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Title: The Magic and Luck of Great Britain

Definitely Britain is in luck at the time of the Brexit. Christian religion is losing it's charms fast. It seems that Britain is one of the countries about to profit from this. It's a good sign that the European soccer cup finals were an all-British event in 2019. That reminds of the magic that admiral Nelson commanded. While Eurocrats plan to introduce majority vote taxes, Britain is ready for a nice gentlemen's leave.

Britain fails to trust into the EU right now. Can it trust in God? Trust comes up with good destiny and management of this planet. It is rather obvious that well developed and fair people reap more of God's good magic, while darker types can't get away from bad old deceptions. The Brexit also means to classify and separate people of these two types.

In the year 2019 it turned out that British soccer teams could trust in their luck. The four finalists of the two big European soccer cup events all were British teams. Chelsea won against Arsenal, and Liverpool won against Tottenham. Absolutely, those British who are in doubts about the Brexit and hoped for a sign of destiny, can regard their wish granted.

Can the British trust the so-called Eurocrats, those people in charge? Old chairman J. C. Juncker will leave soon. He will foreseeably be replaced by the Deutsche former secretary of defence, a puny blonde. So what does Frau Ursula von der Leyen of the Christian Democrats understand of the tricky affairs of the EU? Let's suppose she is eager to get the job, and ready to learn fast. Still, the question of magic and luck is what this text tries to answer. How are the omens for Frau von der Leyen? Her name sounds suspiciously alien, reminding of the Star Wars movie princess Leia.

Anyway, the chances are high that, after a few more years, some EU sceptic will be in charge of the EU, a so-called populist. That's definitely the way the trend goes right now. The parties of the right sector, nationalists and populists and tough liberals are on the rise. But what does this mean when it comes to luck, destiny and religion? A short look into the agendas of the leading political parties on the European stage shows that many actors there are moreless Christians. So can they trust into Christian magic, and that means, on the imaginary Christian higher powers too? Here in Deutschland, one motto of the new coming national-liberal party AfD is: »Courage for the truth«. The upcoming new era is likely to become an era when truth matters more. That will mean, for instance, that it won't be as easy as it was to commit to the doctrines of old-time denominations. People won't be able to look away from the facts that astronomy presents. The sky is no curtain that hides Jesus, Mary and Santa from our views. Alien planets are out there. That fits well to the lore of the Universal Truth Religion, that worms from many alien planets influence us with rays, who eventually use the false identities of living, dead or fictitious people. The upcoming era of a new generation should become an era where outdated dogmas must make way for a search for the truth. Those times will become tough times for those Southerners who stick to religious nonsense and superstition. They can't easily learn to get away from the Bible, since the Bible has it that the Semites are in the favour of celestial powers, who must be regarded as treacherous and tyrannical, and naughty if not vicious, and cruel anyway. They let you play a game that can't be won by their rules! That is why the Bible announces the inescapable destruction of our home planet. Our hopes must be that there is a way out of this religious quagmire. Some brighter guys may become good and wise enough to break the evil spell that pushes and distracts, that misleads and inflicts pains.

The UTR teaches that this rare earth is inhabited by it's good God. A white goddess underneath is strong enough to grant luck to the few people who are worth it. God has great expectations. God expects some better people to achieve divine wisdom. That means, that these people learn that our reality is blunt and can be manipulated. All the others of inferior quality however can't have a seat inside of this lifeboat, that is supposed to escape from the foundering of the Christian churches. For the dark masses of lesser people, it remains valid what the Bible teaches: They can't learn to be as wise as God is. The good fruit of divine wisdom is verboten for them, they are unwelcome in God's garden of eternal youth, wellness and bliss. The risk is too high that all the lesser people may abuse divine wisdom. That is one main reason why the better people should better separate from the masses. It's obvious that even our best guys are still not well enough developed, while they would greatly benefit from some lore that teaches to them how to live well and prosper. That is what Jesus was teaching, that a comforter would come after him to lead people into the truth. But I won't need to explain miracles to the deluded, who can't believe in nor even perceive them.

Not the Bible, but history and the lore of manifest destiny showed that white western people have better luck and development perspectives in general. It always puzzled people what mechanism might explain this. Charles Darwin too had a hunch that evolution also means a natural tendency towards beauty and quality. The Brexit also was decided because many British sense that they are more in the favour of destiny than others. Is this because of the laws of evolution, that they hope to win better luck at a greater distance to the darker peoples of Europe? The UTR has it that God, the hardly known deity of this planet, cleverly uses natural mechanisms and interstellar links to keep this world going and evolving. Right now the time is getting near for the end of Christianity. The consequence is that the magic of religion, that used to fool and lead people for so long a time, slowly fails. We may regard the burning church of Notre Dame in Paris as a clear sign for this.

This planet is right now the habitat of dark masses of people. Simple people and leftists demand right now what we may call Bolshevism, the tyrannical and egalitarian rule of the masses. Democracy means in theory that the best performing and wisest people get voted into the leading positions. The rule of the masses however means that standards of wealth, wisdom, education and morale should be levelled out in all of the world. Often Christian clerics claim that everybody should be »in the boat«. But we need to learn that cosmic devils lurk behind their compassion, who try to manoeuvre our planet into doom.

The Main Points on just one Page

When it comes to the European Union, the typical British were always some more sceptical than the typical continental Europeans. The EU was founded as a rather Roman Catholic club, and still a majority of darker Southerners dominates in it's member countries. In the discussions about the still missing Brexit treaty we hear about commercial and tax regulations, like the backstop rules. But few people really care enough to analyse such details. In the British house of commons they trust their experts and decide emotionally. A majority of the British just doesn't trust into the EU! Isn't the EU a good thing in general? The big question is what development perspectives it has. For the typical talking heads on the Deutsche (German) parastatal TV, the EU naturally seems to be a good thing. These people fail to even realize how different the mood is right now in Britain. It plays a role that the EU became some kind of replacement of the post-Roman Deutsche Reich, that dominated Catholic Europe during the Middle Ages. The Vatican was the spiritual anchor of this empire, and in the post-war era it became a spiritual backbone of the EU. The British though have different religious traditions. Right now many want to win back more national sovereignty. This is a European trend that is explainable also with a look back to the end of the Soviet block. During the Cold War era the tense situation made many western Europeans move closer together. But that danger is history now. Instead the Vatican seems to be in need of a perestroika, a strategy of modernization. The main problem is that Christian religion is getting soft now, before it ends. Many British have a hunch now that they might profit from this situation more than other nations. Looking back at history, Britain indeed seems to have had more luck than other nations. Already in the era prior to the French revolution, Christian religion slowly got weak; until it was brutally abolished by the revolutionary rabble. Especially the typical Southerners of Central Italy reacted to the sudden weakness of the Catholic authorities with a dramatic slump in performance and will power. Their leaders were looking up to the British in search of guidance and leadership. It is the same mood that makes some Eurocrats like beg the British to please stay within the EU, and to maybe help them to teach a rebellious youth to behave more like gentlemen. The British though have to fear that billions of darklings eventually come to them asking for burden-sharing. The Brexit makes them step aside. Already in the Age of Reformation, Britain was not the nation chosen by destiny to lead the world into an era of more mental freedom and spiritual truth. While the Christians will be asked in 2033 to admit that Jesus is most probably dead, while tricky aliens from faraway space seem to abuse his likeness, the truly British and other bright white people can hope that they will profit from this change to become the winners in a post-Christian new era. In the official Brexit debates, economic profit indeed plays a major role. But that word should now get a spiritual dimension too. What can we say to console a car worker who just lost his job, since his Japanese employer decided to close the factory? It will be tough for the British now, to learn again how to build their own cars. But they can hope to win a better life and personal pride with the Brexit. Christianity used to teach people that life is too damn hard and short and only really begins after death. The end of Christianity gives some the chance to learn that they should better care well for themselves during the life-span that destiny gave them. But only some better people are now entitled to learn that much of God's wisdom. The best westerners could however profit from God even much more. God's wisdom is not available for the Semites, the Bible says this too. The Brexit separates promising British from Southerners who are too bad for a great new era. For instance, acquiring God's wisdom means to master things that always remained mysterious so far.

Take magic! Magic makes recent fantasy movies like Avengers so fascinating and successful. But what you learn in the movie theatre doesn't help you to understand crackpot assassins like the Christchurch killer; nor Horatio Nelson, Britain's most respected hero at sea. Already in his era Britain separated from continental Europe and, due to zeal, discipline, skills and bravery, gained great luck. In such an era, the traditional gods and saints seem to lose much of their magic. That were the conditions that helped people to better realize what natural noble human quality is. God can not only teach about magic, but also use magic to perform the greatest miracles. Right now God's objective is however to firstly prepare for the procreation of Æsir, half-divine superheroes.

