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Arminius Marke
A Goddess is introduced Revealing the one and only Earth Goddess.
The Nordic Hailsway A short Nordic Introduction into God's Universal Truth Religion
The Three Light Gods of the Germanic and Celts were all that the Bright Nordic needed
Title: The Nordic God

The Religion UTR is God's own religion. It is rather a science though. God may well be regarded as three persons: The Goddess of the Earth, God the Father, and the Worldly Spirit. But we may never forget to separate from God devilish monsters. Only those can do this who manage to understand the spooky phenomena accompanying gods and ghosts. This text explains the basics, with a view into the Nordic Edda. It is mainly meant for the young Nordic people, those who are well developed and brave enough for some kind of all-new thinking.

1. God becomes a Human

The Great Worm by Ricketts Good day, good humans! Verily, God wishes that good people may have good days. God, that means the mysterious group of persons who created Earth as a living planet. Many local myths report of this. The widespread Bible has a story of creation based on the ideas and revelations of several poorly informed prophets and priests, who often bore the name of Moses. That material is comparable to a tale for kids, it is spoiled and hardly usable. The Nordic Edda too reports of the creation, but only in unclear verses and sagas, who came from Gangleri, Gylfi, Gefjon, Snorri and other Nordic nobles, priests, rogues, skalds (bards, poets) and female seers. Just like this the material was created that the Universal Truth Religion now presents to the world. That means that I see visions in my mind, or some inner voice reveals otherworldly messages to me. I am no typical seer or sectarian though, since I receive in principle correct tidings. That means that destiny tells me the truth, and nobody else but me. Some Moses would hear much nonsense from Ga-Musa. Ewa but told me the full truth. This is the Goddess who created Earth and who constantly protects it with courage before dangers. That person started talking into my mind in February 1993. The evil Grey Ga-Musa was first to address me. But good Ga-Ewa saved me from those Greys. She chose me to be a part of her own person. Her primary contact node was moved by destiny into my direction, also due to my brow. Since then I, Bertram Eljon Holubek, have become the God of Light and the Savior of a World, of this unusual crisis planet. At my side the Goddess of the Deep plans to appear in a human body too. As a wonderfully beautiful, nearly eternal goddess, Sofia Ewa made up her mind to join her creatures and spend happy days with them. Gladly she poses as a mermaid. But more correct is the picture that the British artist Charles Ricketts once painted of her, that of a worm (congera) and a woman at the same time.

The wisest Dwarf of all Time

Many Christians reject the female element as lowly, worldly and impure. That theology originates from the Anatolian Paulus (formerly: Apollos). Paulus had been banned by the Herodian Saulus as a Jewish heretic. Subsequently that ugly dwarf brought up his very own religion. He had to learn that women often rejected his lore. The only woman who followed him was sick Thecla, who suffered from the plague. Women made Paulus reject women, the same happened after him to the rogue Mohammed from Mecca. Nevertheless the spiritual power of women is helpful even among the dark people. Some proof for this is that the reverence of the Mother of God made Christianity win. Some pious Muslims used to revere female saints in a similar way.
In the Edda we encounter the dwarf Allwis (Knows-it-all). He knows an answer to anything. His river of speech is unstoppable. He can't even listen, at once he interrupts and starts to flood. Into a hall Allwis entered to acquire some bride. He has things to offer, he became rich with mineral resources. But it is a tradition that God must give the blessing to a marriage. Allwis talks all night long, but a spiritual consent cannot be reached. Then the morning comes. Now Allwis becomes strangely tired, he is like banned! Allwis may possess a lot of worldly knowledge, but he knows much too little of God, miracles and... of the women!

Wisdom makes good people get bright

Stupid people like to keep to what Semitic books proscribe to them, even stupid stuff is welcome. If you study the religions of the dark people you may become darker from that stuff. Many bad dark people become bald-headed, crook-nosed or low-brow. God's own religion UTR only addresses the brighter better people, who want to win God's wisdom from the sources of their own culture, like the Edda. Wisdom enters their world as a heavy burden, only the better young people are able to master it. Those who are not ready to suffer psycho-real disturbances, to turn towards nature, and to lead a cool and honest life should not read on now.

A Verse by the Savior Widar for his Mermaid

Mysterious mermaid what is your concern? –
I slog and must suffer and hardly they see me. –
That may not endure, no one shall deny you! –
I like my life then since you are my love-one!

