's political agenda is to open up the US borders for humane migration. That would concern millions of Latinos, who are mainly Roman Catholics after all. These guys blacken the streets with their heads as they march to the frontier right now. Of course Joe wouldn't say that he supports some kind of Catholic reconquista, from California to Florida and Texas first. But while he is soft on migration politics, he is surely led by conscious and subconscious religious prejudices. So we may remember that John F. Kennedy started the Vietnam war due to similar prejudices! Vietnam used to be a French colony, before it became a Commie bog. French colonialism but also relied on Roman Catholic religion. It was in some way a religious affair for JFK, to support papists more strongly than others. This war was a crusade! Joe Biden is not likely to repeat such historical errors, but we may suspect that a similar thinking resides in his head when it comes to his religion. But all the medieval crusades failed in the end. It's because that religion is just fundamentally wrong; yes it is outdated, as outdated as Old Joe.

1.2 The Time is right for Divine Comedy

I always try to be wise. Right now however, it's maybe not wise to be too wise. The time is just not right, and I can't really explain you why this is so. I am confidently looking forward to the year 2024 a. That will be the year when God will check out the results of the UTR Agenda 2024. Our main task is to end hunger everywhere on this world, by way of reducing population. So are things getting better in the lands teeming with many too many paupers? Most people worry more about the climate right now. Every time bad weather occurs they fear the apocalypse. We always had weather problems. Does it help to reduce the CO2 of our exhausts? The Deutsche chancellor, Frau Merkel, is leading the international campaign, to reduce the so-called greenhouse gases with very strict measures. Estimations but show that typical human measures could only lead to small effects. And not calculated in are the measures that God undertakes, who owns and controls this Earth. God is what many old-fashioned scientists can neither understand nor accept. They believe that theories like those of Darwin and Einstein allow no room for any such person. I however say that God is mainly an old lady who lives inside of her world. With the help of magnetic rays from below, and supported by many planets of angels far away in space, God controls not only the Sun and the orbit of Earth and thus the climate. But such congeras also control all the human minds.

When it comes to religion, many people find that it's good to support God, and make this Earth become a well habitable and natural place. But, regarding hunger, pollution and overpopulation, things get especially bad in socialist countries like North Korea. That is due to the fact that Reds and leftists generally are less able to cope with the fact that higher powers exist, who are hard to understand and to handle. Recent figures from China at least show that the trend is good. In 2019 the birth rate among Mainland Chinese people sank to the lowest rate since 70 years ago. And that happened despite the fact that Red China abolished it's only-one-child campaign in 2015. That shows how strong the magical guidance of God can be. It's also part of this policy to make people plant and grow more trees and plants. When people do this right now, it's because they believe in the wrong climate theories. They need not fear global warming, since this is what God does since the end of the last ice age. But it's a tricky strategy of God to make them worry about the climate. That allows God to remain under cover. The time isn't right for a coming out.

Remember that our civilization has a weak standing. Centuries ago Christians were utterly insane and humble. It could mean torture and death to not believe in any lore that the pope had issued, and not rarely they used to appoint more than one of these. In a religious tyranny, comedy is often a way of compensation. Funny fables are therefore among the earliest texts that monks wrote up. Fables were also a way for the Earth Goddess to talk some sense into people who didn't know her. In the oldest fables, we find that a wolf (called Isegrim, Wrath of Jesus) often symbolizes a devil. The Greys, our enemies, prefer to mask as wolves or hell hounds. They bring to us diseases and work bad miracles and destiny. Our way to more health is to destroy those cosmic zombies. The way that must be done is to skin them alive, since congeras work magic with their skin contacts. So how can we do this? Our way to victory is to make those devils lose their income of lifeforce. God plans therefore to move our Solar System away from the neighboring stars where Greys live.

The fox Reinhard is the blond sly guy in the forest. Once the bear king got sick. All animals were called up to provide a cure. Then the fox brought up this idea: Let's skin the wolf! How on Earth should that work? Well, it did. The king got well again, and that allowed all the animals to thrive.

Right now, many humans are haughty and insane. Especially left-wingers think that they can regulate everything the way they want, that they can shape humans in any way they want to, and destroy anything that they dislike. Believers must study old-time books full of lies and errors. Many have a hunch that God lives, with a name that sounds similar to Jehova. But while God isn't really coming out, humans can't explain all things the divine way. There is no place in the colleges for people who fundamentally criticize the old stuff that the old guys teach there. There is no place in most media for people who see things in the way paved by the Universal Truth Religion. Instead people get ever stricter when it comes to rules of political correctness. One false word and you're out of social media. In this tricky situation, it pays to be a trickster. It's like dancing with an egg on your spoon.

2. In Search of Joe's Campaign Anthem

Cartoon: Biden tries a trick with tinkle, but Bernie warns to not drink and drool
2.1 The Trick with the Tinkle

At least Joe managed to get past Bernie Sanders. The old rebel has a tendency of not giving up on a cause that not only he regards as good. Bernie is still an independent candidate after all. When it comes to many issues, Bernie and Joe are at odds with each others. They represent two different political agendas, and they only are not heading different political parties while they decided to join their forces; for a better chance to win against Donald Trump, who is able enough to win a surprise victory another time. Remember what happened four years ago? In 2016 the guys from the Bernie camp were really sore. That happened since Ms. Debbie Wasserman Schulz (DWS) secretly had supported Hillary Clinton, while she was supposed to remain neutral. But that was not the only thing that made Bernie fans get angry on the party establishment. The consequence was that the Bernie fans in 2016 were likely to turn the Democratic Convention into a battlefield of loud protest, instead of a cheering podium of unity that the candidate would like to meet there. Hillary Clinton feared that she would get sacked by the opposing team of Bernie, and she was not someone to take this easy. Now this is what we read in the well informed book Shattered (p. 297) of 2016, worth of taking another look into it, right in the heat of the ongoing campaign marathon:

On TV it looked like all was okay at the Democratic Convention of 2016. The media professionals made it look like Ms. Clinton was receiving the support from the party that she would need to win. But in reality there were die-hard Bernie fans in the crowd who tried to make trouble and who raised protests. So what the party cronies did was, they tried to get dissenting fans out! If these guys would get to the soda stand or the toilets and return, they would find that the "whip team" had placed "pro-Clinton forces" there. When Ms. Clinton chose "Fight Song" as her campaign anthem she definitely meant it.

In the Internet there are still protest pictures of Bernie fans claiming they were silenced at the convention. For these and all the other true Bernie fans here's something else to remember:

"DWS had a tight relationship with Vice President Joe Biden." (Shattered, p. 267)

Remembering this, Bernie should surely have advised his biggest fans this time to not drink and drool. After all, any slogan that starts with "Don't drink and ..." is likely to become popular in the USA. But Old Joe is a sly guy who remembers well that it was not the great mind and education that transported the Negro Barack Obama into the chair of the president, but the slogans that his PR advisers invented for him. What Joe Biden maybe would have needed to just copy was the Obama style sloganeering. Here's my proposal for him for the rest of his campaign. It's from an old song from his younger days, that might well become his campaign anthem: "Biden my time."

2.2 Now seriously: Typical for Joe Biden was his missing luck

What could we expect from a US-President Biden? A big workload is not what such oldsters are ready to suddenly master, fifteen years after the time they should have retired.. Let's remember the bad case of the terror chief Osama bin Laden. He had been killed by a clever raid of the US special forces, despite of the mysterious fact that one of their helicopters broke down. From the point of view of foreign policy, that was the biggest success of President Obama; and he reaped well earned respect inside and outside of the USA, for his courage and his success. Few people may remember that at that time, Hillary Clinton was his foreign secretary. She had favored and signed Osama's death warrant. But remember what Joe did at that crucial time (Shattered, p. 290):

Hillary "had recommended he [President Obama] launch that strike against the advice of Vice President Joe Biden … at a time when everyone understood a failure could spell doom for Obama's reelection hopes the following year".

Of course Mr. Biden wasn't fond of Osama bin Laden too, of the former leader of the infamous Al-Khaeda terrorist group. But once again Old Joe had just had big bad luck. Intuition is a tricky thing. Many people can't rely on it when it comes to minor issues, but guidance eventually helps them to a place where they belong. Joe just didn't have the luck that would have paved his way to the White House earlier. It's unlikely that Lady Luck will find him more attractive as a president.

2.3 So what is so different about Roman Catholic religion?

Roman (Italian) Catholics like Old Joe are Christians after all, are they not? The older some guys get, the more they tend to see things the way their priests do. It's due to the spell of religion, that is often getting stronger with the end of one's days coming nearer. The promises and menaces of the Bible force many on their knees and render them unable to think. But those who dare to think freely can come to the conclusion, that the religion of the Bible can't be much else than a foolery. So who in all the universe did this? The main suspect must be the so-called Holy Virgin. Just this spirit is at the center of Roman Catholic and Orthodox belief. Protestants think the lady is a fake.

Or was Jesus a clown, who wrote the Bible to fool a world he didn't regard as his own? Remember that the oldest gospel, that of Saint Mark, ended with the crucifixion. Tales of the resurrection of Jesus were only later added to the Bible. And Jesus himself did not write up a single word. He was an analphabet after all. When he visited the main temple in Jerusalem, he apparently started to learn to write in Hebrew. But the language of the Bible was hardly known to him too, since his native language was Aramaic, a dialect of Arabic. His name wasn't even Jesus, but it must have sounded like his Arabic name 'Isa.

So much about the gospel. But what is the gospel in comparison to all the stuff that clerics and believers later fantasized? Their genuine belief grew in centuries, and made Jesus become a very different guy. Some early church fathers had still known that Jesus had been ugly, that is what the critical writer Celsus mentioned too. But creative artists turned the dark ugly puny Jew into a guy they liked better to look at. On some pictures Jesus even is blond! So can't it be that he is an angel now who lives in the sky, where he received the powers to completely revamp his Semitic genes?

Christians believe in a savior who is supposed to live in heaven. That belief grew from authentic miracles. When guys prayed to Jesus, guidance seemed to come to them. It works like in some Italian comedy films of the fifties: Don Camillo seemed to hear the voice of Jesus. By the same way other gods, spirits or powers seem to also contact the living. Can sensitive people be sure that these voices, that they eventually hear with their minds only, are not fakes? It should warn Christians that in English the Latin name Jesus turned into a spoken Djeezes. The Universal Truth Religion has it that some evil aliens of the Cräybs belong to the swarm of Djee. That also explains why the name John the Baptist became in Italian Giambattista, spoken Djeeambuttistu.

