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A Goddess introduced. Introducing the one and only Earth Goddess.
A Goddess with thousand names. Images and texts of the first ever religion.
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A Goddess has many Foes

Rejoice, oh my world! We have a goddess who protects Earth against hostile cosmic aliens. The meanest of the lies of those Greys has it that they are the undead spirits of our good deceased. Often heard is also the idea that the forces from above are kind and also cruel. Some of our best and also worst pieces of artwork serve as proof for the contrary, and give proof for the one and only true Universal Truth Religion (UTR).

1. The Goddess as Lady, Dog and Pig

Rafael M.'s Hound as Goddess Venus This image is one of the many internet snapshots of Rafael M.'s petty fighting dog. This white man from Brazil put those pictures into the web, some are adorned with own illustrations. Just this image artfully illustrates a phenomenon of religion. For many infidels or agnostics, and for all those brighter heads who are dissatisfied with old-time religions, often their dog or pet becomes a portal of the hidden deity. That is one of the inevitable consequences of our situation on Earth. We have a Goddess who but cannot yet publicly reveal herself. The idea that there exists some kind of 'snake' or 'beast' down under is too scary for people in many countries who are still under the sway of doomsday cults like Christianity. The Goddess often tries to appear then under a false portal, like that of Maria or Venus or the Girl of Christmas. But one problem is that she is not really such a woman. The next problem is that she cannot well control such playful false imagery. The third problem is that false apparitions of deities or ghosts (saints) confuse people. The ensuing confusion makes it easier for the Greys, hostile aliens, to use misleading portals. One of the most liked portals of the local Greys from Sirius and Procyon is that of a dog. These four Greys are much under the influence of the Fe-Greys of the 'pigs in space'. But it's significant that the constellations of these very hostile stars in our neighborhood are called Great and Little Dog (Canis). By way of cosmic N-rays many evil Uthras make humans like, caress and even love their dogs. They can use some of the resulting energy for their evil purposes. Often they manage to push away the Earth Goddess with the help of a pet. They also may push away the human partner. That is what also happened to Rafael M. He bought this dog after he married. Soon all was over, and his wife moved out, leaving Rafael with the dog. Rafael blogs about his dog, telling the world how well the pet catches up his master's ideas. And isn't it strange that Rafael now makes this male dog pose as his goddess? That scene reveals that there exist unsuitable emotions between those two. The Goddess of Love typically helps whites with a marriage, partnership or romance. Even colored subhumans and animals can develop feelings like love in some cases. Fractal links then make close partners become similar to each others. That is why long-time couples tend to look more similar on photos. But if you start a loving relationship with a pet, and even sleep together at home, then you will become adapted to that pet too. That is only one of the many detrimental by-effects of keeping a pet in your home. Of course Brazil is a third-world country full of colored subhumans, so it's really not a bad idea to keep a watchdog in your home. On the other hand, as you learn more about supernatural phenomena, you might decide to better keep a good distance.

The false pig goddess

Kerala Göttin This mean goddess from South India isn't really one. Any man can see this who, as it often happens, looks at her breasts first. The traditional dance is devoted to the Hindu deity Durga. With the UTR we often find behind this portal Ga-Dora of Sirius. Durga seems to choose men and possesses them as a goddess of war. Those who allow this to happen may become cyber-sex partners of the Greys who secretly ruin them. Like cosmic leeches they suck your youth away. It is typical that several possessed demon actors group around one charming goddess. Among such actors a competition is common. Often the worse looking actor many reap more spiritual powers. Those who want to give this up may get special stress and need to become a Mr. Clean. The boar teeth that this guy here wears in his mouth show that Ga-Dora is not really in control of this cult. But this Grey is a destroyed zombie only under the control of other evil Uthras, most notably Greys of the group Fe. Those Children of Iria developed half-intelligent pig-people, on just a few planets. With the help of images of some such doomed beasts Ga-Dora here appears as a toothed red swine woman. Like Earth the planets of these pigs in heaven each have whites and five main off-species colored races. The 'redskins' of race three are by tradition (Berk-OS) the most aggressive and devilish race.

The good-and-mean swine queen

Medusa on Greek Pot This Medusa from an antique Greek pot also reminds of some kind of pig demon. Due to the pigs in space, local Greys could handle pig-portals better than others. The Medusa face is surrounded by spitting snakes, who symbolize the hoses and cranes of a congera. Ancient Greek religion already well distinguished such mean monsters and good deities. It is therefore significant that this demonic thing looks ugly, broad-nosed and black-haired; while ancient Greek gods were depicted with brighter nobler looks. The Greys though typically tried to appear as a moody deity, that could appear kind or also cruel. While especially the Grey Ga-Dora of Sirius always tried to be the good-and-mean queen of the night sky, she rather preferred the darker women. In Greek mythology we find Ga-Dora behind Pandora, who is again shown as a somber and dark-haired woman on modern pictures too. In modern culture the good and bad woman is known as femme fatale (French: dangerous woman). Only with the help of UTR it may succeed to separate good and bad aspects. Many peoples once knew the myth of the celestial 'jealous potter woman' (Pandora) that would not allow a cultural hero (Prometheus) to invent fire-making (according to the ethnologist Claude Lévi-Strauss). On planets where the Greys are too strong the creatures can't even learn how to make fire. That is indeed the situation on those relatively few planets of the swines in space. They never get going with their culture. And if some pig-man eventually learns how to make fire, arson is the immediate consequence.

2. The White Goddess and Colored Mary

Black Madonna Czenstochov Poland This icon from Poland is originally nearly black. It shows Maria as the Black Madonna. For many Christians Maria used to be the most important deity. There are other unhistorical and really black icons of her, some find them spiritually okay. Some think of Maria as the queen of the night sky. Here Maria wears a foulard (head cloth) with stars on it. But the face of this shadow woman shows little of the alleged good magic of Maria. That murky icon from Czenstochow was once knifed by a Swede in times of war, and with a secret reason. From the point of view of UTR we may interpret these lines once again as the cranes and hoses who connect a congera to her gadgets. Several congeras used the night-sky Maria as a portal, and here it shows.
Many Christians feared with reason that doom may fall down from heaven. If we interpret Maria as the queen of the destructive doomsday angels from heaven, then that picture well meets the message. Contrary to what Jesus believed, there is no supreme devil. The evil Uthras near and far are traditionally also each others cruel enemies. Greys cannot control their zombie wrath. The leading Grey Ga-Dora again must have tried to make Maria appear as a good and gruesome goddess of heaven, and this only made virtual Maria become so successful. But once again the bad plans of the Greys just didn't work out in the end. It was only the phenomenon of a short historical time of weakness when the Earth Goddess allowed Christian religion and also served such murky portals. Since some decades this time is over. The miracles that Maria always seemed to work, for instance in Lourdes, they happen no more.

The real Maria was Jewish

The cult of Maria can serve as one example for the crass way in which myths falsify the historical truth. The mother Mary appears in the Bible only as a non believing and not supporting actress. She was no member of the Jesus sect later called 'The Poor' (Ebionites). To this sect of Jesus, his brother Judas and Simon Peter the members had to donate all that they owned, that is only typical for radical and mean sects. In the gospel that sect was deliberately confounded with the real paupers. Jesus was at times so deluded that he believed that it wasn't necessary to care for tomorrow, since the world would go under. In the gospel we find a passage that seems to show that the Jewess Maria well showed more sense. The family sent out some men to arrest Jesus as a madman. The consequence was that this adverse prophet turned his back to his family (Mark 3:21). In the early years of Christianity the few believers were mostly extremist Jews (zealots). Women were not well received in these circles, and goddesses were even less respected. But centuries later (431 a.), in Ephesus the city of great Diana, Maria was proclaimed the virgin mother goddess of the Christians. Only this made important groups of heathens give up their resistance against the victory of Christianity. The fact was that at that time and also later, Maria seemed to be very present as a helpful ghost. Often heard was that her spirit seemed to help better than others in times of trouble. For the common people Maria was a goddess, and they heard of her that she was still a virgin. Many theologists lost their minds over this riddle. Typical Christian simpletons and mendacious priests had no trouble telling now the lie that Jacobus, the younger brother of Jesus, had been his cousin only. Some were just too insane and dumb for divine wisdom, others were too mendacious. There were some followers of Maria who called her 'Star of the Sea'. That title well pointed to the Earth Goddess, who had once come down from the sky to Earth with a star. But that was too far away from all that was known about the historical mother Mary. While the Earth Goddess never revealed herself to this planet, believers just kept on guessing what the secret of that deity may be. In her last messages the virtual Maria called her believers “my children”. With the Universal Truth Religion the times of guessing are over now, and so are the times of any old-time religion kid stuff.