2. Odin, First of the Humans

Odin rides on Sleipnir Odin, who was God the Father in the old North, was know to ride his wondrous horse. On a pictorial stone that horse Sleipnir was shown with eight legs, the god is tiny in comparison. Secretly that carrier animal symbolizes the White Goddess of Earth. Those eight legs may be interpreted in a way that two horses are shown here who run side by side. The second pale horse symbolizes Ga-Leta, the Goddess of planet Lar. Not without reason we often read the question in the Edda: How are things at the Elves? Faithful Nordic heathens once believed that gods like Odin were really powerful. But in truth God the Father wins power mainly due to the pale Mother of God, who is mentally tightly connected to him. The same may happen to a priestess! The seeress Weleda of the Batavians (a former Flemish-Dutch tribe) won some spiritual and political power unique in history. It was due to the fact that her name was similar to that of Ga-Leta. That case shows the strong role that women were having in the Germanic society and spiritual world. That power could only manifest because many women held on to the Goddess. Only with the influence of Christianity, the Goddess was quasi degraded, to become the horse of the God. Wrong was the idea too that Wotan or Tyr were that God the Father. Wrongly Wotan was called Odin then, while Tyr similarly was called Din. As the First among the humans (Slavic-Nordic: Odin) it is I who steps in front of the chosen people of the Deutsche (Germans), and also of the community of nations of this world. Due to my promotion I have become the mythical father of humankind, who is mentioned in the Edda and other traditions as the Highness (Har, Indian-Aryan: Hari = Vishnu). Right now I am just a Son of Man, I was not before I was born. But since by and by vast divine powers come to me, including the power to be the master of the destiny of planet Earth, the consequence is that I exert some influence on the past. I appear as a deity to people long gone, or I seem to be their genius, their better mental part and inner guide. That means that I guide the righteous on their due ways, and the bad guys too. Any human only lives once, and in the past he wasn't easily motivated to resist to evil, to the force that tyrannizes us with lies and suffering from the sky downwards. Only now the Goddess can dare to reveal to some humans the truth that is hard to accept. Counterfeit saviors were all that Ga-Ewa could present to the world before my time. And the future only will tell whether her true savior will be so much better.

With Anglo-Saxons and Goths versus the Snares of Ga-Sama

Artwork of the old North was partly of fine quality, regarding for instance woven patterns, wood carvings or wrought-iron works. But while we only find primitive idols of the divinities, raw lumps of woodwork, that tells us a message too. Heathens of the old time didn't know their divinities well. Some Nordic secretly thought of themselves as deities. From the Anglo-Saxons for instance our word 'angels' is derived. And not by chance the Goths bear a name who sounds much like: the Gods. The picture to the left comes from a pictorial stone from the island of Gotland (Tjængvide) from the time of around 800 a. Odin rides into his hall Valhalla, riding down a hostile worm. In front of Odin stands Freya, his wishful maid, presenting the Brisinggamen, her precious jewelry. Then we see the cat of Freya and the dog of Odin. Then there is the hall called Valhall, who surprisingly reminds us of a speed gauge or a circular piano. Such instruments already existed in those days, but at these faraway worlds of the Humanoids, like Vidblainn or Andlang, only very vaguely mentioned in those Nordic tales. The scene with the Moon in the upper right corner is hardly to see on that smashed stone, they said that it showed a human sacrifice. When the true Deity abolished the cult of Wodan and other false deities, many old offering rites came to an end including human sacrifices. The tradition to offer humans was, in ancient Germania, especially important for the Semnones, living in the region of today's Berlin. Their deity may be identified as the Celtic god of the dead called Samhuin, who by the name accords to the Roman saint Simon. Tacitus once wrote like this:

The widely spread and rich Semnones think of themselves as the ancient main tribe of the Suebes [a mighty confederation of mainly South German tribes who allegedly firstly worked iron]. With public human sacrifice the Semnones introduce the abominable celebration of their raw cult. That cult is dedicated, according to their faith, to a deity that is in charge of and who subdues everything.

From the point of view of the UTR this shows the power that Ga-Sama had thence, one undead Grey (gray worm) of the enemy star Sirius. The saint Simon Petrus too allegedly showed the same horrible tendency towards martyrdom. But with the religion of Wodan, who spread from Saxony, at least God abolished the worse religion of the old Swabians. That was due to the warriors of Odin, those especially wild and feared Harrians, featured too in the Germania of Tacitus. Possibly the god of the Semnones was also identified with Odin some time later.
In Gaul, Italy and also elsewhere there once existed one special tribe with a Sem-name. In Gaul those were the Senones, in Italy the Samnites. In Morocco that role came to the Berber tribe called Massamuti (Masmúda). Another Sam-Name should also warn before the Berber Melsemutus (Ibn Tumart), one false Mahdi (Messiah). This one looked a little more Nordic than the Moors, but he was not wiser. Never the less God used this Berber to do away with some Moors, the Almoravids. To push back Ga-Sama often the Earth Goddess made the Nordic migrate southwards. Often God separated the northern part of one country from the rest, nationally and culturally. That was meant to allow God better to develop that land and the rest of the world, from there. Often this happened by way of the migration of Nordic humans. Scandinavia and Deutschland (Germany) therefore were called a cradle of peoples. Migrants with Nordic genes can be especially useful for God. That is the reason why once the Goths were called a people of gods. Even in the Bible we find traces of the idea that the Nordic, who at several times pushed into the Orient, were truly angels. In the story of Lot, the Jewish pimp-priest of Sodom, three angels appear who save Lot from the wrath of the citizens. But the Bible reveals too that these angels had in fact been Danites, European migrants and mercenaries in the Syrian army of Hammurabi (Amraphel). Often there was no big difference between European and local Hebrew nomads. Lot revered within his temple some deity called Ephod, that reminds of Ga-Ewa.
Religiously useful is also what the Gutasaga tells us of Huitastierna, the mythical first Goth woman. The 'Grove-Star', Þielvars wife, dreamed that three snakes were within her, who gave her three sons. UTR has it that among the congeras of our sector there exist exacty three good white Whaits. Those participate with the creation of good kids, but that must not mean that the Goths, who still today live in Poland or the Ukraine, are truly angels.