Guys who use the social media should know, that some guys whom they meet there are not the ones they claim to be. All you eventually see of them is the photo of someone else. There are even fake twitter accounts of President Trump! In principle many spirits of the sky use the same methods. Aliens claim that they are Jesus or another dead guy.

2.4 Darker Guys often naturally have worse Luck

The UTR has it that God has split up the Christians into different communities for good reasons. That should help God with the development of better Whites while sorting out too dark types. It's a big problem that the darklings often reproduce too much, and want to mingle with the chosen. In the heat of World War One, darklings not only from Portugal were more worried than usually. As it seems when children saw a zeppelin that gave them the idea that this was their "Fatty Ma".

Now, the Deutsche weekly I am just reading, the Junge Freiheit (16. Oct. 20), shows on page two the photo of a pilgrimage of Catholics. It's at Fatima in Portugal. The text says that "hundreds" of pilgrims showed up there to "praise" the so-called Miracle of the Sun. It's a celestial phenomenon that allegedly happened there on the 13th of October 1917. But what was really happening there? Historical records have it that thousands of spectators saw that the Sun was getting strange while changing it's color. Time seemed to stand still. There are many reports of eye witnesses, but these vary so much, that all of this sounds like everyone has been seeing different optical illusions. We must call this a mass hypnosis. What was the logic behind this? Some months before, three kids from remote rural Portugal had seen and heard some kind of holy virgin in visions. That spirit had raised and confirmed the traditional Christian fears of hell, by a vision of rocks who seemed to be tortured in burning lava. In Catholic Southern Europe, Catholics until today assume that the spirit who was behind this had been Maria, the dead mother of dead Jesus. Protestants however tend to either deny that the Fatima miracles ever happened, or they ascribe them to Satan instead of God. Definitely it is true that the shepherd girl Lucia dos Santos heard a spirit speak into her mind. But was the spirit truthful? We may well compare such Catholic visions to other cases of spiritualism. For instance there was Catherine Elise Muller alias Helen Smith. In 1894 she had lively spiritual sessions, during which spirits partly controlled her body. A spirit called Leopold told her that he was the ghost of the dead Italian summoner Balsamo alias Cagliostro. However the psychologist Theodor Flournoy found out that the alleged ghost couldn't speak a word of Italian. Also when he possessed Helen making her write, the handwriting was historical but not that of Cagliostro. This ghost was a fake, and while he had great powers he also seemed to be strangely disoriented in our space and time. That's typical for disorderly people who work on us from many lightyears away. The Sun miracle of Fatima wasn't a fake. So many witnesses saw it. It shows definitely that there exist higher powers who can manipulate time and space and all the naturally blunt reality, as well as our senses and minds. The UTR finally explains who these people really are. Finally it makes sense what the great US-researcher and comedian Charles Fort wrote in 1919 about such visions:

Gigantic wheel-shaped super constructions, bathing in the ocean to soften their pains...

Many religions report of powerful cosmic forces who exert pressure on Earth. The UTR has it that a group of devilish Greys lives at stars nearby to our Sun. These weaken and bring pain to our local creating deity. These virgins live in super-eggs driven by wheels.

The UTR has it that Ga-Sama of Sirius B is the traditional leader of the local group of Greys. The consequence is that people with a Sama-Name tend to get more under devilish influence. That for instance explains why bad Osama bin Laden could get so mighty. The same was already the case with his mentor Abdallah as-Sam. His fortress Tora Bora then reminded of the name of Ga-Dora, Ga-Sama's life partner. Asma Assad, the wife of the Syrian tyrant Baschar, also has such a name.

One of the major successes of president Trump was the killing of Qasem Soleimani. For many years this Iranian high ranking military was known as a terror chief, much comparable to Osama bin Laden. It was only during the era of the Trump administration, when the USA began to take action against such Shiites, who previously had organized and carried out grave acts of terror.

Also Qasem (!) Soleimani bore a Ga-Sama name. In 2019 he still smiled into the cameras. It was the year when Iran and other Shiite groups had carried out several terrorist attacks, also against ships from Deutschland and Norway. But with the death of Soleimani, luck went away from these Islamic sectarians. Their crackpot militia guys even shot down a passenger plane that had started from their capital's airport. Here it is again, the secret of bad luck. Some guys have just naturally better luck than others. That is obviously a good indicator, that good powers are supporting them.

You may counter that only the UTR teaches about the supreme devil Ga-Sama. No, already in the Bible we read of this demon. It's the only demon that the Bible mentions by the name, in the Book of Tobit (3:7, 16). Around 535 b. Ashmodai alias Asmoel killed the husbands of Sara, and pestered Tobit and his son. The name relates to the Ancient Oriental deity Shamash, who was one (false) god of the Sun. The angel Raphael helped God to "fetter" this demon. Later Jewish traditions also know the same supreme devil under the name of Samael. But due to strange bad intuition the protestant reformer Martin Luther discarded the Book of Tobit. It's still there in the Roman Catholic Bible. That is only one of the good and valuable old traditions that Protestants were unable to preserve and value. That makes Roman Catholics spiritually stronger again. But once again only the UTR can explain who Raphael really is. The name should be translated as Great like God. It refers to planets in outer space, from where gentle giants help our local god.

2.5 The Mysteries of Human Races show that Humans are a created Species

One of the worse accusations or insults, that Old Joe raised against President Trump in the heat of their TV debate, was the word »racist«. Today radical left-wingers are fast with that accusation. It seems to give them the right to be intolerant and even aggressive, if they must think that someone else is a racist. But the same people also are naturally unfair and dishonest, some to the point that they bring up laughably wrong theories. When it comes to the question of human races, officially most scientists and persons in public life must say that races do not exist!! Is this a Shakespearean comedy of stupids? Decades ago some UN pundits decided to proscribe to the world such a false and silly view. They wanted to avoid negative societal developments. Most of these people were left-wingers with sympathies for the Soviet Commies. These guys were utterly mendacious. Until today these have a demonic tendency, to mentally subdue others with the help of false ideologies.

Not only for believers in creation it is obvious that human races do exist. That is what the Bible says too. But it's also common sense. For too simple and stupid people stones are just "stones". But already in the stone age some wise guys realized that there are many sorts of stones, and it helped their culture a lot that these guys were able to correctly classify and make use of lots of different stones. We call it racialism, when people correctly classify races and act accordingly. So can it be that all the old-time experts are wrong? That is what many simple minds suspect, for instance when it comes to the question of climate change. The professional experts and the university pundits can present mountains of papers who support their views. And while they all preferably cite each others, it looks like there are no other opinions than their own. But so often in history it turned out that the experts were wrong and didn't know. When simple people look at the worldwide distribution of the major races, they get a hunch that this can't be a coincidence. The UTR teaches that a bad cosmic plan demanded from God to create six major races for six continents. Right now God however plans to abolish races, to thus make an end with racism. When leftists however claim that human races do not exist, then this is also scientific clowning.

When we say "you must be joking", the sad truth is that demons make jokes with people. When hostile aliens try to make humans get stupid, it's because they want to ruin Earth. The fun escapes us when we realize how strong and active demons are who secretly manipulate this world. For believers it's obvious that evil magic is behind such stupidity.

Remember the time when the Negro Barack was running for president? Experts used to say then, that he obviously wasn't such a big mind, but he was soft and docile; well willing to do what the the prominent professors, cunning consultants and established experts were telling him. The Ivy League provided President Obama with the missing leaf, to cover his vulnerable back. But when Donald Trump was running for president, he seemed to lack just the support of these dignitaries. This explains the furor, the hostile wrath, that broke out among the liberal establishment and the old media. Until today these regard President Trump as a goof, an amateur who governs against the advice of the established experts. That is most notably the case regarding the climate troubles.

Remember what the great Henry D. Thoreau, a wise friend of nature, wrote in his book about the wilderness. He started his book with a reminder, that we know different trees and plants by their fruits. As we question whether leaders or any other people are right with their views, then their personal and professional luck may serve as one indicator.

3. Joe Biden has no Majority, but Hispanics might change that

Cartoon: Biden debates against Bernie at a training session about their pie in the sky
3.1 Barack Obama was on Dangerous Ways

Joe Biden still wants to become, in his oldest days, President of the USA. The Negro Barack Obama massively campaigned for him, but the era of the latter definitely is over. Barack Obama commanded this black magic that they used to call "no drama". During his time the party stayed calm, and all worked out in his team without problems. Most US-Americans hardly noticed that Obama intended to bring them in masses of bad migrants. And then there was the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) pact, a politics that could have made Red China give the USA a bear hug. Definitely it was the color of the skin, that saved the Negro Obama from much criticism. Human races definitely exist in every day life. Old Joe for a change had such a weak backing among his fellow Democrats, that one could think they intended to enter into his last campaign of 2020 with two candidates! Some reasons for this are obviously the constant dramas with his son Hunter. Of his shady business affairs in Eastern Europe and his relations to Red China Joe, allegedly, never knows a thing. So maybe his memory fails him more often lately, as we may expect it.

Well, after the less than great party convention, the time has come for the playoffs in the debate season. Both camps prepare for the big TV duels. When Old Joe speaks during his campaign in some place, he needs not think a lot. He has his staffers who write many speeches for him, and he just reads these out aloud. That works with the help of the autocue, this is a kind of screen with a plexiglass display. And if he should want to think for himself, he may just look it up in a book of Neil Kinnock. Ideas of that former leader of the British Labour party served to inspire Joe time before. The stupid aspect of this was, that Joe did crib and grab so much material from Mr. Kinnock that people noticed. Due to this drama he failed early in the presidential contest of 1988.

In the meantime Joe is 32 years older, and he still hasn't given it up. He was in the presidential race so often, so it's just gotta work out some time! We may assume that it's not easy for him to enter the TV studio and appear to be concentrated and able – and calm! But also for this they have paid trainers, to make Joe fit for challenging Mr. Trump. I had presumed Philippe Reines was again a team member. In the campaign of 2016 he had been a Trump impersonator, when Hillary Clinton prepared for the debates with Donald Trump. Mr. Reines did not only look much like Mr. Trump, but he also played him so well that Ms. Clinton once got so angry she wouldn't play on. Maybe Joe was badly advised to not prepare for the aggressive style of Donald Trump.

