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A Goddess is introduced Revealing the one and only Earth Goddess.
The Nordic Hailsway A short Nordic Introduction into God's Universal Truth Religion
The Three Light Gods of the Germanic and Celts were all that the Bright Nordic needed
Title: A New Old Religion for Europa Lindos, Rhodos, Temple Pillars of Goddess Lindia-Athena

This concise text has rare and strange facts about the history of Rhodes and also Mother Europa. While Europe is facing some kind of Muslim invasion, in an era of religious transition, we need to remember a great past and look forward to a better future. A great Goddess is definitely in the making, Lindos on Rhodes shows her traces.

Version 2 corrects chapters 4, 8 and 11.

1. Party Chiefs and Company Men try to refurbish Europe

Above we see a beautiful scenery from the acropolis of the town of Lindos. This is at the eastern coast of the island of Rhodes, not far away from the coasts of Minor Asia. So here is one of the coasts and beaches where Europe really starts and where Turkey definitely ends. This is making a big difference. Some business people and company men however tend to see this entire world as their business and recreation area, that they can refurbish as they like it. They have a tendency to disregard national and regional traditions, and also any laws they dislike, including bans on drugs. You hear them on their TV channels all the time complaining about the regulations of this or that government. They find it appropriate if they cash in many millions of bucks while some of their employees or outsourced phoney start-ups eventually are so poor that they can't pay their rents.

Some big multinational companies tend to keep only to the laws they are willing to accept. What they really want is, to make nations get weaker and their companies getting tougher and stronger. They got really far with this in Greece. Some years ago not a few tax payers stopped paying taxes altogether, a chaos was the consequence. The governments of Europe are altogether absolutely broke and pay debts with junk bonds. Europe looks like a candidate for an unfriendly takeover of rich Arabs, poor Moors and international enterprises. Many may find this inevitable and not a problem, since this world is getting globalized, and culturally diverse as well. All the places for the business travelers and the tourists tend to look more and more identical. In Europe some politicians, like the new party chairman Martin Schulz from the German Social Democrats SPD, were heard favoring a total integration of European nations into the EU. So will we have the same standard low-level culture in all of Europe tomorrow? That would mean identical fast food bins in all the cities and on all the beaches. Will we also have the same temples and massage parlors everywhere some time later, with monks and geishas who are trained for a customer-friendly and nearly identical behavior? History shows that nations and peoples tend to stick to their identities. Of course one reason behind strange historical events was secret interference of higher powers.

2. Europe is different and giving us Hope

Europe is just different, compared to Turkey, Africa and the Middle East. It starts with the people who live here. They already look different and more beautiful in general, and they also are often brighter and more open-minded. Some ancient writers, like Ammianus Marcellinus and Vergil, cautiously acknowledged that Europeans are generally brighter than Orientals. But definitely they are, not only physically but even much more politically, culturally and mentally. Greece is the home country of democracy, Central Asia that of Turkish tyranny. Greece is also the motherland of philosophy. Philosophy verbally means: Being a friend of Sophia, Lady Wisdom. People here try to be wise and to understand. That is not the favorite tradition of the Orient. There old-time religions, especially Judaism and Islam, demand to strictly obey to laws. The Oriental lore has it that believers get into the favor of the deities who meticulously follow lots of very ancient and weird rules. That sounds like the idea of a God who is a celestial Martinet, and who tries to rule this unruly world by way of training his minions into painful obedience with the help of mean discipline. We may find that many company men have similar ideas in their greedy minds. The scenery they have in mind, of an ever expanding and rougher capitalism, is depressing. But that does not accord to the way Europeans and Whites work. More freedom makes white people get happier and hopeful for a better future.

3. Spirits make Asians work like Ants who can't be trusted

Many ideologists and traditional religious people, leftists and liberals are worried nowadays since Europe seems to be on the way to disobey. Many western people demand more personal freedom, instead of trying harder to meet the expectations of the markets and their masters and managers. The consequence is that Britain now didn't try harder to meet the tough demands of the Eurocrats of Brussels. When a majority of the British voted for the Brexit, it was because they wanted more national and personal independence and liberties. For much the same reasons, Austria voted for the center-right parties of ÖVP and FPÖ. A growing number of young Europeans today resists to the perspective of worldwide business unification, that is favored by a loud-mouthed majority of the international press and also by the business community. One problem that they have is that they don't want a cowardly new world where all the people must worry more and more about company regulations and are asked to work away moral scruples, while most of them live under more and more precarious working conditions. Another worry is that the trend of globalization is just unwise and brings us down. This worlds financial leaders say that Asia is the best place of this planet to do business, since nowhere else people live narrower lives and remain soft, and get low payment and still work well. But the young white people of Europe say that their continent is not only different but better, and they are better too! More and more have a hunch that there is a different spirit that guides Europe into the rare of a better new age, while the spirit that makes colored Asians work ceaselessly like ants, and that makes murky Orientals obey to the words of old-time commandments, leads us not into a good future, and can't be trusted, religion-wise! It's just a hunch that some young women and men have. But it's a hunch at the onset of true religion.