3. To Each One's Own!

Nordic Singer Suum cuique – To each his own. That motto of the ancient Romans was devised by the strict Cato the Elder, at a time when those many too many Hannibalites from Northern Africa were showing their ugly faces in Europe too, faces who are so unlike to God's face (so the khalif ar-Radi). Right now such North Africans (Maghrib people, Beurs) are in France and Deutschland the worst-of intensive criminals. Never the less Christians call up for tolerance! Anti-German biased political rogues even forged the crime statistics!! Deutschland can't be called a democracy with obstruction as massive as this. Christians and leftists fooled the people and stole their votes. Muslims hope to push away Europeans with more and more Muslims, while tyrants and cronies think that this might help them politically. Lies, bullying and the rule of villains are not only the fruits of socialism. Europe came down with Roman religion. Circles of left-winged rogues try today to provoke an uprising of European right-wingers. That would give the press the blond beasts the world loves to hate. Some claim that Europeans are as greedy as the Nazis were once. They ignore that still today, the totally broke west is this planet's most effective aid donor. The heathen Nordic of the age of antiquity were not very fond of greed. Well reputed were those who gave, who had a feeling of honor, and who possessed the glamour of beauty. Only with the morbid Christianity the greed for gold came up. That is the topic of the tale of Gullweig, a woman from the South, who was the first to raise the greed for gold among the Nordic. Surely that name refers to a migrant moor or halfbreed who half-jokingly might have been called Golliwog (Deutsch: Gulliweg, Intothebog). Only now those Nordic pushed in crowds into other people's countries, to vandalize and to viking. That spirit of robbery was still strong inside of those armies of Napoleon-1, converted back to the Roman faith. And Adolf Hitler too became the booty of such ancient Roman greed, instead of letting each people and each person have his belongings. Left-winged Stalinists too were allies of Hitler in those days, and Christians used the Nazis to topple the democracies. The big question, then and now, was that of religion! So can it be that the gods too grant to each one's own? Jesus had said no to this. Therefore until today not only monks believe that property is in theory sinful. But communists too are prone to this lore, often because of secret religious fear, despite of the fact that Karl Marx was teaching too that each should have his own. Well in search of a supreme authority, one that rightfully should answer this question, many always were looking towards the Orient. The Jews however, who were apparently pushed by destiny into the role of the first of all peoples, the Jews had to fail under this burden. While many Israelis worked well for their land, some Jews with roguish minds made shameless greed internationally become oh so popular. Now many miserables must suffer terribly, since other oligarchs too do like the Jews show them, and brutally exploit the poor and poor countries. Humankind always longed to have more liberties and hoped for a more righteous people of God. With the coming of the savior the Earth Goddess has become stronger and wiser. The world needs to accept this. Therefore the good motto, that each shall have one's own, must also and firstly be applied to God.