What Joe Biden would have to expect, if he should become president, would be: more secret debates with Bernie Sanders. His competitor in his own party would then play a very important role. And Old Bernie's ideas, of democratic socialism, are what they call in the USA "pie in the sky". Something like this works out nowhere on this earth, with the exception maybe of the pseudo-state called Rojava of the Western Kurds. These Kurds are traditionally the hardest enemies of the other Kurds. Experts warn before the many cases when socialist experiments went wrong. From the point of view of the UTR, the main reason for this is, that left-wingers traditionally have no idea of any higher powers. Therefore they are badly able to evaluate the behavior of humans. On this so difficult field, the courageous president Trump is just better by far than his two challengers.

3.2 There is no Alternative to Law and Order
Beljonde Slogan Law and Order also written with Odin's Runes

So what about the 2020 troubles in the USA? Many old media presented rather biased if not nasty pictures of this. Often they show the two videos in which police officers seem to misbehave, or they show white people with guns keeping watch before their homes and shops. They showed in length the scene when a small young patriot got attacked by the mob, trying to rob his gun. He was down on the ground and then shot at the assailants. So what else can you do if these rioters outnumber you by ten to one? The media show the protest marches of BLM supporters, who are legal and definitely in some cases also justified. They rather do not show the scenes in which the rabble ransacked and burned down shops and houses. These are not supporters of the cause of the Negroes, but they are a mob of criminals. What happens if such criminals take over town? Then you leave town, or you pay them ransom, or you hire a "have gun will travel" guy. Now Mike Pence, the Vice President of the USA, made it clear that there is of course no alternative to law and order. But the UTR has alternatives to old-time thinking that is partly wrong. For instance, the UTR brings up Odin's runes, a new and superior set of letters. The UTR also brings up a new lore about human races, major and minor. So far UN experts weren't able to handle well this big issue, since it is so obvious that races are a consequence of intelligent design of creation. But while more and more people get a hunch that religion is the key to the answer of this question, one consequence is that the Negroes suddenly realize that they are just a race of inferior quality. Knowing and accepting this may be the first step to better coping with the troubles. But if rogues use the BLM demonstrations as cover to loot shops and burn homes, then the lootings will be followed by shootings. It's as simple as that, just like President Trump put it in one of his tweets.

The summer 2020 was as hot as usual. And while the scare of the rather harmless Corona № 19 virus made many people stay at home some bad ideas came into their minds. It's no wonder that some police officers overreacted. From my point of view it played a role that I just finished my document about races called ›Racialism or Racism‹. When I studied the ancient Amerindian culture of Cahokia, near to this site the Negro George was accidentally pressed dead by police. This case was a unique repercussion of time and space, due to our naturally blunt reality. The problem with the Negroes is that in principle their place of luck is only Africa, but not America. That means: The more Red power and Amerindian culture thrive, the worse luck Negroes have.

While the Americas are not the original home continents of Negroes, they are also not the lands of the Whites, or so it seems. When young rebels and trouble makers reacted so wildly in 2020, it was also due to the bad deeds and crimes of the Whites who had arrived in the New World with Columbus. The Whites have killed millions of Amerindians and Indios in the name of Christian religion. Religious fear made people accept this, but lately that false belief is about to vanish. The tendency comes up to give back land now to the last Redskins and apologize to them. So should the USA become a land of the Redskins again? I have shown in my English document ›Manifest Destiny‹ that God is regulating the population of the world according to a racial plan. Some last Mohawks, who are unemployed by a margin of 80 %, were shown on TV in 2020. They said that according to their religion, "insatiable gray giants" would consume more and more of them. God indeed needs people of better racial quality, who can take a stand against those devilish Greys.

3.3 The Spearhead of the Minorities

When Hillary Clinton was running for president in 2016, she also regarded herself as some kind of spearhead of all the minorities. Indeed that is the traditional role of the Democrats of the USA, the political party that is situated more to the left of the two. The Democrats are also traditionally the party of the younger rebel types, who want politics and society to change. It was bad for Ms.. Clinton that in 2016, after the end of the Obama administration, few of her voters could hope for a big change. Instead Mr. Trump seemed to bring on the change that dissatisfied citizens wanted.

One tradition has it that the USA is regarded as a big melting pot. Immigrants of many different nations seemed to gradually lose their identities, as they settled down in the USA, to become genuine US-Americans. But as we look closely at the races and nations, we find that they are still there even in the USA. Joe Biden for instance is still rather Irish. And at the bottom of this big melting pot, the Negroes traditionally form a layer of the burnt indigestible. People definitely change while they enter the USA to reproduce there. Why is this so? One of the big secrets of American history is, why never prior to the era of Columbus; Whites managed to find, enter and colonize the third world. As we scrutinize the Icelandic legends of Leif Ericsson and other early seafarers to the Americas, we find that they had really bad luck, and also ran into religious and spiritual troubles. And, already around the year of 1200 b. African seafarers must have paddled to Central America. Plants for instance show that in the era of the Olmecs, Negroes entered the later land of Yucatan. They made gigantic Negro heads there of stone, something that was not common before. But today there are no more of those Negroes in the region of the last Maya. The racial magic of the Americas worked in a way that made non-Redskin genes slowly vanish.

Americans say that their lands are a melting pot for immigrants of many sorts. But one big mystery is, why immigrants of color often change drastically in a few generations. If Japanese migrate to the USA, their descendants look so different that they seem to be of a different race, the Nisei. Also Negroes and even Whites lost their genes gradually in history, until they became Amerindians. It's due to detrimental cosmic laws of the races.

3.4 Non-White Minorities strangely lack Luck

In 2016, Hillary Clinton so vividly campaigned among Negroes and Hispanos, trying to befriend them. But she failed, and could hardly understand it. In 2020 Joe Biden campaigns differently. But he too would have needed most or all of the Negroes and Hispanos to heavily turn out and vote for him, to win the presidential elections. It's difficult for him since he looks and acts like the East Coast establishment guy he is. The minorities only maybe trust him some more, since they still remember that he was the second man behind the Negro Barack and a friend of the Blacks. Like Barack was, Joe is soft when it comes to paving the ways for migrants. That could mean that a large quantity of Hispanics who illegally dwell in the USA including their children, could hope to become US citizens, while many more such people would be allowed in from Mexico, Guatemala and even from South America. That's what we could especially expect from Old Joe since he is Roman Catholic after all. He and his liberal to leftist supporters might say that the consequence would be a less white but better USA, a truly multicultural society. That is a dream of many liberal and also religious skywalkers. But many examples of our youngest history, from Yugoslavia to Syria, warn us how fast and unexpectedly violence can erupt in such a nation of diverse minorities. We must expect that the different minorities don't really mix to form a pie, but that they remain intact due to their different traditions. The big problem that such politics would also bring up in the USA is, that there is a natural racial tendency towards the Amerindian and Indio types. If Hispanos keep pouring into the USA, the chance is that these form the majority in several states soon. And while Christian religion is about to be refuted, it is to be feared that the USA will gradually turn into a Northern Mexico. Together with Mexico, this USA then might turn into a land of Redskin peoples again, more or less like they were in the days before Columbus.

Regarding migration, one often overseen problem that ensues is that of bad luck. It was not a coincidence that a recent earthquake in Haiti killed so many Negroes. Already the New Madrid earthquakes of 1812 showed that with Hispanics, bad luck enters the USA. We may take this as a sign that there should grow no second Madrid in North America. With that in mind we may think of all the warnings before a big earthquake in California.

4. Of Joe Biden's Fashion and Sexlife

Cartoon: Biden as Beavis in a Metallica T-Shirt wouldn't win too
4.1 Old Joe is not likely to show out in a popular T-shirt

Joe Biden still wants to become, in his oldest days, president of the USA. But for that he maybe needs to look younger. In fact Old Joe would need to be much younger than he actually, sadly, is. Well, a clever team of PR experts is a must if you want to become president of the US, this top nation of the free world. We may assume that some generations would feel more sympathy for Joe Biden if he would look like one of them. A Metallica T-shirt would certainly win him Baby Boomers of a sort. He eventually could change this to a Ja Rule T-shirt to win more support from Black African American Negroes and some Millennials. PR experts say a Democrats candidate needs to be "the underdog spear" after all. If you don't think that the obscure Negro Rapper Ja Rule would be much of a help for Old Joe, then think of the way Ja escaped from a long prison sentence in the aftermath of the FYRE festival scam. That must have been real black magic of the finest sort, the one that Joe Biden knows well from the time of the Obama presidency. After all, it was more than what Hillary's campaign pro's called "cheap sloganeering" (see Shattered p. 198), that helped the Negro Barack to win. It was the genius of his PR advisers and his black magic too. Could a music band T-shirt render Joe Biden more popular? Really, if you can't believe that the PR advisers may believe in such tactics, then remember what Hillary Clinton did in 2016. She even visited concerts of Latino crooners then, despite of her well filled flight schedule. She was calculating that being seen there would help her to win more Hispanics votes, which she urgently needed especially in Florida. But due to the Corona crisis Old Joe couldn't repeat this strategy in 2020. He probably would like more concerts for the retirees anyway, where the bingo parties are not so challenging, and where the songs of his childhood days are played, like "Bidin' my time."

4.2 Seriously: The murky Magic to win Fans and a Career is sexual too

As we look at Old Joe 2020 he seems to be even more a candidate of the elite than Hillary was, regardless of what he might utter. In the times of Obama they used to call him "slippery lipped" (Shattered p. 177) You can't manage the USA the easy going way you can manage a Silicon Valley creative enterprise; where the managers eventually have their meetings in a playground. Bernie Sanders, for a change, has right now become something like an ancient Roman people's tribune. Regarding the political establishment types, and the way they bicker but stick together, he drastically criticized their way of turning campaigns into political advertisement shows. When he campaigned against Ms. Clinton in 2016 Bernie spoke of missing integrity (Shattered p. 223):

»After stepping up his attacks and creating an unforgettable narrative about Hillary's lack of integrity, Sanders framed her to his supporters as the problem, not the solution. She would never be for them because she was nothing like them.«

It was a sign towards Deutschland, when Methodist Ms. Clinton tried to conjure the spirit of FDR for her campaign. But when her methods failed it was because God keenly controls sexual magic. Well known is still the story of the affairs of her husband, ex-president Bill Clinton. One problem of big men is that they are often under attack by competitors and also by evil cosmic spells. Sex can relieve pains then but has scary consequences. It makes many women get obedient and lusty. Remember the tale of Bill's affair with Monica Lewinsky. Monica afterwards showed around her famous sperm-stained dress. Maybe the Smithsonian should buy this for a historical museum.

