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Title: Odins ABC runes, Odins Runen-Abece

Final Version 6 of the runes. With tested font files V.6 in stable version. Corrected chapter 5: Learn now how to use Odins Runes in the Internet. New Chapter 6 is about the last versions and known errors.

Odin's Runes are genuinely designed for Deutsch (German). But they are also fit for the common usage of Nordic languages, Russian, English, French and even Chinese. These runes come from God the Father himself, from Odin, that is me. I received, by and by, the inspiration of the good Earth Goddess Sofia Ewa. This version 5. is finished and ready to use. While the international phonetic alphabet is overly correct and not really fit for to use it in practical writing, these runes are easy to handle and even cover all sounds. Also these runes are based on our European culture of writing. Therefore Greek and Spanish runes were included.

Negau Inscription in early Alpine Runes

Can you read this? This is maybe the oldest runic inscription that ever was found in Europe. No matter what it meant, it obviously had a spiritual meaning too, since the word God is clearly identifiable. The guy who wanted these runes to be on his helmet surely had the idea that this would be beneficial for him. Ancient warriors were not all dull ruffians who liked to kill and pillage. Some were the first in the North who liked to write, sensing that this developed them. Germanic beliefs had it that the godfather Wodan (Odin) is the creator of the runes. Runes are of course also mentioned in the Edda, the Nordic Bible. The Rigsþula, a poem about races and classes, says that the deity Rig especially came to meet the young nobleman, confidentially. Only to the young Earl, Rig taught the runes. The UTR has it that Rig symbolizes the Holy Spirit. Another name for Rig is Heimdall, the guardian of Asgard. Asgard is the holy city of the horizon of Earth where Odin will live with his wife in a future era. You may call her Freyja, which is just a Nordic word for Lady.

The Muslims call this holy city traditionally Al-Kods, which has now become the name of the rune 74. Mohammed at first thought that al-Kods was the plain city of Jerusalem, and he advised his believers to bow and pray into that direction. But with time he realized that Al-Kods was not identical with the capital of Israel, and thus he changed his directives. But there was no such city in his early era. God will later build this holy city, according to the best traditions of Nordic tales.

And don't forget to not take my little jokes seriously. It took me 25 years to get that far with these runes. Only after I published them in English the ideas for this final version came to me. You may perhaps find that you are not the right person for to learn how to write and read rather anew. These runes are designed for the young Nordic. These are the naturally chosen, you can see this from their bright and beautiful natural colors of the hair and the eyes. But while destiny also plays mean tricks on them, many tend to let their heads hang down and not develop in the best possible way. These runes should give some of them the courage to try hard to get sane with the body and the mind. It helps much to drink milk instead of alcohol and to live a rather healthy, cool life! So here is something to sharpen the mind and become creative, instead of watching too much TV.

Forthcoming: How to better write Odin's Runes with your keyboard

Right now, Odin's Runes are still rather difficult to use, especially if you use a keyboard that has no German (Deutsch) layout. So far I didn't design a special picture file to help with the standard Anglo-American keyboards, since I have no such keyboard here at my place. The better option is to also design a special keyboard layout on a customized x-large keyboard, that comes with additional keys. In this early stage of development it's surely wise to just give this some time.

1. Take an inspired look at the List of Odin's Runes

Odin's 80+8 Runes a list

So can you find the rune Yggdrasil on the above list? Maybe try to let your inspiration guide you. A lot of great ancient seers and seeresses just started by inspired guessing, with the help of runes. We know from the ancient texts that this was a matter for women mainly, like spirituality often is. In Christian times many people lost their sense for that magic. The fooleries of Oriental migrants replaced Germanic wisdom in Europe. It was a sad time when the Earth was forced to wait for the real magic of the real savior. Well, now those days of darkness and despair are over. God's own Universal Truth Religion doesn't totally discard Oriental and Roman traditions. But with the help of God's new true wisdom, chosen Nordic can get over old lies and win a firm standing in reality.

1.1 A Liste of all Odin's Runes for Your Texts




áÁéÉíÍóÓōʼnúÚÿýćŀēĢċčđďėĥņŃŦįśÏĶĞŖĉĺľ ´`ª¼×ħ›‹

ăĂĕĔĭĬŏŎąĄŭŬĨŪāĀőģęĚŝěĘĦŇůŧłŠıķğŗĮĻĿ ¤¦℉ļ»«



So can you find the rune Yggdrasil again on the list? Take it and copy it to your document for a test. It will transform into the letter y, if you didn't install and select the font of Odins-Runen. But if you did everything right, you can enlarge Yggdrasil until it fills a piece of paper. It's a symbol now of the divine tree of wisdom, also known from the Bibical tale of the Garden of Eden. God guards it. You may eventually print it out and put it to your blackboard, as a reminder to ask God for better wisdom. That is a divine gift not easily granted (chuckle).