1. The Brexit mirrors British Distrust towards the EU and the Vatican too

1.1 A Majority of the British seems to just not trust political Europe right now

Just recently I watched one of the Brexit debates in the British house of commons. It came live on Deutsche parastatal TV, ARD and ZDF, with translation. The members of parliament were just discussing the last minute plan of prime minister May and EU commission chairman Juncker for a possible Brexit treaty. Just the night before, these two seniors had brought up another version of the treaty. The issue of concern was the backstop rules. These rules would regulate the traffic and taxation of commodities from the EU and the Republic of Ireland to Northern Ireland and Britain. Right now there are no border controls at the Irish border. But with the Brexit done such controls will become necessary. The backstop plan however is to still avoid them. That means that goods who are about to be transported from the EU to Britain, or vice versa, will be checked and taxed at the production site or at the transport site. Well, if the deciders don't want to erect new border gates and fences, to divide the island of Ireland once again, that would be the way of choice. But, for the British parliamentarians the backstop rules seemed to have some questionable side effects. Most feared that with such a treaty they would never get away from the common market. Now, the newest proposal of Ms. May and Mr. Juncker was to postpone this decision for another year. They also proposed that, in the case of problems with the backstop rules, it would be possible to take this issue before an international court of arbitration. In the parliamentary debate then some legal expert, a district attorney, concluded that the newest proposal of Ms. May and Mr. Juncker would still not be good enough to settle the issue. This aged guy came to the conclusion that, with a Brexit treaty like this, chances are that the Brits are bound indefinitely to the EU tax and trade regulations. That was what the host of the members of parliament thought too. One after the other expressed his opinion. In general the opinion of one such guy accorded to the political line of his political party. But even some Labour guys, who in principle oppose the Brexit, seemed to not really trust the EU and it's Eurocrats. On TV they also showed some statements of simple people from the countryside. It was a surprise for me how critical these people were regarding the EU. The Deutsche reporters could hardly understand this, they were unable to find interview partners who clearly opposed the Brexit before foreign cameras. The Deutsche TV guys then were mostly of the left side of the great political divide, that divides most or all nations. Politicians and experts deplored the Brexit in general and talked about the possible consequences. The Deutsche media people seemed to all agree on the basic idea that the EU is a good thing and should develop some more. But the mood in Britain is very different now, and the mood in many other EU member countries is also increasingly EU-sceptical. At the last elections for the rather powerless European parliament, in countries like Slovakia only a small faction of the voters cared enough to vote. The most recent tendency in France and Italy is that EU-sceptical parties gain more and more votes. But on Deutsche TV nobody really seems to notice this slow but dramatic change of the mood.

1.2 The Pro-EU Mood in Europe is fostered by groups of EU-Radicals and Liberals

Many people let TV make their opinions, That can have stultifying effects. Especially the Deutsche parastatal TV network ARD and ZDF is extremely biased and manipulative. I watched some of these news shows for some hours only, and saw them often show dark and leftist heads favourably. But when they showed conservative and right-winged guys, like interior minister Seehofer (CSU), they did this to the scary sounds of horror music!! These guys are also the clever manipulators who often raise some kind of Europe-mania in the minds of their, mostly elderly, viewers. It's understood for them that the EU is good for us. It was a shock for me when I realized that the British tend to feel very differently.

Well, I just watched this debate in the Lower House for two hours. It could have ended after 15 minutes, since it became obvious that the proposal of Ms. May and Mr. Juncker would not find a majority of consenting members. The most often heard opinion was this: »Our expert says no, so I say no to.« I would then have preferred to hear much more about the details. How and why can the backstop rules over taxation have such dramatic effects, that they bind Britain to the common market against it's will? Isn't it possible to tax and check commodities, that need to cross borders, safely at other places than border stations? On the Deutsche TV however there was nobody who cared to undertake an in-depth analysis and explanation of this issue. They all favoured the EU so much and failed to understand what problems the Brits seemed to have. Can we expect that such people grant Britain a clear leave? Our people didn't even really seem to take the Brexit seriously.

The mood in Britain towards the EU is critical and wary. On the continent many people can't understand or even allow this. In public they discuss and disagree now over rules for trade and migration. But that is not the problem that the British have who speak up against the EU. Many are wary that the EU will not let them leave the union for good. The scepticism that the British display, as they regard this union, is deeply rooted in their emotions. This is an emotional bias that many French and Deutsche opinion leaders and media guys fail to even notice! East of the channel many made up their minds to favour and rely on the EU. In Britain they lately started to feel differently. The Brexit is mainly an emotional affair of course. But facts and perspectives play much of a role too. The British have by nature a tendency to calculate coolly what politics may be in their best interest. The leading pro-EU Europeans however are emotionally so much bound to the EU, that they cannot accept strong EU scepticism. The emotional link that binds such people to this political union may well be compared with the link that binds citizens to their nation. The EU is their political baby, their firm and their home, they can't easily let it dissolve. It is remarkable that such EU-radicals absolutely dominate in some member countries, but not in Britain. In Britain the mood of most people always was much more EU sceptical.

On Deutsche TV they also showed some scenes from a country fair. Simple farmers surely hope that the Brexit will strengthen their positions on their own British market if not others. In the TV studio, economic liberals warned that the Brexit will lead to a slump in performance of British enterprises. Such liberals traditionally rally for unlimited global competition, that is supposed to make all the people always try and work longer, harder and cheaper than others. These guys are traditionally against migration borders and trade barriers, and if the British fail to work like ants then these guys are ready to replace them with Pakis or Chinese. Due to the Brexit, the Japanese car maker Honda was closing it's plant in Wales. On TV they interviewed one local worker, who is now without a job. Nevertheless the guy supports the Brexit. Many common British find that it's good that they win back control of their own borders, and won't become a part of some kind of global Businessland. They trust in their government to lead them into better times. In France and Italy too people just have another work mentality. Typical Whites can't work as hard as Mongos or other coloured Asians. But is it really necessary and good that international competition gets ever harder? Right now especially the Mongos (of the East Asian major race two) seem to lose this drive that was always pushing them so hard. The trend is that Europeans again do their own things, and produce what they need in Europe. The consequence may be that these goods are not as cheap as the East Asian goods, and won't have many features. But the hope of many workers and common people in Britain is surely that the Brexit will also counter exaggerated liberalism.

There is also the silent question of the sense of life. In the discussion over the Brexit, all the talking heads on TV mainly talk about business and politics. But the emotions played a key role when the British voters decided over the Brexit. What do they want from life, a workplace in an Asian firm with Red Chinese performance scoring? Traditionally people in the West are Christians. They believe that this life is just short and rather bad, but will start again and get much better when they die. Most recently though this faith tends to sound as foolish as it indeed is. As white people realize that they only have one life, they are likely to want a good life, a better life than most of them have. Coloured Asians are different by mentality, most don't care that much about themselves. But we must see the Brexit also as an emotional reaction to the insanity of liberals who still promote this ideology of unlimited market-liberal globalization and competition. The British are among the first to realize that their old-time liberal ideology is as outdated as old-time religion.

2. The British always were some more different than other Europeans

2.1 The old Religious Divide makes the British always feel more different than others

How good are the development perspectives of the European Union? Will it exist on and even expand it's power, or is it likely to suddenly fall apart some time soon? Right now, at the time of the elections, people tend to only discuss the small and every day issues and politics. Many like to talk about disliked EU regulations and the threat of freedom of opinion in the Internet, for instance. Very rarely though people think about the big and emotional perspective that such a union like the EU can have. Will the member peoples of the EU some day soon decide to regard themselves as genuine Europeans, instead of being Poles, Spaniards, Danes or Irish? That is the fantasy that some leftist pundits in Brussels eventually bring up. Some Jews have an understandable tendency to try hard to abolish especially the Deutsche as a nation. The facts though tell a different tale. In all of Europe nationalism and regionalism get more popular. Lately peoples and regions too are getting more aware of their special identity. The expectable consequence is that the people will want a less strong union. The trend is that right-winged and populist groups gain more political influence, and the consequence should be that EU sceptics in many nations will weaken the EU, instead of helping it to expand and develop even mightier.

Seen from the perspective of this trend, Britain may only have been the first nation that suddenly decided to leave the EU. That is hard to explain with any politics, since it is an emotional decision. A tough club of Eurocrats, and established market liberals, and their media followers, strongly disagrees with the Brexit. A leftist tendency was often the entry card into these ranks. Some celebrities too are committed to resist to the European trend of more nationalism, and more national egoism. Isn't this a political position that should find much more support than it has, since it is in the better interest of Europe and other parts of the world? The British, in their majority, don't see things that way. They just think basically differently, and that is why the pro-Europe mood, that is so much the mood of the established EU politicians, cronies and media, fails to impress them in a similar way.

So what is the reason why the British feel so differently right now? Is there something that parts them emotionally from big continental Europe? Sure, there is a religious divide. Truly British are, in their majority, Anglicans and Episcopalian or adhere to one of those evangelical communities. The EU however is historically a rather Roman Catholic union, due to the majority of Catholics in their member countries. We may guess that the Vatican guys until today find it deplorable and wrong that the Church of England parted from their Roman Church. That was another and earlier Brexit, and it was one that many Catholic to Southern Europeans didn't really accept until today.

Often discussed in EU and media headquarters are reform plans of the EU. What is the problem on this field? Leftists and economic liberals demand to open the borders, to let enter a dark deluge of foreign migrants. The problem of migration is the biggest problem that Europe has right now. Pro-migration lobbyists argue that more migrants will make Europe become more competitive and multicultural. Radical leftists, gangsters and some Church officials hope to weaken or topple a disliked political order, to install a tyrannical and lowquo new order. The Vatican traditionally backed the policy of migration pressure groups. But many people worry, with full right, that more bad migrants just bring in more badness into their countries. That is another emotional issue, that made many voters in Britain and other European countries take up a critical stance towards the EU. They get wary when they realize that the same leftist-Christian figures who rally for the welcome of bad and lowquo migrants have so many other bad and tyrannical ideas in their minds.

2.2 Troubles within the Roman Catholic Church damage the Image of the EU too

A reform of the EU would also mean to tackle the problem of Catholic cronyism. Since winter 2019 so many news about Roman Catholic sexual misconduct scandals filled the papers. That is nothing new, and few commentators seem to have recipes what to do to change things. Is not the Vatican in need of a perestroika, a reconstruction like they tried it in the last years of the Soviet Union? We hardly hear anyone bringing up such ideas. The problem is that the Vatican is, right now, the spiritual anchor of the EU. That is why the typical Southern Catholic guys from many western European countries sympathise with and hold on to both these institutions, the EU and the Vatican. Many left-wingers deem that the politics of this church is still okay, even if it has adverse effects on their societies. They don't see the need for a fundamental change of this very old structure, since they don't believe a lot anyway. But the hope of more and more good right-wingers is that, in a new era that is just about to commence, there is a chance to get over the old and nonsensical lores. They sense what others cannot allow, that a new holy spirit is just about to form, and to allow it to some better guys to much better understand religion. In the Bible we read that Jesus blessed the mental paupers, and for so long a time all the Christians were of such a poor quality only. But lately at least some better whites see the light of dawn of a new era of truth. While a new era seems to push the better and fairer whites into the winning positions, better whites may develop a new sense of self-esteem.

