The new Way to Wisdom

All the Truth about God and the World / by Bertram Eljon and Sofia Ewa Holubek V.15, Fri10 1. From Christianity to UTR
2. A healthy Life is a better Life

Already 300,000 years ago primitive humans were searching for God. The Venus of Tan-Tan is by far the oldest religious work of art of this planet. Later again and again statuettes of a weird goddess were created. The Venus of Willendorf for instance shows a fat woman, but instead of a face this statue has a non-human spiked roundhead.

In many very ancient myths we meet this goddess, again and again. On Cyprus a stone was revered as a symbol of the Goddess of Love, of which people thought that she was born out of froth. In Celtic myths she appeared as the 'White Goddess (Robert Graves). The Anglo-Saxons called her Erka or Herke. In North-East Germany she was greeted as the Earth-Goddess Nerthus, those people drove her idol around on a cart. The blond Frisians knew her under the name of Holudana, the goddess of light. Against this Frau Holle the missionaries preached in vain for centuries. In the context of late Germanic mythology though the goddess only appears as the sombre deity Hel.
The Christians didn't want to hear of a great goddess. But it is strange that also among them a mother goddess soon became really popular. The real Maria had only been an inconspicuous woman. But by the churches she was transfigured to become the deified Holy Virgin. Something similar happened to the Buddhist goddess Guanyin.

Today's scientists know nothing of a Goddess of the Earth. Well, they too are just not all-knowing. For instance they fail to explain why today's Earth carries life. This was only possible because over 500 conditions were exactly met. Experts here speak of the Goldilocks-effect. Nearly all extraterrestrial planets we know of move on eccentric orbits around their stars, which means that life like we know it is not possible there. Some bright heads therefore thought out the Gaia-Theory, the theory that unknown effects must exist, effects who stabilize our biosphere. But what does Gaia really mean? This is just another ancient Greek name for the Earth Goddess.
Is there a Biblical name too for the Goddess? No, and the Bible explains why. In the beginning of the Bible we find the story that Eve met a snake goddess. The Earth Goddess taught Eve to eat apples and to distinguish good and evil. But an angel with a flaming sword was against this, and he taught Adam to oppress his wife.
This Jewish legend says that the Earth Goddess is the devil. Do we believe the Jews? The truth is that the snake goddess is good while the angel is not. Here the Bible parts humanity into the Children of Light and the Children of Darkness. Some humans choose goodness and reason, the other ones choose the Bible.
In the last book of the Bible called Apocalypse or Revelation we read more about all this. Here we encounter seven angels who want to bombard Earth with “stars” and “burning mountains”. The alleged justification for this lies in the wrath of God over humanity. After doomsday has happened a large part of the Earth will be destroyed. The warriors of Earth will then all meet at Armageddon in Lebanon for the big final battle. Once this is over too, the Christians will erect their realm of terror where all “idolaters” or “fornicators” will be put into hell.
As we ask Christians today whether they truly want this, they often fail to even believe it. Some priests see all this as empty menaces whose only purpose is to warn humanity to “turn around”. But such guys sound like people who in 1933 thought that Hitler didn't really mean it when he menaced the Jews. History should teach us though that the Christians are serious when they menace to torture cruelly to death religious dissenters and suspicious people. So do we really want to turn around and enter again the Middle Ages? This is not the way of the Children of Light.

In the Book of Apocalypse we also find a distorted image of the Goddess. Here she is called the Beast 666. Finally one man appears who speaks in her favour, the Antichrist. The Bible prophesies that he will overcome the prophets and teach to the world to revere the 'Beast'. The prophet Mohammed too acknowledged this part of the Book of Apocalypse. The Bible here again parts the Children of Light and those of Darkness. The bright humans profess to the Earth Goddess. The latter but subdue themselves before the celestial forces of destruction, injustice and cruelty.
Today's Christians often trust in Jesus who seems to be much nicer than the angels. But they trust in a dead man.

The truth is that Jesus from Capernaum was just a day labourer, wandering preacher, miracle healer and a sect leader of Nasoreans. He never saw Bethlehem, but he was on the road with his parents to avoid the Roman tax-collectors.
King Casper who allegedly gave him gold also did not exist. Jesus only became famous when the Baptist John chose him as his successor. He then dwelt with the homeless and with radical Arabs. When this illiterate started to appear as the Messiah, his mother Mary had him arrested as a madman. For robbery he then was crucified. His body burst apart, but Thomas later saw him as a spirit. After Jesus his brother Judas Thaddäus aka Theudas was leading this strictly communist doomsday sect, together with Petrus. They were both executed in the year 44, again for reason of robbery, together with thousands of sect members. The other brother Jacobus now became the sect leader, together with the mean warlord Saulus of Giscala, who later ordered to throw Jacob down from the temple and stone him. That was the end of this sect. Meanwhile the mendacious tent maker Apollos aka Paulus had started his own sect, the Christians.