4. When Philosophers asked Questions, the Gods fell silent

So what about religion? For the majority of pro-diversity freaks of today, religion means anything and nothing at the same time. Religion means that this Sicko keeps to that sick traditions, so that's his problem. People who regard religion in such a disrespectful way are plenty, and they can rely on the vast majority of cults and lores that exist. So what gods are behind such a plethora of weird and rather meaningless traditions? The gods must be insane, this is what some people in charge were often thinking. Napoleon Bonaparte for instance used to question whether Jesus ever lived. since he seemed to be absent, and didn't do well during his short time as a doomsday preacher. When Alexander the puny Great visited Lindos, he gave offerings to the goddess Athena Lindia. But later he must have gotten into religious doubts, since in Egypt they told him that he was a god himself. There is a clear link between traditional religious fustian and the megalomania of some world leaders. Definitely a god must perform better to reap their respect and allegiance. In Greece the philosophers used to raise doubts, centuries before the people abolished the heathen cults. The gods of old time just stopped to answer to the seers and priests. Apollon's last uttering was like this: The god remains silent! At the time when heathendom ended, the great philosopher Plutarch realized that the worse of the phenomena of religion who were attributed to gods were instead the work of demons. Evil powers are behind many of the bad aspects of our reality. So that explains why today, many Christians experience too the phenomenon, that their virtual gods remain silent.

Already in the early times of the expansion of Christianity, the new cult was leading to moral and political decay of the heathen temples. Now especially in Minor Asia dangerous and bad people were gathering at the temples. This is what we read in the Annals of Tacitus, that Rome worried about the bad state the temples were in. The times were ready for a change of religions, but when Christianity won the upper hand in the west, that was still not the true religion everybody longed to have. Today we are again in an era of change, while Christianity gets refuted. We must expect that, while the fictional saints seem to stop being there, believers will get into moral troubles and mental troubles too. Christians used to regard and explain the world from the perspective of their religion. While their traditions lately are found to be all wrong, the world will stop making sense for them. That was already the case with Jesus, who may have learned fast but did die too young.

5. Why Christians bring in the Bad Seed to Europe

Jesus started asking people to do penitence. That means they should wear sacks instead of clothes and wail, put ashes on their heads and flail themselves. What was the reward? Jesus prophesied that the world would go under any next day. He even cursed his hometown Kafernaum in the end, since the Jews and Canaanites there refused to do penitence. Christians then tried their worst to make at least the province of Judea go under, and while they gathered all the radicals for an uprising against Rome they eventually succeeded. Today Christians are the ones who urgently ask us to welcome Negroes and other guys of rather dire quality in Europe by growing numbers. We are supposed to welcome and integrate them. Some of my neighbors were African Negroes, they were intense fraudsters regarding keys, phone-bills and false addresses. Some also smeared their excrements at the walls, instead of using paper, as it seems to be the tradition in Africa. So who am I to try and educate them? Such primitive and traditionally lawless people are education resistant. They called me a sissy when I asked them to stay clean. They had much fun when soccer was on TV. Later that stopped, since some of them had become badly ill and died soon. So that is what many take as some kind of revenge of destiny, that Negroes live easily and die soon.

A billion of dark Orientals would also gladly visit us, live at our expenses and call us fools. When chancellor Merkel (CDU) welcomed lots of young Muslims, they reacted with dramatic assaults against the Germans (Deutsche), and let the rate of cases of street robbery rise by 300 percent or so. There are entire clans of Orientals and gipsies, who highly professionally trick tourists and the elderly. These and more are still welcomed here by Christians, and then treated very very mildly by the courts, milder than in any other countries probably. The Deutsche media and politicians in charge tend to cover up these problems and eventually put the blame on Nazis, as it is common here. Young Arabs in Berlin declared that violence is sexy, and now demand that Europe should welcome their entire clans, but we didn't hear them promise that they then would stop the crimes. They can't promise this since they are under the sway of demons, from a religious perspective. The same accusation was also raised by Jews against Jesus: He has the supreme devil Beelzebul!