2.3 Catholics can't develop religion-wise, and tend to not leave nor question the EU

Britain strives to develop into a new era. That is why a majority of the British suddenly decided to quit the EU. Many surely have the feeling that the EU structures, who are so encrusted and closely linked to the Roman Catholic church, are stopping the British from getting as good and free as they could be. They should also have the idea that most of them are ready for an astounding development, since they are of the fairer and brighter types of the white race. That is another big divide, regarding typical Southern Catholics. The truly British may have a big development potential that such Southerners have not

Right now the polls of the parastatal network ZDF say that Wolfgang Schäuble, the old German chairman of the »lower house« in Berlin, is among Deutschland's most popular politicians. Well informed guys but didn't forget that Schäuble, a former crony of the scandalous chancellor Kohl, is probably still at the top of a murky international club of Catholic cronies, who once were the rather roguish backdrop of the former Italian Catholics and Mafiosi DC party. That happens due to the opinion-making of TV guys. But we may also take this as a sign that the old structures in Deutschland and the EU are still intact and covered, and that the time for perestroika hasn't come.

The Brexit is not a decision of a few economic liberals, who have in mind better business opportunities outside of the EU. The Brexit is the consequence of a deep old divide, that separates Britain from the majority of the EU countries and their structural backbone, the Roman Catholic church. In Europe right now Catholic and Southern types, from Spain to South Germany, from Ireland to Croatia, make the mood for the EU. It is unthinkable for them to leave the EU, just like they wouldn't think of exiting their church. The EU is their Roman Catholic worldly structure, a kind of post-Roman realm, whose representatives are traditionally the allies of the Vatican. Roman Catholic religion just was very strong in the sixties of the past century, when the EU was founded. But lately it lost it's old grip on the minds of especially many young people. A reform of the EU would therefore mean to reform the Vatican first! Right now however there is no talk at all about this in the media.

The old network of Roman Catholic allies is still firmly established in Europe, It would be a tough battle to reform those old structures. It would mean to crack up the close alliance of Roman Catholic nobles, oligarchs, politicians and media cronies with leading Catholic clerics. These are the leaders of western Europe after all, they still dominate the EU and remain determined about this. It is hardly thinkable that any other group would be able to do the same job, replacing or reeducating all these headstrong Southern Catholic types.

Right now scandals shake the old authority of the Roman Catholic church. But in Bavaria at the same time, the mainly Catholic party CSU decided to hang up crosses in all public buildings. The truly Bavarians can't get away from the old structures, so can others? The British could have well tried to use the political change in Italy, to take over more of the lead of the EU, in a new era of spiritual modernization. With the Brexit they but refused to bind their own destiny that closely to the destiny of the nations of western Europe. The Vatican, and the EU too, need a perestroika, but the British can't be the ones to do this.

3. The Catholic Magic of the EU wanes, so will the Luck of Britain grow?

3.1 Will Billions of Darklings soon clutch at the Hands of just a few fairer Whites?

Tomorrow it's Good Friday. In Deutschland, the Southerners and Catholics mainly live at the sides of the middle and upper river Rhine. In one Bonn newspaper I read, that both Catholic and Protestant clerics reminded their sheep to believe in the Harry-Potter tale of resurrection. These people find it hard to realize that Jesus is dead of course, and that the idea that he still lives on, in faraway space, must be a trick of possibly hostile aliens.

So here is the reason for the weakness of not only the Church of Rome. Their moral and ideological fundament fails before the reality test of the modern era. The more we learn about space, the less it becomes likely that the old belief of afterlife in the sky will come true. Right now nobody is willing to think about the consequences. But remembering the era of around 1840, we may expect that suddenly and massively the people will realize that they have been fooled by Christian religion for 2.000 years. What then? That is the big worrying question. We may expect that, if the Christian churches and communities, the religious structures of the West, suddenly get weak and founder; great insecurity and disorientation will turn up. Especially the Catholics, the people who used to inspire and build up the European Union for so long a time, suddenly will become much reduced in their standing in life. Right now the media fail to understand why the British seem to not trust the EU, since all seems to go well in Brussels, if not in Paris. The correct answer to this question is a kind of taboo. The British have a hunch that Christian religion is getting weak. That but means that the political Christian structures, most notably the EU, are also not as solid and reliable as they still seem to be. If suddenly Jesus will be declared dead, then the Southern and Semitic types are likely to massively lose respect, influence and reputation. On the right hand, the genetically fairer and better British can well hope to profit from this. On the left had they must fear then that the EU asks them to take over the lead, clutching at them like on a short straw. Right now, with their network of British royals and their Anglican clerics so established, also Britain couldn't lead the EU into a post-Christian era. The history of the sudden collapse of the British empire also taught them that they can't trust in a destiny that makes darklings and underlings easily accept them as their leaders, while working hard and harder under conditions of exploitation. We must see the Brexit as a decision to get away from the burden of having to take care for so many darklings, who seem to be unstoppable as they enter into Europe right now.

3.2 With the Vatican getting weak, the truly British are likely to win a better Magic

Let's also look back into the era of the French revolution! Just 230 years ago the French revolution like terminated the rule of the Roman Catholic church. The consequence was that a lowly, aggressive and egalitarian revolutionary mob suddenly overpowered many older and established structures in all of Europe. That is what especially the British did not welcome at all. Even the simple people sensed that there was something wrong with the blood-thirsty spirit of revolution. Here we find that the religious divide, that right now well parts Great Britain from a predominantly Roman Catholic EU, is based on different mentalities and genes. The British magic formed invading Anglo Saxons and Normans to a people of a special and characteristic culture. The British are prouder than others, and with a reason. Among them there seem to be many fairer, better types of humans; who can do better in life competing others. For 2.000 years now Christian religions taught the world to hardly care for worldly affairs, since this world is sinful and doomed. Right now this basic belief of the Christians suddenly seems to crumble and fall apart. Many people just need to forget about life after death, they then can live better lives. The truly British are among those who are most likely to react with more national and personal pride, to win more luck than others. Destiny was often more willing to grant luck to Britain than to other nations! That is one main lesson that we can learn from the history of European wars. That is why the British are more likely than most Catholics to realize that the days of Christian-leftist incompetence might end soon. The Vatican looks like a sinking ship. The Brexit just means that many British want to get away from this vessel in short time.

3.3 They have Experts too for Magic but not competent ones

When it comes to managing the Brexit, I think even most of the members of parliament don't care to know too much about the details. They have experts for anything, but typical experts are so biased that they tend to even deny the obvious, when it comes to such phenomena like ghosts. There are many cases of unexplainable phenomena. People who are not muggles get a hunch that there is a strange magic involved in all aspects of our reality. But clerical guys dominate on this field with false teachings. Some tend to attribute any phenomena to divine interference, but there is often little divine magic perceptible in it. Not without a reason nowadays the series of eight Harry Potter sorcery and fantasy films is the biggest success of the British film industry, and of all it's culture maybe. And this series goes on and on. Simple-minded Christians still tend to put their trust into old-time religion. A divine spell supports it, that covers up the vast field of magic with false fantasies But not a few of the better minds realize that the magic that they encounter in their ordinary lives is scary as well as powerful and not understood. The US-Americans wrote »In God we trust« on their coins. Now they should concede that they have no idea who that might be.

In the recent German edition of the National Geographic Magazine there is a long article about heathendom and spirituality in Deutschland. The authors depicted this scenery in a horrible way, ending it with a full page picture of a guy masked as a horned devil. The article at least briefly mentions some tales about undeniable wonders. There is the story of a psychic who was able to find a missed, hidden spangle via telephone. The answer to that question had been put into the mind of this elderly lady. She noticed that, but did not dare to tell more. I made the experience that many such people must make, that the voices who tell you such things eventually mislead you. In Deutschland they have only one expert for such matters. It's the old professor Lucadou, a psychologist. He explains to the press that many phenomena are scientifically explainable, while open questions remain. The UTR has it that this name reminds of Fe-Luka, one of the mightiest Greys who influence our Earth and other living planets nearby. The living God of Earth always didn't dare to tell this bitter truth to humankind, also for reasons of their safety. While this planet is still developing, the risks are too high that the Greys destroy Earth with the help of hacked divine links. That is the true message of the Biblical tale of Paradise Lost: For reasons of their own security, God didn't tell humans how to correctly part good and evil.

For nearly two centuries now our official science strictly denies the possibility that higher powers could have influenced the affairs of the mortals and the course of our destiny. That development started when the Vatican had to concede that the short biblical timetable of creation is incorrect. Then Charles Darwin brought up the lore of evolution and the survival of the fittest. This lore is secretly outdated, since it fails to explain many details of life on Earth. Why didn't fitter dingoes kill all kangaroos in Australia, and why didn't the Chinese expand and colonize all other lands? Darwin too had a hunch that evolution also means a natural tendency towards beauty and quality. The Brexit happened because many British sense that they are more in the favour of destiny than others. Is it because of the law of evolution, that they hope to win better luck at a greater distance to the darker peoples of Europe? The UTR has it that God, the hardly known deity of this planet, cleverly uses natural mechanisms and interstellar links to keep this world going and evolving. In near space there is another living planet of humanoids. Lar needs our help, and that is why God stalls the course of evolution, and eventually allows wars and bad destiny to happen, most notably in the Ukraine. Destiny has very complicated rules, who are too high up for sheepish Christians.