The mysteries of Mary

Red Mari Amman India By Roman Catholics and many other Christians the icon of mother Mary is regarded as the likeness of their most popular saint. In Dravidian (non-Aryan) Hinduism there exists Mary Mother (Mariamman), the feared red demon of the smallpox and the helpful goddess of rainfall. In Buddhism a demon called Mara is the bringer of devilish temptations, who may appear as beautiful women. There can be little doubt that these Indian deities resemble Saint Mary by the name. It is not far-fetched to believe that a demon with such a name appears in different cultures as a good-and-evil spirit. UTR but teaches that Mary or Mari is only a portal that is used by very many congeras or Uthras. While Catholics strictly separate Saint Mary from Mari-Amman, Uthras from the faraway sky tend to stick to some names they use on many planets in local religious cultures. Where the evil Uthras are more powerful they prefer to appear as the good-and-bad goddess, symbolized by Mari's items vajra (thunderbolt, here shown in the upper left hand) and bowl. There is also an ancient Basque deity called Mari, whose cult has similarities with that of the Saint Mary of Lourdes in France. In Lourdes the 14-year-old Bernadette at first saw a white dame, who was interpreted as Saint Mary. Then there is the mystery that Mary seems to be nonexistant for many Protestants. The past dark age of Mary and Kali called Kaliyuga was a time of the delusion of this world. Good and bad were often confounded, mainly because the Bible says that women are not worthy in general. Some simple-minded nun could still be regarded as wise, but the proud and visibly noble blond woman was often defamed as stupid, vain, cold at heart and sometimes even as a witch. Those predominantly dark Christians, Semites and Orientals were taken as God's chosen race, according to the Bible. But these people often had the envious hunch that the true Children of Light possessed much more of God's true glamor of luck. The battle over the correct picture of the women still is on in our popular culture. Often the dark little girl could play the sweet Snow White, while the big and visibly nobler bright woman had to play the wicked stepmother. Here we see once again a special weakness of the Anglo-American culture. Also Jewish prejudices against schicksahs (classy ladies) contribute to that. Jews were after all, destiny wanted it, often the toughest enemies of the Goddess. Sofia Ewa had to make this happen. Jews were chosen by her to take the lead of her opponents, to secretly lead them off track a bit. The era of Maria and Kali (Kaliyuga) was a time of special weakness of the Goddess. She had to hide behind murky icons and fairy tale images, and those who recognized her were endangered. Romans and Christians carried a foreign tyranny and cruelty into Germania and Deutschland, among people with a very strong sense of personal honor. Only when the Romans started to crucify people some Germanic did that too. Many Nordic people with good genes and looks were cleverly pushed into the corner of the bad guys and losers now. Written nonsense replaced the good intuition of the female seers now. It was nonsense that the better Nordic people could not easily learn, while the dark and mean guys would thrive with it. In Christian times many people knew that some supernatural force of evil exists. But they were not able to correct their false behavior, that often was the consequence of a dumb mind, laziness and an anti-natural and unhealthy lifestyle. A goddess called Wisdom seemed not to exist in those days. Sofia just waited for better times, when her savior would simply abolish the false icons of Maria and Kali, to let a new age of divine love (UTR calls it Bhaktiyuga) begin.

3. The Goddess in her Basin

Holy Snake Basin Mathura Style

This cult basin was excavated in some 'Basin City' in the Mathura district. Let me recount here what a book about ancient Indian arts wrote about this:

Archaeological excavations in Northern India resulted in many bowls or pieces of bowls of that sort. All layers of sediments contained them, from the beginning of the first century b. to the Middle Ages. Those bowls were used at domestic rites. Filled with water such a bowl or cornered basin symbolized a holy pond in miniature. Little hollows on the edge were filled with oil and used as lamps. Animal figures adorned a basin, birds or frogs. Down below there typically was one snake (here are two). The basin ladder would invite the snake of the deep to ascend, so that people could offer and revere it. In the midst of the bowl there commonly was a pillar with a lotus flower (here broken off). When the basin was filled with water the flower seemed to swim on it. Believers of the White Goddess may think that the lotus flower symbolized the berth of a new savior.

The original religion of Krishna

Great Goddess Mathura Style In the Mathura district in India also many clay objects of the great mother were found, who often show a face surrounded by chakras. In classical Hinduism Mathura was at the center of the cult of Krishna's love. All this raises little doubt that Krishna and Radha were devoted followers of the great goddess too and of her shakti (force). There is a chance that these idols, ugly like they definitely are, show Radha's face. Later Brahmins who wrote up all those stories possibly saw things much differently. The snake was unpopular due to old Aryan religion. There can be no doubt that this snake in the deep appeared to people of low caste as a good and helpful great goddess. Maybe rather secretly she was sending her shakti from her secret pool. These symbolic basins are about 150 years younger than those chakra-adorned statues of the great goddess. We may easily think that in the meantime people realized that their mother goddess was that snake. The traditional Hindu name of that snake in the deep is 'Ahi Budhniya'. The word ahi is of the same root as the Greek word ophis (snake), while the word budhniya reminds of the Deutsche word boden (ground). Indeed our helpful Earth Goddess does dwell in a kind-of scale filled with special blood. UTR calls it the mestab, to avoid the common cosmic term (Hebrew: shiloh). The shell of Venus is another common symbol.
Westerners know Krishna today maybe from that tale in the Mahabharata about Arjuna. During a time of anxiety, distress and moral scruples, the warlord Arjuna allegedly saw Krishna in a vision. The tale has it that this ghost seemed to steer his chariot. It may happen that the Uthras use N-rays to take over your mind and your body, it's unwise to let that happen. It is surely not true that Krishna then revealed to Arjuna all the lore that later became the Bhagavad-Gita. We must keep in mind that the wesenheit (the virtual personality) of a ghost is much different from the person that he was while he lived. From the point of view of UTR of course a vision of a dead man only means that diverse congeras are active; using his likeness as a portal, but often not with the real wish and effort to generate a perfect illusion of that dead person, or even of his spirit. Surely it's no coincidence that the traditional mother goddess figure from Mathura is adorned with some chakras, who also play an important role in hatha yoga. Hatha yoga means letting Kundalini rise to the inner chakras, the snake of the deep. Some form of this tradition must have been at the origin of the cult of the snake basin. Such yoga is not without problems, and we hear of negative experiences with it. The Earth Goddess often made her believers take a bath in a holy river or a holy pool. This is what many ascetic do in India, but nowadays we meet again the problem of environmental pollution. It was only in a situation of emergency when the Earth Goddess made herself popular among dark Indians of low caste. She thus put a heavy burden on the shoulders of the weak.

The Great Dame of the west

Celtic-Iberian Dame of Elche by Beljonde This bust, colored by me like it once was, shows the famous Spanish Dame of Elche of around 500 b. It's a work of art surprisingly similar to the Indian great mother idols. We find these two chakras also on other Celtic-Iberian portrait busts. The noble dames have them hanging right before their ears. Golden ears here symbolize the inner sense of hearing. The twelve tassels may be interpreted as cranes. This great dame also has the noble white Europid-Aryan looks that most Indians miss, sad are they indeed. That explains why the Earth Goddess made the Spaniards colonize Latin America but not Indians, despite of the fact that Hinduism is much more fond of her than Catholicism. For so many years Europeans allowed Ewa's guidance without really knowing her! Ewa's hopes are now that the better whites will guide lower-quality coloreds anywhere, to thus better up all the world; technologically, culturally, politically and socially. UTR is the mild and pragmatic religion of reason, it's objective is a well working world government. For many white people in all the world the coloreds mean a heavy burden in a short life. The Goddess then often secretly comforts the more evolved humans, maybe during a bath in a cool sacred pool.

