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The Biggest Mystery of the Wuhan Corona Virus Crisis

Andy moans: "Oh my sore throat!
I was eating bran of oat!"
Arielle then starts to bicker:
"Think about that darn hard liquor!"

Dismal Picture of two Mermaids

1. How Medicine links to Religion

The above little scene, of worried mermaids, is one from a thin expensive booklet for kids. In Britain in 2017 it was costing £ 6.99. For that sum you already get a bottle of gin or some other hard licker. And as a matter of fact, young people are buying such stuff. If they then get sick from boozing, they can consult this book for a remedy. Arielle recommends the ghostly »night lily« as a herbal medicine. The only problem is that such flowers are not easy to find and fetch. This is because a ghost is guarding them. Now, the story has it that Arielle is courageous enough to try and challenge that ghost. As she searches for it, the redhead encounters strange blue sparks. They seem to be trying to transform into other shapes, including scary ones. But as Arielle searches them out, she finds strange murky fishes are working these blue sparks. They glow in the dark due to their skin. And they are sad, since they want to swim home but lost the way. Arielle then surfaces and points at some bright lode star, it must be the Venus. That makes the murky fishes glad. The redhead then manages to pluck those flowers. With the help of these night lilies her sister Andy soon gets well again.

That is nearly all of the plot of this little tale. Let me omit here the three guards of the royal court of Atlantica. It's a nice idea to depict them as the dark and colored guys, but they don't have a real function in this story. The problem is that our kids, young and older girls who read such tales, may learn from such tales for their life. So what real herb do they need to find in case they get sick? The chance is that some might indeed try out herbal and traditional medicine, or even try their luck guided by intuition. Some flowers are indeed edible, others however are rather poisonous. Our modern pharmacists and physicians claim that they already found out much about the ingredients of such plants. However, what the medics can't explain is the mystery of the blue sparks. And these are not at all invented, but they are real phenomena. As a matter of fact, I occasionally see such ghastly lights myself. Muggles usually interpret them away them since they have no sense for real magic. But I heard cosmonauts (wrongly: astronauts) report about such sparks, who become more intense outside of the atmosphere. Verily, such phenomena are some of the things that cosmic superpowers generate, including our hidden Earth Goddess. The problem is that most of these congeras (super fishes) who live in planets around us are evil Greys. Their religion has it that they still dream about returning to Mirá, the star of their origin, that but was destroyed around 825 mya (million years ago). The rotten evil congeras, the Greys, heed sweet memories of their better young years. But the same congeras eventually may appear to us under the likeness of a ghost, like for instance Jesus. It's like a stolen identity in the Internet. Listening to the Greys can give you the most bizarre and wrong ideas, including when it comes to what to do best to get fit and healthy. So this is the problem that links medicine to religion. It's a problem that only a really true religion can tackle. Let me also point out that blue sparks are not a bad phenomenon in general. I often see them shortly when I take a cold shower. In that case they signify that the water refreshes the brain, driving away those static discharge fields of the noxious N-rays. Those blue sparks can indeed also be taken as the shapes of things to come or not. They may appear if some plan fails of the Greys to let anything materialize in your field of sight. That magic is often used with a bad intent. Note that the good Earth rays of our Earth Goddess and other helpful cosmic rays work the same way.

The above fantasy story was nicely thought out and drawn by Disney Inc professionals. It is just a little kitschy, and sweet and unreal enough to not worry adults who take a fast look at them. Any artists will know that they much depend on intuition, but do not really know where this originates and why they get to it. In some cases I already showed that older juveniles of this genre may find it hard to abstain from secretly adding insider jokes and allusions, and even inappropriate details, to such kid stuff. See my classical text Hollywood Mythology for some examples. If we check out the story we find that the night lily, a wonder medicine, plays a key role there. I find that this is a typical idea that comes to people who don't believe a lot in deities, or not at all. If these are supposed to imagine fantasy tales, they easily attribute wonders to magic potions, for instance. Another tricky aspect is that the word Li-Li especially links to the very bad planets of the Cräybs.