4. The End of Christianity allows the Awakening of the better Minds

4.1 Northern to Western Europe is this Planet's best Location

Right now I was reading, in the odd Russian-Deutsch magazine Partner, about a comparison of Finland and a place called South Sudan. Some experts reckon that Finland can be regarded as the luckiest state of the world, when it comes to the political and economic situation, living standards and social security. The newly founded Negro nation however is at the last place of the planet's lists of in locations. Can we blame these Negroes when they try hard to migrate into the EU? The problem is that such underlings bring with them their bad luck and like infest us with their typical bad habits. In the heydays of the Popery there were just too few deciders in Europe willing to stop the dark deluge of bad migrants at the EU borders. Right now this is however getting better, and should not Britain try to stay within a union that also includes nice lands like Denmark, Sweden or the Netherlands? The Brexit is not only a decision regarding the quality of politics, economics and welfare. The challenge that nations like Britain meet right now is, that God can eventually evolve the minds of certain of their people. Other people however must stay behind, also perhaps because they just live at the wrong location! When some Germanic wandered into Northern Italy, they became darker and more Catholic. The tendency is that Southerners, who will still dominate the EU in coming decades, won't easily give up on their ideas of equality and shared welfare with underlings. That may mean that some time soon other European nations too may evaluate leaving the EU. Only some brightest types can evolve to become truly wise, and the consequence is that the bitter rest is hardly able to understand what is going on. It remains to be seen whether Europe will politically regroup soon, according to a better order, that allows some promising countries better luck and development. Right now in Denmark they just started to build a new border fence. Allegedly they don't do this because of invasive Africans, but they want to keep away wild pigs.

Right now worrying news come in from Paris. The famous Notre Dame cathedral is in flames! Officially the fire was caused by a short circuit. But the Figaro newspaper tells it's readers that the tendency is on the rise to more and more disrespect these old-time Catholic churches. Nearly every day reports tell about thefts and vandalism. Certainly there is a connection to the youth rebel movement called Yellow Vests. On TV they are shown like masked bandits, marching and fighting law and order, eventually under the deadhead flag. Is France at the brink of another era of ruthless revolution? That is a too tough question for political analysts and commentators. Many seem to keenly avoid the perspective that France could suddenly become a nation ruled, once again, by young radical rebels and rogues, with the support of Islamic and African gangs and refugees.

In the days of the Brexit, British officials often heard it from European colleagues that they should rather stay in the EU, where they are liked and needed. When the last British will have cleared their rooms, they maybe should walk around in their buildings for a farewell, telling the Eurocrats: »We'll be gone now. So is everything okay with you? Will you get along without us?« – »Sure« they might hear, »but the problem is that they just set fire to Notre Dame in Paris. Can't you help to teach to these guys some due respect?« The Brits may rather shy away from this question, with their last words like: »Watch our Carry On films!« The big secret question is whether the EU will keep on functioning like it used to function in past decades.

The secret worry of many Brits is that they can't really trust the EU. Just like in the era before the fall of the Soviet empire, the signs seem to signal a drastic change. But this time it's the Christian religion that is getting soft before it ends. Some will profit from this, others won't. So aren't the British good and tough enough to use the opportunity? Destiny seems to answer this question with a strange kind of no. The problem is, in my perspective, that destiny wants others to take over the lead. The riots and protests in France warn us that our entry into a new era could easily go wrong, with the wrong people leading it, like in the era of the French revolution.

4.2 The End of the Soviet Block made many Europeans want more Freedom too

The British most always looked at the rest of Europe from the perspective of an outsider. Lately a majority of them decided to exit from the EU. So what is worrying them, as they regard this economic and political union? In the discussions about the Brexit treaty, we often hear the British question whether the EU can be trusted. While our senior experts know much about the details of tax and border regulations and treaties, the question of trust is a more difficult one to answer. Already the European Union is some decades old. It seems to be a stable and reliable institution. There are some political worries though. Many elderly deciders are Christian to leftist to economic liberal democrats. After 1945, the Cold War of the Soviet block versus the West made their nations all join to form this union. But this threat of a World War Three disappeared with the end of the Soviet block. It was to be expected that in some of the member states of the EU a move towards more nationalism and independence would ensue. Since the British are by tradition more of outsiders than other nations, this explains their decision to move out of the union now.

The end of the Soviet block also had it's sobering effects on the left-winged radical and socialist movements. These guys had always been the ones to ideologically oppose nationalism. In general among these types are often the less well developed people, the weirder, darker and smaller types. Until today some radicals from the left political fringe rally against nations and for bad refugees. They can't really understand what happened in Russia. Why did that old socialist atheist tyranny collapse? It was because too many Russians suddenly noticed that higher powers and magic still do exist! The truly Russians are often of genetic good quality, while they live on tricky ground. The problem is that higher powers do exist, but who escape from the categories of the religions of old time. Their magical realm that looms right now has one problem: Evil is very strong up there!

In our post-war era the mental climate was often tyrannical. Especially the Vatican and the Soviet block were powerful and authoritarian structures, who ruled with the help of bad ideologies. Lately though the minds of many people suddenly became less blocked. It is easier now for young people to realize that the old-time ideologies of socialists and Christians just sound unreal, faulty and bad. While people learn, it is easier for them to realize that mysterious powers work on their minds, scary people from outer space. The old Biblical lies fail to catch a grip on their minds. But that makes hostile aliens, who use these lies to work on minds, react with menaces and mental pressure. The problem now is that the N-rays of the hostile aliens can get so strong that most people are not strong enough to resist. In past eras they were fooled, but now they get pressed to submit to evil plans. The consequence is that some people are like forced into a pact with devils.

Let's imagine now that the old-time structures of Christian religion take a final fall. While so many people realize that Jesus is dead of course, they just stop pretending that they still believe all the other stuff. With the churches gone, their old adversary, many leftists and atheists will hope for better days to come. But the end of the churches will not bring the end of the evil spirits, who used bad religions to fool and weaken people. It is to be expected that in a new era, celestial devils and demons will try to find a new grip onto the minds of people. So who has a strong mind then, and who must bow to evil plans?

4.3 Only some better Guys are able to shy away from a Pact with Devils and Demons

They teach you ideological lies that make you small. If you should refuse this goofy food, they still try to make you small, with the help of drugs and menaces. Or else they put the pressure on you and make you suffer. That is not only a method of traditional leftists and gangsters. By this way we may also understand hostile aliens, devils and demons. The problem is that most people want to be good, but are so weak that they can't counter this strategy. Only a separation from these can help some better people to win new strenght.

In Western Europe today, political and societal rope gangs of Christians and leftists still make the mood when it comes to letting in refugees, including even radical Islamic fighters and dangerous underlings. With a scary majority the »house of commons« in Deutschland recently agreed to the »migration pact« of some UN and gangster network kingpins. The leftists among these guys used the word pact to remind of the Warsaw pact of the Soviet era, and maybe also of the story of the pact of Faustus with the devil. When radical leftists and street fighters of the Antifa rally for more bad migrants, they have in mind to occupy entire city quarters to erect Soviet style red tyrannies. But they are unaware of the consequences, since they have no sense for the strange kind of magic that works on us all. When the Soviet revolution succeeded after 1919, the consequence was a chaotic civil war in this entire region and terrible misery. Often left-winged rogues clashed with striking peasants and workers, so the production of important goods came to a near standstill. The leftists also held back food and supply trains and raided towns and villages. The Reds killed many millions of country people, and many more most miserably starved to death. Many Russians only survived the era of the victory of the Soviet revolution due to Christian aid from US-America.

When deciders in the west welcome any sort of bad migrants, they don't intend to live at the sides of these, in chaotic and miserable precincts. Some are leftists and rogues to a degree, who reject the police. Some dream of police-free slums where drugs and whores are cheap, and where workers for any sort of clean or dirty job can easily be hired, and eventually put back to. Many however are Christians, who secretly don't give a damn for this planet, since they believe in a better afterlife in faraway space. When leftist militants hear that there are 63.000 murders in Brazil every year, that makes some win optimism that they can also destroy governments and civil order in European countries too, with the help of more massively reproducing and traditionally lawless Negro migrants. Some religious are traditionally those who get near to explaining this correctly. Some believers realize that all bad things on Earth meet with the strong forcing of devils and demons, of mysterious evil powers. In the past era of Christianity, the Christians seemed to be the ones who knew best how to handle these powers and their actions. But lately God's new
magic like opens up the inner eye of many, who realize then how bad this religion just is.

The Brexit is the consequence of the hopes of better whites, that they can find a better stand away from the crumbling old structures of Roman Catholic religion and tyranny. The fear is that the typical Roman Catholic Southerners are just too weak to resist to the evil spirit in a new post-Christian era. It may happen then what happened in the era of the French revolution before, that instead of the Vatican a new leftist tyranny evolves.

4,4 Right now all still seems to go well with and within the EU

As it seems right now, the EU is a stable political organisation, that could well continue to work out for a long time. That is what the Eurocrats naturally expect, all those people who are in charge of the EU, and who earn their money and profits by their rules. What is worrying them is the most recent tendency of many European nations towards more political independence, nationalism and self-government. Right now, with the campaign for the European parliament going on, the political parties who participate conjure some kind of European identity and spirit. Often seen on posters is the EU flag with the circle of stars. Many people realize that this flag was designed after the image of a Christian deity. Some statues of Maria or Mary wear just the same circle of stars on their heads.

In France right now, president Macron seems to have the situation well under control. He made concessions and talked to the Yellow Vests, who mostly ended their sudden movement of social and revolutionary protest. Political experts may remember that this was not the first time when a sudden political turmoil erupted in post-war France. The EU also helped to restore the common political order in this important member nation. But the EU flag alone should demonstrate that the EU, as it is today, secretly depends much on Catholic and Oriental religion. The end of Christianity should therefore have a dramatic effect, the effect that the fairer and Southern types just won't mix like before.

Definitely at the time when the EU came to life, the Christian touch helped it to rise and win stability. Both Nazis and Soviets had seriously challenged Christian religion, but on the basis of ideologies who were mostly wrong and proved to be roguish. Now the great development and the successes of the western nations in post-war Europe showed to all the world that the West was in luck. Not only Christians attributed this to their deities. That was the thinking of the years before 1962 of the past century. Since then the old-time Christian religion secretly became more and more unpopular. That should not only worry old-time believers. Such a religious change should also have sudden, wide-ranging political and societal effects. Of course many Europeans remember the times, when the French revolution abolished Roman Catholic and Christian religions, to replace them with the cult of a mysterious Supreme Being. Many elderly people will still expect that the EU and also the Vatican remain stable for the next decades, like they had been before. But there are clear signs that the era of Christian religion may suddenly end, after just 2.000 years since the death of Jesus. Some 30 years ago, similar signs showed that the Soviet block was getting old and soft in a comparable way – and lo, then it suddenly fell apart.