4. The White Dame helps, guides and suffers

Guanyin Statue, Weisse Guanyin HK This white Guānyīn statue from Hongkong has a mild aura that shows rather well that the true Goddess is peaceful. Only her face is ill fitting, since it looks fat and off-species (deformed say the Chinese), and therefore grotesque and ugly. Saint Mary was in Christian times the deity that seemed to help better than others. The same effect led to the success of the Chinese goddess Guanyin (Kwan Yin). Just like the name of the goddess Nue Gua also the name of Guan Yin reminds of Gaia (Ga-Ewa). Of Guanyin today's sources only say that she had been some woman, either a nun or someone else. The most common legend has it that the Chinese 'princess' Miào Shàn (to Chinese this sounds like 'Temple-Scorn'), a daughter of bad royals who became a nun, was an incarnation of Guanyin. Miaoshan was only a name that the Greys liked to hear and made popular. But Guanyin also seemed to be identical with many regional Chinese sea goddesses. Her true nature was not really what mattered. Important is that Guanyin really seems to protect women and children, as the deity who “listened”. Experts found out that Guanyin originally was a male savior deity who transformed into a woman. With UTR we easily may conclude that the true nature of the good Earth Goddess became clear with time passing. She cares and helps, and also she is in tendency truthful. The Greys are liars. They tried to make popular a rivaling deity called Guandi, some red-faced and armed god mainly of war. Tibetan Buddhists identified Guanyin with their savior deity Avalokiteshvara (recently reincarnated as Kitschy Wally in Hollywood). The same deity is also called sPyanrasgzigs or Chenresi. Some believed that the Pope of Tibet is that god incarnated. But lately we didn't hear such eyewash from the exiled Dalai Lama. The problem of Tibetan Lamaism is that it emerged from the highest region of this planet, where cosmic N-rays would make clerics get to especially weird ideas and artwork. In Japan Guanyin is called Kannon. That word receives support from the Greys, since it reminds of the English word cannon. The merciful and peaceful deity Kannon was identified by some Christians in trouble as their deity Maria. It is important that the Japanese Kannon alone did not seem to promise believers that they will be reborn after death in some paradise. That is a special lore of the Amida Buddhists only. If we dare to speculate we may assume that the monks of a certain school that founded the Amida Buddhism, had turned towards the virtual Aryan god of light Mitra. Some guy then merged those two religions of the Aryans and Saken. Many badly informed religious founders had to cope with much suffering. They then promised their followers a better life next time. Guanyin helps right here, and that is what made her become so popular in several looks and styles.
Traditionally Guanyin is still seen as a Buddhist goddess, and like Maria as a servant deity. But Guanyin has nothing much to do with either the gods of the Tibetans or with that dead nun Miaoshan. In the similar case of the Greek deity Leukothea (White Goddess) believers surely were puzzled while hearing that two legendary dead women, Ino and Halia, were suspected of having transformed into that white goddess. Leukothea seemed to keep a distance from all those other virtual deities. There were no common myths who linked Leukothea to the pantheon of Graeco-Roman deities. But she was there and helped at sea in times of an emergency. Our real non-human deity could not well be placed upon a fantasy welkin, she had no clear likeness too. Guanyin is not even always a white goddess, the doctrines of Buddhism fail to describe her. The success of Buddhism was only due to the fact that it's central message was, and still is, correct. Buddhism is one good piece of evidence now for the fact that our White Goddess is benevolent and neither approves suffering nor samsara (soul transfers). Ewa secretly guides the world. The Goddess designed Buddhism for colored East Asia. The message of the Buddha Gautama, that his followers shall enter into the nirvana, goes to the Mongos (coloreds). Sofia Ewa now brings up, just like I do, considerable hope into the natural good sense of understanding that many Mongos have.

Let the White Dame be your Leading Helper!

Snegurotchka by Dumskaya, detail Today Christian are renowned because they often help the poor in all the world. But they typically fail when competent leadership work is needed, most notably on the field of contraception. Then the food that they donate does no good, since it makes bad coloreds engender children who foreseeably suffer and starve. Bible believers are much under the sway of hostile heavenly forces. Greys and other evil spirits made Christians for 2.000 years feud each others for no good reason. Even today Roman Catholic religion secretly makes Ukrainians wage war against their Russian orthodox minority. For similar reasons orthodox Christians once cruelly persecuted so-called old-believing heretics. In Russia traditions had become adapted a bit to modern times, but then clerics wouldn't allow these novelties. Heretics had to hide in the deepest forests of Siberia. It was the realm of the Snow Flake Snegúrotchka. The spell of Mother Nature even covered up Russians who never knew her. Ewa would teach her protegees how to make a living even in a Siberian winter far away from civilization. That story much reminds of the fate of the brave pilgrim fathers and protestants in America. Of course the Goddess who lives here knows better how nature works than hostile forces of the faraway sky! But how could she tell? In a world so troubled and confused like ours white dames often helped her out, sometimes unwillingly.
A beautiful white dame may gain the magical aura of Lady Winter. Winter times are hard times, and it's true that a cold land has no mercy with weaklings. But while nearly all people think of themselves, there is a good spirit who cares for the common wealth. Even in times of too harsh competition Ewa still makes some evolved people care for the environment and love nature. Whites have in principle the power that can change the world to the better, a magical power coloreds miss. Not by chance we find those key marker genes of bright hair and eye colors only at some Europid humans. Black headed humans however often develop resilience against such people, due to adverse genes. And then, while they secretly oppose the best humans, they have a tendency to oppose nature too. The White Goddess is much liked as a helper in Asia. But people don't realize that she is their planet's leading helping force. Sofia Ewa secretly manages the world. She sees to it that humankind does not ruin the environment to then self-destruct. She would like to fulfill many good wishes, but she needs to give disliked advice too. To make this happen our Goddess needs spiritual power. It comes to her with the help of the white dames. So how easy is it for the Earth Goddess to eventually let a colored priestess say something, and guide the Mongos (colored Asians) to a certain behavior? Here racial-cultural prejudices and expectations play a role, and so do mental shortcomings. It is typical that socialist experts of China think that they have all well under control, while they think strictly rationally. But then the idea comes to them to uproot all the noisy sparrows! They don't realize how little they understand of nature, and because of their race they miss the inner guidance to subconsciously do the right things. When Mao Zedong realized how bad his experts were he commandeered them to clean toilets. But while young radical left-wingers learned fast how to campaign and pummel, they did not become the better new professors. And now, while China secretly gave up on socialism, some newly rich behave like roguish turbo-capitalists. Ewa would win more power with more Russians and other steadfast white immigrants in many parts of East Asia, since these just don't get too many. But how can she tell this to this billions of Mongos? She just has not enough earth ray contacts for this task. So far she still must use the portal of Guanyin, which is rather outdated. It should be rather difficult right now for the Earth Goddess to control the portal of Guanyin, to make this virtual Chinese goddess say things Asian priests probably won't like to hear, like: “Stop this ruinous growth and expansion!”

God lets some white people die out too

Neandertal Woman Reconstruction

Archeologists excavated the relics of many species of subhumans. They all were of a very low intelligence and didn't look nice too. But we may well think that they could fight with excellent bravery and also endure most dire living conditions. So why did all those Neanderthals die out even in the remotest corners of the planet, apparently naturally and without a fight? God just didn't like them no more! There is no way to explain population dynamics without putting supernatural interference into consideration. While old-time experts fail to understand they eventually get angry like this Neanderthal woman (here lacking hair). Some anthropologists are ill reputed for wrathful feuds.
Some confused heads fantasize that Neanderthals would nicely fit into our modern world. The testimonies of their crude culture and a view on their brainless and crooked bodies tell us a different message. We can be very glad that we don't have any such aggressive and low-quality Neanderthals today in Europe. God always tries to let low-quality and off-species people die out, to constantly bring humankind forwards. Since Chinese and other Mongos are another sub-species of off-species subhumans only, they are in comparison less able to control their bad drives and to find the right spiritual way by their own will and effort. This is why most of them always were grateful for spiritual guidance from India. But it didn't really better up their situation when the Buddha Gautama told them to stop working and caring and become beggar monks. It also didn't really help China when the Indian Bodhidharma (a Ga-Toma name) at the abbey Shaolin promoted the local cults of Taoism and also 'Boxerism'. It was even more incorrect when Indian monks taught them to believe in resurrection in the paradise of the Buddha Amida. That especially wrong lore is due to fractal links to the planet Lar. The Elves-Parsen of planet Lar use the word Mitra for their messiah (savior). But just like our Jews these Parsen are very ignorant and mislead. Sadly those Indian-Aryan pundits also knew not enough of the spiritual truth. In times past the Savior hadn't yet come. The true Savior now teaches that, like the Neanderthals had to, the colored races will have to leave us. Coloreds must die out. There was a time when we were having separate races of subhumans, but that time is about to end now. It always was the question whether the colored races would be strong enough to accept this guidance of God. The Earth Goddess must not only be able to tell her peoples the truth. She also must have the charms to make the world believe and accept the truth. God needs magic to guide well this world. This magic is what we hope to win with the white dames. The bad aspect of this is that the dames who are drafted by God have to endure considerable suffering.

