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Mystics and mystic moments at the ESC 2019

Integration? Don't you integrate demons, warns God!

This short text comments on mystic with mysterious scenes at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. Version 2 comes with an update about the Deutsche (German) losers and a bonus chapter on Australia.

Kate Miller-Heidtke at the ESC 2019 by Beljonde

The white Goddess must distance her demonic sisters!

Just now British culture is not very well received in Europe. Despite of fine performances British artists receive few votes at the ESC. British politicians earn little respect in foreign newspapers. British soccer players are not glad when they must be cultural ambassadors too. One reason for this is that Britain has burdening fractal connections to another nearby living planet called Lar. That is what the religion UTR teaches, the religion of the great Earth Goddess. And did you know that the greatest British sanctuary of prehistory, Stonehenge, was dedicated to her? Surely it would impress many people to realize that Britain already had, many thousand years ago, the greatest holy site of the religion of the great Goddess, the one deity we still have. But the time for this seems to be not yet right.

1. It started in Germany with a Sexy Act

Just the other day I watched on TV the European Song Contest (ESC). I hadn't done this in previous years, but this time it came from Israel, a country we all should like and support. Let me shortly tell you some of my impressions. The show started here on parastatal TV ARD&ZDF with a live transmission of a warm-up show on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg. It's the infamous red light district. On stage they took four ladies, who told us with a song that they get randy regarding muscles. Well, swell. But two specimen of this girl group were negroid, who better should not reproduce. So who is supposed to tell this to them? On TV they then showed us a preacher man, in an all black suit with a silver cross at his lapel. With a sunny mood the guy explained to us that he is in fact a priestess – no! No, he apologized and took that back, but told us about his college co-ed, a lesbian priestess. In former times he failed to understand that, but lately he changed his mind. Such guys are silently losing their religion, that always provided them with strict opinions.

2. Exclusion is the Measure of Choice, not only when it comes to Demons

The problem with those Negroes can nearly everybody check out fast, if he at a time without prejudices dares to study these. They have more bad luck and are more stupid. They get into rags and ruin faster. They have less feelings and self control. When those women on the stage of the Reeperbahn were singing their song, one of them was not able to really perform. That rather black Negress appeared to be high on drugs. She stood at the side of the podium she was supposed to step on, and was moving involuntarily. All did as if that was just very normal. We need to lose our fear to occupy with such things. It is the fear that it may prove to be correct that darker specimen are just more under the sway of forces of evil; forces that our priests, who otherwise like to be talkative and arrogant, still don't know the least!

3. The show in Israel was like a Liberation of the Goddess

When finally the show in Israel started, the German TV-commentator explained that it would commence with a hallelujah. That's a traditional hello of the Christians, they imitate the sounds of a donkey. But no, instead they introduced the candidates in the glamorous arena of Tel Aviv. From the great looks of Israel's leading supermodel Bar Refaeli we instantly got a hunch that there was positive magic at that location. And then, suddenly, also the celebrity Dana International appeared, shortly singing a few lines of her evergreen about the Diva, the Goddess, well known under names like Victoria or Aphrodite. As it seems, important groups of the international showbiz are already in the post-Semitic era. Especially in Israel people are maybe glad that they are about to get out of the claw of the demons who provided so many bad religious teachings to all the world, and then tried to push the Jews into the role of the arch-liars.

4. Why we need a Politics of Exclusion

The ESC's performances were nearly all great and accompanied by glamorous and multi-coloured animations and light shows. Sadly there often were Negroes with the others, who mixed strange stuff into the European culture, who gave the impression of being grimy, who appeared to be disturbing like demonic shadows. The candidate of Britain, Mr. Michael Rice, appeared with a gospel group, also including some negroid types. Who would have guessed that he scored the last place? For some years unusual bad luck also seems to be typical for British music, that formerly used to be so popular in Europe. In Deutschland the voters liked best a gloomy group from Norway. They were telling us about a spirit in the sky. that seems to come to us with the night-sky lights of the aurorae. Iceland was sending on stage another gloomy group. Their song was meant as a message against populism and exclusion. This reminded of the campaign shows of German chancellor Ms. Merkel. The Christian way indeed leads to inescapable hell on Earth, until the thrashing finale. But other religious, political and societal pressure groups right now in Europe also rally strongly for the integration and solidarity of us with all the underlings and badly performing coloreds. One recent campaign poster of the Greens party shouts out the three slogans of the French revolution and demands female solidarity. The photos show a nice kid lady at the side of a shady Negress. In my view all these efforts mean something else too: Such propaganda asks us to integrate demons! Slyly the Greys from faraway space try to steer this planet into a catastrophe, by way of reproducing and spreading underlings. Crime statistics show that these cosmic demons especially have Negroes under better control. No Negroes means much less crimes in many communities. But a curse seems to demand that right now we take in more Negroes than in past ages. God allows this also to help the troubled planet Lar. Our strategy is to keep busy the Greys while stopping them in due time.

