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Title: Isnt She Beautiful - Yes She's ugly!

4. Why is Picasso so popular right now?

Ancient Stele of Lilith and Picassos ugly Dora

4.1 Dora's deformed Picture resembles that of a luscious Babylonian demon

This ancient Babel stele is supposed to show Lilith, goddess of the wind. It's surely beautiful but also worrying beastly. But isn't that other painting beautiful? Yes, it's ugly, but isn't ugly the new beautiful? That wrong, wicked, wacko, twisted message was transported by the artwork of Pablo Picasso. To the right we see one of his million-bucks paintings: »A woman prepares for to sleep« from the war year of 1940. It had been recently stolen in New York, the thieves tried to sell it in Turkey. Some good officers from the Istanbul police managed to retrieve it, acting under cover as buyers, offering 6.5 million €. The Deutsche Bild-Zeitung forgot to mention that the perpetrators were Turks of course. But they didn't forget to mention that this picture was supposed to show Dora Maar. She was a »muse« not only of Picasso, or call her his model and slut. Isn't this nicely ugly? This Spaniard seemed to make ugly arts fashionable, but with this destroyed better beauty ideals of western and oriental fine arts. It was his style to deconstruct the human face, to paint the eyes here and the lips there, everything in a sick and deformed way. On first view this painting looks like the first studies of an artist as he prepares a great painting. But on second view we find that the feet of that naked lump of flesh resemble the claws of an eagle or another predator. For experts of real arts that painting must suspiciously remind of this historical stele, found in the ruins of ancient Babylonia. Surely Picasso had had in mind to depict Dora as some kind of lusty demon. Jewish mythology knows Lilith as a demon of the wind. The UTR knows Ga-Dora as the leading Grey (devil) of the local group, and Ga-Musa as another, while the syllable Li is one of those used by the horrible Cräybs. Anyway, it's believable that not only in ancient heathen times, some strange demons of the abyss of space clutched at their prey, disguised as deformed women.

Reading the recent press we strangely often find the painter Pablo Picasso mentioned. In the recent issue of the National Geographic Magazine, film actor Banderas is shown in a painter pose, it's from his Picasso film. Tony sure looks great for an old man. But since when does the noble National Geographic Society care much about a modern arts movie like this? We find yet another article about Picasso in another issue. The title photo shows the oldster with a bare chest, he looks lewd. It's true what they write in the text: Picasso revolutionized the way how we regard arts. Those who link beauty to fascism love him. But I would say, that he deformed our sense of what is beautiful or not with his demonic artwork. Beauty is a vital aspect of creation and evolution. God's well-made creatures are beautiful too! Beauty symbolizes fitness and charisma, it should have high standards. Off-center and deformed artwork lacks God's spell. Bad magic fills that gap.

4.2 Picasso triggered a Shoe Fashion that spoils our Ladies' Feet

Ballerinas are the tiptoe shoes of the, often tiny and light, dancer girls; who eventually step on the tips of their toes at a ballet. So these shoes are in principle especially designed for that tiny-girls dance style. Ballet is a dance style for women who are tiny like girls. Ballet is fine arts, but I like more to see better developed and classy women at expressive dances. Beautiful women should be in principle able to dance more emotionally. Dance is a ritual of mating after all. If you see the puny, tiny girls mince and straddle, that should rather look strange, like the movements of kids and birds. Real ballerinas need a strong tip section to allow a dance on the toes. But why should any normal woman outside of the dance studio wear ballerinas? That is what the British celebrity Victoria »Posh« Beckham asked. She however often wears high heels who are equally unhealthy.

In the WamS some Cathy put up a photo of, ballerina wearing, Brigitte Bardot, the most famous actress of post-war France. She stands legs spread, in front of – guess who? Old man Picasso! Her 1956 film »The woman always lures« was a breakthrough for that kind of rather tipless shoes. So once again we get the impression that Picasso helped to deform our natural ideals of what is good and beautiful. Should not the feet of our women be long and strong, and have room in front for the toes? That is what shoes of the really recommendable label Hush Puppies provide. But if high heels or tipless ballerinas are in fashion and deemed beautiful, many women will wear shoes that ruin their feet, and force them to make short walks, like ducks walk. Women become disabled by bizarre and ugly fashion! We must even find fashion perverted and demonic that ruins the feet of many women, who as a consequence must receive medical and orthopedic treatment in their later years. Strangely enough Pablo Picasso was again the lever that helped to introduce this eccentric fashion. So aren't ballerinas at least beautiful? Let's judge them by the look at all the feet that they helped to deform! If we then try to find out the secret of Pablo Picasso's bad taste, we must find that he just grew popular in the 20th century, when many had lost their sense of what is beautiful. He, and his Spanish arts scene of anarchists and leftists, became the dross of that rather sad era. So can it be that any genes linked this Paul to ugly Saint Paul, the bad prophet of another sad era?

4.3 Pelléas and Mélisande

Goland and Mélisande

He is no more a boy,
For such a long time now;
And yet, he marries her,
A puny girl, no frau.

This may appear to those,
As a caprice of fate,
Who do ignore it's side,
Where there are love or hate.

Don't press her little hands,
Don't watch her face at night!
To keep her wedding ring,
She may not have the might.

Pelléas and Mélisande

He is so much a man,
But needs the fluke of fame!
Should he not hesitate,
To court that puny dame?

These two meet in a cave,
In vain, to find a ring.
And neither do they meet,
That gracious living thing.

Don't hurt her jumpy heart!
So fast these die from frost!
A child may still remain,
To play the role she lost.

Claude Debussy, that famous romantic composer, was spending many years while composing his melodrama Pelléas and Mélisande. It's based on a true story from ancient Flanders. But there are so many tales of royal and noble dynasties who ended when the wrong kind of girl was taken in.

Bonus: The Concubine of Babel

Prancing like a peacock came the concubine.
To the Heir she reached her whitened hand.
In her gloomy mane much gold was seen.
But on tiny toes she could not stand.

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