5. White Beauty, Black Piffle

Australnegro Goddess This picture is supposed to show the goddess giving birth. Who knows? In the artwork of primitive humans the explicit vulva often symbolized a portal. We see here an oversized vagina and oversized breasts too, and that means this stuff is probably meant to be erotic. But this is not really erotic, since that goddess looks grotesque and sick down under. Below of her we don't see a child, she is also not really shown pregnant and with child, in that typical X-ray style of the Austral-Negroes. That is after all the correct spiritual message. The real white Goddess was no goddess of fertility for those Austral-Negroes; and her child, the savior, brings the last days of this severely off-species main-race five. This picture comes from a very primitive culture, maybe the most primitive of planet Earth. It is typical that in such a culture the Earth Goddess was not separated from the hostile Greys. Most diverse phenomena of nature were attributed to a mother deity. More evolved whites would often get a general good impression of the goddess and be open for her good advice. Those most primitive Austral-Negroes however would get a mixed impression of the goddess, thinking of her as nice and also suddenly really aggressive. While typical Negroes lack social skills in general and are unable to build up any higher culture on their own, they would behave like that virtual mother deity. That meant that they were nice to each others but also would suddenly get vicious and aggressive and find this socially normal. The Earth Goddess invests very little time in those people. But sometimes the Greys would especially drive such subhumans of bottom quality towards her, since even for the most hideous Austral-Negroes our Ewa had to act as the shameless white ghost witch occasionally, to prevent the Greys from abusing such portals too much. Any frizzy goon who gets some chalk in his dark hands can paint obscene off-species art like this, but maybe he should better let it be, quoth virtual mother Mary. The so-called x-ray style shown here is in principle interesting and not to put away. In a similar way those congeras regard living creatures with their rays. But the artwork of off-species or degenerate humans should only find a niche in our museums. Such stuff should not supersede the beautiful display of noble people. The beauty of the white race is our most important roadsign on our way to salvation. At least those subhumans would realize that God is white! That made them obey to the whites that God was sending them. With the portal of Maria, God managed to control valuable parts of this world a little, and to regulate down the damned lewdness of the subhumans and contain it regionally. Ewa waited for the time when her savior of one world would create an authentic picture of her. There are many planets of doom where this didn't work out. There sometimes the colored race two (colored Asians, Mongos) became the dominating race of the planet. But it is a good omen that Asian subhumans never made it to Australia to settle there by the billions. It honors the Austral-Negroes that they did not confound those better performing coloreds of race two with the whites, god's only chosen race; but fought against them and drove them away. Their artwork made the Austral-Negroes understand God. This is one key piece of evidence, more important than many others, for God's notion that we will save our Earth and have a future.

Some more of the ugly stuff?

A Negress as Goddess Artwork can't be ugly enough for some people with too much money in their pockets. They get what they demand as Negroes try to depict themselves by way of artwork. Even if they depict correctly their swollen black faces these still look like devil masks. Such off-species artwork is just not to avoid for off-species people. Facial features play much more a role than the color of the skin. This artwork looks so alien and ugly like Negroes naturally are. Some people like such artwork just because it looks so mean and ugly, and we should not find that it has no value as artwork. But if we declare such artwork as okay and even nice, then we lead our world away from the way of salvation into the chaos of evil. This chaos manifests in pagan West Africa as a chaotic multitude of false deities; who may unite in America to form Exu, the red devil. Followers of cults like Voodoo, Santeria, Candomblé or Macumba experience occasionally that they invoke this or that virtual deity to then become possessed by the virtual red devil. Often those Greys choose the best known red and evil portal for their tricks. It is highly significant that the Black African 'Rada gods' seem to be identical with the 'Petro gods', but also appear to be nicer. Those same deities change their nature again as they become Afro-Brazilian Roman-Catholic saints. That should be proof enough for the common protestant lore that such saints altogether do not exist. The water goddess Yemanya is one of these virtual Negro deities who in some aspects represents the Earth Goddess. Brazilian Negro cultists are unable though to separate the one and only goddess from a pantheon of seven deities who represent the local Greys. By way of Negro music and intoxication, smoking and trances, laziness or possession Greys may gain dangerous influence. Those who come into contact with bad Negro cultists may easily contract a grave disease. There are many secret diseases who help to do away unwanted Negroes, and who are unknown to modern medicine.

6. A Nightmare from Black Smoke

Black Goddess Kali Here we see another black goddess, it's Kali. She stands as a real nightmare on a smoking false redhead. This she-demon is shown with six limbs, making her look like a Berk black widow. Her tongue and hair locks though resemble the cranes typical for the congeras. The six limbs again are typical for those countless bad spider aliens called Berks. UTR now names them by their real names, those cosmic persons who formerly were shown in such an unreal way. Kali's dog points to the dog-star Sirius, and indeed her other name is „Black Night“ (Kalaratri). As Durga she kills a buffalo, who just like the bull is in some aspects the savior. In some other aspects the buffalo demon though symbolizes evil Uthras from faraway and their nightmarish creations. In this evil aspect the buffalo demon is a black centaur or a manticore (a Berk scorpion monster chimaera). Some remote Greys invest much time into such miscreants. Local Greys constantly also battle against faraway Greys, or that is what they purport.
As Tara, a name reminding us of Ga-Dora again, Kali is the most prominent Vajrayana (Tibetan Buddhist) goddess. Here vajra means a sudden attack from the sky with N-rays. Not by chance that Indian word reminds of the South-Deutsche word watsche, a slap on the cheek with the flat hand. Demon worship is never without bad consequences. Some lamas or clerics may escape from the watschen they earned, while N-rays hit a white knight instead. Hinduism traditionally looks at the present age of Mary and Kali (Kaliyuga) as the last and worst age of all. This should be yesterday's stuff, since I am the bringer of the new age Bhaktiyuga, the age of love. In this aspect I am also the Hindu savior Khalkin (the White One). But it's still correct that this or that demon of the night tries to find some Shiva as her paredros (here: a slave of lust), who is supposed to destroy Earth. It is good that there are also more or less helpful Uthras in the main line of attack of the constellation Scorpio who constantly interfere into N-rays, those 'ducks and frogs'. Of these good Uthras Vajrayana also names some 'Green Tara'. Behind this foggy portal we may assume to find some allied Ranoid (frogs) congera at least occasionally. It is hard to make sure who works on us from the sky down. For the time being, by a margin of 90 percent, those Greys dominate, since they control the neutron stars who shoot N-rays.
Despite of their strength the Greys are weak creatures, unable to control their drives. They search our weak humans and strengthen them in their weaknesses. The alleged god of destruction Shiva is shown here as a weak and seduced man, a loser who smokes drugs with a pipe. Indeed it was not typical for the followers of Kali to succeed much in life. Bedeviled by an unknown Grey who secretly despised them they carried out atrocious rites like human eating. Ga-Dora hates humans in general, since she knows well that her cause is lost. The Earth Goddess often had to tolerate Kali cults, bound by fractal links of bad portals like Kali to the real Ga-Leta. This Kali picture nicely displays the ugly truth, that this black devil is just no good. While Greys get spiritually stronger, often due to drug abuse and left-handed tantra, they may also place their vile lies into the minds of their victims. It may then happen that the Greys use blinding inspiration, they abuse pretty pictures to cover themselves.

A bad white Shiva

Shiva as Maneater This is one mean Hindu painting from India that shows Shiva as a Titanic god with golden hair. For Indians Shiva is not only the destroyer but also a savior with creative lust. But that doctrine is based on the bad old religion of the Dravidians (non-Aryans Indians). Many such religious scenes are the result of a seer's inspiration. This scene has some typical flaws and is the result of blinding inspiration. The artist practiced the so-called left-handed tantra, more correctly, he got spiritually lusty, but the reversed and hard-to-handle way. When you try spiritual sex rites soon the Greys notice. They may let you feel how strong they are by way of manhandling you or pushing you towards negative emotions. The result of such inspiration is shown here: Shiva is depicted as a notorious man eater, who just prepares human heads for a meal. Shiva's assistant is a redskin chimaera elephant. That beast symbolizes a devil, it is comparable to the multiple red dragon of the Book of Revelation. That golden Shiva seems to be a friend of that non-human red monster, just like the white snake around his neck, who symbolizes the Earth Goddess. Those three raise a new species of blond super-humans and feed them with dead Indians! Who was behind this mean vision? We may imagine that some ugly Indian woman of lower quality spiritually interfered. We see one such 'Hindu goddess' here picking her nose, but she is no match for a Titan. With so many low quality people India can neither get to a better religion nor to a better situation. While the Dasyus (aka Dravidians) still reproduce in such a scary way, what can the good God do to stop it? Lust that is out of control forces God to let people suffer and die who could live well. In times of trouble God must make bad deals with the cosmic monsters who always only damage us.
Hinduism is the result of the conquest of Northern India by the Aryans. Those are still today regarded as the better Indians, with some reason. But it's questionable how good they really are. Already the early Aryans from Central Asia and Arya (Iran) had not had a good relationship to the Goddess. But their maybe most popular deity had been Soma, the God of the legendary intoxicating beverage that the Aryans preferred. We recognize Ga-Sama behind that portal. Even humans of better quality get weak under the influence of drugs, and become easy prey for the Greys and their snares.