2. Wonder Medicine as a Substitute for Religion

ObelixJust some weeks ago, the famous and indeed really fine French cartoon artist Albert Uderzo died. He had been the penciler of the series Asterix, the most successful cartoon serial of all Europe. The logic of this older French series has it that Asterix and others take in a magical potion, to gain super strength. Only Obelix, the strongest hero, does not need such drinks. Only rarely these cartoon figures refer to deities, and never deities nor cults play a role in the plot of their adventures. So we may well assume that René Goscinny, the guy who invented these stories, didn't really believe in deities. Only with the help of the UTR we may realize that the megalith or maybe obelisk that Obelix usually carries around is a symbol of our Earth Goddess. She is also the reason why Obelix never married. But it's not uncommon for such a Celtic adventure tale that the powers of the heroes are drastically exaggerated, so much that they factually replace any deities. While Obelix secretly represents the future savior of this planet, who is Asterix then? Insiders of the UTR may easily conclude that this blond and smaller guy represents the savior of our next neighboring planet Lar. Indeed I recently heard that Fred Willms, the savior of Lar, is 1 m 81, a little short of six feet in size. His Larean Welsh culture has special links to our Celtic cultures.

Uderzo just died. When the German leading newspapers reported about this, the renowned liberal to conservative Frankfurter Allgemeine (FAZ) showed Asterix and Obelix jointly on the title page. They were shown as they looked up to the sky, scared. Indeed the logic of this series has it, that the Gallic Celtic heroes fear nothing except that the sky may fall down on their heads. However on the same day the Berliner leftist-liberal newspaper Tagesspiegel (T‰S) only showed Asterix, just having consumed a bottle of magic potion, and now magically filled with super-strength. This can well teach us something about the media people. The FAZ from Frankfurt traditionally has a strong religious tendency, that used to be Catholic as well as Jewish. The Main Frankfurt is also the most pro-American city of Deutschland (Germany). The T‰S however is situated in Berlin, that has a tradition of being a strongly »red« city, oriented some more towards the Eastern European countries. While the traditionally protestant East of Germany has lost much more of it's standing in religion in the previous century, that makes it much harder for the people there to believe in any gods. The consequence is that some people from Berlin and the East tend to believe significantly more into the wonders of medicine.

3. The Latest Bloody Conspiracy Theories

German Rapper Sido and ExNow here we see the still popular German rapper Sido, still at the side of his ex-wife. Lately he lost her, and the latest gossip reports say that Sido maybe also lost valuable parts of his mind. That may happen if people take in too much bad medicine, like alcohol. We may reckon that this misbehavior happens more easily to guys who don't believe in any higher powers, like deities and demons. Then a replacement belief may make them believe some more in the magic of medicine.
Confirmed gets this by some latest press reports about Sido. Here is what we read in the fine tabloid BILD (13.05.20):

Sido spreads crazy conspiracy theories. Rapper Sido shared in the YouTube video show "Ali therapizes", of his fellow rapper Ali Bumaye, his confused thoughts. When asked about the recent death of the Deutsche (German) ex chancellor Helmut Schmidt (of the Social Democrats SPD party, a passionate smoker), he explained: "Maybe he was drinking the blood of children."

Sido then committed to the abducted children conspiracy theory, that we also could read all about in some Internet forums. Let me not link to these Internet idiots here who spread this lore. These theories have it that abducted children are kept in secret caves by bloodsuckers. They use them to fabricate the mythical hormone called Adrenochrome. That wonder medicine is then provided to the powerful people of this planet, to serve as a medicine for longevity. In this video interview with that Ali, Sido also referred to the infamous singer Xavier Naidoo, an Indian immigrant, as his source. Searching the Internet we can find much more from Xavier that is of comparable dire quality. Xavier at times allegedly denied that the Corona virus exists, but other statements of him say that he accused the governments of the world of using Corona to kill the old people. Woe!