4.5 Most member Nations of the EU are predominantly inhabited by Blackheads

Many elderly people and deciders try to separate the spheres of politics and religion. But they are often unaware of the fact that the EU, as we know it, is very closely connected to the Vatican and to Roman Catholic religion and ideology. That seems to be natural for the majority of EU nations and regions. The EU territory is predominantly inhabited by black-haired people, by Southerners with a post-Roman to Roman-Catholic culture and ideology. Their kind of Catholic EU thrived in the Roman Catholic heydays after 1945. In the time of a sudden crisis of Christian religion though, also the EU would foreseeably get soft. One perspective, that we already encounter for a few years now, is that many voters in Europe move some more to the right politically. Patriotism and nationalism are on the rise in an era where old-time religion seems to lose it's charms, secretly but most definitely. That doesn't only concern the field of religion, but it has grave effects on the field of politics too. The European Union would need a new anchor in religion, to replace Christianity, that is likely to get really unbelievable and unpopular. Europe would need a much better new religion, that takes seriously the issues that Christian ideology used to ignore for all it's time, most notably the obvious link of race and human quality. Genuine British always found it harder than other types, to closely cooperate and politically unite with such a host of puny Southerners. In all the era of Christianity, blackheads seemed to be in the favour of the deities. Jews knew how to use this murky magic to make fame and fortune. Only now the chances are that the religious to societal dominance of the Oriental and Southern types will end, as soon as their Semitic religions take a fall. If we look back to the era of the French revolution until Napoleon, and evaluate the bad guys of that era, we must expect that a strange weakness of such human types may ensue.

Humankind is facing the perspective that in modern times, old-time Christianity will not survive. This religion just consist of so many detrimental. outdated, forged and wrong, silly and bad Oriental teachings. Jewish-Christian religion promoted the view that dark-headed and Semitic types are the best and in favour of the gods. If this ideology loses it's grip on the minds of our younger ones, we could well expect that our more western types and fairer human types become more important and better performing in life.

It was the same effect that helped Britain to win the naval battles against the Napoleon. Horatio Viscount Nelson made this happen, who was fair-haired after all. Destiny made Britain become the toughest opponent of post-revolutionary France. Easily the British could have won French territory again after the fall of the empire of Napoleon. But that was not what the British intended in that era. In the absence of the strong binding spell of the Church of Rome, the British instead rather moved away from Europe politically and culturally. They were building now their own empire overseas. We may regard this order of »splendid isolation« as a typical structure, that can also explain the Brexit. As Christian religion fails to win the better minds, and while churches become unpopular, the effect is that the darker Roman, Southern and Oriental types get less popular and also perform worse in their lives. Especially the darker Jews then lose the backing of their false ideology of Semitic supremacy. These were the types who used to organize a lot in politics and economics. So now the balance of power shifts not only politically to the right, but it shifts more to the side where the fair-haired and aristocratic people are.

4.6 If the Vatican will just give up now, many should feel more free to leave the EU

Suppose the Vatican would give up in 2033, according to my projection, admitting that Jesus is just dead of course while strange, menacing and troubling aliens live in space. Especially many Southern and darker types would now feel like losing their standing in life. How are these likely to react then? Let's hope that most will adapt well. We may well expect that a majority of righteous people of Europe will look up some more to the fairer, brighter and better developed people, demanding of them to reform now Europe and to maybe lead all the world! But that is not a good perspective for the typical and rather egoistic fair-haired people, who dominate in the West and North of Europe. They rather think of themselves, and also tend to feel too weak and incapable of leading the world into a new post-Christian era. Right now Anglo-American education and culture factually dominate this planet's culture. Their language English has become the lingua Franca of the business and politics world. But the Brexit also shows that destiny moves the British away from Europe, especially politically. In the present post-war era the EU was mostly dominated by Roman Catholics of the Southern type. The upcoming post-Christian era but would demand that some better, wiser guys of the Northern type take over the lead, the spiritual and cultural lead of the EU. Could Britain still dominate this »New EU« with the help of it's language culture and business mentality? The decision of the Brexit already is a decision against this. Destiny moves the British out of the way of a new order of the Europe of the future. We may well expect that other nations too are rather unwilling to replace the old religious order of the world with a new one. While billions of Southerners and darklings are in need of guidance and spiritual backing they are often unlikely and unwilling to behave. These naturally hardly compute true religion!

4.7 History teaches that suddenly bad Reds bring up Times of Tyranny and Troubles

Only a spiritual noble class could reform this political union. But imagine a club of elfish fair-haired softies called Avalon would try to become the new religious leadership of all the world. The Reds and Muslims of all countries would react with aggressiveness and disbelief, and while they get stronger they may feel the hostile N-rays of the Greys from outer space powering them up. The blond can't do this, as long as this world is in such a bad state, nor can anybody else. Instead of the drive to conquer the world, that was typical for common red revolutionaries, from Danton to Napoleon, from Lenin to Hitler, the truly fair-haired have a natural tendency to segregate, and to try to develop higher peacefully. Genuine darklings are just wrong in such societies. The same drive of the bright types, to move away from the darker and meaner world, also explains the Brexit. Many would like the British to work more at the leadership, but that is not only what the British refuse. Other comparable nations are also likely to prefer finding their own ways. The end of the Vatican also means that many are free to win more spiritual freedom.

After all, there is fierce resistance of many Reds against the mere idea of white Nordic racial, spiritual and political supremacy. Destiny often moves people with those special red hair genes to the tops, and these naturally form an opposition against the idea that the Nordic could rule and save all the world. Imagine the days of Christian religion were already over: Would the world now welcome Deutsche, among other white westerners, as their new spiritual and ideological leaders? The decision of the Brexit shows that the British don't envision things this way. I think that this accords to the course of destiny. If the Brits would move into the top positions now, trying to lead the world the British way, that politics is bound to go wrong. There may be a narrow way to save the Earth: But from all that the Bible says we learn that neither the Jews nor the Christians found it. And don't remind now of the words of the prophet who married his own child daughter.

4.8 Britain is not a Nation to spiritually lead Europe

Let's look back to the days of King Henry-8. This brave, unscrupulous and sly king also managed some kind of Brexit, exiting from the Roman-Catholic and Spanish-Deutsche structures of Europe. It was the Deutsche reformator (German reformer) Martin Luther who became the first to venture to challenge both the Vatican and political Europe in such a brave way. Puny Martin Luther had however read much too much in the Bible. In his famous 90 teachings, the first tenet of Luther was that Jesus wanted his lot to do penitence for all their lives. That was not a lore that the more noble British could easily accept. Therefore King Henry-8 forbade Lutheran religion in his kingdom. His Anglican church then rather stayed with the old-time Roman Catholic lies and rites. The lesson of history is that Britain is not likely to take the lead, when it comes to religious reform in Europe. In times of a great religious change, that small nation at the edge of Europe rather moves away from Europe, to let others spiritually lead the first continent, if they then can. If guys like Martin Luther or Jean Cauvin (Calvin) only come up with bad and sad teachings, then destiny seems to once again slow down the pace of development.

4.9 The essential Chapter about Practical Magic that helps instantly

Now here's one essential chapter about practical magic. Most people of this planet know magic from unrealistic films. For instance, right now one Hollywood film called Avengers wins it's Jewish and US-American producers a record income. Billions of viewers watch such movies, who are filled with scenes of magic. We see many good-looking humans in skin-tight heroic suits, who seem to be able to perform the most astounding miracles. Among the goodies there is Benedict Cumberbatch. This good-looking British gentleman plays Dr. Strange the Super-Magician. Is this not what people want and need, a club of good looking kind-of mutants who save the world and fight against murky alien rogues?

In truth this world is full of magic of the worse sort. Such magic for instance makes right-winged militia types run amok, and shoot down innocent moviegoers. Most recently one such crackpot murdered a lot of Muslims at a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand. That concerns the British too. Their experts for magic and religion should be noble guys like Prince Harry, for instance. But while he looks swell in a Hollywood fantasy film starship, in reality he appears to be rather dull, that is just a rumour that I heard. Such a guy with more noble courage could speak up and tell us more about the magic of Christchurch. Those who know this place also know that it's special by tradition, and one of the more zealous Christian places of this planet. Just because of the name of that town we must strongly suspect that this assassin was not just a right-winger, but wanted to tell to the world a Christian message too. Didn't king David and some crusaders act likewise? We may suppose that the old Biblical lies also recently started to fail in New Zealand, just like they fail elsewhere. And one law of the magic we are facing is that, if the bad spirits fail with their lies they will try forcings and threats. But this is a lore that right now only the UTR can teach. We are yet some decades ago from a time when some Æsir, humans of a new species with superior genes and beauty, will form a club of true magicians like the Avengers. It's maybe not bad that the film industry allows us a glimpse into a better era of tomorrow. But such fantasy stuff also makes too many people become silly nevergrownups, who fail to take a stand against the adverse magic of the devilish hostile aliens. Any real magic is typically linked to amorous bonds and fantasies. In a few cases such amok shootists are Mama's dream darlings, finding it too hard to escape her ghost.

Christianity will end soon, the wiser people realize this. But is it historically correct then that lands like New Zealand allow in many Muslims, who are often of the darker types? Let's not forget that just two years ago, in year 2017, a series of Islamic terror acts was especially striking hard in Britain. It was also because typical darker Oriental types are more under the spell of bad magic! It's an undeniable fact of magic, that needs wise and brave people to build on it. If we had wise masters enough who well master this magic of racialism, then it would be much more easier to talk sensibly and sympathetically with naughty right-wingers as well as deluded followers of Oriental religions. Instead the loud-mouthed but fact-blind public tends, with a majority of lesser and black-headed people, to push the racially best developed Nordic types into the offside of society, calling them racists fast if not rogues or devilish. Racism turns up if people fail to master racialism, to then become unaware of human quality. Attributing the blame for bad magic onto one scapegoat is a typical devilish trick. That can only be done while the cosmic devils still manage to hide their terrible true strength, that they eventually bundle for a long time, to deform just one promising guy into an extreme terrorist, with the help of secretive magic.