The tree of life

Altai Pazyryk sitting Shaman This is one rare picture of a Central Asian great goddess – or so some experts see it. But while this noble steppe chief holds a fantasy tree of life (a typical attribute of the oriental savior god Baal too) he looks well male, and Ruthenian (Russian) or Aryan. I hear right now the old news that he had brown hair, was obese and died of a heart attack around 350 b. White nomads (Hephtalites) from the steppe thence bettered up the gene pool in the Orient, Central Asia and India, and so did some Muslims in later times. Some travelers were wise men, poets and mystics, influenced by both Islam and older traditions. In Pakistan the judge and mystic Qadi Qadan wrote a famous verse about his beloved god, who was sitting in the shadow of a single banyan tree. God had to appear to be male for some gays. But that tree with it's forest of aerial roots may be seen as a symbol for the Goddess of Life. As we search this picture again for some goddess UTR pundits may identify her as that horse. So this steppe chief was definitely one of the rare Aryan horse specialists, and a mystic maybe. But nomads of a worse sort often became the big problem in Central Asia. Typical Mongols, Saken, Turk-Tatars or Huns were dark, puny, grim and dumb. The Goddess couldn't stop them from flooding into India and the Orient and Europe, to make all things worse there including religion. The steppe was no place where women would easily dominate religion. While bad guys made women appear weaker in general, female demons seemed to win power. In tombs of Saken, Aryans, Cimmerians or Scythians we normally don't find idols of the Goddess. Some Aryans, like Indra or Krishaspa, even became the special enemies of the Earth Goddess. That was also due to the special role of the Aryans and Persians. Our Persians are magically linked to the Parsen of planet Lar. Parsen are the falsely chose people there, just like our Israelites are here. Often the Earth Goddess was forced by those invisible bonds to allow such peoples to develop in a negative way. The consequence was that the world saw Ewa in a negative way. She was often mistaken for a dragon or a reptile. This was due to those many half-free planets of Ranoids and Sauroids too who are full of reptiles and saurians. On some of them there are even saurian whales who lay eggs! The symbol of the tree of life exists on many planets too, and commonly it is the palm tree, that serves as a symbol of the local church.
Reading this chapter again I find that it's really long and maybe too complicated. But UTR is still simple compared to the theological-philosophical bubbles that the congeras plant into the minds of the old-time people. Clever phraseology prevents many from understanding anything in between heaven and Earth. Experts get a salary for blowing bubbles in the air, but this is still better than letting Greys blow away their brains.

7. The Goddess as a Golliwog

Pele Idol from Hawaii Now that's a genuine golliwog (throwaway)! That puppet of the goddess Pele looks absolutely ugly, like a black devil, maybe because Polynesians made it. The common legend has it that the black migrant Pele was one adversary of the mighty Goddess of the Seas. She left her home country after a ruse, unwilling to obey to the Goddess and to stay away from the better lands. On Hawaii Pele got herself killed, she was thrown into a hot crater. That was the law, and it was there with a reason. Any good Polynesian must have had the notion that such a bad black migrant at odds with God did not fit onto such a happy island and needed to be put away. Population growth control is very necessary on islands, but while better people have one or two children only, Negroes often have five or more and hardly care for them. In some Islamic regions of Black Africa every Negress has six or seven children, most of them die of hunger. Definitely bad religion is behind this scary phenomenon. Bad religion also made Pele become the Hawaiian goddess of the volcanoes. Some heathens thought that she lived as a haunting spirit in one such crater. That was nonsense of course.
From the point of view of UTR it's easy to conclude that the Negress Pele after her end became a portal of the forces of darkness, always searching for such cases. But what is puzzling here is that this deity later became spiritually so mighty. Even in the latter time of Christianity colored Hawaiians would pilgrim to a crater throwing in cakes or spilling brandy as offerings for Pele. We must think that part of the answer to that riddle lies in the fact that our Earth Goddess is a deity who lives in the underground. Her betyle (home) is indeed surrounded by a 'ring of fire'. Pele became another 'Black Maria', a black-faced mean looking deity with a bad story who served as a disliked portal for our Earth Goddess. The Greys like such faces and such stories, and they are more powerful far away from Ewa's betyle. The scare that was always there in Hawaii explains that riddle some more. Not only Hawaiians feared volcanic eruptions, but the Earth Goddess too had to make shady deals to stop the attacks of evil Uthras. The same reason often allows Negroes to gain spiritual power and even wisdom. The colored and definitely ugly US-President Barack Obama and his family from Hawaii are in that aspect comparable to the case of Pele. Despite of his comparably low intelligence Barack Obama did a sometimes good job and definitely had the support of the Teflon effect. But due to his weak leadership US-firms got too dominating. The consequence was that economic egoistic interests made the USA guide the Ukraine into that civil war. The press and the public favored the Catholics as usual. They largely failed to notice that the Negro Barack was much too soft regarding the challenge of evil rogue-Islam and the danger that comes with bad colored immigrants (e.g. toxoplasmosis). The issue of races is pivotal for the future of the USA. It might gain more wisdom or sink deep into poverty. The Earth Goddess was secretly forced to help the Greys power up some Negroes, or else allow the risk that bad events may occur. You can find one such exceptional lucky Negro in many sports stadiums too, where the main task of God always is to prevent bad incidents. So it's not bad to let destiny and common sense decide, since the Greys are often badly informed over what is going on here, and cannot really prevent it when their bad ideas have consequences who are still acceptable.

Evil witches are ugly of course

Polynesian Demon And here's the next colored golliwog. It's another black Polynesian deity called Hina Nuitepo. Degenerate and ugly, obscene and gruesome details unitedly form a vision of terror. Maui the seafarer (center below) seems to have encountered a spirit that was generated with the bot magic of Melanesian (Negro) witches. Greys more often really possess black women. We can well compare Black Hina with the Black Maria, since both were regarded as dark goddesses of the sky. Black Hina has just sex with the legendary Polynesian Maui. But this guy is bitten in half by the 'vagina dentata' (urgh) of that demon. It happens among spiders that the female catches and kills the spiderman during intercourse and devours him. The UTR warns humans that many Berks (spider-people) live in space, some have only four fingers or less. As evil Uthras some are sending harmful N-rays up to us, and they also help those Greys to appear as cosmic lusty demons (houris). The Polynesian name Hina, which often simply means woman or lady, would mislead randy men. Polynesian demons are ugly of course, but the problem is that Polynesian deities often don't look better. Those who spiritually contact those totally gruesome and dangerous cosmic devils of lust draw a little piece of some remote cosmic hell down to Earth. The seafarer Maui seems to have had at least a basic understanding of good and evil, and with such stories he warned Polynesians before night sky monsters. As a colored of better quality Maui was still not able to resist to the evil force. Those who dislike to believe in such things should think of the fact that the most prominent hero of the late 20th century Hollywood cinema culture was a male spider, the Spiderman. If Spidey should mate some comparable spider woman he must be aware that his first kiss may turn out to be his last. In faraway space population control works this way. It may happen on Earth too that men get to women who are much under the sway of bad magic, knowingly or not. To warn our men often the Earth Goddess lets such women get ugly in the face. Of course this doesn't mean that ugly women are bad women too.

God's way to peace needs human beauty

So-called Jewish Mary (anonymous coffin portrait) Here we see some unknown oriental woman, it's a coffin portrait of some lady who died young. Some bible fans call her the 'Jewish Mary'. That face has a certain beauty, also because it's overdone, looking like an owl face of a goddess of wisdom. But while wisdom was not Saint Mary's domain, this face is just not of the enhanced quality we much need now. From the perspective of UTR genetic color markers play much of a role. As we look at this face again we must judge that it looks just too dark and unintelligent. The ages at the dawn of history were dark ages in many aspects. But already in that early time the main Jewish historian Josephus pointed out how much beauty played a role before God and destiny. We read (JA 6:8:1):

When David showed up, he was a blond and beautiful young man with lively eyes.

