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Title: The End of the Age of the Ice Ages Old Map of the Earth's Magnetic Field with Cartoon of Geodynamo and Constellation Ursa Maior (Big Bear or Dipper)

This text solves the ice ages riddle with God's secret knowledge. Here for the first time it is correctly explained why there exist fairly regular climate cycles, of warm ages and ice ages, at a rhythm of around 100,000 years. Experts so far tried to explain this mainly with the tilt of the axis of Earth. But the main old theory could not satisfactory explain the data. We find traces leading to the truth as we check the reversals of the magnetic field of Earth. Our climate cycles are the consequence of fractal links that bind the Earth to friendly star clusters. At certain times, humanoid »Guardian Angels« find it easier to help us. But the times when thick glaciers covered Deutschland (Germany) were also the times when primitive hominids lived here. God didn't like them enough, they had no future, so the ice ages helped to put them down.

This text is an international version written in English. Another and earlier version of this text is available in Deutsch (German). That version has material for readers in Deutschland, including digressions and chat. This second version has instead extra material for Anglo-American readers. Here you will also find some more details about the main topic of the ice ages cycles, and thorough explanations of all the graphs and theories. There is also some extra, amusing material in here about science, space, human races and evolution, and Christians compared to Neanderthals.

The illustration above shows my cartoon of the so called geodynamo. That is how physicists call a process that generates the magnetic field of the Earth. It's obvious that this field exists, but why does the equator of the magnetic field sometimes gets as curved and uneven as the rock bottom of a cave of the Neanderthals? The reason is that below Aden (Eden), at the horn of Africa, the Betyle sticks deep down in the Earth, the House of God. People who understand this already understood more of the world that lots of outdated university reeds.

Not a few humans however had to notice that the burden of coming to know God can turn out to be really hard. Fits of mindless rage can catch people. The cosmic magic of evil Greys drove Julius R. Mayer into a mental institution, as he realized that something hits the Sun from outer space. The same field lines who cause sunspots also are used as cosmic lines of communication. Their strength varies with climate cycles. Those who want to avoid such N-rays should consider the Goddess Diet, the best hints of the religion UTR. Sadly the situation of the Earth is very difficult, much more depressing than the haughty fantasies we may find in certain works of science fiction. Out there in space we are having only very few good allies, but plenty of enemies. Well, we are still lucky, since one good Earth Goddess is here with us. She now chose herself a solicitor and husband. That's me, Bertram Eljon, who right now keeps revealing her stories.

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Read here why Deutschland (Germany) will soon blow out more C02 into the air instead of much much less, as promised. Some politicians stopped worrying and learned to love Global Warming.

Corrected Version 1.1

1. There is a God who regulates this Planet's Climate

Ice Age data from Greenland curve and global climate
1.0 This Graph gives Evidence that a God regulates our Climate

This graph shows data won from drillings on the Greenland ice cap. Left there is a reconstruction of the climate of the last 150,000 years. Right are the raw data of the last 15,000 years before today. We see on this graph the last two ice ages (blue) and two warm ages, here called Eem (aka Eemian) and Atlanticum (the first part of the Holocene). In comparison the data from the Eem and the Atlanticum seem to show two typical warm ages, who interrupted ice ages for a short period of time only. However the climate data of the Atlanticum are in comparison much more smooth and leveled out. The warmest part of the Eem only lasted half as long as the Atlanticum. The religion UTR takes this as some evidence that God warms up and regulates our climate right now. That didn't happen to a similar extent in the penultimate warm age Eem. During the Eem, hostile interference of the Greys drove the temperature curve quickly to hot extremes and down again. This prevented a moderate marine climate. The climate of today in Europe and North America definitely depends much on the way the Gulf Stream is taking. There must be a connection of the sudden warmup of 12,000 years ago and the fact that at that time, the former land bridge between Britain and Europe was swept away by the sea.

1.1 Right now Global Warming especially troubles Australia

The so-called global warming still often gets discussed nowadays. From scientists we often heard fears because of this phenomenon. Some crackpot environmental activists even did not refrain from mortal assaults in that connection. The reason is that global warming often serves as an explanation for developing crises. Right now the talk on this field covers, for instance the bleaching of coral reefs. Sometimes corals just get pale and die away, for instance at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Experts then blame the hot climate, and that means, global warming. For global warming then they name humankind as the culprits. They call up the peoples of the world to change their behavior. By the same way, especially dry and hot summers as well as mysterious Darling Showers (hot air cyclones) are attributed to global warming. Among scientists without the notion that God exists, sadly it has become common to explain many mysterious events in our world with global warming. But the idea is consequent that those rather polluted seas alongside the coasts of China and Japan (some are nearly void of marine life), as well as the situation in extremely over-populated South East Asia, contributed to these developments. That may have made the weather of the entire region, including places as far away as Australia, becoming more unstable. It is surely hard to find clear scientific proof for that suspicion, of course. But we may also look at this crisis region of Earth the holistic way, including all related connections, aspects and circles of regulation. The so-called Gaia theory presented a plethora of fine pieces of evidence for the lore, that the Earth is under some kind of higher control, that there is a mysterious force that protects us. Only the one and only true religion (UTR) however introduces the Goddess who does this to humankind. Sofia Ewa lives in the underground of Earth. She is very busy. If there are problems in one region, she must work some more. That may lead to the consequence that, right there and at other places too, she can do less than what would be necessary to provide a good climate. Cosmic devils, those Greys, use up such crises to attack the Earth with N-rays. Therefore, the best way in general to avoid problems with the climate would be to solve the crisis in East Asia. But many people rather won't see things this way. The main reason is that they receive cheap goods from East Asia. That is one reason why many humans right now are unwilling to acknowledge the Goddess of Earth as a living person, who has a right to live here. So here I am, the lawyer of the Goddess of Earth. I present documents like this one. But at the same time I am the Savior. It is my job to heal the sicknesses of our world. Sadly, that is a hopeless quest on typical planets of our galaxy. Nevertheless we hope that right here on Earth, we are among the one percent of lucky planets, who manage to escape from the typical super-catastrophes, as they are predicted by the Bible too.

1.2 Charles Darwin only shortly visited Australia, he failed to understand

Science knows not a thing about a god who created the Earth and who protects it. The common ruling lore has it, that everything that happens upon Earth and in space is explainable with only very few and simple natural laws. But the conditions that allow living creatures to form and eventually let them die, are not well researched. Especially in the region of the fifth continent of Australia, there are unusually many life forms who are especially poisonous and unfit in competition. No expert so far could explain this. The naturalist Charles Darwin, who thought out the theory of evolution, hardly managed to occupy with Australia. Just the world of this continent's animals gives good proof that higher powers exist, who regulate life on Earth. On first view we find that Australia is a special terrain that has been attributed to the marsupials. Read more about Australia in chapters 12.6 etc.

In much the same way, South America too is a habitat where again and again strange and naughty animals developed. It seemed that a good creating deity had less power there. For certain reasons of symmetry, on the southern half of the globe of Earth, things were not as easy as at other places for God. Well, the creating goddess Ewa, as revealed by the UTR, is just unknown to the science of ages past. Old-time science tried to explain everything without God, including the climate. The consequence was that much remained utterly mysterious. Experts even keep to calculations when it has become obvious a long time ago that these calculations are incorrect and do not match the data.

So there is much that is just not understood by old-time scientists. As those guys try to blame global warming for many negative things in our world, we find an understandable tendency behind it. Those guys shy away from admitting that there might be higher powers, who do regulate the climate and life on Earth, but who didn't allow science a faint idea of it.

1.3 That last Global Warming is running unusually smooth

As we look at the climate curve, we find it proven: For 12,000 years now global warming is going on, and in a very balanced way. What happened at the onset, in the year 10,000 b. (BC)? It makes sense to think that just then, some unknown mechanism made the climate in Greenland, and in all of the world too, get warmer suddenly, and then get even. That mechanism is well known. That must have been the work of the Gulf Stream. That sea current transports warm water from the Caribbean far into the North. The Gulf Stream also is so warm because it receives water from the sea current that streams west from West Africa with the trade winds. It then is directed northwards alongside the coast of Brazil. That is the region where the cyclones (eye storms) are generated. Since the Gulf Stream leads from the Caribbean towards Europe, the climate in South England is mild. It is much warmer in all of Europe than in other regions such far in the Northern hemisphere, where there are no such warm sea currents. The Gulf Stream today transports warm water even into the region of the North Pole. We may think that in a time of an ice age it didn't come that far. Some data from drillings into the sea floor seem to show, that during ice ages the Gulf Stream turned eastward as it was reaching the latitude of Spain. In such times the Gulf Stream didn't reach the North. That was also due to the fact that thence, England had still been a part of the continent of Europe. Ever after the time of the ice ages, the river Thames had been a tributary to the Rhine. But roughly 12,000 years before today, the sea seems to have crossed over the land of the sleeve, that land that had connected England to the continent before. This way the Gulf Stream opened up a new way into the North.

1.4 The current Global Warming did already start 18,000 years ago

So we had global warming for a long time now. Since the time of 18,000 years ago the climate of Earth is constantly getting warmer. Today often blooming landscapes exist in Central Europe; but 18,000 years ago at the same places there was an ice carapace with a thickness of kilometers. The ice was as high then as the summits of the Alps mountains. Still today Greenland carries such an ice carapace, that northern island. From that ice researchers won climate data for the last 150,000 years. These seem to show that the climate in the high north, until the time of 12,000 years ago, had always been rough and also jumpy. The climate data from Greenland show a heavy up and down of the local climate. There was not only that one warm age Eem, that was in some aspects comparable to the warm age we are in today. The warm age called Eem (aka Eemian), 125,000 years ago, warmed up all the world. In the Eem though the temperature was only shortly comparable with the moderate climate of today's warm age of Atlanticum (the first part of the Holocene). 5,000 warm years of the Eem, a short time only, were followed by a very extended ice age. For 100,000 years the climate in Europe was much colder than it is today. With the years passing, the climate in the high north was even getting colder and colder. All attempts of the researchers to explain that strange going down of the climate have, so far, rather been without success

In North America too the ice carapaces were melting just 18,000 years away. That had happened times before, but this time it did last. The inland ice gradually retreated, into the north and towards the Rockies. Just then in Europe the so-called Mesolithic period started, the second of three eras of the Stone Age. Some Europeans now swiftly developed to become people with a culture. At the same time the Amerindians in North America benefited from a similarly better climate. But different from the Europeans and the Chinese too, those Red Indians culturally remained on a stone age level. If we interpret the climate of the world and the things that happened on Earth as the work of God too, then we can't avoid to deem that God apparently did patronize some people, but not some other people.

So it's a fact that in Europe the global warming period we are in started 18,000 years ago. The final end of the age of ice ages cannot be attributed to human interference, since there hardly were any humans alive in those days. Especially in the Mesolithic era, Central Europe was only densely populated. So we may think of coincidence too, that led to the fact that the climate in Europe got stable on a nice elevated level. But from the point of view of the UTR, God's own religion, that climate graph above shows well that our climate depends a lot on regulation done by the power of God.

1.5 Europe only became free of Ice when the Neanderthals had died out

Obviously the Earth Goddess started the global warming era we are in right now at a time that she found fitting. It was the time when the Neanderthals had all died out without rests. Those primitive humans had lacked intelligence, and they had degenerated. The consequence was that a more modern species or race would replace them. Those were today's humans (Cromagnids, outdated: Homo sapiens).

Some specimen however raise objections against the notion that the Neanderthals might have been more primitive and less fit for the future than today's humans. That point of view is regarded as racism by some, and this is what they refuse. As we check out development and culture of the Neanderthals, we however find at first view that they hardly did leave behind any works of arts. In this they were different from the Cromagnids. Maybe they had a religion that prevented them from doing this. Only while they were manufacturing certain blades, they would spend some more effort than usual (see chapters 12.4 and 15 for more about Neanderthals and Muslims too). Neanderthals were just inferior humans. Some people of today however like such dumb, brutish, combative people more than the talkative and well-read people of modern times. There was something bad in the culture of the Neanderthals. That was mainly due to the fact that they had no future as a species. And that bad spirit that was with them still dwells inside of some people of today.

40,000 years ago the time of the Neanderthals came to an end. That also was the time when the ice in Northern Europe had advanced the most. That cannot have been a coincidence. But by this way it is hardly explainable what the climate curve of Greenland shows too: Subsequently the temperatures in the north still kept falling, until roughly the year 14,000 before our time. That global cooling must have had other reasons too. Only when the age of global warming got going, with the age called Magdalénien, approximately 15,000 years before our time, we may well speak of the work of God here. When the humans of today had developed to an acceptable level, then God opened up the heartland of Europe, north of the Alps, for them to settle. Exactly 12,000 years ago then, the climate curve dramatically rose to the level of present times and stayed there. This year is not by coincidence also the start year of the third billenium (2G1) of the Year&Day-Calendar of the religion UTR.

2. The Climate of Earth shows a strange Rhythm of 100,000 Years

Climate Data from Vostok Russian Antarctic territory
2.0 The last Ice Ages came and went away in strangely irregular Cycles

Global Warming is not a phenomenon of a few decades. Already 18,000 years ago a sudden global warming started. The last ice age had suddenly come to an end, here called Würm (US: Wisconsin, often also called Riss). That long ice age had started already 110,000 years before our time. Glaciation had become strong 70,000 years before our time. The climate had become even frostier at the last sub-period called Dryas, 28,000 years ago. So who and what caused this long ice age and the sudden warmup at it's end? Here we see the work of God. That is what God's own Universal Truth Religion (UTR) teaches, with this text.

This graph shows climate data won from ice drillings at the Russian Vostok station in Antarctica. It is covering the last 420,000 years. Above is the green curve of the content of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Less carbon dioxide means that there was less vegetation at that time. Below is the blue curve of the estimated temperature. That curve was won from compared isotopes data of two sorts of oxygen atoms. We find that this curve shows remarkably well a strange rhythm of the climate of the past four climate cycles. There had been four long ice ages. Three are here named with three classical Deutsche names. Other regional names exist for these ice ages and also for the last warm ages. Among geologists, until today Riss and Saale are not distinguished properly. The fact that the climate of our planet developed strong climate cycles is however undisputed. These data from the very cold center of the Antarctic subcontinent tell us that those climate cycles show an irregular extent. The last cycle of the ice age Würm lasted 120,000 years, while other cycles like that of Riss before seemed to last only around 80,000 years. Other data won from geological excavations and from deep sea drillings confirm that there exists a rhythm of roughly 100,000 years. That rhythm is not regular enough to be linked with a stable cosmic mechanism like that of the movements of planet. But then again, it is so regular that it doesn't match to the main cycles theory of ages past, the Milankovich theory.

2.1 The Ice Ages were fairly regular times of a generally worse global Climate

Ice ages were bad climate times. In the later course of one climate cycle, the regular climate rhythm seems to lead to some process that gradually moves down the weather quality for tens of thousands of years, until the next cycle suddenly whops up the climate. Such a steep rise of temperature and climate conditions is also called a termination. By a comparison of the green curve of life and the blue temperature curve we may learn that the times of the ice ages were also the times of general climate distress. There was less vegetation in those times than we could expect. We might expect that in ages of a colder weather, the equatorial zones and those of low latitudes of this planet would become less hot and dry and thus more green. But this graph tells us that the opposite happened, and that our planet in general became more dry instead of greener. Data from southern South America show that ice ages also were a phenomenon of the plains of today's Argentina. Loess that was typical for ice age periods was also found there. Those southern ice ages happened at the same time when ice ages were hitting the north. The old-time climate cycles theory of Milankovich and others cannot explain this well. The main theory should have it that an ice age of the northern hemisphere should lead to warming on the southern hemisphere, due to the tilt of the axis of Earth. But the deep-sea drilling data show too that the ice ages were a phenomenon that was hitting all of the globe, and a phenomenon much too regular for those old-time cycles theories. That only fits to the lore of UTR, that the rhythm of the climate was due to cosmic magnetic fields coming in from outer space, who would lead to more or less strength of God right here.

Old-time experts try to explain the rhythm of the climate cycles with old-time cycles theories. Most common were theories that tried to explain such cycles with the axial tilt and other movements of Earth. Such theories however tend to lead to curves who only show some periods of cycles, but also long periods without frost (long interglacials). This graph of the Vostok data however seems to show that no such long interglacial interrupted at least the series of the last four cycles. Instead we find here again shown that the last ice age Würm just was much longer than the previous similar cycle intervals. That is hardly explainable by the old-time theories, but it fits well to the idea that God had reasons to extend the duration of just that last ice age. God saw to it that the Neanderthals all would die out. Most modern climate theories now rely on these data, with the consequence that it is hardly possible that one ice age cycle may completely miss out. The religion UTR however sees things very differently. There are higher powers who can turn such an interval of a climate cycle into a long period of frost or not at all. This graph too gives us that impression a bit in the end, since it shows again that the entire age of the ice ages ended, with the present age of Atlanticum, a period of an unexplainably long and very leveled global warming.

2.2 The Climate Data of the last Ice Ages show a Rhythm of 100,000 Years

These climate data originate from the Russian Vostok borings. By way of drilling in the thick ice carapace of the Antarctic, layers were reached who date back to the last 420,000 years and more. The Soviet Russians once had erected their Antarctica station where the ice shield is at it's thickest. Many other nations could have done something like this. But we owe it to the toughness and the seriousness of the former Soviet Union that we won these data from ice drillings. The Vostok data may be regarded as the best data that exist, as we research the climate of the world of the last 420,000 years. We find these data, as key data, also in the recent Wikipedia, Deutsche edition. I found this graph there, rearranged and named it. Here you find the Deutsche names of the ice ages and warm ages. The graph shows, on it's upper half, the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2 in ppm, parts per million). Below this green curve of life we find here the blue curve of the estimated temperature of that period of time. This estimation is based on measurements of the concentration of two isotopes (sorts) of oxygen (16-02 in comparison to 18-02). The colder it was, the more oxygen-18 is found in the stuff from ages past, that was won by way of the Vostok drillings. Now, the first glance at these two curves already makes us realize that those ice ages and warm ages obviously show a cyclical up and down. With a rhythm of around 100,000 years one ice age followed the next one. That rhythm was well known to the researchers for a long time. Some tried to explain it with speculative calculations of the movements of Earth. But those calculations were not really satisfactory. Today many climate researchers have come that far with their insights, that they admit that they cannot explain this curve. You read this at the English language Wiki page.

2.3 At the times of a cyclical cold age, climate distress clutched the entire Earth

Whenever the green curve of life sacked downwards, there was little carbon dioxide. That means that in those times, in all the world there were rather few trees and plants who produced carbon dioxide. That is another of the big riddles of the weather phenomenon that we call: global warming. Naturally it should turn out that during cold times, when many northern regions were completely covered with ice, the climate of southern regions was moderate and friendly.

When there was an ice age, the Gulf Stream met the coast of Europe in the bay of Biscay, at Southern France and Spain. We should expect that the Gulf Stream provided for an especially wet and fruitful climate, also into the regions of the Orient and Africa. Climate researchers like John Imbrie however pointed to the fact, already some time ago, that the times of the ice ages also had been the times when the climate on the land had been more dry and more troubled by droughts. A period of time of ice ages, with global temperatures being lower,also seemed to have been a time when there was too little vegetation. We may say that the Earth suffered from climate stress.

2.4 Our Problem is not Global Warming, but our too poor Minds

In the regions near to the equator, and in many regions around with low latitudes, right now the vegetation is plentiful even if the soil is comparably meager. But that situation does not last, since for instance in South America the rain forest disappears fast. Everybody knows that behind this is the unfettered greed of too many people for land. Due to ignoble politics, made by people of too low quality who care not enough for their planet, the world is unwilling to realize the basic problem. The basic problem is that the population grows while the planet does not. Some then blame global warming, when in warm regions of low latitudes the weather gets hotter and the deserts get bigger. According to this theory things should get better again as the weather gets colder again in all the world. But in the past that often did not happen, which is another indication for the notion that there are higher powers who influence the climate of the world. We must ascribe it to good higher powers when the climate of the world today changes only by a narrow margin, despite of many man-made problems. That main scenario of a global warming crisis, that our prophets of doom had foretold, did not happen. Scientists often have a tendency to prophesy a period of time of crisis too fast. That happens when they secretly fear that the reputation and power they used to have could suffer some kind of decay. Then they want to make the public listen up, with scary predictions of a crisis. By the way, for Christians and Millenarians it was often typical to doubt that God has the power and the will to save the Earth. Only with the correct lore about God and the evil Greys that true religion provides, we may correctly evaluate what kind of future our planet may meet. While some Christians claim that they are in possession of true religion, it is indisputable that they have either no or obviously wrong answers to the most basic questions, that only true religion can answer correctly. So how come they don't realize and admit that? The UTR also points to the fact that Christians are partly possessed by evil powers.

2.5 Let's face one Fact: We mainly have many too many bad Coloreds!

Right now, global warming is also made responsible for detrimental developments in the region of the Sahel zone. That is the case regarding the new typical drought of spring 2017, leading to the usual hunger catastrophe and catastrophic migration of low-quality (lowquo) Negroes, and also to more vegetation destroyed. In truth behind those typical annual catastrophes of Black Africa there mainly sticks the incompetence of the Negroes, and their ineptness to act reasonably. They are just not able to live well adapted to nature. They naturally reproduce in an uninhibited way and wildly consume wildlife and plants, until fertile land becomes a dry zone. Those people however who refuse to notice, that Negroes are different from humans of a better race, turn their balding heads to the truth, while they bring up the wrong notion once again, that global warming should be made responsible for most any bad destiny, that naturally and by way of some law of destiny keeps hitting those doomed Negroes always stronger than most other races. Those who are in charge and then rather won't do anything to counter this development, become the responsibles too of the bad destiny that hits those just too primitive humans again and again. A world leader without a sense for that may lead this world into a crisis, shaped by the destiny of Negroes. Christians often don't care enough, since they deem that Jesus has a backup world in the welkin. Let us destroy this false faith of the simplistic and of those people who don't really care! By this way we will make noble better humans get to the top of a new world order, where they will have the power to see the truth and do more for their rare Earth.

3. The next Ice Age Cycle is already on!

Iceage Data of the NEEM drilling in Greenland
3.1 Can it be that the Warm Age we are in right now is not much different from the previous One?

This graph shows to the right the data of the climate of the last 120,000 years. Like the graph of chapter one, this climate curve comes from an ice drilling in the Greenland ice cap. Left we see an older graph in comparison, it is that of one GISP drilling. The graph to the right is only a few years old. Experts like Dorthe from the Bohr institute in Denmark call these data the new data. What they did is, they estimated that the ice temperature of around -30 degrees Celsius, that this graph shows for the warmest phase of the Eem, equals to an average surface temperature of zero degrees Celsius. This graph seems to indicate that there wasn't much of a difference between the climate of the Eem and that of the warm age of Holocene, the age we are in right now. On this graph those two warm ages don't look much different. It rather looks like the climate curve during the Eem was as moderate and leveled out as it is today. However, as we check out the details, the suspicion arises that these data are not correct. The official estimations say that the temperatures in the Eem were warmer by a huge span of eight degrees Celsius than they are today. These estimations made commentators wonder, some called this a big surprise. During the warm age of Eem in fact some ice melted on the surface of Greenland. The ice cap was reduced in thickness by an estimated margin of several hundred meters. But that loss of ice was not enough to meet the calculations of the rise of the sea level. Some experts then speculated that at the same time also the ice cap of Antarctica must have lost much of it's ice. The older raw data of the GISP drilling to the left however seem to indicate that at that time, the real temperature curve was wildly moving up and down. That graph however must be called misleading. Since the Eem was definitely rather warm, and while the ice was partly molten on the surface of Greenland, subsequently in the ice from that period of time we must expect to find confused layers of oxygen isotopes. Judging by the raw data we cannot win a clear picture just from the Greenland ice of how warm the age of Eem really was. We may rather think that the climate curve won with the help of the Vostok drillings is more accurate. And that curve clearly shows that the Eem was not well comparable to the age of long-time and moderate global warming we are in right now, see already chapter 2.

3.2 Leading Climate Cycles Experts expected a next Ice Age due in a few thousand years

So need we worry that a next ice age will come soon? This most recent climate curve seems to support older estimations of the leading experts on this field. They were estimating that the next ice age would come already in 100 years to 10,000 years. John Imbrie also calculated in a short period of unique global super-warming, starting right now. His estimation was that such a super-interglacial would not change the downward course the climate would take in the long run. After a few thousand years, the experts expected the climate curve to go down deeply. That estimation is correct if we just try to calculate the future climate with the help of the data won for the past few 100,000 years. However, the UTR still calls the warm age we are in unprecedented in smoothness and duration. From what the raw drilling data for the Eem show, the climate curve was jumping up and down wildly, and we cannot exclude the possibility that this was what happened thence in reality too. The Nordic Edda says that with the creation of first Æsir (godly Nordic), the north finally warmed up. According to this ancient text of religion it depends on the performance and development of humankind what climate the future will bring. Apparently the ice ages only started to get grim and persistent roughly 750,000 years before our time, with the beginning of the climate period here called Cromer. That means that it is all but sure that one ice age always follows the others, and that another strong ice age is already under way.

4. The Ice Ages only started some 2.6 Million Years ago

Climate curve of Isotopes Data und Vostok Data
4.1 This Graph has Details that no old-time Climate Cycles Expert could well explain

These ice ages and climate data reach back in time nearly 4 million years. That means that they cover the period of time from when the Pleistocene started, the age of the ice ages. Officially the Pleistocene started 2,59 million years ago. The Pleistocene just ended 12,000 years ago with the Holocene, the age of global warming. The fact that the experts did let a new earth age start also hints that the age we are in right now is not a warm age like all the previous warm ages, that are shown in this graph each by a tip of the temperature curve. These data are again derived from the Vostok ice drillings, and also from other measurements of the concentration of two oxygen isotopes. Experts think that in general a rise of the concentration of heavier oxygen-18 (18-O) is a good-enough proof for the fact that in those days the temperature was a few degrees Celsius lower than before. That is well proven by data from many finds, but nobody can really well explain why colder times seem to make oxygen get heavier. Only the UTR can explain significant anomalies in the distribution of heavy oxygen, see chapter 7.4. The graph above also comes to us skeptics with the editor's remark that there are two types of cycles visible in it, short ones and long ones. The first green line starts with the beginning of the Pleistocene. It marks the time of alleged 41,000 year cycles. The second green line marks the earth age that I here call Glaciocene, the age of the extensive glaciations. Suddenly the climate curve seems to get steeper, and the intervals of the cycles now seem to measure more or less 100,000 years. I also wrote into this graph all the major ice ages and climate periods commonly known from European prehistory. There were no ice ages prior to the Pleistocene. Then the first two ice age climate periods Biber (aka Praetegelen) and Donau (aka Eburon) do not well match the down tips of the curve we would expect to find. Only for the Glaciocene, the time from 1,05 million years ago until today, the ups and downs of this isotopes curve seem to better meet the data that we won of the ice ages in Deutschland and Europe. The suspicion arises that this climate graph was modded with the help of the latest cycles theories.