The Christchurch massacre also was typical, since it seems to have marked the end of an era. It often happens that when the devils sense that they are found out, that their lies will fail soon, react with one special last attack. These Greys threatened to bombard the Earth with celestial bodies before the era of the coming of the Saviour. On some planets the local saviour indeed turns bad and adverse. He may get so much under the sway of evil that he becomes a mere tool of the devilish aliens, working magic that destroys his home planet. On this planet however destiny just works out in a better way. The Earth Goddess saw to it, the good congera who lives here in her planet, right where her good force is needed. Her strategy is to allow many small bad incidents, to avoid the big ones.

In the year 2018 the wave of Islamic terror attacks suddenly came to a standstill. It was also because some planned spectacular acts went wrong. All the good guys of our Earth can rejoice, since a good force seems to slowly help God, and the good spirits of all the Earths of the humanoids and many good allies, in their final struggle against evil in this sector of the galaxy. That is what the UTR teaches, who helps best to work against the lies and bad magic of most of the Muslims too. But instead of trying to fight Islam, while it is still needed to placate the darklings, the objective that our better people must have first is, to counter the evil that deforms themselves. Many dark and silly people just are too lowquo for this, they are not well enough evolved or have too little education! The Earth Goddess only has the time and power to help just a few of the best at the right location. These need to sturdily counter the bad cosmic spell from day to day. It already helps now to wash several times a day, just like it is the tradition in any mosque. That is practical magic that helps instantly, you feel relieved! It may be helpful to let our young people, of any school, visit a mosque and just do this. But while many people easily see the reason in this, they will have a harder time to learn that they are not good enough to become chosen for more wisdom, maybe because they live at a too remote location.

5. The great but limited Magic of a little Man: Horatio Viscount Nelson

5.1 The unforeseeable Twists of Worldly and Religious Power

There are many examples for mystery and magic in politics. In the era of the French revolution nobody could foresee the strange course of destiny. At first many American and European democrats showed sympathy for this revolution. In 1792 Britain decided to reduce it's naval forces. The British prime minister William Pitt justified this politics in the lower house like this: There has never before been a time when we, regarding the situation in Europe, could expect 15 years of peace with more right .

However, in less than a year Britain was at war with France, because the radicals that seized the power in the capital started a politics of warmongering. The revolutionaries had killed king Louis-16. A Monsieur Danton proclaimed that this was a declaration of war against all kings. The revolutionaries now wanted the French troops to march out to liberate all peoples and citizens. The politics of revolutionary wars proved to be very popular in neighbouring countries, it explains the big successes of the French troops in the following years. The gods of the Christians seemed to not object when bands and armies of the revolution also plundered the Christian churches and persecuted priests. But just a few years later destiny made Napoleon become the emperor of France, with the consent of the pope. One decade later the Vienna congress restored much of the old order of Europe. Not a few Catholics held their deity Maria chiefly responsible for this. The Jewish poet Heine was among the first now to dedicate to Maria love poems.

In France, the same deity Maria until today is regarded as Notre Dame. The main church of all of France in Paris is dedicated to her. So why didn't she help to prevent the recent fire? The question is not so much whether really a short circuit caused the fire, or maybe a case of arson covered-up. The big question about the existence and the true nature of such saints remained unanswered so far. But typical for them seem to be phases when they seem to retreat and become less popular. A typical consequence of the gradual disappearance of deities from the common mindsphere is that many people become more egoistic and nationalistic. In Britain, admiral Horatio Nelson had been one typical such case. Before the era of the French revolution Christian royals had ruled the major European nations, as it seemed with the consent of the deities of the Christians. That religion had forged a unifying bond for Europe. The symbol of this bond was the throne of the post-Roman Deutsche Reich. While the French revolution seemed to finally abolish Catholic religion, it also made the gods of the Christians lose respect. These then seemed to retreat and make way, at least for a while. In the absence though of this unifying belief, the nations of Europe tended to realize again how different they are. At least some British also realized now that they profited more from a new era of more rational thinking than other nations. As it seemed, the false Christian religion had stopped progress that had been possible in principle, for instance when it comes to inventions and commercial expansion. In an era of maybe losing their religion Great Britain became more of a nation of greedy pirates and sea trade tyrants. They wanted to rule the seven seas, and that was the reason why Nelson suddenly assailed Denmark, instead of waging the war against Napoleonic France. Definitely the British were much in luck in that era. Often luck has it's own weird laws.

Only the Universal Truth Religion can explain the true nature of all the gods of old-time religions. They are mere portals for many mysterious powers. Our good Earth Goddess can only gradually control such portals, while devilish Greys punch into our atmosphere their hacking N-rays. Our enemies live many lightyears away in space, they are not well informed about what is going on here. Therefore devils can not really handle well such portals. It remains the difficult decision of the Earth Goddess and her allies of the few free planets, what kind of religion wins the upper hand here. For several reasons God had to grant more luck to Britain than to other nations. Therefore in the era of the fight against the French revolution, typically little signs told the believers of different religions that the deities seemed to still be with them. Today the British can well hope that, in an upcoming era of another religious change, God will still grant them some more luck. One may say that it doesn't matter so much who God really is as long as she is helping well.

5.2 The Saint Vincent mystery helped to restore Christian religion after 1815

For anyone who has a sense for religion and supernatural interventions, the question often arises: How do higher powers typically intervene? Who is in the favour of the mysterious higher powers? One country that often profited from the twists of destiny was certainly Britain, while this hadn't done much to earn this support, from the point of view of justice. In pagan times priests and warriors would offer to a multitude of gods to make them grant the luck of war. In Christian times prayers seemed to help, to make the Christian deities and sub-deities help with miracles or the course of destiny. In the long war of Britain, Russia and others against France of that era, all the deciders were nominally Christians, who adhered to the same saints. So how did the saints decide?

Modern history books attribute the great naval victories of that era to admiral Nelson. Well, the first British victory over the Spaniards was won near the Capo São Vicente, at the outer tip of Portugal. In English this name means: Saint Vincent. And, strange but true: The leading admiral of that era, the commander of the fleet in the Mediterranean, bore the same name. So did this saint help the British with their destiny? Certainly in an era of scary atheism in France, many Christians not only in Britain liked to think this. It is one of the miracles that also explains the softness of the Spanish troops in that era.

Surely many Christians of that era will have believed that Saint Vincent secretly helped the British. That is the impression that the identical names helped to raise, but definitely this miracle wasn't very obvious. God seems to have only reluctantly fostered the belief into saints, to not let a false faith get too mighty. God only intended to keep this religion up until the days of the real Saviour. The risk was high that, if the belief in Jesus would fail in Europe too soon, then the Christians would fall for the snares of the hostile aliens.

5.3 The British Fleet seems to have had bad and better ship names

If your history book is good enough, then you will find in it some good explanations for the great victories of Horatio Nelson and the British fleet of the era of the French revolution. The British had the ships with the better short range cannons, for instance. They also often had less cannons than the French or Spanish ships, but they were much better trained and effective. While French seamen needed at least three minutes from one cannon shot to the next, the British sailors could fire every minute! That means that the British ships had just a much superior fire power. It didn't play then such a role that admiral Nelson also preferred very offensive and risky strategies. At the bay of Abukir for instance, Nelson ventured to direct his first ships in between the French ships and the shallow coastal waters. That was not a new strategy, the Russian fleet had already applied this against the Turkish fleet with great success. Luck was too on the side of the British when they gunned down the French fleet, again at Trafalgar. But this all is not explainable alone from the point of view of technology. The British just had the better courage and the discipline to fight and win. It was the spirit of victory that helped the British, while making the darker Frenchmen and the Spaniards get desperate and soft. Eventually this same spirit also helped Napoleon. Only the newly wise historians of the future, who mastered the art of magic, may learn the truth about the complicated manoeuvres of the congeras, who influenced destiny at that particular time. It was the main task of our Earth Goddess to help Ga-Leta from Lar. On this neighbouring planet there is another Deutschland. From there the spirit of anti-clerical revolution had spread to other lands of Atlantis, the continent on Lar that resembles our Europe. The plan that the two goddesses had was to let the revolutions bring up some civilian and societal progress while keeping intact the big churches and denominations. On Lar the main church is Syrian, with a counterfeit saviour called Martin. Here on Earth the Goddess allowed the revolution just as long as it was raging on Lar too. The lesson that the French had to learn is, that their Goddess does not favour a time when the rabble gets bad and militant, and tries to push away the better people from the top positions. With the help of truly nobles the local goddess can better manage and master the hostile pressure.

Do you still fail to believe in magic? Only belief may allow you to realize that true magic is nearly everywhere. Especially in historical key situations magic tends to get stronger but not necessarily better. That happens because in situations of distress, the bored and old evil congeras spend more time and interest, and may push us with enhanced force.

If you have them, look at the maps showing the two great naval battles of Abukir and Trafalgar. What is puzzling here is that on both maps, just one British ship is offside. In the Egyptian battle the Culloden really had sailed too near to the beach and became stranded. At the Portuguese coast then, the British ship called Africa had lost it's line. Aren't just these two names bad luck names? That is one typical occasion that lets us learn how the magic works, that seamen often can better perceive than others. Definitely some names can just have bad magic, leading to a worse destiny. The UTR explains this with the fact that ideas and names are fractally linked to real things in life. It was surely not a coincidence that Nelson's last ship, well named Victory, survived until today.