You know, not only here in Deutschland, isolation laws stopped people from many activities and asked them to remain strictly isolated. In some towns it was even verboten to sit on park benches! The press now speculates that guys like Xavier got some kind of camp psychosis due to these isolation regulations. But eager gossip magazine readers like me know better! In fact Xavier got himself into troubles well before the time of the recent outbreak of the Wuhan-Corona virus. He used to be the darling of the media for some time, especially the parastatal and commercial TV nutworks, mainly due to his very foreign and non-white looks, still fashionable among artists and liberals. In those years he got himself a reputation of going to bed with underage girls and also consuming marijuana (cannabis). That was still very okay for most of those Reds from the media. But when he started to move politically to the right, the media Reds here chucked him out of the competition for the renowned Eurovision Song Contest. So now he seems to be on a mission of revenge. But we may also assume that Xavier suffers from some kind of turkey, or withdrawal, like the drug heads call it. The problem not only with hallucinatory drugs is that they may work wonderfully for some time, but then a phase comes where they bring you down physically and mentally. So must we assume that Sido, born and raised in old commie East Berlin, also took in drugs before? The news only have it that he attacked the reporters of the BILD newspaper, when those guys visited him at home, trying to tickle out some more such entertaining stuff from him.

In the above cited issue of the BILD newspaper we also find the usual number of news from our Muslims. One of them is the "ax killer" Imad A. But no, he used his car to kill his wife, she was flying high in her last seconds. She had been some immigrant from Tunisia, and only later Imad used the ax on her dead body. Then we have the news of Muharrem D, who worked in a chemical factory in Bavaria. He carried out four assaults with home-made bombs before they arrested him. What we don't read in the news is that guys like Mad Imad and Horrible Muharrem are Muslims of course. Is there a connection of their exceptional misbehavior to their traditional basis of religious and social education? Sure, since Islam teaches that guys who kill others in the name of Islam, "infidels" and alleged sinners, will be received with special honors in some cloud cuckoos home after they die. That is not what a few fanatical radical crackpot Islamists only believe, but it is part of the common Islam, that comes to such darklings courtesy of the Koran, their holy book. In comparison it is still much better if people of the lesser ranks believe in wonder medicines.

We can learn from all these cases that belief is a tricky thing. Some people may suffer from badly wrong beliefs in medicine. But that may still be the better alternative to a bad religious belief. The idea that vanished children live in secret caves where they are enslaved and maybe consumed is not as wrong as it may sound. The Universal Truth Religion has it that on many aliens planets, only vast caves of degenerated dwarfs exist. These planets were so much bombed down by a heavenly hail of celestial bodies, that life on the surfaces is hardly possible any more. A substantial number of alien planets is depressingly desertified, that means that these planets look like the one from the famous scifi serial Desert Planet. Naturally, under such conditions the most bizarre wrong beliefs may come up. The Greys, cosmic devils who control and pester all living planets, have a tendency of liking and helping the bad guys. That means that these rotten cosmic devils may make your worst nightmares come true, like: that it helps you with your health if you take in alcohol or bad drugs, and even drink kid blood. The good God of this planet still has a hard time to fight back those Greys. They filled this planet with many too many goofy and off-species types of low development. So what can God do who must urgently reduce the headcount especially of non-whites? The Greys have a tendency of offering bad help. We may understand historical epidemics like the plague from this perspective. Even influenza, the flu, can kill many people. It is noteworthy that the biggest and worst influenza epidemic happened right after World War One. That was a time when God got in special troubles and had to prepare for a catastrophic century. A stronger and better God however won't need the dirty help of the Greys to evolve and clean up his planet.