4.2 Experts obviously here tried to present the Data with a look back to the old main Theory

The latest of the cycles theories that the experts designed is based on the notion that the axis tilt of Earth (aka obliquity) indeed shows a rhythm of 41,000 years. To meet this expectation, the editor of this graph here wrote that in these data he can see such a rhythm, yeah, exactly. But we must call this wishful thinking. Someone who purports that these zigzag curves show a rhythm of exactly 41,000 years for some time, and not 40,000 years or so, obviously refers to a theory that he has in mind. The suspicion arises that these people already tried hard to find their theoretical rhythm as they gathered and brushed up these data. The latter cycles theories however fail to explain why such a rhythm should suddenly change into a much longer rhythm of 100,000 years. Only the UTR has the answer to this key question of climate cycles research. It was due to a change of the orientation of the magnetic field of our planet, that happened at the beginning of the here-so-called Glaciocene. Suddenly 100,000 year cycles became indeed dominating for our planet's climate. Anyway, one good information can undoubtedly be won from this graph. The age of the ice ages suddenly started just a few million years ago. The ice ages gradually started, they can probably also stop that way, maybe even faster than they started. This estimation of UTR is based on the evaluation of the recently much increased powers of our good Earth Goddess.

5. Some Yugoslav kept calculating until he liked the Result

Iceage Calculations according to Milankovich
5.This Climate Cycles Theory Graph matched nicely the Data of the Time of 100 Years ago

This graph shows the historical climate cycles theory curves of Milankovich (aka Milankóvič). This mathematician from today's Mazedonia (aka Fyr Macedonia) tried to explain the ice ages with the help of calculations of the weather of ages past. His calculations were based on calculations, or rather estimations, of tilts and tumblements of our planet. Based on such speculative calculations, the wine-loving Serbian Milankovich managed to come up with curves like those here shown at the bottom. These three historical Milankovich climate diagrams from 1924 were meant to explain the climate of the age of ice ages, the Pleistocene as it was seen by Deutsche experts in those early days. That older Pleistocene covered the era of approximately 1 million years ago, I now name this era Glaciocene. The graph on top shows the data that the leading experts of Europe had won until the year of 1909. The data of Penck and Brückner seemed to indicate that four main ice ages had happened in the past 600,000 years before our time. Another earlier ice age called Donau was originally penciled into this graph, but Donau today is the name of another far earlier ice age. The historical climate curve of Penck and colleagues above shows the estimated data of the big four last ice ages of the Alps mountains. We also see here one so-called great interglacial, that seemed to have divided the last two ice ages of Würm and Riss (called Saale in this text) from the two prior ice ages Mindel and Günz. This climate curve was the best that experts had of the Pleistocene, approximately 100 years ago. It already seemed to show that ice ages came and went away with a rhythm. And it was likely to think that during that great interglacial just another ice age had happened, one whose traces were yet unfound. So there was a rhythm, definitely. But nobody could explain thence this rhythm of climate cycles, while most experts had the notion that at the origin there must be some astronomical explanation. Strangely, nobody else but Milankovich was ever able to provide a fitting astronomical theory, that was accepted by the experts.

In 1924 Milankovich came up with his climate curve, here divided into three sub-curves for different latitudes. The Milankovich curve was greeted cheerfully by the thence leading experts, since it seemed to fit well to the data of Penck and Brückner. Not only had Milankovich somehow managed to calculate a curve that was showing all the four to five known Alpine ice ages. But the historical Milankovich curve also nicely reproduced that great interglacial, a long period of time where apparently the climate of the region north of the Alps had remained constantly warm. The suspicion arises naturally that this calculation artist just kept calculating until he liked the result.

5.2 At that Time Alfred Wegener badly needed some more International Interest and Acclaim

After World War One the leading Deutsche experts Wegener and colleagues were internationally not well respected. They saw in the curve of Milankovich a chance to better explain the ice ages and thus reap a little international acclaim. Wegener's other big theory, that of the movements of the continents, had been discarded by the experts for all his life. He had more luck now with the theory of Milankovich. From the perspective of UTR we must however say that this was mainly due to the fact that Wegener's theory of the movement of the continents was correct, while the theory of Milankovich was wrong. Indeed the continents we have today were procreated when an ancient super-continent called Pangäa broke apart. But while this theory is correct, we may guess that any old-time theory that tries to explain why and how the continents developed the way they are today, must either include the influence of the congeras or remain incorrect. Strangely enough, while old-time calculationists try to explain the development and the movements of the continents with just calculations, they arrive at the result that the continents move the other way around now, and that they will all meet again as a super-continent in some mythical future. There is also no way to explain the rhythm of the ice age cycles with just speculative calculations of special long-time movements of planet Earth, including it's assumed aberrations from it's regular orbit. Nevertheless, in the years after 1924, other theorists like Barthel Eberl found that this theory was what made the peers and experts agree. Eberl managed to rearrange the ice age data of Penck and colleagues with the help of the Milankovich cycles curve. So this must have helped the Nazis too to get to the notion that their atheist ideology was right, and that there was no trace of the God who, according to most religions, had created Earth and also it's living creatures. Eberl's curve is shown here in the center section. We find that, fitting to those four to five long ice age cycles that the older curve of Penck and Brückner was showing, the curve of Eberl showed the same four to five cycles as series of small ice ages. Eberl must have won his new idea, that the ice ages had been series of short and strong cold periods only, from the curve of Milankovich. Serendipity or coincidence, the triple-teethed-curve of Eberl for the last ice age of Würm seems to still fit nicely to the later C-14 data of just that period of time, won in the USA (see chapter 6.). But that was not the case for the rest of Eberl's curve. We don't see here the regular climate cycles of 100,000 years. Eberl couldn't have known them, neither was Milankovich informed about the fact that the ice ages tended to come in very regular intervals. If his 1924 curve had been really scientifically accurate, then it should have shown the rhythm that only much later was discovered. But then the experts surely wouldn't have accepted it, and Milankovich would have ended up as a bankrupt and half forgotten science outsider. Instead, in the years and decades after 1924, the curve of Milankovich had become very well accepted by the leading experts. They now used this curve to tamper with the data won on the field. That is something that the experts sometimes do, if a theory seems to be, let's say, addictive.

5.3 Milankovich was much guided by Intuition, but his Theory was obviously faulty

Then there were also these strange letters, that Milankovich wrote to some unknown lady. From the point of view of UTR it played a role too that Milankovich fantasized a lot about a mysterious unknown woman. Possibly he was mislead with the help of autoerotic fantasies and experiences. Only in the times after World War Two, experts started to worry about some laughably wrong aspects of the curve of Milankovich. According to his calculations, in the times of an ice age the summer temperatures in Europe had been much lower than today, but the winter temperatures had even been a little higher! So we may call this one the warmest ever theory of the age of the ice ages! Around 1960 most experts had turned away from the Milankovich theory, also because it now had become clear that the data of Penck and Brückner weren't really correct.

6. After 1945 the Americans discarded the Theory of Milankovich

Glaciation of the last iceage in North America
6.1 America's Past Climate was just too much at Odds with the Milankovich graphs

This well-made climate graph from the USA shows the glaciation during the ultimate ice age, here called Würm, but traditionally named Wisconsin in the USA. We see here the amount of ice that was present in North America. In the times of an ice age the glaciers would proceed from Quebec all the way to Indiana, that means from the North-West to the South-East. These data were won with the help of radiocarbon (C-14, 14-Carbon) isotopes. Such datings are really reliable only for a time of not more than 40,000 years before our time. The technology newly came up after 1945 only. Now the US-Americans were dating all kinds of finds with the help of the C-14 method. The results did not accord at all with the climate curves of Milankovich (see above chapter 5). The real data showed that the last ice age had been really frosty for a period of time of approximately the last 50,000 years. That is typical for the course of a climate cycle with a total duration of roughly 100,000 years. Glaciers started to creep in intervals of 20,000 years to the Southwest. We see here three periods of fast and furious glaciation. Those glaciers proceeded and retreated fast, but in general some glaciation during the entire ice age was always there. The glaciation data won in North America seemed to meet the Alpine glaciation data won by Penck and colleagues very well. The curve of Milankovich however had shown hardly any glaciation for that entire time. This calculated curve matched so poorly to the real data now won, that many experts concluded to discard it.

6.2 The long and strong last Ice Age helped to stop and eradicate primitive People disliked by God

The problem remained though that there was nobody else with a better climate cycles theory. Milankovich had grown old in the meantime, and less communicative. Now a Yugoslav, he spent his latter years with enhancing his climate curves. Lately they were showing elegant curved lines, instead of those sharp narrow ice-age needles that resembled Dracula's teeth. Lately Milankovich had become reluctant to talk to critical colleagues. The attractiveness of his theory had waxed and waned with the reputation of the Deutsche Reich. After World War Two the Deutsche scientist Ingo Schäfer had also shown that the data of Penck and Brückner hadn't been too reliable. But the times were gone when Deutsche experts were still much accepted and respected by their international peers. Those pioneering researchers from the Alps mountains had tried to date back the ice ages with the help of gravel beds. But some gravel had moved lateron. Some garbage from the time of the Romans and later was found in gravel beds that seemed to come from the age of the ice ages. In search of better climate data, the leading experts turned away from the finds made in the Alps regions. Instead they started to win and analyze sediment from the floors of the deep sea.

From the perspective of the UTR we can explain the glaciation of the last climate cycle with some looks at the distribution of the humans of that time. That helps us well to understand just that special long climate cycle. In the course of one such climate cycle the climate would gradually get more and more frosty (see chapter 9). The last 40,000 years or so would be the years of the real ice age. That was in Europe the time when the Neanderthals (we'd better call them Neandroids) were meant to die out. Modern and better developed humans of a slightly different species (here called Cromagnids) just came in to replace them. God's objective was not only to prevent the Neanderthals from moving into other habitats further away. But another problem was that the more primitive Homo erectus (we might call them Erectoids) were living in the region of Beijing, China (Chinguo) and elsewhere. To prevent such primitive humans from migrating into the region of North America, the Earth Goddess did let the ice age get even more frosty. The Greys would typically drive forward the glaciers for some time, to then loosen their grip on them. The Earth Goddess always had to integrate the impulses and efforts of those cosmic devils here or there. She had to watch a number of different climate cycles, coming in from several nearby living star clusters.

7. Data from Deep-Sea Drillings only gave an unclear Picture

Unclear Climate Data from Deep Sea Drillings
7.1 Definitely all the last Ice Ages had ended with a sudden steep Terminator

Three post-world-war climate curves won from deep-sea drillings were combined by me into this graph. I tried to change as little as possible right here. They all reach from today back to 450,000 years ago or so. To the right we see a curve won from drillings in the Caribbean. That blue curve has six marked terminators, marked with Roman letters one to six (I, II, III, IV, V, VI). I added here the six names this text uses for the five last ice ages in the Alps and Europe. The last ice age Würm ended with the terminator I, Saale with II, Riss with III, Mindel with IV, Haslach with V, and so forth. The sixth ice age before our time, traditionally called Günz, ended with the here shown terminator VI. That means that the terminators also mark the beginning of the warm ages. I is ours, II is Eem, III is Wacken, and so forth. According to these graphs the warm ages IV Roskilde and V Düssel reached especially high temperatures. The climate reached extremes at the times when homo erectus types (now: Erectoids) had to give way to better developed prae-Neanderthals. God didn't want all these still genetically primitive hominids to settle down and develop a civilization right away. Extreme temperatures thwarted these efforts. Five of these terminators are also marked on the center curve, the similarities are clear. A terminator marks the steep rise of temperature that is typical for the termination of one ice age. The consecutive climate cycle begins with the here-so-called juxtaposition. It becomes nicely warm, for a few thousand years or so. Time moves on and the temperature tends to gradually sink again, until some 30,000 years later or so the next ice age may start. Below we see the way these data were won. It's the usual content of heavy oxygen (O-18) compared to light oxygen (O-16). It is not easy though to align the blue curve to the red curve. That red curve, from some far out southern sea floor spot of the Indian Ocean, seems to be rather different from the blue curve of the Caribbean. But then again, we find that the two curves seem to show the same terminators. The very steep rise of temperature of the ultimate terminator I is again visible, and so is the still rather steep rise of terminator II, 120,000 years before that time. Then however something seems to be very wrong. The consecutive terminator III of the ice age Riss is much less steep, and it also is put into a much earlier time. The same is true for terminators IV and V. The consequence is that the red curve has only five terminators, for a span of time where the blue curve has six! The third, green curve to the left then shows the same clearly visible five terminators only that the red curve has. Something is wrong here, if there is one terminator too many on the blue curve, for the exact alleged time span reaching from 450,000 years ago until today.

7.2 The Experts couldn't read the Isotopes Data correctly, with a false Climate Cycles Theory in Mind

We suspect an error of the experts who collected these data! We find this suspicion confirmed by what we read about these deep sea drilling data. Only after some decades it was possible to catch up sediments from the floor of the deep sea the way they had fallen down there, many years before our time. But these data were soft data. The speed of sedimentation was apparently different from region to region, it was definitely much slower in the Pacific. The consequence is that the experts could only estimate the speed of sedimentation. They had no absolute time scale at first. They really didn't know if one meter of the sea floor they had retrieved would represent a time span of 100,000 years, or maybe much less. Only later, with the help of magnetic field reversals, they were able to better date some of their finds, those who were really deep-reaching. But we think that at least the experts should have been well able to identify those clearly visibly five or six terminators on these three comparable graphs. The bad thing is that they were not able to align those graphs. They just failed to see that all those deep sea core drillings produced more or less identical results, with matching traces of the last ice age cycles. I think it is rather obvious that the experts couldn't find the terminators they didn't expect to find. Around 1955 the leading expert Cesare Emiliani had concluded that these deep see data were showing a rhythm of climate cycles, but one of approximately 40,000 years. Ten years later he came up with another rhythm of 50.000 years, and then he agreed with the colleagues upon a rhythm of 100,000 years. He had started with measuring the content of oxygen isotopes. It then became common to mark any significant change of the isotopes with a step cypher. We see a stairway to heaven made of isotopes steps next to the green graph, it is still in use today. But for a long time it was hardly possible to estimate how far such an isotope step reached back in time. The isotopes step method also tended to make people ignore the message of the better visible terminators. Emiliani at first estimated that during the last 300,000 or so years, seven complete ice age cycles must have had happened. That was contrary to all the finds made on dry land. That makes us wonder of how deluded the experts must have been at that period of time. Once again we sense the spell of a liked theory in the background. At that time, with the Milankovich curves out of fashion, most of the experts had the idea that the climate cycles were closely linked to an alleged cycle of periodical shifts of the axial tilt (aka obliquity). They not only estimated that there had been cycles of exactly 41,000 years, but they believed this! Some guys still believe this today, we learn this from the texts added to the isotopes graph (see chapter 4). Such fixed ideas and theories can lead to a worrying blindness for the real message of the data. For many people, even for some experts, it must have played a role what the Bible said about all of this. Surely that influenced Wallace Broecker, who thought that he found traces of deluges on some islands of the Caribbean. His datings of coral terraces seemed to fit mysteriously well to the curves of Milankovich, once again. So can it be true that in certain times, the sea level of the Caribbean was 6 meters above the level of today? It is surely more likely that such islands and coasts occasionally rise from the sea and sink, due to geological processes. But that insight was withheld by God, who had an interest in keeping the belief in Milankovich, and Einstein too, alive.

7.3 Some pioneering Experts brushed up their Data, and also misunderstood it a lot

We may get to a better understanding of the thinking of the experts if we keep in mind some mysteries and anomalies of see floor data. One mystery was that at that time, the sea floor sediments from the Atlantic ocean did also produce fossils who were not supposed to be there. Some plankton species only live in shallow waters near to the coasts. Well, such fossils were also found in the deep sea floor sediments of open water regions, far away from the next coast. Some experts then brought up the idea that sea floor quakes must have unsettled and transported material down the abyss, and mixed and rearranged it. So how useful are such sediments then? David B. Ericson decided to »blind out« such data. That sounds like he manipulated the raw sea floor data until they produced the result he liked to have. By this special way Ericson came to the conclusion that he had found a long period without any ice ages, a great interglacial, the one that Penck and colleagues had allegedly found in the Alps too. But one problem was that the great interglacial of Penck started when that of Ericson stopped. The other problem was that no seafloor data other than Ericson's, won by way of counting menardii fossils, showed a great interglacial. Nevertheless Ericson's data made some experts believe that Milankovich's curves had been correct in the end. That was until Kukla made them all realize that the main rhythm of the climate was a regular long-time rhythm of approximately 100,000 years. Then they discarded Ericson's timetable as wrong. From today's point of view we must however conclude that serendipity smiled at Ericson. His menardii fossil countings seemed to show some kind of interglacial, that ended at a time of 380,000 years before today. There was no such great interglacial. But that was the time when the Haslach ice age just reached it's last and coldest 20,000 years; before it ended with the terminator marked V on the above graph. That was the first time when those menardii fossils, that Ericson had specialized on, were found missing, like the Chinese say. So the answer to the old Ericson riddle is that the entire Haslach cycle seemed to have been not as cold as the big four ice ages, that Penck and colleagues had originally called Günz, Mindel, Riss(-Saale) and Würm. It is however maybe not that significant if some plankton chalk fossils are found in a particular layer of sea floor grime or not. Such fossils may at random get less viable and die out. Nevertheless, until today the experts who put together a timetable of isotopes data rely much on such minuscule exotic finds.

So Ericson, and others too, were leaving out data from layers they didn't really like. We must call it astounding then, that such soft data still produced a clear picture of the last few climate cycles in the end, including those impressive terminators. I have the idea here that the researchers did hardly think of the fact that the Gulf Stream must have transported many such fossils and coastal stuff away from the hurricane generation region and the Caribbean, far out into the open Atlantic. The phenomena of the weather in that region and the effects on the world weather are mysterious and little understood. But old-time experts are hardly aware of this, and tend to forget this frequently. Already the 19th century ice age pundit James Croll pointed to the fact that the climate in the region north of South America has a special link to the climate events in the north. Croll had been a well-read university janitor and a failed innkeeper. Most experts would rather resign before admitting that such a layman knew more on their special field of expertise than they did.

7.4 Cosmic N-Ray Attacks on our God's House produced more Heavy Oxygen in the Indian Ocean

There are more big mysteries of the sea floor sediments data. The green curve to the left comes from the Pacific ocean. Here the terminators from I to V are again clearly visible, but not marked on my graph, they are like those others. We find that this curve shows no big difference to the other curves. The intervals of the ice ages were times when we find more heavy oxygen in the sea floor. However, in comparison to the red graph of the sediments from the Indian ocean, there was much less heavy oxygen in the sea floor of the Pacific, and also in that of the Caribbean. UTR explains this with the nature and targets of the N-rays, that Greys use to exert pressure upon Earth. Those pulsar rays are mostly directed into the regions of the Orient and Europe. They have the helpful by-effect to make our matter a little more dense and heavy. That means that in times of the ice ages, the Earth was more under the sway of incoming N-rays. These rays then had more of an effect on the region of the Indian ocean, right below the region where the Earth Goddess dwells under the sea. The Greys cared little then for the region of the Pacific ocean, with the effect that fewer heavy oxygen was found there. Another strange find linked to this was made by Gustav Arrhenius and others. They found what we expect, that in times of ice ages, there would be less chalk fossils present in the sea floor sediments of the Atlantic. But things would be all contrary in the sea floor sediments of the Pacific! We may explain this again with the attacks of the N-rays. In times of ice ages the Greys were focusing the Betyle some more and putting more pressure on Europe, with the consequence that plankton in the Pacific benefited to some extent.

8. Some Guy from India then brought back Milankovič on the Agenda

Theories and Facts about the Orbital Movements of Earth
8.1 Special Angels generated our Fantasies of Movements of our Planet in Ages Past

Left side here has the graphs of calculations of exotic movements of planet Earth. Rightly we see the real movements that the Earth makes. All that seems to explain the ice ages cycles without the assumption of divine interference. But in reality it was divine and adverse interference, that made many people ignore the simple facts at the right, and misread the clear message that they were giving. The movement of planet Earth is in fact well organized and balanced. In winter the northern half of planet Earth turns away from the Sun, due to the axial tilt of nearly 23.5 degrees. But just on the day of my birthday, on January 3rd, the Earth reaches it's yearly perihelion, the day when it comes most near to the Sun. Independence day however is the day when the Earth is at it's aphelion, and just a little further away from the Sun. That is the day when it's winter on the southern half of the globe, where much fewer land exists than on the northern half. All this results in the fact that in the seasonal winter time, the northern half of this planet gets one week more of sunshine than the southern half. This also explains why Antarctica is so much colder than most of the rest of the globe including Greenland. This planet's movements are nicely regulated by a power yet rather unknown to most of humankind. But this planet has a living god inside, like all the other planets have. It could neither function without such a planetary keeper deity nor keep to it's nicely tuned orbit. The so-called Gaia theory has carried together some 500 such rather mysterious facts of science and nature, who are hardly explainable without the assumption that some mechanisms of control exist who are unknown to the mortals of planet Earth so far. And that list does not include the fact that the lands of planet Earth are divided very unevenly. Much more land is on the northern side of this planet than on it's southern half, where nature tends to be more extreme and living is a bit more difficult. That is not a coincidence too. The Earth Goddess divided the dry land that she originally had in such a well designed way. She has a little more control over the northern half of her planet, for several reasons. Reason one is that there are cosmic allies in the sky right north to us, you may well call them humanoid Guardian Angels. I hear their names and forget them again, right now one celestial helper called Yngwie gets mentioned... I forgot the name of his partner right away, heck! But after I went swimming in open water, I was reminded that the holy name is Ga-Gewa. She is one of these guardian angel congeras who specialized on Germanic culture. She protected for instance king Gevahari, who was the ruler of the region where Wodan (later called Odin) lived. These good angels keep guys intact who would otherwise suffer a lot more and die sooner. They also help to generate fictional stuff, including spirits and saints. Ga-Ewa here does the structural work on many fields of fiction, guardian angels may add details and audiences. Ga-Meron and Ga-Mera are the two chairpersons of the nearer of the two Alliances of Earths of the Humanoids. All these good Ga congeras are related to us, and that is helpful too.

The other reason, why magnetic field lines from the north are a bit better, is that space has an absolute orientation. The entire universe rotates around an axis, with the consequence that the north of the sky is a little denser than the south is. That is my theory of absoluteness, it is exactly contrary to Einstein's theory of relativity. So far it's just not wise to let those many too many mortals understand all these things. Read more about those fantasy calculations of our planet's movements in chapter 9.

8.2 The main Theory of Milankovich remained the basis of all Attempts to calculate the Cycles

Now this also explains a little why humankind understands so little about who really owns and operates the rare planet where they live. Instead of a higher truth they were unable to compute, God gave them theories like that of the three curves at the right side. They show another modern version of the old outdated Milankovich theory. When Cesare Emiliani had come to the idea that there exists a rhythm of around 100,000 years, the misplaced Indian Anandu D. Vernekar (let's say American genuine Indian, pc-wise) started to recalculate the old calculations that Milankovich had left behind. Imbrie and all the leading experts knew that such cycles must have an astronomical explanation, and Milankovich was still the only guy who had ever developed such a theory. Now Vernekar and lots of others calculated the old data and theories back and forth, until they got to a curve that seemed to match to the data of their era. It was a time when the experts agreed over the fact that there exists a long-time rhythm of 100,000 year cycles. Nevertheless they did not get past the notion that the rhythm must have the magical duration of 41,000 years. That can make proud experts so humble, if they think of it. I have the idea that intuition keeps telling us that we should welcome a cosmic rhythm of exactly 41,000 years! Behind this are miserable cosmic creatures who live on very few planets far away in the southern sky. I am thinking of those Aardvarkoids, those pigs in space. But let me forget fast those doomed planets, since it brings bad luck to even think of them.

8.3 Mortals so far had no Idea of the big tricky Problems their God was having

It often occurs that intuition makes people get soft and leads them away from the things that are obvious and correct. That is often for instance the case when it comes to the issue of religion. Religion is tricky, and you need a good mind to understand, but Christians rather learned to play the fools. Christians believe that Jesus is in command of the unclean (bad) spirits, and that he has the power to put spirits forever into a spirit dungeon (aka inferno, hell) who disobey him. In the times of Jesus, he seemed to have the power to conjure the evil spirits and exorcise them. But that historical Jesus died long ago. The spirits that conjurers of all ages used to contact are only illusions generated by those congeras. According to UTR there is a cosmic operating system called Berk-OS. Berk-OS has fractal influence on planet Earth too. Berk-OS is some kind of cosmic law that limits the powers of our planet's congera and of the evil Greys too. One consequence is that here on Earth, besides the central white europid humans, on the five other continents five aberrant and colored major races developed naturally. Those five major races do not include genuine Indian Indians, but they have fractal connections to countless doomed and bombed-down planets in our galaxy and many others. The more coloreds we have on our planet, the more they bring us dangers and bad luck. They reproduce too much and take away the time of the Earth Goddess, with the result that God can do much less for the sake of the planet and it's inhabitants that would be necessary. You may notice this yourself: If you try and pray to the good God, you often won't get through, and the help that you need misses out, instead you may experience more troubles than before. That is completely different on those 650+ free planets of the humanoids up there in the northern sky. They are, of this I am sure, only 120 lightyears away. In just a few 100,000 years we will be able to join their star cluster with our battered solar system. That is, if we and the neighboring gibbons of Lar will survive the next years and decades without a doomsday attack, one that the Bible predicts as inescapable. To prevent such a bad series of super-catastrophes, God must cautiously develop this planet and it's inhabitants. That means that few good whites should develop to become even much better whites, while all the colored people should stop developing and die out in peace. That is why God tells the truth to the public of this planet right now, including the disliked parts. Most people of this planet are surely rather unwilling and unable to accept this thinking. But they also should realize that their old thinking was generally just incorrect, and often bad and mad. For some time now people had a hunch that there was a big explanation for all of the strange aspects of life, but one that they probably wouldn't like much to know. That made some people try hard and escape from the bitter truth into unreal fantastic worlds.

The world of mathematics can be such an unreal world. Most anything can be covered by fantastic theories, and it is often possible to „prove“ them with fantasy formulas. All those calculations however, also on the field of the origin of the climate cycles, just never were leading to practical results. We would have expected John Imbrie and all the others to bring up a nice astronomical theory that seemed to explain the climate cycles of 100,000 years satisfactory. But all that this group presented in the end was a statistical curve that showed a dominating rhythm of 43,000 years, and also a rhythm of 100,000 years, and a handful of others too. That curve was won with the help of the Fourier analysis of isotopes data. That means that they tried to extract some waves and frequencies they liked and discarded others they did not like. They did what Milankovich had done before, they calculated on and on until they had a curve that half-way met their expectations. But when Berger tried to translate this statistical curve into a climate diagram of the entire age of Pleistocene, he did not get far enough. His results only poorly matched the data, see chapter 10. That then remained the last effort of the leading experts to explain the climate rhythm. We may also say that God didn't allow them to get to a curve or a theory that would look more fitting to the data or impressive. On this field, like on several others, the leading experts gave up. Around the mid-seventies of the past century they concluded that they just could not explain the ice ages.