From the point of view of the UTR, a certain secret magic is often the key to success of a career or in private life. Indeed people often prefer candidates who seem to be like them, and who seem to be actually with them. Such magic is often sexually rooted. If some guy is sexually very active, he may find that this helps to knit invisible bonds between him and other people. Clearly spoken: When people masturbate or have sex while thinking of someone else, fractal links to these persons may be the consequence. In the typical situation when you watch porn movies, that may link you to these actresses and actors. This is why the Bible is not fond of what it calls "the sin of Onan", or the coveting of other men's wives. The problematic part of this magical familiarization is that it is costly, and may help the hostile forces to reap lifeforce. The Greys and their enslaved hostile aliens have a bad tendency to sexually support people of the worse sorts, and that includes a few Negroes, who are due to their racial genes theoretically the least of all human races. The evil spirit that these generate also makes forbidden and smutty sex especially lusty.

So what about Joe Biden's sex life? Since he is that old that should not be much of a problem. We would not have to fear that, in case Joe should become US president in 2024, he would turn into another John F. Kennedy. Remember that this only Roman Catholic and Irish US president so far had been a most scandalous womanizer. His misbehavior was leading to the death of Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe. The rumors sound scary that this worn-out model had an "assisted suicide".

4.3 Behind religious Foolery and Errors real scary Magic works

One of the major blunders of Hillary Clinton had been to insult the ordinary Whites of the USA. Hillary Rodham (!) Clinton fought so hard to win the minorities! Her slogan "Stronger Together" was meant to unite all US citizens regardless. But then again she was hostile against all whom she called "racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic". Regarding the mainstream of US-Americans, she spoke of a "basket of deplorables". That's not what the USA is, made Mike Pence clear, now the vice president of the USA. While the campaign of Ms. Clinton concentrated on winning a majority with the help of most of the minorities and the college-educated Whites, Mr. Trump won in the end with the support of mainly the non college-educated Whites. That was not due to some murky magic. But here the big problem of our society becomes visible. While at the colleges they tell you lots of things about sciences, in reality these professors don't know anything about God and magic! That is not so strongly the case regarding people who didn't go to college. These uneducated may easier realize that there is much truth in what, for instance, the Bible says.

But is it true that Jesus was born by Mary when she was still a virgin? Did God inseminate her from the sky downwards? Remember that serious professors used to commit to the odd lore of panspermia. Lately the experts however realized that cosmic seeds do not exist in outer space. So mother Mary wasn't made pregnant by the sky. But how correct is then the Roman Catholic lore that Mary remained a virgin not only when her oven was filled but during the birth of Jesus? Mainly Italians and Hispanic types believe such kid stuff, and that's because they are darker and often less truthful than better Whites. People without a good higher education must rely more on intuition. The darker these are, the more these tend to get misguided by traditions and intuition. But here prejudices and the sane sense of practical reason help out. Intuition has the problem of misleading different groups of people into different directions. That's one of the problems on the fields of race and gender sciences. Since this world is so overpopulated, and while our best experts are still so deluded and badly informed, some key persons serve as opinion leaders for large communities. As we wonder about what people believe and think, we find large networks of people who are fractally woven into networks. These people can hardly think independently.

What does fractal mean? That's part of a lore that you might come to know only at a university or a college. And that is why college education is recommendable. When things are fractally linked it means that they can't change independently. Minds can be fractally linked. While they are, we get hunches of what linked minds think or feel. Fractal links also exist on the field of sex, where ties are often strong. Guys with a sense for this feel it, when linked people have or had sex. Often mothers will notice when their sons have sex, and sons eventually notice that too. That is why the insult "motherfucker" has a grain of truth inside. It's the secret of real telepathy and even more. In some cases people may also sense that their sexual zones get "hot", as if their pants were on fire. That may also happen as they feel bad and guilty. The evil spirit then tries to reap lust from them.

The UTR teaches that telepathy exists. Connected thinking and mind reading work. That is mainly due to fractal mental links. But the problem is that congeras, super-powerful aliens, interfere and control these links with the help of bad N-rays and good Earth rays.

Well, certainly this is hard-to-believe fringe science. For many this may sound like quack science. But remember that the famous PEAR institute, at Princeton, carried out many experiments, who often showed that paranormal or supernatural phenomena do exist. The problem was that the host of the college-educated guys saw no way to explain these finds, and was unable to believe them. When it came to the key field of sexual magic, experts who dared to investigate found that they were harshly criticized and even mobbed away by their peers. While they realized that mysteries and supernatural phenomena do exist, they became the targets of supernatural attacks by demons.

Now what about magic? When it comes to this, today many kids and adults alike will think of the Harry Potter saga. There we see people riding on brooms through the sky. Eventually they also use old-fashioned British cars. Such cars may have a tendency of needing a little magic too to still work. But the broomstick is the main traditional tool of sorcery. You don't really use it to ride, but as a woman you masturbate with it. If you do this as a man you will easily have transgender experiences, who are often very lusty but later hard to overcome. Witchcraft is a domain of the women. That comes since the powerful congeras, those super-worms, are nearly all females. One example of a brave scientist on this murky field was Professor John E. Mack from Harvard Medical School. While he studied so-called alien abductions, surprisingly many of these cases happened with sexual intercourse. In fact that is the way the Greys suck away human lifeforce. Another researcher of this field was David Hufford. He investigated into the phenomenon called Old Hag. That is when you seem to meet in bed an old woman that is lusty or pestering. Hufford found it worrying that, while many reports about these phenomena existed, there was very little research regarding this field. We must conclude that people didn't want to know more about it.

By the way, the UTR has it that Jesus was only one of Maria's five children, and not the first one. But Jesus was different. While Mary had sex with Joe, she may have had the strong feeling that a spirit was present there. Was it the god Yahweh or the angel Gabriel? There are comparable cases in the Age of Antiquity. Often the mother of a guy who became famous would get the notion that her son was the son of a god. For instance Olympias, the mother of Alexander the Great, saw the spirit of pharaoh Nektanebos-2 when her son was procreated. Often priests would help with such illusions. Sorcerers would for instance stare at statues in the nighttime, and would masturbate and have visions. Fractal sexual magic can become so strong and scary, that women feel like getting raped! That is because the demons, those Greys, tend to strongly interfere and make things nasty.

So here is also one of the secrets of the success of Donald Trump. He used to be an attractive and sexually quite active man. That may help to win the sympathy of especially elderly women. But one negative side effect of this is, that men bound in partnerships may react with anger and challenges. That explains why Mr. Trump encountered so many irrational opposition. Today he has gotten over this period of his life, and he can be glad that his family life is working out well.

The US Democrats is traditionally a political party of the minorities, and that of the highly educated. Science pundits believe right now that there is no god and wonders can't work out, while their science has nearly all the answers. But this is not correct, and it becomes more and more obvious with the dawning new age of true religion! Mainly non college-educated Whites, who believe in God's intuition, turn their backs to yesterday's science.

4.4 A Reminder of the Real Issues of the Presidential Campaign of 2020
afl cio T-shirt saying that my job flew away

Let me not make too many words now in favor of President Trump. I think that he is well able to win without my help, even while he definitely has grown older during the first term of his office. Maybe it is a mistake that in the USA a political party does not challenge it's own president after four years, even in the exceptional case when he is already quite old. But that is also a question of the success of his politics. Definitely many US-Americans find that President Trump did make a fairly good job. Even Democrats warned that while their guys were fishing for more support and heavier voter turnout even from smaller minorities, the "siren song" of Trump to make America great again did not fail to impress the mainstream US citizens, who are better Whites after all.

So here are some of the real issues. They are printed on the above T shirt of the AFL and CIO trades unions. Many jobs in the USA got lost since the Chinese and other peoples compete so hard. They work more hours for less payment, and much or all without social security or health insurance. The result are cheaper goods indeed. But all those US-Americans who think twice before they buy Chinese, may remember how harsh the Red Chinese regime is politically. Yes they can – put people in jail for years with no good reason, just to have more slave laborers. In the USA there are also many who must work while in prison. Recently the Trump administration however started the successful campaign of giving guys in jail "second chances". Ivanka Trump, nicknamed the First Daughter, initiated this with her husband. In China some lowly people need to even work up to 16 hours a day and then must queue to take a shower. That is socialism how it really works, not only in third world countries but typically in the Far East. Since we the people of the free West don't want this, we must have strong governments and political managers who don't refrain from challenging the liberal doctrine of "the less trade barriers we erect, the better all things work out." In Mexico for instance some German company started to build a new car factory. Workers there would earn the equivalent of 8 US$ per hour. In the USA though workers earn 40 US$ for a comparable working hour. If joint venture firms are then able to export Mexico made cars freely into the USA, it's understood that this will likely chuck their US competitors out of competition. US workers there could then work for reduced payment, or enter the dole queue. And should US firms have the alternative to hire illegal Hispanos instead? So these are some of the good reasons why President Trump decided to build this border wall, and to be tough on the field of pro-USA economics politics. Even critics admit that this politics helped in the Rust Belt.

As we check out the program of Joe Biden then, we find that he is like obliged to follow the path that President Trump has paved before. One funny Internet image shows him as a car salesman, urging his clientele to buy American. With President Trump's tough politics of economics; and an emerging stronger, greater USA, those who buy American cars in the near future will more easily get the impression that they didn't do something unwise, just for the sake of their home country. The great success story of Elon Musk also may tell, that luck is once again with the courageous.