Subsequently destiny favored that most famous Jewish king of history. Wise people often realized the natural order of humankind. But many oriental simpletons never knew what real beauty is, and how noble and wise Nordic quality women eventually can become. Their ignorance made some think of themselves as the chosen people of god and the gentry of all the world. The central message of UTR is that God makes humans of genetic quality look good. Many dark and low-brow Europid and oriental women always wear wigs and expensive ado, since they sense that they miss good genes. Some media people say that ugly is beautiful, and that many lies are better than one honest word. But they can't fool the women. There is a Goddess with a beauty ideal that applies to all our cultures. The stronger the Goddess is, the more beautiful good women will become. More beauty came to many places with western seafarers. A Greek saga, related by the historian Pausanias, has it that Agapenor from Arcadia was the Greek ruler who conquered Cyprus and made it his island. There is a secret message in this story! In Greek agape means non-erotic love, contrary to eros, erotic desire. We may read this saga as a message of Aphrodite to her special island. The way of true love is the best way to break the heavenly spell of uncontrolled lust. While many women would agree to this, many oriental men are just too egoistic. Right now millions of typically loveless Orientals migrate to Europe, they get dangerous in many cities. These people are at the origin of much suffering and problems. They cause many accidents and crimes. But roguish and insane media people, prominents and politicians treacherously mislead the public over the issue. In Berlin for instance there are Orientals who hardly ever work legally but who terrorize the city as bandits and engender many dark, low-brow, miscreated children. Many Muslims learn from their clerics that Islam wants them to rule the entire world. Not only the Arabs and other orientals but also the Turks are getting too numerous fast. That was one reason why the Turkish army invaded Cyprus with a conquering blitzkrieg. In 1974 Cypriots lost a third of their island to just a few thousand Turks. Swiftly many Turks migrated into these lands. Now new millions of orientals push into the rest of Cyprus and Greece and fight to conquer Kurdish land too. That's just a tradition of Orientals. But this became worse with the coming up of aggressive Islam. Radical Muslims want to own all the world and 'integrate' all women that they find attractive into their harems. When first Muslims intruded into France, they took captive the Queen of France, and soon then desecrated her! Brave knights drove all these dark people out of Europe again.
So who defends western civilization today and protects our virgins? Seen this way, our western society much needs a strengthening new faith. The Goddess of Love always tried to bring peace and love to her world. Her main temple once stood at Paphos on Cyprus. The dove was her traditional symbol, a token of peace. The wisdom of the Earth Goddess must bring down drastically the sheer number of low-quality people. However many people just miss that wisdom and fail to understand. They don't have the will power to do what is necessary. Here the Goddess shows them by way of beauty the right way towards salvation, according to her timeless beauty ideal.

8. The Goddess of Fire and Water

Melusine the good French Mermaid This fantasy picture (modded by me) shows the good French witch Melusine. A fairy tale has it that her mermaid magic made her become the first ancestress of the noble house of Lusignan. What we know for sure is that some of the bravest knights of Christian Europe came from the house Lusignan. Some of them became the kings on Cyprus, as they drove away those Oriental hordes who once had come to Islamize and Arabize that European island. Surely these French also remembered Aphrodite.
God created this world from fire and water. At it's Pacific rim it still is in the making. Many listen to the disquieting volcanoes from Japan to Chile. They may hear the singsong of the siren and the rumble of the fiery dragon at the same time! So what now? It is surprising how often also humans of today grant a certain reverence to Earth. Some seafarers traditionally adorn their ships with the front parts of a dragon. Other captains prefer to put up a nice nixe on front. Good white people can learn now what those symbols mean. God wants them to spread the word of God. We need white nobles to carry the light of God to a world that remained in darkness. In ancient times Aryans, steppe dwellers and early Slavs regarded the fire as a symbol of the good force of light. That is what the French still do, they call this holy fire the oriflamme. But those who rather rely on a water deity may have the better image of God's true nature.

Respect comes with good work

In any western society a societal gap exists between brighter and darker humans. At some beaches and in some city quarters there even is a small war going on between those groups. Bad religion makes many people become stupid infidels. God has too little influence then on them. In the Edda the opposition of the Aesir (bright ones) versus the Surtungs (dark Aryans etc.) is the topic of a doomsday battle myth. It has the children of light facing the children of darkness. One tale of that conflict has it that the burning giant Suttung crashes down on the city of God. But the sad typical conflict scenario is better explained by the poem Lokasenna. Herein the blond Aesir sit in the hall in unity with the dark Surtungs. Only the redhead Loki does not agree with this. The red trouble maker now insults the dark servant god Byggvir (Bacchus) and his wife Beyla (Baalat) in a rude way, but he does not spare the golden beauty Sif. Sadly, just behind such a red interloper there is often the considerable interest of the Goddess that the overall situation should change. Those cozy, lazy fair-haired nobs and snobs should better get more active themselves, instead of just sitting on their mead seats wasting time and letting the commons serve them. Many dark people work hard and earn little money, this is another reason why the Goddess supports them. The way out of this dilemma is that of more reason and cooperation, equality and fairness.

The White Goddess at sea

Goddess Ran with viking ship, Nordic tombstone detail Even while the Goddess remained in hiding she was always a little closer to the classy people with Nordic genes, her chosen race. Skalds (tale tellers) called her for instance Audhumla, the cow of autumn. A tale has it that she created first men from ice. Some Nordic symbols like the dragon ship symbolize her as well. On many early burial stones we find a stylized viking ship, with a crisscross sail that symbolizes a congera's skin. The good congera thus quasi becomes the ship incarnate, carrying the seamen around safely. The net was also an item of Ran, the goddess of the sea, just like the nine mythical waves on the above burial-stone image. To the left, jumping and guarding the ship, is a beluga whale. That animal can't mean anyone else than Ran, the goddess of the Ranen. Fishers will have tried to find a special good relationship to the Goddess of the Sea. The tale goes that Ran had nine waves as daughters. We may interpret these (too) as the nine months of pregnancy. Many women would realize that there was a goddess who came to help and protect, especially in the time of distress when a baby was born. But also the seamen of the ocean hoped for protection against the heavy waves. Ran had one mythical divine son. The Heimdall guards the mythical rainbow ray bridge to the sky. The Goddess was often more present at sea than in the mountains. With the end of the ice ages Ewa moved nearer to some noble Nordic. On the mythical field of Asgard these Aesir erected their halls. Sadly this first 'golden race' lost much land to the 'silver race', darker migrants from the South and East. The Goddess consulted some of the golden Titans to search better luck in other countries, to replace people of lesser quality. God has the right too to like some people or not.

9. Lady Liberty under a Threat

Coatlicue Mother of God of the Aztecs Even before the era of Christianity Mexicans revered a Mother of God. Here we see the gruesome goddess of human sacrifices called Coatlicue. She was regarded as the mother of the snake-god Quetzalcoatl and as the carrier of the 13 heavens. Thus she is well comparable to Saint Maria in the aspect of a heavenly queen. But the real Coatlicue died long ago. Here we see her as a corpse, cut apart. She used to wear a necklace of human hands and hearts, but that is gone now. We may imagine that the historical Coatlicue was some Aztec girl, an ignoble priestess who was in charge of the offerings and ended as a human sacrifice herself. Those Indios believed that human sacrifices were necessary to let the Sun rise. They were fooled by miracles, by local time anomalies also mentioned in the Bible (Joshua 10:12,26). In old Mexico humans were sacrificed and eaten up, it didn't really matter why. Worse were some Amerinds (Redskins), who would slowly torture their victims to death at the totem rods, for the animal gods that were carved in there. We find in all cultures bad virtual deities who seem to demand and fame suffering, torture and cannibalism. Even (Mahayana) Buddhism holds on to martyr types, saints who suffered for no good reason. But nowhere else this common culture of the devils became so established like in old Mexico. One reason for this is that the west pole lies there, where the cyclones originate who decisively shape the climate of Western Europe.

A Latino childrens crusade

Around 160 a. the Greek comedian Lukian wrote 'The True Tale' about a fantastic voyage across the Atlantic. Mythical islands of the Caribbean are described as paradisaical by the author. But this is how Lukian envisioned some island of hell:

A stinking smell came to us, like of burning asphalt, sulfur and pitch; and another one even worse: burning human corpses. We heard claps and howls. The air was dark and sticky, and dew that resembled pitch constantly fell down. The entire island was a steep rock of stones and cliffs, no tree was seen here. In the stead of flowers swords and daggers grew from the ground. We arrived then at a river full of excrement...