9. Leverrier found a real Planet using false Calculations

Bild: George Kukla's Interpretation of the Layers of the Red Hill brick factory near Nove Mesto CSSR 1968
9.1 These real Dryland Data are really easy to interpret

This historical picture shows layers of the past ice age, as a geologist finds them. This is a view into the soil of the red hill, a brickyard near Nove Mesto, Brno, in today's Czechia. That nation was a part of the socialist country called CSSR at the time of 1968. Just then Jiri Kukla, later called George in English, interpreted the layers and published his finds. We see here from right to left the layers of the ultimate ice age Würm (aka Wisconsin) and the penultimate ice age Saale (aka Riss or Illinois). Those ice ages led each to a massive glaciation in the nearby regions of Northern Europe and also north of the Alps mountains. But Nove Mesto, Brno, was just outside of the lands that were covered then by glaciers. During the ice ages this place was tundra, hardly covered by sparse vegetation or not at all. Loess from the east, yellowish dust from the plains of Asia, was carried here by the wind. During tens of thousands of years the loess gathered to form these thick layers of clay, that were later used for to make bricks. In the bottom left corner we see the loess of the time of the penultimate ice age Saale. That ice age suddenly ended around 130,000 years before today. Then the previous warm age of Eem (aka Eemian) started. The Eem started with it's warmest phase. The Eem was short but left a thick layer of brown earth. Here we see these rests of the leaves of deciduous trees growing in former woodland. That warmest part of the interglacial was followed by colder times. Now we find the dark rests of grass land and pine woods. They are covered by a zone with the mouldy last rests of vegetation. Above then are the rests of tens of thousands of years of the last ice age Würm. They are covered by a thin layer of soil from very recent times. Why did the ice age Saale suddenly end with a very warm phase? And why did the weather then get colder and colder only gradually, until the very long last ice age started? No old-time expert could explain such long climate cycles. Kukla found the layers of more than ten such consecutive climate cycles in his home region. For some decades, the experts had tried a lot with the data from deep sea drillings. Isotopes expert Cesare Emiliani at first concluded that the sea floor layers were showing a rhythm of 40,000 years, but in 1966 he changed his estimation to 50,000 years. Only when he saw the data that George had worked up, Cesare realized that there was mainly this long 100,000-years rhythm of climate cycles. Wallace Broecker and colleagues then found the same long rhythm in drilling cores from the sea floor of the Caribbean, in 1970. The American Roman must have retired soon later, at a time when the popery seemed to lose much of it's ancient charms.

9.2 While Experts desperately tried to explain the new Finds, some ended up with Calculationism

The results of Kukla made it clear that our climate has a long rhythm. Kukla and others were also able now to get to accurate dates of the ages past. They used the new technology to date layers of ages past with the help of traces of the reversals of the magnetic field of Earth. The big question that subsequently arose, in 1970, was: How can this main long rhythm be explained? Most experts had in mind that only an astronomical theory could explain such a climate rhythm. They then occupied some more again with such astronomical theories, starting again with the old theory of Milankovich. The basic assumption of that main astronomical theory was, that odd and long-time changes of the tilt of the axis of Earth had to be held responsible for the climate cycles. Since those climate cycles seemed to be rather regular, the experts were assuming that the axis of Earth performs strange and regular movements. That was a theory that was fostered by astronomic data who came from the past centuries. Mathematicians and astronomers like Euler and Laplace and many others had measured, calculated and estimated the movements of all the planets and celestial bodies of the entire solar system. Those calculation artists were of the opinion that they knew and understood everything about the ways the planets were moving and influencing each others. These guys also tried to calculate back the movements of the axial tilt of Earth and the changes of it's orbit eccentricity for millions of years. But the big question was, and still is: How good are these data? As we thoroughly check out the deeds and finds of these »calculationists« we find that they even found big planets using false formulas. That was the case for the genius Leverrier, a French astronomer who discovered the planet Neptune. Leverrier was also the one leading astronomer who had calculated back the changes of the axial tilt and the eccentricity of planet Earth, including a special formula to correct measured anomalies. He had been the one genius who realized that the older calculations of all this had been slightly faulty.

9.3 The French Calculation Genius Leverrier just tried this or that guided by Intuition

At the time of Leverrier the planet Uranus had been found, but not Neptune. It was known already that Uranus did not move the way it should have moved, according to the theories and formulas that all were using, the laws of Isaac Newton and also some less than clear distance formulas of Titius and Bode. Now all those sky gazers were searching for more planets outside of the orbit of Uranus. Many searched the planet of Neptune in a huge distance, far away from Uranus. That was where he should be, according to the distance formulas. But Leverrier didn't calculate like nearly all the competitors did. He estimated that Neptune might be much closer to the Sun than the distance formulas of Titius and Bode predicted it. The Frenchman just had a hunch, and intuition was leading him on the way that was correct. With the help of those estimations of Leverrier, some astronomers from Deutschland were able to find Neptune. Now all the world praised Leverrier as a genius. But we must rather call it a true miracle, that Neptune was found by way of the calculations of Leverrier, who still were only half-way correct. The competing British astronomer Adams also was searching Neptune in the same region of the sky, and he would have nearly made it. But strange bad luck stopped Adams again and again. It was serendipity that was leading Leverrier into success, but not Adams. From the point of view of UTR, it played a key role that Adams and colleagues in Britain had just been too big-minded. They were on the best way to realize that the laws of Isaac Newton were incorrect and needed some kind of factor of correction. The Frenchman Leverrier was a more plain and arrogant type, he believed in calculations and in Newton too. To critics he pointed out that he believed his formulas were so good that they would find unknown planets »automatically« even if the calculated distance was not correct! Well, when this calculation genius found Neptune by his way, that made all the critics get silent, while the peers now believed that it pays to keep to Newton, and forget about any worrisome false results.

9.4 Only some Fantasy Mirror Pluto matched the Calculations of Percival Lowell

By much the same way like Leverrier, and using some of Leverrier's formulas, Percival Lowell later managed to find the dwarf planet Pluto. But did he really find Pluto or did he just bring up a lucky guess that was only half-way correct? The hypothetical planet that Lowell had predicted was much bigger than the real dwarf planet Pluto. But while some colleagues kept up the idea that it was Lowell who had predicted and found Pluto, they came up with the fantasy mirror theory. It said that Pluto was in reality much bigger than the faraway big planetoid actually is. Due to a fantastic optical phenomenon Pluto appeared in dwarf size only to telescopes, since Pluto was all covered with ice and resembled a mirror. Such a very cold planet all covered with ice resembles much one typical planet of a Grey. Well, today we know that the Pluto fantasy mirror theory is just incorrect. But few outsiders and even most experts are secretly unable and unwilling to realize what was behind this fantasy-mirror theory of planet Pluto. The problem is that Lowell had calculated correctly, but using the formulas of Newton and the data of the orbit aberrations of Uranus and Neptune. Those planets were not moving the way they should, according to formulas everybody was using. The only explanation those calculation artists could think of was, that another big planet far away caused these aberrations of these orbits. The fantasy-mirror Pluto fits to that calculated Planet X, such a giant-size planet could have been the answer to all their problems. Some fantasy-mirror planet of British king size, ten times bigger even than Earth, might have been big enough to explain the aberrations of the orbit calculations; but real Pluto was not. So the question remained open for calculation artists, how to correctly explain those aberrations.

Pluto by the way was only found much later by the astronomer Tombaugh, with the help of some special apparatus. Tombaugh was one of those star gazers who could stare for hours and hours into pictures of the night sky. The UTR is sure that this will bring such people more under the influence of the Greys. That explains why Tombaugh was the lucky guy who found Pluto: His name sounds like that of the near Grey Ga-Toma from the star Alphakent (aka Rigel Centaurus). Also some guys with the name of Wolf, a liked animal among Greys, were in tendency more lucky than others when the Greys got a bit stronger. It was some guy with this name who first realized that there is some order of gravity fields, today called the rule of Titius-Bode.

It was not Galilei but the Deutsche Copernikus who was the first astronomer of modern times to realize that our planets circulate around the Sun. At his time many other calculationists could not get to that conclusion, because the orbits of the planets seemed to be too irregular for that. Not only in this case, some man from Deutschland was the one destined to discover a new insight of science. And did you know that Albert Einstein was born in Deutschland too? That physicist however was a Jew, and that explains all the nonsense that he put on paper, crowned by the blatantly false formula E=MC2. Any experimental physicist of today knows that this formula can't be correct, since it doesn't allow particles with a speed above the speed of light, who but were already found by way of measurements. One of the few guys who still fervently believes in Jewish Science is Sabine Bendiek from the CIA. That managing secretary was asked to write a guest commentary into the Deutsche red-press paper BILD-Zeitung. There she explained science to the mostly plain and little educated readers. She dared what few others dare here, to be a little patriotic. She pointed out that lately gravity waves had allegedly been discovered, with the essential help of Deutsche researchers from Potsdam too. Let me not talk here about these institutions in Potsdam, lest rude words might find their ways into my mouth. Let me instead blow the whistle: WHEEEE! Those experts are wasting away billions of our tax payer's money, in the USA too, as they try to find Einstein's gravity waves who cannot really exist. All those experiments were designed to mislead the science community and to thwart the discovery of the gravity field theory. Are we God today in the situation where we can ask those experts to still refrain from finding new laws of gravity that should not be discovered right now? Instead God still cleverly manipulates the finds of the experts. Rays move the mirrors that those researchers are using at their expensive Einstein gravity wave detectors. Well, as we look at the career of Frau Bendiek, who surprisingly became the chairlady of Microsoft Deutschland, we God get a hunch that we need more time before we can dare to tell the truth to the business community. Right now some people, who don't really know a lot about physics nor science at all, may still help unwillingly with God's plan to keep back humans from a future they are not morally evolved enough for.

9.5 Did some Calculationists recently discover Planet Nine of our Solar System? I call it Planet 109!

Astronomers know some kind of distance rule today, but don't know what that is. They try to find unknown planets with the help of that rule, but that doesn't work out. Right now they are searching for Planet Nine, formerly called Planet X. The big question is, whether we need to add now the name of Elizabeth Bailey, graduate student of astronomy, to the list with the names of Leverrier, Adams and Lowell. It's because Mr. Brown, Ms. Bailey and colleagues announced that they already, very nearly, have found a calculated wonder planet, with the help of calculations of the orbits of some objects of the faraway Kuiper belt. While planetoid finder Mike Brown sounded very technical and precise, Ms. Bailey expressed much wishful thinking. Yes, some of those brains vixens at the offices and institutions have a tendency to push really hard those loud-mouthed guys into the open, while some kind of nasty spirit seems to prepare all for the funniest science mistake of the season.

Calculationism is still in fashion everywhere despite of all those past poor results. This time the expectations to find a big planet seemed to be well founded, but wrongly again. Several faraway planetoids and asteroids all seem to circulate around a common center. According to those calculation artists that place is the place where Planet Nine must be and really is, since their computers are nearly a hundred percent sure. From my point of view however, we might call Ms. Bailey's planet neither real Planet Nine nor Planet X, but spotted fantasy Planet 109! I have the notion, confirmed by my special divine intuition more than once, that this planet is only one of those very many fantasy planets who were accurately spotted by calculationists but then not found with telescopes. Let me not go into details here, since the more you read of this case the more bizarre it seems to develop. These guys even believe that Planet 109 is responsible for the axial tilt of the Sun! In fact they believe their computers more than Christians believe their dark lord, when they must hear that the next death star that will arrive here on doomsday is already in the making. Here is some of the original score of the latter-day planet finding experts about planet 109:

"Basically, it shouldn't happen randomly," said Mike Brown of Caltech, one of the researchers. Brown and colleague Konstantin Batygin performed computer simulations of Kuiper belt objects that showed a possible 10-Earth-mass planet. "We plotted up the positions of those objects and their orbits, and they matched the simulations exactly. When we found that, my jaw sort of hit the floor," said Brown.

When I found that text, I needed some time to figure out the related fractal connections. Mr. Brown's jaw surely reminds of the jaw of that other hominid that the graph of chapter 12 of this text shows. So there is a chance that Mr. Brown will read this text, and that it will have a major impact at his Caltech institute. That will possibly make him accept the idea, that his planet nine is my planet 109. By the way, my proposed number 109 is a mere estimation. So many planets were already calculated down on paper but then not found up there in the sky. Some decades ago, a H. H. Kritzinger spotted even two such planets X by way of calculations, who were never found. Haha said the clown, who made Kritzinger go public with that risky idea, also see the following chapter.

9.6 The Rule of Titius-Bode is an Approximation to the unknown Gravity Field Theory

Many astronomers think that unknown planets must cause orbit aberrations of known planets. In truth though there is a much different explanation to this old bizarre quagmire. The laws that all those astrophysicists and astronomers rely on, those gravity laws of Newton & Einstein, must be incorrect. Indeed that is the result where we get to by way of just a little thinking. Why do the planets of the solar system nearly all keep regular distances to their central star, that remind a bit of the harmonic oscillations of a musical instrument? A gravity theory that really explains the movements of the planets should also explain this. From the point of view of UTR, only the correct gravity field theory can answer this one and other questions. To find that theory, this should not be much of a problem for our bright palefaces in the research institutions, who maybe never see the Sun for weeks since they spend so many nighttime hours gazing up into the sky. But if you occupy too much with the affairs of outer space, the odds are high that N-rays suck your lifeforce away. Mental connections to the sky are generally harmful. Better forget about far-space travel fantasies. Darn, even listening to Negro music may lead to alien black magic fractal connections to bad luck planets, and to mental delusions. I guess many people dislike to hear such things, but Negro music just isn't good for the wise guys! Better listen to some good country music, played with banjo and fiddle maybe, that may give you a bigger sip of inspiration. Here is one short poem of mine, dedicated to all the genius calculationists and spare-time star gazers and very nearly finders of fantasy Planet X:

Ha ha, said the clown,
did your planet turn brown,
or is your shining too dim,
or were you high on dope,
when you failed to find him,
with your telescope?

So really, isn't it boring and odd to watch the same ever stars at nights, stars that the experts see more clearly? Better read some more about tomorrow's science now. I can make you wiser than the guys out there in the sky. Here you find revealed lots of speculative facts, who add up to a great theory! The basic idea of the gravity field theory must be that gravity works in a different way in regions we call fields. We know some such gravity fields, they are shaped by harmonic oscillations of our Sun. These fields are like regions where planets prefer to dwell; and that is the secret behind the odd rule of Titius-Bode, that celestial bodies prefer to circle around our Sun in regular distances. So gravity appears to works just different in such regions, but how exactly? One calculationist who really came far with such calculations was the late Soviet Russian A. M. Molchanov. In 1968 that great Russian announced the discovery of some kind of resounding structure of our Solar System. With the help of extremely difficult calculations this calculationist thought he could explain all the orbits of all our planets and satellites. There cannot be any doubt that such a structure exists in our Solar System. The problem is not so much to find it, but the troubles start when you realize that your mind fails you as you try to figure out the nature of it. Star gazers are fractally closer to the bad sky, and that takes away lifeforce and structure from them. While God cannot really allow some new finds, people who get near to making them may only encounter mental troubles.

9.7 The two Meteorites of 2013 indicated that God manipulates astronomical Data

So Leverrier was the lucky guy, because he had no idea that only a post-Newton gravity theory can really explain the movements of the planets correctly. While Adams and the Brits were more aware of the shortcomings of the classical theory of Newton, destiny didn't want them to proceed to a gravity field theory. But even this theory would not help much to explain the climate and ice-age cycles, astronomy-wise. It is because of the influence that those congeras have on the celestial bodies. These highly developed creatures use gravity rays to drag and tow hyperspacetime, and they can also manipulate our reality and the far past. Let's call it divine interference. Only this explains strange news stories like that of the meteorite that exploded above the Russian city of Chelyabinsk in February 2013, some weeks only after the end of the ominous year 2012. That heavenly boulder crashed thousands of window panes. But another and bigger meteorite narrowly missed Earth on that day. The scary meteorite 2012-DA14 had been discovered only shortly before, in 2012. It seemed to be headed directly towards us. Well, with our typical luck we managed to escape an impact worthy of a Hollywood disaster movie. If that 2012 doomsday meteorite would have hit us it would have caused a massive impact crater as impressive as that of Barringer AZ. Now, the really tough question to the astrologers is why both these events happened on the same day. Those two apparently unconnected events, and more mystery stories, made many people get thoughtful. Most had not really feared that something would happen in 2012, but now look at this unexpected 2013 danger! God protects this planet fairly well, but sudden attacks from cosmic sources need massive manipulations of our reality, including the minds of the mortals.

9.8 The Bible predicts that last Christians shall sing and give thanks for Doomsday

In the past many celestial bodies crashed down on us, with disastrous effects. The Bible has it that a hail of boulders and stars will come down in the last days, to destroy everything. When there is only a sea of fire and molten glass left, some last bible-true believers will stand at the banks singing and praising God's justice (Revelation 15:3)! Well, they didn't sing the song of Moses in Russia when that 2013 asteroid crashed down on them, but there were many tears. However, clerics may well expect that in the last days of Earth some Christians will react joyful, like the devils in space; they will find doomsday a great show and amusing and justified, since ours had been only such a deluded and miserable planet.

In the sky many have a sense of quality, and as we develop quality creatures we reap more respect and heavenly support. The Bible however leads people away from quality standards, any sheepish fool will realize that. The Bible says that last Christians shall sing the song of Moses as they celebrate their end-of-the-world party. That should raise more concern in the minds of concerned Christians, since they have no such song in their common books of prayer. Must they fear not that God regards this as an unforgivable sin, if they fail to sing that song? Shall they subsequently be thrown into a pit of fire and sulphur who is a part of the heavenly realm of their dark lord, ready to harbor all the mendacious, and also all cowards and abominations, and all those other people disliked by the Bible (Revelation 21:8)? Here again the UTR has the answer to one big question that the Bible leaves open. One of the nearest Greys is Ga-Musa of the star Procyon. If our world should go under then this she-devil will be one of the main culprits. Ga-Musa has fractals links to similar sounding names here, like Moses or Muslims and also the Muse. She wrongly was seen as bringer of music in classical Greek traditions. So the tendency is there that Ga-Musa likes music some more than other Greys. But if you sing a song for her then any old music will do, since she is very damaged and lives many lightyears away in the sky, so her hearing abilities are limited. Better not even think of her, since that makes her N-rays get closer to you, who make you lose your youth, your health and your senses.

9.9 You cannot exactly calculate back the secretly manipulated Orbits of local Planets

Now, calculation artists think that they can calculate back the axial tilt of planet Earth for millions of years, just with the help of some simple mathematics. They are often too recalcitrant to realize that it is more true what the fantasy movie Matrix teaches us, that some of the laws of nature can be bound, and some can be broken. Calculationists try to explain creation without it's creatress, and those who prefer to keep a distance to God employ them and subscribe to their theories. As we regard astrophysics today, the situation reminds of the situation that people like Galileo Galilei were facing. The old-time experts keep using the most strange epicyclical formulas to calculate the movements of the celestial bodies. Those odd formulas are only half-way correct, but it's not possible to introduce another better model of the world and the sky. Of course there are odd religious prejudices in the background. This planet's leading old-time religious networks keep promoting a blatantly false theory of the sky. In reality there are no dead people up there, like Saint Luke. But out there are zombie-like aliens, gray cosmic devils. One of the worst is Fe-Luka, who tends to try and find a partner on other planets. That explains our fictional Saint Luke as well as the fictional Luke Skywalker, the hero of our greatest space saga Star Wars. Many such Greys search for creatures with similar names, but those who fall for their snares a bit may become the special targets of the attacks of N-rays. Better remember the tragic accident of the guy who played Luke.

Greys are addicted to cruelty, they draw humans near to try and waste them. They lure for a day of weakness of any planetary goddess, to then let a hail of meteorites fall down on some planet, just like we saw it in the nasty intro video clip of the classical internet browser Netscape. While many normal people of this planet could easily realize that their old-time gravity laws need to be corrected, they are not yet ready for this kind of divine revelation. And while God hesitates and tries to win time, that makes old-time experts keep to the old-time laws and theories of Newton & Einstein, and also to those of Milankovich.

10. The old-time Calculation Methods of the Tilt came to a sudden End

Alleged axial Tilt of Planet Earth according to Berger
10.1 Tilt said the Machine, and Berger's Game was over

Now this is still regarded as the last and best result of the older generation of experts to compute the climate cycles. This graph comes from the Wikipedia-Commons collection, it was once again modded by me with additional data. Into the lower right corner I placed letters for the six last real ice ages. The curve of the calculated axial tilt of planet Earth should show them, in some way, or shouldn't it? That is a tough question, surely for the few old-timers too who still keep believing in this one or similar curves. As we compare this fantasy graph to the real data of times past, we find little or no matches only. Clever and able calculationists like Milankovich got past that stage. Such guys have a way to redraw and rearrange all the curves and cyphers until the resulting curve is surprisingly similar to the curve of the real data. But Andy Berger definitely was not one of these cracks. We many compare Berger to a pinball machine professional who tried a lot to make his game and win. He caresses and pushes and tilts it, back and forth. But suddenly his efforts and manipulations get stopped by some kind of naughty mechanism. Tilt it says, and the game is over. That is what the big TILT sign signifies, here placed below by me. Darn, you need to be a genius to manipulate all the calculations and curves in such a way that they show you the results in the end that you long to have. Obviously Berger was no such pinball wizard. Like any pinball-machine would, the mainframe computers Berger was using at his time must have reacted with a tilt flag to attempted manipulations.

10.2 The main Rhythm of this Climate Graph and the Details too do not match with the real Data

The author of this graph, André Berger, was just another calculationist. His curve comes from 1976, and it marks the end zone of the efforts of the experts to explain the climate cycles with the help of such simple mathematics. The red diamond, some kind of landmark in time and space, leads back to the year of 1850. This gives this graph some outdated impression. In fact nothing much changed since that time with the data of the axial tilt of planet Earth. The experts still today are of the opinion that the axis of our planet wobbles in some way with a periodicity of 41,000 years. The entire curve is based on the historical version of the axial tilt data, of year 1850 a., and we see a basic rhythm of 41.00o years. The real data from the field however show a completely different rhythm, one of moreless 100,000 years. Then there is also the bad aspect that this graph fits very poorly to what we know now about the overall age of the ice ages called Pleistocene. Around the year of 1,0500,000 b. the strong ice age Menap was hitting Northern Europe. But according to Bergers graph that was just the time when a nice interglacial started. The age of ice ages officially commenced with the year 2,590,000 b.; and around 2,300,000 b. the first two ice ages of Biber left their sure traces in European soil layers. According to this graph however, that was just the time when the movements of the axial tilt were especially moderate, and nothing much changed then with the climate. There is definitely something wrong with this curve. The calculationist Berger must have tried his best to get to a curve that would fit well enough to the ice-age data. But obviously his efforts to manipulate the computers didn't get far enough. Berger was surely too honest too to manipulate all the calculations and estimations to a point where they would better match the real dryland data. The times had changed in the seventies, and the spirit of the hippie era was making many people more aware of the fact that there was some guiding spirit with them, some new-age Aquarius who was working serious good magic.

11. The Magnetic Field of the Earth allows Climate Cycles or not

Magnetic Field of Earth and Ice Ages graphs show that there is a connection
11.1 This Graph seems to indicate a menacing Climate Pendulum Crisis

This graph shows the isotopes curve again. As we look at how the age of the ice ages developed, we are reminded of the Gothic novel of Edgar Allan Poe »The Pit and the Pendulum«. That mysterious piece tells of a prisoner, who has to dwell in bonds in a dark pit. Slowly a menacing pendulum comes near. Those ups and downs of the world climate remind indeed of the movements of Poe's pendulum. The prisoner is lucky, since rats free him in time, while they gnaw away his bonds. From the point of view of the UTR it is not hard to recognize in the prisoner the good power of Earth. The Goddess of Earth centered her hopes for a long time on rodent-like tree-climbing mammals. From these ancestors God developed mammals and humans, after the end of the dinosaurs. The impression that right now the Earth is tumbling into a climate pendulum crisis is shocking. We are reminded of the crisis that marked the end of the dinos. The good Earth Goddess however hopes that she can avert the crisis in the last moment. I mean the crisis that manifests on Earth with those over 99,7 percent of humans who exceed the population maximum that such a planet like ours should have. As we try to avert the crisis, Sofia Ewa firmly relies on the support of her one world-savior. Our love must last and it will. God's story wont become a tragic tale, like that of Brad in the pit with the noisy colored brats.

11.2 We God are confident that another Ice Age will be avoided

Right now the population and pollution crisis is still breathtaking. Can one man who tells the truth to a world make all the world leaders try and find better ways to save the Earth? I can tell my tales to a few only, but Ewa's inner guidance guides all promising people naturally. It plays a key role here to stop those celestial waves of lust and bad thinking, who come in with the so-called N-rays nearly every day. If we can fight back this spell of lust that the sky sends us we also can make those many off-species and colored people rather refrain from reproducing. I am right now supposed to act cautiously with the intention to change the structure of population. Outdated humans now are bound to die out, soon. We need to avoid a new ice age that would lead to new climate stress. Since the orientation of the magnetic field is favorable, we God can be confident that we will soon have the time and the power too, to prevent the coming of another such grim ice age. Soon here means in a few 10,000 years of course. In 40,000 years from now it will be much harder for God and the guardian angels to see to it that this planet has a nice, moderate and balanced climate. Then the time will begin when the climate cycle we are in right now will disconnect us a bit from the helpful uplinks that lead to the Alliance of Earths. We God are however confident that at that faraway time, we will already be 20 lightyears more away from our worst neighbor stars Sirius and Procyon. The effects of incoming N-rays, that the local Greys modulate and amplify, should be much weaker then compared to right now. In the future N-rays also should have less effects on the northern half (hemisphere) of our planet.

11.3 It was not a Coïncidence that the Age of the Ice Ages began with a Reversal of the Magnetic Field

My graph of this chapter combines the isotopes curve with a graph that shows the reversals of the magnetic field of Earth. Here black is good for us Earthlings, while white is not. We get a hunch on first view, that there might be a connection of the climate curve to the reversals of the magnetic field. The entire graph now shows the exact start of the Pleistocene, the age of the ice ages. That moment of reversal happened 2.59 million years ago. At the very bottom this graph shows that at the exact moment the magnetic field of Earth was reversed. The chronozone (era of magnetic polarity) Gauß (Gauss) ended. The next chronozone Matuyama began. It was due to the division of the ages of prehistory by the experts, that these two events are linked. Those experts divided the geological earth ages with the help of the chronozones. Experts use those reversals of the magnetic field to date geological finds. Only the UTR but assumes that a change of chronozones had it's effects on the climate. When at 2.59 mya (million years ago) the chronozone called Matuyama began, also the climatic age of the ice ages started. We learn this from the fact that more or less at the same time the climate pendulum of the ice ages seemed to start moving. At that time the magnetic poles jumped and reversed, from right to wrong. The climate of the earlier geological age Pliocene had been a bit more stable and warm in comparison. But now, with the beginning of the Pleistocene, the arctic zone (the zone of the north pole) started to freeze over. That polar region got gradually covered with ice more and more. I separated from the Pleistocene the last million years, and named this penultimate era Glaciocene, the age of glaciation.