4.5 Why Bernie Sanders could never succeed with his Democratic Socialism

Now, let's imagine Bernie Sanders would instead be sitting President. If he had tried to introduce some kind of democratic socialism, untested and experimental like an early Vanguard rocket, chances are that this would end up in a costly explosion. US citizens are among the most freedom loving people of this world. They will hate it, for instance, when those mobs of radical liberals and rowdies come to them, asking them to raise the fist for some Negro who got himself killed by police, more or less tragically, because he wanted to drive away from arrest. That is the socialist style: They start such campaigns and you need to join in, or you get in trouble. One news story was that such demonstrators, all white, came to a woman of color asking her to obey and raise the fist too. She didn't do this, bravely, despite strong shouts from this mob. She said that it just didn't feel right. All the other people in that location did reluctantly raise their fists. But what do you do when such people come to your home with the intention to loot? The Republicans support what one white guy called "the god-given right to defend your home." Who would deny that God sees things the same way? But in socialism, some guys think that socialism means that your property is also theirs, and that you need to adapt your opinion to theirs too. If a tough socialist, a Cuban, would become president; he would maybe continue to build that great Mexican wall; but not to keep the Hispanics out, but to stop better off and freedom loving US citizens from trying to leave.

So with good reason, the party establishment of the Democrats didn't support Bernie Sanders well. Some DNC guys developed an anti-Bernie bias in 2016, Russian hackers disclosed this. For this Debbie Wasserman Schulz received strong boos at the Democratic Convention of 2016. Only Nancy Pelosi maybe got a louder boo chorus. But since Joe Biden and the Obamas backed DWS, she wasn't officially removed from office and discredited. The consequence was however, that Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders emerged as the tough rivals they still are today. Remember that feeling the Bern meant in 2016 to not disregard the grave weaknesses of the politics of Obama Barack, and of his vice president Joe Biden. White poorer voters, who see much sense in the complaints that Mr. Sanders raises, are therefore unlikely to now sheepishly vote for Mr. Biden. Remember that on the eve of the election of 2016, Hillary Clinton was so sure she would win the race! She had rented a special part of the Javits Center mall in the Manhattan section called Hell's Kitchen. But then came the results in, and the good mood quickly vanished. The big polls said that the Bernie voters would vote for Ms. Clinton of course. But suddenly many voted for Trump.

4.6 Why Negroes, Hispanics and other Minorities vote for Trump

But isn't it necessary that the US lets enter in some immigrants too? Business people complain that they need such guys who work well in jobs most white Americans dislike to do. Latinos for instance collect almonds in California, and milk cows in Wisconsin. But it's the wrong style to break the law to make your business work. Making America stronger does not mean to let more and more Latinos pour into the USA, until things become equally terrible there like they are in Central America. It's easy to let such guys in, who are needed as guest workers. The hard part but is to say a friendly farewell to them, and make sure that they return home. That is where the USA needs to be strong. And just on this field Bernie is correct. Here Obama was a weakling.

US traditions have it that the coloreds and minorities are the guys any Democratic candidate can rely on, true? Some of these even make it into the House of Representatives. One of these was Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, a Negress from Texas. Some insiders of the campaign of Ms. Clinton were apparently less than satisfied with her political perfoamance (Shattered p. 156).

"Lee was a gadfly in Congress whom most people just wrote off as crazy."

Quote-unquote. I just googled her in the Internet. But I have well-founded religious prejudices against people with Lee names. Just think of General Lee. There is a chance that something is wrong with people with such names. That is due to the Li-Cräybs in outer space, devilish cosmic enemies of many other planets. But while it is very unclear for many what life exists in space, it is rather obvious that so-called coloreds (call them racials) just are less good due to their race. That may often mean that they care less for their own health and for the well-being of their habitat and their planet. They often try to be good but just can't. These are not racist prejudices but facts of the science called racialism. So what would happen if the USA would let in many more Hispanos right now? Things would get worse in many regions, you bet your bottom dollar. So that is why the peace-, order- and freedom-loving Hispanics may vote for Trump too, and agree that the new border fence bars more Hispanics from illegally going north. It's the same situation that we find at the southern border of Mexico. US Negroes then may think twice too before they vote Democrats again. The First Lady made it clear that she does not do what most liberals from the ranks of the well-off do right now, to just ignore the bad living conditions in many black ghettos. That was one main reason too for the BLM marches. But while President Clinton backed down from his campaign against "superpredators" (drug gangsters), the Republicans are likely to build a stronger USA that can face the challenge of racial problems. We need to stop the nonsense that races don't exist, but admit that most Negroes are better off under a strong government that secures law and order in their parts of the cities too - instead of abolishing the police, the IRS, and law and order.

4.7 Liberals and Leftists often naturally have the weaker Guys on their Side

Today many people believe in the message of songs like "Ebony and Ivory". They think that the Negroes and other "racials" should integrate and mix with the Whites. But black and white keys only work well together on a piano. In real life though, Negroes and other racial minorities often become a too heavy burden that Whites can't shoulder. For instance, when the Negro Barack was US president, his main project called Obamacare provided health care to many non-Whites who couldn't afford it before. But the result of this was what even ex-president Bill Clinton called "a crazy system" (Shattered p. 363). Hard-working people, who were now supposed to finance so many more poor people and idlers too, found that their premiums doubled, while coverage of health problems was cut by half. In summer 2020 so many people marched in protest and rioted and destroyed because they were infuriated about sexism, racism and the bad situation of most of the Negroes. Popular among these is the idea of ubuntu, that all guys should be in the same boat. But if you don't separate and let all enter into the USA who want to, then the boat will sink. While President Trump is successful with many of his political initiatives, he is rather unpopular among certain circles of the media and the celebrities. In the first TV debate Old Joe called him "a clown", and many liberal and leftist media people use a similar bad or even worse language, which disqualifies them a bit. But while they concentrate on finding his flaws, their big problem is that they naturally have just the lesser guys on their side. For instance, at a fund raiser of Hillary Clinton during her campaign of 2016, a number of celebrities paid $100.000 for a dinner with her. Here are the names of these top notch Democratic party supporters (Shattered p. 300):

Calvin Klein, Harvey Weinstein, Jimmy Buffett, Jon Bon Jovi, Sir Paul McCartney.

At that time of her campaign Hillary needed new political friends (instead of new diet recipes). Just 48 hours earlier it came out that the husband of her key aide Huma Mahmood Abedin had been sending lewd text messages to underage girls. That fund raising event was still before the time when police arrested Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood producer of trashy, crude, horrible Quentin Tarantino movies. In my opinion just these two guys smell like the Mafia from a mile off. In 2020 Harvey received a prison sentence of 23 years. I think that is too much. He is a star, and it was hard for stars to stay out of trouble in the wild years after 2001. Hillary did sing "Hey Jude" with her guests on that evening, but not "Ebony and Ivory", the big hit that Paul McCartney performed with Michael Jackson, disputedly Hollywood's most notorious gay child rapist of all history. It was black magic again when he narrowly escaped from a similar prison sentence. And then there was Jimmy Buffett. Remember his biggest hit, that the old hippie used to sing in 1973:

Why don't we get drunk and screw?
They say you are a snuff queen.
Honey I don't believe that's true.

We may well guess that at that time it didn't matter for Jimmy if any girl was on this or that drug, while he was feeling the drive to "fuck" her. And many of his male audience were seeing things, I mean girls, the same way. But the times are a-changing, and the USA is on the good track of getting more sober and more morally okay again. It's due to the belief in religion. That is another field on which the Republicans are just historically, naturally stronger than the liberals or leftists.

5. Who's the Liar, honestly?

Cartoon: Biden tries hard to forget about his son Hunter's business and to remember the Ukraine
5.1 Joe Biden's Last Stand

Finally, this is the moment of truth. On the eve of the presidential election, traditionally the two candidates prepare big victory celebrations. We may think that in 2020 few people expected Joe Biden to win despite of his generally weak and too aggressive performance during the campaign. Then there is also the pseudo-crisis of the Corona № 19 virus, that is after all comparable to the typical flu infections that occur most every year. Many people who might join the victory party will probably use the virus as an excuse. But, while Old Joe must look at an empty arena, there is one guy he can rely on: His son Hunter will certainly be with him on the day of his last stand. Old Joe uses to call him Hunt. It's a word that strangely reminds of the Deutsch word Hund, meaning hound. I read this in the newspapers. It's strange that they relate such funny private news, while they are mostly very reluctant to investigate and publish the scandal stories that relate Joe Biden to his son. The liberal to left-winged media like Joe so much that they brush these detrimental news about him and his son "under the carpet", like we Deutsche say. Officially Joe knows not a thing about Hunter's business affairs, that already raised the interest of more than one Ukrainian supreme prosecutor. Must we fear that at his last party, the odd poem will come true that says:

Liar, liar, pants on fire!

Definitely not! What the cartoon shows here has in fact nothing to do with all the lies of Old Joe Biden. But it's a computer video effect, that the organizers of the ballot party took from Digital Hollywood shows. The fiery sparks behind Joe Biden are supposed to signify his agility, yes his tantivy. They took this idea from the film series of Panem, where the heroine also seemed to have such a burning behind. This effect is supposed to add a little glamor to Joe's lackluster last show.

5.2 Now seriously: Old Joe did know!

Spare me from writing too much into this document about the shady business affairs of Hunter Biden and his father. There are many reporters who wrote lots about this topic into the Internet or their papers. A few lines may suffice here, from the Deutsche tabloid Bild ( 21. Oct 2020 p. 3):

»If Joe Biden wins this election, he may also give thanks to tech-giants like Facebook and Twitter – and the liberal press. Exactly the leading media – from "Atlantic" to "Washington Post" – who, without second thought, spread every Anti-Trump-Story, independent of the evidence and the sources (think of Trump allegedly insulting fallen soldiers), have no inhibition to brush stories under the table who might be unpleasant for Biden. Right now Twitter & Co block the spreading of a "New York Post" story that gravely accuses Joe Biden. It's about dubious meetings with Ukrainian business men – arranged by Biden's son Hunter (50). Of him it is proven that he is a regular consumer of crack. And it's about [Red] Chinese bribes to the Biden clan. The FBI investigates...«

So really, Hunter Biden is an addict of a nerve wrecking, cocaine based drug. News readers may remember that already the Negro Barack confessed that he was a cocaine user. If such top ranking politicians do this and get away with this, then it's to be expected that other people next to them also try this out, thinking that this won't be so bad. However it's typical that some people serve as demonic decoys. They seem to tolerate drugs and thrive from noxious and immoral behavior. It is especially the typical bad role of Negroes, to break traditional borders of what do to and what not.