5.4 The magical Tale of the two Elephant Ships

For the victory over the Spaniards at Cape St. Vincent, admiral St. Vincent received the title earl. In 1801 the same admiral St. Vincent had become the chairman of the British admiralty. Now Britain was suddenly sending an assault fleet into the East Sea! It was Horatio Nelson again who led the ships into a surprising gun attack, against the neutral Danish fleet and the capital of Copenhagen. Since Nelson ventured into the range of the Danish coastal gun batteries, his ships suffered heavy damage. Therefore Nelsons superior admiral had already decided to give up. But with menacing letters of war and bombardment, Nelson managed to make the Danes factually surrender. Seamen are often regarded as superstitious. It must have sounded for many like a true miracle, that Nelson's ship bore the unusual name Elephant. From there, Nelson's messenger had delivered Nelson's letters to the next Danish ship, that bore the same name: Elefanten.

At that time French invasion troops were still fighting in Egypt. Their perspective was to also destabilize the British rule over India. Insurgents like Tippoo Sahib had worried the British authorities in India. But the news about Nelson's victories showed to the world, once again, that the Brits are more in luck. The elephant tale must have made Hindus think that the white British have the blessing of the gods, especially of the elephant god Ganesha. Soon after Nelson's victory against the Danes, a British army managed to vanquish the French troops in Egypt. That hadn't been possible without Indian support.

Surely the Copenhagen agreement would not have happened, if not the Danes had received bad news from Russia just then. Just when the Danes were evaluating how to react to the menacing letters of Nelson, a messenger reported that the Russian czar Paul-1 had been murdered in a palace revolt! At that time the Russians had been the »main enemy« of Britain. That had mainly happened because the same Nelson had thwarted the Russian expansion into the Mediterranean. The Russians had hoped to win the island of Malta from the French to use it as a dominion and a naval base. While a rest of the Maltese order had agreed to that plan the British had not, and Nelson had taken Malta with British troops and Italian allies. Russia then had concluded an »armed neutrality pact« with Denmark, Sweden and Prussia. With the sudden attack against neutral Denmark, Britain had risked to stand alone in Europe, with Napoleonic France as it's next and most scary rival and enemy. But Nelson was in luck again, since the next czar Alexander was willing to make friends with the British again, and that means to give up on plans of a Russian expansion into Central and Western Europe. History experts will immediately think of the year when the death of a czaress had saved the Prussians and their king »Old Fritz« in the last minute. That was one mystery story of history that made the Nazis fight on even while the war was lost, hoping for a miracle.

5.5 Love for a Roman Type of Woman made Nelson reinstate the Pope in Rome

Horatio Nelson was rather too small for his great job. That wight always seemed to look too puny and boyish among grown-ups. When in command of ships he tended to rashly act and bravely attack, even ignoring the orders of his more cautious superior officers. With this behaviour Nelson was extremely lucky, and that made him become a British hero. The common people cheered to him, while the nobles and upper classes treated the upstart with disrespect and envy. The era of the French revolution was a time for heroes from the lower classes. Napoleon Bonaparte's career had been rather similar.

Nelson had come from a family of rather poor priests. At his home there were too many children that the lands couldn't feed well. His mother Catherine had died early, and they were sending out little Horace to plunder bird's nests. At one time his father Edmund, a smallholder, had stated that he failed to imagine how farmers managed to get along with the little lands that they owned, again and again. That situation had made Britain become a nation of pirates and rogues at sea. In the course of constant feuds with Spain and France the British aristocrats, and the upper classes and the well-off, had become extremely rich. Luck had just often been on their side. But with the era of the French revolution the British had to fear these new revolutionary ideas, of liberty and equality. Rebellions had happened, and the authorities had fiercely reacted, putting the rebel leaders to death. In Europe however, within a few years the revolutionary ideas of liberty, equality and solidarity were gaining ground. That was still was made Napoleons armies become unstoppable. While European nations had to agree to accept some puny relatives and favourites of Napoleon as their new monarchs, the British retreated from Napoleonic Europe politically and also culturally. In the year 1800 the situation in Europe had changed suddenly and drastically. Not only the British strongly disagreed with this development, hoping and battling for a restoration of the ancient regimes.

Wasn't it the trend of the era and of all history that the age of feudal aristocrats was doomed? The spirit of aristocracy, verbally: »noble rule«, thence was like chained to the unreal spectre of Jesus. Every European monarch or aristocrat, with the exception of a few Turks, had to regard Jesus as his ghostly, ghastly king of kings. But suppose that Jesus was still alive at the time of the French revolution. With his ultra-radical and communist teachings he would have become the favourite of the extreme left-wingers. Just like Jesus had done in Jerusalem, the French revolutionaries challenged, scorned and attacked the worldly and religious authorities. Within a few years French ruffians managed to conquer Deutschland (Germany), turning churches into horse stables, and selling Christian loot for a few coins. So where was Jesus really, and where was Saint Vincent now to disagree, and protect the Catholic priests and churches with miracles?

Destiny seemed to manoeuvre the British into the way of the expansion of the French revolution. That is why Nelson even fought in Naples for the restoration of the Catholic Church State. French revolutionary troops had driven away the pope and his court; but with the help of British, Austrian, Russian and other aristocrats he came back to power. The leader of the forces of the pope, Cardinal Ruffo, was accused of unfair treatment of prisoners and atrocities. The British were very respected and powerful at that time in Italy. But it was typical not only for Nelson that he didn't respect the Southerners in a similar way. He had led his marine soldiers into battle, and these British, Anglo-Saxons and Normans seemed to be just tougher and fighting better than the French, Spaniards or even the Italians. The King of Naples and Sicily allegedly had the »most beautiful army of Europe«. Italian troops had reconquered Rome in 1798 from the French. But when the French then marched against Naples with a full army, the army of Naples like dissolved without a gunshot. In that era, the British were so much in favour in Italy that Nelson factually could command around the troops, and instead of the king and queen manage military issues. We may say that many Southerners too saw in the Brits some kind of tougher, higher type of race. It was not so difficult then to seriously evaluate the question of race like it has become today, facing the tyranny of the so-called diversity.

5.6 Horatio Nelson's Secret of Success

What was the secret of success of Nelson? Many have pondered over his personality. He was in principle strictly religious. Christian belief would make him more easily take the serious risks of naval battle, trusting in (vain) hopes for another life at another place up in the sky. There always was a strong drive that seemed to drive him into battle. He strictly believed in noble government and authorities, into his country and into it's laws. With much effort he tried to make a career and become well-off if not rich. He had so many poor relatives and also a spend-thrift concubine, Emma Hamilton. On paintings this woman looks like a last descendant of the proud Romans of the Age of Antiquity. In Naples, Nelson fell so hotly in love with her that he then decided to risk his reputation, organizing the resistance against the French troops. Destiny made him get stuck in the arms of this wife of the British ambassador. At the same time he was married, and his fair wife Fanny was good and loved him dearly. So what spell did confuse so much the simple but honest mind of a young admiral? From Egypt, Nelson had brought with him a Negress, and given the slave to Emma as a present. While such servant girls have nothing to say officially, they remain dark nodes in the mental networks that connects all people. Of course while the Negress cared for Nelson, who had already lost an arm and an eye in battle, her typical thinking did not fail to work on him. The erotic magic of Emma too made Nelson turn away from his wife. Without that big love-affair, Nelson would not have cared so much to make the Italians reconquer Italy from the French.

Nelson often was much affected by health troubles. At times he was so much in pains that he could not sleep without taking in opium. The consequence were more troubles and pains. The distress of war, and success, then seemed to work like another drug on him. It was a miracle that the little and severely disabled man was so much respected by his men and in the favour of destiny! First admiral St. Vincent once put it like this: Nelson masters the magical art to implant his enthusiasm into others. Defying his own death he managed to lead the British fleet into victory against the French at Trafalgar.

We may well compare the story of Horatio Nelson to that of Alexander, called the Great. Both were rather little men who were rather invincible in wars. Both also were held up by their strong religious beliefs. Destiny made them immensely popular! But the powers who make such small people become historical idols are not the powers who intend to lead people into the truth. The fame of Horatio Nelson, brother of a priest, helped much to make people trust in God and bow to the Christian churches. At that time God didn't intend to lead the world into the era of true religion. But since God is good and able, the world can expect that the era of true religion will be an era when people of best human quality will step to the front, people who show with their beauty the success of creation.

So what can we say to destiny, simply from the point of view of rational thinking? When it comes to religion, so far most westerners sheepishly adhered to Christianity. But not a few are aware of the serious faults and weaknesses of old-time religions. From the First Book of Moses to the Book of Revelation, the Bible does not teach it's readers how to best master life, but to rather submit to pain and tragedy. For those however who want to succeed in life it better pays to be courageous and adapt to the real rules of destiny.

5.7 Did Saint Helens help to overpower Napoleon Bonaparte?

Due to the badness of Christianity it could suddenly be toppled in an era of revolutions. But that was obviously not to the will of destiny. Just a few years after the revolution, Napoleon was crowned as a Catholic emperor. He had separated before from Josephine, another one of those Negresses in the background. A few years more after the imperial show, the Brits had however deposed the loser and deported him to the faraway island of Saint Helens. And, one Mr. St. Helens had been the British ambassador who helped to forge the vital peace deal of Britain with Russia. This is important from the point of view of the UTR, saying that Helene is one name of the Earth Goddess. We may well assume that other names refer to other destiny-making powers. In that real game of thrones, a disliked decision may lead to the sudden death of a king. But what is right and liked by God? That is a question to foggy powers who are sometimes mistaken for simple ghosts, but who in reality are very sly super-aliens. Just like Nelson was managing the politics of the royals of Naples, secretive powers manage the people and the destiny of this planet.