Now, let me not forget to add the explanation that the UTR has for this bloody theory. Remember the ghost story of the famous play »The Tempest« by Will Shakespeare? There we meet Arielle again, but more realistically as a powerful invisible ghost. She in principle represents the Jewish archangel of Earth called Uriel, who has a reputation of being the director and lead singer of the heavenly chorus. At the origin of this faith is the Uraeus, the good holy snake of ancient Egyptian religion, that adorns the crowns of the pharaohs, sheltering their heads from bad magic. The story of Shakespeare has it that Ariel eventually appears talkative. When she talks some things into the minds of other people, they may not realize that they hear ghost voices. Sadly there are also many other bad spirits, who tend to overlay and distort the good voice of our good Earth Goddess. She must always save energy and time. In cases when God urgently wants to reach someone, this guy may hear nice music with the inner ear. But that is not what guys like Sido would like, who are constantly in need of a rap musician's inspiration. Rap music needs to be crude and sad to get popular. Often it's much easier for the Earth Goddess to not contact the minds of people of lesser and darker quality and cultures. These may then believe that all that comes to their minds is the product of their own distorted inspiration. But if they then suddenly bloat out the most dire and tragic nonsense, that is surely also a sign that they are misguided by too much bad intuition. They would need to think counter-intuitive to get past this. But that is not easy especially for the lesser Semitic minds, since the Greys have a better grip on them. So why did our Muslims carry out tens of thousands of murderous terror assaults after 9/11? They usually have a hunch that these evil ideas come to them by cosmic voices. But what they need to learn is that voices who tell them the most bizarre and evil ideas are the voices of demons of course, devils who also were pestering their prophet Mohammed. The problem is though that many people of today are of so modest and dire quality that they can't take a good stand in life with that superior thinking. God just has not the time and energy to bring to low-brow darklings a religion better than Islam. So the alternative is that God tries to let such people die out in peace, without leaving behind unwanted progeny. And that then is the answer to the old mystery of the »vanished children«. There are not secret caves on our planet where a murky god of hellfire keeps them for an occasional snack of blood. But God did let those children disappear, they were in fact never born! As a New Yorker you may have heard the street talk that the population of this mega city should have exploded a long time ago, since so many people are supposed to have so many more babies. Indeed the population of most western mega cities lately stayed the same. What happened? In New York they used to say, more or less as a comic urban legend, that the government put some stuff into the drinking water. Here we find it again, the idea that people who can't believe in God instead believe in medicines.

4. Say Cheese, Pretty Mummy!

Mummy: Beauty of XiaoheThose few guys who watch TV in search of anything valuable, may find again and again those documentaries from the USA, who are just more spectacular and interesting than others. But on some fields the Deutsche are more competent, and even the Chinese provide helpful educative videos. Here is a nice picture from one recent excavation in Sinkiang, the central Asian region of the Uighurs. The region is governed right now by the Chinese, but in fact the racial border to China is situated east of the Taklamaklan desert. Like in other such cases, when people try to be blind about the different races, the consequences are massive ethnic problems. But many UN and WHO guys are natural Reds or even non-whites, who are genetically rather unable to distinguish different races, but tend to separate humankind into several classes, with the Reds as the elite class.

Now, the above mummy is called "Beauty of Xiaohe". It is not the only one that was found in that today desertified region. Why do the experts find her especially beautiful? It is because some of these mummies are rather Europid (aka Caucasian). Only with difficulties our experts are able and willing to admit that some Whites definitely look better and brighter than the "colored" people, and are also in general more able and wise. The Chinese will of course find that they are wise too, so are they not? Woe, think of the bad style in which they still govern their lands. Those last Commies detained approximately one million Uighurs into prison and labor camps, and they also struggle to subdue Hongkong and menace independent Taiwan. That is too far away from the spirit of harmony that the good philosopher Kungfutse was promoting. So why can't the Chinese do better politics, especially when it comes to their pollution and overpopulation problems? Their pivotal problem is their off-species race. What the West needs now is a better sense for racialism! Our experts need to admit that such Asians are just of a less well performing race, the major race two in the cosmic count of the Berk-OS. But just those Chinese who may be open for such wiser thinking, some from meditation, social, taichi and religion groups, are especially badly persecuted by the Reds there. That is also due to the Greys, who just have non-whites more under control. Ewa just tells me that it also played a role in this recent crisis that I was sending a fax in Chinese to some guys from Wuhan some years ago. Sadly I had to give up on plans to make it in China. But while people believe a bit, they often form a barrier that eventually stops the Greys with their N-rays. By bad luck Wuhan moved some more into the focus of the noxious N-rays of the Greys, and it's not wrong to blame the God of Luck, who but isn't really the devil. The consequence of such cases is often some more suffering. If you suffer more, then other people will gladly escape. That also concerns Mongos of the state of Ming, who populate the central Far East of planet Lar.