Okay, we should acknowledge that Christianity, like all world religions, warns before the devil. Gautama Buddha realized that devils pestered him throughout his life. Hindus know Shiva (translated: The Seven) as a destructive force. Those devils also were to blame when Hitler and Goebbels ruined beautiful Germany. We can well regard them as idiots who are bored and want to see cruel action happening here. Sama, Dora, Yama, Musa and Lewa, Lega and Toma are also fighting out internal feuds and typically search for humans with similar names.
So do those Force of Evil really exist? Indeed. In 90 % of the cases of 'abductions by aliens', the victims reported that they encountered Greys, aliens with grey skin. The Greys carry out experiments and inflict pain on people. In times past they sometimes seemed to be nice, but more recently they allegedly appear to be more and more mean.

UFOs (unknown flying objects) were seen more frequently some years ago, they got rare nowadays. Especially in the Bermuda triangle often weird lights appeared at the sky when planes or ships got into trouble. Experts who carried out measurements at the sites of plane crashes reported of magnetic anomalies who reached up high into the sky. Disturbances in the upper atmosphere were also registered during earthquakes. Stationary holes were seen in clouds and also mysterious spots in the dayglow of planet Earth. Indeed those aliens send out N-rays, this means they use magnetic field lines who are eventually caught up by our astronomers as 'gamma ray bursts'.
While constantly fighting against such aliens our Earth Goddess created Earth. As we diligently check out our prehistory we find that our planet is not much older than 624 million years. Only much later life really started to strongly develop, during the so-called
Cambrian Explosion. Before that time all of the Earth was covered by ice. Palaeontologists speak here of a super-ice-age that lasted for 200 millions of years. But from the finds of that period of time we must conclude that at the beginning Earth did not exist while several small asteroids took her place.

I learned all this only in the year 1993 when I received my calling. I was a law student and an author when an inner voice suddenly called me: Saviour of the Earth. It was the voice of the good Earth Goddess. Her name is Sofia Ewa and she lives deep underneath the Horn of Africa in a mestab. Ewa is a white lamprete with the size of 89 meters, a congera. She was created near the star Tau Ceti, just like the seven hostile congeras of Sirius, Procyon and Alpha Centauri. But while all these failed with their plans, Ewa managed to create a living planet.
Directly behind Sirius dwells our friend Leta with her planet of Elves who descend from Lar-gibbons. Over yonder they have a church too with a counterfeit saviour called Mardin. Fractal relationships to that planet explain why here men with similar names like Saint Martin, the wizard Merlin (Welsh: Merddin) or Martin Luther became famous.
These are only some of the teachings of my new, scientifically true Universal Truth Religion (UTR). The good Earth Goddess who keeps watch over the development of humankind revealed to me alone what nobody knew so far. One reason for this is that only the best humans are strong enough to carry this knowledge. Alas, many who are curious and try to contact the Earth Goddess must find that the evil angels attack and constantly pester them hard. Then your own time starts to sway or you receive pains or hear bad voices, or other people attack. It's nevertheless worth the effort to overcome those waves of doubts. You suddenly understand so much! You get a better protection before diseases and bad destiny. You engage for something good. You find the love of your life. Sometimes you even can do miracles, you can sense what other people think, you receive hints from the Goddess.
Our world is not as stable as it seems to be. A natural law says that humans help to shape reality by way of wishes and views. It often depends on the luck of the day whether humans receive good or bad news. New humans who learn this should distance themselves from the elderly and from those who instinctively reject the Goddess.
Get up early in the morning and then get moving in green nature! This fuels you up with oxygen, it can also bring you luck. Fresh apples and carrots, nuts and milk, eggs and fish are more healthy than meat, bread, pasta, fats and tea. The Goddess diet allows dextrose, salt and a little alcohol. To compensate this we don't eat in the evenings.
If you encounter problems you might take a fast shower. Cold water can heal too, and fresh air is always beneficial.
Our big problem is overpopulation. Sofia Ewa is totally overworked. Therefore she would like to see it now that only Nordic and other good white people reproduce and spread out into all the world. It was not the will of God to create coloured races. But the Forces of Evil made use of malware in the 'operating system' of this planet.