11.4 The two Biber ice ages seem to fit well to a cycle of 100,000 years, not one of 41,000 years

Approximately 2.6 mya the climate of our world started to sway like a pendulum. That seems to have happened at first in small intervals of 41,000 years. The event is linked to the reversal of the magnetic field from right to wrong. Nothing changed when the magnetic field reversed again to right for some time, 2 mya with the Olduvai-reversal. But if we look really closely at that period of time, we find that shortly before two thin black lines mark two short-time reversals of the magnetic field. We may easily think that these short-time swayings of the magnetic field had it's effects on the above marked cold era, here called Biber 1 & 2 (aka Prätegelen). The two Biber ice ages were the first European ice ages ever of the Pleistocene, but not of all of our history, of course. Both ice-ages of Biber apparently had a duration of one cycle or roughly 100,000 years, at least this is what the official Deutsche reports seem to say. That means that at certain occasions also during the early part of the Pleistocene there were at least some long 100,000 year cycles, who resemble those typical climate cycles of the next era, the last one million years of the Glaciocene. Long-time cycles as these may have been characteristic for the ice age era here called Donau 1 to 3 (aka Eburon). This cold age too was parted into three cycles, who each should have had an individual duration of one long cycle, although the overall duration of the entire age of Eburon is not clear to me. Disregarding those two ice age periods, the Pleistocene until the time of 1.05 mya was definitely a time when only weak and unclear climate cycles would manifest. Those rather unclear data of that early period of time seem to indicate that long-time cycles would only rarely occur, and when ice ages happened during the Pleistocene. The overall impression that the graph of the Pleistocene climate gives, until the time of 1.05 mya, is one of unsteadiness.

The idea that I have about the Pleistocene (the new one that ended 1.05 mya, according to my new timetable) is, that in it we should also find a long-time rhythm of 100,000 years, but not strictly. The rhythm would only be more clearly there during those unusual cold ages, but also here not as strict and regular as the same rhythm appeared in the later Glaciocene. Let me however not forget to admit that right now, I have no clear idea how to explain the three Donau/Eburon ice ages. According to my theory they should also have had a duration of three typical cycles, with a total duration of approximately 300,000 years. They also should have been triggered by unsteadiness in the magnetic field. But there seems to have occurred no reversal from wrong to right that we would have expected, of the magnetic field of planet Earth at that time. Penck and colleagues by the way did place their finds of the early Donau ice ages into a later period of time. The ice age that they called Donau in 1909 is maybe rather identical with the cold age today called Cromer, see chapter 11.8. For a long time there was uncertainty about some of the gravel finds made in the Alps mountains.

11.5 First Glaciations are clearly linked to a longer Reversal called Jaramillo

The unsteadiness of the Pleistocene ended with the Glaciocene. That is my new name for the era of the last million years. Only with the onset of the first really strong ice age Menap and the synchronous Jaramillo-reversal, from false to correct roughly 1.05 mya, the rhythm of the oscillations of the climate seemed to change significantly. So these two events are obviously linked. Suddenly longer, colder and more hefty cycles occurred, at rather regular long intervals of around 100,000 years. The age of glaciations maybe got less strict and cold again when the magnetic field did reverse again to wrong for some time. That is what some European data seem to show, but hardly this climate graph. When the Brunhes chronozone began, around 780,000 years ago; the magnetic field of Earth reversed from false to correct for the last time, the way it still is oriented today. After that time the magnetic field of Earth would only suffer an occasional short-time breakdown, to then reestablish the way it had been before. Such small breakdowns could mislead the researchers sometimes. Only two early longer short-time breakdowns are shown on this graph as black lines. The experts of the ages past used the chronozones mainly to date volcanic lava exactly. So far hardly anyone seems to have suspected that there exists a connection between the polarity of the magnetic field and world climate. What role should it play if the magnetic pole would reverse, with the consequence that the compass needle that used to point to the north suddenly would point southwards? Those primitive humans of prehistory did not really use any golden compass. And the birds who possess a magnetic sense probably would learn fast that this sense functioned in another way than before.

11.6 The Pleistocene started as Greys weakened the Earth Goddess

The UTR has it that the Earth Goddess underneath relies much on the effects of gravito-magnetic fields. That is why such fields may have strange effects. From the point of view of the UTR it is correct (good for us) if the magnetic field of Earth points into the opposite direction than the planet's axis does! Right now the southern magnetic pole is near to the geographic north pole. That has good effects especially on the way the good God influences Earth. By way of gravito-magnetic rays Ewa directs the destinies of the creatures of planet Earth, mainly on it's northern hemisphere. Her godly earth rays must partly rise up into the sky, when they need to intercept incoming N-rays. The Earth Goddess also links to field lines who come down to us from a region near to the sky north pole. Those heavenly rays of the guardian angels connect more easily to the south pole of our magnetic field than to the north pole, see chapter 13.

So 2.59 mya the magnetic field reversed from right to wrong, with the consequence of a weakening of the powers of the Earth Goddess. That reversal happened due to the efforts of the Greys, our devilish enemies in the sky. That long-time reversal of the magnetic field to wrong, at the onset of the chronozone Matuyama, happened because our cosmic fiends were worried over the developing humankind. Therefore they firstly weakened the Earth Goddess a bit. Then they did let the previously stable climate sway, in the onset only slightly, according to these data, but later more and more wildly.

11.7 The Timetable of the Reversals of the magnetic Field was a bit misleading

Today's experts know now connection between a reversal of the magnetic field and the course of the age of the ice ages. Those ice-age cycles are attributed to the movements of Earth, or also put into connection with earth quakes or volcanism. Nobody so far came up with the idea that the magnetic field could have something to do with this too. As we compare the two graphs above, we may nevertheless easily deem that there might be a secret and unknown connection, between some reversals of the magnetic field and the way how ice-age cycles would manifest. The current divisions of the magnetic field graph into chronozones however are having misleading effects. According to this graph it looks a bit as if suddenly, approximately 1.1 mya, those extreme and long ice-age cycles started, those who impressively dominated the last period of time of the Pleistocene. With the Menap my Glaciocene started, the era of glaciations. First glaciations started still inside of the chronozone Matuyama, and the graph of the climate cycles didn't show much of what had changed now in suddenly frost-bitten Europe. Only 300,000 years later the magnetic field reversed again, and this time for once and all time. That was the begin of the chronozone Brunhes, the zone we are in right now. To the ice-age cycles this seemed to have no effect. But this main view on the chronozones is misleading, since smaller reversals may now easily be overseen. A key event was that reversal of the magnetic field called Jaramillo, named after some Mexican river. That reversal from roughly 1.1 mya had a rather long duration, apparently covering one entire ice-age cycle. That period of reversal was not classified as a chronozone; but that was just the moment when those previous, rather vague cycles of roughly 40,000 years seemed to get more fixed and much longer, to find that rhythm of 100,000 years. It is remarkable that just then the first long and strong glaciation came over Europe. The Menap was the first ice age where glaciers from Scandinavia creeped southwards to as far as Holland.

11.8 The first strong Ice Age Menap welcomed first Hominids in Europe

From the point of view of stone-age researchers that time also was important. To the time of 1 mya we may date back the Protacheuléen. Roughly 1 million years ago for the first time early humans migrated into Europe. Those few finds from this era are difficult to date, datings allow a margin of some hundreds of thousands of years. Despite of this right now the experts found out, that with the first early humans entering Europe also the strong glaciations started, while at the same time the magnetic field reversed, with the reversal of Jaramillo. Researchers who don't know God nor hostile powers will still not assume any connection here. But with the knowledges of the UTR we must see things also with God's senses. Just at that time early hominids had made a first big step into a new world. It is consequential to think that the Greys reacted to this evolutionary step forwards with a celestial frost-attack. At the same time the good Earth Goddess managed to reverse back the, then wrongly oriented, magnetic field. Later she had to do this once more. I think it makes sense also because of the hominids to let a new earth age start right there. Some decades ago in Deutschland nearly the same period of time was already called Pleistocene. But it later came out that this age of the ice ages had already started 1.6 million years earlier. Also this international rearrangement of the names of the Earth ages had the consequence that the experts tended to not pay much attention to that big change of 1.05 mya.

11.9 With the last Reversal of the Brunhes Chronozone the Climate got really cold

The comparison of a reversal of the magnetic field, and the development of the climate, and also some looks at the migration of hominids, is consequential also for the later time when the Brunhes chronozone began. Here it becomes especially clear that right then the climate changed, but not in a nice way. In Europe we can align the onset of the Brunhes with the change of two longer ages of mixed climate. Right then the somewhat milder Bavel complex ended (aka Bavelien), and the frostier Cromer complex started. Both those complexes united a series of warm and colder ages, who seemed to have a connection. We find that once again a significant change of the climate accompanied a reversal of the magnetic field. The Bavelien (here marked with red arrows) was definitely warmer, and it did not show a strict structure of ice-age cycles. The Bavelien started roughly 1 mya. The bitter Menap ice-age had ended, and now the trees came back, especially hemlock firs. Those firs however died out in the following Cromer complex. The overall climate now got colder. We also find here a stricter expression of the typical climate cycles of the Glaciocene. Now short warm ages and long cold ages were following each others. Into the times of the short warm ages there also fell special hot sections. All this is hardly visible from the isotopes graph above, but that is what the dryland data say.

12. Only God has ready the Solution to the Ice-Ages Riddle

Bild: Homo erectus Fruehmensch Unterkiefer von Heidelberg Mauer
12.1 The Ice Ages show the Influence of God on our Climate

I started this text with all those graphs and the data that the experts had gathered of the climate of past ages. Humankind has had troubles realizing that there had been ice ages in our past. Many people hold on to the point of view of the Bible; even if it is plain, cynical, childish and outright evil. Often those people from the left wing of society had the power to push away better people who were rather naturally right-wingers. Some better people had a strong hunch that there is a God, but couldn't get to a clear vision. There were so many bible badgers who were driven by egoistic and dishonest drives. Many left-wingers (in tendency) tried to explain the ice ages naturally. Here in Deutschland such efforts are still strangely popular. The new Universal Truth Religion just knows more. The UTR starts with the knowledge that God lives here where creation was done, and not on those frozen over and destroyed planets of our neighborhood, lightyears away in space. So if there is a God with humankind then how was the climate of ages past regulated? As God starts to reveal and explain, telling of times of pains and misery and vicious cosmic enemies, this document could have been started again and rewritten all over. It is fairly obvious that something went wrong at a time when ice carapaces with a thickness of several kilometers covered large parts of today's Europe. But then again, that was only the time when the good Earth Goddess was still preparing to welcome evolved humans with a nice climate.

12.2 God didn't do too much for primitive Hominids, including today's Negroes

Above we see the lower jaw of one primitive hominid. That part of a skull of a Homo erectus (now: Erectoid) was found at Heidelberg Mauer in today's Deutschland. Most recent news tell me that this Erectoid lived in the warm age here called Cromer-3 in Europe, at a time of exactly 582,000 years before today. I keep hearing this story, but I cannot be really sure whether it is all correct. What I know right now is that my jaw is inflamed and hurts, that is due to the fractal connections who came up when I worked up the above picture. What I also know for sure is that there are good congeras who are billions of years old, and who may remember all those events of our past or eventually read their old diaries again. So we may call this jaw the remains of one of the first ever Deutsche (Germans) of all time. Skulls and bones were not all that the Erectoids left, but the few cobblestones that they managed to split into tools are hardly distinguishable from other boulders and pieces of stone. The lines drawn into this graph show in comparison how jaws of today's normal humans and Negroes look like. In comparison the prognathous jaw of a Negro is some more similar to the jaw of a primitive Erectoid. That is a plain fact, and it matches our expectations and finds, that the last Negroes are in many aspects living fossils, while modern Europeans are more developed humans. Some people may say that it is racism to study such things, but I say that here we find a truth we must all learn to accept and evaluate. The future of our troubled and precious planet depends on our ability, to tell to some people in school and on the streets, that they are just less evolved, silly, ugly, just of a too low quality, and should please die out without leaving similar descendants. During all the age of human evolution, we only managed to learn and evolve as lesser people died out.

12.3 It is a big Delusion to just not see the big differences between the Major Races

The big delusion on the field of racism studies is to conclude that, while we only study selected individuals, there are no general quality differences between the major races. That error is due to the main problem that humankind is still much deluded and unable to correctly understand the basic facts of science and nature, including God. Only the UTR teaches the truth to the world right now, and that cannot be done in a hurry. Only some better people are eligible for such teachings, due to natural and technical limitations. People of lesser races are just less mentally sane and socially competent, and it is not fair to push them into a competition that they cannot well win. It is now possible to find facts who undoubtedly tell that there lives a non-human Earth Goddess inside this planet, who terraformed (tuned) this planet and filled it with life. The next step is to realize that this same deity did let all low-quality (lowquo) and unevolved hominids die out, including the above Erectoid, and the Neanderthals (now: Neandroids) and those »Flores Hobbits« too. It is logical then to assume that our God did this because it was necessary and functional. The UTR tells that such lowquo hominids are too much under the influence of dangerous evil Greys in general. Many facts and finds from history, science and society prove this beyond any doubt. Erectoids are no more, and Negroids must die out now, since they are just much less evolved that good white humans. Another question is if our whites are good enough for the future, and what we can do to enhance them in quality. That is another tough question, but a different one. We must get to the best possible results with the whites that we have, but it's utterly hopeless to try to evolve Negroes or other lowquo coloreds. Negroes are no-future people. If western science manages to accept God, they will also be able to accept this.

12.4 God can explain most any Facts of Life and Science, but not to most any People

So how does God explain the ice ages? God's religion UTR has it that creation on this planet was very difficult and influenced by bad planets from outer space. As you may guess we are not alone in space. But there is an operating system called Berk-OS that regulates creation on many planets of many galaxies in this bad dark corner of the universe. Berk-OS has it that six major races develop on a planet to populate the six continents. That is what happened on our planet. Berk-OS thus explains why East Asia has a special reality link to the colored Asians (aka Mongos), here called major race two. As humans of that race wander into other continents, their progeny changes significantly. Coloreds have less racial stability in comparison to whites. That is one consequence of the fact that there is too little reality on those very many planets where doomed Berks live. With all these problems in mind, God wanted a few whites only on the first continent of Europe, but no coloreds at all. That plan of creation worked out on many other planets of the two star clusters of humanoids, but it nearly failed here on the isolated planet Earth. We are a planet taken hostage, surrounded by approximately 140 destroyed planets of Greys, and captured by the influence of N-rays sent in by vast hostile and chaotic regions of our extremely miserable galaxy. Those Greys do the same things on many planets. They make the creatures get dumb and bizarre, dark and mean. They multiply them by too large numbers. They make the dumb get aggressive and kill the more promising and bright ones. Greys raise a civilization from the stone age to the age of atomic bombs in short time, and bomb them back into the stone age in even much shorter time. Not rarely one planetary deity only has a few survivors left after one such cataclysm. These guys seem to be well developed, they sail the oceans for some decades, and after some time God finds new land for them. But as soon as they land there, and start to grow fruits, the old problems arise again. Some of their progeny becomes ever darker and meaner. Those coloreds get poor and bad, they reproduce too much, and they bring down the next civilization. That is what the Bible says too, in the story of the ark of Noah. Such arks existed, after a time of doomsday, on many planets of Berks. So far we managed to escape from such destiny. Due to the ice ages, people like the extinct Erectoid of the above image didn't have the time to settle down and multiply in Europe. That saved us from a fast and dangerous rise of a civilization. Imagine such a guy with a gun and a Koran in his hands, or better not. God did not grant a future to such primitive hominids. The same is true for lowquo Muslims.

12.5 Ice Ages mark the Struggle between good and evil Powers over human Quality

Europe, our first world, is the cradle of civilization of not only this planet. Only on continent one some guys eventually develop to first quality. That is not possible on the directly neighboring continent of North America. White Europeans are so inventive and creative! They managed to invent one technology after the other fast, while Redskins never came past the stone age, and Indios liked being cannibals, and Mongos didn't learn how to fly by themselves. Whites managed to spread into other territories and developed them fairly well, while the Chinese mysteriously stayed at home and got stuck in a development crisis. No old-time sociologist can explain this with statistics. It is caused by links to many other planets, where the white continent is always the place where the best creatures develop. For our local God this means that Europe needed some kind of special protection. Always miserable primitive Africans would get to the miserable and bad idea to migrate to Europe to settle down there and reproduce in large numbers. The ice ages stopped them, and that is the good aspect of this bad story. Only at a time when humankind was good enough for a sudden rise of the first age of civilization, Europe suddenly became a hospitable and fairly warm place. Roughly 12,000 years ago the glaciers suddenly and massively started to vanish. That had happened in previous warm ages like Eem, Wacken or Roskilde (aka Holstein). But the ice had always come back fast. Warm ages were short since the time when first humans had ventured into the central region of Europe. This time the warm age of Atlanticum just didn't stop that fast. That gives us a big hope that my expectation is correct, and that our age is the age of the end of the ice ages. The Earth Goddess managed to keep our climate so warm and stable because she got rid of outdated and primitive humans, while whites with a future were making her get stronger than ever.

12.6 Primitive Neanderthals were already as (un-)wise as today's Christians are

The struggle over the quality of early humans was hard in all those hundreds of thousands of years. One wave of primitive immigrants after the other swept into Europe. Many cosmic powers battled over our destiny, good ones and evil ones. The Earth Goddess had to keep up a difficult balance. Should she risk to develop those hominids some more, or should she rather give development some more time? There was always the risk that creation would nearly fail after a big impact of a celestial body, or else get along too fast with results getting out of control. The Earth Goddess needed slow but steady progress, especially when it came to the development of the mind. There was and is, however, a big cosmic rhythm of approximately 100,000 years; caused by the star cluster of the nearer of two Alliances of Humanoids. There are other such alliances, free planets who are farther away and less influential here. The Earth Goddess was born in sky, at the planet of Mirá. Anna's planet there had been one of the relatively few populated by Sauroids. Our tales of dragons still remind of those descendants of reptiles. Most of those planets are gone now and destroyed by the Greys. The same is true for those thousands of planets of diver birds and penguins, who once existed in space all around here. The Earth Goddess knew that many cosmic powers decided over her destiny and that of her planet. That explains why she made the climate cycles get frosty, one after the other. More ice ages would give her more time to develop better humans, at the place where that was only possible, at the center of the first continent. The risks also explain why those primitive humans remained rather dumb and didn't develop much of a culture. Those few finds from the age of the Neanderthals (now: Neandroids) seem to show that they were culturally at a level well comparable to that of today's Christians and/or Muslims. Neandroids also had hardly any artwork. They dwelt in dark caves for some time, and it is well thinkable that they kept there the bones and remains of their dead, like today's Catholics do, thinking that these dead were still alive. Neandroids were also drinking from skulls, this may remind of Christian blood drinking rites. That may give Christians the wrong idea that those Neanderthals were already Christians. But the truth is that from those days until today, more primitive and more developed humans alike were stopped at the same cultural barrier. They could not really find and understand God. That explains why the Christian theologist Otto Kleinschmidt in 1931, under the influence of the Nazi party maybe, declared the Neanderthals as wise humans (Latin: homo sapiens). These types weren't really wise humans, but neither were the Christians really wise, nor other humans. This story is painful for some of today's experts, who still call Neanderthals homo sapiens. The Earth Goddess did only dare to reveal herself to humankind now, while a few are developed enough to cope with this. Sofia Ewa rather keeps away from Negroes and other off-species guys; from ugly, adverse, bad, primitive and under-developed humans and underlings. She may be there for some of them, but only in a foggy form. She did not fully reveal herself to those sad last Neanderthals, who had to die out some 40,000 years ago. Only some blades, worked very diligently, left by the last of the Neanderthals, may be interpreted as symbols of the rather shapeless body of god. In times when the ice was getting worse and worse, those last hominids started to pray to a god they didn't really know. God had good reasons to not help them.

12.7 Austral-Negroes are Living Fossils and closest to the extinct Homo Erectus

These chapters look again at the weather crisis in Australia, see already chapter 1. My idea is that bad weather in Australia has fractal links to many other things in life, including our real existing Earth Goddess. While Ewa is so overworked right now, she can't do enough for this rather remote fifth continent. So one solution to global warming related problems there is, to make this world a better place. Part of the solution is to have less colored people have kids. Having less colored people in a region means that there are less unwanted fractal links to bad planets in outer space, who also have similar colored people. That brings less bad luck and helps to ward off bad magic. Okay, few people are ready to believe right now that alien planets filled with Berks, horrible half-intelligent gray-skinned spider gnomes, who live the social life of ants, are common in this galaxy. Well that at least explains why some Spiderman is the most popular fantasy super hero of Jewish movies. More people are ready to believe that primitive hominids here called Erectoids once lived on our planet. It is obvious then that the Austral-Negroes of today, of the major race five, resemble those extinct Erectoids more than any other living hominids. Just look at the very primitive and ancient faces and skulls of the Austral-Negroes. And if those two sorts of people rather look similar, the conclusion is well possible that they are also bound by fractal links to each others. We may call our last Austral-Negroes living fossils, they resemble some species that already went extinct. By letting those Austral-Negroes die out, we also cut links to primitive and extinct hominids of several sorts, and thus help to upgrade the overall quality of humankind. That conclusion is maybe better understandable, but still one step beyond from today's modern thinking. There are many people right now who don't allow such thinking, since they are not fond of the idea that humankind should be upgraded in quality. Many people are still so unintelligent and badly informed that they have no idea that there is a good god who cares for them. Well, this is the good message that the UTR now provides. Help God to improve the quality of humankind, and in return God can provide better information and service. That means less bad destiny and popery, less catastrophes and sicknesses and pests, and also a better weather for all parts of the world.

12.8 Austral-Negroes, aka Aboriginals (or rather Abominals) can die out magically

Now that may sound to many like worst Harry Potter stuff. But do you remember the odd Jewish movie called Australia? We saw in it a young Austral-Negro, a puny ugly freak playing some kind of Australian Harry Potter! That specimen seemed to be charged with black magic linked to that continent. It is part of God's plan when Jews (and some Persians too) raise opposition against Anglo-Saxon tendencies to dominate, liberalize and over-populate the entire world. The Bible says after all that Semites and some similar darklings are God's darlings. Many of our weak, elderly and simple minded people believe in the Bible. That is why some keep calling negroid Australians »Aboriginals«. That refers to some false biblical timetable, as well as to the wrong racist idea that Austral-Negroes were created by destiny to own and populate Australia; that they are in some way the natural offspring of this continent, that they command a magic special for Australia. Crocodile Dundee in comparison, this white genuine Australian movie super hero, did not work miracles nor use magic, or did he? Only if today's best white Anglo-Saxon Australians learn more about magic and supernatural phenomena, they eventually can become good enough to be rightly called homo sapiens, wise humans. That will enable them to see what went wrong, if the climate gets bad and the wildlife bizarre in Australia. Ice ages kept low those yet too primitive hominids of ages past. For the same reason Australia's climate is today just too dry.

12.9 True Religion may come to you as a ghastly Experience, as you understand and see real Magic

If you can't believe my true religion, it's often because you fail to see real magic. Well, there are many X-files and other testimonies about fringe sciences and paranormal phenomena. But you often need to see such magic yourself to realize it's real, and any enlightenment can be ghastly. So now the time has come when some best minds can understand magic in theory. If you understand the real God then real magic makes sense to you. Then you will understand how magic works! Then your mind will work a lot better than the minds of all the people who only know Harry Potter stuff, or who occupy with that weird nonsense and plain piffle that the simple minded coloreds take for their lore of magic. A key part of the evolution of the mind is to realize that our world is not as real as it seems, but composed of unstable parts who are fractally linked. That means that even looks and wishes can alter reality, just like some philosophers found out before. As you understand this the next step is to make your vision of the world get even with God's vision. So do you want to see more war action, assassins at work, prisoners mistreated in dungeons, or would you like to see more nice beautiful people in beautiful gardens and palaces? Some guys watch action stuff all the time, some other guys prefer Barbie (TM) stuff, and guess what her majesty the Earth Goddess likes best. So who likes to study definitely all-too primitive and ugly negroid Australians, the ugliest hominids still alive? It is not far-fetched to rename these hominids Abominals, instead of Aboriginals. Okay, that word may sound rather negative if you first hear it. Some negroid Australians are good and working people too, they keep themselves up at their places, they for instance helped to fight back the Japs in the time of World War Two. So we must not treat them with disrespect. On the other hand, with our sense for magic we are only now learning more about, we sense that there is a deeper meaning in the word abomination. That word has a spiritual and magical meaning we should not ignore. On a personal bad day you may see more such people, or in the nighttime and in bad environments they seem to be just be more frequent. If you run into one of these, then that may be indeed regarded as abominal, that is, a bad omen. There is no exact headcount of all the Austral-Negroes who live right now, since this race or sub-species has rather little reality and no future. These types get more or less, due to short-time fluctuations of reality. That means that one way to let them gradually and completely vanish is, to have more good days when you just don't see one of these. That sounds like the policy of a fantasy ostrich, to stick the head in the sand, but that is the way true magic works! While some better people understand, and do not need so much care, God has more time for other projects.

12.10 God cannot help much if incompetent Whites are pushed aside by the Coloreds

On the field of climate science some United Nations officials used to pay the pipers and call the tunes. That ended most recently when the new US government's experts decided to leave alone this motley crew. It was a fitting end for a climate bazaar that had started with the climate conference of Kyoto, Japan. Here is the story of the final day of this conference, from 12/11 1997:

It is the last night of the climate summit. For days the delegates bickered over what to do to stop global warming. Now the European delegates are already on their way home. Others but hammer through the final document they now agreed upon. Third world people and UN-quality staffers, who now dominate the panel, make the conference declare that the rich western countries are to blame for global warming. The west is supposed to pay now to the third world countries, for the right to produce carbon dioxide (CO2) and other such greenhouse gases.