The news have it that Hunter had been a top-notch manager in the Ukrainian oil business. That was possible since his father Joe had been vice president under president Obama. Joe Biden's role was it to decide over the US politics regarding the Ukraine. That bankrupt and war-torn land was in bitter need of US and other financial aid. But when Hunter earned an awful lot of money in the Ukraine, while local people would starve and freeze to death there, that raised political protests. The former Ukrainian supreme attorney was asked to investigate against Hunter. That move of the Ukrainian government alarmed Joe Biden. He then pulled wires to have this former supreme prosecutor removed from office. That happened swiftly. The liberal and leftist media now all say that the former supreme prosecutor must was corrupt if not a worse rogue. That is still the effect of the black magic of president Obama, who seems to have never made anything wrong. A new supreme prosecutor was then appointed in the Ukraine. The latter issued a report saying that, after investigations of thousands of cases, Hunter Biden didn't do anything wrong.

Most recent news however leave little doubt that Joe Biden was rather well informed about the troubles that his son had in the Ukraine. We find this in the New York Times (Oct. 22, 2020):

»a New York Post article … reported that the F.B.I. had seized a computer that purportedly belonged to Hunter Biden... Mr. [Joe] Biden has long said he knew nothing about his son’s business activities in Ukraine. But the article suggested that the former vice president met with an adviser to a Ukrainian energy company whose board Hunter Biden sat on, Burisma Holdings. The article referred to an email that the adviser, Vadym Pozharskyi, sent to Hunter Biden thanking him for “giving an opportunity to meet your father” and to spend “some time together.”«

According to this news Joe Biden knew well what business his son was doing in the Ukraine. And that is also what we must strongly assume. After all Joe Biden definitely was, during his time as US vice president, much involved into the Ukrainian economy. The story with the laptop that the FBI seized, however, is dubious and contested. This affair reminds of the story that the FBI brought up in 2016 immediately before the elections. When the talkaholic Hillary Clinton lost against Donald Trump, her campaign team blamed not her coughing fits for this but the scandal about some hacked and published e-mails. The then-time FBI director Comey had investigated into that affair just at a time when that would harm the reputation of Ms. Clinton. Her team but mainly blamed the press for the permanent negative publicity. It can't be a coincidence that a similar e-mail affair, again provided by the FBI, erupted just weeks before the election of 2020.

5.3 The overseen Religious Dimension

Often overseen by the media is that the Bidens are Roman Catholics after all. That plays a key role in many Catholic countries. Since several hundred years the Ukrainian Roman Catholics bitterly feuded with the "Truly Slavic" Russian Orthodox Christians. When the Soviet dictatorship ended they fought about the ownership of churches. And when the Ukrainians greeted Hitler's Roman Catholic armies in World War 2 with bread and salt, it was because they had been Roman Catholics too. So often the hopes of all the Roman Catholics were disappointed, because their religion is just so foolish. That would, again and again, make younger people lose their faith and become, for instance, nationalistic.

Since they are well-off and of Irish roots, the Bidens in the USA are moved by destiny into some kind of top position among all other Catholics. Due to their religion they should reap the support of all the American Italians and Hispanics. But while these groups are generally not parts of the Anglo-Saxon protestant mainstream, these all can't easily associate to form a winning coalition.

Did you know why the Roman Catholic church is at odds with the Greek and the other orthodox churches? That happened after Byzantium fell into the hands of the Osmanli (a Ga-Sama name) Turks. A schism had separated these Byzantines from Rome in 1054. But later the rest of the East Roman empire had searched religious unity again with Rome. When in 1453 the Turks seized the city, they took one monk of a group that had refused to make friends with the Church of Rome before. The Soldan appointed this monk to a kind-of pope and leader of the orthodox churches. And did you know why the Irish Catholics are today united with those of Rome? That happened after king Oswy of England preferred the Roman missionaries over the Irish. He feared that since Rome was regarded as the holy city of Saint Peter, the alleged gate keeper of heaven, he wouldn't be allowed to enter heaven if he would prefer those Irish. In those early times the Irish monks had a special nasty and brutal tendency. The monks would receive a flogging for any minor offence, a break of their cloister's rules. Just like before, the Irish had been a people of special primitiveness.

Talking about the Irish Catholics, let's remember the tragic death of Lyra McKee. That Northern Irish reporter was shot dead in the aftermath of Easter 2020 by some Catholic trouble makers. Good heavens, why are just these Irish Catholics still so ruthless and bad, while so many other rebel groups laid down their weapons and renounced violence? The UTR teaches that the Irish, the Welsh and other Anglo-Americans in general have closer fractal links to Lar, another living planet nearby. Of course there is no heaven in the sky, but there are many living planets where things are better or worse than here on our earth. Often things indeed are much worse in space than they are here. The UTR says that many living planets belong to the crab-like Cräybs. They were all ruined and enslaved by devilish Greys. There are saviors on some of these planets, but these are devilish dwarfs who help to attack and despoil other planets. Our Earth has, together with Lar, a rare chance to escape from this cosmic quagmire and to join the paradisaical planets of the Alliance of Earths of the Humanoids. Their symbol is the fleur de lys, the three-armed lily. The Cräybs however send noxious N-rays of pulsars, from the region of the constellation Lyra.

Well, I think that most Christians would like to believe that these teachings of the UTR are not true. But maybe the Bidens won't be a part of these hopefuls. They may know that in the last book of the Bible called Revelation, verse 21:8 says that all liars must burn in hell in the end. And is there one person among us who claims that he never ever lied? Put him right among all the liars. After all, even Saint Paul admitted that he was a liar, who lied for the glory of his (false) god. He thought that God alone was truthful, while all men were liars (Romans 3:4). Well, he was wrong.

5.4 But isn't Donald Trump the Worse Liar?

But is Mr. Trump the worst liar of all history? Something like this is what local TV viewers must hear from their parastatal TV networks ARD&ZDF. In the flashy-trashy documentary "The Seven great Lies of History" (Die sieben großen Lügen der Geschichte, D 2019) they put it like this:

Liars? Right now one may not miss out: President Trump is under suspicion of being a record holder. None of his predecessors had such a tense relationship with the press...

The leading expert then of this documentary is Mirko Drotschmann (a Ga-Dora name), a "history blogger". Author of the film is Klaus Kastenholz from Kelvinfilm for ZDF. Films like these are often made not by the big networks but by pseudo-externals. ARD&ZDF cash in billions of taxes per year, and that makes some cronies sell to ARD&ZDF their own films for really big money. One expert of such shady deals was the Bavarian film mogul Leo Kirch (Church), the founder of the private network PRO7SAT1. Of course Leo was a Catholic. Investigators write that he used to visit ZDF in the arch-Catholic city of Mainz with his pockets full of many. He would hand it over as bribes to the employees there. These would then buy from him highly priced US entertainment ware. Surely it helps these shady South German networks of cronies that they are all of the same denomination. The Roman Catholic church has after all a uniquely big criminal record, including many cases of child abuse. All these clerics used to say that their greed helped to build all those monstrous and glamorous cathedrals. For the sake of income they accused rich women of being witches, and sadistic torture was among their most serious crimes. It should maybe be understood that guys like these dislike President Trump not for any lies, but for bringing up the disliked truth.

Is President Trump a notorious liar, who spreads fake news? Let us look at one example, when the liberals in the media harshly criticized him of doing this. It was in the aftermath of the 9/4 2015 refugee crisis. A deluge of hostile immigrants, nearly all rather dangerous Muslims, swept into Deutschland. The aged and mentally weak chancellor Frau Merkel did let them all enter and freely spread out. The result was a drastic rise in crimes of the serious nature. But when Donald Trump wrote Twitter messages about this, the hostile media sharply rebuked him: "Fake News!"

»Fact Check: Trump’s False and Misleading Claims About Germany’s Crime and Immigration – NYT By Christopher F. Schuetze and Michael Wolgelenter June 18, 2018 … BERLIN — President Trump castigated the German government on Monday for its open-door policy toward migrants, saying that it was responsible for an increase in crime and could conceivably lead to the downfall of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition. "The people of Germany are turning against their leadership as migration is rocking the already tenuous Berlin coalition. Crime in Germany is way up. Big mistake made all over Europe in allowing millions of people in who have so strongly and violently changed their culture!" He followed a day later with a second tweet defending his comments and accusing Germany of underreporting crime, saying, “Crime in Germany is up 10% plus (officials do not want to report these crimes) since migrants were accepted.” Here are some of Mr. Trump’s assertions on Twitter and fact checks of those statements... ‘Crime in Germany Is Way Up’ – False. Crime statistics for 2017 showed the lowest level of crime in Germany in 25 years, according to figures released in May by the federal criminal office [called BKA]. Although there have been attacks by militants aligned with the Islamic State, as well as high-profile murders and assaults by migrant men, the statistics refute Mr. Trump’s suggestion. Not only was the overall crime rate down 5.1 percent over the previous year, violent crime (down 2.4 percent) and property theft (an 11.8 percent decrease) both dropped.«

Crime statistics from Deutschland showed that Syrian migrants brought a rise in serious crimes

Any honest facts check will show what is to be expected: Of course Mr. Trump didn't invent fake news! His cyphers accorded with those of a Lower Saxony Study, made by leading criminologist Pfeiffer. The results of this study mirrored other studies of that era about selected serious crimes. To the left we see a nationwide statistics of all crimes. Since 2007 the total number of crimes had gone down to a historical low. I proudly can say that this is due to the UTR, which is bringing up the idea that there is an evil spirit in everybody telling you to do bad things. My warnings before cosmic devils and their N-rays had the effect that many people think twice before they listen to bad intuition. However, the good tendency of the crime statistics dramatically reversed, when the dangerous refugees of 9/4 entered the country and had time to spread. Even while these people, mostly rebellious Syrian Arabs, had marched to the Deutsche border, they had already killed non-Muslims at the roadsides. And there are reports from the refugee camps, that of the women who were part of this trek, nearly all had been raped by the men. In the year after they had arrived, in 2016, it happened what was to be expected: The number of violent sexual crimes nearly doubled! From 2014 to 2016 also the total count of murders and homicides significantly rose. The cyphers are difficult to interpret here. Deutschland became shocked and stymied in those years, when the hostile Arabs soon turned from poor refugees to highly dangerous gangster clans. On some fields of the crime statistics, the good trend reversed! While the Deutsche again murdered and beat dead less people, the Arabs killed so many people that the overall homicide cyphers went up again. We in Deutschland understand now why the Syrian dictator Baschar Assad, a pro-western and liberal man after all, found it necessary to suppress these Arabs with the help of the Russians. If IS guys had come to power in Syria, the consequences would have been disastrous for the entire Orient.