This antique author once described modern Mexico City as accurate as if he had seen it himself. Even the sounds of the cars and the cactuses came into his mind. It's indeed hard to breathe in this mega-city of roughly 20 million inhabitants. And the dire poverty of many people reminds of a hell on Earth. In many regions of Mexico however 'bandidos' rule like rich little kings. In parts of Middle America many Latino women experience rape already at the age of 13 and have kids. At the same time the Roman-Catholic authorities ban effective methods of contraception. Unwanted children then illegally migrate into Mexico and the USA, in some kind of Roman-Catholic childrens crusade. Many Latinos are 'broncos' who poorly respect any worldly laws and values. Latinos are traditionally called 'chicanos' because of their tendency of low-level chicanery. Since many are of races three or four they act in the USA as if they own America. One famous example is that of the cheap Mexican car repair shop where they stuff manure into the car seats of white customers. The press rarely reports about such things. Coloreds take away the jobs of the whites and their living spaces. Gangsters control entire city quarters and bring them down, until the better people see the need to leave. The population grows, also out of control. Pollution from the mega-cities spoils fields and natural reserves. Mexican gangsters often wear Aztec religious symbols as tattoos, as if they were still fearing old-time gruesome deities. Millions of illegal migrants get more and more powerful and demanding. So what will happen if so many new Redskins and Brownies get the right to vote in the USA? We may expect more political fraud and corruption. And the times of liberty are over. Many experts and politicians think that poverty is the main problem here. Only the UTR identifies the cosmic problem here of races. Coloreds with Amerind genes of the 'red' race three, like Barack Obama or chief Tecumseh, sometimes get into the sudden favor of destiny in North America. It may happen that the evil sky promotes them so that they can surf on a wave of sympathy. But such Amerindians culturally slowly bring down the USA, mainly because they tend to favor people of their own race and skin color. And when they have become numerous then the Greys change tactics and put the pressure on them, until they all think that it's necessary to start with the human sacrifices again.
Modern people may deny this saying that we are in modern times far away from such a cultural fallback. But it many happen fast that in prisons people again get tortured, and be it by fellow inmates. Many white liberals rather think of the hard and disliked work that the coloreds do for them. But while coloreds may think that America is their aboriginal place they wont keep their heads down. Latin America already much influences the Vatican spiritually, and all the world too. Those often dark and small Roman Catholic politicians are not the bad guys, but they spectacularly fail before the question of how to solve the crisis of population growth and migration. Those Catholics don't only have the problem that they cannot distinguish racially good and bad people, while they only look at who is baptized and who is not, and who has the correct political party book. They just are no real friends of Earth and Mother Nature. Christians don't care enough for this planet, since they heed the erroneous faith that they will live again on another one. Devils from the sky spoil our Earth, but the Christians take these for their gods. We definitely need a better world-ideology first to solve this problem. But we won't get to that without genetically better humans.

10. The face-saving Goddess

Stele with Goddess Nu Gua and Kaiser Overpopulation and sickening pollution are bad in Mexico but worse in China. The South China sea is so polluted that mainly jellyfish survives. As a reaction Red China unilaterally expanded it's fishery zones, renewing threats against neighboring countries like Taiwan. The west didn't care much, while many think of the cheap and functional goods that all those stupid gooks fabricate for them. When I once met some Taiwan traders at a computer fair, I could hardly look them in the faces, since they seemed to deform! These Mongos are so unteachable because they are unstable in reality! This 'falling apart of reality' is a phenomenon that is well known to quantum science. Of a new species of Titanic humans God expects not only that they will be just more real. Titans will also be able to understand and deal with such true miracles. And once the Earth Goddess has more time for us, she naturally helps lots of good people to live well and healthy, while at the same time making rogues ugly and unhappy.
A popular ancient Chinese myth has it that the Goddess (Nüwa, Nǚgua) sometimes appears as a dragon or snake lady, like on this old stele. She only created a few better people diligently. Since she had so much to do, the low-quality people became deformed. This myth exposes a problem of races. The Goddess created white people with more effort because she loves them more. Sofia Ewa wants to be a golden mermaid one day, at the side of her Europid savior. Coloreds of course think that the Gods have colored faces. But some Chinese artists realized that God is of the white race! That explains those two faceless figures on this ancient stele from China, that was modded a bit by me in a yin-yang style. The myth als tells that demons like Gònggōng (sorry not Leigong) would throw boulders down on Earth. The Goddess mended faults in reality with the help of her multicolored tools. Indeed not only now she's as busy as the typical working poor, who must work for too many hours under sometimes terrible working conditions. But she is also similarly little respected. So you are asked to help too, to reduce God's workload. The Goddess will reward you with a better performance!

A better Mexico needs a better China

Mictlancihuatl Mexican Zombie Goddess Now this native American girl really lost her face! The next Mexican goddess statue show Mictlancihuatl, the Goddess of the Underworld, as a desert-dry corpse, grinning like a zombie. She was believed to dwell at Mictlan, a dangerous underworld where nine rivers were flowing. With UTR we may interpret this as a symbol of the nine layers of a betyle. Of the goddess of the underworld the old Mexicans believed that she worked against the winged serpent god Quetzalcoatl. This Mexican savior deity strived to renew the cycle of life (samsara) and let the dead people live again. The goddess of the underworld is against it, since the law of death must be respected. As we regard today's brown flood of Mexican and Latino American (!) immigrants, then the goddess of the Mexican underworld has, in spite of her deep wrinkles of sorrow, all our sympathies. Many other cultures also know those myths of people who demand their dead love-ones back from the goddess of the underworld. That quest never works out. Okay, right now I hear that the Earth Goddess may have a different attitude in a better future world of tomorrow. Then a resurrection might be granted, to let someone live on his life who died prematurely. But right now the Goddess just misses the force to work such big miracles. For such a long time the good Goddess had to take special hard measures to stop those especially bad coloreds from Middle America from reproducing and spreading. That explains the special bad quality of the heathen religion in just that religion. In Egypt too they had pyramids like they built them in Teotihuacán, but human sacrifices didn't happen there. Ancient America always remained a continent of a low-level culture. The Egypt of the antiquity though had swiftly become a land of famous scientists and scholars, where the Greek Eratosthenes managed to calculate the circumference of the Earth. Christianity then and even more Rogue-Islam destroyed this Egyptian age of enlightenment. Egypt was not the destined land that could lead the world into great enlightenment. But much less can America do this once and now. One of the big problems of colored America is that the coloreds originate from East Asia. Amerindians and Indios (Brownies) are not only related to Mongos by their genes. But their destiny also depends on how things are in East Asia. As long as Red China and those other colored Asian nations won't change to a better development we may largely try in vain to better up Latino America.

11. Goddess of the Damned

Iron Maiden Metal Pop Group Poster It's wrong to think that bad religions and devil worship are phenomena of the past. Again and again we run into problems who mainly concern nations with tight fractal links to Lar, the planet of elves. Such links power up and weaken especially our Anglo-American nations. Here we see a recent tour poster of one old-time 'metal' music group. The artwork works out, it's really terrible. On top of it's head this skinned monster shows six fat bolsters. We easily can interpret them as symbols for the three cranes that lead to the three hearts of a congera, forth and back. From the point of view of UTR we must suspect that such artwork was not possible without some creative help of God. Indeed I remember that I used to listen to such metal pop music. That was before I met the Earth Goddess. In the Eighties she mainly tried to keep me away from all those girls, who often were spiritually sensitive while I was not. Really, I had no faint idea then that anything supernatural might exist. That was because I was an avid reader of science mags like 'Scientific American', who have no magic inside. When I started to get fed up with metal music, I turned to the sub-genre called 'trash metal'. When in February 1993 I became enlightened I started to make my own music. In that period of time some metal musicians suddenly published new songs with sensitive texts! Bruce Dickinson was one of them, who right then parted from 'Iron Maiden'. But those were straws Ewa didn't clutch on. Our one and only goddess received some inflow from dark sources too, including people who thought of her as the devil. She had to sometimes play the devil too to prevent the abuse of that portal. But it's not the devil that we see here, it's rather an undead prostitute maybe who was tortured maybe by those Christians as a witch. So now she comes back as a mythical zombie to take revenge. But with her red eyes she also looks like some marine animal zombie. Indeed the mad drive to take revenge is what keeps those half-dead Greys alive and torturing. They were unjustly tortured, so now they torture other congeras in the same unjust way. The look as a monster that has lost large parts of it's skin accords with the reality of the Greys. The plight of a good goddess regarding these cosmic zombies is one of mercy killing.
But while the Greys are badly crazy they are at the same time devilish sly and mighty. They interfere into many parts of our world with the intention to despoil us. They often make people make some noise. I still remember the terrible noise that some such metal groups eventually generate. Loud music damaged my sense of hearing a little. Oh yes, there was the story of one guy who went to such a 'hard and heavy' concert to find that it was just too hard for him, that the noise was intolerable. He then chewed his entry ticket and stuffed the paste into his ears. Mush saves. Some metal groups bang the heads of the metal fans as if it is their job to make them suffer. Not a few trashy artists see their work in such a way. Behind this phenomenon we find the magic of Christian churches with their traditional addiction to cruelty. Bad worldly culture may make people go to church; or consider themselves as the damned who just must suffer, with or without a reason.