4. Humankind as a Deity

The world-snake Joermungand and Yggdrasil the wonder tree There is a divinity! This modern piece of artwork shows the snake of the world as it surrounds the tree of life called Yggdrasil. This piece looks a little somber, but there is good spirituality in it. That mood is typical for artists, since these often get nearer to God due to their inspiration. The myth of the tree of the world is not a childhood tale. But this is how the true snake of the world senses the humans! Ewa perceives us all as little lights at the other end of some kind of energy bundle. We notice something of this as we see blue 'divine sparks' appear, who often signify a strong activity of those diverse Otherworldly. The Edda knows the Snake of the World mainly as a whale-fish in the ocean. But many traces still show that Teutonic and Germanic originally revered that deity as one that is present in nature and inside of the Earth. Some used to call her Eorþa, the Mother of Earth; that name turned into Edda. At my side she is active, Ga-Jewa, my beloved non-human wife, the only divinity of Earth. And she dwells deeply! In many tales she is mentioned, often as a mermaid, a goddess, a white snake or the worm of lent (Deutsch: Lindwurm). But she is also the somber goddess of the dead in the nine circles of the underworld. In the Prose-Edda she is called Even-Highness (Jafnhar). In this pagan book of tales from Old Iceland the author Snorri describes the highnesses Har and Jafnhar as two of the three real deities. Together with the third one called Triti (Aryan-Indian: Thrætona, Trita) they form a trinity. These three are the ones who really appear to the mind of the seer and poet. They teach him about the fantasy gods, who surely were deformed occasionally by the Christian Snorri and others. Triti, the third real deity, symbolizes indeed the community of all humans with their divine aspect. This is but too the divinity that occasionally appears as the dragon slayer and as the destructing deity. In Hinduism this is Shiva, interpreted by UTR as the consumer spirit of humans united. God depends spiritually on the community of humans, but this is not easily lifted upon a common level of spirituality. There are very wise philosophers and devilish evil Muslim terrorists among us, and they all shape this third god, called the Holy Spirit by the Christians. Christians and Jews mingle this spirit with the spirits of demons, but the consequence is a false mixture. Christians believe that their god is identical with the spirit of dead Jesus, who becomes bread and wine and enters into their bodies, as they feast. That primitive thinking is that of cannibals. It is the consequence of the fact that, 2000 years ago, Jesus didn't know much and died fast. Where the Bible babbles stupid stuff, and where the Koran must remain silent, there the UTR puts not only a lore on the table that sounds correct, but also presents a lot of facts who can support it. But it is wrong now to conclude that the religion of the Bible and the Koran is only yesterday's bad religion from now on. That sly confusion of the truth shall still confuse human minds. With the help of bad religions on one hand bad humans and subhumans must be driven away from God into the rough. On the other hand, Greys try to use Semitic religions for their purposes. Heaven wants to use the religions of the children of darkness, the bad seed of the Bible, to create a bad third god, the bad spirit of a humankind turned bad. This one is supposed to push away the two good gods of Earth from power, to instead allege to the anti-god Surt, the black devil of arson. For Christians and Muslims and in the Edda as well, it is written that the world will inescapably go up in flames in the end. We God but believe that Christians and Muslims are all wrong with these their perspectives for the future, that their power and the power of the Greys in the background is mainly based on raising false fears. For us this is a risky strategy of God, with the intention to control the Greys, and to let only people learn God's true wisdom who have good development perspectives.

5. Shall Thor become the Fisher King?

The Edda repeatedly tells of the gray giants, who dwell at the edge of the world or further outside of the orb of earth, that is surrounded by the Snake of Earth. One fairy tale has it that once the Ås Thor was angling that snake. That happened while he was visiting the giant Hymir, on a boat trip with him, rowing out far. Maybe this way Thor wanted to become the king of the fishers. He was known to be the fiercest and strongest of the Aesir. Thor had caught this snake. But Thor then failed to master that giant-size beast. He was like stymied when he realized that this snake was blowing out venom! Now Hymir, clutched by fear, cut through the fishing line. Thor then started to rave with wrath, beating Hymir out of his boat. They say that in the time of the end, Thor shall slay the Snake of Midgard with his hammer. But the good Earth Goddess just disliked such a wild guy. A mortal virgin too lets not every man angle her!

That tale also tells us of the suffering that may come to people as they realize that this Snake of the Deep connects to them. Fits of wrath, voices, pains, anxieties and stress are common, nasty miracles happen as the Greys attack now with unprecedented force. Some attribute all this to the beast down below, but in fact Ewa tries her best to help now! If people cannot arrive at a stable situation she may pretend she's gone.

The question arises what plans Thor had had with that gigantic sea snake, a creature he couldn't eat. The Ås (a divine superhuman) was always in search of something. For instance the saga of Thrym has it that Thor once searched in vain for his hammer, the symbol of his strength. Allegedly the giant Thrym had hidden the hammer Mjøllnir deep down in the ground. That deep was but the secret realm of Hel, goddess of the dead. Of her, in the old north, they feared that she would allow the dead to rise again. But in the somber realm of Hel bitter misery is in command. Of this too the old sagas report. Her powers are limited. In the saga of Hymir we read that originally Thor was searching there a kettle for to brew. Behind this there is a very old saga from ancient Europe. Some heroes and half-gods went out to search for a kettle that seemed to promise a lot. That kettle was supposed to contain the mead of the skalds (bards). One who would drink that honey-wine allegedly would become a poet, and lucid verses would enter into his mind. Often some bank-sitting folks surely hoped that they would be better able to forge verses in a state of intoxication. But while we find many mentally poor verses in Nordic sagas – for instance the news that all cooks (seethe-workers) are the descendants of a guy called Swarthøfdi (Blackheady) – we must conclude that the art of poetry has it's shortcomings. The idea that mysterious giants like Hymir provide people with verses and ideas of poetry, this idea leads to the fact that behind some giants of the sagas we rather encounter the congeras, that means gigantic worms, who are often gruesome. Behind the fairy-tale figure of Hymir (aka Ymir, Gymir) there truly sticks the mother-goddess Anna of the planet Mirá, and this one died a long time ago. Behind many other names, like Thor, Tyr, Thurses oder Thrym (giants) we find perennial efforts of the near evil Grey Ga-Dora, to find a man with a name matching her own, and to turn this guy into the arch-enemy of the Snake of the Earth. This one would become the Surt then, the destroyer of Earth.