2. It's so hard to write about the spiritual things that really matter!

Banner: Growth Plan Slogan

Now this is a short first test banner. Can you read this? It's a slogan that I designed in Deutsch, and that then was translated with the help of a simple word processing program.

So then again, better take the UTR seriously. These runes are meant to rectify our often chaotic world-culture of writing. God must help to take them up, and the powers of God are still rather limited. Every rune has a little history and also a special spiritual meaning. Take for instance the rune 45. It's name is Odin. That name shall become my throne name, when I step on the throne of the kaiser of this world. That idea may sound laughably absurd to many people, who but don't know about the supernatural persons in the background. The Goddess is one of them, living here and busy with the evolution of her home planet. Hel was her name in Nordic tales, or Ewar (Var) the goddess of justice. Our good Goddess in the deep has really bad scary enemies. Out there in the ginnungagap, the yawning gap of space, devilish bad super-worms lurk. The Edda calls them worms who eventually disguise as wicked wights. In these ancient Nordic tales they are also tricky and hostile giants. The fitting rune for them was the rune Þ, now þing-50. The original meaning of the name of the rune was not a giant of fairy tales, but it depicted a murky and hostile power. There is reason to believe that the Germanic sensed this truth better than frosty Nordic.

The UTR teaches that plenty of hostile aliens know well how to work on the minds of promising young men and women. Our people often still know hardly anything, most are therefore no match for the attacks of those very clever cosmic Satans. So this is what our best people must learn, since they are the primary targets of the cosmic aliens. Easily you may catch a cold from living a too warm and cozy life! Then church prayers won't help you, since the saints of the Christians died like all mortals. What you need is to evolve your body, by way of a fit and cold life; and to get well with the help of fresh, sane and rich nutrition. Some of the Germanic realized this 2.000 years ago. The Roman Tacitus wrote that they even had their secret traditions of writing. The early runes were a holy gift in that era, given by a god most didn't yet know. But while there were so many bad priests that held on to dire written nonsense, God decided that it was better for the early Germanic to not learn how to read. If Tacitus, this ancient Roman writer, hadn't written the Germania, we wouldn't know about their great spiritual world, but also about their shortcomings. It's so hard to write up things that really matter. Maybe it's easier for you if you use Odin's runes.

3. You may learn that Runes catch up a spiritual Meaning for You!

Overview: German keyboard layout

This runic keyboard looks rather chaotic. And worse, it's based on the German layout. Definitely Odin's runes are not meant for people who dislike Germans, or more correctly: Deutsche. Also, most of the spiritual names of the runes are Deutsch of course. But if you take the time to switch your computer to this keyboard layout (this is what Microsoft (TM) Windows (TM) computers allow, then you may be able to use the full range of Odin's runes. It is a font mainly for those who are fond of the Deutsche language. And if you are, you may still find that you don't get the okay of the Goddess to proceed. What we plan is to upgrade this entire planet for a better new generation. Those young Titans will be able to live a much better life, closer to nature. For them this means: beauty and health and a life free of troubles and mishaps, wisdom and bliss as long as you like it. But if you just use the list, you are already able to type some Odin's runes with your international keyboard, just using runes for the writing.

To live a life even with nature, that is right now the path for our best people on their way to become noble! Noble was the original name of the rune 45: That exact rune was called odal in ancient times, which meant: Nobility. Still today in English the word oodles exist. Anglo-Saxons surely spake this with a long oo, their Germanic-Nordic way, and not with a juu, like modern Englishmen do. Oodles means abundant. Abundance is what this world can hope to receive from the new nobility. But that puts a burden onto the backs of the better Nordic who want to and must become our new nobles. Only with the help of the new Nordic nobles God will get stronger, to then grant a better life to many good and honest people. All the world can profit from it if the true Children of Hel's Light learn more about her magical technology. Hel lets Yggdrasil rise, the tree of light; who is also a rune now, the rune 25. The tree like transports Rig, the holy spirit. Sometimes people speak to the minds of others by this way, and many people have too little wisdom. God tries to shape the holy spirit, in a way that it makes the Children of Light get wise. Wisdom comes from the secret Reich, that is that of Ewa and her divine partner, Odin the Father. Can you sense the magic? That is the time when often the cosmic plight starts. You may encounter sudden bitterness then and badness too. Remember then that while the Greys, the cosmic devils, and their slaves, work hard on you; they must give up on other and worse targets. That is what it means to be one of the Children of Light.