Instead of tackling the key race problem though, the experts tell you lots and lots about the lumps of cheese that were found at the neck of the above mummy. This must have been some kind of food for afterlife for this once pretty woman. The analysis shows that the cheese around her neck contained kefir fungus, a fungus used to make milk become more durable. The problem is that milk and dairy products often don't get well digested by the Mongos, the guys of the major race two often called Asians. That is not the case though for Indians, Aryans and others of the major race one. And aren't these racial Europids factually Asians too? While people of today find it so hard to open up their eyes for the race problem, they also get significantly less competent when it comes to dealing with health and medicine problems, like that of the Corona epidemic. The key problem of this crisis is after all, that once again non-whites suffer some more from that disease.

5. The Life Elixir of the Pharaohs

Djedefre lost pyramidI just watched TV, in fact I watch too much of this nowadays. But that gave me the idea to show you this graph, taken from the Wikipedia archives. It is a reconstruction of the lost pyramid of a pharaoh called Djedefre (Redjedef, Hordjedef?). So what? As a matter of fact I took a special interest in just this pharaoh, more or less by chance. Those pharaohs all believed that they would live on after they died, as gods or ghosts. That is a belief that they shared with today's Christians and other stupids. This belief made them build their monumental pyramids and other sophisticated tombs. So what did they think – that they would need pyramids to survive eternally? That is what the name Djedef says after all. God had reasons to make this guy wrongly believe in the good magic of a pyramid. Food was also a part of this false religion. It was common to offer to the dead, just like it was in prehistoric Europe. Believers gave offerings in large amounts to fictitious gods, it was just a waste of food. Ancient Greek religion even had it that the ghosts of the dead could be conjured with human blood. They would apparently consume blood and then become nicer, maybe telling about the future. That was a bad trick of the Greys to weaken people.

So, as we look again at this pyramid, we find that it was built in a more simple way, compared to others. There is just one steep downward corridor that leads to the subsurface tomb chamber, and it was cut deep into the underground. The big pyramid of Cheops was constructed more artfully and complicated on the inside. But not only the pyramid of Djedefre seems to just lead to one chamber in the underground. Just such a pyramid reminds of the mythical House of God. If you look for instance at any dollar bill, you find a pyramid there with an eye inside of it. It's a symbol of God traditionally used by the free masons. And these heed traditions that eventually lead back to the ancient builders of the pyramids. So if any pyramid is meant to be some kind of symbol of God, what real thing can be found behind this picture? The UTR teaches that God indeed lives in the Betyle, our local mestab, a real artificial House of God. God is really alive, and this House of God keeps Gods hidden super-body healthy. That is due to a congera life elixir called gheebe. It's the blood of the gods and other such congeras, leviathans or lent-worms. When the pharaohs were building their pyramids, they were guided by intuition that was wrong. They had not any elixir that kept their bodies alive. But God wanted them to build just such pyramids, since God uses these pyramids to amplify the Earth rays that come up from the Betyle. Well, that's another topic.

6. The Biggest Secret of the Corona Virus Crisis

Fred Stickers found near my home

Darn, what is that? These are some weird Fred stickers I found next to my home. I needed years to learn that they fractally link to a guy called Fred Willms, who is the living savior of our neighboring planet Lar. If he gets in trouble, for instance due to an epidemic, the repercussions also will affect us here. His chosen ensign is a golden crown. I guess it's hard for him to find out that I chose the eleven-fingered Sun.