On the long run I plan, at the side of my White Fairy, to erect a new German Empire for the sake of the world. Right now globalisation means that life gets harder and more unfair for many people, until whole nations get bankrupt. It would be fair if all humans work and earn enough to become affluent, while nobody gets so rich that he turns others into servants of his whims. We need order and ecological wisdom to save the Earth. We want fine arts instead of stupid ads! The Empire will introduce a new noble high culture and thus push back primitiveness and shallow entertainment. Using telepathy we will be able to track down lots of gangsters, fraudsters, illegals, saboteurs and idlers. All people should learn anew that even simple work can be fun. If the good white people learn again to manufacture their own goods, to pluck their own apples and to dispose their own waste, then we can resettle those hardly integrable migrants.

We plan the introduction of new technologies who will make life a lot easier. We care for the young, they need good perspectives and courage. We want to swiftly promote excellent young people into top positions, while the elderly should step back into second row. Young families should receive nice suburban houses while they are still young, houses that the lonely aged people do not need any more. We don't want to see people indebted.
The notion of
Manifest Destiny has it that less good people should give way in life to the better people. Our concept says that the wiser and better developed humans cannot work longer and harder than others, but that it would not only be nicer but also very necessary to see humanity develop fast to a higher level of quality. The underlying problem is that we sit, together with Leta and Däna from Epsilon Eridani, in a cosmic trap. The only way to really improve our situation is that we escape with our three planets and join the Humanoid Star Alliance of the Big Dipper.
Only after we achieved this we will be able to really turn Earth into a paradisical place. There all humans will be free of diseases and bad destiny, to live in eternal youth and mental freedom. Resurrections are not possible. But for the sake of our descendants and for our own well-being it's well worth to stand up against the Forces of Evil right now.

A healthy Life is a better Life!

Good advice for good young people / by Bertram Eljon Holubek, Germany / Flo08-Pra10 V.3.1

Nervous? Eating disorders? Addicted? Often young people want to live better lives, but that‘s not that easy. This text shows how to take up good resolves and also how to keep to them, for an easier and better life. These lores are based on good old Germanic and Celtic traditions and new-scientific insights.

1. Get up early. Occasionally go out into fresh air during the day. This brings luck.

We all know those moments when it’s not possible to sit just there or listen, or when your mind is absent. If you take an hour’s time to ride to work with your bicycle, then you fuel up yourself with oxygen. Or take fresh showers. We read in the Nordic Edda: While sitting on banks, nobody so far did do deeds of valour. Lethargy and too much sleep can weaken humans and take away the luck of the day. In cars, in air-conditioned rooms or after travels, avoid a deficit of lifeforce. Many people who suffer from inner unrest or mental troubles can substantially improve their situation this way.

2. Always eat and dress healthily. Then you will grow up to be good, fit, pretty, big.

Some Celts did eat eggs, but not chickens. As an ovo-lacto-pescetarian you are living very healthily. Preferable to cooked or conserved dishes is fresh, natural food: Carrots, apples, tomatoes, bananas...
Fats or meat are a burden for the immune system. Nuts and cereals are better than bread. Wrong are warnings before eggs. Fresh fish is healthy, dextrose gives energy, ice and milk too. Healthy blood vessels allow a high blood pressure. Fasting in the evening helps to release growth hormones. Wear comfortable shoes and cotton clothing for a better mood. Use salt and tooth-silk for your teeth.

3. Stop smoking and don't drink more than a little alcohol. Use few medical drugs.

In some Germanic regions the import of wine was forbidden, for health reasons. Indeed alcohol can damage certain nerves. Juveniles should rather not drink alcohol at all. Drugs are mean because they can suddenly make people turn evil. You need not get accustomed to coffee, tea or candy. Medical drugs can help but often secretly do damage. The placebo-effect shows that most drugs tests are manipulated. Instead of trying to fight diseases, better strengthen your health first. Long walks help.

4. Culture instead of consumption helps to keep to resolves and strengthens you.

It’s much easier for those who don’t watch TV a lot and avoid malware or ads to live a healthy life. Any young human should learn how to play a musical instrument and to be a bit creative. You need a quiet life close to nature to get rid of nasty night-time visions and bad ideas. Try out good culture.

5. You always need some sports and stamina training. But you should not overdo it.

Only with physical exercises nearly on a daily basis you can become a new human. Stamina sports builds up your powers and releases tension. Fresh air is a necessity, but too much heat harms the Nordic human. Young people should not overdo competitive sports. Beatings on the head may cause serious unnoticed brain damage. Coloured Asian or other exotic martial art cults may also bring bad luck. If women are included, the danger diminishes that accidents may happen or ruses may arise.