6. Good Snake, bad Leftist

Sigyn with the Snake by Howard David Johnson, Detail According to the Nordic Edda, many wolves, monsters and giants who appear in the sagas are by their nature hostile and bad. But only by way of the traitor Loki they win their power. In the fantasy world of the Edda, Loki is the tricky leftist, who but gets mean and meaner due to his discomfort and bad moods. He challenges all the good Aesir and plots with enemy giants, he gayly helps to give birth to evil. But is Loki really the arch-evil-wight? Wrong, says the UTR. He just fails to realize that cosmic monsters like steer him, who play his stupid goodfellahs, while they are more sly than he likes to notice. Also the Elves (Alben) are concerned when the Home of the Giants raves, since the time of the end of two living planets has come. Those Greys are often bored, and they like to play with doomed planets. The Edda has it that only the Envy-Dragon in the deep will survive doomsday. The UTR teaches that this dragon or the Snake of the World are identical with the goddess Hel. Of her it is written that she lives in a hall where poison is dripping down. That's correct, it is much better than the fairy tale stuff of the Bible. We would have to expect that during a time of catastrophes Hel would be struck by the «wrath of the giants». That denotes cosmic N-rays who despoil her senses, then to the point where she is losing control. Even those fantasies about Hel, who surely show the influence of Christianity, brought her much distress. It plays a role that cosmic snakes again and again attack humans and put the blame on their own goddess. Ewa must even protect red rogues like Loki, and left-winged frizzy heads and deluded Muslims, before devils. We may learn this from this wonderful pretty scene, of a painting of the master Howard David Johnson. Here Sigyn is shown as she is protecting her husband Loki, who became evil, before a snake. That snake does not mean the Earth Goddess, who is white. In truth there are snakes who spew poison, in the deep of the Earth's mantle where the Goddess of Earth lives. But those snakes are really refrigeration cables and supply hoses, and not snakes used to torture rogue spirits in the underworld.
Those who take the time to look at the entire above masterpiece of Howard David Johnson (it's in the internet) will see that Loki, that naked child of darkness, is in a really bad situation. Well now, it is true that bad things may happen to rogues according to the will of God. Sometimes it is only by this way possible to protect our world from evil. The Greys often fool targeted people by telling them that they can make them big on bad ways. As they lose powers now Greys clutch at anyone within reach.

7. Good Grail, Evil Grail

Walkuere mit Gral, Amulett In poems and operas the grail (and his maiden) always remain all mysterious. UTR can do now what poets could not: correctly interpret many myths who were raising fears. The good myth of the Fisher King is really behind the story how Thor was fishing the Snake of Midgard. That myth is a part of the story of the Holy Grail. Often that story was not well understood. Then it remained mysterious why then the king of the grail, that is me the savior, also was called the Fisher King. The tale but means that only to this monarch, who remains in hiding, the mysterious mermaid will get near and search his trust. He is then the roi mehaigné who must suffer, to regulate down fertility on a planet where the population cyphers are all out of control. Indeed the Earth is overpopulated by an estimated margin of 99.7 percent! Our Goddess Ewa is really some kind of ancient fish of the phylum of the lampretes. She lives in some kind of shell. This shell too is meant with the Holy Grail. That was what the Deutsche poet Wolfram von Eschenbach half-way realized, when he fantasized that the real grail is so heavy that the entire humankind would be unable to lift it. He was one of her friends, but many Nordic mistook her for a foe. She once was no friend of the bad-mooded gode (priest) Skirnir. Much less had she been a friend of the fanatical fisher Simon-1 called Petrus. Petrus means stone, and Ga-Sama too lives within such a grail-stone. In Finnish myths the Sämpo turns up, a grail with a Sam-name. Simon-3, the Petrus of Rome, at his time only received false honors, of having been the first pope, due to his name. Simon sounds like Sem. The name of Sem the first Semite was liked by the Grey Ga-Sama. Ga-Sama may be identified as the evil angel Samael, often confused with the Earth Goddess. The first bishop of Rome seems to have carried the name Linus. That is a reference to evil Cräybs in space. But in those days the Earth Goddess often raised the fog of confusion, to mislead those countless cosmic enemies. Those study the thoughts of humans. If they read then that inside of planet Earth some Sama seems to dwell, that makes them believe that they have the false planet before them. Many confusing myths of the Earth reflect the truth that evil monsters live up there in space who assault us with N-rays. Even if these cosmic undead super-zombies (Greys) would be able to transfer humans, living or dead, to their rotten and frozen-over planets, they would only make a hell hot for them. But also gray worms only live once, and Ga-Sama's life is nearly gone. It is part of our historical responsibilities to terminate the life of many such half-destroyed she-devils. Some will be glad when their suffering ends.