At that climate summit of Kyoto, it was agreed upon the rule that nations and enterprises should buy certificates of emission on a new global market. Money making guys like the investment bankers of Goldman and Sachs, from Wall Street NYC, found this agreement absolutely attractive. It became a way to earn money for some so-called carbon cowboys too. Money-making certificate traders didn't care much whether it was correct what the experts said, that carbon dioxide is to blame for bad global warming. As it turns out now, with this document, the basic assumption of the old-time climate experts of that era was incorrect. The experts simply did not put God and other such powers from outer space into consideration. They didn't know then what becomes more and more clear right now, that there is a divine person living right here inside of the Earth. The Earth Goddess tries her best to regulate this word's climate, also by using carbon dioxide. But while some white bankers may eventually compute that, the question arises if they care enough about their planet to react in an appropriate way. The same question arises for those motley people of UN-quality. What can we expect from colored people, who in 1997 found a new way to enrich themselves and blame the west? We may prophesy that UN-quality people won't be ready to accept that God declares the climate papers bazaar closed, and asks the white European and other nations to provide for a better alternative. As long as old-time atheist whites are so incompetent and so unable to explain the climate, they can't take a stand before a panel where many people sit who believe. Bad luck always helps to push aside the whites then.

12.11 God grants new Whites the Power to lead aside and replace the motley UN-People

If you dare then better be sly now, and admit that there is much that old-time atheist experts just don't understand. If you still doubt then read here some of the bizarre stories from the Kyoto climate bazaar:

The Deutsche expert Lambert Schneider uncovered a big fraud that arose soon after the Kyoto document. One rule of the new climate bazaar has it that some harmless greenhouse gas, that is used in refrigerators, is regarded as being very bad for the climate. The rule says that those who destroy this gas will receive a big reward on the bazaar. That made the nations India and China produce some more of this gas, to then destroy it. That is fraudulent, or is it not? It is not, said the UN-quality people, when Schneider blew the whistle. Schneider demanded that India and China should not receive the money that they wanted. The UN panel in charge did not agree, also with the votes from India and China. Instead they like bought up Schneider! In 2010 he became the führer of a workgroup of the UN climate secretariat here in Bonn.

Visitors at the UN-secretariat in Bonn are welcomed with colorful information material. Lots and lots of statistics tell them what they should think about the climate. White skeptics however, who point out that all the basic assumptions may be absolutely wrong, are not welcome in such an artificially climatized habitat. Why are our best Europeans and white experts looking so weak here? We would need them to lead the world in a better way and gently push aside lowquo coloreds. But the UN, traditionally dominated by a motley crew, is not the place where the colored people are wont to listen to their white masters voices. People from India for instance rely on their traditions, including Hindu religion. They expect not whites to lead them but bow to their traditional deities, including Vishnu, second of the main trinity. Vishnu is the Hindu savior. One tradition has it that Vishnu will finally incarnate on Earth as Khalkin, the White One. That tradition means me! As whites of today try to better lead the world than motley UN-quality people can, they often are cleverly pushed aside. White experts say that they know and understand everything about our climate, but it absolutely weakens them that they don't know a thing about divine and demonic interference. Most people are believers, and they suspect or know that higher powers are there. Old-time white people looks as serious as clowns when they still claim that there is no God with them. Only now true religion, the UTR, all changes this situation. With the help of God's own religion, selected and brave white people can get to a much better understanding of all aspects of life and reality, including climate science. That will make this race much more trustworthy and acceptable. New good whites can reach a higher level of human quality. Some will even reap the respect that a priest receives, someone who seems to be in the favor of the gods. Others however may just now realize how strong the evil powers are, especially in regions far away from Europe.

12.12 Better Whites should live healthier and better Lives to reap better Destiny

So the hopes are big as young whites learn the truth about God and the world. But many will soon learn that the powers of God and the good people are strictly limited. Some may search then for ways to enhance their power and better up their destiny. UTR has a number of recipes for you how to live better lives and reap better destiny. One recipe is for instance to rather drink fresh milk, with cocoa or dextrose or honey, instead of whiskey. It's no magic when this makes you get to a younger skin and a better working mind. James Croll by the way, that big Scotsman who pioneered on the field of climate cycles research, once opened up a hotel that didn't serve whisky at the bar. Sadly he went bankrupt soon, and that was also the consequence of the fact that the whites didn't have a close enough spiritual contact to their good God. Without your link to your god, bad spirits may mislead you in an inescapable way.

Did you hear of the royal visit of Lady Katherine to Australia? Once she met that young Abo called Bessy, who presented her a painting. Truly, it was a picture that the Abo painted with hare-kangaroo excrements, meant for the bedroom of the royal heir George, a likely future king of the British Commonwealth!! Now isn't that truly some abominal black magic? Many people who don't know much about races and omens may say now that Bessy is apparently just one of those bad girls and should be blamed. But the truth is more complicated. There are a few Austral-Negroes who make paintings, and there are chances they secretly use ill substances. Because of cosmic black magic links, such poor creatures are not much to blame when they just can't behave. You only see that ill-minded Abo, but what you don't see are the enemy congeras who make it act so badly. I find it likely that those rare hare-kangaroos were leading to a special fractal burden right here. It is to be expected that whites react with anger and perplexity to such strange acts of small-scale terrorism. But what can British royals do? The UTR wants to upgrade our best people in quality, and that starts with them realizing that they absolutely should have their sexual magic under partnership control. The next step is that nobles as they travel carefully arrange their timetables to see few bad people, as few as possible. That means that they should bathe in open water and find time for fitness and joy in sane nature, instead of letting the politicians and society people drag them ceaselessly from one exhausting noble event to the next. Big men and leading ladies have a limited extent of power and should find the time for proper recreation. Yes while God is so near to them, even the looks they grant to nature can make some new species evolve. If you can't believe this then think of the attested cases where the magic of the kings could even heal people.

12.13 Doesn't all this sound too much like Hitler? I tell you, We have Ways to reduce the Coloreds!

Doesn't this UTR sound too much like what the Nazis said? That objection naturally rises within many people as they hear of true religion. But they are unaware of how much Nazi ideology was based on wrong ideas of atheism. The Nazis thought that few tyrants should cruelly subdue myriads of colored people, and when they started to conquer all the world it was because they were clutched by the greed of tyrants. Hitler knew that the Nordic were well evolved, but this atheist overestimated them, and also much ignored the noble cultural achievements of the west. Hitler tried to rule Deutschland the old Roman fascist and tyrannical socialist way. The Nazis copied the totalitarian methods of the Soviets and primitive Asians. Since they were atheists in principle, they attributed most of the blame for evil to Jews, wrongly of course. While many Nazis sensed that supernatural powers do exist, they largely remained obedient to Rome. Rome made Nazi-Germany build some kind of neo-Roman empire. A war band from Roman Catholic countries was all that they had. Hitler hardly found any support from the truly Nordic nations, who but later got much of the blame. Some priests who commanded large bot-networks made Hitler want to attack Soviet Russia and hate the Jews. Catholics secretly controlled the decisions of the Nazis, and after the war had ended they profited most from it. Economic liberals until today heed much the same ideas that Hitler had had, they want to let the world work for them, preferably for little or no payment at all and under working conditions who are unacceptable. White slavers do not realize that lowquo people are not as lowly as they seem, as they get powered up by the Greys. Greys have a tendency to build up social tensions for a long time, to let them violently erupt. How are the chances that the coloreds revolt against the white man? Lowquo types often have little self-control. whites are naturally more evolved and mature, although they may find it hard to resist to bad impulses.

We have ways to reduce colored people! Everybody should accept mass sterilizations if less paupers and animals die of hunger then. It is not tolerable that millions of poor people starve and die of hunger. But while help organizations cry for alarm and Negroes demand more money, there are few people with the courage to do the right thing. In ages past there was no way to stop lowquo people from reproducing, but we are past that time, so thank God for it. To sterilize colored people who should not have children in general means that they will less be driven by their typical bad drives badly under control. Just like in the case of young bulls, sterilization will make such male specimen more docile. Then less people must live from limited natural resources, and suddenly no more people must miserably die of hunger. Let's have the courage to stop hunger now! As soon as in year 2024 we might solve this planet's biggest political problem.

12.14 God grants some more Freedom to all, but for that we need to limit the powers of bad Coloreds

It's an old tradition in Australia to not serve alcohol to Austral-Negroes. That made sense in times when races were searching for ways of integration, and blacks were allowed to roam freely in the white man's habitats. Today however the time is right for another freedom. From South Africa we should learn that whites can live a better and less restricted life if they live all without lowquo coloreds in some enclaves. Racial segregation also allows Negroes to live the lives they prefer. That includes taking in the drinks that they want. So what is wrong if a Muslim drinks a beer too, if this is what he likes to have, and if he thinks that he can well digest this? The strict rules that Mohammed put up at his time, were rules that he designed with the help of poor intuition. They were meant for his desert bandits, but now the Muslims learn that God grants them more freedom. The new age of religious sanity will allow freedom for all. But also this freedom must respect reason! It just doesn't work out if races mix. Dark orientals are not good at migrating into white countries. The UTR is not leading people into racial hostility, but instead into helpful and justified behavior. If we separate and segregate groups and peoples, that often helps to stop feuds and tensions before they can grow. Coloreds right now push hard into western countries, since they are driven by dire living conditions. It is bad in general to let them enter into our safe zones, but what they need are better conditions at their places. There is much that can be done to reduce unwanted coloreds. That will also better up the climate. We need better white minds too to better understand the coloreds.

Let me add to this chapter a warning before drug abuse. I mean drugs who can make people hallucinate. Greys can alter your past and future without giving you any chance of resisting. The more you submit to the visions that come with dreaming or drugs, the more you lose your stand in reality. Those devils are vaguely known by most religions, they just have a less tough grip on good whites. The resources and powers of the Earth Goddess differ with races; they are still so limited. Sadly in the past Ewa had to let some of her whites down, rather without mercy, while eventually some black magic people would be too much in luck. It was a great tragedy when Deutschland (Germany) was lead into war and destruction by those neo-Roman fascists. This happened because the Nazis had been atheists, with no more than a hunch of true religion. They held on a bit to ancient Nordic barbary, but fatally to left-winged mendacious politics of a one-party dictatorship. Hitler was so much troubled by pains that he took strong drugs frequently, proscribed by his medic Theodor Morell. Those drugs mainly were dragging him under the sway of those destructive Greys. And as our cosmic enemies get a grip on someone, they often use the opportunity to spoil the good people we have. It was a consequence of the dire situation in many parts of the world and the lack of good faith that the Earth Goddess had to allow the Nazi era, but the main problem were the troubles that Ga-Leta was having on her planet. Our Goddess Ga-Jewa was forced by destiny to offer her heartland Deutschland to violent Greys as a war games target, to prevent them from putting too much pressure on our weaker neighboring planet.

12.15 Be warned to not underestimate the devilish treacherous Slyness of some bad Coloreds!

But what if you are a part of the motley crew that still dominates many cities, enterprises and international panels? You may be ready fast to raise your voice and cry objection, when anyone dares to bring up the notion that whites should rule the world in some kind of Nordic theocracy. You may remind the whites of the era of imperialism and colonialism, that had to end as leftists stirred up the coloreds into their murderous and cruel revolts. But let us first be honest and admit, that many colored nations didn't develop too well after they became independent. Instead of more freedom more misery and poverty resulted. That is what the Kyoto climate bazaar tried to change too. But here's a story about some bad consequences:

In Papua-New-Guinea some of the worst Negroids of this troubled world arrived at ruling a kind-of independent nation. These Abominals entered the Kyoto climate bazaar with big hopes. These Abos have a tradition to hope that their ancestors will send cargo by plane, from the islands of the blessed. That made them build spirit airports in the bush. Now some hoped that sky money would fall down on their heads. Some of the leading Abo politicians in Port Moresby were the first hominids of the planet who became notorious because of climate certificate fraud. They had issued such certificates unofficially, even before the bazaar was declared open. These had been false papers of course. The chairman of the office of climate change had issued them for woodland to be saved, but that woodland had shortly before been assigned to the logging industry by another such corrupt Abo. There were more such scandals, mainly the accusation was corruption. The Abo government of that so-called nation put all the blame on some Australian media, accusing them of spreading false news.

Sadly corruption is rather common in many regions of this planet. But things are traditionally unusually bad in the young nations where the coloreds rule themselves. In Papua-New-Guinea the Abos in charge soon saw the chance to enrich themselves some more with the help of the Kyoto bazaar agreement. They immediately threatened to log off more wood instead of protecting more. That kind of climate blackmail was supposed to bring them in billions of more money. That money can't well come from the nations of the west, who are already in fact bankrupt, also due to the money that they waste on such coloreds. Many Anglo-Americans and others have the idea that the west should intervene some more and try to make those Abos and bad coloreds bow and learn and behave. But the UTR teaches why this doesn't work out. The old saying has it that those darklings are half child and half devil. It is obviously correct that they are just much more under the spell of evil. Cosmic demons make them stupid or eventually sly, but in a treacherous way. As the Kyoto bazaar became popular among the Papua Abos, some news had it that they were supposed now to burn down their forests and carry the ashes into town. That is the exact opposite of what they were supposed to do! So how can we explain this, if not with the devils who exert a scary influence on such primitive hominids? We can't better the situation in such so-called nations, unless we can't break the cosmic spell that controls the minds of the coloreds, and makes them misbehave in a tricky way. And due to their poor genes and their inferior race, we can't break that spell. Even God cannot make some Abo, or some ape, get truly intelligent. This is a disliked and contested truth, but one that absolutely needs to be in this text of true religion.

12.16 Whites need Milk Drinks, True Religion and Fitness to understand and save Australia's Corals

Old-time science has the tendency that Hitler had too, to put the blame for many bad things in life on very few people. Many leftists blame today the Nazis for all kinds of bad things, including maybe bleaching the corals. But how much do we really know about corals? Researchers may do a lot of field research; but only with a good link to Sofia Ewa, the goddess at the good end of their sense of intuition, they may learn some tricky details of creation. When it comes to the health of the corals, surely water pollution plays a major role. That means that polluted waters, that the farms in Eastern Australia lead into the sea too, may result in making survival more difficult for clearwater corals. Cattle farmers, the economic liberals that they vote into office, and the experts that they employ and pay, however won't easily accept such talk. Water temperatures too play a role when the corals die. But as people mainly blame global warming, they follow a wag-the-Goddess strategy. So why can't the Goddess make the waters get cooler, and the corals get tougher, the people brighter, and everything else better and nicer too? The resources of the Goddess are extremely limited, she is very overworked and in pains, and due to technical limitations she cannot lead more than a few bright people into understanding all that. The theoretical chance that we have of making the world understand and adapt to that, is to try and rule it with some handfuls of white nobles of exceptional quality. The real perspectives that we have is, that some white trash will send astronauts to Mars to make sure that Jesus really isn't up there. With future technologies, the entire Solar System would easily be reachable for home-made spaceships, but a treacherous mental degradation would be the inevitable consequence of people living in outer space far away from the Goddess. That is why the cult of the cosmonauts, that the Soviet empire, the USA and Red China used to foster, could have disastrous consequences. So better stay at home, and don't dream of Fiji where more Austral-Negroes live, but try to make more of yourself!

12.17 If you cannot understand nor accept your planet's God, Cosmic Slavery is the Consequence

The Nazis might have turned this planet into a big slavery zone, including themselves. Leading Nazis had a tendency of moral depravation and drug abuse and could therefore not resist to evil. But at the same time Nazis did bring up some wise political, economic and humanitarian lores that this world was not ready for. Old-time teachers often have no idea of the good education ideals of the Nazi-subgroup called SS. The SS put chosen children into special Napola schools to teach them to become fit, healthy and to learn well. Of course we must criticize the methods of the Nazis today. But while many people tend to look back on the Nazi era with extremist wrath, it's necessary to be more honest regarding the good and the bad aspects of that time. The SS had had in mind too to prepare young people for a hard reality, and to enable them to take a stand early in their lives. Today many kids are brought up with smarmy unreal youth culture. As they then must enter the world of the adults, it is a depressing shock to see some lose their childhood dreams. Big kids then are too easily brought down by alcohol and the US fast food culture. So we must not criticize it if some Nordic try to educate their kids early to become tough, sly and disciplined. The big mistake that the Nazis made was that they didn't teach their children about the love of the good Earth Goddess. But how could they do this, since they had mostly been raised with bad Jewish-Christian religion? It might have been possible to better up the Nazi ideology with the years, and make these ruffians become more civilized citizens of a new world. Youngsters could have designed a much better Nazi ideology. But while things were getting worse in times of war, the SS people were like betrayed by those Christians. While the SS lacked divine guidance, it became the preferred booty of the treacherous Greys. SS-men received a special tattoo, and the consequence was that many of these were easily identified and killed by the Soviets. Of course the devils try to grab our brightest people first and make them bad or kill them. They did this on many planets, and the consequence was often that the reputation of the best people would be rather low; while another, darker and less promising race would lead an entire planet into some secret cosmic slavery.

Don't chide God now when you must read taboo-breaking statements like the above one. Better try first to see this planet from God's perspective. Many planets like ours were forced into cosmic slavery. Most Marsupialoids didn't do too well too, cosmic slavery was the consequence. In general things are less good on their planets than they are here. That means that links to marsupials may have secret detrimental effects, that humans need to learn how to compensate. With better working minds, humans also might soon conclude that at some occasions corals bleach out naturally. Some seem to spawn like algae, all at the same time until they die. Many such simple finds and facts of science are still not well understood nor accepted by those experts. Remember Johann C. Fuhlrott, this real (second-category secondary) school teacher, who in 1857 identified the first rests of bones of the Neanderthals (now better called Neandroids). The established experts of that era gave him a humiliating response, since Christian clerics failed to understand that such primitive humans ever existed. Often scholars are only eventually ready to listen to a thesis of another reed, one guy of their sort, but not to any outsider of lower rank. But time given those old authorities die out too, and younger generations are naturally more ready to learn some better, all new wisdom. The bright new humans, truly great and wise (Latin: sapiens), can then counter the typical Nazi prejudices with some standard answers. Those who call the Deutsche and any evolved whites Nazis today are often over-aged, puny and untruthful people. Left-winged alleged Antifascists traditionally have a harder fascist-megalomaniac ideology than any of the guys they defame as Nazis. Unwise science and religion experts don't really oppose Nazis but a change of times, that brings up facts they fail to accept. They cannot realize that there are big faults in the lore they are experts of. They hate to give way to better evolved people with more wisdom inside.

12.18 While the UTR explains how Science and Religion are connected, Nazi Ideology loses it's Basis

Many white people may occasionally find the idea attractive to perform again like the Nazis did. That brings good people down, we must get past that. The error of the Nazis was it that they only adapted parts of true religion into their ideology. They didn't know about the Greys, and these devils made them lead Deutschland into it's worst historical catastrophe. That is what the Greys can achieve if they are misunderstood. So we must know our enemy and learn how to deal with the bundles of N-rays who may bring us forcings and bad ideas. There are good ideas that made the Nazis become popular and eligible at their times. One such good idea is it that politics should interfere into business and regulate it some more, with the intention to create better and safer working conditions, and also with the intention to protect less well performing habitats and people. We could foster unlimited competition also when it comes to nature, but the consequence would be that disliked but fit and fast reproducing species would exterminate many precious species in many regions. But while only very people are eligible by the Earth Goddess, only few people can learn to cope with all this. While this planet is so much overpopulated, God can't do more than a little crisis management. God must keep fooling so many good people. There are so many things God needs to keep secret and manipulate all of the time. While scientists still can't make up their minds about God, most anything in science and nature must remain mysterious to them. Nazi ideology mixed sane and foul things, and was influenced by the cruelty of the Greys too. It could grow in a dark field in between science and religion, where also philosophies used to grow. The UTR now makes clear how science and religion work and are connected. That leaves little room for old-time Nazi ideology, and while real Nazis get old and die out, only left-wingers long to still see them, since the Nazis were the big enemy they managed to vanquish. Nazi romanticism was still popular in Deutschland some decades ago due to the TV stuff too. Lately the only swastikas you see here are those on left-winged stickers. The ideology of some left-wingers could come from the Krauts & Huns films, and when they badly want to enter more bad Negroes and false refugees into our homelands, these rogues mainly have in mind to raise new unrests and bring back the bad old days.

12.19 With the UTR humankind can replace Nazi-Ideology with a more evolved Lore

Australia is precious for us because less fit species live there, who need our special protection. That should be clear to most everyone, only economic liberals seem to always support the fittest species. But some species that we have were especially created by God to let fractal connections evolve. Marsupials have fractal links to distant planets of Marsupialoids. Some planets in a not too far distance are populated by creatures who eventually resemble those funny Ewoks we saw in the Star Wars movie VI. In reality these species are marsupial bears, including some pandas. Let me not forget to thank the Star Wars promotion team for the campaign that was leading them to Cologne. Here they especially tried to point out that there is not one force of magic that people can use. The Star Wars saga is outdated stuff today, but it transports a much better understanding of magic than the Lord-of-the-Rings saga. I suppose that Bilbo and Frodo Baggins are characters who have fractal connections to those bag-wearing Marsupialoids. This rather sad saga tells of people who cannot understand the magic of their planet, and fail to separate good and evil parts, and discard it all in the end. Real magic is often not for the puny people. While our Earth Goddess makes progress so fast and manages to upgrade the human minds so swiftly, many old-time fantasies lose their charms quickly. They are fantasies now for nevergrownups who have come to age, not for our better young ones. A few years ago I would have loved much to see another Star Wars film, but meanwhile I just know too much about real space.

12.20 Humans so far were inescapably fooled by the Greys. We can outsmart those Cosmic Devils!

The Nazis were fooled by cosmic powers, and those Greys are still active and dangerous today. The Nazis had no guide who was teaching them to resist to evil temptations, and try and be good and strong. Only since the time when I joined the Earth Goddess and powered her up, I can serve you such hard candy. There are some white power people today and truthful researchers who try hard to win their personal mental struggle with inner demons, since they have a hunch that the biggest lore of all time is about to be revealed to humankind. Against are those few depressing left-winged and deluded Antis, and those humble and insane followers of outdated religions, who don't even dare to say no to the evil voices inside. Some cannot even control the drives who speak by using their tongues, when they say Nazi only like the sheep say Bah. We should not take it easy at all when left-winged extremists and colored crackpots attack, mob and harass our good people, since these get to the notion that they are fighting against Nazis. Only those who deny that God and devils exist can put the full blame on Nazis, and that got harder now. The UTR teaches that the Nazis were slyly misled by lots of devils, to lead Deutschland into it's worst ever catastrophe. The same Greys try much the same plan today, by way of filling up Europe and Deutschland with lowquo strangers. In the times of the Nazis, Deutschland was destroyed with the help of neo-Roman fascism and old-time Roman Catholicism. Later Catholics and leftists tried to make Deutschland vanish inside of the European Union. These are the plans that some ancient Romans already had had. They wanted to turn today's Deutschland into a land of invaders and strangers. Roman Catholics and left-wingers have similar totalitarian and mendacious traditions, and also similar prejudices against the visibly better Nordic. They sense that the Deutsche and the Nordic are the right stuff. Greys from outer space are our real adversaries in an utterly cruel and merciless cosmic war. Only if our best humans get sly enough to realize this, we Earthlings can hope to outsmart those evil congeras. Not rarely wisdom means to endure suffering, and wait with just retaliation until the religious network collapsed that used to cover the roguish leftwingers and wrongdoers. Those typical last atheists and old-time left-winged extremists are either brutes, rogues or cleverly deluded people. The delusion that there is no God was planted into their minds with the help of their mothers, clerics, teachers and other such people. If the mother or such a deluded key person dies, then this will often lead to a big bad awakening. That time of grand rethinking is often the time when the Greys attack those people they formerly used and abused.

13. The Trace leads to the Constellation of Big Bear (Big Dipper)

Magnetic Fields of Earth and how they influence Cclimate Cycles
13.1 As the magnetic Field of Earth points southwards, this helps to connect us with humanoid Guardian Angels in the Northern Sky

This simple graph only (made with the help of a graph of the network BR) shows the solution to the riddle of the ice ages. Left we see the situation as it exists today. This way the magnetic field of our planet is oriented since the reversal of the Brunhes chronozone. Since the time of 780,000 years ago our magnetic field is directed southwards. That strictly means it points into an opposite direction compared to the axis of Earth, but that is the way it should be. The field lines of the magnetic field of Earth, here shown as green arrows and green-red little magnets, then leave Earth at the geographic south pole. They then circle and surround the ray belts and the Earth, until at the geographic north pole some enter the Earth again. Today's orientation of the magnetic field makes it easier for cosmic magnetic fields from the northern sky, here shown as big green-to-red magnets, to influence Earth from the north of the sky. Above more than 650 planets, of the Alliance of the Earths of the Humanoids, can influence us by way of magnetic fields, some times some more, or then again less. The strength of the field lines of the Alliance of Earths varies.

While the cosmic uplinks to the Alliance of Earths are strong, those humanoids also can help single humans. Well, we many interpret these magnetic fields also as protecting umbrellas of guardian angels, who give shelter to Earth from heaven above. Life is very much better up there than it is here. Those humanoid angels (aka Alben, ie Whites) have perfect young bodies, some even have wings. All are nice, big, bright and beautiful and big-brained. They live in perfect harmony and togetherness, political matters are easily and wisely decided. There is no poverty on any such planet, since there are free houses and rooms, and wealth and luxury for anyone. Only very few humanoids live on one such planet, and that allows the planetary couple of congeras to help each one of them with all that they need and desire. That means that those humanoids are forever young and live nearly eternally, until they decide to die. Diseases and sufferings are nearly unknown up there, machines do much of the work, and they have much time to enjoy their beautiful and splendid planets. Conflicts are nearly unknown there, there never was a war on any such planet, since with their minds those humanoids are closer to their good wise congeras. If evil N-rays pester them, they just cool their heads. Sadly there is no means of safe space travel from here to there, and also spirits of course don't travel to such heavenly planets. But what the divine planetary couples of this planet and of neighboring Lar plan is, to jointly develop our lost planets likewise.

13.2 God tries to move away from Sirius and the Enemy Stars all around, since they may cause a bad Global Warming here

Heavenly powers are with us, that is what many religions teach. Bad aliens however also send us such field lines. We constantly have to struggle with needle-sharp magnetic fields who come in from many hostile regions of space, making us bad and insane. Those bad N-rays, dangerously strong, often come in from regions nearer to the center of the galaxy. The stars of the Greys who are nearest to us are in regions more to the south. They like to tell us religious nonsense. Some research has shown that mysterious local fast-moving magnetic fields have strong effects on humans. N-ray fields may suddenly clutch on you, often if something caught their interest. The UTR links such evil magnetic fields mainly to the nearby star Sirius. It is not a coincidence that ancient Babylonian and Egyptian astrology linked the star Sirius to intense heat of the hottest part of summer, the so-called days of the hounds (still called kanikuli in Russian). We are lucky right now that Sirius is a star of the southern sky, just as his bad neighbors Procyon and Alphakent are. Field lines of those three main enemy stars reach us more easily when our magnetic field has a reversed polarity, like it is shown on the right side of the above graph. Those Greys have a standard strategy to make our climate more hot and extreme, since heat weakens humans more than frost. So if we worry about Global Warming, here are three stars where the main culprits dwell. Right now Ewa hesitates to make a move, since the Greys try to keep planet Lar as their ultimate hostage. That neighboring planet is allegedly directly behind Sirius, and more under the sway of the doomed star cluster of the Aardvarkoids. We plan a joint escape with our two planets.