4. Writing Runes can be more helpful than common Distractions

Title: Odins ABC runes, Basic Font Info

Now here is one text example. Can you read these two texts in Odin's runes? If you like you can use this as a test, and try to realize if Odin's runes are something for you. I promise: You will learn how to write and read more correctly. But that can be an error if you want to learn modern English, as misspelled as it often is. In comparison to all the other things that people do, like watching other people's odd games or playing games themselves, it surely helps more to evolve a new culture. It's often so hard to stop fooling around in life and start to learn hard, the way the Wise need to learn. May it help you to get a little creative, with the help of runes.

5. Use Odin's Runes on your Website

God's Deutsche Runes Reform:
Odins-Runen.woff – again: Final Version 6, 24 kb.

Sorry, the woff font isn't well tested, and the code proved to be erroneous in version 5.3.
This is one special Internet font file for download. Put the .woff font into some drawer of your website's folder. Then you can refer to it on any web page like this, putting these lines at the top of the style section of the webpage's header; or of your style file, like style.css:

@font-face { font-family: "Odins-Runen"; src: url("./Odins-Runen.woff") format("woff"); /* For modern Browsers */ }

Loading an additional font works in html since the version 5. You can also refer to the font that is present at the website, like this:

@font-face { font-family: "Odins-Runen"; src: url(""); format("woff"), /* Modern Browsers */ }

If you want to cover older Microsoft Windows IE browsers, or older Apple Safari browsers, then it is possible by the same way to also refer to a file in special formats like .eot or .svg. If you don't do this then older browsers will not be able to load the Odin's runes file. It is rather easy to convert the .ttf font into other formats using a converter program or with the help of a website. For best results, is recommended.

6. Final Versions and Known Errors

The expanded Version 6

The version 6 of the Odin's runes comes with many new additional runes. They are capital runes, and they work like capital letters. So you just put a capital rune at the first place of any word where it seems to be okay. Use them when a sentence starts or when a proper name is written. It is typical for runes that they are all of the same lenght. In version 6. you can still use the rune 79-father traditionally, now also adapted to the size of the normal runes. If you have a proper name to write, you put the rune father in front of it. But the new alternative is that you instead use one of the new "king size" runes. These are a bit difficult to find with a text program. The capital runes are located at the end of all the other runes, at the position that is marked with the hexadecimal code U181. But you can eventually write a macro, or wait for some nice guy to write one and put it onto a (future) runes community page.

The final Version 5.3 of the Runes

The very last version 5.3 changed the looks of the rune 36, and also changed the rune 70, now standing for the sound pf.

The last version 5.2 of the runes only changed the Deutsch name of one rune. The penultimate version 5.1 added two more exotic runes and one last runic sign. It also regrouped the exotic and extra runes to make them all accessible with the codes of a computer keyboard. That should be all, when it comes to the 80+8 runes.

The final Version 5.3 of the Font file

Write Runes with your Computer:
Odins-Runen.ttf – Final Version 5.3 50 kb.

Corrected in stable version V.5.2: The rune Urchin-53 with accent graw (glyph 317). This was a duplication error that didn't show up in text programs.

Using special Odin's Runes on modern Greek, Arabic and Hebrew

The last font version 5 also comes with runes for Russian, ancient and modern spoken Greek, and a letter-to-letter transscription of Hebrew and Arabic. But a detailed description of how to write properly is still in the making. It will appear in both Deutsch and English. It is still possible that these transcriptions need to be adapted in a further version.

Known Error: Some runes may intersect in some browsers or font viewers!

That is really sad to see: When browsers display a text in Odin's runes, then some few runes may be displayed too close to each others.

Most runes are still well readable even when this error uccurs. However, the rune 50-Thing may intersect with some few following runes. I think that the error is due to the way these browsers and viewers display the letter T. They move this letter closer to the next letter, just for reason of the nicer looks. But that does not lead to good results when it comes to the rune 50-Thing, that stands for the sharp TH.

Recommendation: Replace the rune 50-Thing, glyph 54, in a finished text with glyph 222 (hex DE) of the font. This glyph has the identical rune, since it covers the letter Þ or TH on some Nordic language keyboards. You can generate the glyph 222 on any keyboard by pressing the Alt-key and typing O222 on the numerical keypad.

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