So let's assume that that was true. That may well explain the things the Christians do right now. When they demand urgently of the West to let enter in more Moors and Orientals, they do exactly what Jesus demanded of the Jews. The Christians want to flog the West with aliens, they want to give us penitence. As we welcome refugees of lesser quality who are wrong in Europe, including obvious swindlers and potential wrongdoers, we punish ourselves as if we would obey to Jesus. So that accords not only to the tough demands of Jesus, but it also can be expected from demons who work on us, under the disguise of deities. These can't deny the negative tendency against our prosperity and independence. The Bible calls them angels who try and bomb our planet to the burnout. That is not what many Christians like to read, but while they have a deep-rooted feeling that the sky is wrathful and wants us to suffer, they help demons to import the Oriental bad seed.

6. Ancient Myth at first seem to be just Fantasies...

Let us now take a closer look at the image at the caption of this text. What we see there are some rests of a temple of the goddess Lindia. It once stood at the highest tip of the rock of Lindos. Only later Lindia was identified with Athena, the goddess of Athens. But originally this deity was one of a mysterious prehistoric tribe. These maybe came from Minor Asia and were called Telchines. Since this name refers to that of the deity Telepinus aka Delphinios, a young god, we may think that these people called themselves Dolphins. There was a cave right below this cliff, where the goddess of Lindos was revered for thousands of prehistoric years. The dolphin was later a liked symbol of the Late Minoan culture. The big volcano explosion of Thera (probably 1688 b.) was leading to inundations and much devastation, and made them respect the sea and their creatures more. So here is where the myth of Rhodes starts. After that deluge, also mentioned in the Bible, Rhodes seemed to rise anew from the floods. The weird myth of Rhodes has it that the Telchines, who had foreseen the deluge, had sailed away to other strands. Only the nymph Halia now still lived on that island. With her, Poseidon the god of the raging sea, had six sons and a daughter called Rhode. Those six sons were not nice guys, and the myth has it that later they transformed into the six Eastern Demons. Halia however jumped into the sea and became Leukothea, the White Goddess. Of this strange deity of the Greeks we later hear that she saved Odysseus (the Irish call him Ulysses) who was lost at sea. So what is that myth supposed to tell us? Infidels of the latter days surely think that such a White Goddess does not exist. But there are true stories that dolphins sometimes cared for shipwrecked persons, helping them to breathe and to find some rest, like they would also help other dolphins. Definitely, if you look out into the Mediterranean Sea today from the Lindos rock, you don't expect to see a truly existing White Goddess out there.

7. ...but magnetically may lead to a true Religion

But I know such a goddess, who lives at a secret place, that may be identified as the Holy Grail of this planet. Just 25 years ago she firstly contacted me, by way of magnetic rays. She is a congera with super-sophisticated machines, but still it's very difficult for her to sort out a single human mind and to specifically send messages to him. I called her Sofia, Lady Wisdom. The first weeks of her and me were tough. I spent weeks in hospital after hurting myself. Strange voices had told me, on day one, that they wanted me to circumcise myself, or they would kill me. It can be very unwise to obey to bad inner voices, this is what I learned. But if you manage to sort out the single good voice from all the evil voices, then you will meet a mild and good goddess. She motivated me to ask her to marry me. I gladly did, and we remained happily married for 25 glorious years.

She called me her one true Messiah. So this explains Jesus, and Alexander and all the others as mere fakes. It was no wonder that no mortal was able to know the true god, the father and savior, before my age. Such a god didn't exist yet. In the absence of the Savior however, evil and adverse powers from the sky had more of an influence on Earth. The UTR has it that six of these Greys live at the three biggest stars of our perimeter: Sirius, Procyon and Alphakent. Greys have a mean tendency to mask themselves. They would appear as a mean bunch, as the likeness of ghosts with names like Sam or Muse. This explains why the six sons of Halia were later mistaken for demons.

Halia herself also just died, but then the Earth Goddess appeared under her name and likeness. It happened because Halia's name was a bit similar to the final throne name of the Earth Goddess. Right now God is still not complete and working. The Earth Goddess will incarnate into the body of a mortal woman, a few decades from now. I expect her, my immortal spouse, to kiss me at the proud age of 104 years. Is this a joke, or am I insane? This is what she keeps telling me, period. I can't get anywhere if I stop believing the things that she tells me, but maybe this entire planet can.