13.3 As a Hostage Planet like ours develops too far, Greys may try to bomb it down

When the Earth Goddess arrived at her Solar System with her special asteroid, today called Theia, she was only one of 32 traveling congeras of the clan Ga. Her late travel group 31 soon was attacked by local and distant Greys. They destroyed one planet after the other. Only our planet, Leta's Lar and Rina's Sesam were saved, and kept as hostages and playthings. Of the group 31 exactly 21 congeras survived, including our three white goddesses. The following group 32 was reduced to three Greys. Approximately 140 Greys of the clan Ga are still alive, they are mostly part of a star stream that once traveled into the direction of the star Menkalinan. There the free Alliance of the Utoids (Ducks) has gathered 318 living planets. Many Ga-congeras tried to reach that safehaven, but they all didn't make it. Now Greys surround us like zombies who keep watch outside of a compound. Every time our Goddess Ga-Jewa tries to get away from the group of the 140 surrounding Ga-Greys, they react with more pressure. That means that the climate graph may show a colder climate and stronger ice ages just at a time when the Earth Goddess was making progress with the evolution of her hominids. Those Greys are strong and managed to make one ice age get worse than the previous one. Eventually they lose their grip on a living planet, since they spent too much of their power and their luck, and lose interest if all their hard work does lead to not a lot. Greys waste away the powers of their stars, and their lives are relatively short. Many of the local Greys are rather desperate, since they know they lost the game of life, and will be targeted by many different groups once they lose their hostages. Often in such a situation the Greys try all to bomb down a hostage planet. Our's is one of approximately 25,000 comparable hostage planets, but most of these don't have the strong cosmic support that we receive.

13.3 In Comparison to a strong Global Warming an Ice Age was less dangerous here

So if we want to correctly understand the history of the ice ages, then we must connect with it the history of the reversals of the magnetic field. There are very many powers who influence the destiny of our world. The common limit is set by the dire living conditions of space. Nevertheless it depended on their objectives and impulses, if the Earth was having some ice ages or not. While the humanoids on the planets Lar, Sesam and Earth were getting better and better; the planetary goddesses Leta, Rina and our Earth Goddess Jewa would gain more powers from them. Good people earn their good destinies by way of their own efforts. But it played much of a role how the magnetic field of Earth was oriented. While our planet's magnetic field was oriented in the correct (reversed) way, those many divinely good planets of the Alliance of Earths would find it easier to send help. Only in those times of a correctly oriented magnetic field, those cycles of 100,000 years would manifest here. Those cycles are caused by the rotation of the star cluster of the Alliance of Earths. This cluster lies above us in the northern sky, in the region of the constellation Ursa Maior (Big Dipper). This cluster should be somewhere near the star Dubhe. Sadly I could not find evidence for this revelation so far. Only very vague are my informations about more such star clusters of humanoids. Unclear hints tell of the first and older star cluster of the Makakoids, in a distance of 1,200 lightyears maybe. Then there are maybe four star clusters of distantly related creatures, that we might call Mausbiber (mouse beavers). So the development line of our planet is a rather successful one, regarding the largely failed line of Penguinoids. Most penguins grew too small and could not rely on cosmic help like we can. But while we are so heavily dependent on the help from the angels above, the problem is that the times when that help comes in only poorly become times when there is an increased risk that our planet may get hit by bad destiny. More dangers typically arose during the latter ten-thousands of years of a climate cycle. Then the Earth Goddess had either the chance to gradually allow an ice age, or to risk a sudden over-development crisis including a strong global warming. Another ice age was the better alternative then. We are lucky that only about 12,000 years passed of the climate cycle that is on right now.

13.4 Humanoids like us are one of the rare successful Development Lines in Space

Humanoid like us are already successful in space. The entire development line that was leading to us mammals is surely rooted in the region of the marsupials. Things were not going too well there. Only occasionally some congeras from the other development line of the Reptiloids and Sauroids ventured to try and develop humanoids or comparable mammals. Right now I hear that developed Marsupialoids rather would stay unknown to us humans and fractally away from Earth, since they must fear that it would bring them troubles if this planet goes under. When the local family group Ga, of the children of Anna (Hana), decided to try and create humanoids on their planets; Greys, Cräybs and others decided to try and wipe out as many of the local planets as possible. That was 251 million years ago, the time of the worst cataclysm of our history that was hitting Earth. So the problem regarding ice ages is that there is some kind of cosmic policy that leads to this or that development. Even some star clusters of congeras from regions far away try to influence us, and nearly all of these congeras are either devilish hostile and combative (the so-called Cherubim) or bombed-down and hated by their primitive creatures, troubled by constant fears and pains, demoralized and in desperate search of help (the so-called Seraphim). Some Cherubim control and operate powerful pulsars, who are the sources of the harmful N-rays. The star clusters of good congeras near us have no such stars. There are cosmic cycles and other such things who eventually limit the powers of all those cosmic groups, as they try to interfere into the destiny of our planet. But it may depend on lots of things how all this has it's effects on our planet's climate. While it was often more risky for God to face a period of time of fast and intense heat, a harmful global warming, the safer strategy was it to rather let some ice-age develop.

13.5 God's risky Strategy of Salvation needed Ice Ages, Disasters and Delusions too

Some looks into our history books may tell us that things were not going too well on this lonesome planet. Wars and unrests, disasters and delusions also helped to bind in bad destiny. Our strategy of salvation needed God to delude humankind and let many minor bad things happen, to prevent a big bad awakening in the end. Right now many people wrongly think that all is well on their planet. If the Earth should get out of control then some of the angels might decide to try and wipe it entirely clean of life. That might force the Earth Goddess to foster disliked links to doomed planets again, like those of the pigs from the southern constellation of Puppis. I wrote these additional lines just to show you that I try to be as honest as possible regarding our still critical situation. We are not in a good position after all. There are very few planets in space who are as overpopulated as our planet is. Regarding this foreseeable crisis, the ice ages may be well interpreted as times when the Earth Goddess used the ice for functional racial and ethnic cleansing. Only by way of very painful hard work, with the help of making use of cosmic cycles and dark sources of help, the Earth Goddess managed to win the time she needed to develop her humanoids to the quality of today, that is still far away from an acceptable level. Many Greys pushed people into raising one polluted mega-city after the other. They all prepared the Earth for a big destructive attack. Greys are cruel bored cosmic zombies, they like to prepare and watch big cosmic disaster movies. Remember the weird animation that the former Netscape browser was constantly showing? A hail of celestial bodies fell down from the sky on us. That could easily happen at a time when the Earth Goddess should suffer a sudden malfunction of an important machine, or lose one important source of help here on Earth or in outer space. Sofia Ewa is at the edge with her work time and resources, and the Greys around here are keen to not lose their grip on Earth. Even a minor bad event might indeed have the result, that dozens of nearby asteroids suddenly change their positions in space, to all start to head right here. That is what the Celts were meaning when they told to ancient Greeks that the only thing they feared was that the sky would fall down on their heads. We God are confident that we will avoid seeing this in reality too. But if we manage to escape from such disastrous destiny, it will be also because our guardian angels from the sky above manage to make us understand the conditions of our life, and act accordingly.

13.6 We need to travel with our Solar System to a distant Star Cluster

My theory has it that in times when the magnetic field of our planet heads southwards, it is easier for the guardian angels from the Alliance of Earths to support us. That however must not mean that the climate graph of Earth will show a positive development. But that should mean that in times of distress, a climate cycle of roughly 100,000 years will develop. The Greys have a tendency to let us be, in times when they seem to gain powers and not a lot can be done. Those times are the times when our magnetic field points to the north. Then it is easier for magnetic field lines from the southern sky to exert pressure on us. That means the nearby stars of the southern sky Sirius, Procyon and Alphakent, all populated by a couple of gay lesbian Greys. If our magnetic field is oriented northwards, that means that it is more difficult for rays from the star cluster of the Utoids (Ducks in space) to reach us. That star cluster of maybe 318 living planets seems to be in a distance of less than 300 lightyears, in the sky region of the star Menkalinan. The Utoids don't help us a lot, since they need to care more for some dozends of bombed-down planets of the former alliance of the planets of the Penguinoids. Those remaining living planets seem to exist in the constellation of Cetus (the Whale) near the mysterious red star Mira. In between our Solar System and the Utoids, there exist 120 or so planets of Greys of the local family group Ga. They are the rests of a big star stream that was heading into the direction of the Utoids, but didn't get that far. We need to get away from all of these planets, and only can hope to find more help from space as we move our Solar System nearer to the star cluster of the Alliance of Earths. That means that the axis of our Sun should point moreless into that direction. Right now the axis of the Sun has a slight tilt, if compared to the orientation of the layer of the ecliptic. The ecliptic is the level that all our planets form as they circle around the Sun. So will we be able to move away from this cosmic sector of tears, with our entire Solar System, all the way to join a star cluster in a distance of 121 lightyears? These are the things that the Earth Goddess has in mind, as she tries to save her living planet and make it become a better place. She can move her home system with the help of cosmic cycles. Those cycles are a result of the magnetic field lines that bind us closer to those free planets of the Alliance of Earth. Compared to the helpful effects they should have, climate troubles may only be a minor by-effect. Let us also realize that cold weather is helpful to give additional density and stability to a planet that is still rather soft, compared to many other planets. Ice helps to keep a planet intact. That is the reason why all those Greys live on planets distant to their stars, covered by thick layers of ice. Incoming N-rays have many negative effects on us, but one good effect is that they may make a planet become more dense.

13.7 The Rhythm of 41,000 Years seems to have been a mere Misunderstanding

But what happens when the magnetic field of our planet points to the north, into the wrong direction? That definitely has detrimental effects on the field lines from the star cluster of the Alliance of Earths. The visible result should be then that the climate graph of our planet does not show so much the influence of the rhythm of 100,000 years. Only in times when there is strong pressure on our planet the 100,000-year rhythm manifests. Instead we might find that other cycles now become more influential. I can only presume right now that a cycle of 41,000 years is the result of magnetic field lines from the star cluster of the Aardvarkoids (Pigs in Space), in a distance of approximately 100 lightyears. Right now these pigs try to clutch on our neighboring planet Lar, the ultimate hostage of the local Ga-Greys. But does the bad star cluster of Fe really cause such cycles of 41,000 years, that our experts think they were finding in climate curves? I find that idea not confirmed by my good sense of inspiration. Those doomed planets all belong to a star cluster where there is not enough stability to really keep living planets in good shape. The 68 living Fe-planets there can not be saved. Pigs who resemble humans were created there for lust and torture, by those torture-loving Greys. While their white congeras receive no help from already free Fe-relatives, they cannot keep their essential machines intact. Fe-congeras cannot really rely on machines they are not sure to have, since a negative change of history may lead to the result that they never had these machines. While their reality is slowly falling apart they lose their ability to develop living planets. The foreseeable consequence is that the planets of Aardvarkoids will be bombed down by celestial bodies. Maybe the Li-Cräybs who rule this sector will keep three living planets as hostages. The entire star cluster of the Fe-pigs in space is in no position to send us strong field lines. Sofia Ewa tells me that the cycle of 41,000 years, that astronomers and calculationists tried to find so hard in the climate data for many years, does not exist there.

I can't be too sure about these Pigs in space now. It is typical for me that, as I work up a topic of science and research, I get some good hints mixed with wrong informations. Only after some years of studies I manage to really clear up open questions and correct errors. But the main answers of this text should be already clear right now. The rhythm of ice ages and climate cycles depends on cosmic influences. This soft rhythm must be the result not of the exact movements of our planet. But behind it are magnetic field lines coming in from outer space. Only rotating star clusters show long-periodic rhythms of 100,000 years or so. From there to here the rhythm is transmitted by magnetic field lines, that is in a soft way. We must expect that several different star clusters exert such effects on our planet. Right now a star cluster with a rhythm of 41,000 years is not clearly identifiable by me. I rather assume that this rhythm was only brought up as an idea by some calculationists. Then many experts tried to find or explain this rhythm, and that served to lead them away from finding a truth they were not ready to accept. So this stuff again is quite complicated, and not as simple and bad as the old Bible stuff. Who would deny that God needs better humans to better understand religion? Many people may at first object to the demands and wishes of Sofia Ewa, regarding the development of this planet. While older people have a tendency to rather cling to old-time religions and ideologies, they should be silently aware that this is no way out from a dire situation we must face. Understanding religion is possible, but big sane minds are needed. Not understanding religion means, to be the pig that welcomes the guys who want to slaughter it.

13.8 Secretly the Earth Goddess generates the Magnetic Field of Earth

Visibly the orientation of the magnetic field of Earth is linked to the ice ages, see chapter 11. The magnetic field of Earth is not well understood so far. It is not generated naturally, like old-time experts deem. The illustration at the title of this text shows the good Earth Goddess as the geodynamo, who generates the magnetic field of Earth. It fits well to this that some historical map of the magnetic field, from 1860, shows a situation in which the equator of the magnetic field (here: the red meridian of zero) just crosses the point where the Earth Goddess lives deep down in Earth, in her Betyle (Hebrew: Bethel, Arabic: beit Allah, the House of God). Only with this in mind we may understand some strange effects of the magnetic field of Earth. For instance there are other maps of the magnetic field, from the time of the second world war, who showed that the magnetic field had a tendency to concentrate right there, below the Betyle. For some time some kind of secondary magnetic pole formed there. That happened at a time when the Earth Goddess was under special pressure, due to the world war.

Well, secretly the Earth Goddess works as a so-called geodynamo, that is the mechanism that generates the magnetic field. Researchers who don't have a clue of this speculate that inside of the Earth there might be some magnetic layers. Those layers are supposed to rotate with a slightly different speed, according to simulations, that makes them generate the magnetic field. Those theoretical physicists think of the model of a typical direct-current generator. Werner von Siemens had invented such a generator for real. Practical geophysicists however concluded that apparently there are no comparable structures inside of the Earth, who resemble the building elements of such a direct-current generator, more or less. Measurements of the magnetic dipole field of planet Earth (any magnetic field has two poles) were compared to simulations of a magnetic field that some direct-current generator inside of the Earth might generate. The result was that those two fields showed massively different structures. It also cannot be correct that rotating fluid layers inside of the hot mantle of the Earth generate the magnetic field. Too little magnetic material (iron) was found inside of the Earth to match this theory. Such a magnetic field cannot be the result of rotating fluids who move with a speed of only 100 kilometers per year. Deeper down in the core of the Earth there should be much iron, theoretically. But common models have it that this iron cannot be magnetized. Estimations of old-time researchers have it that the deep of planet Earth is very hot. From the point of view of UTR this model is not correct. I favor the older theory of the Austrian Hörbiger, that icelings are at the inside of stars and planets. That revealed esoteric lore of world-ice became popular in the times of the Nazi era, but Hitler refused it; so today's often leftist pundits may regard that partly foolish and outdated theory as politically correct again, and worthy of some more efforts of the calculationists to save it. Another absurd but today popular theory has it, that once upon a time our Moon collided with the Earth, with the consequence that some extra portion of magnesium was transferred into the core of planet Earth. But this accepted theory of today still fails to explain why the mysterious geodynamo of the Siemens type, who should generate the magnetic field of Earth, works with magnesium, a metal that is not magnetic at all.

Once again we encounter the phenomenon that while we read more and more, the words of the experts become exotic if not outright foolish. They sound like they didn't know what they were writing, and that is partly correct, since massive takeovers and changes of reality can completely boggle the human minds. If the Earth Goddess cannot allow and does not allow that the mortals know her and write of her, then even if someone knew and did write, she changes the past lateron, and instead he wrote bizarre nonsense only. All this shows, once again, that the old-time experts seem to stick always to a standard model, but one that leaves open many questions. As they find themselves challenged by the data, they like to take refuge to occupying with simulations, theories or plain nonsense. Those theories of last resort often conclude that the Earth collided with another planet in some foggy far past. That is correct in principle. By this way the mestab of the good Earth Goddess came down to Earth. Only if God's Betyle will be officially discovered, then it will be possible to find out more about all the things that this heart-thing down there generates for us. The Betyle generates some rhythms too, including that of the three artificial rotating hearts made of flesh and metal.

13.9 The Rhythm of 100,000 years much reminds of the Sunspot Rhythm

As we look once again at the graph of the Vostok data, chapter 2, we find again that the strange rhythm of 100,000 years is very impressive. That rhythm marked the ups and downs of the last strong warm ages and ice ages. On first view this rhythm looks rather natural. We don't suspect that this might have been the work of the congeras, those super-powerful worms. We learn from the data that this rhythm is not a strict one, like we would expect it, if this rhythm was caused by strange movements of the axis of Earth. This rhythm has strong variations, it is not a rhythm that runs as exact as a planet moves on an orbit. As we search for other similar cycles, then we immediately find the rhythm of the sunspots. Those sunspot cycles also have a constant general length, of around eleven years. But from one cycle to the next sometimes less time passes. Sometimes such a cycle also completely misses out. Both the rhythm of the sunspots and that of the ice ages are well known to researchers, but right now hardly explainable. Sunspots are connected to the cyclical reversals of the magnetic field of the Sun, that much is what the experts know. Many researchers concluded that the planet Jupiter, with his special strong magnetic field, triggers such a cycle. But only the UTR has it, that such reversals of the magnetic field of the Sun have their strong effects on the climate of planet Earth. This special influence is transmitted by way of some sorts of magnetic field-lines; those field-lines who appear as sunspots, or dark miniature clouds in the dayglow of our planet, in the eye of the beholder. This phenomenon gave to some people the idea, that miniature meteors exert an influence on our world weather.

The Deutsche pioneering researcher Julius R. Mayer had the idea that meteorites are the sources of the energy of the Sun. He came close to the real explanation of this phenomenon, but instead of winning an award he was put as a raving madman into an asylum. Those fits of bad temper out of control he was having seem to have stopped when this medical doctor started to believe, the old Bible way. Already Isaac Newton must have made much the same experience. I get those fits too, they sometimes bring me near to beating my own head, and it only saves me to cool my head and body often, and to get outside or get busy. Even if the time is right for something mysterious to be found or explained, the by-effects of new thinking can make your life extremely stressful and dangerous. The correct explanation of this phenomenon is, that those congeras can sense with these field-lines people who think this or that way. The Greys eventually wait for a chance to attack with full force, and the Earth Goddess must be glad if they do, because otherwise they are hardly stoppable. That way her savior and husband, and selected other people too, become baits. The Earth Goddess lets them do research work she could easily end with a few explaining remarks. Our planet is in a hostage situation, but while neighboring Lar is stuck even deeper in the cosmic trap, our duty is to take some blows that then miss her. That also explains why the Earth Goddess did not end the Nazi era on day one, but did let this bad destiny evolve over the period of time of roughly one full sunspot cycle. If the magnetic field of the Sun is even to that of this planet, then everything is a little easier for the Earth Goddess. For eleven years or so she can do a better job with the climate, making the winters get less frosty and long. But even while she could do much more for the sake of this planet, she did let herself be forced by the Greys to not interfere, and instead allow false beliefs and insane behavior to cause another era of bad destiny.

There is more about the sunspot cycles in my top text NEMESIS, who but needs a new version. Sunspots also may completely disappear for some time. That was the case when the cosmic powers wanted the Roman Catholics to believe that sunspots didn't exist at all, since the Sun had to be an immaculate celestial body. Greys may spend their powers for such insane objectives. If you watch sunspots you may even cause them to change, that is typical for magnetic field lines who may be linked to celestial objects far away in space. Read more about the sunspot cycles in chapter 14.

13.10 God had good Reason to invest much Time and Efforts into Israel

In today's Orient, Israel and the nations of the Arabs are often seen as nations who have little in common. The big religious divide is mainly responsible for this. But those Muslims who now think that Islam demands of them to expand and threaten Israel, just put too much trust and obedience into the words of a prophet long gone. Mohammed was doubtless only one of those many prophets of the era of the Bible, and most of these prophets (but not all) had come from Israel. With a sane mind and a sense of righteousness we can easily judge that while Islam has some truth in it, it is still far away from the full truth, just like all the old-time religions. That is only logical, since all those prophets had just been prophets, including the prophets Judas aka Thaddeus and his brother Jesus. Obviously none of these had received the supreme enlightenment that Buddhists call mahabodhi. We may only call a congera like Sofia Ewa all-knowing, and her revelations are reserved for her one and only redeemer. In the gospel of Saint John we read a word attributed to Jesus, where he points out that the redeemer (comforter) will be someone coming after him. It was Saint Paul, the tent-maker from Anatolia, who brought up the wrong idea that dead Jesus had been the messiah and the redeemer of all the world. Jews never believed that, and they won't start this lately. So why did this people become so important to the still leading world religions? Why was today's Israel the land of so many prophets? The good Earth Goddess, and good angels in the sky, chose me to answer all those questions. Israel is the holy land where a bundled tree of field-lines (aka Yggdrasil) often leaves our solid ground to reach up into the unstable sky. That is one way how God connects to God's Earth, and to those divine planets of our allies far away.

The UTR now teaches (and no other religion does) that rotating field lines are the reason why things on Earth are simple or complicated. Those field lines connect us to the celestial Alliance of Earths of the Humanoids. Take this as a phone line to the good part of the sky. Starting 12,000 years or so, a time of juxtaposition made that connection work exceptionally well. Right now we reached a period of time when the connection starts to worsen slightly. However, those magnetic field lines from heaven still reach us rather well. It depends on the magnetic field of Earth, what consequences this has for us. The UTR teaches that the Earth Goddess generates the magnetic field of Earth with her Betyle. She does this by way of rotation. Her inner mestab rotates with a speed of 8622 turns per minute, that is a lot. By this way, the Earth Goddess is able to twist and bundle her magnetic field lines, and she can influence her world with these. The UTR speaks here, since it is depending on ancient Nordic religion, of Yggdrasil the tree of the world. In the Bible though the energy tree appears under a different mythical image. Here it is the sword of the flames of the guardian angel who keeps watch at the gates of the garden of Eden. That angel symbolizes the Holy Spirit, we may interpret him as the spirit of all humans united, also guided by good angels from above. The performance of the Holy Spirit depends on the thinking of all humankind. While the humans turn towards their Earth Goddess favorably, Sofia Ewa gains more power and can better direct the effects that Yggdrasil has. Those energy bundles emerge directly from her divine body.

It should be important for Israel to know that this energy tree of the Earth Goddess often takes it's way through the valley of Jordan. Good people who live there are, for this reason, especially important to God. It was no coincidence then that God vocated just from there and until the coast, again and again humans as followers. That is testified, for instance, by the story of Jacob, who erected a stone for God at Bethel (Hebrew: The House of God). This stone symbolizes, just like the Ka'aba of Mecca does, the Betyle of the Earth Goddess, the one and only mestab of the god of this world. These are limits of Eretz Israel, and the better this land appears to be and develops, the more help God receives from this region.

13.11 Meeting the wise God is now possible, but Eden is off limits for Semites

There are myths of the Arabian Sabaeans (Baptists) too who confirm this lore. They speak of some kind of river of energy that leads from the Earth up into the sky, somewhere in that region. Baptist testified of these heavenly Jordans, who connect the river Jordan with the sky in some energetic way. It is correct that right there, field lines from the heavenly courts of the angels are especially closely connected to Earth. But it is just wrong when these revelations put the names of Ga-Sama (Jo-Shamin, Simat) or Ga-Dora (Aba-Thur) among the names of good angels. In truth those alleged angels are evil Greys. To those Semites, who are still mentally weaker and more primitive, it was often not possible to correctly separate good and evil powers. That shall only be possible for the better Nordic, according to God's plan.

Humankind was not developed in Europe though. But from Africa first hominids wandered into the North. The territories around the horn of Africa (today near Aden, that is the Biblical Eden) are especially rich of fossils of hominids. That shows that God's power is especially strong right there in principle, at the place where the Betyle rests underneath. However, fractal relations to many living planets in space made it impossible that a garden of paradise could really exist there. The Biblical report of this garden is only a fantasy. Only while the Earth Goddess developed her planet with respect to heavenly good advice, she managed to develop humans with a certain usability. Better evolved humans must help, from the future backwards, to fix the past. The Earth Goddess appears in the Bible firstly as the wise snake of the garden of Eden. The text gives her a bad name, but those who have wisdom can sense that this allegation is untrue. In fact the Jews traditionally call the Earth Goddess Samael, the supreme devil. Judaism has it that this evil angel came down to Earth at the early time when creation began. Under the name of Aeshma (Asmo-Deus, ie God Sam) the same devil pesters and misleads people, especially mentioned in the Book of Tobit. Protestants have a tendency to omit this book from their Bible, but that was a bad idea. Martin Luther must have been irritated by the fact that the Bible mentions just this one devil or demon by the name, while in all other cases those bad spirits remain anonymous. The UTR can explain this and much more, and correct errors. Some 600 millions of our years ago indeed 32 congeras of a late travel group, of the family Ga, came down from the sky to enter solid ground; but each one landed on it's own and different planet. Ga-Sama landed on a planet at the star Sirius B. She lost all her creatures early to become the leading devil of the local group. Fervently she pestered Earth with N-rays, but her star is like out of fuel now. The angels of the Alliance of Earths tried much to kill her, drilling a hole into her body. Only some Greys of the local group still keep to Ga-Sama as their leading devil. The Bible authors however didn't know that; since a tale has it that the Earth is a disk, with the stars as lamps at the tent of the sky. The Biblical Earth unites all the planets near and far to a virtual desktop. Maybe some last Bible badgers still believe that kid stuff today. People in Saudi Arabia could hear this recently from a Negro on their TV! As it turned out that dumb preacher was an analphabet, who only could read the Arabic of the Koran. God can often help Negroes some more but does not. Alas, the forbidden fruits of wisdom are not growing for those primitive Semites, they are reserved for a later development line of best bright Nordic. That is why the Bible says that the angels drove away too primitive hominids from the garden, into the rough where they must live until today. Then God put up the »Off Limits for Semites« sign, right east of Eden. God also told the Jews to keep the dark rabble away from the garden.

So this is just what the Bible says too, true? Many elderly and bitter people arrive again and again at the notion that the Bible might be very deeply true after all. But as we look at our real history, we find no trace of the garden Eden nor a trace of Noah's ark and the deluge. These central Bible tales are not fiction though, parables that need to be scholarly interpreted by some rabbis. These stories are real stories of many cosmic tragedies. On many planets disasters struck hard, leaving behind few survivors, who would eventually start again with evolution in some garden, or in a cosmic ark or a cave with life support machines. From millions of such tales of cosmic tragedies our Bible was composed, including the bitter end part. Many Greys out there are devilish cruel and addicted to mental contacts to outer space. From their destroyed planet they reach far out into the sky, to clutch at anyone that they can get a grip on and suck them out like spiders do. They are notoriously mendacious but still sly. They tell the same ever bitter stories to many people on many worlds including ours.