6. Preferable to a lot of heating is it if you warm up yourself, actively or passively.

Sticky air and polluting smoke can silently lead to problems. Already the Germanic did put warm springs into high esteem – geothermal energy has a good future. But with a pullover more and with a warm cushion or warm-up exercises, it’s also well possible to endure the cold winter temperatures.

7. Animals should not live in a house, they disturb human social life.

Holding pets causes lots of problems, like sickening germs, allergens, excrements in the house; even if those problems remain unnoticed because God silently takes care of them. But also the minds of pets can interfere into and disturb human relationships. Better cuddle a cushion or a cuddly toy.

8. As a well developed person, better separate from intruders or from the weak.

The Nordic traditions always included the cool policy of separation regarding less good migrants and intruders. This also means 'reds' who instinctively reject the blond and better developed people.
Weaker humans do lowly jobs, but also eventually bring bad luck and become a growing burden we cannot afford. Southerners and coloureds are often powered up but then also weakened by too much influence of the hostile aliens. It is also not okay if people who are hopelessly sick or weak of old age become much of a burden for young people. If life gets too miserable, it's time for euthanasia.

9. Help to improve the unfair and chaotic liberal economic system.

Archaeology shows that some Germanic settlements existed for hundreds of years without wars or conflicts. A cooperative and caring economic system can fight poverty and malnutrition, crime and greed better than an army of social workers and policemen. However under the conditions of free enterprise; self-discipline, greed and cleverness often helps people with the better genes to the top.

10. Avoid the stupidities of the adults and turn away from their domineering ways.

Beware of the aged who try to teach you useless things or who exert pressure on you! UTR makes this world all new, this means that reality works different for the young ones. Avoid a fallback into old-time religions or cultures where narrow-headed, simplistic, small, ugly or dark people dominate! It is typical for oldsters that they wrestle with ideologies that young people discard as nonsense fast.

11. Don’t allow yourself to be pushed into a fantastic, bizarre pseudo-youth-culture.

Kids of today often grow up in a world of silly fairy tales. For teenagers there are many bizarre sub-cultures. Behind this are often adults who only want to make money and who think cynically. Don't learn much fantasy stuff or stuff that ages fast, learn German instead; the capacity of your mind is limited.

12. Learn how to love. Better wait for the right partner until you are mature enough.

It was common in the courteous culture that a knight courted a lady for years. This helps humans to adapt to each others and to avoid later partnership problems. Less good humans may not procreate children, and many problems arise if they try. Weak people should remain single. Masturbation can help you with sex, but it may cause cybersex problems. Fantasies have repercussions in reality, not only because of telepathy. It is always a danger to surrender to delusions or to bad inner pressure.

13. Value natural beauty. Don’t try to appear as more than you are or can be.

Beauty is often a sign that humans are good at the inside and healthy. The high brow and the bright hair often show natural nobility. But the aged should see it in the mirrors when their times are over.

14. Don’t let them make you stupid or evil. Discontinue traditions of bogeyman-making.

Often humans demonize each others and put the blame on Jews, Nazis etc. But many religions teach with full right that devils carry evil into this world and into the human heads. Using sly tricks and mad cruelty those grey aliens try to transform Earth into a hell. You have to become a strong new human to understand evil. And then a tough inner battle starts. Don’t let them make you evil! If you get into psycho-real disturbances or into too much troubles, then it will help you to avert your attention. Keep to what is good and true.

15. Open up your mind for God's secrets and God's new science, to become a new human.

Miracles do exist, miracle-workers did prove this long ago. Even your views can alter the nature of things! Only the Saviour can understand and explain new science, only young new humans receive access to this divine knowledge that used to be secret so far. God will eventually upgrade you for it!

16. Nordic humans should redefine Germanic traditions.

Most notably the objective is to learn from the errors of the Nazi era and also to get over Darwinian nonsense. For instance we plan to develop from Nordic runes a new, phonetically correct alphabet.

17. Take action to help to erect a new, holy German empire for the sake of the world!

Treacherous traps often prevent the success of top-quality humans. The Kaiser and two Kaiserinnen shall see to it that on a worldwide scale only nobles may rule who are really able, honest and good at heart. The new imperial court shall render more noble courage and sincerity to this planet’s humans, replacing the petty commercial spirit. New nobles know that simple work is worthy and can be fun.

18. The environmental meditation helps to keep to good resolves and to endure life well.

Our beautiful Earth may be imagined as our body. We must keep our body intact, so that we may prosper. You should also imagine a good Earth Goddess. Try to see her as a white snake of Paradise who grants wisdom to the humans. Your faith into a better future helps it to come sooner!

Bertram Eljon Holubek, Zuelpicher St. 300, 50937 Koeln Germany