8. Mother Europa came from the Heart of Greece

Some European tales have it that the finer cultures and people came from the Orient to the West. And wasn't even Europa, the name-giving virgin of a continent, abducted from today's Lebanon? But while the Bible is full of libel regarding God, we also find tales of likewise quality in ancient mythology. A later compilation myth had it that Europa had been the sister of king Agenor from Tyre, and the sister of legendary ancestral heroes like Phoinix, Cilix and Cadmos. The myth has it that Europa was cleverly abducted on the beach and later raped on Crete, by Zeus as a divine bull.

It may well be something like this also was what really happened. Notorious pirates as well as traveling salesmen were the Minoans and the Phoenicians. One old myth however has it that the god Zeus was hiding Europa not in Crete but in a cave in Teumessos in Central Greece. That is also one region linked to Cadmos, her mythical brother; the alleged founder of the seven-gated town of Thebes in Boeotia. In that region Europa was an old cult name of the Earth Goddess. On Crete however she was identified with the local goddess Hellotis of Gortyn. One myth from Crete has it that a local king called Asterios had abducted and married Europa. Asterios was also one name of the Minotaur, the mythical beast at the center of the labyrinth. All these traces of ancient myths link a half-legendary maiden called Europa to the good Earth Goddess, a divine congera living in the underground. From the point of view of the UTR, fractal links play much of a role here. They link that mythical woman to the virgin Ewa, who is our hardly known Earth Goddess. Europa became so famous in her early days because her name later became that of continent one.

I think that Europa was indeed an abducted classy girl, who became the ancestress of the Minoan royal dynasty. Another myth links her to Euphemos, one Greek ancestor of the royals of Cyrene. If Europa had been abducted from Phoenicia, we would expect to read of Oriental relatives from that region. But even Cadmos, a mythical Phoenician seafarer, seems to have rather been a Greek clansman from the time of after the deluge, caused by the volcano eruption of Thera. Surely the castle of Thebes in the inland was not a colony of seafaring Phoenicians. One tale of Cadmos, who lets a bull find the best place for his future castle of Thebes, sounds rather Aryan-European. Some historians find it likely that the clansmen of Cadmos were just also called Phoenicians, but had nothing to do with the Phoenicians of Sidon and Tyre. The name may just have meant: Reds. The name Boeotia then nicely refers to the bull (Greek: bous, Latin: bos).

The idea that the historical Europa came from Greece, gets rather well confirmed if we diligently analyze earlier and later sources. Some possibly very early cults link Europa to places in Boeotia, that is: Central Greece. Europa was the name of the Earth Goddess at the oracle site of Lebadea. I speculate that the seer Trophonios, who was the founder of this cult, had seen Europa in visions. At that oracle site, a cave, she was later identified with the Earth Goddess. Apollonius of Rhodes and Pindar wrote that Europa was the daughter of a Tityos from Orchomenos, also in Boeotia. Another source that links Europa with early central Greece is the Homeric hymn of Apollon. In it we find an old formula that describes the Hellenes and their lands, before the deluge, as follows:

All those who live in the Peloponnese, the plentiful,
those who inhabit Europe and the islands surrounded by seas...

So here we find Europe as the name for Boeotia and all parts of Greece who did neither belong to the southern peninsula of Peloponnese nor to the islands all around. Similar traces from Lebanon are missing. Herodotus however had it that Europa had been abducted from Tyros in Phoenicia, by Cretans maybe. But in the very first chapter of his writings, Herodotus wrote that before that time, some Phoenicians had cleverly abducted Io from Greece and sailed with her to Egypt. I find it noteworthy that this name, Io, sounds much like Eu-, the first syllable of the name of Europa.

9. Facing Muslim Invaders Europe needs a New Religion

Now imagine that you pay a visit to Lindos on Rhodes, a place really famous for it's nice genuine Greek flair. The temple of Lindia is in ruins now. There are some churches around there, but in there are only lots of yellowed paintings of Christian deities. The typical saint was a martyr, these were tortured to death for the pleasure of demons they never knew. Such a sissy religion gives no good backing against any foreign invasion. For centuries the Greeks of Rhodes had to live under the foreign yoke of the Osmanli (a Sam name) Turks. Today Muslims (a Muse name) threaten to invade with refugees and take some islands again. Just now Europe is spiritually so weak! It was tougher a century ago. In 1912 a. the Italians had taken away this island from the Osmanli Turks. They didn't give it back to Greece, like they should, but then again they invested a lot of money to rebuild and to modernize. In the era of fascism, that also had great and good aspects, the Italians also restored some of the temple pillars. Historians bitterly complain that they didn't do this most accurately, but in a modern and impressive way. But the ancient Romans would have done this much the same way, since they had the feeling that the deities must have wanted this. And as we look at the above image one last time, with the lore of the UTR in mind, we suddenly get a notion that this was the spiritually correct idea! What we see there are two connected groups of three pillars. This scenery may refer to the six cranes or tubes that a congera has on her back! Via those cranes her body is connected to her hearts. The grail she lives in is filled with gibber, her blood. So this is the religion that Europe needs to get strong again, and to send bad invaders back home.