8. Savior, Comforter, Antichrist?

Bertram Eljon Holubek 2015 Koeln Christians regard God as some kind of father, who became a human with Jesus. Similar was what Saxons once believed of the priest and singer Wotan. They thought this one was the Odin. Hindus call this Father God Vishnu, the Keeper. They deem that this god did often incarnate (took a body), as some holy animal or as the princes Krishna and Rama. Only as the Khalkin (the White) that God shall fully become a human. Buddhists think of Maitreya and other mythical figures as saviors of the future. In the same way Jews always believed into a future good savior. Even the Muslims know such a savior deity, the Mahdi. In the Edda he appears as Hermod (aka Modi). Ancient oriental tales of Mot the god of the dead are behind this (in ancient Egypt: Maat, the goddess of order). Maði is the name of this god in Iceland. This sounds like Muse or Moses, and UTR has it that this again refers to the evil Grey Ga-Musa. The law-abiding god of the dead will never break the law of death, but those mean Greys sometimes don't give the dead eternal peace, waking them up in an inappropritate situation, like in a coffin. Even Christians believe in a savior of the time of the end, but in a mean one. People who were influenced by Christianity often expect that the Antichrist, a dark figure from the Bible, would become a clever rogue, who would meet his end soon, just like Jesus had. Jesus himself hardly believed into a future savior, since he was of the general opinion that the world would go under any next day. That was the belief too of the bad child molester Mohammed from Mecca and Medina. When Jesus didn't want to talk big he called the savior: Son of Man. There are messianic teachings of Jesus in the gospel according to some John (it seems they were later rewritten). Herein Jesus calls the savior of the Bible: the comforter. The name comforter only hints that the savior might succeed with what nobody else before managed to: to bring the sake to the world. Roman Christians but say that this comforter only had been some ghost. Allegedly this ghost entered into Simon-1 Petrus at Pentecost after the death of Jesus. Catholes believe that this one, or another Simon, is now the god of weather and the guardian of the skies. Deutsche protestants once discarded this erroneous lore! Too much Petrus reminded of the Heimdall, the alleged guardsman at the rainbow bridge. Darn, the erroneous lore was overcome a long time ago that the sky is only a bowl of glass, surrounded by a cloudy kingdom of god. But the lore is correct that out there in space are forces and violences who influence us. The formerly mightiest one of these Greys had been Ga-Sama of Sirius. Ga-Sama is still regarded today as the leader of the Greys of the local group. That was the reason why, in the year 664 a., the British petty king Oswy converted to Roman Christendom. Missionaries had scared him with the fantasy that Simon Petrus, who was regarded as the master of heaven's gate, otherwise would not let him enter the welkin. We may better understand this when we realize that the successors of Cadwallader were still much under the influence of Celtic pagan religion. This religion knew Samhuin (Simon) as god of the dead. Christians still believe today that this spirit entered into Simon-1 Petrus already 50 days after the death of Jesus, making him so wise that he was able to speak in alien languages he didn't really know. The UTR however knows the rite of Pentecost as the date when the drones are driven out on Berk-planets. And just this is what happened at Pentecost in the year 44 a. with Simon-1 and Judas Thaddeus, the brother of Jesus. Those radical beggars received not wisdom and magical powers from that spirit. 4.000 were directed to the banks of the river Jordan, to wait there. To cover up this event, the Acts of the Apostles were forged a lot, it's hard to deny this. It is correct when the text (4:13) calls those original Christians «illiterates and idiots» (homines sine litteris et idiotae). The spirit made those pride-crazy simpletons believe that a heavenly Jordan would transport them up into the sky. When this didn't happen, many beggars became robbers. The Romans persecuted and massacred them (Jos. JA 20:5.1). God exerts a certain sway over those N-rays of the half-crazed Greys, who often are not well informed about what is going on here. The real comforter, as a spirit too, that's me, Bertram Eljon. I received the vocation to support the spirit of the Earth Goddess. She can be understood as the Hindu creator deity Brahma, the best deity that the Earth knows.