13.12 The next Ice-Age Cycle is already on, but an Ice-Age will hopefully not evolve

The big question of the experts is whether a new ice age is about to meet us in the future, or rather some harmful global over-warming. UTR has it that the Earth Goddess can regulate all things in her Solar System in a nicer way, but only if she has the time and the energy. Darn, our planet is positively out of control, and overpopulated like few others are among the million living planets in our galaxy (including those of the Magellan's Clouds), It is therefore thinkable that the climate of our future may rather develop in an unwelcome way. A new grim ice age could suddenly and easily develop within days. That would start with a nuclear winter, a global cooling that would be the consequence of a nuclear world war. Then, in a period of time of sudden weakness of the Earth Goddess, more disasters might also hit us, including big impacts of celestial bodies. That would mean that a World War III would only mark the beginning of tens of thousands of years of troubles of the apocalyptic sort. We can learn from the past that such a period of time of a cataclysm can go on for millions of years. On planets bombed down several times, only scarce rests of vegetation and animal life exist, often in a small green zone north of and right above the mestab, where our Eden would be. That explains why on this planet, many Semites are naturally treacherous and ill-minded. They suffer more from fractal conditions to the bombed-down planets who are typical for our bad galaxy. It doesn't help the region when more coloreds and off-species people push into those lands.

13.13 The main Theory of the UTR is: We can save the Earth, so may Heaven help us!

Again: The theory of this document goes like that: The magnetic field of the Earth has it's strong effects on the performance of the rays of God and those many interfering powers of outer space. If our magnetic field points the way it does right now, since the last reversal of 780,000 years ago, then God and the good angels gain some more powers. Well, some looks at the climate data again might serve to question that theory. The times when the magnetic field of Earth was oriented southwards, like it is today, were times when the ice ages became longer and more grim, while the warm ages had a very short duration. We can only understand this with the theory (call it my revelation) in mind, that more bad and lowquo people rid God of powers, and give us bad fractal connection and bad destiny. God always had to take care that only a few people would live on Earth. The machines and connections of a congera like Sofia Ewa are designed for a maximum of 16.7 million contacts. That means that this planet should have no more than 16.7 human inhabitants. If the headcount exceeds these limitations, problems with reality and destiny arise, while God has troubles to distinguish who is who up there. There are however many, many hostile Greys in space who are utterly hostile and devilish cruel. Any bad living planet and a life of pains and dangers is still a better destiny for Sofia Ewa than having to suffer attacks meant to turn her into one of these Greys too. This planet was therefore developed according to a plan. We God did allow many troubles that would eventually reduce an unwanted population, and make people get less fertile and intelligent. So far even the brightest and best developed white people were not allowed to realize that there is a good God who lives with them at their Solar System. All the times things seemed to get worse and worse, and the coming doomsday disasters may still seem inescapable right now. We but hope that in the very last moment we are able to avert all looming bad destiny. God can't manage this all alone, but this depends on the stabilizing influence of the planets of the Guardian Angels above.

14. Those who cannot explain Climate Cycles tend to forget about Them

Global Warming Disaster Warning (Divine COmedy)
14.1 Some always forget about the Cycles. Others regret they ever heard of them

This graph is another Divine Comedy. The idea came to me as I was sitting in my armchair, in front of my computer monitor, keyboard and trackball, on a really hot day in late spring 2017. Just a few months before the temperatures here in Deutschland had been below zero degrees. The ponds of the green girdle of Cologne were frozen so hard that you could dance and skate on them. But now, outside the weather was so hot that I was getting sweaty and uncomfortable, and felt like forced to jump again into such a pond. So can it be that global warming was responsible for this sudden rise of temperatures? My above graph may give the impression, but it only proves that much nonsense can be the result of computer manipulations. Let's not forget all those climate cycles. Some of them are well known, like the cycle of winter and summer. Others are hardly known at all, like the cycle of the sunspots. The long-time cycles of the ice ages, the topic of this document, are known to a few science pundits only. But while experts are little able to explain them the classical way (all without the assumption of higher powers and their supernatural interference), some experts tend to forget about them all the time. Some other experts who get to the idea to try and do more research of the climate cycles, soon tend to regret that. Their life strangely starts to get uncomfortable, and while they get the hunch that mysterious supernatural people watch them and manipulate them, these powers tend to be out of reach for attempts to track them down. At first you are often so stunned and fascinated by those congeras! You get so humble and obedient as you realize the vast power of their super-evolved bodies, their divine sophisticated machines and their reality-boggling rays. But as the Greys sock it to you the devilish mean way, and chat at you with a mental voice you cannot ignore, while they destroy your nerves at the same time, you may start to hatefully reject all those cosmic creeps. Not rarely now you may still be able to live your ordinary life at your office, but things get out of control as you return home and try to sleep. Some people then start to throw in pills and take refuge to alcohol and drugs. But the weaker and softer you get now, the less resistance you can raise versus such devilish creatures. Greys are obsessed by and addicted to cruelty. God must outsmart and mislead them, and can only very cautiously dare to reveal a few good stories to some bright people. But those who read this now may well forget about plans to reap fame and money with it.

14.2 Global Warming Politics remains an even bigger Mystery than Global Warming

With the Kyoto agreement of 1997, the blame for global warming was put on greenhouse gases like CO2. The experts used to disagree over this issue, since some better western experts raised well-founded doubts. But by way of a last-minute trick a majority of non-European and non-white delegates concluded the Kyoto bazaar deal. A majority of colored, left-winged and ecologist politicians thought that it was politically correct to put the blame for global warming on the rich and strongly developed countries, and that made them put some kind of ban on greenhouse gases. The Kyoto agreement seemed to be good for the so-called developing countries; it was also welcomed by market-liberals since it would open up new ways for specialized traders, so-called carbon cowboys, to earn money with the trade of emission certificates. When all those traveling politicians were meeting in Kyoto Japan, they were also clutched by the local spirit. At that era Deutschland made a pledge to reduce the emission of CO2 by as much as 95 % until the year 2050. Later they corrected that pledge to just 80 %. So how's it going? Better hold your breath Deutschland, since people also breathe out such gas!

As we look at global-warming politics in 2017, there are things that really make us wonder. One fact is that the carbon-dioxide (CO2) content in the atmosphere keeps rising for some decades. But while this is worrying to the experts, the many bad consequences that they predicted years ago seem to miss out. Nevertheless global warming politics is based on the idea to reduce the CO2 content in the atmosphere to an incredibly low level. That objective is especially unreal for a Deutschland that has just decided to finally scrap all nuclear power stations. Our boss is an aged church-abiding lady who got scared when she saw all the TV films about the catastrophe of Fukushima. So can't the Deutsche be sure that they have better expertise and technology, and destiny too? Don't say such things after World War Two. In the Nazi era the Deutsche were holding up their heads too high, now many are wont to duck like the Japs do. It is very unlikely that a nuclear catastrophe that happened in Japan can also happen here. The Fukushima catastrophe happened because Japan is one of the most overpopulated, polluted and geologically unstable places of this planet. They knew that a high earthquake and tsunami risk was there, but they were building at the seaside in spite of that. The Japs built villages and also power stations, right at the side of those old warning steles that they put up after the last tsunami. The next tsunami then washed away the villages, causing tenthousands to die. A tricky chain of bad luck made this tsunami also cause that nuclear disaster. From the point of view of true religion it is obvious that those Japs just have worse luck and are less well protected by God. But that is not written in the Bible, Christians cannot think that way. Our elderly people are so much under the influence of bad and mad religion, that they cannot evaluate risks like those who come with power stations. Christians believe that it only matters if you are baptized and a member of this or that church, while your race doesn't matter. Therefore they are unable to realize the differences between us whites and the coloreds. That makes many weak-minded, deluded and biased people do as if all people are in principle of equal quality; since belief, race or gender should make no difference. That is unreal and blatantly false thinking; and the consequence is often an unreal and blatantly false politics.

14.3 Why Politicians in Deutschland secretly stopped worrying and started to love Global Warming

So now Deutschland needs more coal power stations who will blow out more CO2 into the air. That means that we can forget about our promise to reduce the emissions of CO2 to near zero. Is there a way out? Frau Merkel keeps to the agreement of the Kyoto climate bazaar. Other countries are supposed to emit less CO2 so that we need not do this, and we pay them. But only one problem is that we are over-indebted by a national debt of more than two billion Euros. Ms. Merkel, always trying to be nice, also agreed to pay back many other debts, for instance those of Greece. The entire Euro finance system is based on towering debts that nobody will ever pay back. To avoid the bankruptcy of the European Union, the remaining member countries do as if they are willing and able to pay back all those debts. The theory of typical old-time calculationists and economic liberals has it, that we only need more economic growth for that, a lot of more economic growth. But the problem is that more economic growth will lead to more smoking industrial chimneys and more CO2 emissions. Or can we cut the link of economic growth and more greenhouse gas production? Yes we can, say the calculationists, if our power stations get much more efficient. They need to be more efficient by a margin of 9 %. In reality though the rise of efficiency is below 2 %. That is what some Deutsche independent experts like Rudi Kurz conclude. They raise their voices much in vain versus the block of 1,000 experts and 10,000 media people, who support the official policy of the Eurocrats, whatever that may be. Right now Deutschland is exporting more and more. Frau Merkel must be glad since that seems to help her much with her forthcoming reelection campaign. She is the candidate of the Christian Democrats, who are in reality mostly economic liberals. But in reality many of our top scoring enterprises are secretly owned by international investors. Jews and others did rid Deutschland of their most precious assets after World War Two, we now work for them. Our economic growth of 1 %, and the abolition of all nuclear power stations in 2018, will probably lead to more emission of CO2 into the air instead of much, much less. So the climate policy news from Deutschland sound like a disaster warning right now, but not to those ears who heard the messages of the UTR before.

The UTR has it that God uses CO2, among other methods, to better up our planet's climate. So where's the evidence for this? We can be rather sure that mechanisms exist who regulate many things of our planet. That is what the Gaia theory has already shown. Without these secret balances and circuits our planet would move soon away from it's nicely regular orbit, and the consequence would be that our weather would really get catastrophic. For a long time Deutschland had been a country with bitterly cold winters. Winter time was also the time when we needed more electricity and coal for heating. Global warming however means that our winters are becoming gradually less strict. So global warming is good for us. Right now it seems that secretly our politicians too learned to enjoy less strict winters and to love global warming.

Since Deutschland is still one of the leading nations of the planet, a land of thinkers and science masterminds, many other countries look to Deutschland as they decide over matters of politics. When Chancellor Frau Merkel decided to abolish all nuclear power stations, other countries too thought about this. Our good neighbors in Switzerland then decided to switch off two nuclear power stations in 2016/2017. Some news say that due to a lack of power their entire electricity network nearly failed in that winter. Nevertheless, a political coalition of left-wingers, Christians and ecologists introduced a new energy law, that forbids the construction of new nuclear power stations. One propagandist of that legislation was Ms. Doris Leuthard of the party CVP. With the UTR we can realize soon that this woman in politics must be some more under the evil spell of Ga-Dora, that strongest and most cruel Grey of our sky. Old-time Christians might interpret Doris as a witch possessed by a demon, that explains her worrying powers. Ga-Dora however is not well in control of such target persons, she tends to suddenly seriously damage them. All this must not mean that the deeds and opinions of such a target person are incorrect, but there often is a tendency into that direction. So that is what the UTR tells you first, but more plain facts are the result of a few logical thoughts. The plan to abolish all nuclear power stations in Swiss will lead to more imports of soft brown coal (lignite) from Deutschland, and coal power stations will blow more CO2 into the air. Also Swiss must hope now for less cold winters, and that means, they will profit from a stronger global warming. Now, isn't that good climate news in the end? At the same time though Viëtnam is very busy assembling twelve new nuclear power stations. That may mean not only that Charlie prepares for nuclear armament, but they also may some time soon produce the very cheap electricity that we westerns fail to produce, due to our legislation that is shaped by female worries.

14.4 There is a Way to better up the World Climate, but that is a long and dusty Road

God definitely regulates the world weather. So can it be that we don't really need to reduce the emission of CO2 at all? That would be bad news for the developing countries, who right now make much of their money on the Kyoto climate bazaar. So-called nations of bad and lowquo coloreds often try forest and wildlife blackmail, see already chapter 12.15. They demand money for not logging down forests and hunting bush meat. They are even more indebted than we are, and their economic liberals and bad leftists and bribed bureaucrats are worse than they are in the west. Heck, let's not forget all those Catholocrats and Evangeliacs, and those Mormongoles, Jehovanauts and Biblolalagists, and the Pedophiles and Islamophiles. The bad lore that people of these sorts emit as they preach is more noxious to us than all of the CO2 that our industrial chimneys blow into the air. If humans really want to evaluate how dangerous CO2 is, and what we all can and should do to get to a better climate, then there is no way to decide this without putting into consideration what God secretly thinks and does. But while our old-timers tend to hold on to old-time religions and ideologies, they are unable to realize that there is a god who is very busy with his planet. Strange but true, theologists used to think that God didn't do more than creating the universe in the onset. That atheistic theology came up as theologists were educated at the universities, who keep telling to all the world that science knows that there is no god with us. The UTR now proves these people wrong.

So what if our oldtimers would ask God about the climate for once in their lives? God would maybe try to make them think the logical, rational way. There are some rather simple and obvious climate-making processes. Global warming is mainly a problem in Africa today. There droughts kill Negroes by the millions. Those Negroes always reproduce too much. They hack and eat away all the plants and animals. Then the land gets dry and hot. So that's a very short version of the story of global warming in Africa. Those Negroes have so bad and simple minds that they can't behave. We whites won't change them, since we can't better up their genes. So if we want more forests again and more rain in Africa, we need to do away those Negroes. The good way to solve the Negro question is, to round them up and sterilize them, and to let them live their lives and die out in peace. That is not the cheapest and most simple way, but it's a way that most or all politicians and medics of two worlds should be able to agree upon, or not? Sadly, those networks of old-time Christians and Muslims are the most hard-boiled when it comes to making those Negroes, and other bad coloreds, reproduce too much and misbehave the traditional way. While Negroes are definitely just of a too poor human quality, most whites are also far away from doing substantially better. Frau Merkel at least recently visited Mali, one of those Negro nations. She urgently asked those Negroes to not send more migrants to Europe. Some of those Negroes even greeted her with an applause she won't receive here in Deutschland. There is hope that the people of this world will get to a more sane and rational politics. But as we good people of this world try to better up the climate, we like enter a long and dusty road.

14.5 As People realize that there is a God, that should change everything in Politics

Well, the UTR teaches to the teachables that there is a God, but also bad other powers who from above secretly regulate our planet's climate in a bad way. The problem is though that calculationists cannot calculate in God's power nor the disturbances that the Greys cause. They may go to church on Christmas but rather believe in free competition than in God. The USA has suddenly become brave under President Trump. The Amis said yes, they think that there is a god with us; and that means that all those old-time experts who calculate without putting God into consideration can't well be correct. Chancellor Merkel lately met the former US-president Obama again, at a church gathering, but I guess that sunny Negro couldn't tell her how exactly God regulates the climate. Frau Merkel comes from the former GDR, she was educated the atheist and socialist way. She also is a dedicated protestant, but the Jesus that these people commit to died long ago. Jesus was of the opinion that this sinful world would go under any next day, so he probably didn't care about global warming anyway. Jesus taught people to give away all their possessions, maybe that is what Frau Merkel has in mind. We Deutsche had better working governments before, who knew how to act up when it was necessary. Some decades ago we were having massive troubles with acid rain. That rain contained sulphur-dioxide (SO2) that damaged buildings and was noxious. That SO2 came from coal power stations. In 1983 our government issued a law that forced power stations to stop that gas. By that way the SO2 in the atmosphere was reduced by 90 percent. The USA was having the same problem, but instead of issuing a law they tried to let the markets take care of that. The USA issued certificates that gave the right to keep on polluting. So the companies just kept on polluting, and in 20 years the USA only managed to reduce the SO2 emissions by as little as 35 percent. That may teach that a good and able government can do a lot of good for a country. But there is no such government for this planet. There is the UN, where the motley crew traditionally is open for the wishes of third-world countries and multinational enterprises too. As soon as some coloreds have learned how to write English, they write letters asking for UN jobs. Many Negroes are impressed by the career of the former UN-boss Kofi Annan, and now they surely want to become a fraudster kingpin too. So isn't it true that the Negroes at the UN in New York write the word greeed like this, with three letters e? I guess many white people can do that too. And that after all explains the bad and ineffective world politics on many fields including the climate. So can't we westerners build up a better structure, maybe a holy Reich that we Deutsche had times before? Don't ask this Frau Merkel, she's just an old lady who tries her best to be nice to most everyone. We would need younger and better people in politics, who should first realize that there is a good God with them. If people realize that there is this Earth Goddess who is in command, who is above them, who is just superior because she is a supremely evolved person, then they may be ready to evaluate human quality. Then they can learn more about the quality of humans, and they can make clear to all the Negroes that their best place is where Bob Marley thought it would be, back in Africa. We don't need a new Deutsche Reich that keeps up the traditions of the Roman Empire, nor do we badly need any other special world government. What we really need are quality people in all top positions, in the UN and in the US, in the Arab League and in many multinational enterprises. If those white power and quality people know how to resist to evil, they can learn fast to do much better jobs, not only for the sake of greed, but by way of helping God to save the Earth.

14.6 There is a God who needs to be sly and tough, and that is what World Leaders need to be too

So maybe this stuff makes you angry right now. Many darklings used to believe that they shall be magically transferred from this planet to a fantasy heaven, where they shall live a life of joy and eventually get a bedful of heavenly houris without having to pay for them. Well, you shan't. As believers learn how bad things are in space, some tend to get mad like those mad devils. Better learn more right now! You can learn some very basic things that help you to live a nicer, saner life. There is a God who lives right here with you. This is the God who succeeded with creation, while many other would-like-to's were overpowered and bombed down, and now are half-dead and half-mad cosmic zombies on frozen-over planets of a forever ice-age. Your body may be of deplorable quality, and your life is hard and ends so shortly. God is working so hard to change that. God indeed shall grant a much better life to selected super-humans of the future. We are making fast progress on this way, this will work out soon. But you personally cannot become one of the teen titans of a future age of paradise. So take this message as God's consolation too. The tendency is there in some scientists now to play the fool and to misbehave, to scare the public and make the bad seed grow and spread out, just as some kind of revenge regarding their bad destiny. That is also part of the explanation of all those amok attackers, crackpots sexually ruled by demons. That for instance is a big problem that God is about to tackle. The problem of amok attackers and Islamic Scoundrels is that they are often under the erotic spell of their mothers. While they are out of control with their sex drives they are not well reachable by the good God. God right now slowly tries to regulate down the disliked spell of sex. Mothers must learn early to not seduce their sons, including bad religious ideas. The tendency is there that the constituencies who meet at churches and mosques degrade morally and physically. That will make more sane and upright people realize that those old-time religions are just yesterday's bad nonsense. It will be bitter soon, like helpful medicine, for many to live without vain Semitic delusions. So what can you do now with your little life span best, while you tend to get out of shape so miserably and so soon? There are so many people who still love nature, who plant trees and try to understand more about life. As we look at our history and civilization, we find that humankind grew mentally, constantly, to catch up more and more wisdom and understanding. By that way many people became philosophers. Some managed to find Sofia, the source of true wisdom. So here it is, divine wisdom! With my texts God explains to people all those big secrets that remained a mystery to the deluded humans of all previous ages. If you are bright enough to understand that, then thank God and the good angels above. Two of the best up there are Arp and Erpa (aka Ga-Repa). Arp was the one who developed the idea to make some of our good soldiers of the US military develop the Arpa-net, that later turned into the Internet. Now that is our main and best means of communication, the channel that transports divine wisdom too. Now this wisdom, as far as you are able now to catch it up, will help you much to lead a better, saner, longer, less painful and dangerous life. Despite of all the shortcomings of your life, you're much better off than most of the people of ages past, including even most of the kings.

14.7 If you invest much into Negroes, that may pay off against You even more

You may not have heard of the Negro Ujah, but hardly any soccer fan from Koeln (Cologne) Germany will forget his story. Ujah was one of the fast runners who would always wait in front of the team to eventually score a goal. He was pious too, and such types are liked by the local gossip paper called Express. That red press cheered to that Negro in a less than correct way. But that suddenly ended when Ujah scored an own goal in a decisive match of the national cup. They sold Ujah to Bremen then, such things are still possible in sports, also due to those Negroes. Well, next year the same Negro again shot the 1st FC Cologne out of the competition of the national cup! Few people may deny that this smells like the black magic, that just a few of these blacks seem to command. But you can only talk about this off the record. At the same time, in the past season, the new Negro of the local club just failed to score any goals, for a longer time. The entire team was really demoralized, and the red press even seemed to bring them down to a level of Muslims who search help from God in prayer. I can't put that picture in here, some may find it obnoxious. Search this out in the Deutsche version of the text, it's a must-have for fans of the huge gay community here. In my divine opinion it is likely that this shows the effect of the reversal of the magnetic field of the Sun after the jump year of 2012. Suddenly all the Negroes of the world got less support from the bad parts of the sky. So understanding those cycles may even help to better compute sports events! Understanding the Negroes may also help you to better understand destiny and morale. There are few rich Negroes who can live a life of tyrants in Africa, while at the same time Africa has the biggest number of hominids who are extremely poor and live lives of bitter misery. We may call this inequality shameless, and it makes us wonder why God can't help making those Negroes get to more equality. In the past we had many Negroes who turned to socialism, while they tried to better up just this inequality. But the problem was that the Negroes weren't evolved enough and also didn't have the luck. Good leftists realized early in history that we need better new humans for a better and more equal society. Negroes can't develop to become such more evolved humans. They are stuck in a dead-end-street of development, and only while they clutch on old-time religions and old-time traditions they can still find some standing. Better socialists realized this lately, but leftist Antis just for this reason try to use Negroes to fight civilization. Some shamelessly abuse false refugees for a political fight against law and order, political freedom and good developments. But that abuse eventually turns out to work against those leftist Antis, when they come down morally and physically, as they are clutched by the typical bad luck spell that has a grip on the Negroes. That inequality of luck, wealth and influence is just a typical consequence of black magic.

14.8 Christians try to develop Negro Africa. God instead wants Nature and Wildlife

While some Negroes have all the luck, most have little or no luck at all. That is not fair, but our world was not built up the fair way. Let me compare the stories of some Negro celebrities to the story of the typically poor Negress Patricia Cheelo in Zambia. Some years ago she told reporters her typical sad story. Her man had left her for another woman, like loveless Negroes often do. She then could not pay the school money for her daughter Florence. A kind-of miracle changed her desperate situation. The Kyoto bazaar agreement had the consequence that the Negress Patricia had that school money again. She had used charcoal for her oven before, now she uses a modern solar cooker instead. While she isn't burning dead wood any more she has more money left. She still had to pay a price for that solar cooker. The experts decided to not give away those things for free, since they feared that those cookers would be used as trash cans then. They also introduced and paid for a sophisticated electronic payment system, to make it possible for Patricia to pay her debts, 2 dollars a month. We learn from this case that the poor live precarious lives, and that they can easily and fast get into bitter poverty troubles. The experts then try to help the market-liberal way, since they believe that the market rules the world, and everything must be done like the market demands it. But that costs them a lot, to regulate the economy in a way that the strong let the poor live. The truth is though that God regulates lots of things. Now that the savior has come, the poor people should immediately benefit from this at least a little. That means that the poor should get some things for free, when that is easily possible, instead of making them struggle to pay some very small sums. It is a shame that education for kids is not free in countries where some poor people cannot afford it. But as we try to teach the Negroes, we need to put into consideration their narrow limitations. How long will the buildings and things last that we build and donate for Africa? Primitive Negroes cannot really keep up a modern elevated culture, they fail with the maintenance. They just have a natural tendency to degrade morally and culturally, and that makes western helpers in development often give up. There is nobody to blame when those technology gadgets only last some few years, because those Negroes have no cultural traditions to use such gadgets, and are too dumb for modern technology anyway. Today Negro Africa receives much too much development aid, that gets wasted to build big cities, buy big cars, modern weapons and technologies too. Christians teach to Negroes that they need to catch up with the pace of western civilization, and live like the whites do. Negroes can't do this because of their genes, and it is more fitting to help them to live their lives the best possible and traditional way, until they all die out.

14.9 Christians should not fear dead Spirits, but admit on J-day that Jesus is dead

Christians are good people, but with a bad religion. Some try to introduce lots of wild Negroes into the west, simply driven by the demons who secretly possess their clerics and mislead them onto the path of damnation. Total destruction is not what the Christians want and expect, but they cannot deny that this is the inescapable end of that path, predicted to them not only by the book of Apocalypse or Revelation in the Bible. But God will abolish Christian religion rather soon, on 3/31 of the year 2033. Then it is time for the truth that the main Christian god is dead of course. Jesus did not resurrect from the place where he was buried, he didn't fly to the sky without a spaceship. Souls cannot live without a body, just like computer programs cannot work without a computer. Today's Christians are mentally disabled people captured in a fantasy world of childhood dreams. In just a few years many will evolve, some will become good Nordic believers who will culturally and morally rule the world. They will then patrol with airships to survey and regulate wildlife in Black Africa and other non-developing regions, including the surviving Negroes.

As Christians today give more and more to help Africa, even if that has little or no good effects, they are often clutched by fear and driven by religious insanity. They hold on to the word of the gospel saying that Jesus wants them to give all that they have to the poor, including the most lowly people. Some then fear that they will be tortured forever after they die, by the evil spirits that Jesus commands, if they should dare to disobey to that order. Well, God has in mind to officially declare Jesus as dead on the first of April in 2033. That April's fool's day is after all the traditional day when acts of foolery are explained in the end. On that J-day, Christianity will end! Christians just need to interpret the gospel in a different, realistic way. We read of Mary Magdalena the whore that she saw angels in the garden Gethsemane, and received the revelation that they had carried Jesus to the sky. That daydream tale of hers has the ring of truth, but she was fooled with false news. We read of two followers of Jesus that they ran away from Jerusalem, to meet a mysterious man in the nearby town Emmaus. They later allegedly realized that that mysterious man had been the resurrected Jesus. The UTR has it that they probably met Johannes Marcus in a nearby village. Jesus had named Marcus as his successor. Some followers believed that the spirit that had been inside of John the Baptist, and then in Jesus, had now entered Mark. Mark however didn't become the new head of that sect. He only worked for Simon Petrus as a writer. Mark wrote the original text of the gospel, later exaggerated by Matthew the fool and Luke the physician. Judas Thaddeus now became the leader of the Nasorean sect of Jesus. They were meeting behind closed doors in Jerusalem, and there Jesus appeared to them, but as a spirit. Judas was now also called Thomas, the brother. He didn't want to believe that Jesus was still alive, but he even could touch that spirit! Such spiritualism phenomena can occur, but they didn't prove that Jesus was alive. Imagine you surf in the Internet and find postings there of someone claiming to be Jesus. So isn't it likely that this guy is just a Jesus impostor? By much the same way those congeras thence fooled those simpletons of the Jesus sect. If you are still a Christian in '33, you are supposed to testify right this on J-day.