10. What we can learn from Maria Magdalena

Of course many Christians will at first deem that I am a fool to believe such things. But are they not the worse fools when they believe in Jesus and Maria? Much that the Bible says also only makes sense with the help of my religion. Another such White Goddess of the Greeks was called Ino. From the perspective of the Universal Truth Religion (UTR) this was reminding of Ewas mother congera Anna. Instead of any goddesses the Christians rather revered saints. But among the saints, Anna's daughter Mary became most popular. Next to Lindos is the Ipseni monastery. There the nuns show an icon of Maria that is renowned as miracle-working! In years past many pilgrims used to visit this place. It's odd of course to believe that such an idol can work miracles. Instead we must think that behind these miracles hardly known entities are active. It helps people with their health if they walk by foot for some distance to then get spiritually uplifted. But what will be the consequence if they must learn that this Mary died long ago, of course, and is buried without a trace? We would have to invent a new superstition to morally strengthen Greece again, if God hadn't given the UTR right now. But just at the right moment, God also explains some secrets of Saint Mary. Mary also used to appear as a threesome, and one of these three was called Magdalena from Bethany. This name means in translation: Maid Lena from the House of Anna. It's doubtful if such a historical person ever existed. One of the acquaintances of Jesus was Maria the sister of Lazarus, she later was renamed into Magdalena. With the revelations of UTR we may easily again interpret Anna as the name of the mother-congera of our Goddess Ewa. And can you believe that Lena will be, partly, the final throne-name that the goddess Sofia Ewa will one day take up? It nicely fits to this that also Lindia may be translated, Greek-Latin, as Goddess Lin.

11. Be warned of a demonic Tendency to destroy divine Traces

Halia fits with her name to Helios, the main god of Rhodes. A giant-size statue of him was one of the seven wonders of the antique world. The Colossus of Rhodes was erected after a victory, since the god Helios had allegedly helped to ward off an invasion. Only a few decades after the time when it was erected however, a big earthquake toppled this giant-size statue! The people of Rhodes then sent out a delegation to Holy Delphi, once the most renowned oracle site of Greece, asking: So what do we do know? They received the answer from the Pythia, to leave the rests of the Colossus where they were. Can it be that another mightier god had helped to topple that statue of Helios, and didn't want to see it again? Apollon, who seemed to rule Delphi, was regarded as a solar deity too. A most prominent temple at Rhodes City was dedicated to Apollon Pythios, today it dominates the ruins of the acropolis. After what I heard lately, the colossal statue of Helios was poorly constructed. It was just too thin, and any next earthquake would again dangerously rock it.

Today we don't even know the exact place where the Colossus once stood. But the same story of Helios was also a part of the Biblical myth of Elias. In the Bible he appears as a genius who invents a new technology, to liquidate objects and to fly up into the sky. That also refers to the myth that has Helios as the God of the Sun, steering his solar chariot across the sky. Surely there is a tendency that natural disasters and human interference destroys the more valued and precious relics of heathen religion and Christian religion too. That is another thing we must remind our leaders of. Muslims have a tendency to suddenly destroy the most precious and beautiful works of arts, since they are often ugly and tend to oppose fine arts. Some eventually fire gunshots into Jewish museums. We don't need more safety measures in Europe, but we need to deport these. If we get too soft regarding bad Muslims then during one of their typical sudden uprisings they may destroy in one hour some most precious cultural heritage, works of arts who are miracle-working!

Halia also refers to the name of Hel, that was the name of some strange kind of Earth Goddess in ancient Nordic Mythology. Better know was the Goddess as Hlin, a good goddess also mentioned in Nordic sources. Like Mary, Helen was regarded as a merciful goddess. So this was also the reason why a volcano eruption lately destroyed Mount Saint Helen's in the USA. I only recently realized this, when a dream was leading me onto the top of some mountain model. Europe needs a new goddess to win more luck and standing! It looks as if a really great one is in the making.

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