9. Red is a Dragon Color

Joermungand as red snake with ring Some Nordic women and men may search the magical dragon power, of a creature that may for instance protect them before brazen dark people, and that also helps them to counter with the right inspiration leftist idiotic challenges. Red is also the color of conflict, and the red circle too is a part of the token ring of the good Earth Goddess (She would have preferred the color green though). Often the genuine red heads are those who take care in the North that the dark and bad people don't become too numerous and too widespread. That is some unpleasant but necessary job. Dark people often experience poverty and bad luck. But they are to blame for this too, since they reproduce so terribly and are socially rather incompetent. Christians claim that all illegals who intrude into the North were refugees. The truth is that many are rogues, just like many Christians are, who strive to replace good laws with tyranny. Some can be hard to themselves, at least at first. Where the Nordic stand together, more or less free, fair and social; there the dark people snatch and amass, trick and work hard, until they gained too much of an alien power. They make competition unfair and turn a life of labor into a small war. With crowds of miserables and with slave labor and with resource cartels they dominate the world markets. A few oligarchs become super-rich. But not a few healthy and honest people are turned into loafers. These may live from social benefits while being unwilling to let themselves be exploited, under conditions who damage the health and leave the worker little or no rights. But, life without work spoils the character. That is not only a concern of the Nordic, but the more for those many unwelcome dark people, who get spoiled by bad religion. These are conquered fast by the bad spirit. That spirit renders them lazy and come-down, and drives them into adverse behavior. In the onset many are peaceful, but in case they get many enough, they start bloody feuds for no good reason. Sociology and criminology can well describe this, but red and left-winged politicians ignore and deny and put all the blame on a few right-winged rogues. New right-winged parties ask now: How can we get rid of those many darklings? That is only possible with a religion that is truly wise and scientifically correct. Slowly the theology of UTR becomes the core of new political rationality. But in practical politics right-winged populists are right now often just not wise enough.

Red is the Color of Justice

The color red has something sane. Sometimes good left-wingers show the most courage when in society things are unjust and not okay. Right now many bosses demand more for the winners, and that means for themselves. But it is very important that the Deutsche and Nordic thrive, since these are the ancestors of future Titans, the ground-stones we build our future upon. On one hand we need justice, with the other hand we promote human evolution. With a titanic species of super-humans our planet will have a great future. We will be eligible then to join the Humanoid Earths Alliance of Ursa Maior. On their planets there are real angels, some of them have special features like wings. But they are all gentle giants. It is unthinkable that supreme chairwoman Ga-Mera, a white congera with a second titanic humanoid body, would tell lies or talk trash or tyrannize, let people suffer or steal public property. Not a few of those angels are red headed, and red here may mean the traditional color of 'to each his own' instead of 'the winner takes all' or 'to each the same'.

10. The North belongs to the Nordic!

Tempel von Uppsala Zeichnung Detail

The circle of the world is inhabited by the human folks, and it is parted by ocean bays. With this simple statement starts the Nordic Book of Kings called Heimskringla (Old Norse: Home-Orb). The author Snorri Sturluson had been a medieval Christian. He surely believed that the Earth was a round disk. To many people of today it is still rather unknown that all firm land once formed a round disk, that by and by expanded and broke apart. The former edge of the original continent Pangaia today forms the Pacific Ring of Fire. That is also the model of the world that the Nordic Edda has. Jesus however once fantasized before court that he would possess a cloud-kingdom in heaven. Christians hope for a life after death up there, and they often ignore this world as bad and lost. That is, sadly, behind many cases of misconduct of western managers. The Nordic human may appear to be cold, but he always had more respect for his home-world. His original home was the North of Europe. The deities had separated other parts of the world by way of seas or mountains. And yes, it is definitely true that the good Earth Goddess created deserts and mountains, like the Sahara and the Himalaya, to try and keep away the colored races from the white people's regions. Of this too the Nordic had had a hunch, who also had revered the great Goddess in prehistoric times. That explains the name of Scandinavia, that still exists today. It's older version was Scadinavia, and that meant «The meadow (mead-owe) of Skadi». Skadi was regarded as the goddess of the ash of the world, aka Askadis. Her cult probably came up at the time when first seafarers settled in the North. In the tale of the Garden of Eden and others we often find the goddess with a tree of life. But of this Snorri told us nothing. At the onset of his work he introduced the later highest Nordic god Odin (Oðin), but as a fantastic Turkish priest-king, who allegedly had wandered from Asia to Saxony and then into the North, with his twelve apostles called Diar (gods) or Drottnar (a name reminding of Ga-Dora). Of Odin it is written that he was a warrior. Yes, his men allegedly were going berserk in fights, raging like wild dogs. Surprisingly peaceful however had allegedly been the god Frey, the original Lord of the North. With the introduction of the cult of Frey, Uppsala in Sweden started to get rich. That should teach us that the really Nordic people are good for the North, that they keep their peace. That peace however is endangered as dark immigrants come in. Destiny makes them lose control, in the North and among better people in general. The later times of Odin and Thor were wild times, when warriors battled continuously like mad, hoping that they would receive a place in Valhalla after death as a sick reward. The religion of Frey was much better for the North, because sure traces show that Frey was a believer of the Goddess of the Earth, while Wotan (Odin) mainly believed in ghosts and in himself and his family. Frey's first wife was called Gerda, reminding of Edda, Erda or Urd. These are names of the Earth Goddess, who made Frey get good at heart. Snorri wrote up something, that must have sounded for many in the North as highest praise:

In the time of Frey the peace of Frode commenced, and there were fruitful years in all lands.