But isn't it at least true that, despite the inflow of the 9/4 Muslim deluge, the overall crime stats showed a downward tendency? Not really! The official cyphers of the BKA (the Deutsche FBI) show that from 2014 to 2016 nearly identical total cyphers of suspects of crime. But at the same time the number of foreign suspects rose dramatically. And these are only brushed-up cyphers!! The real scandal is that certain types of crimes were eliminated from the statistics, before most of the liberal to Christian media published them. That concerned the crimes typical for hostile aliens, like using false passports or violating laws and orders for refugees. If these, often rather dangerous, crimes are added again to the official statistics, the overall crime tendency reverses! While the Deutsche did constantly commit fewer crimes, due to mainly the hostile Muslims, the total number of suspects sharply rose. From 2014 to 2016 it rose from 2,183,000 to 2,361,000. Now we understand why Israel absolutely doesn't let such Arabs enter their lands. The Jewish Israelis already know what we Westerners still must learn, about the danger of hostile Muslims. Those who do not take care before and learn from other countries, later learn it the bloody way.

The all too soft Frau Merkel however did even let enter IS Muslims freely our Deutschland. In the latest Bild newspaper we see the picture of one of these Arabs on the cover. Abdullah A.H.H. looks a bit like Adolf Hitler. Five days after he was released from jail he stabbed church visitors in Dresden killing one. In the same paper we see the mugshot of young Hamid, who killed a fire man after in vain begging for tobacco. Now even experts of Frau Merkel's Christian Democrats party (CDU) talk about sending such Arabs back to Syria. But such people are wrong everywhere and we should rather debate about reintroducing the death penalty. When Muslims behave utterly cruel and kill fast, it's because of the whispers and flusters of some clerics. They think that their god will reward such crimes after their death. That is why Mr. Trump was correct in 2016 when he expressed his view that Muslims should not be allowed to enter the USA. A problem is though that Christians see things in heaven and Earth in comparable ways. That concerns guys like Chris and Mike from the NYT, who are definitely less than trustworthy when it comes to such stories.

Wrong is also what Chris and Mike from the NYT then wrote. They added it to the president's list of fake news that he prognosticated that Deutschland would get into political troubles due to the 9/4 refugees. When Trump twittered that Germans turn against their leadership, they wrote:

»Misleading. The issue has weakened Ms. Merkel and her party, contributing to an environment in which far-right groups have flourished. But there are no clear indicators that the German people as a whole have turned against the government.«

Well, that part of the story is not really about facts, but it's rather a political prognosis. But again it's really hard what the liberals and Christians try so hard, to prove Trump wrong with anything that he utters. They don't hate him so much, but they hate the new era of truth that he brings up. Indeed the decision of Frau Merkel to let enter even IS Muslims into Deutschland has put a high toll of blood on her people. But Frau Merkel is not really a Deutsche, since she was born in the socialist so-called German Democratic Republic. In Eastern Germany, elections of 2019 indeed showed that President Trump was moreless right with his prognosis too. The CDU lost in all the East dramatically to the populist rightist-liberal party AfD. CDU kingpins, who often are engaged in local cronyism networks, fumed and defamed these competitors of being Nazis. Only while Frau Merkel used dictatorial means in the Corona virus crisis, she stopped that loss of reputation.

5.5 Why some People destroy their Cultural Heritage
Collection of pictures of rioters of 2020 destroying and despoiling Columbus statues

These are some typical scenes from the USA of summer 2020. Rioters, often Negroids and social benefit recipients, destroy the statues of our heroic ancestors. Some declare war, reminding of the declaration of war that Osama bin Laden was sending to the United States, prior to the actions of his Islamic terrorist group. The rioters focused their attacks on statues of Christoph Columbus. So was he really a sexist and a racist, like some of these dorks claim? Indeed he didn't have women aboard his ship when he sailed to America. And he thought he was in India not in America. He tried to civilize and educate the Redskins with the help of Christian religion, but that went terribly wrong. Some of the rioters seem to think that they are not in the USA but in a third world nation, where the police either acts with utter brutality or not at all, when the rabble riots one time again. The destruction of statues that those rioters disliked leaves open the question: What other statues should replace the ones that were stolen? Some might think to put up there statues of historical famous Redskins, like chief Tecumseh. That would accord to a modern leftist tendency that the Americas really belong to the American Indians, while Whites (and Negroes) are to be regarded as colonialists. But isn't this in fact new racism, when such people think that Africa is genuinely a land of the black race, while the Americas in some way naturally belong to red women and men? The mystery of the human races is tricky, and the problem is that it's obvious that higher powers and rules played a role here. While mental paupers of today easily claim that they are anti-racist, they in fact capitulate before the obvious fact that the human races can't be explained without the notion that this world was created. Only new creationism can explain the big riddles of our Earth.

Surely the media played a role, when in summer 2020 suddenly so many juvenile delinquents thought the time was right to destroy the cultural heritage of the USA, and to loot and vandalize. Often shown on TV were similar scenes from countries like Afghanistan or Iraq. There (wrongly so-called) Taliban spectacularly destroyed the famous Buddha statues of Bamian, since they didn't respect those ancient religious traditions. For the same reason the IS Muslims destroyed and plundered history museums in Iraq and Syria. Historical statues are easily destroyed, but then they are gone forever, should new generations want to see them again. Mr. Biden hardly mentioned the troubles in the USA, who also erupted due to the Corona virus crisis. So what do the rioters of the US cities have to do with the IS Muslims? These extremist groups destroy their cultural heritage for the same reason. They can't resist to the guidance of the same evil spirits.

The UTR teaches that a local goddess indeed created this Earth, by way of terraforming (making habitable) a former gas planet. While this true religion gradually refutes the silly older and worse religions, many people lose their hopes of afterlife. They must learn that former heroes of past ages are not mighty spirits of the sky but dead forever. It's typical that at a time of religious change, wrath erupts against the symbols of old-time religion.

Imagine that Tecumseh had won the Indiana war of 1812, and become the king maybe of a larger Redskin state. Slavery and torture were very common among those Redskins, and when so many of them died of diseases or suffered from addictions and bad behavior, that shows that these races are naturally inferior to the white race. That is a disliked truth, that already became clear when the penultimate Inca Huainar Capac died from a disease that the Conquistadors had brought to South America. The Whites are mentally leading this planet, and that's the only way to more civilization and cultural progress. Only by the way of true religion bad religions can be abolished. Remember that the way of the Bible leads into the inevitable apocalypse, the total destruction of this planet.

Talking about truth and lies: Isn't the real God a liar too, since he fooled humankind so long with false religions? In the past God was incomplete and not strong enough to bar the hostile aliens from misleading humankind with bad religions. The better humankind grows up now the better it will cope with this truth: The Greys cleverly pester and despoil people who find out about them.

But wasn't President Trump a draft dodger too? Indeed his ma didn't receive a purple heart, but he went to college and made a big career. Unlike the draft dodging story of Joe Biden, that is no big secret. We must of course not believe that President Trump didn't lie from time to time. But let's compare him to other presidents of the USA. Certainly hardly anybody lied more to the press and the public than Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Democrats). He feigned that the USA was neutral in World War 2 and would not interfere. But in fact he silently helped much to fight down the Nazis and the fascist Japs. To provoke the war he even lied about the danger of a Japanese strike against Pearl Harbor, that actually happened. By this mean trick the USA was drawn into a war in which it was badly needed, at the sides of Britain and other western countries, to defend our civilization.

5.6 The New World needs New Idols

When rioters and anarchists decided that Christoph Columbus is a no-show and that his statues must be taken down, the question arises what new statues might replace those of Columbus. Karl Marx would certainly still be a choice of radical leftists. But what about Jean Calvin? That Huguenot reformer from Geneva in Switzerland became the icon of the Calvinists and the most important protestant reformer of the Anglo-American cultures. The historian Leopold von Ranke (1795–1886) even regarded Calvin as the true founder of the USA. It's strange though that in all of the USA not a single big statue exists of this Semitic looking man. That is certainly due to his behavior. Calvin had been a cruel religious tyrant who put dissenters and "witches" to the stake.

It's certainly sad for most of the ordinary citizens to see their cultural monuments in a vandalized and sprayed-over state. But that also is a chance to put up some new statues to replace lost ones. News from the USA have it that the Twins, a football team, just removed a statue of some Calvin. That guy was accused of being a racist. Who was not a racist in past decades and centuries? Even Karl Marx was! His private letters show that the former icon of all the socialists had been a rabid anti-Semite. That was certainly due to his strict education as a Roman Catholic in Deutschland. In the 19th Christian century people knew and understood more about human races. Marx was a son of rabbis who had converted to Christianity. If people want to try out "democratic socialism" in the USA, they won't be able to find any other historical teacher, to lead them on this thorny way. While Marx was in London and depended on the money the Jew Ferdinand Lassalle donated him, at the same time he also realized that the Jews were the toughest of the capitalists, that he and his fellow saloon revolutionaries hated. This is not different today, and it's also due to a bad religion.

What about erecting a statue for William Thomson, the 1st Lord Kelvin? The renowned British scientist was ennobled in 1892, in recognition of his achievements in formulating alleged laws of thermodynamics, and of his opposition to Irish Home Rule. His idea was it that the Irish should better be ruled by the British, since these were so Catholic, troublesome and primitive. From my enlightened point of view there was hardly any scientist who was so wrong with his theories and remarks than that Lord Kelvin, with the exception of the Jew Albert Einstein. Wrong is also the idea that 0° K (zero degrees Kelvin) marks the absolutely lowest temperature. Correct however is the calculation that also Lord Kelvin's books would burn at a temperature of exactly 505.8 K. And then there is Calvin Klein, who prints his name onto other guy's underwear. Can it be that this is another one of the troublesome names? Indeed some Calvin was the Pilate of planet Lar.