There is so much that you can read about the Wuhan Corona virus right now. But while all the experts and media people chat and chatter until they get sore throats, none of them is wise enough to tell you the truth about the key aspect of this crisis. One problem widely discussed was, that the recent virus lacked a proper name. Some experts called it Covid 19, but most of the normal guys just called it the Corona. Some leading US politicians and experts, like diligent Mr. Pompeo, however proposed another name. They want to name it the Wuhan virus. That proposal has good reason. Everybody who is not dead stupid nor bad will still remember that the first outbreak of this epidemic happened in that Red Chinese mega city. From there the virus spread out to all the world, reminding of the usual East Asia influenza. Since we call a comparable flu the Hongkong flu for instance, it's surely also well done to call this special virus the Wuhan Corona. But it's the race problem again that makes some leftists and Reds and diversity freaks refrain from this. They find that this is a discrimination of the Chinese race. But while they can't openly talk about the underlying race problems, and even lack the proper words for it, they get angry fast instead. Due to a dispute how to name this virus, a video conference of the leading G7 nations was unable to produce a document with any proposals and conclusions. The US guys wanted the name Wuhan virus, but the Europeans disliked it so much that they cut the remote video connection. So what? A reporter from Deutschland (a Greek woman called Marina) called this a »farce«, and the Reds here used this to bash President Trump as usual. Only later it came out that it definitely is correct, to point with the finger against China. Very early in the development of this crisis China had not taken the appropriate steps to fight the crisis. Most notably, when the medic Li Wenliang had reported about the outbreak of a new lung disease, the Chinese authorities had forced him to stop spreading these rumors. This is what President Trump has the courage to make public, and one of his strongest critics, Kenneth Roth from Human Rights Watch, agrees with the President in this.

So much, so bad. But nobody addressed so far the biggest overseen problem of this weird battle of names, in our western power play. Did you ever realize what Corona really means? It means in translation: »Crown«! So to what crown may this refer to, maybe only accidentally but really rather mysteriously? There is one crown that is special for this planet. It's the crown of the King of Kings of course. Most people will realize that the natural place of the God they only vaguely know is above all the other rulers of Earth. So with this name quandary, destiny seems to accuse God of being the culpable for this disaster. Did God use this and other bad diseases, for instance to reduce population? Since most believers are unable to correctly distinguish good and evil powers and their actions, they will find it impossible to not attribute such bad destiny too to God.

I can tell you that I had a special hard time this winter. But let me assure you that I am glad that now, while I can swim again in open water, things "on the health front" tend to normalize on a worldwide scale. Just like I predicted, in the best Western countries the Wuhan Corona virus was not much worse than the usual flu. Most people who got this recovered naturally. Those who died were mostly very old people. Only if people had other diseases and weaknesses, Wuhan Corona would badly affect them. That reminds of the Herpes-6 virus that would make the Aids disease become really bad. Such connected diseases often tend to come to people with a bad lifestyle or genetic weaknesses, most notably smokers. But even those tended right now to survive a Corona Wuhan infection and recover, with their lives back to normal. While the Deutsche health minister Jörg Spahn (a Christian Demonocrat) predicted a catastrophic storm of patients to the intensive care clinics, the truth is that much less patients than usually visited the doctors, leading to their great concern about their income. They do earn most of their money with keeping the mortally ill oldsters alive, do they not? Latest news from the Tagesspiegel have it that our local health offices staffers work 24/7 to track down more people who eventually were infected with Wuhan Corona. They say that they do this to prevent another wave of infections. We must doubt this, since they must also feel solidarity with all those doctors and staffers who lately are running out of patients.

Some big dispute erupted over the badly needed but postponed operations. When one government expert dared to point out that due to the Corona Wuhan regulations more people died prematurely of other problems, since they didn't go see the doctors, the Merkel government (CDU-CSU-SPD) reacted rather hysterically. They lied to the public saying that this expert was not really an expert! Then they told all the government and health offices to destroy the papers he was sending them! That must warn us before the tendency of leaders and experts to cover up facts and spread lies.

Remember that if the doctor or health worker who checks out your health is overworked and in a bad mood, then the risk significantly rises that he may find some illness on you! That is due to the natural instability of reality, that but eventually allows wonder healing. Most medics have a faint idea that miracles can happen but can't well cope with them.

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