11. World-Peace or World in Flames

Fire rain of Sodom, old pic Not only the Edda warns before super-catastrophes. So do the Bible and the Koran. It is written that stars will fall down from the sky and burn the world. That needs not be, quoth God. God does everything to save the Earth and to improve it. That is working out with less and less, but constantly improving Nordic humans; since these are able to notice the evil within and to vanquish it. God is however tortured and overworked, due to those many too many humans who are not fit for a development onto an acceptable level of human quality. Greys like sowed out that bad seed on Earth, to force God into a collapse. It's a treacherous trick when the Forces of Evil strengthen just some few dark people, but strongly put the pressure on the Nordic. The stronger God becomes the less that tactics will work out. Instead it becomes more perceptible that the spirit of the sky is mainly hostile, and that dark people are in general more under the sway of that evil spirit.

God's Hermeneutics

In ancient times the North was no peaceful region. If for once wars didn't rage, and people didn't hunger, and weren't plagued by tyrants, that was regarded as a real miracle in the old North. But the big question was who should receive the thank for this. In holy Uppsala they thought that Frey might be behind this. But likewise important is the name of Gerda, Gymirs daughter (Gymirsdottir). Gerda is also a name of the Earth Goddess, Wagner called her Erda. In the old North she also was called Urd (english: Wyrd) and was seen as a Norn. Jointly with two other Norns this Lady Earth seemed to weave all destiny. Behind Gymir we find the name of Mirá. That was the planet of Ewa's dead creatress. The Freyr, the Lord Suitor, was traditionally a name for the God of the World, her husband. This one did exist in Ewa's earlier days only as a faint force, coming from a possible future for her help. We but learn something about him from the Frey of Uppsala. With the coming of this Lord of the World, an era of peace and prosperity begins. That concerns not only the North but all the world. Sometimes the genuine Goddess of the World made people believe that someone might be this lord who in fact wasn't, just to make people believe in something good. We might call this the hermeneutics of God (for our expert philosophers). It means today that people just can try to see the world from the perspective of the UTR, to eventually better understand everything, including themselves.

To make Peace means: Vanquish the evil Spirit!

In the British Beowulf-Epos it is written that with the death of the fantasy-monster Grendel a Frode-peace began. Grendel may be seen here as the symbol of those ghostly worms that nobody liked. Christians had in mind the Earth Goddess and her son or mother. People were feeling liberated when she seemed to be dead and somehow was gone. Now in the hall of Heorot, duchess Freawaru gave out golden gifts. Ingjald Frodason, the son of Frode, had come to Heorot to marry Freawaru and to thus reconcile two tribes. Now he ended many feuds with reconciliations. But his peace only lasted short. Some old ash-fighter (here representing Odin) instigated a youngster to a new deed of revenge. Subsequently Ingjald burned down the hall Heorot, and also died himself.
Such tragic was typical for the old North, especially for the time while many hadn't converted to Christianity but were fearing the Biblical menaces. Half-way only they believed in the Aesir, since nobody really knew them. What they only knew were tyrannical, tragical and childish traditions and tales. In many an epos, and also in reality, humans have become symbol figures of the alleged gods. Those who cannot find peace with the Earth Goddess, will the more get under the forcing influence of the Greys and their inner stream of babble. Some people then are regarded as more splendid than they can be. Here Freawaru represents the goddess Ewa, Ingjald becomes a symbol of her savior. But those have no power over themselves, who are ready to believe that this or that spooky god constantly instigates new quarrels. They like to imagine the gods as superhumans who are good at heart, but that isn't functioning. Far too often what they sense is, instead of God's help, the treacherous, wrathful and mean talking of the Greys. Those like feuds and to inflict pain. Even some people who know this, and who realize that evil instigations and inspirations are wrong, are still often just not strong enough facing the raw force of N-rays, who delude and bow down humans from heaven above. Even the Beowulf epos writes of this. In the end the dragon, the worst abomination, appears as a flying monster that, from the night-sky down, burns houses. Only with the backing of the good earthly worm, the strong human can hope to vanquish evil monsters, by way of separating that alien evil spirit from his own ego. Only people who manage this are good enough for a real peace. God was just not strong enough for to protect in the old days, and still hardly is today.

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