14.10 There was often that one deluding Negro who seemed to prove that Negroes can be excellent too

Let's not forget that seeing a bad looking Negro on the streets may be taken for a bad omen. At certain times Negroes seem to multiply on most lawns, as if they had been gathering there secretly after midnight to perform their fertility voodoo rites. But at other times their luck seems to wane. That was the case in the soccer club 1st FC Köln (Cologne) in the years after 2012. They ran into some kind of Negro crisis, when especially their darling Negroes were not performing the way the chieftains had hoped they would. Not rarely, yes typically some few Negroes do exceptionally well. There was this one Negro who did beat all the world's best golfers. He also laid a number of best looking white women, so let us all forget that name of shame. Then there was that Negress Serena who did beat all the world's best women tennis players. There was that Negro Muhammad Ali who came back as this world's leading boxer, and got his head beaten too much as a consequence. There was this Negro Usain who became one of those fastest runners, I have the idea that this happened once again because of this exotic name, who reminds of the Shi'ite last prophet Husain. There are strong links who bind people with such names to the Parsen, who are the Jews of planet Lar. Due to other links to planet Lar here in Deutschland, the Negro Boateng even nearly became the führer of the national soccer team, and they used to call such a man this nation's kaiser in former times.

It is rather typical that one such Negro performs exceptionally well in one discipline of sports. It's black magic of course, one that few people can honestly deny, but many sports fans tend to stubbornly ignore. Lately Hollywood decided to issue a film about the last witch hunter, but it probably would be right now regarded as politically incorrect, to let this bizarre movie hero exorcise or eliminate all those black magic Negroes. True is of the old sorcery beliefs, that certain female magic often helps to bring a Negro to the top. The blacks probably cannot explain this too, they don't know the people from outer space who do this. The ordinary classical Hollywood movie, as I remember them, sports such a leading sports Negro as a person worthy to be liked. In reality though, by a vast majority in America the Negroes are poor, stupid and humble; and these are still well-read and civilized compared to the ordinary African Negroes. Negroes populate the slums and also the prisons, in all countries who are infested with Negroes. Some spoil our youngsters with drugs and Negro music. One classical song has it that a Negro started to smoke reefer (a dope cigarette as big as a Biblical giant) to get hoarse after a few months. Even Negroes may find this worrying, but they most typically don't have the will-power to take their swarthy hands off drugs.

Those few best performing Negroes in sports may find that anabolic drugs work especially well on them. That is a phenomenon too typical for Islamic Scoundrels of the urban gangs, that they turn into oriental hulks of muscles and fat with the help of anabolic steroids. Especially those orientals who have the evil spirit sticking inside of them tend to become extremely ugly. Colored have less stability in reality, and especially those Negroes can be more easily deformed into weird freaks who develop rather far away from the ordinary human, more than their God likes to allow and tolerate. They get great muscles by this way, and get old and fat and die fast later. It is typical for the demented Greys that they spend much of their energy to develop fighters. However there was no Negro among the experts, students, reporters and volunteers who contributed to the material of this text; or else that case escaped me.

14.11 Research work on the Field of the Cycles must touch the Field of the Races

As we try to understand Negroes, and other non-white races too, the facts are easy to gather, but they leave a mysterious picture. Some kind of spell seems to manipulate those colored people, but what is the nature of this game? Like in most other mysterious cases, some people in charge then tend to get blind to reality. They say it is a taboo to look deeper into all those race mysteries, they say that it is not only correct to do as if all people are equal, but good for us and society. But I say that we should try hard to compute especially those tricky secrets of our reality and destiny. That should help us much as we try to save ourselves and make this planet become a better place. This way we can avoid getting more lowquo but nice Negroes as our celebrities and even world leaders. The typical Negro politician has little intelligence but may submit sheepishly to the old-time experts, even at a time when most people suspect that the experts must be wrong. Do we dare to research into black magic? One aspect of this is, that Negroes with strange names seem to have such magical luck more often. That is explained already by UTR religion. Some people with rare or special names are fractally linked to people of other planets, which may lead to a different destiny.

Today many pc-freaks think that research work into the mysterious field of races should not be done nor tolerated. They fear the implications and the results. It is obvious that serious research into the question of races would lead to the result that Negroes are in general just inferior, and because of this often manage to reap special sympathy from bad people. In time when just a few Negroes manage to excel in sports, we must suspect that this is the consequence of black magic. It is rather obvious that there seem to exist powers who power up just a few Negroes, while they let down the rest of them or eventually even bring them down. That model of explanation of the Negroes has much to it, it is a theory we might call likely on first view. But right now it would be hardly thinkable that common experts would dare to publicly bring up something like this. One aspect is that they fear our society might become unstable and less correct as a consequence of their conclusions. Another aspect is that they cannot be too sure about all of this. Old-time science grew in a virtual world that seemed to function according to a few natural laws only. Many open questions could not be explained satisfactory by that way, but most people didn't really care. As humankind now gets to the notion that there exist supernatural powers who control much of our destiny, it remains still open to many who these people really are and how the mortal Earthlings should deal with them. There are a few people who realize that I am the one who leads them into the truth. But they may still not be strong enough to allege to my religion called UTR. The time for this doesn't seem to be right, as long as the one and only goddess of this place, Sofia Ewa, still did not make her official coming out. If we would see her as the beautiful empress Helena in some stadium at some official event, then surely loads of welcome visitors would cheer and give thanks and consider that this planet has a goddess. Right now however they rather cheer to the Negroes in the sports stadiums. So can it be that the goddess in hiding is secretly sorry about this and also jealous? We rather think that she urgently needs some few people to become more intelligent and better performing in politics, society and culture. She is much with people who care about lots of important things, but less with those who waste their time with pressing hard their thumbs and praying eagerly for the success of their favorite teams. Many westerners cannot well understand reality, they much gave up on politics, they like to be entertained. That is frustrating for God, and it explains why the hard working and fair Earth Goddess may also occasionally let the Negroes win some more. Just being a sports fan who has a lifetime ticket for some stadium should not be too much fun. We God need our good people to get better mentally and physically, since only some genetically good, mentally strong, morally righteous and satisfactory developed people are good enough to take a stand within the truth. While the better people can't get to better quality just by watching sports, they better do something better. So that explains why watching sports events right now often turns out to be rather frustrating and boring, since too often the Negroes are in luck, and also those who don't look well and who are rather little liked.

14.12 Research Work into the Cycles can lead to Lots of enlightening helpful Results

From the point of view of the UTR, our one and only Earth Goddess is a pauper too. She has no bank account and no passport in any country, and her creatures don't even officially recognize that the property rights of her Betyle, the artificial egg deep down under where she lives in. Destiny forced her to not tell her creatures more of her secrets. She is under constant pressure from hostile aliens from stars incredibly far away. One way to deal with those attacks of N-rays is to direct them into sub-cultures who are of less importance. While the Greys struggle and try let the Negroes win some more, their objective is to fool the world and make the good people become more humble. They have more fractal influence regarding colored people. Coloreds only exist on the planets of misery, but not on the few paradisaical planets of the angels. However the Earth Goddess may suddenly win some more influence just on this field, due to a change of the cycles.

One cyclical turnover of destiny came with the ominous year of 2012. That year was that of a kumbh-mela, one great-year had ended and the next started. The magnetic field of the Sun had reversed, like it happens every 11 to 12 years, triggered by the magnetic field of the planet Jupiter. The well known and not disputed consequence was that a new sunspot cycle started. Another hard to accept consequence was that the Earth Goddess did gradually make the Negroes get less liked and important in the following years. That helps her a bit to win more powers. Her intentions are to let bad colored people die out in a few decades, by way of manipulations of their fertility. But she must allow some setbacks with this, who are often due to fractal connections to planet Lar. When the Negro Boateng became so important for German (Deutsche) soccer, the main reason was that his club Schalke 04 has special close fractal links to a similar club on planet Lar. That club on the next living planet of our neighborhood seems to be the club of the city where Fred lives in, in a land with a Welsh culture. Fred is the name of the local messiah, the savior of this planet. As I hear it right now Fred was chosen in 2004 as Lar's local savior. Botin (with -tin spoken like the French Tin Tin) may be a synonym for the savior male or female. That sounds like odd scifi right now, but remember that much of our modern civilization sounded like vile fantasies to the people of the dark Middle Ages. Because of fractal links to planet Lar, God also had to allow and push up the sorcery tale Harry Potter. While such morbid entertainment today deludes many youngsters but also informs them a bit, they are little prepared for the sudden assaults of the cosmic devils, who may suddenly force them into attempted suicide. Many people who get a hunch that the Earth Goddess exists right now may underestimate her powers. The ups and downs of the luck of the Negroes in sports seem to tell one bad story. But UTR teaches that the Earth Goddess could perform much better than she does right now. While she includes one wait state after the other into her computing, she must have the power ready to do much more in a sudden case of emergency.

14.13 Cycles Research was already done some Times before, with good Results or fatal Consequences too

Let's not forget important people who did dare to do some research work before on such difficult fields. One of them was the Russian professor Alexander L. Tschijewski. In the times of the Soviet Empire much serious research work was done on difficult fields of fringe science, and the study of climate cycles really belongs to this field too. The study of climate cycles starts to get weird as you realize that those cycles can have so many effects on so many fields. In the years after 2012 for instance, the new cycle, with a more helpful orientation, made winters in Europe become less cold and summers less hot. But such cycles would also have their effects on the way British voters would vote! In times when the Earth Goddess gained a little more power, voters would regard politicians in a more correct way. That Soviet professor noticed well such little statistical events, and he attributed them (wrongly, as we now know), to the amount of some kind of energy that the Sun was sending out. Lenin was fascinated by that kind of research. In the times of Stalin however Tschijewski was sent into a prison camp where he died. It seems that those leftists just decided to dislike the results of this research work. Stalin however, a former apprentice priest, may have realized that this professor was too deluded and ignorant of God. Even some atheists may find it hard to not adhere a little to some religion. That is especially the case for those typical left-winged career infidels who have a believing mother.

It is not much easier today to be an outsider expert or one with theories of fringe science. Today in many research institutions we find those types who seem to sabotage such research work, since they get a hunch that they may not like the truth that this research work will bring up; true, true. I get the notion that Joe Stalin was a direct descendant of Hades! That historical king of Kolchis, today Georgia, was the father of the infamous witch Medea, one heroine of my opera Medewa. God can reveal you more such strange stuff. God can explain the most cryptic secrets of science and history. God could develop the most sophisticated new technology in short time, for instance special ray guns that only fry the brains of Islamic Scoundrels. So why don't we do that right now? One reason is also that God needs to develop this planet slowly and in a way that makes people wiser and not more sick in their heads.

We Earthlings are right now well advised, by the strategists of the Alliance of Humanoids, to prevent lots of inventions, developments and contacts. One consequence is to use conventional tactics and technology some more. Some good humans need to develop to an astounding super-quality right now, most of the others just are free to live their lives as usual. For researchers this however means that they are facing risky business. God often needs to rearrange reality a lot. While the destiny of two rare living planets is at the stake, even the life of a good researcher isn't worth a lot. As some people who push hard with some unwanted development cannot be stopped by another way, then they may just die.

15. Did Neanderthals build the First Mosque of all Time?

Structure of Neanderthals in Bruniquel Cave
15.1 This is possibly one of the most ancient Cult Sites of the World!

The picture here shows us not only some views into some of the deepest caves of France. The cave of Bruniquel also has, to the right, rests of the most ancient structures who were ever built by humankind. Already in 1990 some hobby climbers had discovered this cave, it must have been sealed off for tens of thousands of years. In it they found rests of strange stone-circles made of broken stalagmites. That cannot have been the work of nature alone, they realized that. The hobby climbers did the right thing, they informed the authorities about this find. Many years later experts then found out, that this egg-shaped structure was made at a time of approximately 176,000 years before today. Several different methods were used, they gave the same result. So these are very old and rare structures, rests of one of the oldest constructed site that humans ever were building. This reminds of a mosque, a church or another circular structure, like for instance, the ancient stone circle of Stonehenge. Some rests of burned bones were found inside of those structures, maybe bones of bears were burned there. So was this a site of offerings? This cave site was rather far away from the entrance, at a distance of 336 meters, deep down in the underground. At that time only some early Neanderthals lived in that region. So this was a cave of these Neanderthals, but it is untypical and unique. The experts wrote that they find these structures mysterious. Some guy used the rare world conjectural for this, that word at least makes sure that these experts are learned scholars. But just such experts have a tendency to shy away from speculative interpretations of such odd finds. We might easily link this find to those many traces that we have of prehistoric cults of the bear. Even in North America there are some traces of such an ancient cult among the Amerinds (aka Redskins, major race three). That cult is also still common among the ancient Ainu of Northern Japan, rather white people who were vanquished by today's colored Japs. I took that image above from the mag Nature and worked it up digitally. I also recommend the article about this on, easily to be googled down, for all those who wish now to learn some more about this find. It's good that Nature does not only publish the official header of such a science article, written in the experts' Welsh, but also a summary of the editor for free. Read more interesting stuff about the Neanderthals, compared to Christians, in chapter 12.6.

15.2 If I research into the past I need to work it up. Then people took me for their God!

Where the science articles must end, the real big questions only start that we must ask. Theologists are needed to answer them, but theologists of such a quality do not exist. So far no other religion but the Universal Truth Religion (UTR) has God's key to the answers. Mother Nature lives in the underground for so long a time. She was already there when Neanderthals of the early sort dwelt in that cave. My communication with her is difficult though, and eventually I am misled. One reason for this is that our far past has lost much reality and stability. Only by creative recreation I am able to find out some precious facts about such finds of history. And if I get involved here with my creative works, magic is the result. The consequence may be that those Neanderthals of a time long gone did have the idea that I was the god who was with them in the time when they got the idea to build that thing. But surely they had a hunch of the goddess living in the underground, and that is was made them build this cave structure. Archæologists found other caves who were used as cult sites, for instance on Crete. Real holy caves were the model of that labyrinth of the palace of Knossos, nicely worked up by the pioneering Brit Evans. Not rarely such efforts to rebuild the past had positive effects on the quality of the finds. At the center of that labyrinth some kind of beast was supposed to live, the so-called Minotaur. Some believers would regard this beast as their great goddess, but pirates and slavers like the mythical Theseus sailed to Crete with the intention to slay that beast. One of the big problems of the good goddess was that she would eventually reach people of lesser and darker quality with her earth-rays, while the Greys would deny her the access to genetically better and blonder whites. The great Robert von Ranke-Graves found so many traces of ancient cults and legends of our White Goddess! But few people ever got to the insight that she is a good goddess, and not a creature beyond human understanding who mixes kind and cruel traits.

With the knowledge that we won from this ice-ages text we can get to another important clue. The time of around 180,000 years before today was a time when the warm age here called Wacken had ended. The ice age here called Saale (often rather called Riß) was just about to start with grim force. So it's easy to guess what must have made the Neanderthals search for contact to the true Goddess right then. They worried about the global cooling. I guess the Goddess couldn't even tell them what that was. The Goddess didn't make these Neanderthals get wise; she just gave them a little consolation, and kept them busy with some cults, rites and feasts. Sofia Ewa did let the time pass and waited for her man.

15.3 Islam is this World's vilest Religion, but isn't it rather near to true Religion?

God's own religion UTR grants more freedom especially to Muslims, including for instance the right to have a beer. The times of Mohammed are long gone, and Muslims too have the right to receive an update by God. From the point of view of true religion we must say that all old-time religions are partly true and partly not. From the point of view of today's common old-time religions, that lore is surely hardly acceptable. There are so many short-legged priests who think that they have divine powers and can command the spirits around. Other priests are secretly mendacious. Some perform boring rites and don't care. Some do what they are paid for. Many fear spirits they never really knew, as pestering demons make them fall for the most vile nonsense. So can it be that Neanderthals already had a religion similar to those of today? Sure, again and again the Earth Goddess chose and contacted some prophets. She gave them some hints, but never revealed to them the full truth of true religion. One good hint was always to go and get clean and cool. It was always easier for the Goddess to establish contacts to lesser people, since the Greys would allow that more often. It was also often easier for the Goddess to foster people who lived right above her Betyle, in the region of today's Arabia and Israel. The consequence is that still today, Islam has some more truth in it than other old-time religions have. Muslims know that humans need to keep clean and cool, for a better performing mind. That was what John the Baptist was teaching to all Israel too. Woe, imagine we would all be culturally dominated by the vast majority of colored people instead. Our kids would maybe learn at school to go to the temple of Kuan Ti the Chinese god of war, to burn a triad of smoking sticks, take some sniffs in to get high, and then whack some heads at the martial arts club. That is how religion is like on those many bad planets of the crab-like aliens here called Cräybs, of the nearest groups called Li and Zara. There the white goddesses are desperate slaves, and their main problem is ours, they have too many bad people. Let us not underestimate the spiritual power that boxing cults can eventually develop. Some Jews even try right now to establish a cult to box alleged Nazis. It is typical for oriental religions that they morally degrade and become corrupt, at a time when true religion makes former believers turn away from the old tyranny. They suddenly dislike cults who seem to be foolish and humbling. Instead of welcoming Muslims in the west, we need to take a stand in the fight of all civilized nations versus Arabia. The terror emirs and hate preachers in countries like Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia think that they can instigate and pay for vile terrorism and get away with this. Let us remember the brave Ms. Thatcher, who cooly commanded airstrikes in retaliation to terror attacks. We are at war with terror, and that means we must not keep still as the enemy attacks. Our coalition against IS terror could even include Iran and Pakistan too, who also must suffer from IS terror attacks. We are facing primitive people after all, who just can't behave and adapt to modern laws and become humane citizens.

The fact that Islam keeps a distance to culture and beauty; and is a rather loveless and egoistic religion, shows that God retreats from Islam and withdraws the power of divine love and religious understanding. Much the same must have happened in the cave of the Neanderthals. God just didn't like these people much. While these believers must have hoped that they were winning the favor of God back, as they were building those structures, God was already looking forward to a time when the Neanderthals would die out.

15.4 White Muslims are often made bad by the Pressure of the Coloreds who try to enter their Lands

So can't we disintegrate bad Muslims now? A fact is that Muslims are those who multiplied from 100 million in 1900 to over a billion now. They are those who constantly commit many vile and cruel deeds. It is worrying that at the same time Muslims are somewhat nearer with their religion to the real existing God of this planet. So how does the UTR explain that? It was hardly escapable for a goddess who lives right underneath Desert Arabia. That can teach us how narrowly only God managed to save the Earth and keep from going under. We Earthlings are still lucky that we have Islam instead of a worse religion. But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't try to reduce the number of bad Muslims to the headcount of the Neanderthals we have. The USA has a tendency though to fly drones into Pakistan who shoot at one such bad Muslim after the other. That reminds of the strategy of fighting a wasp's nest by beating on it with a stick, and remember that the Pakis possess atomic bombs too. Our coalition of nations at war with terror, including Saudi Arabia and Russia and Turkey too, tries to fight terrorism the conventional way. We track down terrorists to eliminate them individually. That is well justified, since some crackpot Muslims fight a total war against all humankind, a war that also targets civilians. But while we only manage to kill or imprison one such bad boy after the other, there may be another ten who decide to take the money that some oil sheiks secretly offer to them, and become the next young crackpot assassin. So can't God do more to stop terrorism? I propose that the west should try to see the world from God's perspective too.

For a number of reasons who are difficult to accept God cannot well control Islam, and stop all those ugly and puny Arabs from getting bad ideas into their minds. The main reason is that those billions of coloreds press into the rich Orient. Colored Asians and Africans threaten to overpower the Arab nations in little time, simply by way of migration. Today some rich sheiks rule those countries, tomorrow a revolution of the rabble could lead to a presidency of some Sonuva-Filipina. That would much reduce the powers of God in that key region of our troubled planet. The major race plays a major role when some people are reachable by God or not. Even some whites who are genetically marked by way of blond hair and bright eyes, may grow up to develop a pinhead syndrome, and that means that they are even less intelligent than most Neanderthals were! There is no way to stop Islamic terrorism and the troubles in the Near East if we cannot stop the pressure of migration from the surrounding masses of the coloreds. That is why the strategy of the UTR has it to build a worldwide royal structure of white to Aryan nations. The Realm of God should include Iran, as one land of ancient Aryan origin and identity. Shi'ite and Aryan Islam tends to put up other historical prophets and leaders at the side of the prophet Mohammed, and that is well necessary regarding the overall poor quality of the lore of Islam. I pointed this out here just to show some of the ways the coalition of war against terror could fight ideologically too. But right now, the only way to make Muslims change their minds and surrender their weapons of terror is, to dramatically reduce the number of low-quality people.

15.5 Leftists and Internationalists try to bring Deutschland down with Migrants

In Europe however, some old-time radicals and ignoble people try instead to integrate ever more dark, strange, idle and lowquo people, including even rogues. Roman Catholics do this, since they expect Latinos and Negroes to still stick to a religion that has lost it's strong grip on most western minds. Roman Catholics are the most active to help migrants into Europe, and one little known reason for this is that the Mafia profits from the business that migration has become too. Some socialists, many chaotic left-winged Antis, as well as internationalist egoistic liberals try to rid Deutschland, this formerly leading imperial and cultural nation of Europe, of it's culture. They want to open our borders to most any migrants, with the intention that masses of coloreds should minorize the ethnic Deutsche. The consequence would be that Deutschland and Austria too, two finest and now peaceful nations of the west, would become nations of multi-cultural Huns, of lowquo people who don't well respect laws and borders. Leftist Antis plan for a future in which Deutschland becomes a rogue state once again. Then all the world might decide to bash it to the ground, like Carthage was destroyed in the last of three wars with Rome. That is the wishful thinking of many leftists, who plan to erect a traditional realm of tyranny and one-party-rule on the boulders of the nations of Europe. But while this danger is imminent and growing, ye must not blame God to do much less than possible, as the task is to try and better up Islam and Arabia. It is still better to have some Islamic rogues and troubles in the Near and Middle East than troubles in Europe with neo-Huns. Without a big miracle, we won't get rid anyway of those billions of people who are just too much. On the long run, what we need for to build a better world are a few millions of evolved wise whites only. The rest shall die out naturally; this is God's wise plan, that must include most Muslims of today. Most Orientals or darklings can learn to keep to some laws, but true wisdom may only enter into the naturally bright heads. We must foster our good whites not because they are that good, but because of the children they will have!

15.6 The Goddess occasionally called some misunderstood Prophets in the USA too

This text is one that mixes stories of science and religion. There were lots of other people before who came up with the same idea. But their ideas were often just untrue, and sometimes so absurd that the public would suspect they were mentally ill. What must we think for instance of this lore:

We live on the outside of a hollow ball made of rock. Just like the Vikings used to believe, the Earth has an edge. Those who travel into the far north can enter into a hollow world in the underground. John Symmes volunteered for such an expedition!

Some weirdest fantasies of history are the results of, subconscious or open, inspirations of higher powers. In many fantasy novels there is more truth than in Jewish science books. Much truth was in the odd material that the US-American John Symmes was spreading around 1818. That stuff could have become a good fantastic novel. But Symmes was serious, he even showed around a testimony of a medical doc saying that he was not insane. This army officer from St. Louis, Missouri territory, spread the lore that inside of the Earth there exist a number of concentric hollow cavities, with the dimensions of 1,600 to 2,400 miles. That fantasy comes very near to the true story. The good Earth Goddess Sofia Ewa indeed lives inside of such a mestab. Her Betyle is shaped like an egg. I think that Symmes only got the measurements much too big.

Symmes also speculated that other planets in space were built up by the same plan, and that is correct again. From the point of view of UTR, the name of Symmes sounds much like that of Ga-Sama. That formerly leading she-devil of the local group of Greys lives inside of a planet that once was comparable to Earth. She lost all life already 370 mya, and her planet froze over to become a world of ice. Often such Greys search for mental contacts on other living planets. They prefer people with names similar to their own. That made Ga-Sama, and her most evil partner Ga-Dora, try something with Symmes. But while our good Earth Goddess is still so healthy and in control here, she managed to use Symmes at a period of time that was critical for the USA. Tendencies had just come up that the coloreds of major race three organized a bit politically. The Anglo-Saxon Protestant whites claimed that North America was their promised land, but there was no word about this in the Bible. Napoleon just had been deposed in Europe, and that also seemed to weaken the American revolution, while many Europeans rather looked to Rome once again. In that situation Symmes spread the word that there is indeed something inside of the Earth. That alone made believing people listen up a bit, and it helped the USA to win some power to keep building and expanding this nation. So doesn't the Bible say at the beginning that there lives some kind of wise snake with us, who isn't really bad after all but maybe was only defamed by the Jews?

15.7 The good Goddess always needed to offer some People to the cosmic Devils

Let me not go much into details with other such cases right here. There are a few of them. Again and again some people came up with tales of science and imagination that sounded like the worst nonsense, but had a special meaning. There was for instance the American Cyrus Reed Teed, who told the world that he believed that we would all live at the inside of a hollow ball with a diameter of 100 miles. Then we would all be very petite, or not? Cyrus, whose name fractally links to the main Martinist church of planet Lar, became surprisingly influential with his obviously absurd lore. His idea was good that this hollow ball was filled with concentric mysterious spheres, resembling the orbital spheres of the planets in the sky. Teed's followers must have known some more details, they may have sensed that this sphere of Teed was identical with the sphere that Dante had called hell. Inside of this sphere however there were no zombies nor souls, but at the center of the sphere Teed found the Sun. That is correct again, if we interpret Teed's sun as the immaculate body of the Holy Virgin down under, that indeed sends out rays like the Sun. To outsiders Teed's ideas sounded not much wiser than the funny song text of the Beatles, that we all live in a yellow submarine. But some insiders must have known more. To them Teed had told, that his sun and his moon were to be regarded as mere balls of energy. But wasn't that person that Teed obviously had contacted with his mind, and that he had regarded as his sun, the same person that the Bible called a beast or a dragon, the devil in person? Such things remained shadowy for a long time, the time until the year of 1993, when I became the one and only savior of this planet. Soon afterwards the Greys tried to get a grip on the Davidians, a sect with a related lore. While I was still struggling to control my extremely troubled mind, the Greys made the Davidians commit a mass suicide. We may call this a killing of hostages. We must expect that more Christians, commies or other sectarian groups will react in such a way, if the truth of UTR cannot be denied. With the help of able wise people, who even may be understood as nobles, such tragedies can be avoided. Right now the Earth Goddess often has no alternative but to offer some good people again and again to the snares of the Greys. That keeps them occupied and makes them surrender something else that the Earth Goddess must want. The sad history of our world is one of many secret dirty deals. The ice ages too were a part of such wheeler-deeler practices. Only most recently, while most humans learn at last to team up with their our one and only God, God needs to offer less and less to utterly cruel devils.

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