Sometimes it's hard for me to not write comedy. The affairs of this world are so strange, and the simple people are so badly developed and informed, that the temptation always arises to make fun of them. But I am the one person on Earth whose role it is to change that. My role is theoretically to explain religion and all the things that the established experts know not, without realizing that. Among the photos of the riots of summer 2020 there is one that shows a halfbreed. That guy with unkempt Rasta locks has destroyed a Columbus statue. Maybe he would rather favor a statue of the Rasta-Reggae deity Haile Selassie. Surely marijuana made him lose his inhibitions. After all it was common in Ancient Rome to erect statues of the emperors and their kin. That happened since the Romans of the Age of Antiquity believed that their rulers were half-divine. In Christian times, the idols of Jesus and the saints replaced these statues. The idea is that these guys have a magic that helps, that they can do things for those who turn to them. With the death of a Roman emperor his statues would lose their value, since he no longer was in charge. Until today such personality cults are essential for many dictatorial states. That was also typical for Soviet tyrannies. Today it's my role to find and explain those congeras and aliens, who use such cults to influence this world.

5.7 Joe Biden definitely has not the Good Luck of a King

Another great scientist was the Brit Michael Faraday. He became famous for (not really) finding the laws of "electromagnetic rotation". He was also a member of a small Scottish sect called the Sandemanians. According to one source these would believe that any bad luck in life was really good luck. Faraday's boss, Humphry Davy, thought of him as a fool who deserved to be pushed into a humble role. The UTR has it that the name Sandemanians links to cosmic sand people. Very many aliens live on much desertified planets, where devils find it entertaining to mislead them and make them suffer. These gray aliens, called Little Greys, are what visionaries meet in modern times, as they turn to the sky with curiosity, hoping in vain to find saints and gods there. It was the Deutsche Martin Luther who realized that the saints of the Catholics don't really exist.

Now, Joe Biden is definitely a guy with rather bad luck. In ancient Ireland such a guy would have no chance of becoming a king or mighty chief. There the idea was more popular than elsewhere, that a king has to have and bring good luck. The Irish elected and cared for their high kings with good reason. Such investments were supposed to pay back, since the well-being and sake of the king was supposed to help all the lands and bring fertility. A worn-out king however would make the harvests get scarce and the cattle sick. As wild as the Irish were and still are, they would fight out many small feuds and battles. They surely hoped that by this way their kings wouldn't get old. And how the English had secretly hoped and prayed, that their captured king Richard would die!

Here in Deutschland (Germany), a statue that you may most frequently encounter is that of the Frankish knight Roland. The epic hero of the era of emperor Charles the Great is also known to Anglo-American scholars, from the medieval poem of a Turoldus. Like no other hero, Roland symbolizes an ancient and still very modern German angst: The fear before invading Orientals. Roland had had a secret, that made him become a real superhero. He had a mighty horn called Olifant. Blowing it would magically inform his emperor Charles, that the baron of the Bretagne was in trouble. After an imperial campaign in Spain, Roland was put in charge of the rear guard. But when hostile Basques attacked the trek, Roland wouldn't blows his horn in time, to ask the emperor for reinforcements. He was a believing Christian, and expected that it would bring him merits if he would fall as a martyr. That was God's way to help removing chiefs who got too old. Such a horn is an old symbol of the body of the goddess. In the end he breaks it. Then we read:

His right-hand glove he tendered unto Christ. That Gabriel accepted as a sign.

Like many others, the knight Roland will have hoped and doubted that, after his short but valiant life had ended, he would live another and better life in heaven with Jesus. But it is significant that while Roland reached out his glove to the sky, he envisioned not Christ but the angel Gabriel. In Christian interpretation the name Gabriel (Arabic: Djeebril) means "God's Strength". The symbol of this angel was the lamp, reminding of Lucifer. He was also the preferred angel of Mohammed.

The UTR teaches that the angel Gabriel is a symbol figure of our helpers in the sky. The lamp of the angel symbolizes the constellation that we know as Big Dipper. Behind it the stars of the Alliance of Earths dwell, whose gods indeed strengthen the god of our Earth.

5.8 The Second Death of Jesus is imminent

In a Deutsche version of the poem of the furious knight Roland, written by a Petty-Priest Konrad, we encounter a nightmarish fantasy. It is written that after the death of Roland a great light came from heaven. Then a gigantic earthquake occurred! Thunder and heavenly signs were seen in the Frankish Reich and in Spain. Storms then rose! The Sun went dark, until the day became as black as the night! The towers fell apart, the beautiful palaces sank into ruins. The stars showed up. All thought that this was the time when the world should end and God shall commence his judgment.

That story sounds absurd and not the least believable. In truth no such bad wonders happened, when the brave baron Roland died. But this story reminds of the very similar story of the death of Jesus. We read in the Gospel that at that moment; an earthquake happened. The bodies of the dead rose like zombies and were seen by many. That story is just another priestly fantasy. In the last book of the Bible however, in the Book of Apocalypse, we read again tales about the fall and impact of gigantic celestial bodies. It was strange that visionaries, often simple minds who had never seen nor heard of the impact of a meteor, drastically and accurately described what would happen at such a time. Even the impact of one big meteor could bring a long era of apocalyptic troubles to this precious planet. The Bible has it that angels sound their trumpets on that day. Christians believe that the angels Michael and Gabriel are among those who let their trumpets sound then. In reality the sounds that are described here are those of the falling stars.

There is one typical situation when such a cataclysm, a series of super-catastrophes, may happen. It's the time when the true messiah of a living planet dies or gets insane. The planetary goddess of a living planet may get a little help from other planets, but those are extremely far away. The host of the support and energy that a goddess of a planet receives is bound to the good work of the true savior of her planet. Should this man become sick and old, and should he die, she must suddenly try to cope again with much less help. That is the typical time when the devils start bomb attacks.

We find another such story of apocalyptic troubles in the poem called Heliand. This is one of the oldest Christian texts of Deutschland. Herein Heliand is the name of Christ (Deutsch: Heiland). Heliand dwells in the sky. From there he fights against the Antichrist and the Satan. The poem has it that Heliand loses the fight and dies in space. His burning blood destroys then this Earth.

Let's remember that also the Koran, the holy book of the Muslims, often talks about the "hour" when the Earth will suffer such a big catastrophe. One moment when a catastrophe might occur is maybe when Jesus will be declared dead. He didn't fly to space, only his tomb is unknown. Lately even Italian Catholics realize that Dante was not their greatest seer but just a wise comedian. At a time when the churches admit that Jesus is dead, the cosmic devils may try an all-out attack to try and scare and enslave our world. The Greys fight a war against us all with cleverness and cruelty. The prophet Mohammed held Abraham in high esteem, the legendary first Jewish arch-father. We know little today of what the historical Abraham believed. But it's not a coincidence that his name sounds a bit like my name Bertram. Even the far past of this creation was created with my help. It would therefore not be easy at all for our goddess and the angels, to replace me with another guy.

5.9 So who's the Clown here?

Again to our first and main question: Who's the clown? The problem is that a new era of truth is dawning. It's a truth that cannot be easily discussed. Humans are not mentally free and intelligent, but their thoughts and moves are overshadowed and controlled by magnetic rays from above and below. The hostile Greys can make people think and act strangely, their N-rays bring pains and distractions. Antics can be a way to cope with such tricky mental attacks. While this world is still so full of dorks, it's a wise strategy to become a trickster, who mixes comedy with secret wisdom.

Remember that in many countries people are very intolerant, religion-wise. It's not Islamophobia when the USA takes action against Iran, but it's also due to the fact that they torture dissidents there, and publicly lynch LGBTs shouting "God is great"! The US citizens can be very glad that they live in a much more free society. One symbol of this freedom is the Statue of Liberty. It's a kind-of goddess, a present from France. People may take this as a promise from their discrete goddess of creation. God is not making them mad and stupid, but fights for their mental liberty.

6. President Biden apparently suffers from Alzheimer's Disease

Cartoon of Joe Biden visiting a McDonald's restaurant in Russia, thinking he is in the White House

Against all odds, Old Joe Biden made it! I had hoped that this might not happen. But then again, I hadn't done all I could have done to stop him. I for instance didn't play my old campaign song for the voters. That would have prepared them that they could not expect too much from this old guy. I generally dislike to influence people in such a way. Also I found the way in which Mr. Trump lately developed worrying. The energy that the old man used to have was gone after four years. To me he looked like an old boxer who had received too many punches from his fierce foes in the media and in Washington D.C. Being the president of the US is an exhausting job after all. It did harm to President Trump that he could not keep still in the first TV debate, but even interrupted his competitor after a few seconds. I heard people on TV worry about this, saying: "If he would only keep his mouth shut! We will still vote him." But, keeping quiet when the own mouth wants to babble, that is the hardest challenge not only for Negro rappers like the ill reputed Ja Rule. The more your mental abilities leave you with old age, the more your mouth tends to develop a nasty personality of it's own. In fact that is due to the evil spirit, directed by evil Greys via cosmic rays. Experiments gave proof that such N-rays eventually can be detected as pulses of a local magnetic field. They eventually generate a pestering inner voice. They may take over the mouth and speak.

Realizing this may explain Joe's big bad blunders. On 11/5 2020 the Daily Mail published the story that Joe Biden mistook his granddaughter Finnegan for his son Beau!! Old Joe completely forgot that Beau had died years ago, and fantasized about Beau being the senator of Delaware. That story surely sounds like a case of Alzheimer's disease. You may learn more about this in the famous book by neurologist Oliver Sacks about "The Man who mistook his Wife for a Hat". President Trump had his weak moments too. But during his one term as president of the US, he earned himself a medal of honor. His good instincts helped him to see through misconceptions, like that regarding climate change. Most old-timers in science firmly subscribe to the common lore that global warming is man-made and very bad. Mr. Trump however realized that this both cannot be true. And he had the courage to refrain from taking unnecessary action against it. In Germany (Deutschland) however crackpot Ms. Merkel now is about to completely shut down the coal and nuclear power stations, and also millions of private fireplaces and ovens. She dreams of a kind of Morgenthau plan to make Deutschland "climate-neutral", but nobody is building the several millions of windmills we would need for this plan. It was some lump of bad luck that Old Joe Biden now supports such a policy. He vowed to rejoin the international climate pact a.s.a.p. One of the problems of Donald Trump was that he seemed to be too fond of Bibi Netanjahu and the Israelis and Jews. His daughter Ivanka even converted to Judaism. In comparison, Old Joe definitely is too fond of Negroes. He chose for his V.P. the colored Kamala. So is this skin color a sign of exceptional human quality? But that was sly again, since people now can't hope that Joe might retire prematurely. Joe Biden is of the white elite after all, one class above the Jews.

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