5. The Deutsche »Sisters« just weren't credible

Not bad was also the show of the two ladies who performed for Deutschland. Their song »Sister« was meant as another message of solidarity. While Ms. Truman looks nicely blond and attractive, Señorita Laurita is a Latino type. These two can't really be sisters – or are all women of all sorts meant to be sisters in general? The TV voters granted to this odd mismatch couple exactly zero points. But due to the votes of the expert juries they narrowly escaped from the last place. All the experts of diverse countries voted the only Negro who participated onto the first place. That is the pc trend, it's a tough message against exclusion and for solidarity. Such people surely find that the Negroes are underdogs in general, and thus deserve special goodwill and promotion, even if most of these only come into Europe as brazen asylum fraudsters, to harry our social benefits coffers.

It surely added to the strange bad luck of British Mr. Rice, that two more Anglo-Americans were performing at this event. From Canada to Greece came a Katherine, and for Australia performed a Kate Miller-Heidke. How can it be that suddenly Australia participates too at the European Song Contest? I find this a good idea, since today's Australia has a British to European culture after all. That is much better than having primitive Austral-Negroes ruling there, or dangerous Muslims or masses of Asians.

6. Kate from Australia and her demonic Sisters

Kate then gave us the most bizarre show of them all. Hovering before a background of astronomical photos, she wore the headdress of some kind of celestial goddess of the stars and colourful gas clouds. It looked like an icon of a cosmic religion. Who was she supposed to be, Saint Catherine? At her sides two dark rotten sisters likewise hovered.

The ESC show of 2019 demonstrated how far we have come on Earth, religion-wise. The big problem we face is one of exclusion. While a tough group of, often old, professionals fervently supports Negroes with their primitive cultures, the political trend is to rather segregate and exclude darker types, and become aware of their faults and shortcomings. The older professionals of the public to parastatal TV and media businesses still hold on to the old-time leftist and Christian conventions. But in the works of most creative artists we encounter a view into a gloomy other world. The big topic again is exclusion. Should we exclude the evil spirit of the sky? Should we segregate from and push away the dark rotten sisters? These dark sisters symbolize the evil local Greys! Never love these devils!

7. Update: It could have been coming worse, and it came

Post scriptum: It matched the bad luck of the Deutsche act Sisters, that this couple of misfits was downgraded by one rank after the end of the show. That happened due to a really unimportant violation of the ESC rules by the jury in Belarus aka White Russia. Besides, also the young blonde from Belarus had had some special bad luck. That is typical at a time when that Catholic cultural line just dominates the ESC. Then it may happen that you just can't catch the right tone on stage. Deutsche often are not liked, since many still think of the Nazis. But they don't understand that the same N-rays that made the Germans cheer to Hitler, nowadays work on their minds by the same way. The creator deity is too overworked to help getting over this. Therefore often Negroes are targeted by a cosmic wave of approval, that washes them towards the top. But these emotions are not sincere! Behind such cosmic manoeuvres sadistic monsters are active. These generally despise all humankind, since these indeed failed to reach certain development destinations. Those destroyed she-devils, who failed to create living planets themselves, have become the parasites of other living planets. Those Greys bring down creatures on numerous planets, to then insult them as miscreants.

8. A Warning before the devilish rotten Sisters of the good Earth Goddess!

Beware of evil sisters of the goddess, quoth God! Only jointly our two living planets can distance these. But when here one Katherine after the other gets promoted by destiny, we realize that we can't reach this level of enlightenment right now. The Syrizans, the Christians of Lar, still need the illusion of a Katherine from Lar being great in heaven. It is our role in this celestial drama to hold out in this cultural quagmire and take blows, to help other humanoids, on another trapped and endangered planet, to catch up to Earth. For to achieve this humankind but should learn to correctly sort out good and evil extraterrestrials. That is not the case regarding those Christians who still believe that the angels of the apocalpyse, who threaten to thrash Earth with cosmic bombs, are our guys! Again stupid Negroes are those who still believe most in the Bible.

9. Extra: The Rain in Spain falls mainly on the Plain

Right now I could write much more about this event and this topic. But let me shortly point out again my main point of hope. We are making fast progress on this planet right now. Despite depressing problems we can be sure to save our planet and make it become a better place. That is not only what I believe, but with my many texts I like lay out a puzzle that in the end shows the unmistakable bright silhouette of the Earth Goddess. It is this silhouette that also Ms. Kate Miller-Heidtke from Australia showed to us. Her name much sounds Deutsch, and that often means quality. In fact a Heidtke is a little heathen. But due to the fractal links to planet Lar, Kate also showed to us Ga-Leta from Lar. That best neighbour of our Earth Goddess lives within her planet, like Ga-Ewa lives down under here. You need people of good bright genes and fine development to reach this level of understanding. But alos very normal people realize that the Marxist-Darwinist theories absolutely fail to explain Australia and so much more in life. That makes many win the confidence to say and testify that yes, there must be good or evil forces. Good people like Kate and Bar then grant more stability to this world and it's cultures, since they much more resemble the perfectly developed guys that God will soon develop on an upgraded planet. So don't be too worried and sad when so many people of this world live very miserable lives. In Spain and elswhere noble people eventually try to help, to find that it's like trying to get people out of a sticky swamp. Soon you too may get stuck in the mud, that consumes your power of life. And who can deny it that naturally, those Austral Negroes and Kanaks (Melanesians) have just naturally worse luck, and are unable to leave the dead-end road of development of the underlings? We can't really help all the paupers of all the world, who are naturally some more under the spell of evil. But what we can do right now is to give humankind the hope that the suffering that catches all will not continue to catch the few excellent people that this precious planet is about to develop right now.

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