Obsessed by Christian cruelty

Christian Iron Maiden Mariahilf Austria Here we see one typical torture instrument of the Christians. They used this mainly to torture alleged witches. A woman accused as witch would be put inside this nailed chest, to bleed or confess to often absurd crimes of sorcery. Surprisingly many people who favored this were muggles, they hardly knew anything about magic. Magic is in fact everywhere in our world, and nearly all women naturally know this. Christian inquisitors often tried to make one alleged witch accuse others. Perverted lust was always their main motive. Religious incompetence, intolerance and hate of women were others. Clerics always pressed the common people hard wanting more money for their oversized cathedrals, their wars and eventually a scandalous and shameless luxury life. But when they realized that there is a magic that Jesus didn't comprehend, a magic that wise women knew better, they just became possessed with devilish jealous anger. It was so hard to control that lust to inflict pain on women, a lust so typical for many men. Typical inquisitors however also had the idea they did something good when they persecuted low-quality women, people who gave a bad impression and seemed to be under some evil sway. Basically we meet our main problem again that low-quality dark women just reproduce too much. While trying to enhance genetic quality the Earth Goddess also supported damned inquisitors. She often had no choice but to offer some people to the Greys, just to keep them occupied. Wise women were powerful especially in Deutschland, and always so near to see the truth and debunk Christianity! But at the wrong moment the truth could have made doomsday come. Not a few women also were wrongly accused as witches because they refused to marry a bad, Christian or dark man. Insane leftists and people with vicious oriental genes often struggle so hard to make women of better quality mate and marry them. Haughty Surtungs often turn from love to fervent hate fast. The Greys often scan entire groups to sort out and concentrate on the few best people and pester them. It is their favorite pastime to make creatures suffer, and they are cruel beyond human imagination. I often hear that they torture bears in polar regions, when they only manage to focus N-rays on bears. When alleged witches were tortured then always because Greys made this happen and participated. That means that the torturers would often receive diligent advice and feel waves of lust.
Today many people are unaware of how strong the spirit of Christian cruelty still is. It is firmly rooted in their faith in hell. Many youngsters in the west are still brought up as Christians. They were told that they must believe in laughable religious nonsense including Jesus or go to hell forever. While this makes many unenlightened people believe that they'll end up as a damned immortal anyway, they are easy prey for the Greys and the spirit of cruelty. The iron maiden is a reminder that heavenly Greys also torture our Ewa down there. This Christian torture instrument has also a religious message, depicting the Earth Goddess the Christian way. Don't think that those times are over now. Humans change, but the Greys remain the same.

The Secret Spell of Ranga

Dancing Ranga from Bali The darker those coloreds get the worse their religions tend to become. Hinduism is not the same in northern India and in Indonesia. Bali in Indonesia is commonly called 'Island of the Gods'. But our only genuine Goddess appears there as a demon too with big swine teeth, as the blond witch Ranga. It fits well that her dancer wears the colors of the Earth Goddess, blue, white and red. And this is Ranga Yogeshwar's secret! Because of identical names some female spell from Asia made 'Ranga the Yogi' become Deutschland's long-time leading parastatal TV presenter for (un)popular science. And, his main rival became Aiman 'The Omen' Abdallah. Well, these strangers are special experts when the task is to make Deutschland get dumb, but Germany's top 'mamagers' can in principle do the same job. Due to the absence of the real goddess, gay men may eventually gain too much influence. It makes some people wonder too why in some political parties all the guys seem to be gays.
Back to Bali. The legendary witch Ranga allegedly once tried to destroy a local kingdom, killing many people. I suppose that some local Hindus got a grudge when the Goddess distanced from them. The plain truth is that Bali is situated in a region where many natural disasters occur, at the Pacific Rim near to the East Pole. Any disasters happen more easily when dark people reproduce too much, since general evil gets stronger then. The amok run is a tradition that originated in geologically shaky Indonesia. And then Java, the island right next to Bali, seems to be the most densely populated area of this planet. Some cities in hot East Asia have 20 or 30 million inhabitants! While this planet is overpopulated by an (often confirmed) margin of over 99.7 percent, in fact a really big smash from high heaven is already overdue. So we may still be glad if another natural disaster hits Sumatra or Japan to only do minor damage. On miserable planets who are surrounded by too many zombie planets, the impact of one big celestial body often only starts a long-lasting series of super-catastrophes. The Greys are sometimes like children, who build up towers to topple them with a smash.

There is Female Evil Magic

Salome by Aubrey Beardsley, Detail In modern rational times, scary demons and witches seem to be a phenomenon of the past and of the primitive peoples. But some people notice what muggles just can't perceive. Good and evil are not well parted by old-time religions. The Bible or other odd books can't really compute magic, nor do they help when evil magic secretly negatively affects our reality. Creative artists would notice this evil female magic and try to warn others! The gay artist Beardsley here drew the Jewish bad girl Salomé with the head of John the Baptist. Some artists famed such drawings like the 'devilish beauty of sin'. But sin was not John's problem. He just met a devil woman. These dreadlocks mean cranes, and the portals behind her also tell us that a congera is meant with that illustration. Nobody knew congeras in ages past, and still today naughty Christians suppress any tidings about them. One bad consequence is that many common people blame suspicious women for the bad sorcery of evil Greys. Another problem is that uninformed people may unconsciously fall for the snares of these clever she-devils. That is something that many only notice when they wonder why they can't manage to break free from an addiction. It also concerned for instance Adolf Hitler, who was a painter too. By destiny he was drawn into circles of Freemasons with oriental links, who only pretended to be Deutsche nationalists. Mainly Rudolf Glauer aka von Sebottendorf, the Thule sect leader and an esoterical pundit with strong links to Satanism, made Hitler become Deutschland's leading right-winger. While many infidels and left-wingers still put the blame for the Nazi era on the Nordic, they close their eyes to the fact that remote evil congeras directed Deutschland into destruction. A better Deutschland could have avoided this tragic era. We read in the 'Germania' of Tacitus about a physically and spiritually more sane non-Christian Germanic Deutschland, a country where many lived well in accordance with Mother Nature, since they would bathe in rivers. Free-bathing was, by the way, just the recipe that made John the Baptist get popular among Jews, since it really seemed to help against sins.

No Substitute for the White Goddess

Pope Franziskus in the House 2015 It was surely no coincidence that the Christmas tsunami of year 2004 seemed to target the Indonesian province Aceh, where Muslim rebels were struggling to erect an Islamic state. But at the same time the Earth Goddess was in trouble deep due to a dying pope. In the absence of God many people just adhere to the religious leader that seems to be on top. Sometimes the Earth Goddess has to work terribly hard to prevent such an old man from making some terrible blunder. At the same time old-time religions raise Ewa's fears before hell on (two) Earths. Hell might be a post-apocalyptic planet with a radical Muslim government. Peaceful Muslims can suddenly turn into devilish enemies of humankind, when they just get too many and thus slip away from the control of the Earth Goddess. While Muslims officially believe that they will all go to heaven if they die in an (un)holy war, secretly a fraction of them surely expects to go to hell as this planet's worst rogues. They pray hard and try harder to be damn stupid, but they hardly can deny the obvious, that they are perceptibly masterminded by the most evil powers who exist. The big problem of this religion is that it makes many Muslims behave like the damned. And who is to blame in the onset and in the end for this insanity? Christian religion also makes Muslims fear so much hell. This is just what Christianity foretells to Muslims. Christian religion dominates the west, and from there it makes all the world insane. UTR is making progress with the education of young people towards more mental sanity and good self-control. But some aging or bad world leaders react with bitter resilience. In the year 10.000 a. of our old calendar maybe some archaeologists and philosophers will discuss the lately deciphered old newspapers of our pre-doomsday era, to only wonder why so many of our people applauded to the Roman pope, surely one of the most incompetent world leaders. One reason was just that the pope appeared for them as that shiny white thing in the middle.