Sometimes misleading intuition made Napoleon try to conquer Egypt, with a small fleet only, instead of building an armada and battling Britain first. And later again, instead of thoroughly preparing an invasion of the British Islands, his most serious opponent, he marched far away; into Russia on a foreseeable suicide campaign. He seemed to care too little for the fate of his soldiers, seamen and allies. Napoleon had tried very hard to gather an invasion force. But the spell of luck that seemed to guide him through all his life escaped him just then. When he concentrated his invasion armies at the channel coast, Russia and Austria suddenly troubled him with their armies. He could not win in the West; but he was addicted to victories, so he marched into the East. He was a puny Southerner, who was more in need of good intuition. It can't be a coincidence that one century later, Hitler's Nazis repeated Napoleons grave errors. Hitler too tried to invade Egypt without the backing of a fleet, and later he failed in the poorly prepared battle of Britain, so he impatiently attacked Soviet Russia. Who was the power that managed to save Britain from an invasion two times, and that was later restoring the national order of Europe? That's another question only religions can answer. It is a warning when the force of destiny sometimes pushes people to the top who seem to be less than worthy.

5.8 Ancient Greece too had lost and taken up again it's false Religion several times

When it comes to religion, the situation in France after the year 1789, when the revolution started, can be compared with the situation of Greece of the era of Alexander the Macedon. In the times before, the simple believers had believed into a pantheon of many deities. But lately philosophers and free thinkers had started to question the old religions altogether. Then suddenly an unforeseen political reversal had ended the days of old-time belief. In ancient Greece Alexander had declared himself for a living god. The consequence was that a new religious era began, in which heathen religion became unpopular. Suddenly the cults of the classical heathen gods of the Graeco-Roman antiquity were discontinued and replaced by the cults of political rulers and mythical heroes, most notably in western Minor Asia. After 200 B. however the classical heathen religion gradually started again, more than a hundred years after Alexander. But only two centuries later the heathen deities again seemed to just cease to exist. That happened when early Christians brought up their lore that demons would disguise under the likenesses of heathen deities. Soon some renowned heathen priests and wise men had to concede that there was obviously something to it. Suddenly even the main god Zeus seemed to not react when thieves stole from the treasures of his temples. The most liked oracle god Apollon seemed to not speak to his priestesses no longer. Instead the Christian chief saint Maria now seemed to dominate the supernatural sphere. But these saints also developed the same problems that the heathen deities had had. Saints suddenly seemed to cease to be online for their believers. That explains why Martin Luther, still the most influential Christian reformator, could abolish the belief in saints altogether, claiming that they had been the portals of demons, just like the heathen deities. Deities and saints apparently are all just fictional persons. They tend to vanish especially when the time is ready for humankind to learn more and to step up the stairway of mental evolution. The French revolution was such an era, since it also promoted many good new ideas. In the history of old Israel the cult of the tribal god Yahweh had been so unpopular! For several times it had been forgotten and replaced with other cults. But it happened that gods and saints who became unpopular, who indeed disappeared from the mindscape of their believers, some time later became popular again. On one occasion in the mythical past, already the heathen Graeco-Roman deities had altogether been discarded and forgotten. That happened in the era of the big volcano eruption of Thera, that had devastated large parts of Greece. A legend has it that at that time, the giant Typhon had scared away the heathen gods, who had been hiding in Egypt masked as animals. Typhon here symbolizes the sky-high cloud of the volcano eruption.

Britain fails to trust into the EU right now. Can it trust in God? Trust comes up with good destiny and management of this planet. It is rather obvious that well developed and fair people reap more of God's good magic, while odd darklings can't get away from bad old deceptions. The Brexit also means to separate and educate people of these two types.

6. Update of Version 2: The big new Taxation Plans of the little Eurocrats

6.1 The EU has a big problem with development funds fraud by Catholic Mafias

Britain is wary when it comes to the rule of the EU, and due to more than obvious reasons. The tricky rules of the EU are little understood even by the guys who take an interest into politics in general. The constituencies of it's member countries vote for the EU parliament, and often think that this parliament is a fully working democratic body. But in fact the EU commission functions largely by it's own rules. These commissaries form a rather autonomous group of political chiefs, they are much less under control of any parliament that comparable politicians in their countries are. Like all politicians they struggle to win more competences, they want to expand their rule. In the past only national governments, and regional and local authorities could tax their own people. That is what the EU now wants to do now. Puny Eurocrats want more money for their big plans.

The EU has rather few comparably rich people and many rather poor people. More poor countries, like Serbia, want to enter the EU. EU taxes mean that the Eurocrats could tax rich nations in the EU and use the money to pay more debts of bankrupt Greece. That is what the EU already does, but constantly with little success in the countries of Southern Europe. It is typical that the money from regional and structural development funds, that the EU invests mainly in Italy and Spain, leads to not a lot. Especially in Southern Italy the ruins of half-completed buildings and investment projects are typical for run-down regions like Naples. It's even worse further in the South. Much of the money that these strongly Catholic regions receive ends up on bank accounts of some local Mafia. That was the situation in Italy in the leaden years of the rule of the Christian Democrats DC.

While the EU is altogether much in debts and factually bankrupt too, recently the French liberal president Macron came up with big EU development plans, demanding »fresh money«. New EU taxes could bring in that money. But the problem is that traditionally, all member countries must unanimously agree to such a legislation. If only one nation vetoes, then that was it for this project. Now Eurocrats want to abolish this rule. J.C. Juncker proposes to introduce a new regulation, that would allow it to a majority of countries to introduce tax laws, that bind all the member countries.

Right now, some member countries are blocking important plans of the Eurocrats, like the plan to introduce EU taxes on financial transactions. The EU is dominated by Catholics and leftists, who also plan to level out the minimum wages in all the EU countries, and to introduce unemployment benefits for all. Such plans are brought up rather in a hurry, secretly and without much discussion. The consequence is that EU citizens hardly notice that they are getting a new super-government. Tyrannical leftists have a tendency to flock in the body of the EU, they are hardly true democrats.

Majority votes count when it comes to the key questions of refugees and climate policy. That means that a majority of heads of state can decide to allow to let enter masses of (often false) refugees into the EU. But just that rule didn't function, it was a main reason for the Brexit. The EU has too many leftists who abuse refugees as a political weapon. They often tell you flimflam when it comes to the quality of races and their misbehaviour.

Leftists in politics and the media now blame populists, when they fail with their plans of a mighty European EU government. They could as well blame the common EU citizens. Due to the social media it has become easier for the common people to organize and discuss freely. Especially the AfD, ostracised by the cronies of the official media, became big with the help of the internet. It is a party of professors and dissidents too, who are wont to demand academic freedom and dare to openly discuss taboo topics. One big taboo topic was always the separation of the EU into camps.

Internally the EU is divided into countries of the North and the South, who can't agree over many basic questions. While the people of the North are predominantly Germanic, fair haired and Protestant; those of the South are predominantly Roman-Catholic and darker. This is a racial division after all. Due to the Brexit, new majority vote rules would have the consequence that the North would massively lose it's standing within the EU. So isn't it strange that Mr Juncker introduced this plan in the hour of his leave? It*s as if this clever political crony only now came out with his true plans how to win more power. It's a bad omen for a union that didn't really work politically, since the Roman-Catholics always took it for a renewed Roman Empire. Destiny lately doesn't support their plans.

6.2 This is good Evidence that the British are well advised to not trust much the EU

So the Eurocrats have in mind to further develop the EU into a, mainly French, European nation. That reminds of the ill era when Napoleon turned all Europe into a French state.

Reporter Ms. Dorothea Siems from the Deutsche Welt kompakt newspaper wrote (4/29 19 p. 15):

»It is obvious why France emphatically supports this initiative... And when the national sovereignty in questions of taxes has been given up, the way is drawn before us for a redistribution of income. But not only in France and in the countries of the Mediterra-nean the [EU] commission reaps applause. There are also in Deutschland some who favour the abolition of the principle of unanimity. It is known that nearly everything is okay for the Greens that may lead to higher transfers from the North to the South. Also the [social democrat party] SPD explicitly speaks up, in the European campaign, for to decide over the tax politics by way of majority votes. And with Wolfgang Schäuble, the president of the Bundestag [lower house] there also is a prominent supporter of this plan of Juncker in the Union [of Christian Democrats].«

So who can explain this? Regarding those political groups, we find that the Greens are, strangely, a European movement that is big in Celtic South-West Deutschland, Austria and Ireland. There many people are still strongly Catholic. Also Wolfgang Schäuble comes from the most Celtic and strongly Catholic part of Deutschland. He is a wheelchaired oldster with a boozer's nose problem.

Dorothea Siems can't stop wondering about this plan. Is this the last spell of a wrathful wizard?

»The EU is right now not in a good state. The Brexit is a menetekel [a mysterious bad omen]. Populists and nationalists in many member countries rally against Brussels. This is made worse by a slump in the economy, making likely new distribution conflicts. There hardly could have been a worse time for the attack of the Juncker commission on the principle of unanimity, the last bastion against the Transfer-Union [the EU as a mere tool of the transfer of means, from the North to the often sorry Catholic regions].«

As we look for it, there is much evidence that the British were well guided to rather not trust into the EU. There are bonds that bind groups of EU cronies, and those bonds are deeply rooted not only in Celtic-Romanic culture and their Catholic regions, but also in the darker genes. It is a racial question and a question of development. While things are fairly well in the countries of the North, those Southerners typically have more and worse problems. They tend to want more money, to not use it well. They want to be in the boat with the more Nordic, Germanic and Western Celtic nations; and don't have their good genes. They want to use the EU for the transfer not only of money from the North to the South, but they also want a bigger share of the luck of the better Germanic peoples. The problem is not one of Southern Europe only, but it is a tendency typical for all the world. Especially in the UN people dream the same dream, of a transfer union with the better countries of the West. Third world people want to be as lucky and rich and fair haired as the people in Northern Europe and in Anglo-American countries are. Nearly all people of the world would want to benefit more from the luck that most white Germanic people do generally have. But God can't approve! There is only a thin well of luck in the mythical Garden of Eden. For to use this well well, God needs to keep the dark masses off limits.

The ways of God are mysterious and strange. Our luck is linked with the luck of neighbouring planet Lar. The people there are descendants of Gibbons, whose leading culture resembles our Anglo-Welsh culture. That means that Celts who give us a hard time are an indicator that we should better develop more slowly.

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